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  1. ”Choppa” Liam get with the lingo droog
  2. Payment sent (finally) Da Ghostwulfz are comin!* *subject to my reading of AoS2 and the changes 😂
  3. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    The change to mystic shield is excellent for armies that have access to a lot of rend...... like ironjawz 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾
  4. Sangfroid

    Updating Ironjawz

    Good stuff guys let’s keep this a rollin. Be nice to add some flavour to Ironjawz characters so thought about these 3 rules to add to our 3 characters (p.s I know this is a silly/fun exercise indulge yourselves 😂) the two headed god Gorkamorka is always present whispering in the ears of his chosen champions. in each hero phase roll a 6: megaboss/Megaboss on Mawkrusha 1: Morks voice is loudest and breaks thru the din of the battle. The Megaboss is gifted with a flash of Kunnin, the Megaboss can retreat and charge this turn. 2-5 nothing happens either the din of battle is too loud or else the Megaboss is too belligerent too listen to good sense 6: Gorks voice reverberates inside the Megaboss head, ignoring everything else the Megaboss needs to get Krumpin, the Megaboss can run and charge this turn and gets to reroll all failed hits in the combat phase (does not effect the mount) weirdnob shaman: 1: mork temporarily imbues the shaman with foresight, you can reroll failed casting rolls for this shaman for this hero phase 2-5 nothing happens the waaagh energy from the ladz is drowning out everything 6: Gork is here! The waagh energy has manifested Gork himself, the shaman can choose too immediatly attempt to cast Foot of Gork and in addition to its normal casting cost of 10 any roll of a double will count as a result of 10 (for the purpose of dispel) however if the shaman fails to cast he suffers a mortal wound. Note this does not prevent the shaman from casting Arcane bolt or mystic shield later in the hero phase warchanter: 1 mork sees the danger where mortals do not, all units that are wholly within 10” of the Warchanter in the subsequent movement phase count all run rolls as a 6 2-5 nothing happens the beat of the waagh is all the Warchanter hears 6 Gork provides the tune, the Warchanter beats increase in their urgency all ironjawz units wholly within 10” of the Warchanter at the start of the combat phase can reroll 1s to wound.
  5. Sangfroid

    Updating Ironjawz

    Couldn’t work out how to export the pdf on my iPad but here’s the result in photos (have to say I had a lot of fun dreaming here and this warscroll maker will be used again 🙂)
  6. Sangfroid

    Updating Ironjawz

    I love this and want to know how you can make your own warscrolls, I had in mind something more like @Lysandestolpe said for the defensive ones, huge Pavis/tower shields as big as they are wiv a massive spike on them (could even be sculpted around the chest plates of stardrakes as if they have taken one of the beasts down.) 4 or 5 wounds each I think is probably the sweet spot unless they are to be fielded in units of 2. Bravery needs to be 7 Choppa 4a 3/3/-1/1 shield spike 1a 3/2/-2/d3 Wall of Iron/ mega guard: cover save to ironjawz units wholly within 6” of a unit of Megabrutes, additionally the Megabrutes unit receives a 5++ in the combat phase Iron juggernauts: the Megabrutes charge is so devastating that on a 4+ all enemy units within 3” after they make a successful charge move are -1 to hit until their next hero phase for offensive version I could see them armed with Giant Gore hackas Giant gore hackas 4a 3/3/-2/2 might is right: all ironjawz units within 6” (note not wholly within) at the start of any combat phase can reroll failed wound rolls as they step up their game to not be outshone by the big un’s taking all the glory Eager for the fight: when they run or charge roll an extra dice and discard one (players choice) in addition if a double is used for a successful charge move wound rolls of a natural 6 cause 1 mortal wound in addition to any other damage great thoughts though guys a dual kit for me gives GW more material to work with and more sales (as we would all want multiples of each unit option) plus we want 2 viable options ourselves for variety p.s points cost should be 200-240 maximum for 3 (assuming 4 or 5 wounds each)
  7. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    I was just using it as a simple example of how dice work I didn’t mean it to be a true representation of the element force that is Brutes 😂
  8. Sangfroid

    Updating Ironjawz

    At 140 points 10 Ardboyz would become usable, the problem at the moment is for 180 you can just have 5 Brutes instead (who are better than 10 Ardboyz for most purposes) the same situation was had when 3 pigs were 180 now at 140 I almost always have 2 units in every list. Pop Ardboyz to 140 and suddenly it’s a choice again between them and pigs at the movement 3 pigs over 10 Ardboyz almost every time. Brutes will stay at 180 bravery aside they are costed correctly and we do now have tools to deal with this so can’t moan too much (#gamerscanalwaysmoanitsthelaw) i really want to see an elite unit of foot troops a 4-6 wound bigger brute that fulfill a more tanky roll and or increase bravery (ive mentioned this idea ages ago in other threads) ignore rend or 3+ with a 5+ save after save. Something we can push forward and hold the line. Using deepkin eels and an example a dual kit with huge siege shields as one option (ignore rend or ward save) and then offensive option (double handed boss choppas -2 rend or maybe do mortal wounds on the charge, or more damage on the charge etc...) having them provide a bravery buff to nearby orruks would be ace or maybe a reroll wounds bubble (can’t let the big uns ave all da fun.... or something suitably ironjawz) @Chris Tomlin coined a name that would be perfect for these I’m sure he would let it be useds (for a free box!) MEGABRUTES
  9. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    I was mainly simplifying it to experience on the table as if I had the 2nd turn in battle round 1 then on the roll for battle round 2 there is only 5 possible faces of the dice that will roll that could win me the priority because a draw would result in a loss, meaning in real terms is 1/6 chance less (so 16.666r) i often find this with mathhammer we work out things in decimal percentages but dice are just 6 faces so massive variance in numbers when working out stuff e.g 20 Brutes attacks 3/3/-1/1 agaisnt a 4+ armour save 20*0.66 = 13.2 (so 13 or 14 hits) 13*0.66 =8.58 or 14*0.66=9.24 (so 8 - 10 dice wound) 8*0.66= 5.28 or 9*0.66= 5.94 or 10*0.66= 6.6 (so 5 - 7 dice cause damage on average) 20*0.66*0.66*0.66= 5.74992 (pure decimal result) so pure decimal would suggest an average of 6 wounds caused (if we round up) whereas dice rolled average is actually 5,6 or 7 wounds caused seems small but I have seen people in similar situations to the example above “I was expecting to get 6 wounds thru there and kill 2 but only got 5” in reality they should have been expecting/aiming 5,6 or 7. Because dice only have increments of 16.66r% “chance” is why we often get wild spikes in results so I try to boil down a lot of my thinking to “real” simple possible outcomes as I find this helps my descion making on the table quicker. So back to priority in my head I will be thinking I have a 1/6 less chance of winning the priority or to get really into my head I’ll be equating it to the chance I take when I leave an important unit near mystical terrain or if I charge over deadly terrain, is the risk worth leaving my models more or less exposed to losing the priority? And the choice will be dictated by how the game is progressing like in the terrain examples sometimes you need to leave yourself hanging in the wind and just take the chance, other times you hold back (stay outside of 3” or don’t go over deadly) because the benefits aren’t worth the risk. I know it’s not pure maths but I find this way of thinking beneficial when on the table in the heat of battle 🙂
  10. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    glad to hear of a points decrease on Ardboyz currently they are only really a choice for me in a unit of 30 I’d really like to go back to 2-3 units of 10 as chaff (currently just have more Brutes....) the turn prio is interesting while it’s mathematically a 8% swing in practice on the table it’s a - 1/6 chance because there are only 6 results on a dice so in reality only 5 of those faces can result in a win. Tactically this is quite big, often players will give the IJ first turn to prevent the IJ getting a double (or go for one themselves) previously I may have buffed up and sat on the 12” line and gave them the turn back but now it’s in my favour slightly (1/6) that I will get the priority so a viable tactic to play by the seat of your pants could now be to run forward as far as possible (while still maintaining a good distance for their killer units charges) this way if they don’t get the double you are now high up the board and can engage. If they chose to sit back (becasue the fear this) and you still win then you can retreat a bit (probably having also scored objectives for 2 turns and now they have to take chances to get back in it)
  11. Next Friday (25th) will be the first thing I do when I wake up 💚
  12. Sangfroid

    New to Ironjawz - wanna get a 2000p army

    So mostly peeps like to see “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) at tournaments because people can’t make “mistakes” then “oh yeah this dude is actually equipped to have 4 attacks not 2” range” it can and does save confusion and mistakes, however one awesom thing about Brutes is even with there 1” weapon it’s still okay to have them as a 10 man unit it just means a more loose formation and occasionally you might not get all fighting (we had a post about it on this forum, it think it was called “Brutes weapon options” where I took a photo to show how it effected things.) Also Brutes with 2” can be used in 5 man units to hug a character or stand behind other Brutes or Ardboyz so in all honestly Both weapon options are cool, I’d probably aim for 20 models (to start with) 10 of each as you will probably settle with 10 & 2x5 once you see how hard 10 hit 😎 then over time work yourself up to 30-40 #BRUTES P.S I LIKE BRUTES P.P.S This forum really is awesome and has a lot of old articles off the front page worth a look thru don’t be a afraid to lose an hour delving deeper Megaboss Gork helps us fight hard but Mork makes know how to fight harder
  13. Sangfroid

    Destruction at SCGT

    4 destruction players at south coast even with reduced numbers is an atrocity, I feel so bad for not taking one for the team and just flying the flag of ironjawz (I don’t think I saw any ironjawz at the whole event) I have broad enough shoulders to have accepted theignomy of having my butt kicked if it would have resulted in exposure of the weakness of the faction. That being said there was some great conversations going around all weekend about ironjawz in particular and how/what could be changed to make them better so it’s nice that even non destruction players care enough about the whole game that no one is happy to see any faction so u Der the cosh. On a a personal note I played my Astral Templars like my Ghostwulfz, run forward and smash/eat things. I got myself to table 3 game 6 agaisnt one of my best friends and club mates so was a hotly contested and fun game to finish (daughters of Khaine) I think if I had won t2 prio would have made the game 50/50 if I had one t3 maybe 70/30 but after that the game was done. (Note he played his army perfect as did I so the little dice spikes mattered, he failed his T1 charge with Morathi that could have ended the game pretty much T1 so I’m happy with the way the game flowed 🙂 however you guys don’t want t hear boring stories about stormcast who have a nicely balanced book you want to hear tales of a pseudo-destruction nature! My stardrake ate 5 fulminators over 2 games (rolling a double 6 3 times on 3 dice) nom nom nom (poignant considering what was released from Warhammer fest for destruction spells)one of the poor recipients of this ridiculous luck was our very own Paul Whitehead, his luck agaisnt me in all 3 of the games we have ever played is terrible, he seems to have dice that can only roll 1s & 2s at all times. (I gave him a lucky dice that I hope gives him some luck for priorities in future) secondly my concussors did a #BRUTES on 10 bloodwarriors doing 17 wounds in a single charge and because of the mortal wounds rule only one could pile in and attack me back as it died. Still missed my Mawkrusha all weekend though...
  14. Sangfroid

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    @Kanamorf Nom, nom, nom , nom
  15. Sangfroid

    Destruction at SCGT

    @Sheriff it’s a dark dark day indeed that grots rub their hands with glee when they see an Ironjawz army bearing down on them, and shows the sorry state of affairs ironjawz are in, makes me want to (Green) puke 😂😂 the match ups I’d say we would have serious difficulties in and would require perfect play, mistakes from opponent and a healthy dose of luck (that’s one of the main issues with GW changing IJ, if we get the charges off and double turn an enemy we can really really put the hurt on). NOTE: I’m also talking about optimised army lists here someone with an awful Tzeetch list for example would not be an issue so for friendly or narrative games okay. Also in order of filth when viewed from a ironjawz lens... Fyreslayers: they move up fast due to rune so block off objectives,we hit them hard they save everything, they pop rend -1/-2 rune, we die. Also some missions have 20+ models. (I’ve throw 30 Brutes, Mawkrusha and a troll hag at a wall of vulkites and hearthguard and killed them all by turn 5 but lost all but Mawkrusha and troll hag and they still had a fresh 30 man unit left plus characters...) Daughters of Khaine: they are fast, fight better, hurt us when they die and Morathi has an innate protection against our Brutes/Mawkrusha becasue she can only take 3 wounds in one go. Khinarai can drop down and snipe characters. Not as bad as a Fyreslayers match up but I don’t think we have much chance at all against an optimised list changehost: proper use of pinks, blues and brimstones (under current rules) should mean we are stunted long enough for the spells to nuke us to oblivion, a double turn at the right time may help us a bit though Tzeetch skyfires: the skyfires smash you from massive range, the spells smash you once inside of 18” again long charges and a double turn may help but would need a lot of help maggotkin of nurgle: fight as well as us have more wounds, disgustingly resilient, are faster and have loads of armour debuffs and mortal wounds output khorne: fight as well as we do, are faster, hurt us when we kill them, can interrupt our charges with blood tithe, immune to battleshock. We can beat them but I’d say they have the stacked deck in this matchup kharadron overlords: alpha strike us maul us and if they double turn us probably no coming back. However we can smash the, if they do t do enough damage, so again your relying on luck/bad play bonespliitas: too many wounds too many shots in 6 games against them I’ve only come close to winning twice, it’s a terrible match for us. I haven’t played new death yet not deepkin but the signs aren’t that good for either me thinks. I may have also missed some match ups that are bad because there are so many 😂😂😂