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  1. Fisher KIng

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    That would be great. I hope we hear something soon about some kind, any kind, of Grot release. Fingers crossed for something from Warhammerfest.
  2. Fisher KIng

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    Hi Guys, I was watching Warhammer weekly and when discussing this weeks rumour engine the guys concluded that it was Grots. They thought the bugs were like the one the Fungoid Cave shaman has and that GW maybe steering in to the bug thing for Moonclan. Just say this is true. Could this mean that Spiderfang would be folded in to Moonclan? If so how would people feel about that? Could it mean that it won't be a Moonclan release but a general Grot release with a LoN style tome. or is this just reading a lot in to some maggots coming out of an armpit? Like me know what you fellow think? What would you like to see?
  3. Fisher KIng


    just a great model. really really nice.
  4. Fisher KIng

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    Goredrakk gives a +2 to hit bonus for one turn but at a hefty points price
  5. Fisher KIng

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    Would it be an idea to drop an endless spell or two to get the command point so you can use both command abilities in turn 1?
  6. Fisher KIng

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Good to see Destruction getting a good showing WAARRRGGG!
  7. Fisher KIng

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Just great. Thank you ☺️
  8. Fisher KIng

    Sell Me Your Faction

    This is all great guys. Really enjoying it but these are all the big guys and new hottness. Doesn’t anyone want to champion the little guys?
  9. Fisher KIng

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Great start @Overread I must admit you have got me thinking about an all snake list. @Vasshpit you can do better than that. There are many cool things about Da Boys. Let me hear your passion.
  10. Fisher KIng

    Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    just lovely man
  11. Fisher KIng

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Hello guys and galls, I'm building a Spiderfang force and loving it. The models are great. They are fast and if you manage to get all you buffs in you can have a glorious round of mortal wound out put. More then often, for me anyway, this doesn't happen so I still get to play them without my friends getting to salty. With only 3 units I can see the end of the project. This is a good and a bad thing. I find myself think what army project I mite move on to. What I'm asking you guys is to tempt me in to start up your favourite army/faction. You don't need to be playing it yourself just sell me on something. This is just for fun.....mostly
  12. Fisher KIng

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    Imagine a unit of 60 spider grots with the Spider venom rule. Especially if they had something like if you have 20 your +1 to hit, 30 or more +2. Epic. I know a few of the rumour engines have looked grot like. We are all assuming it’s Moonclan but a couple look very Spiderfang. I’m hope we get some love soon. 🤞🕷🕷🕷🕷
  13. Fisher KIng

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    I was looking at the realm artifacts and wondering what realm people like for there Spiderfang. I think I want to go shadow for the theme over any in game bonus but I think the fire bravery crown would work well on a big boss.
  14. Fisher KIng

    Painting Surt'Ar - Progess Shots

    Just great. Your work is amazing!
  15. Fisher KIng

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    I like the idea of using the leftover flinger parts. Great tip Thanks 👍