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    0) Army selection: I buy for armies I once played in 1999. I have a ton of those, but have only resurrected two that have recently released books (Maggotkin and Nagash). 1) Cool factor. The first models of any army are the centerpieces. I pick the models I like the look of the most. 2) Inventory. The inventory stage is fixing what I own and finding warscrolls to match. Some of it is playable, some is not. Cool factor from decades past. 3) Battleline. The battleline stage is figuring out how to turn the cool models into a legal army list. 4) Salvage. This is a variant of the "inventory" stage. This is where I buy cheap used product and fix it up. 5) Strategy. This is the last step of my selection process. Once I have most of an army, I fill it with models that make it work better.
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    I faced Khorne and my Plague Monks fared pretty well, though started eventually to take casualties. I was an idiot though and completely forgot about using 'Inspiring Presence' at one point. I had 2 Command Points also, though it just slipped my mind. I'm coming into AoS from 40k 8th edition, so the extra rules slip my mind often. I actually willingly changed my Verminlord's artefact to the Aetherquartz Brooch partly as before then I used Bilious Bell and always forgot to use the thing, what with Master of Rot and Ruin giving me prayers, then magic, then command ability (Gouge-Tear the Eyes), having a more simple artefact to help refund my Command Point tally was in theory to help allow more Inspiring Presence and Gouge-Tear uses. Anyways, next time it seems like a blob is gonna go down the tubes I'll hopefully now remember to fire off Inspiring Presence and hopefully have a Hero in range! (which is another way I tend to get bit playing my Clan!) My main woe actually with Clan Pestilens is forming my narrative behind my Monks. They're from Hysh and I'm coming mostly blank for any lore or good colour schemes (including basing) for that realm. There needed to be more on it in the Corebook. Closest I've got is noticing the reference to them corrupting 'The Bastion of Ilos' in Hysh and Ilos is the olde name of Troy IRL.
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    Does it look good Does it/can it fit my army aesthetic or theme Am I realistically going to invest in building it if it's a full on kit or rather than the usual 5 or 6 part soldier construction because I hate putting stuff together Don't really care about anything else. I would never buy an effective tabletop unit that I didn't like the look of, or spam multiple units just because they're powerful unless it fit a pre-determined idea of what I want the army to be. It I always have a story behind any hobby project I put together, and that will be the sole origin that explains what models it contains and why. If it happens to be effective on the tabletop that's a bonus but nothing more.
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    Well I guess the idea is for you to see how the chaos knights were used in that game to help you gauge if you want to try them out. There is way more to them then a 5+ mortal wound save. They respond very well to the many buffs available in khorne armies and I certainly prefer them over our juggernaut riding options.
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    Yea thats what my thoughts on the realm artifacts are, really good for the armies that either ave none, or have ones that aren't worth using up a space for. Though it is a tad silly that selecting a realm on the warscroll builder combined with Legions of Nagash creates the worlds longest artifact drop down menu! 👻
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    Does it look good? Can I build something cool? Those two are the only things I go through. Rules change, background evolves but a cool looking model will always be a cool looking model.
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    I have a tournament coming up and I am having trouble choosing between a few lists. I have decided to write them out here because many heads are better than one. Oh, and this is going to be a long post. You have been warned. I usually play a very strong magic-oriented game so I wanted to try something different: Heavy, fast, front+back crushing melee attack. So to this end, I decided to run Gutrot with 10 blightkings ambushing, and also a drone bomb hitting in the front, and all supported by the Cogs. So what this looked like in my theory-brain was a tree going down in the center of the board, a GUO with a bell and blade casting Cogs 1st turn with his gutknife and dialing it in for the +2 to charge, also casting Foul Regen and manipulating for Unnatural Vitality and also using his Command Ability on the drones. I would also attempt to cast Blades of Putrefaction on the drones with some wizard for Esses and Gees. Then, if all went well, Gutty and the Boys would ambush and roll a hard 6 on the charge, and six plague drones would move 13" and run d6+2" (and probably reverse-conga-lining one of the drones backward to stay within 7" of a tree)...and assuming a 3 on the run roll would out me 6" away from the front of enemy deployment zone. If anyone is close to the front of the deployment zone, then I would only need to roll a hard 4 to get into combat turn 1 with the drones. I understand none of this takes into account the rest of the list, 1st battleround turn order, etc. Then I started to doubt the idea of hitting hard and fast from the front and back in the same turn. If both the drones and the Gutty Boys get into combat right away, then I would have to choose who activates first, and then my opponent would get to swing hard at the other unit. I would maybe need to pick a soft target for one of the charges. So I started toying with the notion of hitting hard with the Gutty Boys 1st. Gutrot and the boys will make a 6" charge (Chronomantic Cogs + musician) in the 1st battleround or they will fail and still be a big problem for my opponent. To quote some pure wisdom: Then, the rest of my army could crash into the front on the 2nd battleround once the enemy has either turned backward, or divided in half. Since I no longer needed the speed of the drones, maybe it was more important to have a battalion to reduce the amount of deployment drops (so I could maybe have some say on who goes first) and also get another artifact and an extra command point. So I settled on this: Blight Cyst Harbinger of Decay (general, witherstave) Lord of Blights Gutrot Spume The Glottkin 10x Putrid Blightkings 5x Putrid Blightkings 5x Putrid Blightkings 40x Marauders of Nurgle Chronomantic Cogs 1980/2000 I am not sure if this is better than the drone bomb, but it gives my Blightkings rend, a plethora of great CAs to choose from (and depending on the opposing army, I could potentially save my 1st turn CP, giving me three going into turn 2). 1st turn Glott would cast Foul Regen and Chrono Cogs, and 2nd turn would cast Fleshy Abundance and Blades of Putrefaction on the Marauders. Marauders are great buffed by any and all of those CAs and would be a force to reckon with. The rend on the blightkings could be a game-changing factor. I was settled on this list. But the tournament is going to really be exploring the ins and outs of the new Realms (we have 7 boards, each representing a different realm) and so I kinda want more than just one wizard. So my next list is less focused, but brings a lot of toys. The Glottkin Festus the Leechlord Sorcerer Gutrot Spume 10x Putrid Blightkings 30x Plaguebearers 40x Marauders of Nurgle 40x Plague Monks Balewind Vortex Chronomantic Cogs The idea here is basically the same with Gutrot. Several large blobs of infantry makes for good objective play, and Glott's CA really shines here, as well as options for Fleshy Abundance and Blades. Sorc would sit in a back corner on a Vortex with Plague Squall. Festus would hunch down behind Glott and keep him alive hopefully a little longer with healing. Pretty basic, just a lot of infantry and more wizards so I can explore the spells of the realms. Having all these named characters isn't so great for artifacts, but whatever. And here is maybe what a hybrid list would look like Great Unclean One (Bell+Blade, Endless Gift, Grandfather's Blessing) running with 6x Plague Drones = 740 points Gutrot Spume running with 10x Putrid Blightkings = 460 points The Glottkin running with 40x Marauders = 620 points Leaves me room for 10x Plaguebearers and Chronomantic Cogs I find that a GUO running behind the drones is enough to activate their Locus ability (at least in my local meta, a GUO with Endless Gift typically gets ignored) Glottkin won't have much protection, but hopefully being surrounded by 40 marauders and with a drone bomb and Gut's Guys to contend with, people will have a hard time finding the resources to put Glottkin down. Glottkin would still use fleshy abundance on marauders and try to get Blades off on either the Drones or the Marauders. Both big monster wizards' command abilities are great. This list would give me several strong attack formations, and two big wizards. I am done rambling on for now but still no closer to making a decision...
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    1) Is it a Stormcast unit? 2) Do I already have it? 3) Do I need more of it? 4) Will my wife kill me? This is pretty much my thought process. 4) is usually the deciding factor
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    These are excellent. I've been listening to the audiobook for Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island recently (free on Librivox which does free audio books of old public domain books) while painting, so I really enjoyed this thread.
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    We allowed them and I ran Lens. I think they’re fine personally other than a couple. I’d rather see specific bans than the whole list not used - so many factions in this game have so little artefact choice, I think they’re a good way of evening out the playing field.
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    I was toying around today with a non-Maw Krusha army to investigate the idea of throwing multiple threats at the enemy while maintaining solid support LEADERS Orruk Megaboss (140) - General - Command Trait : Brutish Cunning - Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm Orruk Warchanter (80) Orruk Warchanter (80) - Artefact : The Boss Skewer Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) Orruk Warboss (140) - Great Waaagh Banner - Allies Fungoid Cave-Shaman (80) - Allies UNITS 10 x Orruk Brutes (360) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 5 x Orruk Brutes (180) 20 x Orruk Ardboys (320) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) BATTALIONS Ironfist (180) TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 150 If/whem I have an endless spell, I would drop one of the warchanters and throw in a Cogmatic Gears or the jaws. The Ironfist should help regardless. Interesting question I also realized: if we use Rampaging Destroyers, we can now run after the basic movement, but Ironfist still does not allow us to run. I would assume the battalion rule overrules the allegiance ability if we use that specific roll, yes?
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    everything is starting to point to it in the fluff. in 40k Fulgrim is being hailed as due to return very soon as the next primarch. In AoS soul wars novel has a descriptive bit of narrative about a slaanesh chaos lord. The main AoS lore stresses how difficult it is for Malerion, Morathi and the chuckle twins to keep Slaanesh chained and on the maps in the main rulebook his location with respect to his prison is revealed, and although nothing new to us, one can almost imagine that now others of the realms know about it - so only a matter of time before the forces working to free him home in on the beacon so to speak. This hopefully should all roll into a very interesting and exciting time across both systems and my only hope is that it gets the build up that Malign Portents got.
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    Take it as you wish, but was just at Warhammer World and I bought some noise marine arms. I made a remark about how it was a shame that we had super old models, and one of the workers in the shop said "don't worry, Slaanesh is getting a release soon". Maybe he was just trying to cheer me up, but speculation fuel either way.
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    Pretty neat looking conversions, reminds me a bit of the Scharde Pirates from Warmachine/Hordes.
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    They are looking good. I really like the guy with the chain and hook.
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    Finally got around to the centerpiece of my Flesh Eater Courts army…the behemoth known as a Terrorgheist. Fortunately, I’m taking part in a painting challenge called ‘Jewel of July’ where we choose a centerpiece model for any given collection of models hobbyist are working on. This big batty fella fit the bill for me as I had been putting it off and needed the push to get it done. As with the rest of my Flesh Eater Courts army, I wanted it to appear Stormcast Eternal inspired. I struggled with what I could do with this model, but came up a local individual who had some spare Dracothian Guard chest plates. The creatures neck was too low to have them hanging from it and they wouldn’t be seen if they were protecting his torso as they do for the Stormcast mounts, so these became shoulder guards. To get some more iconography on the creature I wrapped a series of chains around its neck which hang a shield and medallion with seal. I see Lord Maulheart and Co tossing these chains around it’s neck ceremoniously prior to battle. Flesh Eater Courts can be designed with the Ghoul King either on foot or riding on the Terrorgheist. To account for this flexibility, I moved the model a little to one side of the base, angled a wing up pretty high, and created room to also put the Ghoul King on so I can have them together as one model in cases where I build the army with Lord Maulheart riding his mount. To be honest, I struggled with assembly of this creature. I found it pretty difficult getting all the rocks that it’s perched on to glue level on the base. Those struggles paled in comparison to how much trouble I had painting the beast. Painting this model really tested my patience with the hobby side of this…hobby. In the end, it doesn’t look too bad. There are definitely some spots I’ll go back and try too smooth up, but for now he’s sealed and ready to game. In fact, I took the army out for a test run yesterday against a Nighthaunt army led by Nagash’s Bride. Lord Maulheart’s Chamber was routed…but he lived to to restore order to the Mortal Realms another day. The next issue with this creature is…how the hell do I store it?
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    Agree. Also, the reason that *this* mirror match is so frustrating in particular is how much it can swing regardless of player skill. You can be a lot better and a lot more experienced than the other guy who's playing bandwagon-Nagash, but you can still lose to a coinflip (or a series of coinflips) almost regardless of skill level.
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    Here’s the list I’m thinking of bringing for a local tournament at the end of the month. What do you guys think I can do to make it better?
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    In my experience, if you're running a unit of 10, it's your choice. Javelins are easier to use, but their shorter range is limiting. If you're looking to max out a unit of 40, use the boltspitters. The +2 to hit for the big unit makes an amazing difference, and you'll get work done. Either way, give them bucklers. It's still a 6+ save, but now you get to ignore rend -1. If your skinks get into close combat, you'll want to retreat more often than strike, so the clubs aren't particularly useful. Again, these are just my opinions -- I don't purport to have any amazing tactical insight, but this is what I've determined from my experience.
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    I finally got some time with the massive list of artefacts, and I guess my overall takeaways are: There's a ton of great stuff in here, that I really do think promotes diversity and levels the field a bit, especially for subfactions without battletomes No, taken as a whole these lists don't feel particularly balanced, especially with how bat**** crazy the high end items are For those armies fortunate enough to take multiple artefacts (not really me), I can appreciate the decision to take certain realms over others, and it also explains all the similar-but-weaker artefacts across the realms, things that do what another realm's version does just not as good Despite originally being in support of banning the realm artefacts, I don't really feel that way now, there are just too many of them that are decent, and they add too much to list / fluff design to just be lopped off (yes that includes the Lens of Always Taken) Originally I was pretty impressed by Ulgu, as it was one of the first lists I read, but I actually think Ghyran is my favorite. Maybe that's because I favor static buffs, playing in all phases and healing in a game where everybody is dying all the time. It probably doesn't matter, but for those who haven't digested the artefacts, here're my highlights: Shooting Wraithbow (Shyish) - 0-6 mortal wounds @ 18" (great range if hard to hit) Splintertooth (Shyish) - D3/D6 mortal wounds @ 8" (fun dice mechanic + decent damage) Rockjaws (Ghur) - D3 mortal wounds @ 8" (high likelihood of hitting) Combat Ghyrstrike (Ghyran) - +1 to hit and wound (so simple, so good) Sword of Judgement (Ulgu) - 6+ to hit = D6 mortal vs heroes + monsters (even as a Tizz player I tend to dismiss 6+ to proc abilities but wow) Anraheir's Claws (Ghur) / Blade of Endings - 6+ to wound / hit = +2 damage (basically the same weapon and a 6+ proc but good against all) Defense Ethereal Amulet (Shyish) - Ignore modifiers to save rolls (mortal wounds balance this out but whoa) Gryph-feather Charm (Ghur) - Flat -1 to be hit, also +1 move (almost all -1 are shooting or combat, not both) Ignax's Scales (Aqshy) - 4+ ignore mortal wound (not earth shattering but a high probability) Doppleganger Cloak (Ulgu) - Bearer can't be targeted in melee until it attaks (damn on a monster) The Ragged Cloak (Shyish) - One use, bearer can't be targeted in enemy shooting phase (I tend to discount many one use items but completely cutting out an enemy phase is huge) Movement Thermalrider Cloak (Aqshy) - Fly and +4 move (bam!) Hydroxskin Cloak (Chamon) - Fly and strong chance of D3 mortals when flying over enemy (depends on native high movement, as Fly doesn't have as many benefits as 40k's version) Healing Jade Diadem (Ghyran) - 6+ to save = heal 1 (... but you have to save) Wand of Restoration (Ghyran) - Heal 1 on a friend within 6" Greenglade Flash (Ghyran) - One use, heal D6 (again, not a fan of single use but the boost is potentially big) Gleaming Blade (Hysh) - Heal 1 if weapon causes 1+ wound Misc Lens of Refraction (Hysh) - Friend within 6" suffers D3 fewer wounds from spells (yep) Aetherquartz Brooch (Hysh) - 5+ to recoop a spent CP (40k in the house!) And loads more, this is my first cut I think. Purpose of writing this was to help inform those who haven't seen the rules / might not be aware that these tools exist, as I haven't found many online summaries of them, apart from a podcast or three.
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    Thanks guys. The Eidolon is on the base it comes with. It's an allied Eidolon not an Avatar or anything. I just converted and painted him to match the army better.
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    I managed to paint 2k in time for the Heat 3 AoS event at Warhamer World a couple of days ago. I was fortunate enough to get a painting nomination which was nice! Here's some pics of the 2k army. Also, Dan of AoS Shorts fame asked me to answer a few questions about the army, conversions, basin and painting etc. You can read the interview and see more army pics here https://aosshorts.com/showcase-tim-daughters-of-khaine/ blood effects and basing Q&A can be found there too
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    I've been busy painting and hope to have 2k painted in time for Heat 3 at the weekend. Morathi here has taken up the bulk of my time but lots of other stuff are WiP and I should spend the next few evenings ticking things off.
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