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Thanatos Ares

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  1. Thanatos Ares

    Tournament Death Lists Discussion

    Did any one run death at LGT? Feedback would be awesome if so please guys!
  2. Thanatos Ares

    Legion of Night - "Double Dragon" help

    List looks solid. I’m not sure if ambushing the skeletons is a the best use of “the bait” ability skeleton units get in Night. I run a more extreme top heavy variant list and ambush with harbringers & 2 Terrorgheists. Best set advice I’ve got is keep playing your list till you know it’s strengths inside out. Knowing what your list is and isn’t capable of doing will win you games. Keep us informed of your progress!!
  3. Thanatos Ares

    Black Knights and/or Hexwraiths in LON

    I use them for 2 reasons in my LoN list: 1) they’re deathrattle so benefit from ‘the bait’ 2) the speed of them makes their banner (-1 bravery) easily positioned where you need it
  4. Thanatos Ares

    Black Knights and/or Hexwraiths in LON

    I always take a unit of 5 Black Knights in my LoN brilliant unit, overlooked far to often
  5. Thanatos Ares

    GHoN Vs Maggotkin 2K

    I’d 100% keep Pinions on your Dragon Lord. You’ll get way more usage out of it than Orb imho. Ideally you want some else to be putting mystic shield on your dragon Lord aswell.
  6. Thanatos Ares

    ??? Vs seraphon

    Apart from your harbringers it looks like a very static grind list.. good luck in your game!!
  7. Thanatos Ares

    ??? Vs seraphon

    They ignore rend -1 with shields I believe
  8. Thanatos Ares

    2-0-1 With Grand Host 2k

    How was your first opponent being in back the Black Knights with reserve points? As they no longer have the summon spell on their warscroll
  9. Thanatos Ares

    LoN vs darkling covens

    Harbringers benefit massively from the VLoZD command ability and being in range for a deathless minions save. Only problem with ambushing is its end of movement phase and thus after the command ability is given out.
  10. Thanatos Ares

    Tournament Death Lists Discussion

    Dude that looks amazing!! Let us know how you get on!!
  11. Thanatos Ares

    Experienced Player joins the 'Dead'

    Welcome to Shyish! Personal opinion here but I’d give your gg great blades. And as for running a Terrorgheist competitively I ran 2 of them at heat 2 recently and placed 14th. Any pics of your stuff?
  12. Will be there this week! Crucial blood Bowl league game!!!
  13. Thanatos Ares

    Who´s better option now: VLoZB or Vhordrai?

    Depends what else is in your list I think, as the VLoZDs command ability makes LoB Blood Knights truely danagerous
  14. Thanatos Ares

    Ian Plays Death: Fundamentals (Death Article)

    Interesting read and well thought out, although my list tends to disagree with you on some points.
  15. Thanatos Ares

    Tournament Death Lists Discussion

    Got some Warhammer tv dice for being on twitch! Yay!