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  1. Time Trap discussion!

    Thank you for clarifying. I was reading a print out of FAQ v1.2 alongside some of the forum posts both here and on other websites and couldn't work out why everyone was discussing different wording. It all made sense when I found a cached FAQ v1.1 and matched up the dates. I wish GW would put the updated date directly on the FAQ as I tend to print them out.
  2. Time Trap discussion!

    I notice in FAQ v1.2 they changed the example to: You cannot use this action to do something you could not normally do (e.g. make a Charge action with a fighter that has already made a Move action in this phase). Is this because the example given in FAQ v1.1 was incorrect? Can I therefore deduce that you can make another attack action even if you’ve charged because you’re not taking an activation?
  3. I've also considered storing some of my stuff in the loft but I have concerns about models and paint not coping well in the heat. I'm in the UK and my loft gets ridiculously hot during any heat waves (admittedly they don't happen that often). I think it's too well insulated and the heat just can't escape! Has anyone had issues storing things in the loft?
  4. In the GHB 2017 p.116 the Artefacts of Power section states for any heros "one or more may bear an artefact of power". Does this imply if I have 6 heros I can now give each one a different artefact of power? Even if I don't take any additional battalions? If this isn't the case why have GW added "or more"? Most previous battletomes simply say "one may bear an artefact of power"
  5. Official Games Workshop on Twitch

    I'll be sad to see Rob go. Whilst all presenters so far have been great Rob was the the one presenter who seemed to give the channel focus and bring it all together. I was actually at Warhammer World on Thursday and spotted Rob in Bugman's. I did mean to go over and tell Rob what a fantastic job he was doing. However he looked as if he was in a meeting/lunch break so didn't want to interrupt him...and doesn't the saying go "dont meet your heros"! Anyway @Rufio, if you're reading this thank you for being so entertaining and for driving the community team to new heights.
  6. Khorgus khul

    Hello all. It seems like the warscroll has now been updated to the following on the community website. The link is: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/06/23/vandus-and-khul-matched-play-points-june22gw-homepage-post-2/
  7. Hello @Ben, Great episode as always. I can't seems to find the full show notes to see the pictures or the video you put on twitter. Are you able to point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  8. AoS Campaign Books

    I don't own any as I didn't have a complete army or an opponent to play against at the time they were published. They also seemed to come so thick and fast that only the most hard-core of narrative gamers must have been able to keep up. I'm a little reluctant to pick them up now as the Realmgate Wars have passed. However I would be keen to have a read of the fluff. I hope this gets summarised in any future edition "big books" or general's handbook. I've read about half of the Realmgate Wars novels. Do these campaign books add much in terms of additional story?
  9. Rocky Terrain Project

    Looking great! It'd be cool to see how things would play out if you surrounded an objective with these. With the Agrellan Earth is it a case of the more you paint on the bigger the cracks?
  10. This looks great! Did you flick the white paint on off a stiff brush? I have a Celestant Prime sitting in the box and I'm currently considering what to do with his swirls.
  11. I have some weekly White Dwarfs I want to keep pristine condition so I'm after the official binder GW released. Get in touch if you have one to sell. A pic is below ...
  12. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Something about both the heraldor sculpts doesn't quite look right to me. They both seem a bit chubby around the waist. Unless they need a big gut in order to toot the horn! Maybe they were the Robert Baratheon's of the old world...once formidable warriors who piled on the pounds in their later years!
  13. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    It's on page 99 of the Battletome under hints and tips.
  14. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    On the subject of double Relictors do you ever think we'll ever get an alternative Relictor sculpt? It's still the only thing from the starter set not to get a stand-alone realease. I personally feel it's the most asthetically interesting of all the stormcast models and I'd love to see different standards. It's always struck me as odd that the heraldor got a version two before any other heros.
  15. @rokapoke thanks for clarifying, I reread that warscroll 10 times thinking I was missing something! It could be that the guy doing co-commentary got confused or he may have been making a different point. Most likely it's my ears. I've not got the best hearing and there's often a lot of background noise on the Warhammer TV feed making it difficult to catch everything!