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  1. Properly excited!! It’s gonna be such as brilliant weekend!! Good luck to all and happy hobbying!
  2. Really hoping to make the first club night of the year!!
  3. Dark Magic FEC trait doubt

    I’d say the courtier gets the +1 aswell
  4. ‘‘Twas the club night before Xmas and all was still......
  5. Fimir Dirach Balefiend

    I rang FW regarding this model a few months ago as it has/had points in their downloads section but no model or warscroll and they said it was on their ‘to do list’
  6. GA: Death 2k tourney list

    Looks good! Personally I prefer Archai to Harbringers solely for the rend -2 dam3 but that’s just my preference. wouldnt the GKoZD be a better choice in your list? His reroll wounds bubble makes your flayers ALOT better?
  7. great write up, informative, respectful and interesting as always Nico.
  8. Zombie Dragon or Terrorgheist

    It’s because most tourneys apply WYSIWYG to models used. What You See Is What You Get thus even if you only fielded one it would be ruled as the actual model it represents. In friendly games it’s no issue at all
  9. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Unfortunately I’m in the same boat. i used to run a menagerie and it was very fragile. But since moving to GA: D I’ve found my monsters a lot more potent. I’ve included my list as I’ve had great success with it vs a lot of the more competitive lists around at the moment. My only advice would be keep persevering with your list and tweak bits at a time to see if little changes make that crucial difference. happy gaming!!
  10. Archaon Tzeentch list

    Why? Most other monster mounts only have rend -1 on their claws
  11. Does your army/general have a back story?

    That’s the main reason for this thread! great fluff guys! Keep those quills scribbling!!!
  12. As the title suggests, does your army/general have a back story? Is it a long and glorious story full of valour and glory? Or something a little more sinister? if so I’d love to hear it! Please post here! mine is as follows: Harkon wiped the sweat from his brow, the humidity in this accursed desert was stifling. Nearly a dozen of his warband had collapsed. They had been left to die of course, only the strong survived. They had been traveling through the brass hills enroute to a meeting with a rival warlord when suddenly a realm gate appeared, open and unguarded in front of them. Seizing an opportunity to further his own standing in the sight of his master the dread Grand Marshall himself, Harkon had managed to get his sorcerers to inscribe magical runes upon the structure of the realm gate. It would be hidden from sight to all except those loyal to him. That decision had seemed like a foolish one now, 2 weeks march through a desert with no land marks in sight, no shade from the oppressive red sun. Suddenly Harkon froze, he could sense a presence. "Blood Bound to the fore" he muttered, and the gore soaked warriors of Khorne stamped forward. "Tsar-lar take your disc and your chosen of the great magician and scout wide to our left" "As you wish" came the reply A voice whispered in Harkons ear "There can be no victory here, the dead are claimed by another, you cannot win" Harkon spun around his heavy blade swung in a decapitating arc. He braced for an impact that didn't arrive and nearly lost his footing. He staggered momentarily and looked down. "The desert is made of bones" he whispered to himself. How had he not seen this before he wondered? He shook himself out of his reflection. They stayed in battle ready formation for almost 4 hours and nothing. Harkon was just about to issue the order to March when Tsar-lar appeared looking battle scarred. "Report?" Commanded Harkon "The dead are claimed by another" was all Tsar-lar managed before collapsing to the ground. It was then that Harkon saw them, in the distance he could make out a group of Knights, motionless. He looked back to Tsar-lars body and saw a skull winged motif carved into his forehead. "You will pay in blood for this sacrilege" Harkon bellowed at the distant Knights. "You will die" came the rasping reply Almost instantly there was a legion of undead warriors surrounding his position. Perfectly motionless, rank upon rank of immobile warriors, the rusty weapons and pockmarked armour barely looked worth carrying. Harkon had fought the undead countless times before, the skeletons arrayed against him would crumble beneath his warbands swords. He needed to find the undead lord that commanded them. As if he was reading his very thoughts the vampire appeared. "I am Mes'en Dracul Senef" it said then nodded it's head and raised its sword in salute to Harkon. The combat had initially been heavily in Harkons warbands favour but the endless ranks of skeletons were slowly taking their toll. Suddenly the ranks of Skeletons parted and a unit of Knights could be seen charging. Harkon screamed at his personal guard to about face. The Knights charge hit home like a blow from Khorne himself. Harkons personal guard were decimated yet none of the undead Knights approached him, they just bared their fangs and sneered. A shadow formed over head, which despite himself, Harkon found unnerving. He looked up and saw the remains of a dragon flying awkwardly down towards him. Harkon screamed his praise to the dark gods and charged before the monster had landed. The monster was powerful and resisted his attacks. Suddenly a lance struck Harkon in the throat and he collapsed, chocking on his own blood. "The dead belong to another" came the words as Mes'en dismounted. "The dark gods have no power here, and your soul belongs to Nagash now" Mes'en smiled as he watched the life blood drain away from the chaos champion. "Your body, however, now belongs to me" Harkon tried to scream but death had come for him =========================== Mes'en Dracul Senef had been born into a noble family in one of the city states once ruled by Settra the great. When the great King had marched upon Nagash he had fought as all soldiers loyal to the throne must do, their duty. During these trying times Mes'en had commanded a Demi legion of his own and had won great renown. Yet a single battle would change his life forever. He had been issued orders to take his warriors to blunt an attack from one of Nagashs generals. Now he had heard rumours of these 'once men' and their supposed fantastical abilities but had never faced one in battle before. During the battle he had managed to fight his way towards the opposing general, a 'once man' of terrible power and ability. Mes'en was a skilled warrior but was no match for the immortal undead. Yet the vampire saw something in Mes'en and during the fighting time seemed to slow and Mes'en was given a simple choice: die here and now or join us and live forever. Mes'en didn't hesitate "I wish to live forever" "Very well, I am Aborash and hence forth you shall obey my will" the warrior whispered then bared his fangs and bit Years later Mes'en had vowed to emulate his sires feats of martial prowess and had bested a dragon and cured himself of the thirst. He hadn't ignored his innate control of the necromantic arts and could summon and maintain a legion of warriors with very little effort. His memory of those ancient days was crystal clear despite the aeons of time that had passed. Yet there were 3 things that fuelled him, 3 things that would sustain him in his eternal undeath. The first was his shame at fleeing when the great necromancer had requested their aid The second was his shame that Walach, his friend, had fallen to Khorne during the cataclysmic events that had destroyed the world that was And the third was the forgiveness he had had to earn from Nagash himself after he had been summoned to an audience with the great necromancer. "Forgiveness" he smiled to himself. He had become to full of pride, he had failed Nagash and the price of failure was terrible indeed. Nagash has summoned Mes'en and had stripped away his immortality and his enhanced abilities. "You are to live a mortal life time as penance for your failure. If you die then you die. To regain my favour you must complete these 2 tasks. 1) Being from the bloodline of Aborash you must defeat a dragon in combat, and 2) you must sacrifice a champion of each of the races from across the 9 realms to me. Then and only then shall you regain my favour" Mes'en burst into laughter. He had learnt his lessons well, his arrogance and pride had been painfully torn from him. He now served Nagash completely He was now fulfilled, purpose driven and had aeons of battle experience. He despised the schemes of his brothers. All he needed was to serve Nagash, all he needed was to remember one thing "The dead belong to another
  13. GA: death list building tips/advice

    Depends on your theme if you have one, your choice of general will actually decide what kinda list you’re gonna end up building as well. Always remember rule of cool wins unless you’re writing a list that’s aiming for top tables of a tourney then rule of cool isn’t always so good 😉
  14. Most embarrassing / luckiest aos moments!

    My fondest memory is way back when AoS first dropped and I visit @Leonardas and we played a game of Khorne daemons (me) vs Tzeentch and the now infamous phrase “combat tzeeeentch....” was born.... 😂😂😂
  15. whatsapp groups

    We have a group for AoS @SLL which is for people who attend our club nights