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  1. Gitmob Artillery Bases

    My spear chukkas I put on a 40mm and and looks fine I’ve seen them on a 50mm and this looks a bit better if I’m honest so I may switch over
  2. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    He is a great mystic shield bot, while he has 4 wounds is little so can hide, -1 to hit from shooting and a 5+ save after save so he becomes a little harder to just clean off in one go and the once per game ability could be useful when you know you have to get that shield off. Im actually really pleased, when I first saw his scroll I was disappointed but because he is 80pts that makes him a really valid choice and the model is amazing (note I do not like grots as a rule). I’ve avoided moonclan shaman as allies as they are so squishy and I’d rather have a Weirdnob but now it’s viable to have both for damage and shield on Krusha or even drop the Weirdnob and just have the fun-guy as my shield. I can see myself maybe dropping out 5 Brutes or 3 pigs for Ironskulls boyz and the fun-guy in some lists maybe :-)
  3. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I haven’t seen the full rules etc.. but I expect if he is your general he won’t have KO allegience so will need to be a grand alliance order army, but if in your army you can still benefit from the +1 to hit. If he “adopts” the keyword of the army in a similar way to slaves to darkness and their marks then yes he could
  4. Brute kit question

    It’s been a while since I built Brutes but from memory the model that uses the boss choppa, you can have an empty hand arm (instead of the one holding a head) and a jagged hacka arm for the other if you want 2” weapon options. For dual choppas I just put a left an right choppa in each hand after I had built the rest of the unit. I think that generally with the brute kit any combo of arms will work on any torso so have a play with weapons and arms until your happy then use plastic glue. Rules wise you will want bosses with Klaw & smasha as these guys really do put the hurt out (boos choppas aren’t bad either though) love dem Brutes :-)
  5. Oldschool Orcs/Orruks viable?

    Prior to ironjawz release I played a mixed army of Orruks, war bosses shaman, ogors , gargant, Ardboyz (Black Orcs) and orruk boar chariots. Some cool things that worked for me 1) 40 boyz with choppa and shield, add in a mystic shield from shaman and also inspiring presence from general and you have a solid block that will hold,out against most foes for a serious amount of time (anything that can dish out riculous rend -2 attacks or mortal wounds will smash you though). Your boyz fight back pretty well too and with the great waagh banner the reroll 1s to wound is a good help) once you have pinned your enemy with da boyz flank the enemy with any of, gargant, ironguts, Brutes, warbosses with -2 rend big choppas to get most of the actual killin done. 2) chariots are fun and really useful, they are cheap (80pts) fast (ish) have 6 wounds and a good armour save plus can do d3 mortals on the charge. They also have a big base so are ideal chaff units to either get in the way or tag the corners of enemy units to stop them from doing what they want too, and usually will last at least 1 if not 2 comba rounds (which is usually long enough) you can also take them in units though they probably aren’t that good for that. For those scenarios that allow one model to score having a cheap unit doing nothing but scoring is ace, plus with some luck in fighting and mortals on the charge they can pose a threat to judicators and such, but will often be ignored so you get to trundle about being annoying 3) if your happy to go mixed Destruction then tyrants (-2 rend two handed) and ironguts are amazing, normal ogors are also decent as either small objective holders (3 for 120) medium battleline fighters (6 for 240) or a mound of flesh (12 for 400) while they have no rend if you take them with 2 clubs and in a unit of 12 then you can really rely on them to put the hurt on because they are damage 2 so even if you only get your opponent to have to make 10 saves agaisnt a 4+ armour save unit that’s still on average 10 wounds thru, I have had 6 one shot a bastilidon :-) 4) artillery needs to be in blocks of 2 or more (as @Malakree mentioned) because of the rerolls, Extra shots or damage you get by having 2 close together overall one great advantage of a mixed Destruction style army is you build a mini synergy (boyz, shaman warboss) but largely all the units can generally work independently and still be okay to hold their own for a bit. It’s still a tier 2 or 3 army BUT with good play can often make you feel like your “in the game” so even in losses you will have a lot of fun I mean how can you not have fun with and kind of orruks bashin about!
  6. Ironjawz -Ardboys

    Hehe I was going to put mawkrusha Warchanter troggoth hag 10 brutes 10 brutes 10 brutes But “maximum effort” probably isn’t the best place to start your ironjawz journey, fun though ;-)
  7. Destruction at CanCon 2018

    @PlasticCraic great series of write ups fella, the most important thing to take from this is, is the ability to see where you could have turned both games around,on a different day the 50/50 goes your way or the guy doesnt roll 11” charge and your sitting pretty on 4 wins and one loss, which is a respectable result for ANY army let alone tier 2 ironjawz. Sounds like you had a bucket of fun too, the troggoth Hag is baller right :-) one last thing NEVER apologise for smashing and bashing off anything especially Arkhan the black and and vampire on zombie dragon, it is a thing of beauty and should not be sullied by Grot-like apologies :-)
  8. Ironjawz -Ardboys

    Mawkrusha, ironclad trait, da boss skewer artifact shaman warchanter Megaboss on foot,metalrippa Klaw artifact 10 brutes 5 Brutes 5 Brutes 3 goregruntas 3 goregruntas ironfist formation =1960 this is my preferred set up if not using allies though my set up for allies is usually 240-380 points and would mean dropping, formation, chanter for spear chukkas, or formation, shaman and Warchanter for a troggoth Hag. I like the Ardboyz models as this is where my Black Orcs began when the morphed into Ironjawz but I often find that they get left behind in my list as I do like to have 20+ brute and a Mawkrusha almost as a given nowadays
  9. Malign Portents and The Bad Moon

    Really disappointed by the fact he can only cast one spell and his warscroll spell requires you to be ultra close (and therefore almost certainly dead very quickly) its a a shame as it’s a beautiful model (yes I am calling a Grot awesome dont tell anyone else!) but should be pointed at 80pts so while weak at those points still worth inclusion
  10. Ironjawz start collecting. What to pick up next.

    @Malakree I do like the other units as well 😝 and second you on the 30 man Ardboyz unit, I’m toying with this again and a battery of 3 spear chukkas or 2 and a warboss with waagh banner. I tend to find with 30 Ardboyz you can’t really take more than 10 Brutes without sacrificing the maw-Krusha and I’ve not been brave enough to do that yet! @UpTown gore-gruntas are excellent and now at 140pts really worth it, they were fine before but a little overpriced. You probably want at least 2 if not three units of these, and will often find you take 2 x3 in a lot of lists
  11. Ironjawz start collecting. What to pick up next.

    You will never find Brutes to be a waste of models except if you have 30+ of them and even then multiple options or a army of 40 of them is still viable :-) #BRUTES you will want a Mawkrusha as well for sure as this is such a key piece in a ironjawz list.
  12. Kharadron Overlords 2000 points hit hard hit fast

    @Bimli one key consideration for you is do you want to take the 100% optimised Competative KO list? If yes then listen to @wanderingrogue who has got this out there (as well as significant practice and success with it) if your wanting to have a decent list that’s all mounted up on 2 boats that you can have fun with and will still be “Competative” then your list is really nice. You will with practice have some good results but eventually you will face a match up and lose a battle with the thought of “if only I’d had another x skywardens instead of this frigate.....” however if you have had a bucket of fun along the way would that upset you? Im also starting a KO army as a side project and will be taking ironclad and frigate (maybe even a gunhauler as well!!) but I’m doing it knowing that it isn’t going to be a “dialled up to 11” list to have some fun with Pirate Dorfs at the club :-)
  13. Destruction presence in masters

    Hehe I’ve had the Astral Templars for about a year now (did Tomorrow burns, Scgt, 6 nations and Bristol smash as sce last year :-) they are just a side project army (though have about 4600 points painted now......) my fellow Chumps bought a stardrake for my birthday so painted it up and took along. Mrs bought me a battleforce box of Kharadrons for Xmas so that’s my side project now SCE are done (except 2 boxes of raptors I’m going to get rid of I think) still love the Ironjawz and I think they maybe making an appearance at the next tourney I go too. Lord Sangfroid is actually a nasty dark elf character so if they ever get around to releasing an AoS new dark aelf faction..... I will be going all in 😂 having 2 armies with all the options (except vanguard) is nice to keep things fresh for club and tourney games, which do I have the most overall fun playing...... #BRUTES every time
  14. Destruction presence in masters

    Here you go :-)