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  1. NazbitWeirdstabba

    The Rumour Thread

    https://malignportents.com/story/a-dying-goddess/ An official Spiderfang Grot story! Sounds like there could be a hint towards hordes of smaller spiders in there.
  2. NazbitWeirdstabba

    The Rumour Thread

  3. NazbitWeirdstabba

    The Rumour Thread

    What’s the word on moonclan?
  4. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Malign Portents

    It's strange to me that they've implied the possibility too. I'm actually wondering whether it is just GW severely overhyping the Warhammer Legends releases that are incoming, giving people an excuse and lore reason to add old heroes to their armies when they buy them. Something very interesting that we haven't discussed yet is this line from the community article:
  5. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Malign Portents

    The narrative actually says: Not only does it state that there will be heroes from before the age of myth, but it also gives us some clues of who those heroes are. "snarling greenskin warlords" sounds like it is hinting to Skarsnik, a.k.a "Warlord of the Eight Peaks". Disgraced vampiric aristocrats could be Vlad, though it could be many of the old Vampires (I don't know much about their lore). I could just be reading too much into it, but "before the Age of Myth" definitely sounds like it is implying the World that Was.
  6. Hi all! I will soon be rebasing my entire moonclan grot force onto rounds! My grots are painted pretty standard for moonclan, grey/black cloaks with yellow moons, and I want to go for a slightly snowy mountain style base. I was thinking of possibly going for Astrogranite, and then putting some snow and grass tufts on it. However, I'm not sure how natural grass would look on an astrogranite base. Does anyone have any good techniques for these type of bases? Cheers! Edit: forgot some details
  7. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Where do I go next?

    When it comes to Moonclan, I can't recommend Mangler Squigs enough. If you manage to get them into an enemy unit and get a good bunch of attacks in first, it can deal some serious damage.
  8. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Success/Failure of the Mushroom King

    I really like him in my moonclan army, especially using the malign portents rule. Even in normal games his mushroom eating ability has won me some pretty clutch moments, rerolling failed dispels, casting mystic shield and arcane bolt at the same time etc. Haven’t got any use out of his spore spell yet, though (he’s durable, but not that durable!).
  9. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Is the 'Bad Moon' Lunaghast?

    It's definitely good to get a straight up Moonclan story! Leaves me tentatively hopeful for the future
  10. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Narrative/Lore help

    Awesome, cheers guys! Followed your advice and made my own little region, tribe, backstory etc. Thanks!
  11. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Narrative/Lore help

    I'm trying to think of lore for my Moonclan army for a narrative event we're having soon, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around some of the AoS lore. They're called the Freezin' Moon tribe, and I want them to have territory in a snowy mountainous area, fighting with Duardin etc. I've been reading about the realms and can't seem to find anywhere that matches this snowy mountainous area. Do you guys just make up your own areas and regions within realms when you come up with your own back stories? Cheers!
  12. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Is the 'Bad Moon' Lunaghast?

    Hey guys, quick question for the lore buffs out there. I'm fairly new to the AoS lore, and was reading the story The Paradise Below on the Malign Portents website. In this story the grots frequently reference their deity the Bad Moon. The results of the week one dread solstice campaign say that our actions have attracted the attention of Lunaghast, the Moon of Dark Secrets. Is Lunaghast the Bad Moon the Moonclan reference? Cheers!
  13. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Legions of... WAAAAAAAAAGH?

    Moonclan seem to have had quite a bit of focus during malign portents, with a new model released in the form of the Fungoid Cave Shaman, and a short story in "The Paradise Below". Furthermore, the Facebook page linked a super squig heavy army list. My hopes are that Moonclan will either get its own battletome, or it will be included with other goblin/destruction factions in a book and given a battalion/alliance abilities this year.
  14. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Moonclan Grot Netters

    Thanks a ton for all your responses guys! I'l definitely give your ideas a shot
  15. NazbitWeirdstabba

    Moonclan Grot Netters

    Hey guys, 40 of my Moonclan Grots come from the Battle for Skull Pass set, which didn't come with any netters. I'd like to add 6 netters to the unit, but old netters off of Ebay cost around £7 each, and I don't have that kind of money right now! Any ideas or tips on how I can make my own nets to add to some spearmen? Thanks!