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  1. @BunkhouseBuster I really feel you, real life is such a drag. If only we could all make a living out of this... maybe we wouldn't have to compromise.
  2. Thanks a lot gents, I saw this model and the collector in me told me I had to have it. I'm off to eBay
  3. Sigmar is the spiritual embodiment of the Emperor made manifest to fight chaos In the magical realms of AoS. For the moment the Emperor's gaze is tied up elsewhere, when this happens Sigmar fades away until such time that the Emperor can reassert his presence in the realms of AoS. Sigmars soldiers and envoys are led to believe that Sigmar has just locked himself away to deliberate about his war against Chaos... but we all know the truth...
  4. Has anyone come across this model before? Is it a GW sculpt and if so how can I get my hands on it? Any info on this mini would be really appreciated... I googled it and there's nothing about where it came from.
  5. How do you achieve such crisp yellows?
  6. It's the hero model for earthworm Jim... finally!
  7. I'm constantly torn between half a dozen projects at any given time. My problem stems from inspiration; I'm constantly getting inspired by the work of others, specifically unique paintschemes. For instance, I happened across a wanderers army painted with night blue skin and gold tattoos with muted yellows and light greens for their cloaks and whatnot as a was looking to sell my old wanderers force. I'm now mixing up colours and grabbing my brushes to put my own spin on this colour scheme. I also like to do my models justice when I paint them so I tend to take my time with each mini, because just as much as a like to be inspired, I love to bring my armies to my local and inspire others. I'm more of a collector and painter than aplayer, what usually happens is that I paint up a 500-1000pt army play a few games with it (lose most of them) and get underwhelmed by the rules and start on my next project. I could (and often do) discuss painting/modeling at my local shop for hours on end but I can't last more than 10 minutes talking about rules. In short, what keeps me going is being inspired and inspiring others, I just love to build excitement and the community.
  8. Looking great so far. Do you have any lists in the works? I'll be following with interest.
  9. Great to see people still playing beastmen err.. brayherds. I wouldn't mind a bat. Rep. If it's matched play.
  10. I think GW would be missing out on a huge sales opportunity if they didn't release god-specific gors and tie them all together with the 'GOR' keyword. It's not even much of a stretch; we've had slaangors, khorgors (sp?), and pestigors in the past. Not to mention the success of the current tzaangors... gorgeous models and I know in my neck of the woods they are selling like hot gor) cakes.
  11. As long as they release some updated slaangors I'll be happy.
  12. ^ I need moar chaos Dorf in my life.
  13. Let's dig deep here. Slaanesh is a gender fluid other-kin wearing the skin of a cis white male.
  14. I have to agree wholeheartedly about Skaven. Their commitment and consistency to dishonest backstabbing is almost admirable. It's like when your watching a movie and you end up empathizing with the villain more than the hero. I just can't help but love Skaven, and maybe it's because they are slaves to their own twisted nature.
  15. My first love was the TYRANIDS, inspired by the cover art on the 3rd edition codex, the moment I saw it i was hooked. I was always a big fan of the Aliens movies (and later on Starship Troopers). the Giegeresque quality of the Tyranids allowed me to field an entire army of "aliens". When my gaming group shifted from 40k to Fantasy some years ago I chose TOMB KINGS; their models are top notch, and i can't help but appreciate their attempts to cheat death, no matter the cost. The Ancient Egyptian parallel really spoke to me while I was in university studying archaeology... I think I spent more time on than listening to my profs lectures.