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  1. I've been having a fun time with my pheonix army. Its not 100% hughelves it mixed elves and mayter mages, but i could see it working just as well with all high elf models
  2. It's not a nerf in a "who won what tournament." It's a wholistic approach. It's good to see they aren't just targeting winning units, but everything doing nice fine tooning.
  3. Have the threat of smoning models accross the map on some of the scenarios where holding all objectives proc and instant win. Forces enemies to keep a part of yhier forces back on thier object.
  4. This isnt a big deal as most of these abilities are optional. So you could choice to do the premodifier reroll or not. And maybe gain something with the higher result. The only thing that comes to mind as I've been currently playing it. Is you can chose to tqke rerolls for a pheonix that has been buffed by sisters of the thorn. So sisters of the thorn let you reroll failed saves and all saves of 6+ cause mortal woulfs back to melee opponents. The pheonixs gets +1 armor on a 6+ for spells cast within range of them. Having a base save of 5+. So using the rules. If i have a +2 to my armor and the sisters buff on a pheonix. I could reroll any die that is less than 5 if i wanted to. And try to proc more mortal wounds. Though in most positive cases this isnt a problem. Now where it gets weird is forcing reroll on your opponent. Right now a RAW they only work on unmodified successes. I'd play it as RAW as i do all things until FAQ. Please remember guys though AoS is an amazing game note that some of the rules are kind of 'old' and drawn up half jokingly and not meant for competive scrutiny. It is bad to assume that the point are balanced around an abigous interpretations as the points came after all the rules were written and so we could only assume the point take into account RAW
  5. 2k points is alittle over two hours depending on what armies you play. For instance my massive zombie army that requires me to move 60 zombies 4 (move/charge/ pile in/pile in) freaking times in a turn it pretty tough to do quick, so can take a while, but my new pheonix army turns take half the time so *shrug*
  6. I think base as is summon is fine, but command traits, artifacts, and slells from battle tomes should have abilities that make thier summoning better. Otherwise it works well
  7. Oh yeah the gryph hound seems very cool, but one seemed like it would be hard to place in a way where he'd be really effective, also storm casr stuff has me abit nervous to buy while the books right around the corner. What makes you want to frost pheonix as your general?? Is it to use the more offensive artifacts or?? I like the flame one because he doesnt feel so tied down so ge can alwaye move to provide buffs while still doing abit of his damage. The current list is Anointed on flame (generql/reckless) Anointed on frost Anointed on frost Hurricanum Battlemage (light or wild form) Loremaster 5x Sisters of the thorn 20x glade gustd 10x Darkshard 10× Darkshard 1980 Went with glade guard as them with hurricanum, loremaster, and thier -3 rend could let me snipe a big threat early on if need be.
  8. Sure they do now, but they dodnt when the game forst started before the type system came down. People were fussy and mad but then got over it. Also if you assume its flushing cash than the models to you as model armt really worth it to you are they?? Specially knowing that if they went the legacy route you could dtill play with the things.
  9. does it retain folks magic the gathering has been going strong for a while and definitly renders thousands of dollars of cards useless. I remember i think 2 or 3 times i'd spend 300 or 400 dollars getting a few good decks under my belt and then only for them to disappear two years later. Which would be more interesting as some cards disappear would make some of my other cards not owrk playing so those would sorta disappear too. That didn't matter though as the fresh play environment was awesome. Also i could play legacy and did play legacy with friends and even play cool for maps like EDH/commaner. As warhammer is MUCH slower in turn around maybe like 3 or 4 years turns around time. It really comparatively doesn't seem like that big a deal. It lets stuff come out and be new and fresh, but not limited or needing more power because compendium stuff makes new stuff feel weak. Again my stance is that i think compendiums should exist, but they should be viewed as a legacy format. Meant for Legacy tournaments and games. Even if i'm practising for some modern style tournament with no compendium stuff i'd still play against legacy folks as it lets me practise and test my army no problem. I'd also think it would be cool is warhammer world had legacy VS modern tournaments with comendium or with out it so show they support both ways of play. Heck they should even have narrative events too to show those are legit forms of play.
  10. poked around with the list. Oh many worst mission for these guys border war haha!!! the list i ran with was: Anoited on Flame Phoenix General Anoited on Flame Phoenix Anoited on Frost Phoenix Anoited on Frost Phoenix Battle mage Loremaster 5x Doomfire warlock 5x Sisters of the thorn 3x10x darkshards. Sisters of the thorn were amazing when they went off but my roll on thier spell was terrible. They don't shoot too poorly either. Either way they did really great damage the times it did go off as the damage was nuts when combined with the high +1's to saves the phoenix get effectively mortal wounding for almost every wound they took. They spell difficulty kind of sucking is off set by them getting a shooting attack, and thus being useful for backing the phoenix's up with ranged damage, and hoping to get the spell off for good times. Doomfire warlocks sucked pretty bad. While the spell was strong they did not much more than the dark shards for the points, and so i might drop these guys in favor of something fun. Flame phoenix's were great!!! BUT!! they stepped on eachother's toe's a little bit. Being able to drop nukes of enemies with out really have to roll to get it off felt very nice, and let me combo them with the frost pheonix's in combat. That said they pheonix's ahve such a big foot print it's hard to have them all dancing together as the dance floor runs out of space quick. Really fun with this is retreating out of combat against the one or two stragglers only to them up on the way out toward the next sight of action. Good buff bot general falling the frost pheonix and burning stuff on the way allowing reroll charge and wound rolls.. Frost phoenix very good. Two is just enough to have gang up on a single unit or two. They do well over two turn in combat and the -1 to hit makes them stand and fight. Damage is great over the two or thre turn sequence before your next turn. The fire pheonix definitly lacks in this part as, and makes the frost pheonix put out more damage over multiple turns. The first brother helped them out a lot though. As it sucks if they get bogged down, and the fire pheonix carpet bombing to get the frost pheonix out of combat was important. Loremaster!!! @chord and @Tizianolol great advice on the loremaster pick up. Which i could link your post again. The reroll was very nice and the spell going off on a 5+ made it a consistent spell that was an important part in giving me a consistent save. One draw back was that he had a tough time keeping up on feet. Batllemage Life surge also did well keep the phoenix's around got two good heals that let a phoenix live 2 turns longer than it should have which was big. As good for staying in the 0-2 wound range with a nice side heal and buff. Darkshard: money. Tough buggers for a 100 point shooting unit. Why do they get shields?? can hardly model them with the shield. Abit weird, but they are cool dudes, and it fun throwing lots of dice, feels good for no reason. Dropping the doomfire warlocks and a flame pheonix from the list: The Other flame pheonix is good and did cool stuff, but it's hard to get that many bird jumping around each other they get into each others way too much. Going to add a celestial hurricanum in it's place as it adds some need it punch while at the expense to a lot of my staying power. The Huricanum will be there just so if i need it i get 2 spells on a 4+ (mystic shield and life surge) to make sure i get clutch shields to protect the bird, and it still gives me that drive by mortal wounding power, while also boosting the overall damage of the army. I'll also ahve room for one more unit of dark shards to hold down the flanks, and support the birds in combat with out also gett in the way of the dancing birds.
  11. The place doesnt move it stay where it is. Its like all the modern viseo games where the point turns to your teams side, but if unattended it can easily be claimed by the enemy. Though the wording is vague enough it could go either way maybe?? I suppose since border war is explicit in your claim over the objective if your not there. Than i guess your pretty safe saying you have to stay there
  12. Yes but if some one else move there they proc another control check and can claim it freely.
  13. I did some proxy witch elf stuff before and almost pulled the trigger but i didnt want an army with as small a model count as possible with out being destruction. The witch aelfs are where the money is woth the subfaction and id say for casual play you want atleadt two cauldrons to back them up and layer some 6+ saves a double 6+ is kind of like a 5+. Also when they get into combat they ripp stuff apart. They are also quick enough to get there. In the army these will be what actualy kill stuff The one problem you have with the subfaction is its all finesse. You have no unit that can tarpit, distract, or sacrafoce themselves to set up.good charges. The best thing you could use for that job is more wotch aelfs in small 10 man units in front of your big blocks, but they are expensive and squishy for the points.
  14. I like AOS being fresh instead of the depths of staleness that is 40k and WHFB. As long as model, units, warscrolls, points, and lore are in development and relatively fresh ithink things should be kept from compendium, but if there is nothing for 2 years and no plans for the next year i say let it go compendium. Let tournaments either take or leave compendium as they please. If given to me as a vote i'd leave them. That's my jam in this sandwich
  15. The saraphon cav list isn't too boring as it's one of the few hero-hammer list if you use i think the blood claw starcost. Get 4 carnasuars all buffing each other and going nuts. Then the saurus knights flank, and control the baord while your dinos gobble up enemy armies.