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  1. Competitive play does not ruin AoS. Listen to @Auticus, he speaks wisdom.
  2. the real dealbreaker when it comes between Glade Guard and Waywatchers imo is the real-world price and scarcity of waywatchers in comparison to Glade Guard. Ive got 60-80 Glade Guard sitting around my apartment that will never all get used.
  3. Where on earth did bird elves come from?
  4. What am I looking at here?
  5. @Auticus, yep I've encountered this, all I can say is that it can become a task to separate casual/narrative/tournament play. It's far easier to just find the type of gamers/people that you enjoy spending time immersing yourself into the AoS universe with. I'm pretty positive that we will never be able to contain one style of play from bleeding into the next, we all just have to find ourselves the best group we can, and make our community the best it can be.
  6. I feel I need to weigh-in about the actual topic of the thread here. It seems to me like a lot of gamers here are voicing the same concerns I heard (and encountered) when 8th edition fantasy was still in full swing. Not all tournament gamers are terrible to play against, and I've met a fair few gamers that prefer the narrative approach that are very banal. I have played with tournament players that are excellent charismatic people who are a joy to lose against; the point is to be a good sportsman, because at the end of the day we are all part of a tight-knit community, this is our golf; our fishing... and sometimes some of us lose sight of why we enjoy the hobby, that's ok, I'll just play with the kind of people that brought the beer and pretzels.
  7. I agree with a lot of what you've said here @Killax. I've also thought for some time that a lot of the models that survived the 'first great cull' don't really cut it when compared to the current AoS range. whether it is because they are too static, or are just really showing their age, models like the orruk boar chariot, or clan Eshin gutter/night runners just feel very awkward and out of place next to a sylvaneth or stormcast force on the tabletop. It sort of breaks the immersion of the setting for me if that makes any sense. I would be fine with a second culling of outdated models.
  8. I strongly believe that GW just needs to bite the bullet and use cards for everything in combination with yearly GHB updates and FaQ's. I would love to see unit and hero specific cards packaged with the models. If they went down that route it might drum up some business if they threw in card rarities with boxed sets/clampacks for collectors. Im just recycling ideas ive seen from companies like privateer press and Wizards of the Coast, but i feel like using cards is much easier than using a battle tome, especially for beginners that might have already dabbled in card games.
  9. It would be foolish not to include pestigors in a nurgle release. By myself i would spend 500$ on a nurgle themed beastman release. How much do the molds cost to make? Ill help GW recap the cost if they make me some pestigors.
  10. @BunkhouseBuster I really feel you, real life is such a drag. If only we could all make a living out of this... maybe we wouldn't have to compromise.
  11. Thanks a lot gents, I saw this model and the collector in me told me I had to have it. I'm off to eBay
  12. Sigmar is the spiritual embodiment of the Emperor made manifest to fight chaos In the magical realms of AoS. For the moment the Emperor's gaze is tied up elsewhere, when this happens Sigmar fades away until such time that the Emperor can reassert his presence in the realms of AoS. Sigmars soldiers and envoys are led to believe that Sigmar has just locked himself away to deliberate about his war against Chaos... but we all know the truth...
  13. Has anyone come across this model before? Is it a GW sculpt and if so how can I get my hands on it? Any info on this mini would be really appreciated... I googled it and there's nothing about where it came from.
  14. How do you achieve such crisp yellows?
  15. It's the hero model for earthworm Jim... finally!