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  1. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Only deploy 1 realm gate for Bloodtoofs but if another is on the board but players can use the new rules for them you can now stack Waaagh and Mighty Waaagh so command points can be used to use these more than once. I’ve yet to do a MEGA-Waaagh of more than 3 but with a 6 rolled that was 4 extra attacks and my footboss with destroyer soloed a black coach and my Mawkrusha killed 20 grimghast reapers! Who needs fancy maces or celestial lightning to deal with the supernatural, just waaagh energy brah!
  2. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Also don’t forget that the weirdnob when he casts the cogs or balewind only gets one more cast that turn but 2 next turn., because he uses one to cast the endless spell. Otherwise I agree with @broche you need the brutes to be in 2x5 or failing that drop cogs and second shaman for an extra 5 man but to maximise the weirdfist 🙂
  3. Sangfroid

    Nighthaunt win BLACKOUT.

    Obviously the list you are all waiting for is my ironjawz so here it is as a teaser for you while @Chris Tomlin puts the lesser lists into a pdf 😂 megaboss on mawkrusha, brutish cunning (trait) ethereal amulet (artefact, shyish) megaboss , destroyer (artefact, ironjawz) weirdnob shaman, the boss skewer (artefact, ironjawz) 10 brutes 5 brutes 5 brutes 3 gore-gruntas 3 gore-gruntas ironfist battalion Bloodtoofs battalion happy Krumpin 💚
  4. Sangfroid

    BLACKOUT - Results, Feedback & Lists

    Great event again Chris, well organised, good food, excellent facilities, good access to drinks and even a shop to wander around and dream of new armies! Excellent pack, as a non summoning army who can only fight in combat (ironjawz) being able to score the kill points for when an opponent gets a free 300 extra points of models to me felt fair, those models appear from no where and score objective points. I like the fact it didn’t effect the game result (I.e you only counted them towards the tiebreaker score not the minor victory result if people drew on objectives). Good use of the new rules too I have a slight issue with movement after teleport but that’s the rules not your pack! 5 fantastic opponents in Ritchie, Nick, Dan B, Stu C and Dan G would happily play any of you guys again! Will be coming back again next year
  5. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    This was picked up in a recent WhatsApp discussion and the FAQ team have been emailed hopefully will be clarified in the upcoming errata!
  6. Sangfroid

    A Monster Hunter's romp through AoS 2

    Was a great battle Ian and as expected your boys were more interested in sniffing each other’s bones rather than have a proppa fight 😂😂 I think I scored the 4 point objective the second time and then T4 got 7 instead of 9 and you have missed off 2 points for yourself somewhere making the final score 23-21 but its the same gap so the result is all that the history books will remember! (For your readers benefit) my MK had jade diadem, footboss Ghyrstrike and weirdnob Da Boss Skewer. The Wurgog mask once again showed why I need to take some mortal wound protection on the MK but I feel it difficult to do so because that’s in Asqy and Hysh (Da Ghostwulfz are Ghur/Ghyran) so will be trying out Asqy items next game me thinks 🙂 so close the last two times I’ll get you next time!
  7. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    @sporadicMike nice list I really like the idea of the Doppleganger cloak will be really keen to see how you get on with it!
  8. Great pack @Chris Tomlin glad to see your leading the way again with how the game should be played. The add on rules are fun and for armies without fancy new books extra spells and command abilities are a welcome addition! I did notice a mistake in the pack though I think you meant to write “impenetrable gloom” for the Ulgu Realmscape! I didn’t want to point it out because it’s a really ,really, really “cough” nasty pain for Ironjawz armies but thought I’d be remiss not to point it out... 😈🤞
  9. Sangfroid

    A Monster Hunter's romp through AoS 2

    Never beaten you with Da Ghostwulfz but your Bonesniffers iz gonna get it this time!
  10. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    @Imperial this is why the faq team has been emailed, in aos1 the only time you could use command abilities was the hero phase so this feels correct however it says count up the units in the combat phase of the turn (doesn’t say your turn or the player turn etc...) it’s specifically says combat phase so going back to the new core rules I think (as do some others) that this therefore means it can be used in any combat phase. Am I right? Am I wrong? Not sure because the wording isn’t clear in the positive like it is with the lord arcanum but it also isn’t clear in the negative either I.e a clear wording would be “use this ability in your hero phase then count up the units in the following combat phase....” the faq team will look at it and hopefully when they do the errata/faq over the next week or so it will be clarified (hopefully so that we can use in any combat phase as this will give IJ more tactical depth and also a boon in power... we need it.)
  11. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    1) The core rules say use in the hero phase unless it says which phase to use it 2) mighty waaagh and waaagh say count up the units in the combat phase of the turn (I.e. either turn....) the waaagh wording hasn’t changed from aos1 but the way command abilities now work has so because it says when to count up units (i.e. combat phase) it would appear to make sense that you use it in the combat phase not the hero phase. This is because command abilities are more reactionary now BUT cost a resource (use inspiring in the battleshock phase, lord arcanum on graph charger can use his in hero, combat or shooting phase. Etc...) it is not 100% clear (but does clearly say combat phase) It seems more than likely to point toward using in the combat phase but the Intention may not be so,Simon has emailed the FAQ team to get this cleared up definitively otherwise could be argued a bit either way which is a waste of good time when more dice can be rolled and heads krumped 😂
  12. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Just as a heads up, I noticed on the warscroll that the Mighty Waaagh and Waaagh command abilities only say “at the start of the combat phase” I.e does not say WHICH combat phase you can use it. Therefore was discussed on the Ironjawz WhatsApp last night @Ben Johnson is the admin if you want to contact him to get in, and one of the guys (Simon not sure if he is on here) sent an email for clarity from the FAQ team. It does seem a strong case which if agreed it’s BOTH combat phases opens up some new tactics for us megabosses and also a nice boon for Ironjawz such as screening with ardboyz allowing are selfs to be charge then having brutes Waaagh enhanced attacking over the top with 2” weapons (and many more I’m sure we can all come up with 🙂
  13. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    What page please fella save me searching 😎
  14. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    So to cheer you guys up that it’s not all bad for IJ I had my first aos2 game last night Turn 1 with mighty destroyers moved Mawkrusha up 12” then 9” then charge his general (Durthu) took him off then lost MK, 5 brutes, 6 gorepigs and a footboss to Allarielle, freelord and 2x3 scythe hunters. so going into T3 all I have left it 2x 10 ardboyz, 5 brutes warchanter and weirdnob, he had Freelord, allarielle 3 hunters 2x10 (free) dryads, 2x5 revs and a branchwytch foot of gork does does 18 wounds to allarielle, kills the hunters (12 wounds) kills 5 dryads (they battleshock off later) 5 brutes charge and merc treelord T4 (#brutes) big win for the IJ Gork likes AoS2!
  15. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Yeah good point and maybe a final use for the Prophet of the waaagh 🙂 I still want to try and squeeze a MB into my list he does for me feel just about worth his points (120 would have been perfect btw)