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  1. Can you stick me and Felix down for a team please
  2. A seriously good, well run, relaxed and friendly event. Totaly epitomised the scene at the moment. Loved the venue and completely echo Paul's comments about transport, food and trophies. Can't wait for the next one! just really relaxedEverybody was
  3. Straight in there dude - me and Felix will jump in. cash sent.
  4. Look forward to your return dude
  5. I don't think so. The FAQ has a similar question around using named characters in the same way. It says that it is fine proving that the model you intend to use has the right key words so in this case skaven warlord Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  6. If anyone needs a reference it's the very last answer in the basic rules FAQ dated July 16. Should have spotted it sooner Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks bud. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  8. This may have been answered already but is it possible to have a single warscroll in more than warscroll batallion at the same time? For example would it be possible to count a weapons team used to make a clan skryre engine cove as one of those also needed to field a verminus clawpack? I don't see anything which says they have to be exclusive. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  9. I really liked this list, you played it really well and looked amazing on the table. The shear number of bodies to cover areas where tunnelers could appear combined with the shooting made it pretty difficult to reach out and touch the characters even for ranged units such as the WLC (at best 2 rounds on them with a double turn). Overall very well played in my opinion. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  10. Speed painted verminking for Warlords.
  11. Speed painted for warlords.
  12. Speed painted for Warlords.
  13. Hi all I'm Arnie, Started playing 40k back in 2ed and finally made it to fantasy at the end of 8th after a fairly lengthy break. Super excited about AOS and getting into the tournament scene.
  14. Such an awesome idea! Arnie Ilminster, Somerset Pm via forum