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  1. Brad Gamma

    6 Nations take aways

    If non broken stuff doesn't get played, then do you actually have a casual local meta? I don't play a huge amount, and the friends I do play against is rather casual, but I still hang out at GW every work day (go painting at lunch) and so far I have hardly ever seen a "broken" list get played. People are just playing with the armies they've been playing with for years, and occasionally the pretty new thing. I wouldn't be surprised if "events" are skewed towards matched play, but I'm faily sure @RuneBrush was responding to the claim about all games. I would not assume that events accounted for the majority of games, not even close. I would be suprised if they accounted for more than 5% of games. So are we talking about tournaments, or the casual local meta? Which is it. EDIT: To Add: This is not true. Aos is not technically like every other sport. Its very different from almost all athletic sports. Its has a large element of hobby aspects like painting and building. It is an immersive recreation of a fantasy world. It has a huge diaspora of different armies that you can pick and choose and play. I can have discussions with my partners to tweak almost any game in any way we want. It has different and variable victory conditions. And even if it were, I know a lot of people who aren't very good at football, but find ways to play and have fun. They aren't all throwing their hands up in the air because they aren't playing for Real Madrid. Because they seek out groups that play at their level. Theres nothing in football to stop 12 year olds playing 18 year olds, they just don't tend to because they self-manage performance differences.
  2. Brad Gamma

    6 Nations take aways

    I’ve been reading this thread for a while and I’ll drop in now because this is the sort of attitude that I don’t understand. There has been some back and forth over this already, and a bit of a competitive vs non-competitive thing, but I find this stance to be extreme. That is the idea that handicapping yourself in any way is a bad thing, in a game that is, in my opinion, at its absolute best when you have a discussion with your opponent beforehand about what sort of armies you want to play with. It is rarely an opponents “inability to elevate his or her own performance” in warhammer. The biggest factor for a lot of people, is the models that they own. I don’t want to talk down list building, I love to spend my time tinkering with lists to squeeze performance out of what I have. Ultimately list building can be considered a separate activity before the game where you are aiming to make the game as easy as possible by taking the most optimal list. There is nothing wrong with this, but if you take the list building as a separate component, then if you bring a powerful list against a player with a weak list you are playing the game on easy mode. And that’s why I find “competitive” to be a bit of a misleading term for weighting the odds in your favour pre-game (Im being a bit unfair, but stay with me). But surely list building is part of the game? Well sure, but it is not hard to find a successful list online or even to learn the strategy behind it. But the biggest investment by far is purchasing and painting that army. There are very few examples of other sports/games that have a similar lack of flexibility in what you can play with. At tournaments? Sure! Anything goes! It’s great to push a game to its limits. If you are entering a tournament scene you are accepting what comes with it. But every other environment? Figure out power levels, play custom scenarios, give yourself handicaps. Challenge yourself, bring others closer to the game. Sometimes it might be as simple as just explaining beforehand “heads up, I think I’ve got a sweet list here and I’m not gonna hold back!”. Maybe you let them decide a twist for the rematch if you win. That’s not choosing to underperform, it’s chosing to foster a game where both players have an opportunity to perform, rather than neither of you. p.s. I’m really liking the direction of AoS2 so far. Some really great comments from the attendees 😀
  3. Oh man, I am gonna have to apologize in advance, because I have designed almost the exact same runelord 😆 Including the branchwych mash up! Its looking really good mate, really looking forward to seeing it painted!
  4. Thanks dude! Yeah the 24 hour flip between 32mm and 25mm base suggestions has left my head spinning. I think I'm gonna have to continue with 32mm with my characters and just suck it up. As promised, here is the second part of my Gharuki Story. II - The Gyrocopter Dozens of hopeful young Gharuki would apply to join the Canopy Corps each day, but only a handful would be accepted. The Corps did not have a monopoly on the cities aircraft, one could find pilot work in the fleets of a thane or guild, but as the official air force of the Royal Household the Canopy Corps held a certain prestige. It was also the largest air force in the forest, responsible for at least half of all operating gyrocraft. While the Corps had many stations dotted around Gharakor it’s primary base of operations was a group of three proud trees just east of the palatial Oak of the Verdant Queen. It is was at these headquarters that a Duardin would apply to join as a pilot and it was where Kirgo was headed now. He was still running along the walkways of Pyetar’s Steeple aiming for one of the huge bridges that linked each tree. This network of connected oaks formed the capital of the Gharuki kingdom. Each bridge was a marvel of Duardin engineering. From afar you might have mistaken them for intertwined branches repurposed as thoroughfares, but upon closer inspection they were elaborate copper sculptures crafted to blend seamlessly into the trees from which they sprang. Kirgo would need to cross eight of them before he would reach his destination. The first of these bridges, which connected His mother tree to a larger and more populous one, had become a busy market place. Stalls lined the edges, a few select items on show while the majority of their goods were in bulging sacks hung securely off the side like the cocoons of some large arachnid. Every now and again a storekeep or their assistant would winch the sacks up for more items to sell. As kirgo wandered past he caught a smell from one of the food stalls. It was the sweet scent of faliberries and always had the power to launch him back to his childhood. Like an astral moth to the realm of Hysh he could not help but divert himself. “Greetings Dawi!” beamed Kirgo “How much for the faliberries?” The grizzled merchant gave Kirgo a fairly cynical look. “Tell you what Kirgo, why don’t you tell me what you can afford?” He replied. Kirgo drew out his coin purse and had a peek inside. He realised that coin purse was a generous term for what was simply an empty pouch “Well reminded! I should really be saving this for my workshop” Kirgo responded as he felt the blood begin to rush to his face, hurrying his words before his blushing became visible. He shoved his purse back in his key pocket, rattling the contents as best he could to sound as if there might be coin. The storekeep gave an unconvinced nod and turned his attention back to the bridge. Kirgo walked to a gap a few stalls down so that he was out of sight and then braced himself against the railing. He would need to find more work at the breweries. He had kept himself alive thus far as a mechanic in the local distilleries and bars. Some of the most complex inventions of the Duardin were those that pumped ale from one location to another. Whether from brew kettle to settling tank, or from keg to tankard, there was a lot of business to be done in keeping the pipes flowing. Kirgo however had a rather unpleasant habit of trying to improve upon everything he inspected, and his reputation was suffering recently from a much exaggerated beer explosion. Just as he was about to bring his attention back to his journey he felt the air from above push through his beard and a familiar sound broke through the din. He turned his head back and upwards as his hood flapped in the gust. A gyrocopter swept overhead not twenty feet above him, followed shortly by the low hum of grumbling patrons. He returned his hands to the rails and watched as it sputtered off into the distance. They were by no means a rare sight but he was never able to look away, his eyes wide with wonder. The gyrocopter bobbed up and down as it flew with all the grace of a drunken megalophin. With puffs of smoke and whooshes of air, hundreds of intricate pistons and cogs spun wildly and seemingly at random, all working together to turn its leather bound propellers. It was at once preposterous and bewildering, reassuringly capable but as if it could fall out of the sky at any moment. Once it had flown a few trees away it began to turn to the east. As it did so it was joined by another two similar vehicles and one larger and even more improbable craft. The squadron arranged themselves in a clumsy formation and before he knew it they had flown behind another tree and were out of sight. Kirgo let in a big breath and his knuckles regained their colour as he loosened his grip on the railing. He could tell you every part in any model of gyrocraft you could name, but he had never actually flown one. He could never afford a copter of his own, the mooring costs alone would eat up everything he earned. So he would do what he did every month, and continued on his way, but now with a almost imperceptible skip in his step.
  5. Brad Gamma

    AoS 2 - Ironweld Arsenal Discussion

    Since I've posted it on my thread, thought I'd post it here too. My first completed Ironweld Arsenal unit. # Anyone have much experience using them? With tempest's eye bonus it will be nice to have that initial 18 inch move for objective grabbing depending on the scenario, and a 3+ save in the first turn might keep it alive. Beyond that it seems much too easy to kill, and I imagine pulling off steam gun shenanigans is harder than you'd think. I'll still use them however, because they are beautiful!
  6. Brad Gamma

    Gharuki Gyrocopter

  7. Finished my Gyrocopter. There is nothing major in the way of conversions. In many ways the stock gyrocopter is the model closest to the aesthetic that I am going for. When I add some Kharadron units, I will be modding them to be more like the gyrocopter rather than the other way round. The paint job even matches the box art, so I'm definitely not being original here! I did spend some time really finding my style for bases. I used a piece of the citadel trees, extended it a bit with miliput, and then buried it so its protruding from the ground. These guys live in a forest where the base of one tree would probably fill a game board, so the forest floor is a dark mess of foliage and roots. I'm moving towards the idea that the ground is so uneven with gargantuan roots, that it is easier to fly in and out than to walk. The root guard themselves are effective defenders because they can navigate and fight within the tangled arena. There are flat areas too, and I am currently working on some azyrite ruins that will form the remnants of an ancient town in the southern forest. I can then have skirmish games in them with the idea that the Gharuki are exploring them to discover what befell the area, and whether it is cursed. I will probably post the second installment in my story too this evening. Thanks guys!
  8. Brad Gamma

    AoS 2 - Ironweld Arsenal Discussion

    5 more of each will do you fine!
  9. Brad Gamma

    AoS 2 - Ironweld Arsenal Discussion

    I would certainly have preferred 60mm rounds, they look a bit more pleasing to me. The cannons that I order today I may leave commando for a bit so that they easily integrate into my armies on parade board plans. Hopefully in that time there will be a bit more clarity on how ‘official’ the guide actually is and how many people in the community follow it. Feels like there are a couple of corrections that need to be made too. i will however rebase my cogsmith onto a 32mm round, since I think that looks better for characters. He is on a 25mm now because I assumed that was the translation from the 20mm square. The base design for my army has come on a bit since then too! EDIT: Seems the updated cogsmith to 25mm overnight! Ha!
  10. Brad Gamma

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I know neither us have data to back this up, but EVERY kid I knew who played warhammer when i was 13, and every friend I have now who used to collect as a kid, started because the models were cool, and actually never properly played the game. I've never met anyone who has entered the hobby to immediately join the local tournament scene either. When I got my first models, for the first year I just used that as toys for my imaginary games between me and my brother. My first 5 or 6 purchases were from completely different armies. When I stopped buying a few years later (a fairly common cycle amongst wargamers, start as a kid, come back as an adult) it had nothing to do with playing games and my army sucking. Granted the the internet wasn't as big at the time so we wouldn't even have understood what a "meta" was, but it was mainly browsing through white dwarfs and thinking things looked cool and buying those things. Nowadays it is easier to get straight into the game, but I really don't see this scenario where a kid buys a KO army and gets creamed every single time they play and then gives up the hobby. Are people pushing new starters into 2000pt, basic scenario, matched play games all the time? Are the bad armies bad under every single combination of game-type, realm-type, terrain-type and scenario possible? Can nobody house rule stuff to adjust for better balance when playing against children who are relatively new to the game? This isn't to say that better balance isn't a good thing, and every time an army is adjusted to improve its competitiveness it is great for the game. But to suggest young people don't get into the game for the hobbying I think is too completely misunderstand the appeal of the game.
  11. Brad Gamma

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    Another fantastic guide. Well done dude! My default allegiance might be tempests eye over dispossessed for my dwarf army, especially because I have a few too many ironwood units to fit into allies at the moment. Super speed gyrocopters might be fun. Greywater fastness is a bit too random for my tastes, although I might give it a go one day. In the meantime I will give thought to the living city. Some very interesting possibilities. Thanks once again!
  12. Brad Gamma

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Why did you put this in my head! I've been staring at a spare wildwood base piece all morning! I've had a rethink and miiiiight fit something in. 😋 This may be my go to allegiance however now, thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't seen that dispossessed and ironweld were added to the errata until I checked out the new one.
  13. Brad Gamma

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Oh I've got plans! My artillery won't be too out-there but they will be a significant modification of the current kit. Will be a couple of months though. I do have an ordinator who is almost ready to paint, who will probably be completed first. Him and my cogsmith going out to battle with nothing to buff! 😆 I do wanna pick up firestorm, just for the little bits of material. I think firestorm sort of marked a turning point where aos became interesting to me. I think the sylvaneth would have harsh words for my dwarfs! They both care about the forest but their methods are very different. In the lore I have drafted out there is actually a sizeable community of wanderers (about 5% of the population) that live in the gharuki capital, and I may add them at some point. But alas! Too many plans.
  14. Brad Gamma

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Haha! Makes me think of bioshock. Luckily I've got the longbeards, ironbreakers and an artillery detachment to do, gives me months to plan any irondrakes. Your enthusiasm in the ironweld threads has meant I've already spent a month thinking about cannons! 😆
  15. Brad Gamma

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Yeah this matches my feelings. In my head I had planned for that particular grumbling to be removed entirely. The one that its replaced with, I struggle to think when I would actually use it, so pretty much the same thing. The 20 point drop is still the most significant thing for longbeards. A 75% save against 0 rend is still great. Just wish they could take a runic icon. Those spell defenses are awesome, and the FAQ confirmed that those defenses apply to endless spells too. I am however in the process of building my second batch of longbeards! Trying to decide whether to make my existing unit 20 strong or to have 2 separate units (basically, whether to build a second command squad or not). Irondrakes are a lot more tempting now! I hadn't really thought of how I would fit them in my army, but now I need to give them some serious thought. They don't quite fit the theme of my army as they are, so i'll have to think of how I would convert them. My favourite way to spend an afternoon, not actually doing anything, just browsing bits sites and thinking how to mod things 😁