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  1. The banshee is best kept as reinforcement points, that way you can summon it into range and get it's range attack off. Giving the model abit of damage avoidance.
  2. IF you'd like an etheral army an easy way to get a ghosty look with out having to go with the same old boring bluish look is to: Prime black > Dry brush Dawn Stone> Wash with color of your choice. THis will make a nice wash out ghosty color on your whole model, and you can get different colors as you see fit. Which is quite nice and spices things up from your normal pale blue ghost. Here are some pics if your interested of my green ghost. Reinforcements work well and can be very cool just have to use them with a strategy. good luck!! We're always happy to give lsit and painting advice.
  3. Yeah GW put out some trial points. That will be jsed at SCGT for testing, and seems pretty officaly. They buff fire slayers and nerf some TK stuff. All are lrettt fair point chsnges. Which points to use??? Its up to you really. I'd personally use the experimental one so you can test it.
  4. Yeah i think that would well and might steal that idea from you. As i said the mortis engines make good anvil units, and with the two monster they coukd ve used as your hammers, while the mortis engine keep both of them on the table alittle longer. Nice choice in GKoTG as he has a good self both to keep himself around and is also pretty tough with his heal. Also as both the vamp and kinf are wizards they will get a nice boon from the +1 to cast.
  5. Ywp gove the 10 shields as the extra range wont mean jack anyway
  6. Mortis engine wont be a meta breaker but it shines in death by: The mortis engine defensively is pretty tough. With support from ruler of the night its as tough or tough than libs as far as survivability. Making it a good walling unit. The once per game gets better than the mortis engines you have. Multiple explosion going set off bigger battle shocks, alpha strike 2+ rerollable tanks, and also lets the mortis engines heal each other. With 3 you can do 6(aoe)+ 6 (melee) mortal wounds in a single turn, and potentially more with the bravery shooting attack. These are also our cheapist 14" movement unit if memory serve me right. Making it strong for some scenarios where point denial can be achieved by one. This high movement, flying, and its wallking powers lets it deny space on the board, do all of its attacks on your turn, and the retreat. Currently, im running 3 mortis engines supporting a VLoZD. Works well for me as the 3 mortis engines are a threat when used together.
  7. I'd say it would be safer for you to rebase them. Then you';d have no problem. There are tons of ways to do it. The Only one that won't work is pulling the model of thier base. Anything else will be effective. As for casual play i'd play against you, but if half your army is square and half is round my eyes would eventualy become offended :P.
  8. @arkiham the faq seem quite clear its for scenery warwarscroll without points. As of now balewind had point and thus the FAQ question no longer apllies to those two warscroll.
  9. If your using warrior bros to charge the arrow unit from all sides. Fantactics can only do do much, and i think you can set your self up within 3" with the knight?? So skip the charge all together. Nee vangusrd raptor can out range most of thier shooting outside of the fly move. They will also take many orcs appart. The various dracoth riders backed by any +1 armor support even more so eith the self healing one can run up and punch the arrow boys as well.
  10. Eh call em let them know, but they wont care. Itd be cool to let them know so your can feel good about yourself when you put the first model fo your lizard man army together.
  11. I've been having a fun time with my pheonix army. Its not 100% hughelves it mixed elves and mayter mages, but i could see it working just as well with all high elf models
  12. It's not a nerf in a "who won what tournament." It's a wholistic approach. It's good to see they aren't just targeting winning units, but everything doing nice fine tooning.
  13. Have the threat of smoning models accross the map on some of the scenarios where holding all objectives proc and instant win. Forces enemies to keep a part of yhier forces back on thier object.
  14. This isnt a big deal as most of these abilities are optional. So you could choice to do the premodifier reroll or not. And maybe gain something with the higher result. The only thing that comes to mind as I've been currently playing it. Is you can chose to tqke rerolls for a pheonix that has been buffed by sisters of the thorn. So sisters of the thorn let you reroll failed saves and all saves of 6+ cause mortal woulfs back to melee opponents. The pheonixs gets +1 armor on a 6+ for spells cast within range of them. Having a base save of 5+. So using the rules. If i have a +2 to my armor and the sisters buff on a pheonix. I could reroll any die that is less than 5 if i wanted to. And try to proc more mortal wounds. Though in most positive cases this isnt a problem. Now where it gets weird is forcing reroll on your opponent. Right now a RAW they only work on unmodified successes. I'd play it as RAW as i do all things until FAQ. Please remember guys though AoS is an amazing game note that some of the rules are kind of 'old' and drawn up half jokingly and not meant for competive scrutiny. It is bad to assume that the point are balanced around an abigous interpretations as the points came after all the rules were written and so we could only assume the point take into account RAW
  15. 2k points is alittle over two hours depending on what armies you play. For instance my massive zombie army that requires me to move 60 zombies 4 (move/charge/ pile in/pile in) freaking times in a turn it pretty tough to do quick, so can take a while, but my new pheonix army turns take half the time so *shrug*