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  1. Grot and Orruk skypirates/fleets are mentioned in the kharadron overlords book it's just a matter of waiting for us now.
  2. Our match up prep was basically once the scenario dice was rolled "what's a good army for x scenario" then "okay which of these 2 lists do you want?" A lot more time was spent on creating the lists that were seen as manadatory i.e, Stardrake, skyfires, stone rukk, mooncows though Darren had to drop out so no thundertusks in the end, sayl bomb, gnarlroot and Nagash summoning. Byrons and Tom were later replacements as was I but I took over a list whereas they replaced ones so for tom it was a archaon chaos mix, and for Byron the mooncow list. Your list was seen as one of the stronger ones for Scandinavia because of the moocows for example the only two match ups I refused were Skyre and thundertusks as they can too quickly deal with the stardrake. The Tzeetch changehost and tzangor and skyfires lists were hard as hell to beat because of a similar mortal wound output from spells, but at least you have a chance. A double turn or even just two shots from a thundertusk and it's probably game over for the stardrake! i was wary of jonas Hammerstrike as well but he made a single mistake in deployment which meant i could out deploy him and so I could make him go first and he rolled to bring down prosecutors so had to deploy the Hammerstrike early. My stardrake survived on six wounds left and then the push back and double turn was gory and glorious well for me at least hehe. We also didn't realise that the rounds scoring was just points and uncapped so may take a different approach to lists next year.... p.s a summer break awaits and then my hope is to finnaly get back on the ironjawz train and work my way back up from Doomdiver to a Megaboss again🤘
  3. Was great to see you stomping thru peeps @Solaris and I accepted the admonishment for using the dirty tin men instead of my Ironjawz ;-) Its interesting in a team event because your list is one that some peeps (a stardrake mirrorshield cough) want to avoid like the plague which then can either drag someone's own strong list (Terry's sayl build) away from your team mates or force others to pair away from you (stardrake mirrorshield cough) though if if I had of realised it was you before the pairings were selected I'd have 100% taken the match up just to have gotten a game in with ya!
  4. Yes it was sorry fella ;-)
  5. Keep the faith it's surely only 2-6 weeks away from the Generals Handbook version 2 and considering the drastic changes to Fyreslayers and tomb kings there is hope that Ironjawz will feel the love they deserve, they are a "new" faction model wise so just from a pure business perspective GW will not want them too fall too far behind, they also suffered (like flesh eater courts and Fyreslayers) of being released before the onset of allegiance abilities this I am hopefull will be changed. Secondly and this is probably a good bit of advice generally ironjawz are world wide known to not be a competitive choice right now (and for at least the last 12 months oh wait that was when they were released.....) basically they are a knife edged army, some match ups and you will pound and pound the enemy into a bloody pulp and they will walk away wondering what on earth just happened, other games will be practically over by the end of turn 2 and you will looking at the board desperately searching for a model that isn't dead. Thats ironjawz plain and simple, once you get over that and accept it then "competitive" becomes "efficient" instead. As @Chris Tomlin has said battleshock is the ironjawz worst enemy (not actually the enemy) brutes have bravery 6 so if 1 dies you can lose one on a 6 roll (or a 5 roll of the enemy has sinister buff or a 4+ if decimators are about or worst 3+ if decimators are close and have sinister) it's an extreme example but 1 single decimator in this situationwith a star soul mace has a 50% chance to kill 2 or more brutes (potentially 4 brutes!!!) So with this in mind how do you mitigate our biggest weakness in our best unit? And make a more "competitive" list? Ardboyz are bravery 6 (8 if in 3" of enemy) so these guys will stick about a little more than brutes to hold objectives in units of 20 or 30 that's bravery 9/10 potentially so you need to really hit them hard for them to run 1 big unit of brutes that can be made immune to battleshock 15 is a serious threat coined "Megabrutes" but the forum here under current rules champ can be general so that means the unit is immune to battleshock until the last model dies. Couple this with +1 to hit (Bellowing tyrant) or +2 movement (ravager) and suddenly you have brutes working at maximum effficency all the way till the enemy has chewed thru the 46(47maybe) wounds. Gore grutnas are bravery 7 so u have to kill 2 in normal circumstances to force a BS test so that's 10 wounds of pig flesh before you even have to worry about it. Using these units to tank or pin enemy in place for you to Smash helps a lot. Lastly and this route is the way my ironjawz armies have gone since the masters just ignore battleshock and take multiple small brute units so that worst case scenario is if they focus on a unit you have lots of others to compensate (and therefore more boss choppas/Klaw and Smasha) so back to your models if you don't have Ardboyz/goregrutas or don't want to use them a real quick and simple fix would be to run 1 large unit (10 or 15 brutes) then the rest in 5 mans it will be more "efficient" not necessarily the most "competitive" but in a few weeks time who knows 3x10 man brutes may well be "competitive" when the winds change direction with GHBv2
  6. Great report Paul, I also believe that the Shorter range weapons will prove to be most successful and with time and practice you will be able to protect your canon guys a lot easier too. In this battle if you double turn the thunderers are killing something else or back on the ship sipping Bugmans 6X until deployed where you need them again. Basically they seem to me to be relatively small armies therefore you need to maximise every element to its maximum, so arknauts shooting and charging, riggers shooting and charging (also agree maybe no need for drill if you have canon thunderers, I'd even drop the grapple as well maybe....) So thoughts I have on them may help such as when you are disembarking try to get close enough to put them behind the ship or failing that charge the ship into whatever maybe able to threaten them (as long as it's not lethal enough to wreak your ship of course :-) or if you have them admirals, riggers, wardens etc... disembarking and charging to tank the corners of units maybe. You said earlier they will take a good few games to really get a hang on so I'm glad your doing this for us all to learn with you :-)
  7. I'm going as well fella so if you want to borrow some Ardboyz then Da Ghostwulfz are always up for a fight (in fact I can provide the whole list for you if you like!) my idea currently is Black Orruk Big boss 100 3 x 5 brutes 540 Ironfist 680 or Tyrant 160 3 x 3 Ogors 360 Gargant 180 =700 because I haven't taken my ogors or Bojangles the Giant out for a game for ages!
  8. If I didn't know the reason already then there would be some Rotgor induced insults being thrown about ere 😘
  9. So had another practice match last night, Rotgor, Skargut and Da Ghostwulfz did indeed face off against Marcus and his ethereal host. My list was: Skargut (on maw-krusha) "Bandit", ravager and talisman rotgor wiv battlebrew warchanter shaman 10 brutes with Gamgor 2 x brutes 2 x 3 gore gruntas Ironfist i opted to go back to a similar list to my blood & glory but dropping out the 3x10 ardboyz for 3 pigs and 2x5 brutes, not given up on brutefist just yet but I have to say it was nice to be back into the comfy hollowed out Grot skull slippers of the Ironfist, having played my last six games without it having my army catapult itself where I wanted to at double time was nice. Marcus list was nefferata mourngul tomb herald with cursed book vlad Von Carstein isabella Von carstein 4x3 spirit hosts 3 x10 zombies 10 skellies 120 summoning points. A tough ask for the ironjawz almost everything that is of relevance ignores rend (or can be given that by neff) potential -4 to hit on brutes -3 on gorepigs and characters! The battleplan was escalation so that does give me a boost but Marcus has plenty of units as well so my deployment is pigs on flanks, 5 man brutes inside, Gamgor and the big brutes in the centre, chanter to the left, shaman centre with Skargut 24" back and then Rotgor on the right flank. Marcus similarly deploys his monsters and herald in the centre with 3 spirits, skellies and zombie. His left is Isabella 3 spirits and 10 zombies and then on his right flank vlad 2x3 spirits and 10 zombies. So with a wall of unhittable un-rendable filth infront of me I elected to give Marcus first turn and we were off! (Sorry useless as always at taking pics :-) Turn 1 he moves forward a little but crucially can't get within 6" of the right objective with his spirit hosts (vlads flank). I go full on "maximum effort" mode and emancipated by the double d6" move my army vaults forwards (had to run Skargut in Mawcrusha and he rolled a 6. On my left my gorepigs fast and furious style drift charge into the spirit (so all my pigs are nose to butt strung out so they cover 10" of board from the edge so he can't sneak around and score with zombies., just need to not die.... on the other flank pigs failed their mystical so nothing's much going on there but in the centre Gamgor, with IP and mystic shield get a nice big 10" charge so I swing around the zombies and pin 3 spirit hosts, skellies and zombies in place (and only 2 models in 6" of objective) I put 5 brutes into the spirits and 5 into the zombies but thanks to neffs -1 hit bubble (I made sure to be out of 6" of mourngul) meant I missed with both gore choppas and Gamgor, but the hackas killed 1 spirit and 4 zombies. I lose one brute Over on the right flank I kill 2 spirits and the last one does 4 mortal wounds back! off my piggies (whoop the bacon wall holds just.....) Turn 2 as with all maximum effort strategies I need the double turn to have a chance and I get it after we draw the priority roll 3 times in a row! Skargut gets shielded and realised that he has to sacrifice himself on the mourngul to give me any chance at all as that thing getting into my brutes will wreck face. He takes 3 wounds off with his destructive bulk but sadly thanks to being -3 to hit does nothing else, however with the shield shows some worth and saves 4/5 4+ so only loses 2 wounds. The two 5 strong brutes go nuts with their moves and both succeed in charging the 2 spirit host units on either flank not yet in combat on the left (by vlad) the brutes with frenzy and mystical rerolls kill all 3 in a oner, on the right they manage to kill only one (neffys 15" -1 to hit aura is a nightmare). Rotgor and the gorepigs secure thenobjective rather than charge in so it will prevent Marcus summoning over my head and getting the objective. In the centre I manage to kill all the zombies but 1 (the standard bearer euuuurgh!) and 2 wounds off a spirit host however Gamgor wakes up and on his own kills 5 skeletons (he has Klaw today) finnaly my pigs elect to kill zombies in an attempt to stop them scoring (great pile in from Marcus has got 3 in range of objective) I killed some but not enough and while I had 2 pigs and chanter he had 3 zombies so no score there. I also didn't score in the centre as the skellies piling in stopped me. 1-0 to me. Marcus has his go now, nefferata decides she needs to go and save vlad from my rampaging brutes so she and him charge either side of my brutes, aside from that everything is in combat except Isabella who decides to try to beguile my brute boss but fails. Then practically all the dead zombie and skeletons reanimate (Marcus rolled a 5/6 and 5 nice) also neffy buffs herself so now ignores rend and is a 3+. Combat sees my pigs lose 2 wounds I lose a brute from the 5 man by Isabella, kill some zombies and skeletons, (standard....) Skargut manages to do a wound to mourngul (lose 6 back ouch!) I lose 2 brutes from Gamgors unit and he this time solos 4 skeletons (hitting with the Klaw makes all the difference when your on 5+ to hit). However due to the combat activation I manage to go first with my 5 brutes over with vlad and neffy. Only 2 can attack each and the boss is the one who can't fight. 2 choppa guys manage to take 2 wounds of neffy which I was very pleased with and the gore choppa hits 3 times wounds 3 times vlad fails 2 saves I do 6 wounds and he only death saves one.... bye, bye Vlad 😎 Oh but wait he comes back alive on a roll of a 2+... noooooo! But then Marcus rolls a 1 (gutted for him at least) so while neffy proceeds to eat 2 brutes back they are heroes now killing 300 points of deadlings like it was a training day. Gamgor needs to start looking over his shoulder at the new brute champ maybe .... also I rolled a 1 for battleshock so they live to fight another day! Marcus scores 2 points making it 1-2 going into the priority roll for 3 can he double turn me back....... Turn 3: Yes he can and he does...... neffy buffs up and most of the dead zombies and skellies all stand up again, combats see the mourngul take another 2 wounds off Skargut (saved like a boss!) A pig dies on the left (after killing all but 4 zombies) the heroic brutes get munched by neffy, my right brutes kill a spirt (1 left now) in the centre the brutes lose another and kill more skellies and zombies. (A lot was happening dice wise a great battle of combat selection and smashing each other loads of fun but from a text perspective doesn't seem like much...) marcus finishes his turn 1-4 up my turn I charge pigs in to zombies and sprit host by isabella, Rotgor fails his mystical, shaman only destruction moves 2" so is 0.5" short of mourngul for bolt so I just try to foot of Gork the 3 zombies fail to cast then fail my mystical (for the second time, btw there was 5 mystical terrain 4 damned and one deadly on the board) and my Warchanter charges to the aid of the last piggie on the right, between them they need to kill 4 zombies and finish of the spirit host. Warchanter doesn't even get to fight the New pretender to the Ironfist boss throne, the Goregrunta boss kills all the zombies bar one (again the damn standard) secures the objective in the process! The brutes and pigs finish off all the zombies and spirits by Isabella leaving her behind hanging in the wind, Skargut does zero to mourngul (named Casper btw) but he gets whacked hard back and is now on 2 wounds.... more skelies die and crucially all the zombies die in the middle so at the the end of turn 3 it's now 4-4 Turn 4 i really need the priority here to consolidate but so does Marcus and he gets it! He summons 10 zombies behind Isabella and retreats behind them, neffy fails to arcane bolt off my last pig but does grow 4 zombies back, skellies regrow again (Gamgor has killed about 12 of these so far on his own). Neffy then fails ignore rend spell but has to now deal with Gamgor, last turn I killed a spirit so only one left he has 8 or so skellies but has to make sure he saves them to score, so that leaves his 1 spirit and 6 zombies to kill a pig or I fail to kill 4 zombies.... combat sees the mourngul do 0 more to Skargut (mixture of bad rolls and amazing saves on a 5+ I rolled 2 5s and 2 6s (Skargut has redeemed himself from the last battle by now) and has o oh 2 wounds left so a single fail and he would have been dead!) Neffy hits and kills all but 3 brutes around Gamgor leaving him and the 2 gorechoppas left. One has to hit the skellies and kills 3 (5 left so they will score) Gamgor hits neffy with the Klaw she fails her save but does death save a wound (she is 4+ not ignoring rend btw.....) he then wounds both times with Smasha, she saves one and then I only do 1 wound off the D3 (still not bad but could have been amazing). However emboldened by Gamgors lead the gore choppa hits and wounds 3 times... Marcus gulps as this could hurt... he then rolls 2 6s to save, I do 2 wounds though from the D3 (so she is on 2 wounds taken as she heals 2 back). Coulda, woulda, shoulda. I've never had much luck with neffy except once when Gordrakk killed her in one go. Marcus only scores 1 point as he didn't kill my pig but I did kill 3 zombies (so we are drawing 2 models each on the objective) but gets the centre so it's now 4-5 My turn 4 I run away with Skargut and move the pigs in front of him, Rotgor moves up to charge mourngul but fails another mystical... brutes charge Isabella's and zombies. Shammy moves up and I try a foot again this time on neffy (fail again unsurprisingly thought it was a tantalising 9!) Disaster strikes and Gamgor and the 3 brutes fail a mystical. They die sadly but my pigs and chanter finnaly kill zombies and last spirt host on the left! Leaving me in control of the left (it's been an epic grind but I'm really pleased as this was my distraction flank I only expected to score once hold him up once then everyone die!) The 4 brutes manage to get Boss and gorechoppa on Isabella and she dies pretty sharpish. I score 2 taking it to 6-5 and now it's the crucial game deciding T5 priority roll... if I can win it and score 3 he can't catch me, if he scores it also probably means my guys will be dead and so I'd only likely get 1 point back so a draw or if he gets what he needs with his zombies (summoned see below) then he can pip it! Turn 5 i win the priority role! Gorepigs in the centre charge the skellies (avoid mourngul) Rotgor runs away to get last objective and Skargut charges mourngul (he does nothing and dies sadly) the pigs kill some skellies but not enough so I only score 2 points 5-8 going into the bottom of turn 5... Marcus summons 10 zombies to my left (they have to charge last pig and chanter and not lose 7 models, neffy charges pigs to secure centre (tomb herald charges my brutes who are down to 3 models now and he kills 2 then I battleshock the last one off. Mourngul charges Rotgor and kills him. So far that's 2 points for the centre and the left...... he needs to get this charge off on his zombies... rolls an 8" and so that's the game to me 8-7 on VPs! (I had a pig, a Warchanter and a shaman left, he had neffy, 10'zombies , herald and Mourngul and some skellies) Phew! Was a great game which hope I've conveyed above. Skargut redeems himself tanking the mourngul, Gamgor covers himself in glory holding the centre, 2 new boss emerge on the left Dornoch the brute boss and Zelnik the gore Grunta boss challengers to Gamgor in the making! Rotgor was obviously asleep for the battle and needs to sort himself out if he expects to do any Smashing at Smash! Waaaaagh!
  10. Looks great Captain Buckler, can't wait to hear some more of ye yarns!
  11. Check out mark wildmans masters list it was a monster mash in a similar vein with some fanatics. He used Wyvern, colossal and rogue idol I believe. I really like the idea of a magma dragon and dreadmaw together :-)
  12. The move is good I guess if you are playing for a double turn 1 into 2 so you move up with your ships, then shoot (move a bit closer) get the double turn and disembark further up the field by d6" than you would have been. Also later in the game if you need to get to a far off objective the extra d6" might be useful Still prefer canons tbh
  13. Page 6 of the FAQ (I'll post the pic) The first one on the page says about abilities that say 6 or more and how modifiers effect this so while normally re-rolls would happen before modifiers an abilty that states 6 ore more applies the modifier before the reroll, that's how I read it
  14. Great report Paul, I have more than a passing interest in Kharadron overlords having read the book they seem like a great fun army to play but as you say one in which maybe even a single mistake will prove fatal (also my kinda army :-)
  15. Heals come first so if he is at max wounds can't heal sadly :-(