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    The mist! They came from the mist! That sickening green mist emerged from the shore, and they came for us. We who bear the black spot, we are doomed. Hello! First post here, I'd like to introduce myself with a project i've been thinking around since the experimental list of the Vampire Coast, and now with the rules from the Wraithfleet (or the surprisingly similar Legion of Night) and the release of the idoneth shipwreck I knew that the moment has come. Orval Vesh is the supreme admiral of the Fleet of Bones and self-proclaimed Mortarch of the Deeps, a deathlord wannabe whose greed is only overcome by his ego. He even "assembled" his own dread abyssal, Dagonys, out of the corpses of some of the greatest creatures from the seas of the realms, like the deepmare of Cerinthgaile, athelian queen of Fuethán, or the two headed lurkinarth that hunted the deeps near the Coast of Tusks. The fleet keeps growing with the corpse cart (corpse boat?), a drowned banshee and a necromancer: a soulscryer who thought he could negotiate with the undead pirates in exchange for new souls for his idoneth soldiers. Now his own soul is trapped in the dead man chest and he is a slave of the pirates, helping the fleet in pursuing the souls of the very idoneth he swore to protect.
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    It's definitely a change, and you definitely roll-off on the first turn as well. This is the core rule: "At the start of each battle round, the players must roll off, and the winner decides who takes the first turn. " This is the "if" clause: "If the roll-off is a tie, then the player who went first in the last battle round can choose who goes first in this one, but if it is the first battle round, the player that finished setting up their army first chooses who has the first turn." Notice that the "if" clause is all one sentence, and the first part of the sentence "if the roll-off is a tie" thus applies to BOTH sub-clauses that follow it. So yes, you roll-off on every turn including the first, and if you tie on the first turn, the player who finished setting up first chooses. It's very clear if you follow the grammar.
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    Assuming the now-available information is correct, we can now do some nice comparisons between LoN batteline options. I'm only going to focus on basic battleline stuff here, not subfaction specific battleline. I'm also going to ignore zombies for the moment because I'm fairly certain that they stack up poorly against the other options. I'll be doing offensive and defensive efficiency comparisons. Note that for offensive efficiency a higher number is better, but for defensive efficiency a lower number is better. OFFENSIVE EFFICIENCY Offensive Analysis: Chainrasps are the most offensively efficient option for small squads, although Dire Wolves are close on the charge. For large units, under realistic combat scenarios Dire Wolves are very inefficient while Chainrasps are mediocre compared to Skeletons, which are better even without a hero in range. With a hero in range they are by far the best on offense. Under ideal conditions, the Chainrasps close the gap slightly but the Skeletons maintain a solid lead. Note that it's a lot harder for a unit of chainrasps to achieve ideal conditions than it is for Skeletons to do so. DEFENSIVE EFFICIENCY Defensive Analysis: Against rend 0 and mortals, Chainrasps and Skeletons are identical but Chainrasps are far better against rendy attacks. In small unit sizes, Chainrasps actually beat out Dire Wolves against high rend, but Dire Wolves are better against rend 0, 1 and mortals. With access to a Corpse Cart, Dire Wolves blow the rest of the options out of the water. INTANGIBLES Skeletons and Chainrasps both benefit from being good platforms for buffs, although in a LoN army I strongly suspect that Skeletons will be more buffable. This is particularly true for Grand Host and Legion of Night. Skeletons also get to debuff enemy bravery with their banner. Skeletons can also benefit from cover. Chainrasps, on the other hand, are quite a bit faster and can fly. However, they cannot benefit from cover. Dire Wolves are by far the fastest of the lot and take up more space on the board (which can be a good thing and a bad thing). They are also less vulnerable to battleshock. CONCLUSIONS Skeletons and Dire Wolves both still have a clear niche. Dire Wolves are the best defensive option, being both defensively efficient and fast. They also take up the most space, which tends to be desirable in a defensive unit. In large units, Skeletons are the best offensive option by far. Chainrasps are in an odd place. In small unit size situations they clearly beat out skeletons but lose to Dire Wolves. In large units their 1" range becomes awkward and causes them to lose out quite badly vs. Skeletons. Meanwhile they are still worse than Dire Wolves on defense. That said, comparing 40 Chainrasps vs. 30 Dire Wolves may not be quite fair. The main reason here is the new summoning abilities. It's going to be very difficult to fit a unit of 30 Dire Wolves into a single gravesite, while 40 Chainrasps can fit pretty realistically. It may turn out that the tactical necessity of clustering your gravesites in order to bring back a huge block of Dire Wolves becomes a serious impediment to using that warscroll in a massive regiment. In that case, it's more fair to compare the defensive efficiency of 40 Chainrasps against small unit sized Dire Wolves. In that case, they compare favorably with no Corpse Cart and are mostly a wash if a Corpse Cart is present. EDIT Now that we have the warscrolls for some more of the new units, I'd like to add a couple more things. I don't quite see the point of Glaivewraith Stalkers at the moment. Their unit size is really strange and there is really nothing remarkable about their stats: Glaivewraith Stalker offensive efficiency (charging/not charging): .067/.044 Glaivewraith Stalker defensive efficiency: 7.5/7.5/7.5/15 So on offense they are only slightly better than Dire Wolves, and slightly better than Chainrasps when charging but much worse when not charging. On defense they compare very poorly with all of the basic options. I really don't see the point in them at all unless they get some very specific and very large buffs from something that we haven't seen yet. ***NOTE***: all offensive calculations after this contain a weighting system I devised that takes rend into account. Rend 1 attacks are multiplied by 1.33, Rend 2 by 1.66 and Mortal Wounds by 2.16. These weights are slightly arbitrary and may be incorrect but they are based on solid reasoning which I'll be happy to explain if anyone cares. Myrmourn Banshees are somewhat interesting: Myrmourn Banshee offensive efficiency (full sized unit with dispel/without): .061/.12 Myrmourn Banshee defensive efficiency (full sized unit): 8.75/8.75/8.75/17.5 Defensive efficiency is very poor, while offensive efficiency is unremarkable unless they've unbound something. Their unbind is shorter range but it does get a potentially hefty bonus. Normally I'd write these guys off as a niche unit, but their relatively high value attacks make them a good platform for buffs and the fact that they are summonable is huge. They will be pretty easy to destroy, but they will also be easy to bring back and will generate a fair amount of value by being brought back. Grimghast Reapers are the most interesting of the new warscrolls IMO. The natural comparison is against Grave Guard. I'm only going to put the math in here for Great Wight Blades as that's the most common configuration for GG. As both units have similar reach (2" but 32mm bases for the reapers, 1" range on a 25mm base for GG) I'm not going to bother with handicapping large unit sizes for realistic number of models in combat. Just keep that in mind when comparing to other units listed above. I'm also going to assume single wound targets for the Death Knell ability, so Reapers will be very slightly worse when fighting multiwound models. Offense Grimghast Reapers (Max size, vs 5+ models/vs <5 models) - .116/.080 Grimghast Reapers (Min size, vs 5+ models/vs <5 models)- .107/.079 Grave Guard (Max size, Great Wight Blades) - .107 Grave Guard (Min size, Great Wight Blades) - .102 Defense Grimghast Reapers (Max size): 6/6/6/12 Grimghast Reapers (Min size): 7/7/7/14 Grave Guard (Max Size): 9.33/11.67/14/14 Grave Guard (Min Size): 10.67/13.33/16.67/16.67 Against units with 5+ models, the Grimghasts are better than Grave Guard on offense. Against smaller units they are worse but still pretty solid. Meanwhile, on defense the Grimghasts are actually pretty respectable particularly against high rend (as you'd expect) albeit weak to mortal wounds. Grave Guard on the other hand are absolutely miserable against everything. Both units are summonable, but it'll be a bit easier to return 30 Grave Guard than 30 Grimghasts due to the smaller base size. Both units are good platforms for buffs, although it's a bit easier to buff Grave Guard in Grand Host. Grimghasts are also reasonably fast and can fly. Basically, Grimghast Reapers have offense that is at least generally on par with Grave Guard but are way faster and way more efficient on defense. They seem like a very strong candidate for use in Legions of Nagash lists. They are particularly interesting in Legion of Sacrament and Legion of Night, both of whom lack an obvious hammer unit. Legion of Blood has Blood Knights and Grand Host has either Morghasts or Grave Guard (with the diadem/lord of nagashizzar combo). Grimghast Reapers could be a great solution for Sacrament and Night.
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    Coincidence? I think not...
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    I'm sorry you took it that way, but I don't see anything derogatory in what I wrote.
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    “Can there be nobility in failure? Honour in defeat? Or is that all just pretentious nonsense spouted by those who would make excuses for their shortcomings? There is a case to be made, I think, for stubbornness. For not meekly lying down and accepting your fate. But never for fooling yourself into thinking that you are not defeated. Accept the wound, and live with it.” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. “They speak of some great beast that apes the shape and language of man, some creature that has reason and thought behind its bestial mien. Harne. Shai-tan. Amaethon. Countless other names that every pisshole village in this Realm has given this thing, this Man-stag. It’s just a beast. Just a beast.” Sidric Affentall, the “Beast-hunter” of Iron Marrow, last seen entering the Hrafn Weald of Ghyran. ~ Mother Aldwynter could feel him there, in the shadowed trees beyond the skull-topped fences of her garden. A raw, animal presence tempered with infinite patience. And behind it all, the red wrath of the wild. This was… unfortunate. She hadn’t expected the Reeve to return so soon. All her eyes and ears in the sprawling Thrice-Tenth Kingdom had failed to spot him, to tell her of his return. A dim, spiteful flicker of anger kindled in her breast. Gripping her twisted staff, she opened the door of her crooked cottage and shuffled out into the freezing night air. In her presence, the skulls affixed to the lintel and the fence tops ignited, pellucid blue flame licking from empty sockets and silently gaping jaws. The forest beyond the light of her skulls was dark, crowded with skeletal black trees that moved slowly in the chill winds. Her lone eye flickered from one shadowed hollow to another, searching for her visitor by sight as much as she did with her carefully hoarded power. She couldn’t see him, but she could feel him there, oh yes she could. All that animal power, that dry musk scent in the air. “Crone.” It wasn’t a voice as such, more the huffing sigh of a large beast, the call of a male in rut. Mother Aldwynter sneered in reply, finally glimpsed something moving in the shadows beyond her fence. Something big, crowned with antlers and branches, hunched and hulking with mass. “Step forward why don’t you, Reeve? Let me get a look at you. It’s been so long, my little godling.” The dark shadow stopped moving, shook with something that might have been amusement, might have simply been the movement of a beast shaking free a flea. Dark humour now touched the deep rumble of that bestial voice. “Crone. I know you now. I know your poison.” “Do you now, little godling?” Mother Aldwynter spat, anger rising behind her iron teeth. “You know nothing. You are nothing. A forgotten eidolon, a minor spark of power in my land. Just a king’s messenger boy who sees nothing and speaks only what his master tells him to. Run away, Blessed Loclaranam, run back to your frail little tree-spirits and think on what you do not know of me.” Silence reigned in the cold night air for a brief minute before power roiled from the hulking shadow in puissant waves, breaking over the skull-topped fence and washing into her with such force that Mother Aldwynter staggered and clutched her crooked staff for support. The ghost-lights of her skulls were snuffed in an instant leaving only thin moonlight to illuminate the King’s Reeve as he stepped out of the shadows. He had grown in stature since she had last seen him, was swollen with power and the raw vitality of the Wild. A towering white stag, hooved and crowned with darkly gleaming antlers, white fur marked with twisting lambent glyphs and spirals that could have been tattooed or carved into his very being, standing upright with the hunched bulk of a bull-Orruk or ogor. Branches of dark wood erupted from his hunched back and shoulders, hung with skulls and marked with more glyphs. An intelligence more than animal, more than human, gleamed behind those dark eyes. Blessed Loclaranam spoke again, that deep huffing beast’s voice emerging from a stag’s mouth that did not move. “I know you. I know the pieces of yourself you seek, the webs you have spun to find them. The Maiden, the Mother.” The skulls over the lintel, topping the fence and her crooked staff seemed to whisper into the rolling power that washed from him, whispers that were only on the edge of hearing, that were little more than the sighs of the wind …Baba Yaga… Mother Aldwynter hunched forward into the waves, could only snarl in reply as the huge white man-stag stepped back into the shadows of the surrounding Darkwood and faded from view. “Be wary, Crone. Your game is known now, and others will seek to play. The Court is not your pawn.” The waves of power ended with a snap, taking with it the tension that had filled the cold night air and leaving her alone in the dark, surrounded by countless whispering skulls. ~ He is the beast in the forest, and the man in the beast. The wrath of the wild and the peace of nature. The hunter circling round the ironwood, the antlers of the wild stag, And the lifeblood that spills upon the ground each season. Blessed Loclaranam, herald of Darkwood. ~
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    Getting there now with my Drakespawn Knights. Just a bit of fine detail work. Spines, gold and faces to do. I'll probably do some final highlighting. Also getting there with the Chariot. Feel confident I'll have at least 1 totally complete unit, including the Knights.
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    https://ageofsigmar.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2018/06/AoS_Rules-ENG.pdf The rules are up! Still rerolls before modifiers.
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    So she fills you full of sadness and remorse? Mission accomplished!
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    Here's the first two painted Tree-Revenants - since I've already used this scheme on another unit, the painting is fairly quick.
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    The "Exploring the Realms" video from the new Age of Sigmar side is interesting: https://ageofsigmar.com/realms/ First the Merchants of Pa'Tar. Hinting at more asia-themed models? Scrappers Spill in Chamon. A giant pile of scraps/trophies from all the green skins in the region, hinting at a more technical destruction faction? Plus name dropping the assassins of Clan Eshin living in Ulgu and the remark that we will get to explore the Realm of Light Hysh somewhere in the near future.
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    He definitiv could have worded it better but yours is definitely way worse. You can't argue that saying something is for little girls isn't meant in a derogativ way Bickering aside, I like her. The skull covered by a brides veil is a great aesthetic. Reminds me of a renaissance statue I have seen once. Like a mix of these two:
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    Just viewed core book unboxing. Traits: Wild Fury: pick one melee weapon. +1 attack in melee. +2 if 1 or more wounds allocated Ravager: Add 3(?) to the Rampaging Destroyers dice roll (see battle traits) for the general instead of 2. IJ battalions: BLOODTOOFS - ghb 2017 version IRONSUNZ - ghb 2017 version ALEGUZZLER GARGANTS Aleguzzler Gargant -10 BCR (thx to @Jagd) Units: Stonehorn Beastriders -40 Tundertusk beastriders -20 Frostlord on Stonehorn -40 Frostlord on Thundertusk -40 Huskard on Stonehorn -40 Huskard on Thundertusk -20 Icefall Yhetees now batteline if general is mounted on Thundertusk, rather than Frostlord on Thundertusk Battalions: Alfrostun -20 Braggoths -30 Eurlbad +10 Jorlbad +40 Skal +40 Torrbad +10 Olwyr Alfrostun -30 Svard Alfrostun -30 Braggoth’s Beast Hammer -30 BONESPLITTERZ Units: Maniaks -20 Boar Boyz -20 Arrow Boyz +20 Battalions: Bonegrin -30 Brutal rukk +20 Drakkfoot -20 Icebone -40 Kunning Rukk +40 Savage warclan +20 Snagga Rukk +30 Teef Rukk +10 FIREBELLIES Firebelly -20 GITMOB GROTS Grot Wolf Riders -10/-20 GREENSKINZ Units: Orruks -10/-40 GUTBUSTERS Units: Grot Scraplauncher -10 Ironblaster -10 Ironguts -20 IJ Artefacts The Golden Toof: IJ units wholy within 12" of breare dont need take battleshock tests! NO NEED TO KILL ANY ONE! The Boss Skewer: Add and substract in 18" wholy within, but NOT ONLY IN BATTLESHOCK PHASE! Units: Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork - 60 Megaboss on Maw-krusha - 20 Orruk Ardboys -20/same Battalions: Ardfist +30 Bloodtoofs -20 Brawl -20 Gorefist -30 Ironfist +20 Weirdfist -20 MANEATERS Maneaters - 20 MOONCLAN Grot Warboss -20 Grot Warboss On Great Cave Squig -20
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    So we've got a load of how to play videos up on the spangly new website! Demo'd by Rebecca Scott (who I think is one of the hosts off Geek & Sundry) https://ageofsigmar.com/new-to-aos/play/
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    20 Highborn Archers painted and ready to be attached to bases. Just experimenting with what's the best way to base a painted mini so should be over soon. That will bring me to 50 painted Highborn archers when complete (although these 20 are noticeably better paintedthan the others which is annoying) just in time for GW to remove them from the game.
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    I'm working on a Astral Templar host. Indeed I started getting some SW bits, but now that I defined more and more the fluff, I'm focusing on Orruks and Beastclaw Raiders bits, specially for my Extremis Chamber. Bought some little chains and the box of skulls too to make more trophies. Also working with green stuff using as reference the sculptures of Joaquin Palacios and the ones from the HATE boardgame. I will have more Relictors than usual (have 4 already) because my Astral Templars consider themselves more as a tribe than an army, and they really look towards their shamans. I've attached some of them here. Still a lot to improve since my hobby time is very sparse. I've also attached my version of Zephacleas Beast-Bane, based on his description of the Plague Garden. I'm REALLY excited about the new books to get more information about the Realms. Specially about Ghur, where my army is based. When the Sacrosanct Chamber was announced I leaning towards the Anvils, but I think I'll keep the Astral Templars, making them a Chamber of Druids.
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    Am I the only one liking the new Mortarch of Grief? 😄 But I have to say that I don't play Nighthaunt. But I consider buying this model, even though I don't play this army. I also like the paint job. 😄
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    I managed to paint 2k in time for the Heat 3 AoS event at Warhamer World a couple of days ago. I was fortunate enough to get a painting nomination which was nice! Here's some pics of the 2k army. Also, Dan of AoS Shorts fame asked me to answer a few questions about the army, conversions, basin and painting etc. You can read the interview and see more army pics here https://aosshorts.com/showcase-tim-daughters-of-khaine/ blood effects and basing Q&A can be found there too
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    I am now back from this event which was, as always, a whole lot of fun. I even managed to scrape a very respectable 11th place (out of 88 competitors) which is the best I've ever done competitively and I am very pleased with! Quite a nasty field to my eye, even the lower tables were featuring some pretty lethal looking lists, lots of Nagash, lots of Tzeentch, fair amount of Nurgle and a considerable number of DoK. My list was Hagg Nar with Morathi, Slaughter Cauldron General, 2 Hag Queens, 30 Witch Aelves, 10 Witch Aelves, 10 Sisters of Slaughter, 15 Blood Sisters and 2x5 Heartrenders. I wanted to run a bit of a mix of everything, and I couldn't resist taking Morathi along to the sort of competitive christening of the new book given that she's the centerpiece, and all. Game 1 was Starstrike versus Legions of Nagash (Nagash, 40 skellies, 10 skellies, 10 Black knights, 2 Morghasts, 2 Necromancers). My opponent managed to double cast shadow pinions on the first time and decided to whizz Nagash up for a first turn charge, where he managed to deal a grand total of 3 wounds to the Blood Sisters and was promptly chopped down in return when I manage to get the 2nd turn priority roll. After that it was mostly just mopping up and snagging the objectives as they fell. Game 2 was Duality of Death versus Stormcast (Using the battallion which lets you taxi in units of paladins via prosecutors, 3x5 Judicators as troops, 2 Relictors, Lord-Celestant, 10 protectors, 10 retributors, 1 Spellweaver). I messed up my deployment here cos I slightly misunderstood how the battalion worked and didn't screen properly. Fortunately Morathi is just flat busted in this mission, which saved me some real trouble. I got first turn and put transformed Morathi onto one objective, and I absolutely, 100% should have dropped the Khinerai onto the other one to prevent my opponent from just Lightning Chariot, which of course they promptly did. And at the same time they dumped 20 paladins right in my face, shot off my 10 model witch screen, charged through and killed off a good 9 or so of the Blood Sisters whilst slapping the cauldron down by 10 wounds. Fortunately another priority roll in my favour let me fix things up, a successful Mindrazor on the witch blob cleared out all the Paladins, and it was a bit of a messy combat round that objective for the rest of the game until the surviving Blood Sisters managed to get in and mince the stormcast heroes. This was the only game in the tournament where my general was killed, and also the only game where Morathi wasn't wounded (or indeed targeted) at all. Also the 10 model unit of Sisters of Slaughter really pulled their weight, originally positioned just to screen Morathi they were able to sneak in and use their 6" pile in to snake their way between the backfield Judicator units to great effect. Game 3 was Battle for the Pass versus Disciples of Tzeentch (Lord of Change, 3x Tzaangor Shamans, 4x 10 Tzaangor units, 2x 10 Brimstone Horrors, 2x 30 Brimstone Horrors, 6x Skyfires). A bit of a messy match here, all those horrors gave my opponent formidable board control. I gambled on a double turn to try and dash across the no man's land, which I didn't get, allowing the Tzeenth forces to really put the pressure on, killing most of the Blood Sisters and all of the Sisters of Slaughter, dominating the central objectives for the most part. There were only ~3 Blood Sisters left at the top of my 2nd turn, so it was really up to the Witches to save the day, which they began by wiping out the Lord of Change and 10 Tzaangors, Morathi transforming to deal with the Skyfires and free up some pressure from the remaining Blood Sisters (who were only finally wiped out in the closing turns of the game). Lots of tricky, careful combats and movement, I had to have the Cauldron and Hag Queens running around to stop Shamans zipping onto my home objective. The 30 model units of Brimstone Horrors were positioned in an elongated V from back of my opponents board edge to the central objectives, positioned to prevent my Heartrenders from dropping in and doing anything, but one of the Brimstone units manged to get embroiled in a busy combat, enough for me to sprinkle attacks on them just enough to leave a space for the Khinerai to swoop in and snag 4 points with their 6" bonus move. I got pretty lucky to win this one, I thought my opponent had it in the bag after the first couple of rounds, but things just flicked in my favour. Game 4 was Knife to the Heart versus Disciples of Tzeentch (2x Tzaangor Shamans, 30x Tzaangors, 20x Tzaangors, 20x Tzaangors, 10x Blue Horrors, Changeling, Gaunt Summoner). It was pretty fun to see a melee Tzeentch army, but this was also my first (and only) loss of the tournament, so not that fun I guess! They used the Balewind shunt (which is still kinda lame, but whatever) and destiny dice to ensure a big first turn charge, wiping out the 30 witches, over half the Blood Sisters and all the Sisters of Slaughter. Though with Mindrazor the remaining Blood Sisters did manage to chop through the 30 Tzaangors (with some help from the doomed Sisters of Slaughter shields!) but that still left 40 Tzaangors to deal with, on top of the magic. Morathi tried to snipe off the Gaunt Summoner but failed to do so at every opportunity, in the end I dropped the Khinerai just to kill him for some kill points. Of course on Knife to the Heart getting a major victory is extremely difficult so I could keep things to a minor loss by just backing up and keeping him from charging any further without giving me more points. We did continue the game a little beyond the official end point and decided that if I had pushed forwards instead (and gotten every buff off at every possible moment...) then I could have probably sneaked the minor win here, but, that's how it goes! Game 5 was Scorched Earth versus Stormcast (Drakesworn Templar, 4x Fulminators, 2x Tempestors, Relictor, Castellant, Venator, 3x5 Liberators, 3x Longstrikes. The last game of the event, everyone is always pretty tired. My opponent made a mistake in advancing his drakes forwards but leaving his Fulminators out of range of Staunch Defender, the priority role fell in my favour and I was able to buff the Blood Sisters to the nines and delete that threat. Of course he did manage to land a single wound on Morathi via Rain of Stairs, who then immediately got mad and transformed, preventing me from using her to snipe out his support heroes from afar, instead she winged up the board and spent the rest of the game ineffectually flailing at 5 liberators.... I dropped the Khinerai to attempt to steal and burn the two objectives that were guarded only by 5 liberators, but failed to do anything of note on both counts. The stardrake and tempestors moved to try and retake control of the situation, each charging at one side of the big witch squad to prevent too many from piling in whilst the stardrake started chowing on Blood Sisters. But the priority roll fell in my favour once again and I was able to take out the stardrake with the Cauldron's command ability on the sisters, freeing them up to move right up into all the support heroes and burn the central objective, which was pretty much game, though we played on for the sake of kill points. Overall I was 11th with a total of 8510 kill points out of a potential 10000, which is more than good enough for me. I didn't get any of the fun special prizes for painting or best game though, I'll have to work on that! I was debating lists which don't use Slaughter Cauldrons as the general, but that command ability, whilst situational, saved me so many times during the tournament that I don't think I can justify it. Blood Sisters are hideously brutal, even when there's only a few left they still put in the work, MVPs in basically every match, not to disparage the good name of the Witch Aelves, who are always great. I'm not very good with Khinerai I think, I never really got them to work as the character sniping, objective grabbing annoyance that they're suited for, though there is a psychological element in keeping your opponent spread out and wary to leave objectives which can be advantageous in and of itself. I think putting them in 1 squad of 10 for one less drop, or at least get used to dropping both units in the same spot, and waiting till turn 3 to do so for the re-rolls, would probably see them a bit more impactful. Morathi did not die in any of my games, though she came close a couple of times, she is quite expensive and inconsistent as a long range mortal wound source, which is how I default to using her, but Mindrazor is invaluable, and her transformed self can do some good stuff with buff support. Plus the model is incredible, I don't see myself dropping her at present, but I imagine there is probably a better list without her in it. Onwards to the finals in October then, let's see what AoS 2 has to offer!
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    Sounds like there is all sorts of conflicting information out there, from official sources, for all sorts of rules. Best bet is to sit tight, make no conclusions, and seek out clarification.
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    The Mortarch is stunning. The relative simplicity of the sculpt is something GW needs more of. If a model has nothing but detail, your eye wanders all around trying to find the focus point. Paint job aside (the roses are way too brightly painted), the obvious focus of this model is the face and crown, exactly as it should be. The freedom that the lack of clutter affords the painter also means that we will see some incredible paint jobs of her, and I suspect she will be a favourite in painting competitions going forward. The pose is regal, yet somber, and the veil combined with the wedding dress is appropriately creepy and conveys a feeling of dignified mourning. I honestly think it's a masterpiece.
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    High warden on a gryphon. This is the leader of my aelves in the ‘what will be’ Matorean 1st Company. Human, aelf, duardin, and stormcast.
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