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  1. Anthony225

    Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    Objectives (12) 62 - March of the Dead 65 - Skills Unforgotten 243 - Change of Tactics 252 - Defensive Strike 257 - Escalation 272 - Master of War 278 - Our Only Way Out 282 - Ploymaster 284 - Precise Use of Force 291 - Superior Tactician 292 - Supremacy 442 - Fervent Petition Ploys (10) 69 - Ceaseless Attacks 73 - Restless Dead 329 - Great Concussion 331 - Hidden Paths 334 - Inspiration Strikes 347 - Quick Thinker 348 - Ready for Action 362 - Spoils of Battle 368 - Time Trap 372 - Twist the Knife Upgrades (10) 78 - Ancient Commander 81 - Fatal Strike 83 - Frightening Speed 374 - Acrobatic 376 - Awakened Weapon 391 - Great Strength 395 - Incredible Strength 409 - Shadeglass Axe 424 - Tethered Spirit 489 - Kingsbane in my head this list is a sit back and collect glory type, if you end up with 3 nicely placed objectives in your territory. If not then it can switch gears and push forward to try and kill stuff. My thouht was to try and get ancient commander on the Warden asap, which is what spoils of battle is there for. Inspiration strikes and restless dead are primarily for scoring fervent petition, but both have their uses. Has anyone thought about or tried a type of full on aggressive guard build? I was thinking pure carnage as "worse case scenario" you could have all your fighters dead and still score it. Another cool combo to go with the aggro guard could be Balance of Power + clawing hands + some sort of enemy push cards to make it so your opponent t has 2 supporting fighters. It'd be 2 immediate glory just for charging.
  2. Anthony225

    Let's chat: Leader deck and what does it offer?

    I see a few cards that are pretty usable, but I very curious as to why they continue to make cards (objectives, polys, or upgrades) that are strictly worse than current cards. I mean cards that are 100% worse and not worth taking in any situation at all. I saw the fyreslayers specific objective and upgrade and thought, eh, don't know if I'd use them, but they seem "ok". But then I realized spectral wings is the exact same benefit as Grimnir Commands, but it doesnt have ANY of the stipulations GC has. Grimnir Commands requires a NON-leader fighter, you're leader to be alive, cannot gain benenfit on a charge, and its restricted to fyreslayers. Spectral wings is just +2 move for the next fighter, simple. Another one is the Fyreslayers upgrade Pride of the Lodge. Chosen Champion is just plain better, it doesn't require 3 warband upgrades and can be any friendly fighter. Showin Off and Slayer are the same objective except Slayer any warband can use and it's an Immediately score. And these 2 objectives are both in the new deck. Quick Maneuver seems ok, but it's just a much worse Confusion. Reminds me of Headlong Charge, why would anybody take it if there's access to 3 universal +1 movement upgrades? Sprinter, Great Speed, and Lendendary Swiftness... Really makes me wonder if later down the road there will be different formats for tournaments.
  3. Anthony225

    Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    Have you tried using earhquake and great concussion to help push all your fighters into their territory? That could help against defensive warbands. You can score unstoppable advance, swift advance, and maybe conquest while doing so
  4. Anthony225

    So..what factions are hot now?

    There's a good chance all four of those decks are the same single player...
  5. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    The 2 push ploys I was referring to was me, as the objective player, taking them to push enemies around, hopefully into hazards. and does anybody really take all of the objective diruptioned you mentioned? I get it, all those things do disrupt objective play, but if you take it all that's basically all of your ploys. And to be honest that's probably not a very good deck build. Is taking half of those ploys worth it just in case you come up against an objective deck? what Ive seen in a lot of blogs/ videos is people tent to take great concussion and maybe 1 push ploy. Personally I'd make my objective deck have maybe supremacy+on our way out as strictly objective play. All the other objectives would be the same old escalation, ploy master, master of war, alone in the darkness. my goal would be to sit back and wait for the enemy while collecting glory. That doesn't necessarily mean I have to go all in for objective play. The idea with the new boards is if the enemy wants to come and play, it'll be a little more dangerous than the standard boards.
  6. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    I'm actually wondering if the new boards will help out objective decks. I can take Guard, Skaven, or maybe Dwarves as an objective deck and take the hazard board with the 2 blocked and 2 hazard hexes. Each of the previous warbands have access to 2 enemy push cards. So the idea would be to collect objectives and wait for your enemy to come to you and when they do, leverage the hazards to make it easier to take them out. You can more easily react to your enemies if they have to come to you. Knockback could be fun also because you could, in theory, knock an enemy through a hazard and they may have to go back through it to get back to you. i was also thinking of shardfall to further clog up the board for your enemies. EDIT: now that I think about it, even Magores fiends or Orruks could be interesting as a sit back and collect glory warband with the new boards. The Fiends can be pretty brutal when attacked and half their fighters can't be driven back. Orruks are very easily inspired with the hazards and they hit like trucks so you may not want to go to them. It's a win-win
  7. Anthony225

    So..what factions are hot now?

    From what I've seen Skaven, farstriders, reavers, and orruks are doing pretty well. This is coming from someone who reads blogs and watches YouTube videos. It seems that the Fiends aren't as "broken" as everyone claimed they were when they first came out. They are good no doubt, but of all the grand clashes and big tournaments, they don't perform as if they're "broken". I think it really depends on your meta. If you see them dominating around where you play, then they may "seem" broken, but overall I think there are better warbands out there like Skaven or farstriders.
  8. Anthony225

    Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    What are Sepulchral Guard players thoughts on the new boards and spoiled leader cards? The boards in particular look interesting. I was thinking of having a defensive objective based Guard army. SG has access to 2 enemy push cards along with great concussion and earthquake. The Prince also has knockback to help "nudge" enemies into hazard hexes. You could take things like hidden paths or illusory fighter to help keep the Warden alive by teleporting him away from danger. Even quick thinker would work. In my head it seems like a good plan. Sit back and score objectives, and if they come to you, punish them for it by throwing into the hazards and ressurecting skeletons next to them .
  9. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    There's some interesting combos you could pull off in theory with the new boards. You could move a lesser Skaven into 2 hazards killing him, then ressurect said Skaven in enemy territory. It gets more fun when you have a hard hitting weapon upgrade and ready for action. In theory you could kill a hard target before they have any activations, especially like another Skritch or a Warden!
  10. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    The official announcement from warhammer underworlds site says "deals a point of damage if a fighter moves through them from intentially moving or being moved by a ploy or effect, or being driven back" so it seems pretty safe to say if a fighter ends up in a hazard for whatever reason, they take a damage
  11. Anthony225

    Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    @riddlesworth, im glad to hear the deck above that I posted is working out. It looks like a ton of fun. My theory is earthquake and great concussion may be used primarily to get the "murder midgets" up the board post haste. I do very much think that each dwarf is a force to be reckoned with (once inspired). Even Mad Maegrim, who's arguably the worst Fyreslayer stat-wise, is a capable fighter with a free reroll. Im very interested to see the new leader cards as the cards spoiled so far give me hope that there's something good for the dwarves. Quick advance and tyrant's command seem decent. Tyrant's command I think will be good for a lot of warbands. You could hidden paths Tefk into enemy territory and then charge. Commanding shout is interesting also. Although I'm not sure using an action to push a fighter 2 hexes is worth using an action. But it could be
  12. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    The new board with the 2 blocked hexes and 2 hazard hexes looks intriguing to me. You can, in theory, sit back with a warband like sepulchral guard and use push/knockback effects to toss the enemy into the hazard hexes. If I were to try this, and I may, I would use objective based objective cards to sit on objectives while the enemy comes to me. I would use push ploys as well as shardfall as adding another blocked hex wherever I want seems interesting. With the prince you could knockback an enemy through a hazard and then they'd possibly have to go back through the hazard to get to you again. And having friendly models die isn't as detrimental as you can always bring them back! If you're worried about the Warden dying early you could use hidden paths to get away. The thought of the enemy running around in my territory while being pushed into hazards and skeletons popping up here and there, all while their "fearless" Warden leader is having a picnic in enemy territory all by his lonesome, seems very satisfying to me.
  13. Anthony225

    The Attack Action(s) - Rules Clarity

    I'm not seeing a huge issue here. You do an attack and ask your opponent if they have anything to play, then they pass and you go. The cards are clear when they are to be played. If your opponent "forgets" to play a card and that effects if you play your card, it's his loss if you play yours and he wants to go back to play his. I think for all players it is required to know when you can play cards.
  14. Anthony225

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    My guess is the white hexes are just blocked hexes like the normal boards. And I also think the boards are double sided. If you look closely at the white hexes, the one next to the fire/red hex looks like a tipped over cauldron. And the other white hex looks like it could be an empty cauldron just sitting there.
  15. Anthony225

    Shadespire community FAQ

    I think there is a distinction between present and past tense in regards to "score immediately" objectives. Blood for the Blood God says score immediately if 3 fighters "made" a charge action this phase. So it seems yes you could play it at anytime as long as 3 of your fighters made a charge action during the phase you intend to play it. however, Advancing Strike states, score immediately When your warband "takes" an enemy model out of action in enemy territory. So as I read it you could not score this objective later in the phase as "takes" refers to right now as the action is happening. also Blood for the Blood God states "in this phase" while Advancing strike doesn't. So if you try to argue that tenses don't matter than you'd have to argue for being able to score Advancing strike during any phase as long as your warband took an enemy fighter out of action in enemy territory previously at some point. so if the stipulation is "past tense" then you look at any other stipulations which would be "during this phase" for Blood for the Blood God. And if it's "present tense" it literally needs to be scored "now" when the action happens.