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  1. Bloodtoofs Realmgate Shenganigans

    No worries @PlasticCraic always best to have the correct FAQ r day if you need to discuss it with an opponent:-) basically this applies to anything that says “as it it were the movement phase” or “counts as their move for the movement phase”. Sadly the wording on the “Vanguard wing” stormcast battalion says “instead of moving....” RAI it’s the same thing but some players have interpreted that as it’s not a movement so follows the “set up rules” which is you can set up inside of 3” so be wary of the sce player popping into b2b contact and if you have left gaps in your lines thru your units as long as the liberators can maintain 1” coherency. GW has not come out to stop this so maybe it’s is RAI but would seem strange considering clan Skyre have this as a special abilty but have to take d6 mortal wounds to do so, but time will tell if we see a FAQ update (legs, fingers eyes crossed)
  2. I don’t think anyone begrudge the EotG getting a second turn on such a slim chance the issue is the seraphon player can score objectives twice (or more if realllllllly lucky) in a single battle round imagine this is battle round 4 of a close fun game and the seraphon player just Auto wins because he rolls lucky in his hero phase, ending it there and spoiling a good match? No issue with extra turn but why would want to play a game where you get 5 chances to score on objectives and your opponent 6 chances? Doesn’t make any sense to me in matched play whatsoever
  3. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    @Rock Lobster great post and result! agree with a lot of what you have said there the ironclad Mawkrusha combo is so addictive I even used it the other day when I had an army with 3x10 brutes where bestial charisma would have been a great choice. I tried the armour of Gork at BLACKOUT and found that while potentially could dish out a lot of mortals it didn’t happen too much (maybe 6 or so over 5 games) this was mainly I think because rend of opponents dropping the 5+ down to a 6, even so agaisnt a low/no rend horde like FEC or bloodbound I reckon it could be amazing though my head has been turned my meatrippa because it gives us that piece that can confidently take on treelords and stardrakes etc... (particularly the stardrake as they won’t be able to heal agaisnt our -2 attacks) Troggoth Hag is brilliant 8 games so far she hasn’t died once, in two games got taken down as low as 2 wounds but with the heal ended up the game on 11+ wounds in both cases. Not auto include I think becaus pe the range of Grot artillery could be advantageous sometimes, or more ironjawz and a formation (you points on IFist are right) but still a very fun and strong choice. Only issue I have with mighty destroyers is that you can’t pick which action which can be frustrating if you want to move something but they are inside of 12” but hey ho very happy with IJ allegience overall so am not complaining :-)
  4. Not cheesy at all, as said it’s part of the tactical play for both you and your opponent. Do they remove casualties from here or there? Or in Chris case he used it to move his character onto the objective etc...
  5. It’s not an exploit just part of the rules as it stops 2 units charging one unit then casualties being taken off to stop the second unit fighting (among other things :-)
  6. The rogue Idol in destruction lists

    Here is the correct scroll link to forgeworld he does effect both grots and orruks (friendly ones) see “Livin idol” rule but is classed as a Greenskinz for allegience (so needs to be an ally for Ironjawz and bonesniffers)
  7. Blood and glory.

    Love the first list, though having played the brutefist it does seem expensive for only 3 units, however the mortal wounds will be really handy try it and if it feels a waste maybe swap in an Ironfist?
  8. The rogue Idol in destruction lists

    @Chris Tomlin haha! “Iz don’t matta wot boyz youse bring along for da ruck Megaboss, Rotgor has Krunks card marked and iz gonna be collectin afterz he din show up the lass time, u can brin yor pile o’roks even if iz gorkamorka bless ya. Ain’t no blessin or morks dabbin be stoppin Rotgors Boss choppa!” I planned to bring my facehammer list as it already has 2 monsters or the “maximum effort” list of 3x10 brutes to have fun with all the others monsters :-) good news is Chiefs event is a dual list so we can bring a “grudge” list and then one for bashing up everyone else 🤘
  9. Blood and glory.

    Nothing wrong with the list except your really giving yourself a lot to do in a couple of weeks (circa 90 models) So Based on the fact you need to paint some stuff, plus you will not have a Mawkrusha I’d maybe suggest having a look at this list this below picture ive often ran double footboss in a similar fashion and it’s excellent except sometimes (sylvaneth) you find your missing punch so having more rend -2 is important for those tough nuts to crack, therefore your brutal boss has meatrippa to advance and buff/fight with brutes while the kunnin Boss gets Boss skewer. I’ve put ironclad but tbh you could pic any of that, brutish cunning or bestial charisma. Formation for extra artifact (and less models to paint 😎) kept the Ardboyz in a big horde as that looks like a way you wanted to play but paint time permitting if it’s a too much to do 20 Ardboyz whack in 10 more brutes and second Weirdnob maybe
  10. you can still go Beastclaw raiders allegience because the formation effectively gives thengore gruntas the correct allegience so I think this will probably do you better than plain Destruction. Will be a fun list to play, I’d probably go for a thundertusk to be honest as this gives you a nasty ranged threat 😂
  11. FHGT Ironjawz lists

    So just to carry on the list discussion even though FHGT is done (the Troll Bagging list I took got me 34th and best Destruction was scored on Kill points) i tried my “Maximum Effort” list tonight Mawkrusha chanter 3 x 10 brutes troggoth hag (allies) have to say it was awesome fun we played total conquest and my opponent had a soulblight list Coven throne vampire 4 x 5 bloodknights 3 vargheists nefferata (allies) i think I played it a bit wrong because I went down a flank with the Krusha and then he was outta range of mystic shield from the hag, which led to him taking 11 wounds in damage when I lost the priority and because I split my attacks (rarely a good idea) I managed to fluff and only do 6 wounds to the coven throne and not kill the last varghiest to then smash and bash So neffy and 5 knights killed 7 Brutes (luckily I did put IP on these). My left Brutes went thru 5 knights (got charged by them) over two turns then the other 5 knights over two turns. The hag held 5 knights up and eventually vomited thru them. The stars were the centre brutes who charged and took off the coven throne, then next turn hit the far right knights (neffy flew off to kill Mawkrusha who had managed to bellow off 6 wounds off her) then the last 3 Brutes took her off. The last act then was the troggoth Hag moving across the board and vomiting on the vampire lord for the table. Overall lost the Krusha and chanter (I charged him into the 5 knights on the right for an extra IJ unit in 15” for my mighty waaagh as he was dead next turn anyway from knights) the 7 Brutes, and then 4 Brutes on the left as they chewed thru the 2 units of blood knights. Overall a really fun game, I made the soulblight player go first but after that up until T4 there were no double turns, and that was in my favour allowing my brutes to crucially charge the 5 knights on the left with 10 Brutes, to win the game. Was a thing of beauty though #BRUTES!
  12. Ironjawz 2nd place at Warhammer World GT

    Well done James little green tear in my eye when the results came in last night 🤘 but get your green butt off Facebook and on to TGA man (if anyone knows him pass it on)
  13. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    @BunkhouseBuster sounds a suitably gory game the fact that only the warshrine was left standing sounds about right and that you have done a good job bashin :-) we usually fight better and generally are more survivable, but Khorne with its synergies can tip the balance back the other way. One good thing is our units do fight well on their own so part of the strategy agaisnt Khorne if you can’t just snipe out his bloodsecrator is to spread out very wide (scenario and table terrain depending of course), then using classic Macedonian tactics overload one flank with your strongest troops (so in this game say a unit of brutes a Megaboss and the giant) deal with what’s in front of them then whatever is left alive rolls along the line to the next combat and overloads that etc... because Khorne players are so reliant on their synergies I often find they often deploy symmetrically which is perfect because then you are at an advantage with the flank push. Also a great general tactic with ironjawz is to retreat units out of combat (only 3” or so) if you aren’t positive you will gain smashing and bashing and this get to strike first or feel that the Khorne unit will eventually win out the grind. that way you are holding you lines while neutering the Khorne guys only real damage output in your turn. Meanwhile your focusing on combats where you fight first and thus also tip the balance, add this to a flank overload and you will begin to pull the Khorne apart. If they get next turn they will charge but still only get to fight first once so your no worse off, if you get next turn you can either charge back in or charge another combat (thus overloading this combat even more heavily in your favour) literally every wound you don’t lose counts and this way you should limit a fair amount of damage back at you as well as potentially tearing a hole in their line exposing g their characters and buff pieces so that they then have to react and change strategy.
  14. Destruction showing at Facehammer GT - Debrief

    Which lists do you want to see @Tizianolol