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  1. Black Library open submissions

    Sounds like Warhammer meets The Colour Out of Space!
  2. I Want to Believe - Beast of Nurgle

    If you want them to look less anthropomorphic and more bestial/daemonic, I'd lose the faces completely, and perhaps even the arms. File those things down completely and put a lumpy mass of green stuff in their place. That way their quivering mass of tubes becomes the focal point of the model, and presumably their primary sense organs, making them seem more horrifying and unknowable (but still squishy and fun). As an added bonus, you won't have the arms drawing attention to the fact that these are mono-pose models, so you'll be able to field as many as you want without it looking weird.
  3. I'm currently trying to speed-paint an Anvilgard army (speedy for me anyway), and everything is going well except for the fact that the Black Ark Corsairs are slowing me down. The reason for this is that they have a lot of different areas and textures that require different colours to be applied, and some of these areas are very small and tricky to access with the brush (despite being fully visible when looking at the model, so they can't just be ignored). To give you some idea, these are the areas and textures I'm talking about; metal armour, trim, cloth, leather, reptile hide cloak, blades, skin and hair. So each model needs up to 9 different basecoat colours, which is time consuming in itself before you even think about washing and highlighting. I'm looking for tips to speed up the process. Does anyone have any ideas?
  4. Malign Portents - A Tale of ??? Warlords

    I really do think that just applies to entries submitted specifically for the Facebook side of the competition. There's a blurb in the new White Dwarf about taking your army into the store. I can't imagine why you'd need to join Facebook for that - that's not how Armies On Parade usually works as far as I know.
  5. Malign Portents - A Tale of ??? Warlords

    The same painting competitions and challenges are also being run in every Games Workshop store across the world. So think of Facebook as just one place to take part out of hundreds. That said, I do get the impression that the stores themselves have been taken somewhat by surprise by this announcement and are struggling with what to tell people in terms of whether they'll be participating and what prizes will be offered. The way I see it they (like us) have until Feb 10th to get their s**t together! Plenty of time!
  6. Malign Portents - A Tale of ??? Warlords

    I'm all over this! Prior to Christmas I painted a small handful of models as the start of an Anvilgard army, but I didn't touch the Anvilgard box set itself until a few days ago. It's got to be about double the number of miniatures compared to a Start Collecting box, and I'm usually the world's slowest painter, but by damn this is getting painted by the deadline! I'm feeling pumped! Made a start on the Black Ark Corsairs from the box set, plus I thought people might like to see the stuff I did earlier:
  7. Malign Portents

    I'm very excited about Malign Portents and have given myself a new, slightly spookier avatar to celebrate! So, who's participating in the painting challenge? I'm painting up an Anvilgard box, which is probably double the number of miniatures of a Start Collecting box, but I'm so pumped for this that I actually think I can do it!
  8. Trustworthy Bits Sites

    I've grown to loath bits companies. The idea is a great one, but they charge sky-high prices (sometimes up to a quarter of the value of the kit that the bit came in!) and they invariably don't have the bit you want in stock when you need it. If you've got the time and the patience, you're better off just buying the box you want, clipping the bit out and selling the rest on. If you've got the money to spare, you're better off just keeping the box so you have random bits available for your future projects.
  9. Skirmish is my main game at the moment, so I do have some thoughts: Good things: It's simple to pick up and play, and IMO any similar system should be the same way. The great thing about Skirmish and Hinterlands is that they don't try to rewrite the AoS core rules. They do more with less. The games are fast paced. Anything that slows down the pace of the game should be rejected IMO. Less good things (always easier to think of these!): There should be points for everything. Certain things (shooting, magic, mortal wounds) are way overpowered in Skirmish - I think Hinterlands dealt with this well but I think there's scope for other possible solutions too. No RPG style progression in Skirmish. Again, Hinterlands had more of this and it was a lot of fun. Personally, I'd like to see something closer to Hinterlands being the baseline for progression with 'expansion packs' that introduce even deeper RPG elements for those who want them. Warbands from armies that rely on summoning or replacing slain models are basically screwed in Skirmish. The Hinterlands solution was okay (and better than nothing) but I feel there must be a more elegant solution than forcing the player to include a necromancer. That just doesn't make sense for Flesh-eater Courts, for example. Honestly, I have trouble identifying any ways in which Skirmish is superior to Hinterlands, aside from the fact that it's 'officially supported' and therefore easier to persuade people to play it. Just keep iterating on / adding to Hinterlands! EDIT: Also, if you haven't already done so you should take a look at The Hobbit SBG, and if you have the patience also take a look at it's earlier editions going back to The Lord of the Rings SBG which had a little more detail than it does currently - lots of great little skirmish rules in there that feel really natural and satisfying. Many people feel that it's the best rules system GW ever made.
  10. Coming back to AoS

    If you're more interested in theme than competitiveness and are open to mixing unlikely factions together, you could consider starting a 'great cities' army. In the AoS setting there are several great cities in which various different races and factions live (and fight) together in relative harmony. Take Anvilgard for example - it's centred around factions that would once have been part of the Dark Elves army (Scourge Privateers, Darkling Covens, Order Serpentis), but can also include Stormcast Eternals, Dispossessed (duardin/dwarves), Freeguild and Devoted of Sigmar. There are other cities that include factions formerly belonging to the High Elves and Wood Elves, each with their own distinct identity and visual theme, and game-wise they all have a unique special rule that binds them and allows you to do something a little bit different on the tabletop.
  11. Malign Portents

    Infrastructure projects? Alright, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Stormcast Eternals ever done for us?
  12. The Sainted Court of King Gargantula - FEC

    @Kisufisu Thanks! You wouldn't be the first to copy the hobby horse idea - I seem to have started a small trend there! @Sinister @Curry_Supreme Thank you both!
  13. The Sainted Court of King Gargantula - FEC

    I painted a thing!
  14. dealing with Narcissistic painter/converters

    Yeah, absolutely. I don't know where @onemanarmy is getting the idea that this person 'requires a lot of praise' - it seems to me that he's extrapolating from his own personality type and projecting it onto an enthusiastic (possibly oversharing) hobbyist. I'm enthusiastic about sharing my conversions too. Praise is awesome, but it's not my main reason for sharing - mainly just having people see them and sharing how it was done retroactively gives more meaning to the time and effort I put into them. It turns a solitary activity into part of the rich tapestry of the hobby community, and makes what I'm doing feel more connected to what everyone else is doing.
  15. The Future - And Past - of the AoS Aesthetic

    I'm pretty sure this is what it boils down to 9 times out of 10. Not that the haters are likely to admit it.