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  1. No models on the board

    It doesn't, but FAQ Q: Do the victory conditions on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules sheet apply in Pitched Battles? For example, do you win a major victory if you wipe out the opposing army? A: No to both questions.
  2. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Weakness to melee isn't super true. While obviously skywardens and engineriggers love melee, what's mote interesting is melee can be used to your advantage. Played 3v3 with some friends one brought KO and most face ironjaws. He charged after doing some heavy shooting, and this kind of prevented the iron jaws from being able to to focus down any one unit. While the metal cast tiny men deathly took it on the chin alittle the melee combat was really good in preventing the iron jaws from getting any ground while they got shot to death.
  3. No models on the board

    So this is more for the rules question thread, but In the core rules you do win iff your opponent has no model on the table period. Which sccrew quite a few armies pretty quick. However, when you pick a battle plan the victory conditions there in replace those of the core rule's set-up vicyoty, and triump sections when you play with a pitched battle from the generals hand book. As such so stipulation is made for losing the game when you have no models on the table. SO, the game continues and in many cases this means you opponent can play a few quick rounds of solitary to see if they can score enough points to win the game. Narratively (if you need this to make things sit right for you) many battle in history have been fought with no hope of destroying your opponent force. these could be suicide missions where you need to do something to insure that maybe you win some morale victory or a victory that could save your people. exams could be the story of the spartan 300 (it was really more and not just spartans) who held off the Persians to give the rest of the greeks (????) time to get thier political act to gether and to act as marytrs to get encourage the greeks to victory over in a later war. In that case the 300 won a more important victory. This next one is fun but a spoilers for Star Wars Rogue One So as we can see there is more to victory than killing all of the other dudes on the battle field.
  4. One thing you might learn, but it depends on the caliber of your opponent is that you only have one source of damage out out which is the chariots. What this is going to do is make you kind if auto good at the game. Wow is all about focusing down sections of your opponents armies with half or more of your army. So, most things you charge you'll kill. Where you'll be weak is you can only kill one or two units in a turn which could result in you struggling to really claim objectives. From there stuff. Like skyfires could in turn simply just blow up your chariots and leave you a sitting ducl. Addotionaly, storm cast could stretch your 12 man chariot unit by charge either side and thus wasnt your big kill unit for several turns. My zombie army i would fight yours by simply flooding the board and forcing you to tight my army 10 or 20 zombies at a time. While I passively sit on objectives for points and work of surrounding your chariots for one big zombie activation. Neither of these are to say your list are bad. This is just simply how i would think to pick apart your list with various armies. This could give you food for thought for list tailoring.
  5. The "logic" of the AoS setting?

    The reasoning for the world being destroyed is that WHFB played kind of like a historical because the space to squeeze in your own fluff was sort of narrow, and things were so mapped that it might be tough to make up a thing on the fly that didn't step on the toes of something else. It's not a good or bad thing just different. AoS is drained to make locations, people, and things generic to where you could throw anything at the world and have it stick. If you can't find a realm for your battle or army lore to be set in, you can just make up an realm. This realm can be inhabited by any other faction as you see fit and can be connected to any other realm. The latter forces story's to be written about specific parts of factions. It allows for really interesting them to happen and for factions to realisticly be neat obliterated, but still have a realistic chance of escaping into some random realm last minute. It also allows you as the player to say that any one given story to effect you. The one big problem with this story telling story is it's hard for writers to get across that any one story matters. Happy narrative forging!!
  6. Summoning Discussion Post GHB

    @Killax See you make the point of artifacts, spells, and command traits being free, and i'd say these could honestly cost points to with the option for some like the ring of immortality to be free (because the cost rebuying the model in the first place with few wounds). However, as it stand currently no one has really been rolling people over too much with artifacts, command traits, alliegance, etc. Like archon + DoT is cool but it sucks if you don't have any big juicy targets and is easy to avoid. These effects are so small and only hit such a few number of models in your army that them being powerful kind of does matter because they get lost in the mix. Look at the mistweaver sith or the moon clan shaman i think these two are some of the best wizards in the game for thier low cost damage output, but they are pretty low impact and while cost effective they are a drop in the bucket that is your army. As far as i've seen the army rules have been this, and even then these getting points would be fine by me. Summoning being discounted for free either puts a lot of the cost onto the summoner models or the rest of the summoners army. Thus, it would have to arbitrarily inflate the price of the army. Free summoning has always been powerful and tournament winning. From old vampires that were ruling the end of the fantasy with summoning to 40k where summoning is rampant and break fluff randomly and has won a few big tournaments in a game system where only the cheese truly rises to the top. It's to fine a razor point to balance properly as small adjustments in the summoner or thier armies cost can make it go from OP to Useless quite easily. Further more, when you have summoners like nagash and arkan in the game who can kind of summon with out penalty that perceived opportunity cost gets a bit diminished. I really would be excited to see more units like Banshees, Harbingers, Dire wolves that shine almost only when summoned. This paired with maybe wizards or spells that allow alternate summoning like a spell that could let you summon zombies in melee on a new necromancer model would be really cool. Both these instances can be control by points to degrees where the different between OP and UP has a big hazzy gap in between. As far as command traits, artifacts, etc it would be cool to see buffs or summoning benefits coming from these, but i wouldn't want them to let me create whole free units as i think it would limit design space of the game. Edit: i guess to put it more simply, wizards cost ~ 100 points standard for 6 wounds 6+ with atk1 3+/3+ -1 d3 and one spell a turn. most wizard through about an arcane missiles worth of damage and thier personal spells can do a little more or less. If you have any short of free summoning your arcane missle/mystic shield is a joke in comparison to your other spells because even just summoning 10 free zombies is better than what you get out of an arcane missle.
  7. Summoning Discussion Post GHB

    I think paying for summoning is okay, but where summoning is weak, it's weak in very specific aspects. So some units are quite strong when summoned. Harbingers can be tough when summoned and can make a powerful buffed up unit that charges from out of no where and demolishes units, and are even more powerful when nagash summons a nice fat unit. Dire wolves, Hex wraiths make great walls. Bats are a novel -1 to hit anti shooting unit that come a minimal cost for the effect in some situations. Zombies can replenish units. Banshees can get war machine crew, and carin wraiths allow for pocket heros for specific scenarios, or tough objective stealers. Now where summoning falls flat is most everywhere else. The reason being is that most summoned units are not much better than than just deploying the unit some where on the table and having them wait a turn. Where these summons need work are they need ways to get onto the table and do a job, or in other words they need a reason to be summoned. As such i think future summoned units should be given purpose for thier summoning. Something that gives you a reason to use them as a summoned unit similar to the units i listed above. The units i listed above (besides zombies maybe) would almost exclusively be used in thier summoned capacity, but as such are well worth thier points when used in thier best case scenarios. Which makes it worth having the reinforcement points set aside. What also makes it worth keep the reinforcement points is that thier are a large list of instances in which we could gain from having these reinforcement points to spend, which means in a take all comers (tournament style) list it is well worth keeping these points to the side. New summoned units that could come out that game buffs on the turn they are summoned or something like this to encourage using them specificly for this role. Lastly, they are unique from side boarding in that they gain many of these benefits exclusively when summoned, and thus would not benefit from being side boarded in. A final potential avenue for summoning that needs exploring by GW is the summoner. Currently nagash is a very powerful summoner. His ability to summon double size units is amazing and lets him game units who normal sort of suck when summoned. Nagash can reliably summoning blocks of skeletons/spirit host/etc to the table who work best in larger groups. This turns units who would never normally be summoned into units who could be summoned in an effective manner. More summoning bonuses such as closer to enemy summoning or allowing movement after summoning for specific summoners or artifact for summoners would increase the usefulness of summoning for units who normal don't benefit from summoning. In summary, summoning is really good for specific unit. Future summoned units should be developed with the purpose of summoned units with specific roles that can only be fulfilled by being summoned (carin wraith/banshee/Dire wolves). Summoners could also be made more powerful in being better at this job, by gaining powers similar to how nagash summons large units. I also don't think summoning is to weak, but as of yet thier remains few units who benefit specifically from summoning. I wouldn't like to see summoning change from it's current state, but instead in many of the situations people want i'd like to see unit healing spells. Edit: i guess my real summoning thought is that i feel like summoning units should feel better than just deploying them for the majority of units, and that specific units should be much better when summoned or provide alternate utility. This organically can make units that aren't normally good when summoned better, as keeping the pool of reinforcement points will be worth doing as the pool of niche units is worth having, and in the case where no niche quite fits for your game summoning a more standard unit can be a fine waste or a way of using the last of your reinforcement point pool. It makes summoning more of a cool option than a requirement to playing AoS.
  8. I have a really bad idea

    Summoning is unrestricted and you can summon anything you want as long as some one knows the spell to do it, and as all death wizards know all the death summoning spells than you can summon them. It can even be used to take you passed leader or behemoth caps.
  9. Nah i like the grand alliance things. It seems fine, and gives a good general theme. Just all of them need equal attention. One problem with 40k is if you play xenos/chaos. You were boards all year because the imperium got all the releases, and any imperium army could ally up. So all the imperium releases mattered for imperium players. But if you played orks/tau/nids the only release you got was for your specific faction and that's it. So, you spend 3 or 4 years wondering when you'll be next to get something. With the grand alliances you can release something and it impacts the whole grand alliance. For instance FEC which hit just before GH2 effects all of death, and gives all of death access to battalions they can use as part of thier list. The only problem with death here is the faction started off as the smallest, and thus lacks diversity. If they came out with say a death rattle book. You'd be able to add those models to any of your death forces that you already have established. In this way i think the grand alliance idea is WAAAAAAAAY better because it allows GW to organize it's players into groups, and please each of those groups with a single release per alliance.
  10. IF your gonna list FEC which got no new models and then not mention that a seraphon battletome was indeed released your mission stuff. Also note skaven have gotten a release in the form of clan pestilian battle tome or whatever it was called pre GH.
  11. SCGT Rankings and top three lists

    I think being to much of a stickler about painting is a bit much. Some people just don't like the aspect of the hobby or aren't very good. If your not a very good painter feeling forces to paint you models just rubs that in the face of everyone else. That said i think some effort to base coat a model should be taken, and adding a wash can be done decently with little to no skill, as such this is where i think people should at laest strive to. Though i do love taking my painted up army and playing against some one who has an army who is paint as well or better than my own quite a lot. I also take a lot of pride in my models, and even intend to go back and repaint some of my death army to bring them up to a higher standard. However, creating barriers to the hobby is not cool bros.
  12. Summoning Discussion Post GHB

    Hello necromancer of threads, The way it works is you make your list putting all the model you want in it and then one of the entries in your list is "reinforcement points" that contains your summoning pool. example list Necro mancer 120 Vamp lord 140 10 zombie 60 10 zombie 60 10 zombie 60 Reinforcement points 440 For a 1000pt/1000pt list Note i could actually instead say 420pt because most of my summoning will be in intervals of 60, but that's just me being cute.
  13. AoS complexity/rules bloat

    I'm a scientist and i use a lot of written words. Sentences can be made precise but it takes a lot of effort to go over your work repeated, and show it to other people and asking them what they think you mean. Scientist use math to generate statistics, and depending on your field can even turn words into math to generate the statistics they need. However i do agree that all the rules should have videos. It'd be nice if the warhammer community team went over the rules and had like a 5 part episode you could refer to if you wanted.
  14. Help with Kharadron Overlords.

    As i haven't yet played with it take a grain of salt. The gunhauler is pretty lame on shooting and in sturdiness compared the other ships per point, but it is good for providing your other ships with an extra save against all wounds
  15. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    @Dez and @Requizen yeah thats also what I've been trying to figure out. I was thinking if you did the I do clad list. Maybe you'd bring a hauler or two so they can soak up damage and give you another save against wound and mortal wounds. This way you can really take advantage of the rigger heals.