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  1. Slayerofmen

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Oh sweet well thats good to know
  2. Slayerofmen

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

  3. What can i say of all the editions olive played 5th ed + 6th was the only one where i could show up to a pick up game and there was a fair chance that the game would be close and lists would be pretty even. But this is an AoS forum and thread so peoples thoughts on tiers GO
  4. Strongly disagree 6th edition has to be the best edition for balance ever put out. As for the tier system instead of extra points you should be looking at a scoring handicap of some kind, no idea what the tiers would look like or what that handicap would be but yeah
  5. Okay sure, you are commiting close to 1000pts to do one thing half of which is okay to loose first turn? Leaving 4-5 squishy characters which are 5wounds 5+ save? Thats a big investment to buff a unit of skeletons
  6. Slayerofmen

    Shooting at Heroes and Bodyguards

    Because characters are pointed based on their unprotected nature
  7. Given that those bonuses are tied to characters that are quite expensive and can be alpha struck easily, ignoring that without buffs most death units are trash. Id probably give it more then a month to see where the book settles
  8. Slayerofmen

    Age of Sigmar "2nd edition"

    AoS is basically already playing with "power points" ala 40k because all options are included inside matched play points
  9. Slayerofmen

    FAQ landed

    @Kamose I think the intent with his comment was more along the lines of how the game should be built is. Build the game for match play then give people ways to play it without the points and "safety" turned on instead of going all out then trying to squeeze more narrative things into a system like matched play. Or sure he could just be saying stuff those ways of playing
  10. Slayerofmen

    Malign Portents

    I just had a look through my version of the app (aussie) and i cant see any of the characters
  11. Being one of the people that is in Aeons area and plays AoS, I can pretty safely say that the game is dead in the area at this current time, his idea for the modification is to try and turn around some of the people that were turned off by the double turn mechanic and it should be kept in mind that as players go the core group are all long time gamers and have played or coached in ATCs/ETCs/Masters events etc for both 40k and WFB so the get good and prepare a list that can take a double turn argument is thin in regards to the defense of the mechanic in OUR AREA. like with a lot of places the game was DoA when it launched many (myself definitely included) hated the game and what GW had given in place of old WFB, BUT when the GHB came out the game picked up and had upwards of 16+ players at one day events which for our area is a good turn out and this number was growing as we stole people from 40k and even the card game groups, but as time went on and more games got played and lists changed more and more all we started to hear was "it was a great game until the double turn" or "it was a close game but....i got double turned" or even worse "it was a close game until I got the double turn then it ruined it". After awhile it turned the vast majority away until there was 2-3 playing 1 or 2 games every few weeks an then just a handful of people based out of the local GW who are not likely to go to the LGS for the one day events. As it stands the crew that would play AoS have moved to 40k as to them it feels like AoS but better. The group loves the IDEA of the game and the setting is really starting to grow (I love everything nagash) but the turn mechanic has just killed the game locally. TLDR: He is trying to revive the game in an area where the core group of gamers that WOULD play the game wont due to the turn mechanic.