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  1. Slayerofmen

    Community Comp

    I think that comp packs not only get a generally bad wrap but are also viewed the wrong way. In australia east coast during 8th we played under, scgt, etc, panel comp, no comp and swedish and it was great not because it balanced the game but because it moved the goal posts and made people change up there lists and reconsider the choices they made which kept the game very fresh right till the end
  2. Slayerofmen

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    This is assuming they wont change the runesmith (whatever they are called now) warscroll to include a way to dispel
  3. Slayerofmen

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    It said release on the 30th didnt it
  4. Slayerofmen

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Come on 18 pages isn't that many given things like layout. If it was 18 pages of size 8 font sure but the game is hardly very complex as is and adding 14 more pages isn't likely to break the old mental bank as it were
  5. Slayerofmen

    Hardest kit you've built?

    Number one worst kit to build. Old metal scraplauncher
  6. Slayerofmen

    Your Faction Ideas?

    You think they will phase out 80% of the ogre range all their none sisters elf kits, all their dwarf kits empire kits etc.... that would make very little sense
  7. Slayerofmen

    Your Faction Ideas?

    Before the start of new armies id love to see the reintroduction of the other 80% of the model range with battletomes The dispossessed A new lease of life for high elves A gut buster battletome etc
  8. Slayerofmen

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Oh sweet well thats good to know
  9. Slayerofmen

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

  10. What can i say of all the editions olive played 5th ed + 6th was the only one where i could show up to a pick up game and there was a fair chance that the game would be close and lists would be pretty even. But this is an AoS forum and thread so peoples thoughts on tiers GO
  11. Strongly disagree 6th edition has to be the best edition for balance ever put out. As for the tier system instead of extra points you should be looking at a scoring handicap of some kind, no idea what the tiers would look like or what that handicap would be but yeah
  12. Okay sure, you are commiting close to 1000pts to do one thing half of which is okay to loose first turn? Leaving 4-5 squishy characters which are 5wounds 5+ save? Thats a big investment to buff a unit of skeletons
  13. Slayerofmen

    Shooting at Heroes and Bodyguards

    Because characters are pointed based on their unprotected nature
  14. Given that those bonuses are tied to characters that are quite expensive and can be alpha struck easily, ignoring that without buffs most death units are trash. Id probably give it more then a month to see where the book settles
  15. Slayerofmen

    Age of Sigmar "2nd edition"

    AoS is basically already playing with "power points" ala 40k because all options are included inside matched play points