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  1. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    I was reading the main rulebook and I came across something interesting. In the section describing the various sub-factions within Destruction it mentions that the Spiderfang grots have been affected by all of the magic in their environment and some have begun to mutate spider-like traits. It specifically mentions some have multiple eyes, some have multiple limbs, and some have a venomous bite. I don’t recall ever seeing this sort of fluff before - aside from some lore long ago in Warhammer Fantasy about the shaman being infused with spider venom. The shaman model on the Arachnarok is mutated to have multiple eyes, but there has never been a multi-armed goblin model aside from the Grot models in the Silver Tower set. Now, I don’t know if they would want to repurpose those models or make make a new kit, but I would be surprised if they put that line in the Spiderfang lore description for no reason. So does anyone else want to engage in rampant speculation?
  2. As long as I like the model and it belongs to an army that I play or that I want to play then I usually pick it up. If I like the unit but absolutely detest the official models then I will often either look for a 3rd party alternative that I prefer or else I will convert up something. But in most cases I have a tendency to collect everything in a faction to some degree. I will collect at least one of most things and more of things that I really like or that have formations or themes that I want to include in army lists.
  3. I did not say that they would nerf everything old. That did not happen with Stormcast. The Vanguard Wing was an obvious target for getting knocked down a peg. It was something that I expect almost everyone saw coming. Who knows what they will do with Beastclaw Raiders, but my suspicion is that whenever the book is reworked that they will end up adding more units to it. Given that there are Ogor wizards I think it is a safe bet that they will add some sort of mounted Wizard into the faction. The main reason that Beastclaw currently do not have any wizards is simply that when they split up the Ogre kingdom ranges there were no mounted wizard models to move into Beastclaw. I don't think it was meant to be a theme for the army and more a fact that they did not create any new Ogor kits when they initially broke apart the Ogre Kingdom range. They will probably add some endless spells as well.
  4. Trademarked - which requires much more aggressive IP enforcement.
  5. I'm sure that GW would still have a leg to stand on in regards to taking your app down from the store if they wanted to. Trust me on this, I build software for a living and I work for a company that specifically does brand & IP protection for companies - this includes enforcement in app stores. It would not be hard for someone investigating apps like this to watch the network calls the app makes to get data. I would either look into how you could make something generic that does not require in-depth data for specific unit abilities or else contact GW legal department and see what they say about this app. I expect that if GW gets wind of something like this that they would probably issue take-down requests in the app store. Unfortunately, IP laws generally require companies to aggressively enforce or else risk loss of the IP.
  6. I would be very careful about this. Building something that does this would require that you populate the app with material that is under GW copyright.
  7. Skabnoze

    The Rumour Thread

    In regards to terrain and world-building for Age of Sigmar, I have found playing the new God of War to be quite inspiring. The basic core design for Age of Sigmar is already pretty much the 9 worlds from Norse Mythology and God of War went fairly over-the-top and huge in regards to the art and world building. Playing through that game I constantly find myself just looking at the various areas and getting great ideas for building terrain.
  8. I expect this will happen with a number of others as they start rewriting battletomes. And since battletomes now come with points inside I expect that as books release they will replace the values in GHB18. Every single rules edition of a GW game comes along with book rewrites for the majority of the game. It is easy money so I highly doubt that AoS 2 will be an different in that regard.
  9. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    I have not got the Kopp Rukk onto the table yet, but one thing I would consider is to not field just the bare minimum of Wardokks. Half of the battalion benefit is for the Wardokks and the other half is for the Morboys, but the Morboys bonus requires you to have 2 wardokks nearby. If you field a minimum of Wardokks then it is easy to lose this benefit and will force your to concentrate your force a fair bit when you want that buff. I think I would probably try to field 4 Wardokks if I could and a Wurrgog. The Weirdnob's spell is nice, and he is quite mobile, but I would consider dropping him in exchange for a Wardokk.
  10. Skabnoze

    Grots and some Dragons

    I would arm any type of grots with spears if you expect them to get into a fight. You are going to be wanting volume of attacks. But you can try out either nd see which one you like.
  11. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    It seems like one wizard is a liability. This reminds me a bit of Warhammer Fantasy. Playing with a single wizard is a potential liability depending upon the opponent. I think there is a realm item that lets a hero dispel as a wizard. It might be worth considering on a sturdy character like a mawkrusher boss if we are only going to bring a single wizard.
  12. Skabnoze

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    An endless spell side-board, or just choosing to not bring any and bank some command points, is an interesting idea in an event. That could provide some interesting dynamics and might be fun.
  13. Skabnoze

    The Rumour Thread

    I would expect that they will release a set of endless spells for each new book that they make. Given that they have to assign points to these spell releases they are going to be attached to a book release of some kind. So, they can either make a book release just for endless spells for a bunch of factions similar to malign sorcery or they can just release a model kit with each battletome they release & rework. My guess is we will see rewritten battletomes as that would probably net more profit. Each new edition of GW core games usually also has rewrites of most of the army books over time. Occasionally a book or two gets skipped in an edition, but they usually rewrite most of them.
  14. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    They ruled in last edition that magic items like that effect the rider and not the mount. The Arachnarok with a shaman is effectively a mount. But mounts and heroes share defensive stats and movement stats. So items that boost movement, saving throws, or make you harder to hit work on the whole model.
  15. Skabnoze

    Grots and some Dragons

    Moonclan are slightly sturdier than standard grots with shields if you give them the bad moon icon in addition to a banner. It gives them an extra +1 save from shooting. You can also equip some models with nets and if you position them right they make the unit harder to hit in melee. So for pure tarpit & objective-sitting they are better than standard Gitmob grots. But, they also are more expensive. Depending on you list it might be better to use the cheaper grots for more bodies. It will just depend on the rest of your list.
  16. Skabnoze

    How does one control an objective?

    Yes, it was a small & elite covert force.
  17. Skabnoze

    Heroes of the Old World

    Boss on a chariot is not in Gitmob it is in Orcs & Goblins - which is no longer in the GHB. The only hero that Gitmob has is the shaman. So Grom effectively has no equivalent warscroll anymore. I’ll still pick up another copy of his model from this release though.
  18. I think they consolidated some of that into the core rules for good reason. 1. They want people to use that stuff and so cooking it into the basic framework and core book makes it more "official". AoS 1 was full of tons of stuff that I am sure they worked hard on, but hardly anyone used. I expect that they would prefer more people use a lot of the stuff they put in. 2. Most of what is in the core book are basic frameworks. So they can put the building blocks into the core rules and then expand them out with supplementary content. For example, endless spells are in the core rules but they can add more of them in various supplements. The ways they designed scenarios is much the same way since the GHB scenarios are now just assembled from the scenario rule building blocks in the main book. Each scenario does not have to explicitly define rules for scoring and other things. Realm rules are similar as well. The core of how to choose realms and some of the effects are in the core book and then supplements can add more to that - as malign sorcery does. I like how they approached it for this edition - although I will agree with @Sleboda that it does lend itself to having stuff scattered across multiple books. It might be cool if they addressed that with the app. I don't really need a list builder, as point costs are simple enough, but I would probably pay for the convenience of consolidating all of that stuff for browsing on the app and filtering.
  19. Skabnoze

    Scenery warscrolls, original vs GHB

    On the flip side, the new updated warscroll for Woods says that the base now blocks line-of-sight across it. That is a huge change.
  20. Skabnoze

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Yeah this thing seems like it is a really nice anti-magic tool. I totally missed the fact that it tries to swallow spells near it. Thanks for pointing that out! I am highly considering putting this into my Spiderfang army given that they have so many wizards and so few spells. I might just convert up a big magic catch-web marker for it also.
  21. Skabnoze

    How does one control an objective?

    I murder everyone within a 100-mile radius.
  22. Skabnoze

    Terrain advice for Age of Sigmar

    I'm thinking of doing a deep dark forest in Ghur for my spiderfang. Sort of like Mirkwood, but with the trees and plants growing out of the half-buried bones of giant monsters.
  23. Skabnoze

    Heroes of the Old World

    I would expect something plastic and new for that though.
  24. Skabnoze

    Heroes of the Old World

    It is interesting that they did not put the Grimgor miniature onto the Made to Order release announcement for this weekend. GW still sells a lot of the old Orc & Goblin special character models under generic names. Azhag is the current resin warboss on Wyvern miniature. Wurrzag was altered into the Wurrgog Prophet. Skarsnik is the Grot Warboss with Giant Cave Squig The ones they dumped was Gorbad Ironclaw, Grimgor, and Grom. I am so very happy to see them making Gorbad Ironclaw available again. That miniature was pretty outstanding and I figured since he was one of the newest sculpted characters to the range that he would be around for a while. I'll be using him as a Greenskin Warboss with Banner on a Boar, and I will probably buy 3-4 of them. I have been eyeing him on ebay for the last couple of months, but he regularly resells for over $100. It seems strange that they are not putting the Grimgor model back out though. He makes an excellent unit leader for an Ardboyz unit. If they ever make an Ardboyz champion then his model would work great.
  25. Skabnoze

    Buying Command Points

    I could also see GW limiting the amount of times a specific character can use a command ability per turn. That way if you wanted to drop a specific command ability 4 times in a single turn on different units then you would need to have 4 of that hero around to do it. I could see them making this change. There are good arguments for and against this change I would say.