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  1. Beliman

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Hope to see some ways to put the "skyfarer" tag on them. I already use them for screening but, don't know, seems wrong to move some companies and let others dwarf behind.
  2. But we already have that. Alot of shops and communities are playing their championships and campaigns. The only diference is the way that the viewers can reach/eat the product. With warhammer tv orany other platform, Age of Sigmar is expanding in other new ways that were not created to support this type of games. Now, if we return to ol'counterstrike, or EVO or BackToWarhammer, they are still building some championships every week, exactly like us. From the OP, I feel that he wants to go in another direction (like you said, Fortnite, Hearthstone and other ongoing e-sport games). P.D: Yeah, Fornite was a failed game XD. Zombies vs players (I tested the game in closed beta). But still the battleroyal genre is moving in the same direction of any other e-sport, but they need to work alot more (the championships are a bit meh). Time will tell if the game will have a community supporting it after 3 years.
  3. Beliman

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Maybe I'm alone, but I enjoy what Im reading. Btw, I'm KO player.
  4. It's not only Gwent that does that. Every single e-sport have done the same. Like I said before, you invest alot of money to make an e-sport; doesn't matter if your product use full rng mechanics or is just a failed survival videogame (Fortnite, coff..coff...). And remember that Hearthstone was made with 15 developers (before it become an e-sport).
  5. That's another point. Doens't matter if you have a game with perfect rules. Every videogame can do that, but only a few just make the jump over the e-sports wagon. Rules are just one little part, even the rng from card games or just the crit/flee based characters abilities are just that, RNG mechanics, but it's not something really important in that matter. I'm trying to say that the supporting community behind the game is what really matters. You need to create something that they like (doesn't matter if your whole game is based in RNG or just mental games or full skills). In other words, without streamers (not people, STREAMERS) streaming your game you will not have enough community; without enough community your championships (and the reason to become an e-sport) will be just parody; without championships, you will not have enough pr0-players to support your game, without pr0-players, you will not have streamers to stream your game... you get the point. And that's only the begining, then we need the main features and characteristics of our product to have players, viewers, streamers and pr0-players happy with it. I can't stop laughing seeing PewDiePie, Rubius, Lirik, Coh, Strippin, SivHD, etc... all of them in the same room with miniatures, dice and rules... don't know how it will work, but it don't seems to have a happy ending for the game or viewers.
  6. From my point of view, AoS doesn't change too frekently. I mean, in any e-sport we have one patch every 1 or 2 weeks, and some of them have more impactful patches (new characters, weapons or events) that can even transform the meta. One time you see some character exploiting some infintie combos/ weapons/ overtunned raw numbers in fighting/moba/BR/sport games, and the next week he/she/it isn't even picked/banned. Even championships aren't using the last patch and the company just communicate what patch will be playing when the competition starts.
  7. I understand the theory behind the concept, but if we start to analyze every point, we see that we already have what we are asking for: -E-sports are from "electronic" (digital-software) that uses some type of sport-y rules between two teams or even versus IA (hard modes from some MMOs). The point behind that concept is not the mechanic itself or the game, is the entertainment that can accomplish with some cameras and points of view (90% of this being 3-5 minuts delayed from original source, so you can't edit and put your product on "video/youtube" labbel). -At the same time, the game needs to be entertaining (the pr0-players don't make the game succesfull, it's the community behind it). So the target should be prepared to understand what the game is about (some knowledge) and the company/game needs to give the viewers something in return. At this moment, the digital communication is a fast-phased community (there is point in splitting the community and focus in one vector...but in any e-sport it's just a kamikaze strategy). So slow-phased games, changing povs (dice-table-dice-etc...) without any external mass-motivations (casters, interactive interface, etc...), etc...have some technical handicaps. Not going to say that it's impossible to fix all this issues, but you need time and money to do that, and it's not something that is set in stone; maybe after 6 months working on that, the result will be alot less than what you expected (or worst, it will become lost money without anything in return). -Ongoing game: E-sports have one thing in common: ongoing streams 24/7. That is accomplished with people playing the game, and the game has some type of support to still be entertaining (electronic games have some good points being displayed in 2D in every monitor and stream softwares compatibles and eazy to use). This helps the game to continue be "alive", even without any competition ongoing, and make every player the possibility (and tempting them) of playing the game (just go to steam or any other shop and buy the game). This are some points (not all of course). We have the first point (rules and meta). And we have some digital support (warhammer community/twitch/facebook) and an ongoing community, but the technical problems stop the whole game to become an e-sport (because tabletops are not an e-sport), but if we look at what we have, we are already playing a competitive tabletop game. Knowing all of this we can argue how can we make the game more "impactful" to the digital community? But that's another point. Sorry for the wall of text btw.
  8. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    Someone on Dakka said that Moonlcan will be the next battletome after death, followed by Slaanesh. It seems to be the same dude that talked about Nurgle before their release. We had Cave-Shaman and some rumor engines that support this theory, of course only time will tell if he is right.
  9. Beliman

    Fluff Problems

    Spear of Shadows or City of Secrets are some of the books that are trying to go in another direction from the previous ones (the SCE vs Khorne that you just pointed). I need to read Overlords of the iron Dragon (being a KO, this should be my first read, shame on me). From what we know, there is alot to come, so don't expect to see all caracters, development and the same progression of WHFB in the first five years. Btw, imho I see an awesome job from GW, because in three years we are starting to see some characters that can fill the gap; and after the RP book and AoS 2.0, we are going to have some more physical views of AoS.
  10. Beliman

    Fluff Problems

    Imho, one of the best parts of Age of Sigmar is gods living between mortals. Something like DarkSouls. You can see them, you can touch them, put your faith on them (or just hate them), but in the end, they can be killed. No one is safe, not even gods.
  11. Beliman

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    They should create new unites for every skyfleet (like SCE chambers), some example: - Mhornar skyfleets are full of crazy pirate-dwarfs, maybe some out-of-the-code dwarf outcasts could be there (melee dmg spec unite, with some cowl and capes like "the fallen" in 40k!!). Even some sky-kraken hunters or flying monsters could be thrown here (transpoting some flying monsters could have some repercussion in Mhornar fleets!) -Barak-Nar could have something about magic (than some unbind rules), like a unite of technicians that are specialiced in killing magic stuff (something like Knights Excelsiors being more dwarfy, and of course, with more style!! After all, Nar has the most prominent society and is the richest skyfleet). #MakeNarGreatAgain -Barak-Zilfin could have a new unique type of vessel, baloon-dwarfs or even a new hero with an ability to put the skyfarer keyword to any other dwarf (they have the most advanced vessels, transporting a dwarfs shouldn't be something out of their mind). -Barak-Zon should have an elite battleline (melee-tank anvil-spec that wants to charge after droping from any vessel). After all, they are the best military skyfleet!!! (make them bigger than other dwarfs, ogre-dwarfs!!!) -Barak-Urbaz could have something like a bomb (chemists doing their usual stuff) or some kamikaze units for the lulz. -Barak-Thryng could have something from the old dwarfs. Maybe a rune-engineer or some warmachines with skyfarer keywords (not enough to make a gunline, but the feeling to have again ol'good warmachines...). Of course with some rules to clarify how can you use them in your own custom skyfleet, but you get the point. That could give us an edge to build other tipe of lists (and be more unique). Of course, we are not SCE, but one can dream...
  12. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    I don't have any problem with this new kid-books. It's a good move grom GW-marcketing, plain and simple.
  13. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    Yep. From what we know, we can have CP from two diferent sources: -1 CP at the begining of each turn. - 1 extra CP at the begining of the the game for each battalion we have.
  14. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    Only one word: Badass. Hope to see him again (demi-god or a doomseeker/slayer, don't care if he still is himself).
  15. Beliman

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm a 3/2D designer and I must say that new sculpting softwares (I m specialized in ZBrush but Mudbox or even Blender are in the same bag of tools) have just the oposite syndrome. With autorigs in human models, you can have milions of diferent posses for everymodel, so the only problem that we have comes from the previous phase (concept art) or the next phase (preparing the models to fit their print/mass production). Sometimes you have an awesome 10 models perfectly animated but you need to change all their arms with the same 2-3 rigged arms, removing in most cases a bit of "fresh-nes". Not going to say that this happens everytime, but with fixed interchangable body parts can happen alot more (double kits have the same problem).