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  1. I think the main problem that narrative open play has. Is that it doesn't draw crowds. I'm not saying i'ts not popular as i have no metric to back this up. What i'm saying is when i look at comments on the AOS Facebook page they are all match play, and when stuff like this karios change there is no out cry from this prospective. I think what is needed is 1 for a big narrative event or 2 for people to rally behind, and for people to be more active to show how your game play is being effected by matched play. Also for the request to be made to add "narrative or Matched play" taggs to some abilities so they could keep some of that cool fluffy stuff and not have it force your change in game play. Though (joke in coming) i think the Change to karios' rules is quite fluffy. <.<. I think one problem i have, and maybe GW folks have i dont know??? Is that i don't see the problem. Narrative/Open play are freer ways to play the game. So if you want to be able to change whatever on karios. Than, just do it??? I feel like narrative/open play isn't really the place where the rules will be nit picked or too closely gazed upon. So i guess thats where i fail to see this issue. I think it not being anywhere digital is kind of weird now though right??? Maybe GW should have a version slider for warscrolls??? To make it so you can use older versions for Narrative/open play purposes.
  2. Hmmm yeah i considered the loremaster, but the command ability on one of thr pheonixs will have reroll to wound on all other pheonixs and anoited within 8" of them. Hmm but maybe your right, and it would allow a pheonix to go off on thier own pittle mission?? And wow loremasters are tough dudes!! What about maybe a battle mage?? Wildform, miasma, or life surge would be useful. Though i do kind of like the mixed elves thing.
  3. Now can the pheonoxs get a roll for each spell cast?? Qlso the spells dont have to be cast on them either. Edit: actually you gave me a sick list idea. Sisters of the thorn are great for what i want to do. LeadersAnointed Of Asuryan On Flamespyre Phoenix Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix Anointed Anointed Anointed 5 x Reavers 5 x Reavers 5 x Reavers 5 x Doomfire Warlocks 5 x Sisters of the Thorn 1 x Gryph-Hound 1980
  4. This is quite off the topic of this post which is specificly matched play tournament related. Let not stir up stuff that already has its own thread currently active. As I've said before i dont see folks going into narrative/open play discussion pooping on those styles of play. However, it is quite evident the inverse is true by your remarks on this thread that is decidely not narrative or open play. Please reframe from stirring the pot. It is my opinion that acting in this way is the sort of behavior is toxic to my community. Though this is not for me to judge, but as a juror of public opinion I've cast my vote plainly, as thus. @baldobeardo it gas been stated previously that thes hierarchy is as follows: AoS core rules>Core FAQ>War scroll> Warscroll FAQ> Genarals hhand book> handbook FAQ Cronilogical order only matters in some cases when comparing war scrolls to themselves or rules/supplements to themselves.
  5. Hey there been struggling to figure out a list that was cool to be my second list, and ahve half started in and out of different list. All of which have been order list as i like being the precieved good guys . I've wanted something low model count, tough, and with magic, but also something i can play at a sort of competitive level, but with some need of technical skill to make good. So i finally think i've settled on something with Phoenix's in it as they tick two boxes of the Tough and reduce model count. Then potentially augment thier defenses with an arch mage and/or a battle mage. Key things. I really want at least 3 pheonix's in my list, and 4 would be pretty cool. So brain storming would be really cool!! So here are two trys at a cool list, but i'm open to pretty much anything with pheonix's. Examples Edit: below doesn't work due to errata Sorceress On Black Dragon Sorceress Anointed Of Asuryan On Flamespyre Phoenix Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix Anointed Of Asuryan On Flamespyre Phoenix 10 x Bleakswords 10 x Bleakswords 10 x Bleakswords 10 x Black Guard 10 x Executioners Thrall Warhost 2000 Dropping the mortal wounds and picking up an angry dragon. Seems more class cannony but the sorceress on foot has a nice spell taht will work well with the frostheart pheonix, and maybe the talismen of blinding light to nerf realy scary stuff into uselessness. definitly more glass cannony and suprize shooting would be quite depressing to deal with, but atleast you get that +1 save from the friendly casters. ANywho thoughts or recommendations would be cool. Other beefy monsters would be nice. I'm alittle meh on storm cast, but could be swayed.
  6. Nah i think IRonjaws are one of the only armies that can really stand toe to toe with our horde of troops. The thing is as Iron jaws you have the ironfist to move up the board riddiculously fast to try to get first turn charges, and the gorefist to keep all out stahnet and slow troops penned in our deployment unable to do anything for a turn or two.
  7. death

    Well you definitely need -2 rend, but you have VLoZD which you could give red fury to kill stuff with 2+ rerollable save type of stuff. It's up to you what you want the focus of your list. For me when you go into combat you want to go in and blow out the other side. The more you get bogged down you lose control over the outcome. If you want Zombies you gotta invest in them to make it so they can do that. Zombies + mortis engine though is a great combo i use it quite agressive and love it. This works with Necromancer and i suppos you could use the VLoZD buff on them too, but i personally prever the VL on foot/winged/horse buff more personal. Then get a nice fat 60 man unit and swarm folks maybe also charging with the VLoZD to blow up units. If you go Blood knights than they work well with the VLoZD. Combine charging together they can make sure when you charge something it's toast, and so the next turn you can charge again working through units methoticly.
  8. death

    ZOmbies!!! all your zombies would need to be seperate before your first turn to count as battle line. You must have 2-3 seperate battaline units. A blood knight heavy list supported by dire wolves and zombies would actyualy be pretty cool. As the zombies will do well to absorb high rend and high mortal wounding attacks and the dire wolves will absorb lower or no rend attacks really well. While the blood knights could come around the flanks and kill stuff up. I'd drop the morghast and get more blood knights. As only the zombies really care about the wight king banner and as such he wont make up his points as you have to roll that save 120 times to get the wight kings points back. So you could drop him as well.
  9. yeah take the other wight king if you want to tone it down. it jsut depends on what your opponent brings. The orcs are a lot fast and orc player sorts tend to move forward agressively which as funny as it sounds orcs should never do. Orcs have a speed advantage over most other armies so any charges should be on thier terms not yours.
  10. @HobbyHammer and points gives you a great way to make a game un equal. We can say this guy gets 3k points to this guys 1k so he's gotta stand up against vastly oberwelmimg odds first 2 turns until some small but well placed back up arrives at around 500 more points. Then maybe once that game is done then a new game starts maybe a turn after that last one ended and the guy who was out numbered gets to fight against what's left with another 1k point army. Kind of recreated the 300 spartan thing in my head alittle bit there. This lets you tell a pretty sick story that fabors one side in number, but lets the other guy get abit of planning and limitations on what he should bring. That way i can call up my buds and say "hey bring 2x 1k pointlist and a small 500 point back up team." That way my friend doesnt need to bring every model they own.
  11. Please note both of these rules were made pior to the release of these books and have not yet been updated. Infact these rules come before generals hand book. Eventualy they'll be updated to work more properly, but try it before you fret too much. *shrugs*
  12. Actually no the best selling AOS model or at least one that seems to pop in and out of stock lock a strobe light at a bad rave party, would be the bale wind vortex. An item that was heavily nerfed from it's former glory. Heck they added points to the thing. Look at sylvaneth those guys sell like crazy, and i have come under the opinion recently that they kind of suck having only a really damaging dyrcha and then just some tanky stuff that poses no real threats. Not to mention the price in dollars to actually run this army effectively is out of this world silly. BUt the stormcast box... one of the armies that actually won a major tournament is still quite well in stock... heck... they didn't even make a skaven one because they weren't popular enough. THey sylvaneth one atleast in the US stores was at some point unavailible. However, we can continue to going around saying things that simply just aren't true because we're upset or something.
  13. This is true, but why are these brought up. What's the point saying, "hey guys what do you think of this list?" I'll tell you what i think and give a min max and my thoughts of what would be fun?? I see nothing wrong with this?? These anacdotals are cool and all, but honestly i don't see these happen where it's not wanted, and if they do if someone says they don't care about matched play no one pushes these issues. If your playing a thing for fun/open play/ narrative. Than it's super obvious or it's very easy for you to make this very apaprent to the reads of your thread. "I played this crazy game with these models." Then everyone can tell you don't want critism, but then maybe no one will look at it. Which is cool becuase that's people voting with thier browser back buttons. The thing is we don't have to poke aroudn in narrative/open play if we don't want. Anyway this is off topic and already this is derailing into another one of these forum threads that turns into lock bait. I will say that rules changes should be availible in the app. It shoudl maybe have a version sliders, and the Generals Handbook part two could come with the recommendation of using the most updated warscrolls for models as that's the most "balanced" versions. WIth the slider however you can play with what ever you want to. If you want the wound bouncing tomb kings or turn altering fateweaver than you can. If you want monster riding wild platforms than all for it. THis way we could preserve some of this stuff. Maybe We could have a Narrative bold section of warscrolls that detail narrative only abilities, or have these kind of skills say they don't work in matched play or that they work differently in matched play.
  14. Dont even need to magnetize the roder the hex wraiths flip on and off the only issue i guess is the barding drom the black knights??? Hmm actually not sure how you'd go about that
  15. What do you folks think of miltia weapons?? Seems if you have a list with gryph hounds you wouldnt be to poor off taking them. Plus you still get you +1 from the hurricanum and from the unit size to give you 3 to hitm should some one be fool enough to jump in your face.