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  1. Aex

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    We all do know... that was beyond any average... I've played Nurgle in a Tournament in April. 17 Save Rolls against my opponent. I successfuly rolled 14 Throws on a 5+. He said disgustingly resilent is completely broken. And next time, not a single disgustingly succeed. You know what? No one will talk about the second one... Disgustingly resilent is broken! It's easy to mock about 106 mortal wounds. This was gainst Chaos Daemons, right? Yeah, thats possible. But still far beyond average.
  2. Aex

    Can't find Local Players. Help!

    Try out the Location Finder on the Games Workshop Site. There are many stores in your 100 Miles range.
  3. Aex

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Blocks of 10 Putrids are Overkill. Better split them into five Men. Five can deal with anything that moves. And they're more flexible for multible Marker missions.
  4. Aex

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    For the Leader. Simply paint a "1" to the Bottom of the Base, and a "2" for another one, if you play two five Men units instead of ten. Easy going.
  5. Aex

    Help vs 1k Nurgle List

    Priority target on Rotigus? Don't know if that works. 40 Skelettons and Morghast could break his whole Army. Maybe it's more effective to break his Army. Rotigus alone will not do much. He can put out Mortal Wounds, yes. But you have 40 Skelettons. What are a few Mortal Wounds to them?
  6. Aex

    Future of chaos

    Agreed. I'll hope we see Tomb Kings again. I also would like to see Chaos Aelves or something like.
  7. Aex

    Future of chaos

    I would like to see a new Chaos folk like KO / Chaosdwarfs with shooty stuff. Slaves to Darkness should also get new stuff. I hope especially for new Marauders. If we look on Sylvaneth, Daughters, KO and Deepkin. I wonder why Order all gets the cool new stuff? Order faction has the most stuff actually. In my opinion, even Death and Destruction have a greater need. I wonder why Games Workshop only pushes Order Faction massively?
  8. Aex

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I also would recommend a Skyfleet Box for the Start. A Skyfleet and a Start Collecting are a a solid Start for your Army. With both Boxes you get: 1 Admiral 1 Endrinmaster 1 Unit Arkaunt Company 2 Units Skywarden 1 Frigate 2 Units Gunhauler 1 Unit Thunderers
  9. Your Plaguebearers are simply perfect! Is this Death Guard Green with Washes? Painting Nurgle is so much fun.
  10. Aex

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    A spell shouldn't be a problem. Makes the Sorcerer more valuable.
  11. Splitting up Pink horrors costs reinforcement points. But they are very strong. I agree. Skeletons and Dire Wolves benefit also from Graves. Very resilent. Skinks are superb Battleline for Order. 40 Skinks for 200 Points. With and Astrolith Bearer, they have 40 Shots with Javelins on 3+, can Reroll 1s and Wound on a 4+. They ignore Rend and can be buffed by a Slann. (3 Times Mystic shield!) 3-4 full Blocks. You charge in the first block. Thanks to their bravery it's hard to wipe them out fast. And the others Blocks can also come close and shoot. 8' Movement is perfect.
  12. Aex

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Do not forget AOS2. Even now it is possible to fill Points with single models, if you read GHB2017 correct. But this is marked as "House Rule". Not unthinkable, they upgrade this to a core Rule with the new edition, coming in June or July. By the way. Its a cool and strong List. Rustfang is a interesting choice. Good luck for the finals!
  13. Aex

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    My List: Harbringer of Decay, Lord of Plagues, 3x 5 Blightkings and 1 Unit Pusgoyles. The Pusgoyles did a great Job in the first two games. Escpecially in the first game, most of their attacks wounded hard. Against Daughters, all Rolls failed in close combat. But to be fair. A single Pusgoyle isn't a threat. Blightkings get a lot of Attack procs more. Pusgoyles are more flexible with their 8' Move. Not to forget their Digustingly Rolls. Blightkings need a Harbringer to reach the same level or durability.
  14. Aex

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    A little report from the tournament i've played today. My List was the one from page120. Thanks for the great support in finding the right Artefacts. I'm happy i spiltted up the ten men Blightkings to two seperate units. Five Blightkings are strong enough to deal with anything on a Battlefield. First game vs Clan Skyre. Easy going. Mission was the Mission1 from GHB2017. I rolled a 5 for the circle of corruption. Perfect. Two Doomwheels on the right flank, overcharging on two threes. I moved the Wheel into my charge range. The first wheel was down in one round. Three Stormfiends spawning on my right Flank then. I saved everything. Get them down in 2 turns, and also another Doomwheel. In turn4 i was charged by another Stormfiend unit. Lost one unit Blightkings, but charged with another Blightkings, the Harbringer, Lord of Plagues and Pusgoyles. Overkill. My opponent made a lot of faults this game. Splitting up his Army on two flanks was not good. The left Flank waited two Turns to long. Next Match was against Darkelves. Mission 4 from GHB2017. I underestemated their Damage Potential completely. 20 Dreadspears hitting me hard. Lost one Unit Blightkings quickly when 20 Executioners made their charge. Another Unit Blightkings only 2 Models left and my Lord of Plagues with 2 Life Points in Turn3. It was his Initative Roll, and so i was sure, this Game's over. But... I got 4-5 Mortal Wounds and 11 Wounds. Saved any Wound by Rolls. My Turn then. The cycle was moving to four, and all Models are in Terrain so far. Bingo! The Lord and the two Blight Kings got both three Wounds back, including additional Healing from the Blightkings ability on 6+. I wiped out all Executioners and Dreadspears. On the left Flank my Pusgoyles failed their charge with double ones! But the third Blight Kings charged in, destroying his Darkshards completely. In the Last Turn i could take the Marker in his territory. Game over for the Aelves! Last Match vs Daughters. Oh my gad! Mission6. I ignored the Markers. On the right Flank, two units Blightkings, Lord of Plagues and Harbringer slowly moved foreward, while the core of Daughters sitting on the Territorys Left and Middle. His Medusas killed one of my Pusgoyles in Turn one, ouch. Moved the last one to cover, out of sight. I kept my own Marker left. On the Right Flank i moved forward. He managed to concentrate Sisters of Slaughter here. My Blightkings failed their charge, so the Harbringer fighted alone. He lost 4 Wounds, but i saved three of them with Endless Gift. Now he was concentrating all Firepower on this one. He had two Reaper Bolt Throwers as allies. My Harbringer was down to one Wound after the Fight phase. What shall i say? I saved another Wound thanks to Endless gift, and got again Turn Zero from the Cycle. Three wounds healed and again Healing from the Blightkings, now in the Fight. I burnt his right Marker and the middle Marker, both for three victory points. My Pusgoyle was attacking a unit Medusas, but was dying when the second unit Sisters charged piled in. The next round was Hollywood like. Again, he was concetrading ANYTHING on my Harbringer. I saved nearly each Wound and the Rest with disgustingly resilent. Fives and Sixes in mass. In the final round i was using Grandfathers Gift, healing the Harbringer again completely. Two Unit Blightkings charged the Reaper Throwsers. Only my Pusgoyle was down finaly. His Sisters of Slaughter didn't made it to reach my middle Marker. No burning here. Thanks to the Markers i burned before, the game ends 11 to 7 for me. Great Daughters Army, but much to defensive in my optinion. This is no Army for Camping. So i made the first place today. Endless Gift, Healing from the Cycle and Disgusingly resilent espescially saved my day! The Gnarlmaws also did a great job. Run and charge is another big big key feature, when using the Trees right. Conclusion: While i had great luck with Saves and Healing, my Initiative Rolls were mostly anoying. Any of my Armies would have been wiped out in these games. In my opinion, the Resistance of Nurgle Rotbringers is their true strenght beyond anything. Failing Initiative Rolls multible times? Doesnt matter! Just sitting it out with a low amount of losses, then striking back. The 6+ Hit proc from Blighted Weapons is pure fun, especially when rolling four Sixes and getting twenty Hits. I love the cicle of Cycle of corruption. Mortal Wounds and Healing in the right moment can change a game completely. This style of playing feels unique from the most armies i have played before. Two months ago, when i had to decide between Maggotkin and Legions of Nagash, Nurgle was the abolute right choice. For 1500 Points, i will add another Unit Pusgoyles, a Sorcerer and one more Blightkings to my Army. I'm just struggling with Gnarlmaws. I had "only" four Trees today. 5-8 Trees are possible easily to get from the Points. But i think it doesn't need more than five, when the first Trees are placed well. That's my view for now.
  15. Aex

    Maggotkin Summoning

    Sadly the summons need reinforcement points. But for Daemons the summon is very powerful. It gives your army much more mobility. Whit 3-5 Gnarlmaws in the Lategame, you are free to replace your Daemons flexible on Mission Markers in the last Turns. Not so bad at all.