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Morglum StormBasha

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  1. Morglum StormBasha

    AoS 2 - Darkling Covens Discussion

    They got better as the command abilities are now usable in hero phase rather than in battleshock phase as was implied in ghb17
  2. Morglum StormBasha

    Events UK : Eastbourne Massacre - Postponed, due to football clash!

    I’m in Marc - blood tithe was excellent. simon fro
  3. Morglum StormBasha

    Malign Portents

    Today’s seraphon story was brilliant. When they evacuated the old world it never made sense to me that there wouldn’t have been frozen spawn of saurus and skinks etc on the star ships. And they’ve now basically retconned it so that there were. So you can have magic simulcra seraphon or now you can have living breathing characters who can fight and die in the mortal realms. I know which i prefer and will now start collecting some as a result. Seraphon had been a massive creative misstep which they’ve rightfully acknowledged and now fixed.
  4. Morglum StormBasha

    The Rumour Thread

    Rumours related to the question about new battletomes. Moonclan, slaanesh, redone ironjawz and sylvaneth are what I’ve heard on grapevine. At least one of them is this year possibly 2 and the rest in 2019
  5. Morglum StormBasha

    The Rumour Thread

    Whilst i do want new realm based characters to be fleshed out (I hope to goodness someone has hired guy Haley to do a moonclan focused book if they get a named character) death is the one alliance where I’m more than happy to see old names. Death is so tied to Nagash at the moment and all these characters had huge roles in his apotheosis - it makes sense they would stick around even thousands of years later. Now if they ever do a death mages faction or go back to flesh eater courts then they should get all new characters because they will be a mortal death faction.
  6. Morglum StormBasha

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah what Josh, Chris and Gav did with the end times book was incredible given the turnaround constraints. Now that new warhammer chronicles stories is a thing I’d love to see a few more end times event fleshed out. I also still want to see a story where someone stumbles across a realm gate from the old world and ends up in the new... we know it happened but we’ve never seen an example.
  7. Morglum StormBasha

    The Rumour Thread

    Pretty sure that whether they name her or not it will be Isabella in my head canon - she one hundred percent survives end times with neferata
  8. Morglum StormBasha

    Plan for the Destruction forum post AoS 2.0 - PLEASE READ

    @Skabnoze started bashing storms when lightning umies arrived! big golden shiny men no good to eat but shiny armour makes good bling!
  9. Morglum StormBasha

    Plan for the Destruction forum post AoS 2.0 - PLEASE READ

    I think we lock all the old and Army build threads. New ghb18 tactics tournament and list building threads for ironjawz, bcr, bonesplitterz, gutbusters, moonclan and mixed destruction. Seperate threads for destruction lore, destruction wishlist and destruction rumours would be good to keep the later 3 out of threads about playing games per se. Definitley have curated getting started with threads.
  10. Morglum StormBasha

    Events UK: BLACKOUT - Firestorm Games - 4&5th August - Pack released

    Payment also sent! Hopefully should get a good feel for aos2 by then! Simon Foley
  11. Morglum StormBasha

    London GT hype

    yeah the aos event went well. A little cramped but amazingly well lit, good air con, mats on every table, 12 pieces of terrain per table with preset maps. The app worked very well to make the admin of matchups work well and also to help you plan your next game over lunch as you could view your opponents list in the app. Really positive atmosphere with lots of great opponents. Sad to hear about 40k not going well but really for aos my main criticism was the delay on Saturday due to security and that the faq and communication in the couple of weeks before the event was lacking. Once we got going on the Saturday it was all good and I would go again.
  12. Morglum StormBasha

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    @Lhw yeah I was playing hagg nar at London gt and warhammerfest - they are very durable - basically you can take being hit very hard and then punch back later which is my preferred Style of play. It’s a rocky balboa list so my temple is Rachi Baal’boa. Your new list is closer to mine and looks fun but is i think maybe too low body count to fully capitalise on the durability. Having said that you do have the blood sisters Death Star which could be fun. Worth a try. havent bought morathi yet - may try her out during the aos 2 transition lull.
  13. Morglum StormBasha

    London GT hype

    I’m going to the singles tournament with my daughters of khaine - looking forwards to it - if you go on Twitter an search for @drats_hammer I think Kieran is organising some local drinks on the Friday
  14. Morglum StormBasha

    London GT hype

    My understanding of the doubles based on something Tom said this morning is that you take 2 vanguard armies wirh double battle line. Both armies get their allegiance abilities and a general who can use his command ability.
  15. Morglum StormBasha

    The Rumour Thread

    What actually happened in the case of temoulon? I remember the rumours of sea elves were from them but did someone lose their job as a result?