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  1. mmimzie

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Currently they don't unless they specificly say they do. However 2.0 could be different though i doubt it.
  2. I agree one small example is deepkin who can spam +1 attack on morrsarr guard who each have multiple muti damage attack profiles. Death can do similar. I dont know all the combos of the game, but I'm sure there is more nasty stuff to uncover. Iron jaws can go bonkers and get the whole army in combat in a single turn just about. Combine that with using ardfist that let's them bring back dead units, and that seems pretty solid. I think summoning will be powerful in armies where you can do the summoning on top of bringing something powerful. It's why my money is on tzneetch despite point changes. Access to the endless spell with powerful wizard. Spells that can target out and snipe any summoning characters. While also having splitting horrors and summoning via successful spells.
  3. mmimzie

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    agree'd id jsut take another render or more thralls
  4. mmimzie

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    to many books??? because if thats so i think maybe. With spells, core rule book, generals hand book, and battle tome stuff is abit too split up. I think the core rule book as a product could have been a generals hand book really...
  5. mmimzie

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    maybe, but most seem to know to check the FAQ. Either way 1 banner per 10. Also thralls are pretty meh they can't and wont beable to keep up with summoning armies and those same summoning armies can also potentialy out damage a thrall list. Maaaaybe in morphan you miiiight keep up, but i don't know the healing isn't as effective as just bring whole units to the table. Yeah i'm big on the eels right now. Currently, running 2 units of 9 morrsarr, and 1 unit of 3 ishlaen. Throw in a aspect of the sea and some tide casters and i just spam out -1 to hit to dramatic degrees . Testing one game with endless spells i'm pretty sold of the balewind vortex and Gimnids. The gimnids compounding -1 to hit to silly hights and the balewind being a great tool for a tidecaster armed with vortex.
  6. To atleast one of these points there are mitigating factors. For instance, death would like it if you didn't finish off thier units so they could heal them back up. (its better to bring bad a wiped unit obviously). Also, any melee based forces musted do all availible attacks. So the skeletons could jsut them themselves atop your spears. While your points are quite valided and are the best ways to slow death bring back units. There are some built in work aways death can also play with.
  7. mmimzie

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    yeah honestly don't see the problem. It mad like alittle bombing pass. Flew over and back. The 9" thing is a radius. If you gave that 9" a radius it would be more like a 2" radius if you made it do a small circle. Even just using the 9" to tough stuff is pretty tough to do as you gotta move far enough to touch but also ahve enough movement to get back to where you were. with the purple sun beable to just go touch models i still think the purple sun kinda sucks <.< so... i don't really see absurdly powerful. Anywho, i won't argue it with you further its a topic that the community had as a question long long ago and most folks agree'd then, and i'm sure most agree now how it works. If you are concerned you could e-mail GW for clarification.
  8. mmimzie

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    yeah i just think some folks are under the misconception that it hass to completely move over a model from one direction to that directions opposite. Which ahsn't really been the case for any of the units with similar abilities, and would also make all the endless spell pretty darn useless lol.
  9. mmimzie

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    The model doesn't actualy need to move to pass over something. All you gotta do it have it do a move that lets it move over a few models and then back to where it was. As far as i see it all this formation thing does it let the grave tide tough like 2 or 3 units an then plop back down about the same place it was.
  10. I don't get the seraphon summoning and folks saying it's anymore powerful... than anyone else. So each celestian conjuration pt is worth 10pts each. A slann is 260pts ( dont know how much he is with pts changes) and can generate 90pts a turn meaning they need a solid 3 turns of work to get hier pts back outside of what they also bring from unbinding. Plus those points you get have the oppurtinity cost of misisng turns 1, 2, and 3. So you really start pretty much on the back foot. Would you pay 260 pts to get to play 1.5 units of skinks each turn that might beable to shoot the turn they drop, but have to start futher away from the enemy units and can try for a long bomb charge?? Really in my opinion the strongest summoning will be tzneetch. With pink horrors getting to freely split being amazing, and getting more free models for doing what you were gonna do any way ( casting lots of spells). It's just a happy place. In summoning will be broken tzneetch will break it. Even though they have a very weak summoning mechanic. It doesn't cost them really anything to do, or in the case of pink horrors while they cost more it means you can bring nothing but pink horrors (more spell cast) and get more blues and brims than you would if you were playing change host normally before. As far as summoning will go i think it's folks kind of missing one of the other big monsters in the room, and that being spamming command abilities. As far as i know both death and deepkin have command abilities that let you spam lots of +1 attacks on units that can do devastingly large amount of damage. Both armies will likely use some alpha strike mechanic, and then bide thier time until they get into position and get enough CP to go into mega god mode; blowing up key parts of the opposing army in a single turn.
  11. From what i've seen there is nothing preventing you from spaming the same command ability in the generals handbook. Note my look at said book have been furtive and brief.
  12. mmimzie

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    going into 2.0 i'd say ID are definitly more straight forward??? However you can be punished pretty heavily for bad positioning and list building feel artifcially tough because you don't feel like you have lots of stuff.
  13. mmimzie

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    As i understand it: You can cast each endless spell once per turn. Meaning if you have mirrors/vortex/gimnid/etc you can cast all of those in the same turn given you ahve enough spells to throw out there. You can't cast the same one each turn via the normal 1 spell per turn limit. Some one else here is also saying each wizard may only cast one endless spell a turn. This i can't confirm or deny.
  14. mmimzie

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    Yeah you can basicly make a 0" move where you fly over the target unit(s) and then go back to where you started.
  15. mmimzie

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    I personally favor the Gimnids and the Spell portals. The Double balls do great damage and have really nice range as mentioned earlier. They throw out great force reducing effects that make them pretty hard to ignore. Deepkin with these double trouble balls can get some pretty high levels of -1 to hit covering multiple units, nuturer armies for 2 or 3 turns. The spell portals have a great early use of extending the range of pretty much all of your wizards, and allow you to hide your wizards in the corner away from enemy dispelling models. On top of that it's really hard for your opponent to use these against you right away outside of a predatory spell. You have to be within 1" in your hero phasing. meaning as along as you don't go out of your way to let the enemy wizard start his turn in range of the mirrors you are setting up. You'll get a turn of free casting threw the mirrors. Turning some rather lack luster turn 1s from wizard heavy list, into something that can really start firing all all cylinders out of the gate. The spell portal currently has a loop hole that lets you just threw it ontop of a balewind. Since you can set up the balewind on the otherside of the portal and throw your wizard on top. Also on the topic of the balewinds they don't give you cover any more, but outside cover effects can stack with the balewind's save bonus meaning you can get some durable wizards up there if need be, maybe makes a case for applying mystic shield onto that said wizard if they also ahve a decent ranged attack or damage spell. A slann or kroak up there can really generate a good number of extra summoning pts that will quickly pay for the vortex. The Coggs get an honorable mention here as well. They are alittle more expensive than i'd like for what they do, but.... it lets you effectively donate the spell of one wizard over to another, and any editional turns the cogs and the wizard stay up it starts to bank some pretty decent interest. That said it breaks some of my rules for what makes for a good endless spell. The other endless spells don't really wow me, As they each need alittle something else that either exist and i dont see it yet, it doesn't it exist, or the combos that do just arn't strong enough. Most of the other endlesspells are just abit too slow, and scream at the top of thier lungs to be played turn 2 or 3 play, being cast in ackward ways. You need a strong right away use for these things. If you take to long your wizards can all be render in effective before you get the chance to use them, or thier ideal situations will pass you by. For instance: Soul snares, primadmatice palisade, always give your opponent the chance to dispel before they can take effect. Both of which could work as great parts of a good and powerful stall plan however, but other things seems to do this maybe better like good old hordes, even more so with summonable hordes. Too short and effective range: Gravetide, Purple sun, Burning head all have shorter ranges than arcane missle had for about the same amount of damage out put (VS casting chance)on the first cast. From there they are likely well within dispel range. So, just bad arcane missles that are banking on some sort of long term staying power to become useful, but also abit force you to stay away. I don't remember the pendulum, but i do remember it can back some serious damage out put. The only problem is that i fear it might really only pack a serious punch once and then be gone, and is it worth the points for D6 moretal wounds once?? i guess if you get it into a really nice spot. So it's about as good as the wizard you use to cast it.