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  1. I meant it's a matter of opinion whether it's better to play to the letter of the rule or to the spirit of the rule.
  2. Beautiful. Someone needs to make this army. I've never found Skaven particularly appealing but the idea of putting them on magical motorbikes with scythed wheels and crossbar-mounted warp-lightning guns is giving me the vapours.
  3. Seraphon have actual spaceships. So, Order it is.
  4. Yep, looks like a tire. I'd be inclined to say Orks because of the studs but I've read in various places that there are supposedly no Xenos releases until next year, after Chaos and the Imperium have had their due. But who knows, it may yet be AoS. After the Kharadron Overlords, who would bet money against there being a gang of Skaven Road Warriors out there somewhere using Aether-Guano for fuel?
  5. Be'lakor?
  6. It's a great looking terrain kit (as is everything that GW produce), but really I can't help but feel that this gothic style is a bit out of step with the outrageous high-fantasy of AoS. I know that the realms are practically infinite and that there's bound to be a culture out there in Shyish that ended up developing a gothic style of architecture, but I'd rather see a whole new approach from GW that reflects the extreme landscapes seen in the newer artwork and described in the lore. AoS started out well with the Realmgates and Orphidian Archway but then came the outrageously expensive Dreadhold that no-one could afford, and since then it's just been repacks of the old WHFB stuff. I hope the boondoggle that is the Dreadhold hasn't put them off creating new, interesting and affordable terrain pieces in the future.
  7. Different people will have different opinions on how strictly the letter of the law should be enforced. But ultimately it's your hobby, so just discuss it with your opponents first and if they're chilled-out reasonable people then they should allow it. Personally I would have no problem with someone substituting an Abhorrant Ghould King for a Strigoi Ghoul King. Yes, it might not be strictly 'correct' or 'official' but can you really imagine playing a game with any of the staff or designers at GW HQ and them being pedantic about it?
  8. I'm creating some battleplans aimed at addressing the supposed 'nightmare scenarios' that Open Play could generate - not just addressing them, but turning them on their head and making them outrageously good fun. I know there's some debate about how likely these situations are to occur, but my thinking is that it doesn't matter. If the battleplans are good then it might encourage more people to experiment with asymmetrical armies for the sheer fun of it, rather than because their opponent is trying to break the game. These are the 'nightmare scenarios' I have so far: Your opponent has a much larger army. Your opponent has a large number of wizards and summonable units. Your opponent has a large number of Behemoths. Your opponent wants to field more than one copy of the same named character. Can anyone think of any others? Be as outrageous and implausible as you like!
  9. Just listened to the podcast - very informative and it's definitely got me excited to see the book. I suspect my group may end up using the Skirmish rules but with the extra RPG-like elements from Hinterlands. I get the impression that Bottle's plan for Hinterland going forward is to expand on the RPG/narrative type stuff, which would be awesome. I really hope Skirmish/Hinterlands starts gaining traction and we see some dedicated narrative events for it - for those of us who love the hobby and narrative side but struggle to field a whole army!
  10. Finally got to play my first games of Hinterlands last week. I have to say that despite being forced to play on a coffee table using household objects for scenery (urgh, never again!) we had good fun blooding our warbands. One thing that struck me, which I was surprised at but perhaps should have expected, is how easily heroes can die when duelling with another hero. My Crypt Haunter Courtier fell to my opponent's Wight King in a single round of combat in both of our battles without an opportunity to hit back. My opponent's Necromancer also went down in a single round of combat. So I felt like we potentially missed out on some tense dramatic moments that might have resulted from a more protracted duel. It does make me wonder if halving heroes' wounds is the best way to go. The games were very fast-paced, which we loved. I do wonder if maybe the gold rewards are a little bit generous though - after one relatively quick session we both had enough to add a hero to our warbands. If, as seems likely, we end up playing around 3-4 games a week we'll hit the size cap in no time, and it also creates pressure to buy, build and paint models. It's a minor thing though and something we could easily tweak ourselves. What really draws us to Hinterlands is the RPG elements, which the new Skirmish doesn't seem to have. We'll look at Skirmish but without injury tables and XP I can't see us playing it, not in its vanilla form at least. On the other hand it has artifacts and the scenarios sound interesting. We may end up mixing elements of both systems. Deeper RPG expansions for either system would also be very welcome in our group. Finally, I'd like to say that Hinterlands has brought people back to my gaming group who drifted away from AoS because of the pressure of painting and playing with so many models. Hinterlands and/or Skirmish now looks set to be our main way to play, and everyone's very enthusiastic about it. So thank you @bottle!
  11. Another way to look at it is that only around half of players play pure Matched. That suggests to me that the community overall is more flexible and embracing less overtly competitive experiences than it perhaps would have done pre-AoS. That said, it also goes a long way towards explaining why Matched/competitive often seems like it defaults to the 'normal' way to play. But I do hope that this poll has opened some people's eyes to the fact that the picture is more complicated and diverse than that.
  12. Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing the gallery of entries. I've seen lots of incredible entries posted in various places online, but I'll bet there are plenty of people that have just been quietly emailing masterpieces to Ex Profundis under the radar! I don't envy them having to pick a winner.
  13. I am now fully expecting this to win! Awesome work!
  14. Yeah it's misleading. You need to look at the number of people who voted for each option and ignore the percentage figure for that one.
  15. I know he's got the hero keyword, but in the context of Silver Tower he's not a hero. I was talking about the playable heroes from Silver Tower that were created for that game then later ported to standard AoS. They did a pretty perfunctory job on the warscrolls for those guys - really just providing a way for people to use the models in AoS, rather than thinking about giving them an interesting battlefield role or creating synergies with existing units.