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  1. Filius

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Regarding the Stormvermin 30/500 topic from Friday: The new Warscroll-Builder is online and Stormvermin are-cost 30/420 and 40/500 it says …
  2. Filius

    Mayple's Skaven Science

    Oh-oh, that makes me curious-inquisitive! Do you focus-concentrate on a single realm-thing, or several-many? And if I hadn't mentioned it before: This Blog is the single most inspiring thing I've found about Age of Sigmar and even the whole Hobby. Thanks, thanks, many-many thanks!
  3. Filius

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    I really like the different kind of Flowers you used on the bases! Very inspiring!
  4. Filius

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Ah! Thanks a lot! That's great! I will need some Warp-lightning cannon anyway so that's good to know. And I can do better search on ebay, hehe. Thanks again!
  5. Filius

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Ah, yeah, googleing … stupid me, I should have thought about that myself, hehe. But thanks! On a different topic: The Skyre Acolytes are not the freshest nor the most beautifull minis, esp. as they come in Units of 5 and there are only three different models. I think about converting some myself (using skaven an mechanicum minis/bits), but I wonder wether there's any source of skaven heads with gas masks / respirators other than the Acolytes (maybe third party bits). Does anyone know some?
  6. Filius

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Yes, yes, I'll probably end up with those guys … but … there are sooo many other great Skaven Units, so that 400 points of allies seems to small for all the awesome Units, I want to play, hehe.
  7. Filius

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Humble greetings everyone! I have a small question: The "Enginecovens" mentioned in the Generals Handbook 2017 … from which Book / Source do they come from? Thanks in advance!
  8. Filius

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Now that I think about it … I correct my question: Is there any Chaos Battleline Unit that is worth to be prefered over Clanrats within a mostly Skaven (Skyre) Army?
  9. Filius

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Thanks for the help. I'm especially looking forward to grab anything and go crazy, hehe. I thought about using Chaos Warriors (with a few conversions, maybe), because they are so tanky, and what I've read about the Skaven Units sofar seemed like they could use Tanks …
  10. Filius

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Hi there, I hope, it's okay to resurrect this thread, but if I'm not mistaken, that's kind of the idea of the "Let's Chat"-Threads. I do have a Question regarding Skaven List Building. Restricting to one Clan only seems a bit too boring to me (I don't care too much about competitivness). But if you choose Chaos only as you allegiance, your only Battleline Unit are the Clanrats, and as the profit massively from high Unit numbers, you'll probably end up with 3 x 40 Clanrat Units which is a bit not so tempting. Soo my question: When choosing Mixed Chaos als Allegiance, which Unit outside of the Skavens would be most usefull for a (mostly) mixed Skaven Army? Thanks in advance!
  11. Filius

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Thanks for the help! I quickly switched from GWs glue to Revells Contacta – which I still know from my childhood, hehe – and imho it's quite thin. Most of the Guards look pretty okay, but the recess on the shoulder appears quite often. I didn't notice it, when buildin the models (kids around the table). I'll keep an eye on them next time. Until then I'll try to fix it with the glue, as you mentioned. Thanks again. And another question immediatelly: Now that they are glued together, I noticed, that the inside of the Shields will be quite hard to paint, especially as the are sooo close to the spears. Has anyone achieved okay result, with glueing the shields first?
  12. Filius

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Haha! That's reminds me of the Song "Witches!Witches! Rest Now In The Fire" from Get Well Soon. I'll keep that in mind for sure. Thanks!
  13. Filius

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Soo … built my first ten Eternal Guard tonight (while the kids were still awake) and the Nomad Prince. I'm a little afraid that my painting skill will not match the need of the minis, but we'll see that later. For now I do have one question: I struggeled a bit, with the part where the shoulders are glued together. There still is a tiny gap. Does anyone have the same Problem, and if yes: How do you cope with it? Liquid Green Stuff? And as I am already posting: My first (and for a while only) Opponnent will probably starting Sylvaneth, which I like a lot, because it takes away the risk that I start buying them too as Allies for my Wanderers. (Plus: We both like the story of trees that hate elves, uhm aelves). We will start playing Skirmish, as we virtually start with zero. Does anyone have some advice, what's important to know / be aware of when fighting against Sylvaneth with Wanderers?
  14. Filius

    Why play Wanderers?

    Me neither, until I stumbeld about that one-pager, when I did a Google Image Search for Wanderers. They actually have an intruduction text for every Faction, so I bought the book to get the other little pieces of fluff also. Quite interesting read here and there. I'm also preparing a Post about currently know Wanderers Fluff … maybe I'll get it done tonight, at it really isn't much.