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  1. The freedom to be creative also creates the freedom to abuse. We must use our powers wisely. <--(serene wisdom face)
  2. I really do wish you the best of luck, but unfortunately I think you're about 2 years late to the party with this. The overwhelming majority of old Warhammer Fantasy players who want to play AoS have long since rebased their armies or found some other solution that works for them. As has been pointed out above, this isn't a new idea and MDF base adapters have been available almost since the very beginning, and from what I remember they're a pretty cheap solution. A minority of people will have long ago decided that they're happy to play with square bases - you might find it difficult to change their minds at this late stage. Your base adapters do look very nice though, and if I *was* faced with rebasing an army I'd strongly consider them.
  3. You going for the bearded version or no beard? I believe the no beard version is rarer.
  4. As is a group of Stormcast supporting a civil defense force of Freeguild, and literally dozens upon dozens of other faction combinations. Combining factions isn't always about strategy @Aryann.
  5. It limits it a little, but really is it any more restrictive than if a Space Marine chapter got near wiped out and had to recruit again from scratch? Those new scouts would very quickly learn the unique ways of the chapter and start to take on the customs, peculiarities and physical adornments of the chapter's culture. There's no reason that freshly resurrected Stormcast wouldn't do the same. Particularly if they were already accustomed to it from their previous years of service in the field. So yes, maybe the 'fresh' Stormcast would look more like the vanilla type we've seen so far, but the hardened brothers who have been in the field (perhaps for centuries, without any direct contact with Azyr) and have become experts at not dying - they might look and behave very differently. They could be covered with all manner of trophies, affectations and idiosyncratic markings. They might have taken on local customs or replaced damaged armour plates with locally-sourced alternatives, for example. Or they might have started recruiting mortal locals into the Stormhost in non-combat supporting roles, like wizards, priests or trackers.
  6. The most important thing for me is that broadening out the unit options without having to sacrifice the so-good-it's-impossible-to-justify-not-using-them allegiance abilities means more opportunity to put your own stamp on an army's theme. I imagine my Bloodbound to be a roving horde of nomads supported by all kinds of mortal creatures from across the Brimstone Peninsula. So I'd hope to be able to add Warhounds and Chaos Gargants at the very least. I've been looking for an excuse to buy and convert the gargant kit for a looooong time! The way they've set up this allies system, Chaos Ogors and Chaos Troggoths seem much less likely, unfortunately.
  7. Nice work! How about the Questing Knight? he was always my favourite. Have you tested them?
  8. @Greyshadow Great looking models! Painting from hardest to easiest seems like an interesting idea. I might try that. I originally went the opposite way, thinking that getting a load of easy models done quickly would provide the necessary psychological boost to finish the rest, but that hasn't happened - I've only finished one model (although I do have other projects as well)! I think I'll try your way.
  9. I won't dredge up the whole Allegiance Abilities debate again because I've gone into that in detail elsewhere, but if you check out the thread I've linked to below you'll perhaps get a better understanding of what my issues are with Allegiance Abilities, and why the new ally rules (as I now understand them) don't go far enough towards addressing my concerns. If you're interested, you can read my arguments from this post onwards: It's not a question of what you can do vs what you can't do - that's an oversimplification and unfairly paints me as a kneejerk pessimist. It's a question of whether the ally rules do enough for the long-term health of the game and towards reaffirming the free-form AoS spirit. If you could ally with any faction within your Grand Alliance whilst still making use of the so-tempting-it's-impossible-to-justify-not-using-them faction allegiance abilities, which heavily restrict your unit options, then this would be a silver bullet solution for me. As it stands the new ally rules are a small step in the right direction but don't resolve the underlying problem of people being heavily incentivised to make competitive armies rather than creating themed armies or enjoying the benefits of having a diverse collection of models they love, when by allowing allies from any faction they could be better incentivised to do all three. Of course, if the Grand Alliance allegiance abilities are significantly beefed up then this, along with the new ally rules, would be a much stronger solution. But I would still prefer to be able to ally with any faction from within the Grand Alliance (the clue is in the name). And now I'll shut up about this and stop derailing the thread!
  10. Oh, well that's... unsatisfying. And here I was thinking that the days of Allegiance Abilities stifling creative army themes were over. If allies are restricted to only the most basic and obvious groupings then the concept doesn't go anywhere near far enough for me. WTF was the point of lumping Skaven in with Chaos in the first place then, if players are being strongly encouraged to keep them as separate from the rest of the Chaos Alliance as possible? What was the point of even creating the 4 alliance structure at all? It seems almost completely redundant at this point. Back to WHFB armies we go...
  11. From what people are saying it seems there are restrictions regarding which factions can be allies - is this confirmed?? I assumed you could ally with any faction in your Grand Alliance (it's not much of an alliance otherwise, is it?). My army is pure Bloodbound, but in my imagination it's an eclectic horde of mortal creatures. So allies are an opportunity for me to add Khorne-themed hounds, ogors, troggoths and gargants.
  12. It's getting harder and harder to pick a favourite because the sheer number and quality of models in GW's range and back-catalogue is so high now. If pushed, I would have to go with nostalgia and say Nazgob, currently listed as a Greenskinz Shaman. It's a much simpler and more understated model than many of those listed so far, but there's a reason he's stayed in production for 20 years. He's the quintessential Orc shaman model.
  13. We've seen a few different 'official' stormhosts for Stormcast Eternals, but for the most part they're only differentiated from each other by colour palette, a few lore details and some minor special rules. This is all great, but stormhosts currently lack the distinctiveness of the major Space Marine chapters in Warhammer 40K, which each take the basic template and push it towards very different themes. Space Wolves and Blood Angels not only look very different from each other, but also have their own rich background lore, their own dark secrets, plus their own unique units and chapter organisation. Age of Sigmar is a young game and Games Workshop may begin differentiating the various stormhosts more over time, but in the meantime I'm interested to hear the community's ideas for how truly unique stormhosts could be implemented. What historical or mythological themes might they draw on? How would they look different to 'standard' Stormcasts? What unique quirks would they have, and how would these affect the way they fight and organise themselves? Do they have any atypical spiritual beliefs? Any dark secrets? Have they adapted to life in a particular realm? And in imagining these stormhosts, how can we avoid simply repeating what has been done for Space Marines in 40K?
  14. Oh well, looks like there's no way around it - I'll have to paint everything before we can try it out. Bumflakes.
  15. So instead of having a system that is a turn-off for one camp or the other, you propose something half way that is a turn-off for both? In all seriousness, I suspect that this would raise just as many objectionable situations as it solves, and by switching something up part-way through a game it doesn't pass the user-friendliness test for me. I too am conflicted about the double turn, but I would want GW to come down firmly on one side or the other.