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  1. Little titbits but looks good so far, charging in the opponents phase on 1/3 chance is massive chucking 3 gorepigs (or a lone Warchanter) under a bus to save your brutes or boss from a nasty charge could be game winning and it gives ironjawz a bit of s defensive option if your on the wrong end of a double turn the allegience ability looks good though will take some planning to really get the most out of it, losing the d6" is going to change tactics a lot but this does give us new things to think about. Formation looks pretty good too (would like to have seen what's in it as well, I'm not greedy!) as chaos players have seen -1 to hit is really good for the first turn it is a shame you need to roll for it though! (Like I said not greedy)
  2. This and Ardboyz too please :-)
  3. Room for a little one @Chris Tomlin Da Ghostwulfz are chomping to get a good Waaaagh! On under GHBtwentyseventeeeeeeeeen!
  4. I have 30 ardboyz already painted but for those that haven't I would suggest getting cracking on this in anticipation for the mighty hordes rules
  5. Anyone else spotted that there are 2 new ironjawz battalions in the GHB2 contents page reveal? Anyone else excited? Anyone else ready to take our new formations and alleigence abilities and embark on a Waaagh! To rock the very core of the mortal realms! Cant wait!
  6. The Ironfist D6" happens if you have the designated "big boss" of the formation still alive (so one of the Brute or goregruntas champions) the Destruction d6" happens if the unit is within 6" of a character the ravager +2 happens to the destruction d6" if the character is also your general so max would be 2d6 +2" pretty sweet huh! :-)
  7. Check out the Destruction section for loads of discussion and help about Ironjawz (particularly the "competitive ironjawz" thread. As for models that's a great place to start as it gives you a mix of the units and plenty to be getting on with for a full army. It is likely your going to want eventually 20+ brutes as well as a Maw-Krusha and maybe a second foot Megaboss too :-)
  8. @Chris Tomlin In the story the MawKrusha doesn't so much as fly as jump glide a bit and then land on things with a squish, you could easily just have him leaping about and landing on stuff claws out like the Jurassic park movies, but in any event AoS or 40k it's a great conversion Gorkamorka is a proud deity seeing this As for counts as, Its not exactly a piece of cardboard stuck to a tuna can is it ?
  9. Looks great Chris you should also get yourself a Mawcrusha sized base as this is also screaming out to be a "counts as" Mawcrusha outside of friendly campaign fun! Could 2x crusha be a thing in GHBv.2..... I for one hope so :-)
  10. Expect changes to Destruction massively the generic D6" move is very strong compared to others, (particularly chaos and order) battlebrew is broken because it effects mounts and ToP probably should be a 5+ There doom and gloom over, the good news is with new ironjawz stuff almost a given excitement levels are at maximum also with a drop in the generic Destruction power there is an incentive for more pure splittas and BCR armies (who's own stuff isn't actually too bad just not battlebrew/Bellowing tyrant levels of broken) @Kanamorf does a great job of flying pure splittas flag (my hero). I also will be glad to see battlebrewed up stonhorns a thing of the past. With probable changes to points and or shooting (has anyone played the new 40k the rules for shooting and smite (arcane bolt) are amazing...just saying) archer spam may not be so great and suddenly we have 3 armies that are thrown into disarray for us to discuss and find the combos... also could there be spiderfang allegiances or moon clan Grot ones or Greenskinz or grots too? The article mentions a couple but suggests a lot more........ destruction faction as a whole is actually very well placed to benefit from this because of the very well fleshed out factions (on the whole) whereas order, chaos and death have a few sub factions that are essentially pointless (thunderscorn or shadow blades etc...) the loss of the crutch will hurt initially but will I hope end up being a good thing and for Ironjawz if shooting is nerfed even just a tiny bit we as a faction benefit practically 100% because there is only one shooting attack and that's short ranged anyway so the nerf bat swings wide and above our heads :-)
  11. Grot and Orruk skypirates/fleets are mentioned in the kharadron overlords book it's just a matter of waiting for us now.
  12. Our match up prep was basically once the scenario dice was rolled "what's a good army for x scenario" then "okay which of these 2 lists do you want?" A lot more time was spent on creating the lists that were seen as manadatory i.e, Stardrake, skyfires, stone rukk, mooncows though Darren had to drop out so no thundertusks in the end, sayl bomb, gnarlroot and Nagash summoning. Byrons and Tom were later replacements as was I but I took over a list whereas they replaced ones so for tom it was a archaon chaos mix, and for Byron the mooncow list. Your list was seen as one of the stronger ones for Scandinavia because of the moocows for example the only two match ups I refused were Skyre and thundertusks as they can too quickly deal with the stardrake. The Tzeetch changehost and tzangor and skyfires lists were hard as hell to beat because of a similar mortal wound output from spells, but at least you have a chance. A double turn or even just two shots from a thundertusk and it's probably game over for the stardrake! i was wary of jonas Hammerstrike as well but he made a single mistake in deployment which meant i could out deploy him and so I could make him go first and he rolled to bring down prosecutors so had to deploy the Hammerstrike early. My stardrake survived on six wounds left and then the push back and double turn was gory and glorious well for me at least hehe. We also didn't realise that the rounds scoring was just points and uncapped so may take a different approach to lists next year.... p.s a summer break awaits and then my hope is to finnaly get back on the ironjawz train and work my way back up from Doomdiver to a Megaboss again?
  13. Was great to see you stomping thru peeps @Solaris and I accepted the admonishment for using the dirty tin men instead of my Ironjawz ;-) Its interesting in a team event because your list is one that some peeps (a stardrake mirrorshield cough) want to avoid like the plague which then can either drag someone's own strong list (Terry's sayl build) away from your team mates or force others to pair away from you (stardrake mirrorshield cough) though if if I had of realised it was you before the pairings were selected I'd have 100% taken the match up just to have gotten a game in with ya!
  14. Yes it was sorry fella ;-)
  15. Keep the faith it's surely only 2-6 weeks away from the Generals Handbook version 2 and considering the drastic changes to Fyreslayers and tomb kings there is hope that Ironjawz will feel the love they deserve, they are a "new" faction model wise so just from a pure business perspective GW will not want them too fall too far behind, they also suffered (like flesh eater courts and Fyreslayers) of being released before the onset of allegiance abilities this I am hopefull will be changed. Secondly and this is probably a good bit of advice generally ironjawz are world wide known to not be a competitive choice right now (and for at least the last 12 months oh wait that was when they were released.....) basically they are a knife edged army, some match ups and you will pound and pound the enemy into a bloody pulp and they will walk away wondering what on earth just happened, other games will be practically over by the end of turn 2 and you will looking at the board desperately searching for a model that isn't dead. Thats ironjawz plain and simple, once you get over that and accept it then "competitive" becomes "efficient" instead. As @Chris Tomlin has said battleshock is the ironjawz worst enemy (not actually the enemy) brutes have bravery 6 so if 1 dies you can lose one on a 6 roll (or a 5 roll of the enemy has sinister buff or a 4+ if decimators are about or worst 3+ if decimators are close and have sinister) it's an extreme example but 1 single decimator in this situationwith a star soul mace has a 50% chance to kill 2 or more brutes (potentially 4 brutes!!!) So with this in mind how do you mitigate our biggest weakness in our best unit? And make a more "competitive" list? Ardboyz are bravery 6 (8 if in 3" of enemy) so these guys will stick about a little more than brutes to hold objectives in units of 20 or 30 that's bravery 9/10 potentially so you need to really hit them hard for them to run 1 big unit of brutes that can be made immune to battleshock 15 is a serious threat coined "Megabrutes" but the forum here under current rules champ can be general so that means the unit is immune to battleshock until the last model dies. Couple this with +1 to hit (Bellowing tyrant) or +2 movement (ravager) and suddenly you have brutes working at maximum effficency all the way till the enemy has chewed thru the 46(47maybe) wounds. Gore grutnas are bravery 7 so u have to kill 2 in normal circumstances to force a BS test so that's 10 wounds of pig flesh before you even have to worry about it. Using these units to tank or pin enemy in place for you to Smash helps a lot. Lastly and this route is the way my ironjawz armies have gone since the masters just ignore battleshock and take multiple small brute units so that worst case scenario is if they focus on a unit you have lots of others to compensate (and therefore more boss choppas/Klaw and Smasha) so back to your models if you don't have Ardboyz/goregrutas or don't want to use them a real quick and simple fix would be to run 1 large unit (10 or 15 brutes) then the rest in 5 mans it will be more "efficient" not necessarily the most "competitive" but in a few weeks time who knows 3x10 man brutes may well be "competitive" when the winds change direction with GHBv2