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  1. Da Ghostwulfz

    @PlasticCraic Thanks fella I’ve edited the report with the photos I did have some plus a nice one from Forrest. Also here is Rotgors Planz and the set up after Forrest’s Frst movement phase before da fighting started.
  2. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Nice list and your plan with each of the units is sound, when you set up make sure warchanters are also in range of Goregruntas as well as the Megaboss, that way if the opportunity presents itself you can buff them (and move with mighty destroyers early if lucky) and get an early charge in if it’s useful or needed. +1 to hit on the 🐖 🐖 🐖 Makes these guys pretty decent imo.
  3. Da Ghostwulfz

    So my final game of the tourney was a unique scenario, basically both of our warchiefs were the objectives and they start 15” in the middle of the board. Only they can kill or hurt each other and you score by having more models in 3” than you opponent. (vp for each Warchief equivalent to the battle round so 1 turn 1 2 turn 2 etc...) My opponent was Forrest a new addition to the Cheltenham warchiefs I’d seen at the club once or twice but not had the chance to play yet, so a great way to finish of the weekend. He was playing the JackArmstrongTM Vanguard wing and I elected to use Troll Bagging again, which was a bit sad as I’d only had chance to go “Maximum Effort” once over the weekend but I felt I needed the gorepigs speed again for this match up Forrest decided to go first (obviously) and teleported his 30 liberators across my whole army including a complete circle around my Warchief , they were immune to BS and also had +1AS from Castellant. He spread his other prosecutors out a bit to give options for later teleports and moved the drake forwards 6” from the liberators for staunch defender. His Warchief stayed put as it wasn’t allowed to move turn one. Great tactic from Forrest score both, hold me in place and keep scoring until I’d chewed thru his liberators by which time would not be a chance for me to catch up VP wise...... what he didn’t account for was the sheer kill power of 15 Brutes, (a 10 a 5) a Mawkrusha, 3 gorepigs and a troll hag. I sent my 5 Brutes to chase down his prosecutors and did the same with the other 3 pigs to his 2nd unit,in the middle of the board and threaten his Warchief. So much fighting, but basically over his combat phase, and my turn one I killed 22 liberators, and he killed my troll hag, 2 piggies, 3 Brutes from the 5 man and 2 from the 10 man and some wounds off the Mawkrusha #BRUTES. Again the -2 rend from Krusha, metalrippa, and the brute bosses as well as the troll hags one round of shooting before she died was the difference (I had left a gap on the left to entice him to deploy his grandhammers on the troll hag forgetting about the lay low the tyrants rule which negated my -1 to hit, 10 wounds first combat round healed 4 and 10 wounds in my turn) The volume of attacks (and failing 4 saves in one round agaisnt the big fists for 6 dead liberators straight off) really hurt him but I’d set up so that if he committed every body could pile in and attack. I don’t want this to sound over confident but having played with Ironjawz now so much I just knew that I could cut thru the liberators, I thought it would take me longer so 3-4 combat rounds, which shows I got a little luck on some of his save throws for sure, but the waaagh command abilty when used across so many units really does magnify the power of the army massively (and 2 warchanters to ensure the big hitters like Mawcrusha and brutes get their hits in) forrest won priorty and teleported his remaining liberators into the middle to assault the 3 gorepigs attacking his prosecutors and block my advance to his Warchief, who he retreated back and onto deadly terrain. The Drake came forwards a little more ready to charge my brutes or Pig and his judicators sideways moved to score the Warchief and also shoot stuff. Shooting took my Mawkrusha down by 5 total now, and the lone pig to one wound left (he was on it now saving like a boss), the Drake charged my brutes and pigs (eating my brute boss and one boss choppa) and the combined attacks from it and the liberators saw off the 3 gore gruntas. I also lost 2 Brutes to battleshock leaving me with a 2 Man unit and a 4 man. 4-1 to Forrest on VPs now in my turn I retreated the Brutes around my Warchief, to score and then hope for a double turn to deal with the liberators (and get away from the Drake bites!!), Rotgor and the bandit move forward ready to charge the Drake, my lone pig on 1 wound charges the original prosecutors (my 3 pigs in the middle had killed the 3 there before they died) and my 5 Brutes continued to chase the other 3 bringing them back towards the middle of the board and the action. My Mawkrusha with 7 dice took 4 mortal off with destructive bulk and a further 6 wounds with all my attacks , the drakes saves and attacks took my Mawkrusha down to 1 wound! Amazingly the 1 pig with one wound killed all three prosecutors (wtf! This guy is proper on it now). 4-3 on VPs and Forrest wins priority! He charges my brutes and Warchief with his liberators, his Warchief retreats further away and his last prosecutors move back to his middle in deployment zone (to screen against my getting to his Warchief.) I’ll deal with the liberators first... there is 5 left all with grandhammers (I’d bellowed and shot them with Warchief I think) and they only managed to kill 2 of the 4 Brutes and 1 of the 2 Brutes so with my 3 remaining Brutes they killed 3 back and the last 2 battleshock off (drake had used it command abilty to reroll it’s wound rolls) massive swing to me there but wait.... both of my brutes units then also run off to battleshock! Forrest puts both units of judicators shots into my Mawkrusha but even with out mystic shied they fail to wound or I save then he attacks me with everything that the Drake has, nothing gets thru #IRONCLAD Rotgor then kills the stardrake bosh! 7-3 VPs now in my turn my lone pig charges 5 judicators, my warchanters run up the board (a bit late now) my Mawkrusha advances 4 massive inches to charge the other judicators or prosecutors and my Warchief runs towards the 5 Brutes and them to him to score. My pig finnaly runs out of steam and dies to a judicators gladius and my Mawkrusha easily deals with the 3 prosecutors. 7-6 i win priorty! Mawchrush charges and deletes 5 judicators Warchief stays put and I score, Warchanter makes a huge charge and attacks the judicators and lord Castellant (and dies to no gain) 7-10 forrest then moves his Warchief away from my steamroller of a Mawkrusha and forgets the 3” score rule his judicators once again fail to hurt the #TITANIUM clad Mawkrusha and that’s the game because he can’t get my objective and even scoring his T5 would make the end result 12-15 (would have been 16-15 if he hadn’t made that mistake) we play out the last turn and he charged the Mawkrusha with everything and still can’t take it down while I gut the 5 remaining judicators! I felt for Forrest because he had made a solid plan and played excellently, his dice left him/came to me at the end with the Mawkrusha and the pressure of this juggernaut tearing up the field contributed to the fatal mistake however a Great fun game and left me with the standard (for me) ironjawz tourney result of 3-2 i ended up 10th place (should have been 9th if sorted properly on VPs but meh not bothered) I also got the highest Kill points of destruction so once again grabbed the best destruction Waaaaaaaaaaaagh. If I can’t win games I can at least kill stuff :-) #BRUTES
  4. Ironjawz /w Allies - Looking for help!!

    I can’t remember where I posted it (sorry just had a nice after lunch nap 😎) but when we first started talking about allies the ones i felt would work with Ironjawz because apof the way the new allegience abilities work, would be troggoth Hag rogue idol Collosal Squig all Grot artillery the forgeworld Incarnates of beast/fire ive used the troggoth Hag and she is pretty awesome I’d be really keen to see how the Collosal Squig plays on paper looks a great model for its points. Regarding the Ironfist I’ve played 18 games without it now and don’t really miss it (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it but for 160 that’s more Boyz to get bashin things) I’ve been writing battle reports in my thread about a recent tournie and I’ve one more to go, so far across 3 tournies I’m now pretty convinced you need 20 Brutes if your going for Brutes or 30 Ardboyz and then lower Brutes or drop Mawkrusha as the basis of your lists. While the gore grunta heavy list did amazing at Grand final this needs more testing (I mean I need to see it working on the table) for me to be convinced it can handle itself so with that ramble, I reckon the first list with no Ironfist maybe try 2x10 and 1 x 10 2x 5 Brutes (so you can take ironclad on Mawkrusha) to see how you feel with both
  5. Da Ghostwulfz

    Thanks dude 😎 no I cast mystic shield on the Mawkrusha first turn then bolt (was dispelled) then bolt on the priest (also dispelled) then bolt on the priest again (dispelled). The Mawkrusha was magnificent, the 2+ to hit on full wounds was massive (3 with -1) but I got all 4 thru and wounded 4 times with rend -2 this Auto goes thru the Saurus (or left them a 6+ when shielded) in this instance 12 dead just from the fists. The same with the riptoof and choppa (metalrippa here). The smashas from the Brutes were also amazing and especially if I hit with the Klaw first often =D3 dead lizards, also don’t forget while they ignore rend -1 Brutes (and goregruntas) still put out a serious amount of attacks so just weight of blows takes a few down too. I also used the waaagh (lost a couple of brutes over the game to BS) so that pumped up the attacks nicely too its amazing to thing with a waagh one brute with 2 choppas does only 1 less attack than a ghoul king (does more than an azyros)
  6. Da Ghostwulfz

    So been a bit busy, but here is the next boring instalment of the D Ghostwulfz at the Warchief Gt. game 4 was me pitted agaisnt Robert Sedgeman, another top AoS player and someone who has proved to be my nemesis in 2017, so much so in fact that we had faced each other in 4 other events this year and going into this game I was on a 12 in a row losing streak of priority rolls against him (totally not bitter or hold a grudge or anything, I am a well rounded person with no issues I promise, but yeah 12! Twelve!, Twooooeelllveeeee!) anyway moving on 😝 I knew this was going to be a tough match aside from the player because it was battle for the pass (special rule for this scenario didn’t come into play so can be ignored) and he has 2 big blocks of 40 Saurus that can auto teleport whenever he wants and 20+ units can score first on the objectives. I had also had a practice match against (and lost to) his army 2 weeks prior with this exact same scenario, so I knew what he was going to do and he thought he knew what I was going to do. (Yeah kunnin Mork got Skargut to have a word with Megaboss Rotgor and formulate a new plan....) I took the “Troll Bagging” list (I took “maximum effort” the previous time and struggled on the scenario) his lis was slaan 2 x priest saurus character 2x 40 saurus 10 saurus bastilidon 5 camo skinks 10 skinks sunhost(?) battalion a tough list a basic strategy of go first, buff up a unit of 40 (rerolls to save, -1 to hit, can change one dice by one every phase, mystic shield, inspiring presence, rerolls 1s to hit etc.....) hope on a 1/3 chance to be able to move after free teleport (6 needed but can change a 5 to a 6) move (or not) forwards and charge the whole army across the board thus pinning you in place and then with his other units score, hope that you take too long to chew thru the 40 and if you do rinse and repeat with the other unit. (Btw Saurus ignore rend -1) the formation gives them rend -1 and an extra attack I believe. Very nasty combo and last time I just couldn’t chew thru fast enough even with 30 Brutes becasue I had spread out to thinly to try and cover objectives. i was too “Mork” now Morks plan via Skargut was to be more “Gork” and Rotgor was a happy Orruk. This time set up knowing he would do this (a little aside a lot of people when they make an army have a trick and then trust the trick to see them thru, or they see someone do well with a “net list” then try to copy it and so play the same way they saw someone play on stream. If you know this or suspect then you can set yourself up ready for it and then hope they go thru the motions without actually thinking about what you have done. You can often tell this about someone because they aren’t really bothered about how you deploy or are more focused about how their model patterns are than what you are doing, it isn’t always a good sign because if you can’t spot their trick then it’s going to batter you anyway :-) i set up with my troll and Mawkrusha forward with 5 Brutes max spaced around them in front gore pigs on the flanks, 10 Brutes tucked in behind and then chanters and Warchief limiting the options to teleport behind me. (See pic) if he made the charge I’d be able to fight back with everything except the 10 Brutes (kept these back to protect from Battleshock), if he didn’t make the charge then my entire army would be able to counter charge (and potentially get the double) either way I was confident I could do enough to clear off the first unit which then would be a race to the objectives and if I could take that off quick enough too. Sedge rolled the 5 (so made it a 6) moved forward and succeeded with his charge. He chose just to block the troll hag and her Brutes and the far left pigs stopping 3” away but engaged my right pigs, Mawkrusha and his Brutes. He wanted to stop my destructive bulk and pin me. He killed a couple of brutes and 4 wounds off a pig and in return my Mawkrusha went to crazy town, with the meatrippa axe and the rend -2 Krusha attack’ I killed 18 Saurus the remaining brutes and pigs did for another 4 or 5 leaving just a few left alive going into my turn 1. i then cleared these off with the Mawkrusha while the gorepigs, Brutes and troll hag advanced toward the objective on my right my pigs tried to go around but couldn’t get close enough to score (he had a basti and some skinks priests so outnumbered me) so it’s 5-3 to sedge turn one. If I can win the priorty I can score 5 points, pin his other 40 back with 3 pigs on the outside edge, even if they retreat they will need a double turn to get to score. My Mawkrusha team can deal with the basti score there too and I think from that position it’s strongly in my favour. Sadly I lost the priorty (13th in a row I may add). He moves his basti forwards (shoots my right pigs and kills them all) and charges the Mawkrusha, teleports the buffed up 40 Saurus forwards but fails his charge (he was gutted becasue it lost him 2 points but actually was a good thing becasue I’d have had an extra round of combat chopping up his saurus.) he Warchief charged my left pigs and does a couple of wounds but pins me in place. My Krusha takes 7 or the 8 wounds off the bastilidon..... 8-3 to sedge in my turn I try to Arcane bolt the basti but the slaan can board wide dispel so does so, this is massive as it pins my 5 Brutes and Mawkrusha from assaulting his 40 Saurus. My troll and 10 Brutes charge in to them but the 5 man can’t reach so charge his Warchief and I retreat with the pigs to threaten the Saurus flank next turn, I kill maybe 8 Saurus and lose 3 Brutes in return (1 to battleshock as I waagh to try to maximise damage) his Warchief uses a special rule and teleports instead of fights behind my lines to threaten my 4 point. It’s 8-6 and I really need the priority now to consolidate into his 40 unit score 5 points and stop his Warchief scoring...... sedge wins (14 in a row agaisnt me now if you have been counting, I haven’t honest😂😂😂😂) he moves up ha characters to score my right objective, Warchief grabs the 4 point (my chanter was just outside 6” my bad positioning tbh) and we bash each other a bit in the middle. Game is now 16-6 and I’m up agaisnt it, (but it’s not over) My only chance now is to score on the right side by killing a priest and a eternity warden, with Mawkrusha (easy right.......) retrieve my home objective easy as I have 3 characters there, get the double turn assault his 4 Point, and then kill his 10 Saurus (I had killed his 10 skinks earlier with pigs forgot to mention) and then I may have a chance to win because he is fast running out of models. My Mawkrusha does 1 mortal wound and fluffs all his attacks.... I win the priority on the 15 try and could have cried with joy if I had any tears left 😝, sadly stuck on this crappy character I can’t follow thru with what I need to do and so, this effectively ends the game as it’s 16-11, he scores 1 point in his T4 i score 5 in my T5 and he then brings on camo skinks to score 5 T5 so ends up 22-16 over those turns i kill off almost everything except the Slann, 10 Saurus and a priest and I’ve only lost 140 points (my pigs) most units a mauled though but I think VPs were something like 1500-140. Great game as always and as I mentioned in earlier battle reports contributed to me believing that Brutes andna Mawkrusha ar critical to Ironjawz armies, I also know (as the last 4 games with sedge have gone) that a couple of dice go different and I should have had him but I enjoyed it (as did he) and he loved the fact that he was on the back foot for a change. Next up Vanguard Wing for game 5 🤢
  7. New ironjawz player needing help!

    It’s actually Carl Smiths (and that’s Carl I’m playing) army Liam just borrowed them for B&G he is normally a Sylvaneth player (also Liam is nicknamed Young Chris after @Chris Tomlin hehe) top bloke
  8. New ironjawz player needing help!

    Just to help a bit I have also used units of 5 with 2” weapons in combo with Ardboyz (10s) I placed the brutes in b2b contact behind the Ardboyz (also in 1 rank) then wrapped the Ardboyz around the sides a little (the picture below in the top left show it) it meant that only a rear charge would get a lot of attacks on the Brutes in this case the Fyreslayers don’t have much 2” weapons (if any?). It forced my opponent to pop up on the flank instead of in front of my army (I had 3 such units of Ardboyz/2” Brutes) then inside the perimeter there was 2x 5 Brutes with choppas and 2 Megaboss (battlebrew I do miss you *sniff*), coming in as he did he ended up diluting his attacks across three units and its nearly a year since I played this game but I think he only managed to kill one brute from the choppas and 2 or 3 Ardboyz in return the 9 Brutes go town, next turn I think the Ardboyz retreated and the Megaboss joined in the fun. Like I said above a lot of Ironjawz success is how you use the the units rather than what they are (this does apply to other armies as well of course). This then goes back to how and why you are making the army. What I mean is you want to play ironjawz, good!then your thinking should be,well how do I want to play my ironjawz? This then dictates if 1” or 2” weapons are better or boss choppa over a Klaw & smasha (the boss choppa is really good in a different way to the Klaw, if your not using waaagh and you can place him into low armour save units (ogors are great as they have high wounds as well or skyfires) he can be very consistent and often squeezes thru 4 or 6 wounds. ) sorry a bit meandering but it is more what your going to do with them rather than which is best
  9. New ironjawz player needing help!

    The best place to start is with brutes then add more Brutes then some more then a Mawkrusha then bosh, bosh, bosh waaaaaagh! Ok silliness aside, the best place to start would be to read thru the “Competative ironjawz” & “GHB2017 Ironjawz discussions” threads these are invaluable for information in the Ironjawz models wise you will likely want eventually if you are serious about getting your waagh on 1-2 Mawkrushas (some people’s have 3 they are mad people and I want to be them) 1-3 Megaboss on foot 1-3 Weirdnob shamans 2-4 warchanters ironskullz boyz (Shadespire) 30 brutes 30-60 Ardboyz 9-18 goregruntas ALLIES 2-3 Grot spear chukkas 2-4 rock lobbas troggoth hag maybe some other stuff you fancy the ironjawz list of models above will pretty much give you every combo of list that you could want to realistically take the allies is up to you but you may find after some time that you want to add in some shooting, those there are “probably” the best for different reasons. If I was starting afresh my purchases would be as such 3 x start collecting ironjawz 2x Weirdnob warband mawcrusha 4 boxes of brutes 2 footboss depending on your budget and your initial target (1000pts or 2000pts) I’d probably start with these Mawkrusha, start collecting x2 Weirdnob warband x2 this will (with an Ironfist formation) give you 1990 army of a decent Competative nature Mawkrusha, ironclad, meatrippa axe weirdnob, Boss skewer warchanter warchanter 30 ardboyz 5 brutes 5 brutes 3 pigs 3 pigs ironfist batallion (note you can split or add the brutes as you like so 5/10 or 3/6, also if you didn’t want a formation just take second Weirdnob or split the Ardboyz into 10s or a 10 & 20) as you play you will then start get a feel for what you like , personally I like to field Brutes & gorepigs at the moment but I need to paint up 3 more goregruntas myself to try out some new stuff. The above would be a great start I think and in all honesty not a bad list, ironjawz is actually one of the hardest armies to play them seem simple at the face of it but there is more emphasis on your choices, deployment etc... than on your army composition I think great to have a new Megaboss on board Waaaaaagh!
  10. Da Ghostwulfz

    Thanks guys Just got back from a day of driving a total of 400 miles there and back for a single client meeting and this has made me smile and laugh a lot. Illusions or opinions matter little to Ironjawz but it’s nice to know the differences, there is no ambiguity around action. @Malakree surrendering in defeat...... seriously man! so next up is game 3 vs Dan ford and his council of blood/gore pilgrims list 1 of each bloodthirster bloodsecrator 2 x slaughter priests 2x 10 blood warriors 2x10 blood reavers the mission was starstrike and the special rules meant all shooting was limited to 12” so we both basically gave zero f....yeah you know what I mean. Dan is a great player (currently the UK number 1) we have missed playing each other now ever since I began tournies so 3.5 years or so, so as soon as the draw went up we were over the moon at the prospect. Dan only had one list so while we were setting up I debated with him which I should opt for of mine, “maximum effort” would be the strongest choice from a pure combat perspective but because of the randomness of the meteors I ended up deciding on “Troll bagging” because I felt the goregruntas speed would be vital. Either list meant I knew he would dictate first turn so I set up conservatively around 6” in (see pic) I wanted to tempt him to play for the double, if he didn’t get it but came forward then it would be game over, if he did then he would kill 2x5 brutes but my 10 and Mawkrusha would counter charge delete the bloodthirsters easily and then it would also be all over. If he didn’t play for the doubl rand instead played conservatively then if I won priority I’d make him have it (to come forward) or if he gave to me I’d sacrifice a unit of goregruntas to score but basically stay put. The reason I’m telling you all this is because i have often found this to be an excellent tactic to deal with combat armies who out drop you and make you go first. Advancing just makes the advantage they can get from the double easier for them so by doing nothing pushes the decisions back on them, it can (and usually does) totally throw the opposition because in their mind they have their plan set up you will edge forward they will charge etc.... etc... (particularly fast combat armies like council of blood). It worked and threw dan a little and so he was shuffling his units about leaving the choices for the 3 bloodthirsters till last. One great thing about this game and dan is we discussed our plans and moves (I.e I’m putting this guy here he is 15” from your Mawkrusha) this is a great habit to get into as it helps clarify your own thoughts as well as avoid mistakes and arguements later (I.e okay so that’s a 3” charge because my Krusha moves 12” etc...) Dan was talking through his options and I basically told him my reasons and quite rightly he realised that his best options was to play for the double, (if I had shut my mouth I think he would have sat back which was probably my best outcome) either way there was going to be a big fight soon...... Dan won the priorty and then turned the tactical tables on me, whereas I was expecting a full charge into my brutes screen he basically did a similar thing to what I did to Dave game one, seeing I had overloaded a flank he moved across to the other while scoring the meteor which landed on my left (weak) flank. He rolled a 1 for his mystical on a bloodthirster, and he sent just insensate rage thirster forward (who charged my troll hag in the middle) he explained that the mystical didn’t effect this choice and was his plan and I was happy to be outfoxed (not blowing my own trumpet, the brass kind @Malakree ) but it doesn’t happen very often. However on balance I wasn’t worried if she died because that would leave one BT 8” from my Krusha and brutes and the other 12” from my brutes (maybe 15” from Krusha) but then the world exploded.... literally. The insensate rage bloodthirster on full wounds can explode out in a 8” bubble 3 mortal,wounds if he rolls a 6 to wound, I knew about this (and dan had also mentioned it pre game) but I wasn’t too worried thinking that off 5 attacks (bloodsecrator banner) he might get the odd 6, he rolled 2 which Insta killed my 2 Warchanter, 6 off my Krusha and Warchief, 2 dead Brutes from 5 man screen and a gorepig. I failed the 3 AS and he then rolled sufficnet to take the 10 wounds off the hag so she died as well. Ouch. That hurt, but it wasn’t the end of the world (I was annoyed my Krusha was in range as that would slow him down now he was 7.9” away) it was my turn now so I could.... wait....... when you kill a hero you get an extra blood tithe point, so that meant Dan had 6, so he then could pile in 8” in my hero phase and attack. He did the exact same thing again though the 2 6s were off only 3 wound rolls this time.... dead krusha, 1 brute left in screen, 2 more Brutes dead now from 10 man, Warchief dead. Now it was my turn.... i had 5 Brutes, 8 Brutes, 1 brute , 3 pigs and 2 pigs left and basically game over really. My last brute boss died in Dans turn 5 ( from my 5 man) after I had killed both bloodthirsters and took his last down to 1 wound (if I won T5 priorty I may have sneaked that last wound off too) , not glossing over the game because it was basically charge fight, kill charge fight, die, while my gorepigs tried to chop thru blood warriors to get to the objectives taking a few with them but not enough :-) major loss 590 - 1980. It was a really good game, the early game tension and the explosive death, my valiant counter charge and then the excitement of my brute boss trying to take down the general and last Bloodthirster on his todd, meant we had loads of fun, he got to learn respect for #Brutes (the 5 man took one of his thirsters off in a oner) Still a good day one 2-1, and I’d have to wait till later to see who I’d be drawn against for day 2 (I had to pick my dad up from the races ;-) incidentally had I gone with maximum effort he could not have achieved the blood tithe points needed for his Hail Mary play and I think I’d have smashed thru him but i don’t know if it would have been fast enough to score enough objectives)
  11. Da Ghostwulfz

    Sometimes things cannot be un-said sir we will decide this the ironjawz way at the proper time, with krunk on his knees before Rotgor while his ladz flee the field around him! (P.s yeah I know fella I just thought it was an excellent typo we all do them but sometimes a perfect gem like that appears and made me laugh out load in the office 👊)
  12. Da Ghostwulfz

    Said like a true Megaboss casual dissmissal of my nice compliment by agreeing and then throwing me a little bone to keep the brute boss in line, class act! 😂😂😂😂😂 I don’t think I can play without the Mawkrusha if I am honest but was one of my little ideas. Will literally be using “Wear the brown pants” on Monday I think but I may choose to play as Stormcast as I’m up agaisnt a returning player so will tailor a list to his army that or “maximum effort” can be a little...... brutal to the uninitiated (Suppose it would also be a good chance to use a non Krusha army as well....) the third list I think is strong, but to not spoil my other 3 bat reps from the weekend, the current meta I believe allows the brute to shine as a unit even harder I am beginning to feel underpowered when I write lists if I haven’t got at least 20 in now and if not for the spearchukkas could easily conceive an army of 40 of them! (I may have a problem.....)
  13. Da Ghostwulfz

    Totally concede that you are the better ironjawz player @Chris Tomlin your results attest to that 100% I’m just a kill points chump 🤘 as for list I’m torn because I find it hard to make a list with low brute numbers #BRUTES this kinda pushes me down the 2x spear chukka route + Weirdnob (as I need a caster once troggoth Hag is removed from allies) unless I go down a no Mawkrusha route the firstlist (with bale wind) I’d see as a purely defensive list side plac ethe gorepigs then wall army behind them behind a screen of Ardboyz (Brutes with 2” weapons to fight over ardboyz) Megaboss close enough to make gorepigs charge off with brutish cunnin. Weirdnob and spearchukkas then blast the enemy forcing them to come forward, or kill the right things so you can go forwards. Knife to the heart becomes a race for a minor and duality of death could be tricky otherwise the other scenarios it could compete list 2 is “Wear your brown pants” basically same as my other 30 brute list but with a couple of spearchukkas and a Weirdnob potentially could drop him for maximum shootyness. Again hoping you can time your surge forward and get the charges off while pin cushioning key heroes or units with all the shots. This is my favourite one (obviously#BRUTES) but actually may make the list work better because if the enemy has no shooting or range you can just sit and wait as they will have to come forward into the meat grinder eventually 3rd list is more of a crack at a balanced list, the mighty horde as an anvil the Krusha and a hammer needs more work I think.
  14. Da Ghostwulfz

    Yup that what I thought a bubble of Ardboyz around 2 spear chukkas and a warboss (as well as IJ characters) then brutes poised to counter charge or with 2” weapons fight over the top of the Ardboyz, might try to squeeze a footboss in as well for maximum rerolls.
  15. Da Ghostwulfz

    So strike while the iron is hot (or in this case the motivation) so here is game 2 I got to play a long time friend, clubmate and opponent Marcus Crawley. He has played death only in various guises throughout AoS and is a very competent player and great fun to play against. (he ended up being tied with 5 others for best sports for a mammoth 6 man dice off which was won by my previous opponent Dave Avery). Marcus and I have had some epic Ironjawz v death games over the years it was him that I had gordrakk fail 2 mystical rolls in a row then go full on hulk-mode, charge and kill Arkhan 2 x 20 skeletons, get charged by nefferata and a necrosphynx, survive the latters attacks, kill neffy in a oner, then take the necrosphynx down to 4 wounds before Marcus got the double 6 needed to finnaly put Gorks Chosen down. It’s not all been one way traffic either it was marcus who first introduced me to the pleasure of mournguls hacking to pieces my megabrutes, or his blood knight charges cleaning off Ardboyz and the like. We had actually had a practice game together about 3 weeks ago and he had faced my maximum effort list and been torn to pieces (I think I lost 8 Brutes, 4 Brutes and the Mawkrusha only) this is an issue with 2 combat armies who gets the charge first can often overpower the other. In this scenario it was duality of death with an extra rule added, basically from T2 movement phase onwards every unit not 100% inside a piece of terrain would suffer a permanent -1 to their armour save for the rest of their game (so -2 in T3 -3 in T4 etc....) unless you were within the aura (12” decrease with wounds taken) of the Warchief model. A normally great scenario for both of us (Mawkrusha and troggoth Hag, v coven throne and vampire on zombie dragon) that now suddenly was going to be very nasty for us as we both are combat armies that rely on high armour and wounds. Marcus list was coven throne, Chalice of blood, trait that causes extra mortal wounds on a 6 vamp on dragon 3 x 5 bloodknights 2 morghast with halberds 3 vargheists becasue of the wording of the new artifact it would appear that all the coven thrones attacks can benefit from the new “battlebrew” this I suspect is not RAI but me and Marcus have discussed this before and solid chap that he is he has even emailed the faq team at GW for clarification. This hasn’t arrived yet so as in the last time we played I let him have the boon with no hard feelings or arguments. I took the same list as the last time we played, “Maximum Effort” (see pic for our deployments) i outdeployed marcus so after much thought I let him go first, this was becasue while knew he would get forward and score the objectives I felt that my best chance would be to avoid getting charged by the blood knights I was also relatively confident I could chop down at least one of his characters before it scored in T3 (if I couldn’t then I would lose irrespective of whether I cleaned his whole army off like I did at FHGT) So as expected turn one marcus buffed up and charged forward on to the objectives screening his 2 characters with a unit of blood knights then holding a unit back (with vargheists and morghasts) an then braced himself for impact.... the troll hag focused her shots on the vamp lord and ticked a couple off and got her charge in as well took 3 off the dragon and 5 in return, 10 Brutes followed her into the 5 bloodknights and killed 3, (lost one back I think) on the other side Mawkrusha killed 4 bloodknights and the 10 Brutes (only 5 could actually fight it) took only 3 wounds off the coven throne who then killed 4 Brutes back (with battleshock) We rolled a draw for the priority roll...... which means marcus won because of the coven throne command abilty we were both made up for him as it’s such a rare occurrence and also meant we would have a game (had I got the double quite possibly would have been a horror show) marcus successfully beguiled my 6 Brutes on the coven throne brought his morghasts into the troll hag, the 5 reserve bloodknights forward hard into my Warchanter, and then he charged his vargheists into my 6 brute who were beguiled. (This is where he lost the game for sure he should have combo charged my brutes and troll hag with all 3 units, accept that his right blood knights would die to Mawkrusha but that I would still need to take a turn to clear off the coven throne and whichever killed it would have to stay there, out of my Warchief and Krusha. That way he may have cleared off my brutes, damaged the troll hag and then would only have had to deal with the other 10 Brutes and by deal, just keep them away from vamp lord till he could charge them or score enough until I was out of the game). what actually happened was over this combat phase (and the next) he killed a couple of brutes in the bigger unit, all the 6 on the right (but not before they killed a vargheists), took troll hag down to 4 wounds left and killed my Warchanter. In return I killed everything except his Warchief and 2 vargheists, I got the priority for T3 and the Mawkrusha quickly mopped up the stranglers. The hag healed 6 wounds cast her spell on the dragon (already now at -1 armour) so this combo’d to Effectively -3 from her vomits and staff attacks but this was after the Smashin & bashing combo of 10 Brutes on 5 bloodknights, Mawkrusha on coven throne, 6 Brutes on 2 morghasts... bosh bosh bosh BOOOSH! Major victory 1830 - 440 (he never got to use his summoning points mwwwwhahahahaahahha) A strange mission really for both of us because of the turn sequence I was able to maximise the effet of his -1 AS, but Marcus only really had two options advance and hope I don’t get the double (but at least he is on the objectives) or hang back and hope I don’t get the double (putting me on the objectives), a 50/50 either way but with my survivable heroes on balance I think he made the right choice, his mistake was not to capitalise on the luck (priority T2) and overload his strongest flank I may well have still had enough to drive through him but it could have gone to T4 or T5 and by then he may have had enough points to win or force a minor/draw. The other thing was not popping the chalice on the Dragonlord even when only lost 4 wounds on average that would be a decent result on a D6 and would have kept his lord alive another turn (though would have needed the over load as above to capitalise). Amazing game and opponent, he got my sport vote too (anybody with balls big enough to sit them down infornt of 30 Brutes a Hag and Mawkrusha deserves ✊ respect!