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  1. Num

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    The bottom line of this thread is that there is no limit to the amount of rats you have to get
  2. Num

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Cool! I like the 3rd and 4th more. 40 stormvernins is half the points and will require heavy baby-sitting (leaving the clanrats naked). I feel its a high risk.... On the other hand, your clanrats may be in trouble if your warlord dies... What about Warlord, arch warlock, 40 clanrats, 40 clanrats, 1 warp cannon, 15 gutter or another cannon? Just a random idea to still benefit from clanrats swarm while not putting all eggs in the same basket... Let us know, it sounds like an interesting tourney!!
  3. Num

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    I think a safe bet would be to wait until AoS 2 in June to get a clearer picture on the impact on skaven. Also it is likely that there will be a skaven article on May 26th on warhammer community that will give some hints on the future of skaven. Skaven has plenty of old models and metal sculpts, so I wouldn't bet on these ones. Clanrats, stormvermins, verminlords, warp lightning cannons, grey seers, warlords, stormfiends all look pretty safe to me... That's more than enough to build a cool army. As for mortars, I play 8 of them in my skryre army (keeping in mind that with skryre allegiance you can double one of their DMG). I nearly tabled a beastclaw raiders army with them (and they had no unit with more than 10 models, so no bonuses to hit or DMG). I had even considered swapping my 2 cannons with 6 more, but it may be cheesy... Outside of skryre, Im not sure they can have such impact, especially with only a couple of them. Warp lightning cannons may have more impact (especially with the new shooting rules).
  4. Num

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    Yeah! Looking forward day 13th of reveal (May 26th) for some Skavrn reveals From what has been revealed so far I might run grey seer, spiteclaw and a warlord with some free space for extra CP, but a bit soon to tell... What is the point of stormfiends in Verminus? It doesn't seem to synergize well and arr a bit redundant with clanrats, aren't they? Have you had success with them?
  5. Num

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I'm pretty hyped by everything! I love theory crafting so all these new rules and points changes will certainly bring grist to the mill. Also I love how certain recent warscrolls were written with AoS 2nd in mind, which is why we couldn't make sense of them. We have debated Skritch Spiteclaw command abilities for weeks, not understanding how it worked: "You can use this command ability in the combat phase before fighting with a Verminus unit within 13" of Skritch Spiteclaw. Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of that unit’s melee weapons that phase." Did it apply to every unit? Could it be used in the enemy combat phase? Which phase could it be used exactly? With what we know on the new command abilities, everything makes sense now, as it works like the newly revealed ones! I suppose it can be used on any unit, during any combat phase, as long as we spend the command points. Its clever from GW, but it also created some confusion between the model release and now... I was afraid to play Skritch because of the unclear rules.
  6. Num

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    I don't think the no shooting in combat rule will change skryre dramatically, because most of our units die once in combat anyway (except stormfiends). We already use plenty of screening anyway as part of the army functioning. I agree that I may kit my stormfiends melee instead, yes. Regarding the "look out, sir" rule, in my army I've got 2 warplightning cannons (not affected), 8 poisoned wind mortars (mainly shooting hordes, so less affected) and gascloud formation (D6 not affected) So I would say I'll do pretty fine with what has been revealed on shooting so far... I think that, generally, skryre will remain good for hero sniping due to warp lightning cannons, gascloud, arkhspark and so on. Only the jezzails maybsuffer from this rule... My only concern so far is with the command abilities system, as we don't have many to pick from. The two new ones might be interesting. I also hope we'll be able to use allies command abilities, but I doubt that What do you think?
  7. Num

    Let's Chat: Verminus

    I just realized that the way Skritch's command ability is worded in the warscroll makes more sense now that we had the preview on the new command abilities system! We've seen command abilities that can trigger outside the hero phase. So we're likely to be able to use Skritch's for any unit before any combat phase, as long as we are willing to pay the command point. So the rules were only confusing because they have been written for AoS 2nd and we didn't know about it back then! Now please let's just bring the verminus clawpack or some other battalions so that we can have more command points! Also Skritch will be able to hide behind it's minions due to the Look Out, Sir! ability
  8. Num

    Skaven Clan/Color Choices

    I voted Clan Vrrtkin. I'm biased because my own skaven army has a green/white color scheme. I had a crush on an army with similar colors seen in Warhammer Vision #13 A This issue also has a clan skurvy at on display: I also went and checked the clan vrrtkin army you mention you found on the internet and, wow... Now I want to redo my whole army again Happy painting
  9. Num

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Thanks for the battle report ! TThe warscroll of the warpfire can be found, I think, in the chaos book. Personally, I kept a copy of the old compendium and use that (because its rules have not changed). I suppose you could alsobwait for AoS version 2 because they may change some warscrolls
  10. Num

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Hello all Did you get any juicy rumours on Skavens from Warhammer fest? Cheers
  11. Num

    Skaven help

    Hi, you need more "battle line" units to fulfill AoS requirements. Clanrats are chaos and verminua battle line Stormfiends are skryre battle line Gutter runners are eshin battle line Stormvermins and clanrats are verminua battle line So you need to pick a faction (chaos, skryre, verminua, eshin...) and fill the battle line units requirements. If you pick chaos you need 2 more units of clanrats (so 40-80) If you pick skryre you need 2 more of either stormfiends or skryre acolytes. But everything non skryre will be allies and you can already have 400pts of these (so most of your minis won't be used). Tldr: buy 80 more clanrats, pick chaps allegiance and use any other unit you want CCheers
  12. Num

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    When you chose not to use enginecovens at 2k because of the cost, what do you take instead to make the 200-400points worth? Also, is it acceptable to model the stormfiends with one weapon of each (like warpfirr in one hand andwind launcher in the other) in order to keep the choices open and have more spare bits to use (eg put the extra flamethrower on another stormfiend like grinder + warpfire) ? Would it be an acceptable practice? Thanks
  13. Num

    The Painting Contract - May 2018

    Hello all, I'd like to join the fun and the pledge I registered for a local tournament that runs from now until end of June. I showed up at my first game and learnt that I needed a fully painted and based army to compete further. So that's my incentive! I have a 2000 skaven Skryre army composed of: 1 arch warlock 2 warlock engineers 3*5 acolytes 8 mortar weapon teams 2 warp lightning cannons 20 clanrats 20 giant rats 2 plague priests In the past few weeks I have painted the warlocks, the arch warlock, one cannon, one plague priest, 3 mortars and the 20 clanrats. I still have to paint: 20 giant rats, 15 acolytes, one priest, one cannon and 5 mortars (already primed). And base the whole army. So that's my pledge for the month I've had some help so far because my 3-year old daughter shaded all the clanrats. She absolutely loved the responsibility and the focus! I don't mind some heavy agrax on my rats so I thought that could have been a great family time. And it was. I'm going to let her shade the 20 giant rats and 15 acolytes
  14. Num

    what I played // expected // got

    What I play What I expected What I got
  15. Make sure you build the cannons and bell dual use for even greater value. Bell (requires a few magnets) https://spearofruss.blogspot.fr/2011/08/screaming-bell-plague-furnace-magnetic.html?m=1 the cannon / plagueclaw (simple conversion, no magnets) : https://chatteringhorde.blogspot.fr/2011/10/dual-use-plagueclaw-catapult.html?m=1