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  1. Jamie the Jasper

    The AoS RPG

    Late 2018 is what I heard, but it may have been pushed back. Since it's been brought up, who among you plan to give it a try? Are you looking forward to it? What are your hopes for it? I've floated the idea with some guys in my Cardiff AoS group and I think we'll probably be giving it a go.
  2. Jamie the Jasper

    Black Library open submissions

    You say that, but anecdotally it seems one or two people have already received rejections - some while the window was still open. I'm just impatient for any news I can get! Anything that might help me read the tea leaves!
  3. Jamie the Jasper

    Black Library open submissions

    Anyone heard anything back from this yet?
  4. Jamie the Jasper

    Malign Portents

    I too would be amazed if this happens, and yet I'm also amazed that they've dangled the possibility in the first place. GW might flood the shelves with reimagined WHFB characters. Or they might never mention this game-changing revelation again. Both possibilities are equally likely, and equally insane. Only a certified madman would place bets on the outcome at this stage.
  5. Jamie the Jasper

    Why the Order or Destruction GA debate?

    This is just... not right. How can a truly evil character generate sympathy? No-one believes themselves to be evil - even people we might think of as 'evil' believe themselves to be moral, and that their horrific actions are ultimately a sacrifice that must be made for the greater good. Everyone is the hero of their own story. To generate sympathy we need to be able to A) understand why a character feels that what they're doing is right, and B) be able to see them in ourselves to some extent - we have to be able to imagine that their motivations could be ours given the right circumstances and pressures. Far from 'grey areas' making it difficult for people to associate with a character or faction, it's actually essential. That's good storytelling 101.
  6. Jamie the Jasper

    Malign Portents

    So are Stormcast if you want to be pedantic.
  7. Jamie the Jasper

    Why the Order or Destruction GA debate?

    This illustration may help...
  8. Jamie the Jasper

    The Rumour Thread

    I think the army overall is incredibly creative - off the charts. That said, there's nothing particularly creative about the turtle - it's pretty much just a regular turtle with an extra set of flippers. As far as monstrous creatures go, GW are capable of taking a real animal as inspiration then pushing it firmly into the realms of original creative fantasy - stonehorns, maggoths, plague drones, screamers, hell pit abominations, jabberslythe etc. Even things that are very recognisable as real animals like the arachnarok and stegadon tend to be very exaggerated and I'm not getting that same creativity and that sense of the truly fantastical with the turtle. It's just a turtle. Not to mention the fact that these are the Deepkin, and the deep oceans are chock-full of absolutely mind-boggling creatures that could have been used to great effect in a fantasy setting, rather than a turtle.
  9. Jamie the Jasper

    Why the Order or Destruction GA debate?

    Associating any of the Grand Alliances with a particular god is misleading. As others have said, they're more akin to a roughly defined common philosophy than actual alliances fighting under a common banner. Chaos and Death may seem this way at the moment, but in future we might see an undead faction that has no allegiance to Nagash (and is perhaps even suspicious or hostile towards him) but which would nonetheless be grouped under Grand Alliance: Death - actually, Flesh-eater Courts are a little like this already. This kind of thing has also already happened in Chaos with the addition of Skaven and the Horned Rat, which are associated with the power of Chaos whilst being different in just about every way to the original Chaos pantheon. So even these Grand Alliances aren't as homogenous and straightforward as @Ragequit suggests. And even though it's already been said very eloquently above, it bears repeating; Order aren't the good guys. They're not even all Sigmar worshipers. The factions grouped under Order may not even get along with each other and may have conflicting goals. The only thing that unifies them is a general penchant for law and civilisation - building rather than destroying or corrupting. The Daughters of Khaine belong here, because ultimately they have a clear set of laws that they live by (even though they might seem immoral by our standards) and have nothing to gain and everything to lose if civilisation falls. As for Destruction, I think @BaldoBeardo's definition is spot on - factions that have no laws or permanent civilisation, and which exploit and destroy anything and everything they need to in order to survive and prosper. That's not to say that they don't live within any kind of social structure and they may even establish temporary settlements, empires or codes of law - but they'll cast it all off violently at a moment's notice without a second thought if it benefits them to do so. It makes no sense to restrict Destruction to factions that worship Gorkamarka because not only does that immediately exclude other 'non-civilised' factions that already exist - ogors and fimir for example - but it also excludes the possibility of introducing new non-orruk Destruction factions in the future. But really, when it comes down to it, there's no point in trying to analyse or rationalise the Grand Alliances too much. They're just there to add some structure to the game for us players, and were never intended to be hard-and-fast categories, and they're certainly not something that the races of Age of Sigmar recognise in-universe. Start talking to any inhabitant of the Mortal Realms about which 'Grand Alliance' they belong to and they'll have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
  10. Jamie the Jasper

    Battalions Points

    That sounds pretty reasonable.
  11. Jamie the Jasper

    Battalions Points

    In my personal dreamworld I look forward to battalions being phased out entirely. There's no need for them when, as mentioned above, you have other mechanisms such as a whole menu of different allegiance abilities to add flavour and tactical options to your army.
  12. Jamie the Jasper

    The Rumour Thread

    That's news to me! And exciting news too! AoS needs all the terrain it can get! I hope part of their remit is to think about how terrain can be used to support and enhance gameplay, not just aesthetics.
  13. Jamie the Jasper

    The Rumour Thread

    As this is the rumour thread, the rumour I've heard is that they cast a spell across the battlefield that makes it both air and water at the same time... or something. Basically a magical way for their units to behave as though they're in water even when they're not. EDIT: @Jamopower beat me to it!
  14. Jamie the Jasper

    The Rumour Thread

    Creatures that live in the darkest depths evolve and lose their eyes. I think that's what they're going for there.
  15. Jamie the Jasper

    The Rumour Thread

    This is very true. Although having said that, the Daughters of Khaine stretch the definition of 'Order' almost to breaking point. And as we all (hopefully) know from real life, deformity needn't be synonymous with evil, although it's often used lazily that way in popular culture.