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  1. kenshin620

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I'm just glad theres new Death models, which if you discount The End Times was limited to the Shadespire Warband and the original Knight of Shrouds.
  2. kenshin620

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I would say parts of it are and parts of it aren't Yea the battles and campaign rules were definitely optional, especially since MP campaign is over. But you're not going to see someone with a Fungral Shaman or a Darkoath Warqueen and go "oh sorry, thats not matched play legal" (well ok to be fair that matched play thing was a nightmare to figure out since the HERALD keyword is only applicable to MP). I dunno, it would just seem weird for GW to be pushing MS so much in the previews of 2.0 only to go "ahh well I guess its not much of a Matched Play thing". I mean look at summoning. 1.0, it was more of a Narrative thing so Matched players almost completely ignored it. It was kind of a "dead rule" to Matched players. Now it isn't, especially with GW pushing for that kind of strategy (lets see though what happens after a few months and the FAQ/Eratta to see nerfs if it becomes a problem). In a way its a bit like the Balewind Vortex. In WFB where it debut, only those who played Storm of Magic ever touched it. Then fast forward to AoS where it became a pivotal piece in many people's magic lists (much to the dismay of those who didn't like it). So IMO (granted I'm NOT a tournament player so feel free to critique me. Plus if we had a random pick up matched play game but you expressed your distaste for MS, I'll be happy to drop those spells for either an extra character or some more CP.) Malign Sorcery: Almost guaranteed Matched Play rules but up to game runners to have it allowed or not. Realm Specific Artifacts: 50/50 on it being Matched Play rules. Its really good though for armies lacking artifacts or good artifacts. Realm Specific Spells: Very unlikely to be Matched Play rules (seriously, giving all wizards an extra 6-7 spells for free?) but some tournies may use them to spice up the game.
  3. kenshin620

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    To be fair Storm of Magic I thought was advertised as a supplement rather than a normal game thing. Much like nearly all the other Warhammer supplements like Triumph and Treachery, Apocalypse, or Cities of Death. Malign Sorcery on the other hand seems to be an actual Matched Play thing, but up to tournaments for the final say. After all, GW probably want people to spend money on MS.
  4. kenshin620

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Hopefully FW tweaks their stuff for 2.0 quickly. Also so just to be sure do the leaked rules show little differences for the Black Coach? Any reason to run it (until the new plastic kit comes out with options)?
  5. kenshin620

    Lore Query - Why do Stormcasts have low bravery?

    I mean it was the same (well slightly in the opposite direction) with 40k before they finally made Leadership a more important stat. Back in 7th and before, an imperial guard infantry squad sergeant had the same LD as a space marine. In the fluff, they should have been leagues apart.
  6. kenshin620

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    Well thats just what GW does. I was a big fan of Bretonnia. I was not a fan of being THE ONLY 6TH EDITION book still in use at the end of 8th edition. But Gw was like "yea...we kind of want to kill that faction off and...oh look end times!" I think of the biggest issues with GW update schedule is that they only do book based updates. Makes sense in a way, especially for 40k where they still jealously guard their rules, but I think they should take a leaf out of their "competitor" Privateer Press who does do incremental updates with their CID where they update each faction in a small portion focusing on a subfaction with rules that do go through direct input from their community (granted I think there is a danger of "vocal minority", I never actually looked into the CID thing other than seeing the models and changes).
  7. kenshin620

    AoS 2e previews

    I'm still waiting for Arkhan's personalized legion of sand dudes!
  8. kenshin620

    Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    This is Games Workshop we're talking about. Man I remember 6th edition 40k and everyone kidding themselves when they were thinking "don't worry, the FAQ will fix everything!"
  9. kenshin620

    Let's chat : the slaves to darkness /dark oath

    This could be like what happened to Moonclan, essentially placeholder rules.
  10. kenshin620

    GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    On other places, people say Matched Play ally point limits are unchanged.
  11. kenshin620

    The Fleet of Bones

    The ghost Sea Horses is so unexpected but works really well!
  12. kenshin620

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    The new AoS site has a art intro video for the Soul Wars. I forget, is the Undead Pegasus going to be a character or a generic leader? Or do we not know yet? Unless is that just Shroud Knight with some fancy wing effects?
  13. kenshin620

    No Greenskin-Faction Focus...could it means something BIG?

    Plus to be fair most of the faction focuses for Dest are pretty bad anyways. The Grot one is basically a disguised Troggoth focus (and just saying that they went down in points). Granted Moonclan are basically confirmed to get an update, but Gitmobs at this point exclusively exist to give artillery options. I'm still surprised they don't just turn normal greenskins into the "marauders" of ironjawz.