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  1. Cavalry in Age of Sigmar (includes some whinging)

    That’s the sensible thing to do. I just dropped my Blood Knights and rewrote my list 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. Cavalry in Age of Sigmar (includes some whinging)

    Cavalry still has its place I think, and can still cause the epic devastation from a charge cinematic. take Blood Knights for example. They are still quiet expensive for 5 models. If they get the charge against a large unit (not an elite unit) that IS NOT immune to battle shock then you can cause carnage. I have had the opposite to my scenario happen to me. I charged a unit of 20(?) Blood reavers that were unbreakable and rubber Lance syndrome ensured. I caused a woeful amount of damage most of which was saved and then nothing in the battleshock phase. My elite shock cavalry ended up in a grind fest for 3 whole turns with 20 Blood reavers!!!!
  3. Death grand alliance.

    Mystic shield on the hexwraiths makes them way better at tanking non mortal wound dealing troops. other than that looks solid
  4. The Wolf Pack! Dire Wolves battleline.

    I always use 3x 5 Dire Wolves as my battle line in my list. Brilliant units.
  5. The Wolf Pack! Dire Wolves battleline.

    Simply put - no
  6. Death grand alliance.

    As @xspire points out above you need to find synergys that overlap. Wight King with Infernal Standard for example synergises with you're block of Skeles but not BloodKnights .... if you're going hordes of shambling dead things then a fast counter punch unit is a solid idea. But it's easy to be overly reliant one them... my list as an example.. yes the monsters are a synergy in themselves being fast and hitty but when you look closely the VLoZD gives rerolls to hit to a single unit thr GKoZD projects a reroll to wound bubble (for FEC only) suddenly that fast flying mob of scary monsters are (between them) refilling hits and wounds. which makes them ALOT scarier. its crucial to find a play style you like, a 'power Level' you're aiming for, and over lapping synergies so your list isn't overly reliant on one key unit. hope this rambling wall of text is helpful! 😂
  7. Death grand alliance.

    I have a very good win/loss ratio with my GA:Death list. And I play at South London Legion against @Nico and other #onlythefilthful opponents my list is: Its not a very very subtle list I admit but it does the job more effectively than it would seem too on paper. What list ideas do you have?
  8. Skeleton Horsemen or Black Knights?

    Sorry should have been clearer Being compendium a lot of tournaments don't allow them is what I meant. I didn't mean all competitive play.
  9. Skeleton Horsemen or Black Knights?

    I would as in competitive play Skeleton Horsemen are no longer legal. which is a shame as I think they're way way better than Black Knights *sigh* oh well post some pics please!!!
  10. Terrorgheist vs Zombie Dragon

    If it's an unridden one then I would always go with the Terrorgheist personally. But it I do run 2 of each in my standard 2k list 😁
  11. Aftermath of the GT final

    No death list at all in the top 30 is pretty damning I think, great variety otherwise though
  12. Let's See Your Ghoul Kings on Terrorgeists!

    Whilst nowhere near as good as most others I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out
  13. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    admittedly i haven't read back on this very interesting discussion, and i apologise if its been covered. that being said in the debate of house rules vs.... it seems to me that matched play is the biggest subject for these house rules... why not just play open play as you want to? matched play has a lot of factors bringing the balance of the game, house ruling something, whilst being a potentially very obvious and community embracing change, will always effect the inherent balance of the way the game (in matched play only) plays and feels. house ruling has always been a thing and i hope it continues to be as well, but i feel as though it belongs in the open play arena of the game. just my 2pennies
  14. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    whilst i agree on the whole with this statement, i also don't think its entirely accurate. myself as the example - I'm not a tournament player per-say, my hobby budget is extremely limited (wife&3 kids) my death army is effectively iconic models i really like with a bit of a competitive tweak so i don't get rofl-stomped every game
  15. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    im a death player swell so i understand how you're feeling, that being said, i love AoS mores now than i did pre-ghb2017. yes my list got nerved, yes the generic death abilities are lacklustre, but my list was never intended to be top table competitive (and i play down the South London Legion against none other than the dreaded @Nico himself) but I've found that running a list that you enjoy playing with, your opponent enjoys playing against, is flexible enough to cope with the ups & downs of battle and is resilient enough to take a bloody nose and still keep on fighting allows me to play the battle plan/mission that we've rolled and still be in with a genuine chance at victory. writing a left-field list really helps confuse the meta aswell. so all in all I'm loving AoS more than ever!!! I do really hope you get your mojo back WoollyMammoth!!