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    So having worked on my Suneaters for a long time my partner has been working on her Nature Aelves to fight against them, one thing we have noticed is that the old Aelven scrolls are lacking... something, in splitting them down between so many factions and without recent updates they struggle to stand up to the more modern scrolls in efficiency or character. For this reason she asked me to look into allegiance abilities and more modern scrolls for a Wanderer evolution to fit the growing themes of Age of Sigmar for when Soul Wars hits. So heres where I am right now: AELORAN NOMADS When the Realms fell to chao those Wanderers who found themselves abandoned by their volatile and spiteful goddess fled across the realms, the tide of chaos ever biting at their heels as they sought a place to call their own. Yet godless and without allies every door became closed to them, even the mighty gates of Azyr were found sealed by the time their beleaguered populace came unto it. It was then that they were driven onwards, ever further out from their cities in the heart of Ghur towards the volatile and unknowable forests at worlds edge that they might endure the elements longer that they could the blades of their foes. Their hidden refuge at realms edge has, for the longest time kept the nomads hidden from the wars that ravaged the Realms, but the very magics that have shielded them have taken a heavy toll upon their bodies and souls. An intelligent and deeply invasive bestial wind called the Wyld at the edge of Ghur has seeped into the very fibres of every muscle, the primal drum beat that forms the very pulse of the realm now resides within the souls of every Aelf in their ranks threatening to overwhelm reason or logic with every beat of the endless rhythm. As the Wyld seeks to claim their souls the desperate Nomads sought ways to stave off their final bestial forms, that they might retain their Aelven grace and nobility for few millenia longer. Through many trials that claimed more and more of their population with every passing year eventually a symbiosis was found, the strongest souls within their ranks could merge their souls with the savage beasts of the realm, burying their own soul within that of the mighty beasts to hide it from the Wyld that sought to snuff them out. Such an act would preserve the Aelven soul but the toll it took on their partnered beast was heavy, no such beast could endure more than a few years of the merge before the Wyld claimed it entirely. It has then come to pass that the eldest amongst the Aeloran populace have formed such a bond with hundreds of beasts, each becoming inclined to merge with a beast that matches their personality beyond all others. At first such pairings seemed solely matched by personality, the most vigilant paired with the mighty raptors that claimed the skies of world edge, the fleet of foot would pair with the mighty stags that leapt deftly through the forest and the greatest hunters would merge with packs of the savage wolves that hunters in the darkest corners of their realm. As the years have worn on however the Aelorans features have begun to shift and alter to match that of the beasts whose souls have touched their own, the Birdkind develop accute vision, their bone structure lightening as though able to drift on the wind instead of falling. The Doekind develop extraordinary muscle structures allowing them to dance across the very tree tops with every deft leap, and the Wolfkin become hunters beyond compare. The Aeloran carry with the Wyld wherever they travel, it has become a disease that spread like wildfire throughout their populace and even the blending of souls can only delay it so long. They have become blighted, never able to settle for long lest the carnivorous plants of the Wyld itself spawn in their very footprints, beset at all times by the predators within and without they lead nomadic lives, ever in pursuit of the great hunt that they might find a beast able to endure the blend long enough to hold their degradation entirely. ALLEGIANCE ABILITIES - The Hunters Heart – To survive the Wyld is to understands ones place within the food chain, the Hunter must consume the prey, and the prey must be consumed. Roll a dice for every enemy model that flees due to battleshock whilst their unit is within 3 inches of an AELORAN unit, for every roll of a 4 more more the AELORAN unit regains a wound, if there are no wounded models in that unit you may instead restore a number of models to the unit lost earlier in the battle with a number of wounds upto the wounds restored. Wyldform – The eldest of the Aeloran populace have begun their final descent into the Wyldform, every drop of their blood carrying the changing taint from world edge with them into battl. Should a precious drop of this blood hit the ground it bears the spores of the predatory plants of Ghur, erupting forth to reclaim the lands. At the end of any turn in which an AELORAN NOBLE is wounded but not slain, roll a D6 for every AELORAN NOBLE that was wounded adding the number of wounds lost. You may add one base of WYLDSHARD BRAMBLES within 3 inches of that model for every roll of a 4 or more. WARSCROLLS: Many of these are still WIP and yet to be tested, as you'll see below I have pointed out scrolls that I havent yet published as I work out the details however the faction is split into 3 racial keywords (Aeloran for those still mostly Aelf, Centaurid for Aelven Centaurs and then Avari for the more Avian Aelves). Aeloran Reavers take the Reaver (Previously Ellyrian Reavers) warscroll with Keywords changed to match Aeloran Allegiance Aeloran Chargers are currently just a retooled Pallador scroll because of fondness for the Gryphchargers, they'll become more distinct soon whilst maintaining mount specific characteristics PITCHED BATTLE PROFILES The table below provides points, minimum and maximum unit sizes and battlefield roles for the Warscroll and Warscroll battalions in this book, for use in Pitched Battles. Used alongside the rules for Pitched Battles in the Generals Handbook, this provides you with everything you need to field your army of Aeloran Nomads against any opponent AELORAN NOMADS UNIT SIZE POINTS BATTLEFIELD ROLE NOTES UNIT MIN MAX Aeloran Noble on Wyldrunner Chariot 1 1 220 LEADER Aeloran Wyldshaper on Griffin 1 1 260 LEADER, BEHEMOTH Aeloran Lord on Wyldmare 1 1 220 LEADER Aeloran Gladeshards 10 30 160/420 - BATTLELINE if AELORAN NOMAD Allegiance and your general is an AELORAN NOBLE Aeloran Reavers 5 20 140/500 BATTLELINE Aeloran Forest Shades 10 30 160 BATTLELINE Aeloran Chargers 3 12 200 - Centaurid Huntresses 5 15 180 - BATTLELINE if AELORAN NOMAD Allegiance and your general is a CENTAURID Centaurid Stargazer 1 1 100 LEADER Centaurid Gladiatori 5 15 180 - Avari Sunrakers 3 6 200 - Avari Starcaster 1 1 100 LEADER
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    There is a Plan for all of Us Army Milestones and Goals: Fun and Awesome Army to play with and against Win local painting award Fully painted and Playable at 1,000 Points Fully painted and Playable at 2,000 Points 80% Painted of models by 2019 Tzeentch has always been my second favourite chaos god. First being slaneesh but I am waiting for new (sexy) models. I already have most of the models bought for the previous edition (A0S 1.0) and now updating it for the current edition. Thankfully out of the 3 playable army I have, this is the only one that felt needed a list change. I'm going to stick to Chamon and Aqshy as my realms and theme for all my current and future planned armies. You will notice that they are not overly competitive lists and have some inefficiencies: The way of Tzeentch is ever mysterious. Below are the current planned list: Tzeentch 1000 Points:LeadersLord Of Change (380)Tzaangor Shaman (180)10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (200)10 x Tzaangors (180)Chronomatic Cogs (60) Total: 1000 / 1000Wounds: 118 Not much logic here. A list made mostly for a local tournament on 7th July. Expecting lots of Death and Nighthaunt. Lord of Change will have Chamon artefact "Argent Armour" and "Incorporeal Form" general trait for a -2 to-hit in combat phase. The idea is that I can place him aggressively against most armies. Unless they shoot. A lot. Then he's just dead. (Local scene has a lot of Slyvaneth, Maggotkin, Stormcast , Ironjaws and Legion of Nagash ) Can you believe that this 1,000 Points of Disciple of Tzeentch?! Oh how things have Changed. Allegiance: Tzeentch 2,000 PointsLord Of Change (380)Ogroid Thaumaturge (180)Tzaangor Shaman (180)Magister (140)20 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (400)20 x Tzaangors (360)10 x Kairic Acolytes (80)3 x Varanguard (280) Total: 2000 / 2000Wounds: 118 Lord of Change and the Varanguard feels "Too cool to be left out" or rather the centrepiece and personality of the list. Wonderful models they are. Maybe when I'm massively let down by them, they get dropped from the list but so far the Lord of Change has not disappointed me that much. Other than everything else, I am more willing to sub out. I had good fun using the Tzaangor Shaman's Boon of Mutation spell to disrupt my opponent and I think generating free units through spells is powerful. The Tzaangor shaman, Ogroid, Magister and Fateweaver probably be core to Tzeentch lists. This is going to be go-to tournament army for awhile. Strangely enough, this army actually migrated from 40k. When Games Workshop announced that Tzaangors were going to be in Thousand Sons I bought all the Tzaangors off a friend. So on the bench ( and summoning pool) I currently have: 20 Blue horrors (For Splitting) 20 Brimstone horrors (For Splitting) 6 Screamers (For summoning... sometimes if the exalted Flamer is still alive) 6 Flamers (For summoning... realistically not gonna happen) 1 Exalted Flamer (For summoning, I like this one) 1 Burning Chariot 1 Changecaster 1 Fluxmaster/Fateskimmer 10 Tzaangors 6 Skyfire That rounds out my collection for Disciple of Tzeentch, I really enjoy painting them and more models might be inadvertently added to the collection but the aim of this blog to lay out all my buying plastic sins and get them done before more plastic sins are committed. Next blog post will be about my 1k tournament report . Thanks for reading. P.S. I should read up on blogging. "We are here because are all addicted to plastic crack" ~
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    Anyone who read my battle summary would have seen that tragically the Exalted Volsungr got a bit beaten up by a Griffon and a Chariot, tragic ofcourse but it does beg the question what happens when an immortal warrior of the Suneater is felled in battle? Can such a creature ever really die? What role does the Gothi accompanying them play in such a situation and how exactly are they "healed" if the can be? Well here's how, part two of the battle summary, Rebuilding a God as the now mountless Gothi seeks to rectify what went wrong: “Stupid Aelves….” His voice shrill with irritation as his thin wrinkled lips curling back to revel a rack of yellowed yet wickedly sharp teeth as he spat into the dirt “Stupid skin and bone Aelfkin, broke him they did…” Irritated, old and wizened yet remarkably fat for his kin the Gothi priest balled his fists and slammed one into his rocky mount, a piercing scream of agony punctuating the idiocy of such a move for a frail and feeble creature to undertake. Worse yet as realisation overtook him the priests began to caress the rock, murmuring softly back to it “But we’ll fix him up, feed him up food, feed him on the Aelves and their pathetic little souls and yes….”. Within a moment all trace of softness vanished from his voice “FASTER! HE’S HUUUUUUNGRY!” he barked forward to the scarred and blistered backs of two Ogors in front of him, swaying with every step of their rippling scaled mounts, the stench of the pair was almost unbearable, a putrid combination of the muds of this rain sodden field combined with Ogor sweat and the unmistakable odours of faeces made the frustrated priest miss the isolation and dry cracked earth of his former refuge. He could not tell if the response came from Ogor or Draken, but it sounded enough like an irritated huff of compliance to assure the old Gothi of compliance, turning his attention back to the boulderous skull of his former master and mount he was sat upon, great chains wrapped around its mighty horns to drag it behind the giant Draken mounts of the Aldin bodyguard. There was little by way of conversation as the two mounted Ogors dragged their precious cargo up the hill toward the sweltering heat and night piercing glow of the great pyre, it afforded the Gothi time to nail down precisely what had gone wrong in the battle. They had been sent ahead of the great migration of the Burnin Klaw, Great Prophet Fyrebite had demanded it of course… why would someone chosen by the gods ask when he could demand after all. They were to forge the path to the Maw Gates whilst the rest of the migration gathered slaves to sustain them on the long haul back to Aqshy and the blistering heats of home. This land was meant to be the quite place, once fortress to the puny fanatics of the pretender god Khorne and their pathetic little rituals, the very thought brought a furrowing of the brow and yet more spitting of distain from the Gothi priest. Those pretenders had taken the land from the fool-man Sigmars pets, and before them it was the wildlands… now it was to be the Scorch, one finger of the mighty fist of the Suneater as he pummelled this realm into submission. But this quiet place wasn’t good quiet… no it was Aelf quiet, the quiet that bites on the wind and runs like a coward, the quiet that isn’t a good fight but like rats in the night. Stupid raingod thought he could quench the great Pyres of the Suneater, but the Suneater pummelled raingod and the Pyres rose high, puny Aelves thought they could stick the Gothi good with their beelike arrows stinging all round but the Gothi were too smart, hiding behind Ogorkin whose big backs could take many arrows and small brains might not feel them. Stick bird thing though… stick bird pecked at the mighty Gor-da, Exalted Prophet of the tribe, mighty Gor-da who had shaken whole realms and walked as mountain of flame and stone, Gor-da who now was just a dull rock starving slowly in the night… stupid Stick-bird broke him good. “Bring it!” the Gothi priests shrill cry pierced the night once more as his two escorts unceremoniously dumped their chains into the dirt by the pyre, only the thick mud of the hill stopping the great stone skull from rolling back down to its starting point once more. The maniacal laughter of his attendants at least brought a shifting evil grin to the older gothis face, each shuffling into view from behind to glow of the pyre with a barbed chain lashed around the face of a bruised and beaten Aelf. Every tug of the chains elicited a pained yelp from their captive, much to the riotous laughter of his jailors, inch by inch forcing their new toy closer to the giant skull. “Make it kneeeeeell!” he cried into the night, an attendant delivering a bone crunching wallop to the feeble boned Aelf to drop it to its knees. Even the laughter of the attendants died out at the Gothi raised his hands to the nights sky, the beasts of Ghur falling silent in anticipation. The older Gothi begun to utter guttural prayers, low… rumbling noises of the volcanic wastelands he had for so long called home, his hands arching and curling through the air as bony pale fingers beckoned to the great pyre before him. Serpentine the flames leapt higher, leaping and twisting as they moved toward their summoner, at times they reeled back as though some wild beast resisting the will of their master but each time he called out shrill into the night and they came back to compliance. Each tendril wrapped around the broken Aelf, at first inching around limbs, the smell of singed Aelf flesh sweet in the night sky, the flames rose through the Aelven form as though through dried wood, wreathing the creatures whole form into flame. The priests prayers reached a climax, now so shrill they’d passed beyond the hearing of most mortal creatures, his fingers outstretched toward the burning Aelfs form he balled up fists and slammed them once more down into the Rocks skull that formed his stage. With this final movement the flames leapt from Aelf, burning into the eyes of the stone-hewn mask, the roar of the Volcano punctuating the rituals completion with great gouts of flame emanating from eyes and mouth of the fallen Idol of the Suneaters. The spark once more lit the Gothi caressed his fallen masters skull, beady eyes staring out into the crowd of gathered Ogors and Grots “More Aelves… He’s hungry… and bring rocks... big rocks.”
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    In this blog entry I'd like to explain the best options we have for ally choices when running the Clan Pestilens alleigance. As a Skaven army, we can ally with all the other Skaven factions (Clans Verminus, Eshin, Skryre, Moulder and the Masterclan) as well as Nurgle Daemons. Obviously covering every single model we can ally in is a bit fruitless, so I'll just be talking the best options for matched play. Clanrats (Clan Verminus) Oh Clanrats, don't you ever go changing on me. These guys really just pull their weight in any list they're in. 200pts for 40 bodies with a buffable armor save. Sit these blokes on an objective, screen your army with them, or just run them forward and let the plague monks flank and smack the enemy from the side. Clanrats retreat and charge, and add 2 to their run and charge rules, making them shockingly mobile for getting in the way of the enemy. I will never not recommend these, and every pestilens player should have at least 40 painted and ready to go. Arch Warlock (Clan Skryre) 140pts for a caster that knows 2 spells, I still feel a little dirty taking this guy because surely his costing is a typo. Factor in his unique spell is 3 Arcane Bolts to fire at your leisue, and you've got a sneaky, durable and brutal hero skulking around the back line obliterating any enemy that dares to come at you and forcing battleshock tests on 3-4 enemy infantry blocks every damn turn. Screaming Bell (The Masterclan) The bell tolls for FREE SUMMONING. I mean sure, it's on the roll of a 12, but imagine spending 200pts on a versatile mobile buff/debuff/damage output machine and accidentally summoning the Lord Skreech Verminking 100% free of charge and him dropping the Thirteenth Dreaded Spell on some poor unsuspecting elite infantry block. But I digress, even without the free Verminlord gimmick this is the bell for you, random damage output, a unique spell that puts stormcast in the oven and sets it to fanbake, and a command ability that can pretty much always be at least slightly useful. Lord Skreech Verminking (The Masterclan) Getting your ass royally beat? Reach for the king. Verminking does everything you'd expect from the lord of all Verminlords, he'll duel any character in the game and shred them (if he fights first, but that's just the Verminlord deal), he'll move across the board with incredible speed to lock down objectives, he'll heal himself if he has to and if anyone even DARES to come at him without a reliable dispell, the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell will blast a hole in anything it hits and then replace the casualties with FREE clanrats. His command ability will always be useful in any skaven army (Skaven units reroll wound rolls when near Verminking) so that's nice. Gutter Runners (Clan Eshin) These guys weigh in at 60 for 5, or 200 for 20. Cheeky backfield bombers that pop in from a board edge in your movement phase and get to run and shot where necessary. Essentially what Gutter Runners are is the only reliable backfield mobility skaven has, given everything else has a dice roll or too many conditions. They're a niche, meta dependent pick but having a full strength unit of 20 in your list is basically never a waste. They're average when they're not needed, and amazing when they are. Verminlord Warpseer (The Masterclan) This lad wouldn't have made the list during General's Handbook 2017, but free summonig made his command ability at least not pointless, and being the Verminlord dedicated to being a wizard he's going to come in handy during the hype phase of Endless Spells. Also, watching his unique spell burn holes in the unique named characters that can fly (Pro Tip, all of them except ours) is always satisfying. He can rip through infantry with his Warp-Glaive, and he's surprisingly survivable getting to reroll all his failed save. A niche pick, but not a bad one. Warpgrinder Weapon Team (Clan Skryre) Fresh off the assembly line with a points drop for Generals Hanbook 2018, this beast can put 40 plague monks directly behind the enemy and essentially force the opponent to adjust their plans or get rammed by 240 points of absolutely balanced, totally fair and family friendly foetid blades. Which for reference will wind up being around 120 attacks. And lucky last... THANQUOL AND THE BONERIPPER You read that right, Mr Chosen of the Horned Rat himself just got yet another point reduction, 400pts for the greatest and most clever seer to ever live and his walking, chittering battering ram. Thanquol is an absolute unit, he does everything and he does it well. His unique spell is Arcane Bolt at greater range (before it got gimped), he heals himself every turn with no condition, he knows the spells of every skaven wizard near him (oh hey Arch Warlock) and casts those spells better, because he has the warpstone token rule the Grey Seer model has but with absolutely no negative consequences should it fail. His command ability is the AOS equivilent of an invulnerable save on any unit of skaven that gets better if there's more than 13 models in the unit, absolutely insane. And all these benefits are just the bloke on the top, lets talk about the four armed gentleman down bottom. Boneripper is one HELL of a beatstick, he comes with two weapon loadouts, one is a melee attack that outshines any weapon in the entire Skaven line. The other option is a ranged attack that does 2D6 mortal wounds to anything within 8inches. No aiming, no hit rolls, no mercy. Whichever you choose, he has a second melee attack that's respectable as hell. These two will consume your entire ally choice points at 2k, but ****** he will do work.
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    Welcome back! Here's the newest addition to Halfling force! He is as swift and furious as a gryphhound, and makes up for his size with unparalleled bravery and cockiness! Meet Sparkles the rooster! Sparkles will be attending local Coalescence event, along with Halfling Free Peoples army and a Steam Tank. Expect coverage of that event soon after! That's it for today! Hope you like what I've got, Until next time!
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    Skaven armies are famous for two things; the collosal numbers they slap on the table and the ramshackle war machines they drag behind them. The Plagueclaw is one such machine. You may be more familiar with this weapon of war from seeing it shoehorned into a Maggotkin list, or spamming them to win Mortal Empires in Total War Warhammer (I have no regrets, Mazdamundi had it coming). It isn't often fielded in any chaos list not of Pestilens or Nurgle, a distinction that seperates it from the Warp Lightning Cannon and Stormfiends. Shooting for the Moon This catapult outranges 90% of the units in Age of Sigmar, and doesn't even need to see those units to hit them. Furthermore, as appropriate for something that lore-wise just carpet bombs the enemy with sludge, it gets significant benefits for targeting units that have more than 10 models (Not 10 or more, MORE than 10). It's rend is -2, shockingly brutal for a ranged weapon, which compensates for not recieving the anti-horde bonus if targeting elite units with good armor saves like Stormcast Paladin units or Kurnoth Hunters. Landing in the Dumps Thank god this thing got a point reduction going into AOS2, or I wouldn't even be bothering to write this in the first place. Despite the above benefits, the thing just cost far too much to have more than 1 of as a token threat to hordes during AOS1. 160pts is much more bearable for it's often unreliable nature, and while it's unreliabilty can be directly combatted with the Foulrain Procession batallion, it's also a 700pt sink that will prevent you fielding a decently sized force, something critical to victory with Clan Pestilens. Plaguelord's Verdict I personally plan to be upping my catapult count to 2 heading into AOS2, the point reduction was nice and makes it easier to justify this unit as a support choice.
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    Striding above the lesser rats as they charge screaming into battle is a monster the skaven fear more than any other. Verminlords are the truest incarnation of the Horned Rat, be they ascended champions rewarded for excellence, shards of the Horned Rat given form and function, or the hideous Lord Skreech Verminking, an abomination formed from the essence of the entire original Council of Thirteen. These entities lead the skaven, from the front and from the shadows, and of their number none are fouler than the Verminlord Corruptor. A Nurgle Daemon Unlike Any Other The Verminlord Corruptor is the centrepiece model of a Clan Pestilens army. As the only unit in the book with a command ability, if they're in the list they'll be the general. Before Pestilens recoeved alleigance abilities this guy didn't see much use, he was an awkward out of place model that simply cost too much. Now, with a point reduction and command traits and artifacts that bring him into line with the rest of the army this chittering monstrosity makes for a formidable leader indeed. Disease Strides the Battlefield The Corruptor is best played thematically. He stalks behind a line of plague monks, casting his command ability on them while casting mystic shield to preserve nearby Plague Furnaces and unleashes his unique Plague spell on anything close, or anything close to his nearby expendable and targetable swarm. He only fights in close combat when victory is assured, and given his game changing command ability is willing to expend every last rat to preserve his own well-being. Equipped with the Blistervious, the Living Cyst and bearing the Master of Rot and Ruin trait this potent support general will stay alive on the back field, casting prayers and spells to support his minions and dealing with any enterprising assassins foolish enough to come close. Points to Remember 12 wounds and a 4+ save is not that durable. If the Corruptor tries to trade blows with anything bigger than a support hero, he will lose. The idea of this mighty creature cutting down hated Allariele the Everqueen is pleasant, until her beetle takes him out in literally one round of combat. Prayers used by a Corruptor who has Master of Rot and Ruin or the Liber Bubonicus cannot trigger Great Plagues. Can't fathom why, but rules as written he doesn't. Don't try it. We might be scum skaven players, but we aren't cheats. His unique spell can be chained through your own troops to reach the enemy. Not always smart, but always funny when it goes off and causes the enemy even more casualties. Parting Shots (With a Prehensile Tail) I've begun the hard task of repainting my corruptor, shown here in his original, if somewhat rough glory, and halfway through his new paint job with lovely crystalline horns.
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    Today saw the most recent clash between the Aeloran Nomads and my Suneater Tribe Ogors, the first in our narrative series to shape the factions place within the Realms. We decided to use the Open War card in order to generate a decent narrative for the battle beyond the normal objective based clash, it was our first time using the card and the variation in deployment made for an interesting start. The Suneaters tribe came straight down the middle of the field, a roiling unrelenting steamroller of muscle and flame, meanwhile the Nomads scattered to the edges of the field, emerging from two of the nearby forests in a pincer move to surround and envelop the slower and more cumbersome foe. Generating the Torrential Rain card was a nice touch, adding a real sense of atmosphere to the battle whilst our objective was to each take out the opponents messenger (for us these were the people carrying warning back to the rest of their faction of the oncoming war). TACTICAL OVERLAY As this was the first time in testing out many of the Aelven units I played soft with the Ogors, rather than deleting units I knew to be potent I wanted to see how potent each of the units were, however this couldnt always be the case (closest target, blocking my way etc). Poor deployment made the gladeshards easy prey to even the weaker flying hero of my force, they were initially too far out of range to hit and with a 16 inch move the carrion drake moved from outside their shooting range to in combat with them in a single turn so they didnt hold up too well. The Longstriders survived an onslaught of Bal Kasta, Aldin Draken, Grots and catapults, very resilient and putting out a few wounds of their own in return but the Pyre ability (-1 to hit for shooting) and the rain (-1 to hit for shooting) really didnt help the Aelves in this encounter, often making even their normal infantry hit on 6's at range which is just unplesant to far. It also stunted both the Bal Kasta and Aldin Draken shooting however, the former I forgot to use most of their abilities and the latter did reasonably but would be better utilised against a force with more monsters in it. The Apex predator rule on the Wyld Runner chariot was fantastic, holding my general in place whilst both the chariot and griffon savaged him and brought him down was a great victory for Charlotte at this point in the battle (I had been systematically deleting units, the centaurs got stood on by the volcanic idol). The battle really went on for about 6 turns, even then both our messengers were on full health (my grot hid in a cave, he's a grot) as time wasnt on our side and the battle was balanced we diced off and Charlotte came away with a well fought win. Narratively as more aelves had died the Ogors dominated the village and took the land but the Aelves filled their mission of getting a messenger through the Suneaters lines to rouse the rest of the Hunt to this new threat. STORY The Aeloran scout crouched low in the lashing rain, her boots sinking into the deluge of mud beneath her and the once life Aelven cloak that shielded her form now sodden with rain hung heavily on her back. Her party had been ordered to take up position in a small copse of trees at the edge of what must have once been a man-kin village, from here she saw her first glimpse of the devastation wrought upon the world when her kind had abandoned it to the tide of chaos. Once mighty stone structures had been shattered as though by the hands of gods themselves, mighty carved pathways through the village now broken and shoddy reclaimed once more by the wilderness, there were no signs of the populace of this once burgeoning settlement, no laughter of children, no ringing of the dinner bells… it lay hollow and empty much like the Aeloran themselves. Though it must have been nearing midday the heavy clouds had long since drowned out any memory of the sun, darkness swarmed across the battlefield and visibility was rapidly becoming an insurmountable challenge. Yet even through this wall of rain she could see the flickering lights of their quarry, hundreds of torches somehow enduring the outpour as though fuelled by some arcane means, the very rain tasted of the smoke and ash their foe sent out into the wilds. More worrisome was the thunderous footfalls of the beasts that formed their preys procession, at the head of their column lumbered some monolithic creature, the glowing embers of its mask making its haunting visage visible leering in the darkness, with every slam of its heavy feet the trees itself seems to wince and lean away from its advance. As the last of the enemy procession cleared the treeline, the low drone of a hunting horn spurred the young Huntress from her thoughts, all distraction fading from her mind she felt the doe-kin spirit that shared her form spark into life. The energy of her blended soul coursed and rippled through her form, every muscle twitching with renewed vigour, leaping out of her crouched position her fingers curled tightly around the ironbark bow as her party joined the hunt. Silent save for the last reverberations of the horn still resonating through the treeline the Aelves advanced rapidly, leaping deftly over broken branches and ruin alike, the nearer the came to the enemy force the more they could hear the shrieking riotous laughter of the madness tinted grots still hidden from view, screeching in their primitive tongue to whatever gods they had sworn allegiance to. Notching an arrow, the Hunter took up her position amongst dozens of other archers, even Aelven eyes straining to pick out their quarry through the rain. As the enemy advance came into view she could feel the ripple of shock resonate through those around her, each doing their best to mask it, but a discernible wince seemed to flood through the battle line. Standing well over twenty aelves in height came the enemy leader, a giant hewn of stone, its every coursing vein glowing with volcanic heat, a savage mask offering only a leering grin of distain to all that lay beneath it. Every step it took seemingly scorching the very earth upon which it stood, on its shoulder stood the screeching maddening grotkin they had heard on their advance, large and bloated for its kind she could not help but feel disgusted at its very form. With this massive monstrosity came lumbering Ogor cavalry, massive even for their kin and clad is heavy beaten iron armour, sat atop fat wingless drakes whose scales glimmered and rippled in the glow of their volcanic master. Behind them came crude metal contraptions, lumbering and creaking with every step mounting crude weapons beneath each arm, what foul monstrosities they were she could not tell but only hope it was not first hand that she would find out. With every moment yet more horrors came into focus, poorly constructed wooden frames carrying massive rock totems to their god, siege engines carrying burning pay loads, dozens more Ogors and hundreds of screeching Grots… yet it was of little consequence. The hunting horn sounded once more, as one the archers rose from their positions and loosed their arrows, wood slick from rain what would have once been a seamless barrage rapidly descended into madness yet enough seemed to find their mark, Ironbark tips piercing even the rock hide of the monstrous creature at the head of the Ogor column. No cheer went up yet there was a sense of smug satisfaction as the Volcanic entity reeled backwards, short lived however was any joy the Aelves derives at its low rumbling laughter shook the very trees around them, followed shortly by the same lumbering footfall as before, they had done little more than amuse it. As the rain broke momentarily the Huntress could spy the second pincer of the hunt closing on the enemy across the shattered remains of the village, dozens of stags leaping over low walls as their riders filled the sky with a torrent of arrows instead. The satisfying screech of impales grots punctuated every loosed arrow, Kurnoth hunters from the realm of the forest loosed massive spear like arrows of their own, yet even their mighty blows seemed to do little to the monster at the head of the column. Through the midst of the Ogor ranks she could spy crude bonfires being rapidly assembled by the enemy priests, every bonfire lit beginning to fill the clearing with a heavy smoke that threatened to choke the air around them. Even without the rain this smoke made it hard to place arrow to their quarry, wiping the sweat from her ash stained face the huntress paused for a moment. A sound resonated through her acute hearing even over the clamour of the battle, the strain of wood… a low growl, too late she realised the source of her distraction as the agonising sensation of a crude bolt ripped through her shoulder, the very strength of the shot carrying her forwards as the bolt embedded in a broken wall in front of her. The impact slammed her head to stone, coursing agony flowing through her every thought, blood beginning to blur her vision as she glanced backwards to her attacker. A second party of the giant lizard riding Ogors had approached from their rear… had they been the ones being hunted? Such delirious thoughts had little time to take root however as consciousness began to flee her beleaguered mind and darkness resumed. Flickers of consciousness… merest glimpses of the battle found their way to the Aelfs mind, she could only watch helpless as her sisters valiantly tried to fight off the lizard riding hunters to no avail, soundlessly whimper as the bloated beasts feasted on their entrails. She could utter no warning as the heavy metal clad Ogors with their crude weaponry seemingly walked from the mighty pyres their priests had erected, belching gouts of molten metal that turned the once peerless gryph chargers of the nobles into screeching piles of singed flesh and molten slag. She saw, with at least some satisfaction, her noble king fighting the volcanic beast that led the enemy assault, as his great chariot impaled the beast in a fearless head-on charge, a noble griffon descended on the stone-beasts back, the pair clashing and ripping the beast apart stone by stone even against the screeching protest of its Grot passenger. She saw too the hammer blow that shattered her kings chariot… though held out hope he had survived the assault to hunt once more, the spear like bolt that laid low the griffon even over the smouldering wreckage of the volcanic idol. Great Wyldshard brambles had begun to flood the battlefield, every drop of noble blood that touched this accursed dirt sunk deep into the rain sodden mud. Wickedly sharp brambles erupted forth, they moved with carnivorous intent as they coursed and flowed across the battlefield, a living wall of vine and thorn that sought to stunt the Ogors advance. As consciousness fled once more her final vision was of the fleeting form of the Wyldmare racing past her, a smile filling her blood-stained lips. The messenger had broken through the Ogor lines, help was coming.
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    Background "They come like thunder and fire, like savage beasts driven mad by ravenous hunger... they are the volcano and the quaking earth... these savage beasts, our enemy, our quarry" Huntmaster of the Shatterflock Nomads The aftershocks of Nagashes malignant Necroquake still reverberate throughout the realms, tremours of nefarious magicks that shape and distort otherwise harmless beings into nightmarish monstrocities, but worse still after the effects it has wrought on the Maelstrom at worlds edge. These primal and shifting magical energies know no master, the insult of the wave of death that encroaching on their riotous storms only serve to stoke their ire, and in turn what had for so long been safe harbour for the Aeloran Nomads hidden beyond the edges of the map has begun to decay into arcane madness. The Wyld that they had for generations sought to mitigate though the soul blends seems to have risen once more, cancerous within the very skin of the realm as flora and fauna alike are overriden by the vicious carnivourous change of its ancient and knowable power. Once content to conceal their presence from the denizens of the Realm the nomads once more find themselves forced from save haven, ejected from their hiding place entirely exposed to a world that has changed much in their absense. Isolated, alone and oblivious to the developments of the realms in this new age each of the Aeloran Nobles strike out with their hunters, leading a great hunt across the realms in every direction that they might find new harbour, allies or benefactors to weather the storm that robbed them of their own. And yet no matter how far they travel from the primal storm of worlds edge they cannot escape the Wyld that has taken root within every member of their populace, driven ever onwards knowing that if they ever stop for too long the very jungle of savagery they have fled will begin to sprout around them. It is a young noble of the Shatterflock that now finds himself in the path of an oncoming Suneater Migration, a wall of fire at his back and this new foe bearing down on his people the hunt has once more been joined, let arrows fly and battle commence. Wordy bit Tomorrow sees the first playtest of the newly written Aeloran Nomads rules that form the heart of their battletome and a chance to experiment with their unique allegiance abilities including the vicious Wyldshard Brambles that sprout from ever barren dirt when seeded with the blood of Aeloran Nobility: An army with the AELORAN NOMAD allegiance gain the following abilities. The Savage Heart – To survive the Wyld is to understands ones place within the food chain, the Hunter must consume the prey, and the prey must be consumed. Roll a dice for every enemy model that flees due to battleshock whilst their unit is within 3 inches of an AELORAN unit, for every roll of a 4 or more the AELORAN unit regains a wound, if there are no wounded models in that unit you may instead restore a number of models to the unit lost earlier in the battle with a number of wounds upto the wounds restored. Wyldform – The eldest of the Aeloran populace have begun their final descent into the Wyldform, every drop of their blood carrying the changing taint from world edge with them into battle. Should a precious drop of this blood hit the ground it bears the spores of the predatory plants of Ghur, erupting forth to reclaim the lands. At the end of any turn in which an AELORAN NOBLE is wounded but not slain, roll a D6 for every AELORAN NOBLE that was wounded adding the number of wounds lost. You may add one base of WYLDSHARD BRAMBLES within 3 inches of that model for every roll of a 5 or more. In addition is an AELORAN NOBLE model is slain, immediately replace the model with a base of WYLDSHARD BRAMBLES. Its also a great chance to try out some of the newly fledged aspects that function as the command traits in the Aeloran society, each of the nobles bear a specific trait from their blends with their beasts of affinity, over time managing to manifest those traits they find most benefitial in an arcane evolution of their species: COMMAND TRAITS In addition to their command abilities, if they are a Hero, the general of a AELORAN NOMAD army can have a command trait from the list below. Pick the trait that best suits your generals’ personality. Alternatively, you can roll a dice to randomly determine a trait. If, for whatever reason, you must select a new general during the battle, immediately generate a trait for them. D6 Command Trait 1 Aspect of the Scorpion – Your hero channels the poisonous nature of the monolithic scorpions at world edge. Pick one of your heroes weapons (this cannot belong to their mount), if your hero wounds but does not kill an enemy model with this weapon that model suffers an additional mortal wound at the end of that phase. 2 Aspect of the Stag – This hero channels the grace and speed of the great stags of the forest. Add 3 to this models move characteristic. 3 Aspect of the Raptor – Channelling the great raptors that claim the skies of Ghur these heroes descend on wounded prey with unrelenting speed. You may reroll failed charges for this model if the charge move will end within 3 inches of a model already wounded that turn. 4 Aspect of the Lion – The nails and teeth of this hero have sharpened to the needlike points of the feline predators of their homelands. In the combat phase you may add one to the rend of and attacks that roll a 6 to hit. 5 Aspect of the Hydra – This hero has gained a sliver of the mighty regeneration power of the Hydra, seemingly regrowing lost limbs in the heat of battle. In each of your hero phases you may regain 1 wound on this model lost earlier in the battle. 6 Aspect of the Ironhide – Channelling the tough hide of the Ironhide Rhinos of the Ghur mountains this heroes skin has toughened to deflect blades. Roll a dice whenever a wound or mortal wound is allocated to this model, on a roll of a 6 that wound is ignored. Finally my partner gets to show off some of her in progress models on the battlefield (nice looking WHW table booked) including the Wyldshaper on Griffon, Reavers and the new Wyldrunner Chariot featured below: And for the clash here are the planned 2000 point army lists: SUNEATER TRIBES MIGRATION - 2000 EXALTED VOLSUNGR – General, Leader, Behemoth (400) Gothi Fyri – Priest, Leader (80) Gothi Fyri – Priest, Leader (80) Gothi Herald on Carrion Drake – Priest, Leader (200) 3 x Gullveig Ogors - Battleline (120) Crusher, Bellower, Banner Bearer (1 x Great Weapon) 20 X Ashen Grots - Battleline (130) Spark Bearer, Standard Bearer, 20 x Burning Bows 2 x Aldin Draken Battleline (180) Huntmaster, Tracker 2 x Aldin Draken Battleline (180) Huntmaster, Tracker 2 x Bal Kasta (200) Ignitor, Fyre Stoker 2 x Burnin Bomb Catapults - Warmachine (160) 1 x Pyre Belcher - Warmachine (140) 1 x Waaghkart – Warmachine (160) AELORAN NOMADIC EMPIRE - 1960 Aeloran Noble on Wyldrunner Chariot – Leader, General (200) Aeloran Lord on Wyldmare - Leader (220) Aeloran Wyldshaper on Griffin – Leader (260) 10 x Gladeshard - Battleline (160) 5 x Aeloran Reavers - Battleline (140) 5 x Aeloran Reavers - Battleline (140) 10 x Forest Shades (160) 3 x Centaurid Hunters (120) 3 x Aeloran Chargers (200) 5 x Melusari Blood Stalkers (bows) ALLIES (160) 3 x Kurnoth Hunters (bows) ALLIES (220)
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    Defensive Formation: "THE ONION" Named after the multiple layers it uses. When to use: When you know you're going to be hit hard by an aggressive army, preferably one that wants to punch you in the face, since shooting armies have ways to circumvent your outer layers entirely. Notable examples: Ironjawz, Beastclaw Raiders, Bloodbound, and armies with similar playstyles. Mind that it is potentially dangerous to do this versus an Ironjawz army, as their Megaboss on Mawcrusha can chain-charge through your outer layers. In such a matchup, ensure that your outer layers are not weak enough to be wiped out entirely by the mortal wound output of a Mawcrusha charge. What you need: - Several smaller, low-value units (2-3, depending on how many layers, or how wide you want to go) - At least one big bubblewrapping unit (This usually means a unit of 40, but there can be exceptions. This is your "wall") How it works: By using multiple layers of small, low-value units as seen above, you're able to keep an enemy at bay for several turns. This serves both as a stalling maneuver, and as a highly defensive one. The opponent can only charge during their own turn, which limits them to 5 charges during the entire course of the game. If you can force them to charge something with little to no value to you, you've essentially robbed them of 1/5th of an incredibly valuable resource. It is imperative that you keep the separate units safely outside of 3" of each-other. Should the opponent be able to pile in past a unit onto the next, you lose the advantage. If, for some reason, a layer of your onion should survive until your next turn, simply retreat it backwards past the layer behind it, and continue the process until you reach your main bubblewrapping unit. Then, bubblewrap your bubblewrap, and use the opponent's charge as an opportunity to pile-in your 40-man unit with little to no damage in return, piling in your layer-bubblewraps first, then removing casualties in such a manner to make room for your 40-man unit to pile in properly afterwards. You can do this with more valuable elite units as well, since they usually lose quite a bit of their edge if they are hit first. By utilising a layer in this manner, you can ensure that the damage done to you is minimal, and the damage you do in return is maximized. What can an opponent do: An opponent can work around your onion formation with in a number of ways. Do not expect them to play according to your plans, and always be ready to adapt your formation should the need arise. That being said, should the opponent play into your hands and attack the onion head on, then do not stray from the strategy. Any fight done on your terms is a fight in your favor. Among some of the things that can be done to work around the onion formation is the following: - Shooting the outer layers: Can work in your favor if the opponent have to focus a lot of his shooting on your outer layers to open them up, but with good shooting, he should be able to open up gaps, if not outright remove some of the layers entirely. Be smart about what models you remove to ensure you can retain a blockade as long as possible. Even a single well-placed model can be a wrench in your opponent's attempts to charge things beyond it. - Magic: Definitely works in your favor. Any spells used on your outer layers are spells not hurled at your far more valuable units. Otherwise, it serves the same principles as shooting - Flying, teleporting, double pile-ins, extreme mobility etc: Many of these can be worked around, but are all something you have to consider when you place your outer layers. Flying units will love big gaps between each layer, while units with pile-in tricks, or large number of units hurled at the same unit, will take full advantage of smaller gaps, by potentially piling past a destroyed outer layer onto the next. - Alpha/Deep Striking: I will cover this in another entry, but if you are in a position to utilize the onion formation to begin with, you should also have the tools to prevent an alpha/deep strike from hitting anything but an outer layer. Simply alter the form of your formation on demand, and deny your opponent the ability to teleport in behind you (have at least one unit within 9" of either corner, as those are the easiest spots to teleport to) - or, alternatively, build your formation in a more circular manner, to deny even a flank or rear charge. Summary: If utilized correctly, and your flanks are protected (by more layers, perhaps) - then the onion formation should serve well as a defensive maneuver. While it does work offensively as well, it's best used in situations where you don't want to charge anything, and simply want to stall an enemy unit, or large force, for several turns without throwing big resources at it. A good rule of thumb here is to never, ever, charge first. Always let the opponent come to you, while utilizing the rest of the board in such a manner that you decide the overal flow of the game. Force their hand. Be proactive, not reactive. While you want to be defensive, don't be afraid to move aggressively. For example, walk up and layer up in front of an opponent's force, and dare him to charge you - if you do it correctly, and he takes the bait, you've succesfully wasted his time. Got any input? Or think I'm horribly horribly wrong? Feel free to let me know!
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    Work in progress for the emergence of the first Suneaters Named Character, the first champion and prophet who drank deep from the lifes blood of Vulcatrix, the founder of the Suneater Tribes and true son of the Suneater. The First Prophet disappeared from the tribes millennia ago, stories circulate around his exact reasons why but no Ogor could truly speak to what filled the mind of such a mighty champion of the Suneater. Most assumed he marched forth to the first Pyre, much in the same way the other ancient prophets have done that they might prepare for the final battle at the side of their mighty God, though none returning from the Pyre speak of the First Prophet. In truth his rampage outgrew even the mighty tribes of the Suneaters, he was stronger and faster than any of his kin, his hunger for battle outlasted any of the savage soldiers who fought at his side, he could march for days when lesser mortals had to stop to rest. One by one his migration fell out of step with the great Prophet, they were left to wage war in his wake and decimate those civilizations too small to face the wrath of the mighty one. It was an alliance of Aelves and Sylvaneth who stunted this rampage, though the battle waged long into the winter seasons it was as the weather began to grow cold and the great flames of his forms waged war with the icy elements that the alliance of Order began to gain the upper hand. Grew flocks of the frostheart Phoenix flew high above the Magma drenched gargant, a swirling tempest of lashing ice and snow caged him in. Great war beasts of the Aelven empire dragged mighty chains forth, raised high by the Arcane powers of their masters to lock onto the rampaging Prophets limbs, inch by inch his volatile form was dragged forth, his feet digging deep into the battle worn fields as he lashed out at his would-be captors with massive blows of his flame wreathed weaponry. It was with a final roar of contempt that the Prophet was pulled from the field of battle, sent tumbling down into a darkened chasm with even the brilliant light of his form disappearing into the darkness of the depths. Yet the Aelven empires knew that such a creature could not truly be killed by such trivial means, at best they could cage him until a weapon could be forged to slay the great beast, and for this their greatest sorcerers set to work shaping the very landscape around them to become a cage hewn from nature. Three great rivers were rerouted through the realm, the dirt roiling upwards and great tracts carved through the hillside, sending their murky waters tumbling into the great chasm to quench the flames of the Prophets rage, hissing gouts of steam spitting upwards into the skies above. Time has long since forgotten the battle, and the prisoner since caged, pilgrims even starting to reverse the geyser of Ghyran as a holy site of Alarielle interpreting its hissing as divinations of their gods will. And with ages these volatile days became something of myth, eventually lost to history in the Age of Chaos as all things are in the death of civilisations. Hidden at the foot of the Arboreal Mountains in Ghyran lay the nameless city, its new denizens dubbed it the Phoenicium and so content were they in their own victory in liberating this ancient stonehewn marvel that they asked not what it had been called before, nor why its echoing halls bore the arcane symbols of magics long since lost. In the years since the War for Ghyran and the liberation of the Phoenicium the architects of Azyr are still finding new marvels lurking within the expansive labyrinth that runs beneath the mountainrange, their arcane historians tracing back runes and wardings to some of the oldest civilizations in the realms all focusing power throughout the complex as though a lightning rod to the very heart of Ghyran. Yet still they have not found the chamber of whispering, long since hidden from the prying eyes from mortals yet the voices within carry out into the echoing tunnels that form the Labyrinth. In the dead of night the young say they can hear the soft murmurings of lost voices, as though a lullaby reverberating through the stone itself, at once echoeing from every wall and none at all. This hidden chamber lay within the very heart of the city, no windows or doors piercing its marble walls, there was afterall no surface untouched by the wardings erected by its architects, the height of the chamber seemingly pierces high into the mountaintops, no ceiling visible to the naked eye and no light able to pierce such lingering darkness. At the heart of this rounded chamber lay the Altar, a roaring flame hovering above ground level, shifting and warping as though tugging at some invisible bonds that refuse to release their grasp. Around it three Oracles kneel in constant prayer in flowing waters of the restorative fount of Ghyran, their ancient skin showing no sign of age beyond a few decades though their eyes, blinded to the physical world, seem yet to carry wisdom that kings would never truly achieve. Here they have remained, their ward and duty demanding their every attention since the inception of this great work, it was the oracles who ensured neither man nor aelf would pierce the great stone walls of the Nameless city in the age of chaos, it was they who ensured the cage would not be broken by mortal hands. Each oracle courses and sways as though the very rivers of Ghyran themselves, the waters around them raising and falling with every motion, rushing toward the altar in crashing waves before receeding to the very edges of the chamber, their lips moving in constant prayer, soft lullabies seemingly to soothe the restless flame thatlurks at the chambers heart. Here they would have remained undeterred till realms end... but Nagash's great work was ignorant to their very existance let alone their purpose, he did not think of the repercussions when he sent his wave of malicious energies coursing through every vein in the realms. most villages merely felt the briefest of tremor, soon forgotten with the arrival of the restless dead urging more to join the ranks. The Whispering Chamber however, this great conduit of arcane power to the very heart of Ghyran was shaken by the convergence, even ignorant to the chambers existance the populace of the Phoenicium felt as every stone heaved and twisted in the impact of volatile magics, within the chamber itself the oracles screamed out as one in piercing agony, their heads flung back and sightless eyes burning bright with the same radiance as the flame, all water in the chamber bucking and recoiling from the flame as the oracles were riddled with torment. Nagashes powers flooded the chamber, rising through the arcane sigils across the walls, every inch it crawled higher fresh fissures began to form within the ancient marbling of the chamber, ageless symbols broken unable to contain the shockwave of magic that had been unleashed upon the realms. One by one the Oracles slumped forward, the heat of their body sending great clouds of steam racing skyward as the waters of Ghyran evaporated, tendrils of the flame inching their now lifeless forms toward the rooms central altar. Deep within the lost forests of Ghyran there is more worrisome news, the water levels of three rivers that forged a winding path through the hills of the Realm have dropped, with every passing day less water reaches the chasmic prison of the Prophet. And those Pilgrims who visit the site no longer hear the whispers of Alarielle from the Geyser, instead they speak of a roar of endless rage and the clanging of chains... WARSCROLL Contemplating giving him the DAEMON keyword as he is now technically an incorporeal living Avatar of a Gods will, in that regard he does match up pretty well with what it would take to be a Daemon (And a daemon of destruction would be a nice first)
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    Hi, My full name is … not-important but I'm known as Q to my friends. No known relations to James Bond's Q but I wished I was related. A collector of the plastic crack since I was 11 in 2002. Only started painting them in the last 5 years or so, and playing in last 2 years (AOS ghb2016 and 8th Edition 40k). The intent of this blog is to keep track of my games so that I may improve my general-ship and tactics and get my army painted. There may rants in between, narratives and battle reports.
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    Alright, a little more building. I got my order for 4x Sisters of the Thorn and 1x Sisters of the Watch and my plan building Sisters of the Watch styled Reavers worked. I didn't get them spears because profilewise it didn't make sense. In the profile they get them spears and the Champion has a sword (because this was the way it was with the Spire of Dawn models). But, the spear and the blade have literally the same profile (the blade has 1 attack more, but its because it's the champions weapon). There is no better range or worse To-Hit role like we often see with spears. The other 10 models (mostly the deers with the forehooves down make another 10 Wildriders Actually I started to paint one of them, because I switch him into the other unit. The point is, 7 deers with front hooves down in a single unit doesn't look that good.
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    Most armies have their dedicated elite infantry, and from the Freeguild Greatswords to the Kharadron Grundstock Thunderers they bear an infamous reputation on the battlefield. Each of the Skaven Clans have their own as well, and those fielded by the Clans Pestilens are known as Plague Censer Bearers. Swinging High The standout strengths of the Censer Bearers are evident. Unlike Plague Monks their weapon range is 2 inches, meaning they can actually swing over the top of themselves when taken in large groups. Their base rend on their weapons is -1, above the Plague Monks who need wound rolls of 6 to compete with that. Topping this off, in the hero phase each unit near them has a chance to take a mortal wound on the side. They also reroll all failed hits and battleshock outcomes as long as they hang close to a unit of Plague Monks, which in any smart list they'll have at least 2 or 3 units nearby. Falling Short No save, and unlike Plague Monks, no way of acquiring one. Furthermore, they're 60pts for 5 models, and that's 60pts that can be erased by merely average shooting. This is an elite unit that cannot withstand ANY level of pressure, so they need a stack of buffs to hit their full potential. Plaguelord's Verdict With the Verminlord Corruptor's command ability, the Plague Furnace's Rabid Fever and Bless with Filth, and maybe an enemy debuffed with Wither for good measure, these guys will literally EAT anything they go up against. A unit of 10 swinging for 40 attacks rerolling all of it's failed hit and wound rolls is going to blitz ANYTHING short of a 2+ save rerolling fails. Taken in the Plaguesmog Congregation they will be -1 to hit with shooting and putting out far more proximity mortal wounds in the hero phase. However without these buffs, they'll get swatted turn 1 or 2 and you'll lose your high cost point sink. Take them in a group of 10 and a group of 5 as part of a Plaguesmog for the extra artifact and command point or don't take them at all.
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    Been a while since I posted a blog entry, but nows a good time with the conclusion of AoS 1.0 rapidly approaching. For last 9 or so months, I have been rocking my Free Peoples army. AoS so far for me, has been about doing armies that I didn't get around to doing in older editions of Warhammer. First was my Chaos Undivided army, and after being a little frustrated about lack of shooting with that, next on the bucket list was the Free Peoples. I've dabbled with Humans before, back in 7th edition I started a small Empire army as well as a decent sized Dogs of War army, some of the models have even made it into my army today. So I definitely like the idea of your regular old humans standing together to fight against the horrors of the world (Whether for Sigmar or for gold and glory!). In total, to date I've painted up 2060 points of Free Peoples as well as 980 points of allies. So I've got a somewhat rounded collection, which has meant in the 3 tournaments I've played my Free Peoples I've played a different list each time. Each one slightly stronger than the last in my opinion. With my last AoS 1.0 tournament now behind me, and likely those games being the last under AoS 1.0, I thought now would be a good time to talk about the state of Free Peoples under AoS 1.0, as well as perhaps some initial thoughts about the future. In general I think Free Peoples lists tend to boil down into 2 types. The first is the mega company, a list that centres around a singular great company that tends to be maxxed out. This usually runs the Luminark to further protect the investment into those units. This in my opinion, is likely the stronger list as it tends to focus on the 3 best units in the Freeguild and once in the right place, you tend to have 3 units close by that you can use Hold the Line on. However, I have run instead a Double Company list. This list tends to have 2 smaller great companies, although my latest iteration had 1 larger one and 1 smaller one. This IMO allows me to spread out a bit more as I have more drops in my army. I've also bolstered my list with a smattering of allies, including a Hellstorm Rocket Battery, a Battlemage and a Knight Azyros. My Badgacon army, the last AoS 1.0 games played So for the most part, I'll talk to my experiences with the lists I've been running but also extrapolating that to Free Peoples as a whole. In a sort of TLDR, I'll say upfront that I think Free Peoples are at current, a purely Tier 2 list that while having some strong components, just has too many weaknesses and not enough options in particular areas to edge their way into Tier 1 (Not even talking about the S Tier armies that sit at the top of the meta). So let's just talk through some components of the army and why they're strong or not strong, and how it impacts the army as a whole. Freeguild General on Griffon - These guys are super good. I think the best armies have 2 of these in. It's super hard to squeeze in a 3rd one, but if you could, I think you would. They basically fulfil the role of both mobile tank and mobile damage due to being able to take a great weapon as well as a shield. This gives the only rend -2 in the army, and due to lack of mortal wounds available it makes these guys super important. MVP of the Free Peoples? Freeguild Guard - Swordsmen rock. Combined with the current Indomitable, big units of Swordsmen are just super hard to lodge. I haven't had any experience with the others, but at a guess I'd say Halberdiers are probably alright as well. In general the Swordsmen see the most use because the damage in the army is more efficient coming from the other places, so it kinda edges out stuff like Halberdiers and Spearmen. Freeguild General, Handgunners, Crossbowmen - These guys are basically 'the thing' that makes Free Peoples semi competitive. Handgunners and Crossbowmen (assuming they're out of combat) basically double dip with the Freeguild Generals Hold the Line. Not only do you get the +1/+1, but the disadvantage of not moving is actually and advantage as these guys get to add +1 to hit or double tap. Combined with the Great Company rules of an additional shooting phase, the whole army really promotes using these guys to the most effectiveness. But I would also argue, it's one of the armies largest weaknesses as well. The best part of our army is basically the only part of the army that works at a top tier level, and it promotes such a static style of play (Commonly known as the "Free Peoples Gunline"). The issue is that being static is a huge disadvantage in AoS. Especially since we have almost no battalions, we can't dictate the pace of the game by deciding who goes first or second. A common occurence I've had when playing is I outdrop my opponents, but I'm given the first turn. This puts me in a super awkward position, do I move all my shooters up (losing my Crossbowmen double tap bonus) so I can get into a better position? or do I sit back and buff up, but then I'm not able to get myself onto objectives. The 2nd turn priority ends up being one of the biggest priority rolls in the game no matter what you do. In some ways, it's why recently I've been thinking that Crossbows may not actually be the way forwards. Because Crossbows basically have to be immobile to get their 2x shots, while Handgunners are able to move and still take advantage of their large unit size bonus (even if they're in combat as well!). Demigryphs, Outriders and Pistoliers - These guys just don't do their roles efficiently enough at the moment. This doubles up with the fact our best synergy basically says "Stay still and get better!" and these guys are like "I want to run around a lot and make use of my high movement!". It's super sad to see Outriders and Pistoliers not get a price drop for AoS 2.0. Demigryphs I think just have the stigma attached that they used to be super good cavalry in prior editions, and now they rubber lance more often than not. I think at their new price point, if people can get over them and ignore their hitting, they might make useful mobile tanks. The Allegiance Abilities - The allegiance abilities in my opinion, are the biggest Free Peoples blessing and curse. It's a blessing because it's quite a strong ability for our shooting units. Ultimately, a free shooting phase where you know your stuff is going to be in range. However, I think it's the ultimate curse of the army as well. I would much rather that the Great Company rule was a warscroll battalion and we had another battle trait instead. The main reason is, it basically forces you to build your army in a static gunline way. The ability to charge as if it was the charge phase, just doesn't tend to be a very powerful ability in a game where players alternate activation of units in the combat phase. In prior editions, it was super useful to get a flank charge or have a chaff unit take the charge with your heavy hitter coming in swinging. It's just not as useful as an ability in Age of Sigmar in the same way that flank charging isn't necessarily as strong anymore either. So ultimately, the free shooting phase you can get, coupled with the efficiency of our shooting units and the hold the line ability promotes building a great company with a swordsmen frontline backed up by 2 shooting units. This basically promotes building the core of the army around at least a single great company. Which ultimately means a core portion of your army is encouraged to be immobile and a static gunline. And if you're not using the battle trait, there's not really much of a reason to be playing a Free Peoples allegiance over generic Order. Midway through the game... and the army has barely moved Just to finish up the summary of the army. One thing I will specifically say about the double company, and in particular my version is that I tend to have a weaker flank and a stronger flank. Double company encourages you to split your deployment into 2 because you want to keep your great company units nearby each other. What this means is if one flank crumbles, it tends to be hard to reclaim it because the army doesn't have enough mobility in it. The Future Now that AoS 2.0 is coming up, and some things have been leaked, here's some early thoughts on the army. I think sadly the army has only gotten weaker in AoS 2.0. None of the rule changes in particular benefit Free Peoples that much (or no more than any other army in the game). The army received some fairly minor points decreases on Demigryphs and Greatswords. To top it all off, the allegiance abilities are definitely nerfed in trying to prevent tailing back units to gain benefits (Something I certainly agree with, but makes them harder to use for sure). Overall, does the future look bleak? I don't think it really looks any different than before, a middle table army that dreams of glory days of a united Empire. I would love to see (Although, that ship has sailed in GHB2018 at least) a way to combine Collegiate Arcane and Ironweld Arsenal beyond the 400 points of allies while still keeping the Free Peoples allegiance abilities. I think a bit part of the reason why the army 'builds itself' currently is that the army basically boils down to a few different ways to do the same thing (output a bunch of low rend attacks). So of course, you choose the best tool for the job. If there were more options available (Builds a more magic centric human army, build a more artillery focussed army, build a classic board and sword army, build a mobile army with stormcast allies) I think the army would certainly feel a lot fresher and interesting to collect.
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    So with with Age of Sigmar : Soul Wars slowly seeping out more information I don't think it's anyone surprise that Disciples of Tzeentch got hit with the nerf hammer and GW did swing hard. Nearly everything in the army, bar some of the weaker deamon elements & enlightened saw a price increase and some fairly hefty. I've noticed on here and on FB that the DoT community rightly seem a bit shaken by the heavy point increases. I think as followers of the grand architect, the eternal schemer, the constant change we should embrace the changes. The army has been shaken up and will see change from the a typical Changehost or 9 Skyfires / gaunt on balewind. I think it's exciting times for the future of the army, especially with the endless spells (Hello spellportal & balewind). As well as that who doesn't love creating horrors, spawn and tzaangors as the god of change is always giving. I've mocked up a potential list I thought I'd drop on here. Lord of Change - 380 Gaunt Summoner - 180 Tzaangor Shaman - 180 Blue Scribes - 140 Ogroid - 180 Kairic Acolytes - 80 Kairic Acolytes - 90 Pink Horrors - 200 6 Tzaangor Skyfires - 440 Umbral Spell Portal - 60 Balewind Vortex - 40 The list can create Tzaangors & Spawn for free, because why not and should reliably get 9 spells off each turn, being able to throw them through the spell ports (It's a lot of mortal wounds). Mobile skyfires paired with cheap chaff can be used as blockers while you bring in more cheap horrors.
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    So here's a little Battleplan I devised for AOS Skirmish designed to be quick, fast, fun and to introduce people to AOS. It's all about a hint of narrative and I would encourage people to tell the story themselves. It involves a Witch Hunter, Marius Dire, and his retinue (Marius' et bird, an Aelf and a certain Stormcast Eternal (before she was famous) seeking to stop the nefarious activities of a Necromancer. *** Marius peered through the snowstorm as if he could stare it into submission. His cloak whipped around his frame in the howling gale and his companions huddled around the pitiful fire they had managed to light in the small shelter offered by the cave. His prey was near. He was sure of it. They must strike now to interrupt whatever dark purpose the necromancer intended. Set-up Place an objective in the centre of the board. Place the Necromancer in contact with the objective and then place 10 Skeletons anywhere within 9” of the Necromancer. The Order Heroes may be set up anywhere that is at least 12” away from any enemy model. Special Rules The elements themselves abhor the work of the Necromancer and rage against his will. At the start of each turn the player with priority roll a D6 and applies the result below: 1. The snow fell fast...No model may run or move further than 4” in the Movement phase in this Round. 2. And the wind blew wild...Subtract 1 from all rolls to hit with Shooting weapons this Round. 3. “Hailstones you say? More like hailboulders”...Roll a D6 for every model in your force. On a Roll of a 1 it suffers a Mortal Wound. 4-5. A brief respite...The skies are momentarily clear. No special effects apply. 6. Until the bitter end...All models add 1 to their to hit and wound rolls this Round. Victory The forces of Order win if they can kill the Necromancer before the end of the 5th Round. The forces of Death win if the Necromancer is alive and in contact with the objective at the end of the 5th Round or if all of the forces or Order are killed. The (homemade) warscrolls are attached. AOS.pdf
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    Hoggors are the most infected creature in a battlefield, they pulled out of perverse mind and corrupted flesh of Nurgle, the Lord of Pestilence. Eating corpses and carcasses these disgraced creatures have a particular assignment during the battles, contaminating air with all sort of deadly flatulence produced by pestilent guts closed in a metal pot nailed to their abnormal bodies. They kill enemies, eat enemies, digest enemies, ****** enemies: this is their simple circle of an hideous life.
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    Underwater scenery piece
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    So, to give a little update for the last week. My Ranger part of the army got another 10 Eternal Guard (so the unit contains 20 now) and 10 Wildwood Rangers). Actually don't have pictures of it because it's not really interesting showing mostly noncoverted minis. A little more interesting should be, that I made a High Priestess containing parts of Yvraine and parts of the Sisters of the Thorn. Actually I don't know that warscroll I should use (Spellweaver looks a little wasted here). Is there something better fitting for a priestess in Ghyran than a woman walking barefoot (except that she doesn't have legs where men become jealous of like it's the case with Alarielle). I undercoated her yesterday and started painting the skin, so this is the result: Still I don't have finished any more models but I will show the WIP pics. First my three heroes From left to right: Waywatcher, Nomad Prince, Spellweaver. And the first 10 Sisters of the Watch (of 30). Actually I have done a little painting on the 5 additional Wildriders, but I didn't make pictures of them. Next weekend will get interesting in case of Building: I actually orders 4 Boxes of Sisters of the Thorn/Wildriders and 1 Box of Sisters of the Watch. With these boxes I want to build another 10 Wild Riders and 2 units of 5 Reavers. Using the Deers standing on the hindlegs because if I saw correctly the Sisters of the Watch Cape should fit in this case so I could use the upper body of the Sisters of the Watch. I really must say, it's fun to work on a most/entirely female army that isn't over sexualized.
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    _ Cleophus… His name sounded like thunder, but hushed and deep like a distant rumble of an incoming storm over the horizon. As his consciousness sought any kind of coherence, he remembered pain. Excruciating pain. Razor-edged metal coming down like a violent storm, each drop like a blade lacerating his flesh to the bones. And from each wound, rays of light found their way out, so many that even Gods would have to steer their eyes from. He remembered the light spreading out across realities in all directions, crossing dimensions and ethereal gateways, traveling far beyond reason and understanding. One could only imagine how vast eternity could be, but in an instant he felt every corner of this unfathomable place as he could touch them all with the tip of his fingers. He sensed only Aether around him. Nothing seemed to describe where he was, yet nothing described it so well. And for this was a place where time was no longer, he couldn't tell if it all happened in a split of a second or if it took eons to begin. This new place offered an endlessness of possibilities. He only had to choose and fate would be manifested. But one stood out from all as inevitable. He remembered no resistance while being drawn from the stasis he was in. And like a river that becomes a waterfall, all energy spread out in this expanse slowly converged and fell through a dark chasm on reality. He could feel this energy force intertwining with his own and remembered experiencing lifetimes of different emotions, as if hundreds of thousands shared time and space with him. But as much diverse these feelings felt, they were taken over by the same dreadful and agonizing sensation as they were all drained into nothingness. _ Cleophus… This time he heard his name as a striking sound waved through silence, making every suspended particle oscillate. This inviting pulse echoed from the opposite side of oblivion, shaking the core of the expanse and everything in it. He hesitated for a new possibility presented itself, bringing with it a proposal of glorious life and honorable fate. Each pulse that followed reminded him of embedded atributes that once made him whole. Devotion. Duty. Sacrifice. He ceased moving. All of a sudden, a booming pulse, stronger than any other before, dissipated all doubt that remained as he finally joined the others following the rhythm of this holy parade. As they marched across the Aether, he felt a sudden pull preventing him to continue. The river must run its course. Whatever was the force that came from that void, it was resolute to not let anyone escape. He could sense others trying to resist, but many surrendered and were shredded into pieces. As he felt his essence beginning to shatter, he remembered words, sacred words. He dared to whisper one and immediately the brightest light flashed all around him. The pull ceased for a brief moment while the divine rhythm intensified as he recited word after word, thunder and lightning keeping them all safe as they moved again towards salvation. Eternity gave way to urgency as the chasm turned into a colossal vortex giving a new boost to that ominous force, dragging inside not only the vital energy but the expanse itself. All reality was now crumbling and large pieces of this dreamlike landscape were sucked into oblivion. The pulse then hastened as if it was possible to avert this catastrophe In the middle of this chaos he felt twisted, distorted. Nevertheless he kept chanting along with the divine drumming, trying to help the only thing he could recognize inside this madness. But then, darkness overwhelmed it all. His voice gave up as the last word came out as a gasp. Then his mind surrendered to unwilling thoughts - "Who am I to deny nature? Everything must pass. Life is brief and Death… Death is certain". But as his spirit was about to do the same, a final clang stroke him so hard that it became impossible for him not to yield to the will of the true God-King… _ SIGMAAAAAAAARRRRRR!!! FORGIVE MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! He woke up in a somber room. Four monolithic columns were spread out in front of a massive closed door. Their capitals adorned with dragons fighting monsters on landscapes of ages untold. Their dark blue marbles were covered by thin golden veins in a wavelike pattern that reflected Sigendil's light that was coming in from a partially opened window next to the bed. It had handles in form of hammers and frames embellished with celestial motifs. aHe felt the cold breeze coming from it as it touched his skin and noticed he was not wearing his armor nor his Mortis Helm. It was an awkward feeling not wearing it, for these many years his helm became part of him and what he represented. He then felt uncomfortable, like he didn't belong, and despite the luxury of the room and comfort of the bed, all he desired was to return to the mountains. A knock on the door and his name was called again. "Come in", said the priest. “Cleophus. Glad to see you again, my friend". He knew this voice. It was earnest and severe as one of the most disciplinarian Lord-Castellants should be in these dark days. But it was also serene in a way that could turn foes into friends and calm the most enraged of the hearts. "Titus. Where are we? What happened?", asked Cleophus. "We are back in Azyrheim", said Lord Titus, "And you were… reforged." The word struck Cleophus like the sharpest blade. He took a deep breath and reached his mind for memories, anything lost would be a sign that part of his soul was missing. "I can't remember what happened! Titus, I can't…" "Calm down. It'll come to you. Pray for Sigmar all-mighty, for he'll protect and preserve". The Castellant has seen it happen before with other brothers in arms. He came closer to Cleophus, bringing a small satchel and a wineskin filled with a dark brandy wine brought by the Duardins of Barak-Th'uum. "Drink it", said Titus while opening the window. The Castellant could see the Sigendil star perfectly aligned with the Golden Palace of Sigmaron that towered over the city, a breathtaking sight for all of those who were not part of a barbarian host of Astral Templars. "I miss the mountains too, my friend".. Cleophus took a sip of the brandy wine. It tasted good and strong. Then came a long and steady gulp. He let the drink flow and cover every inch of his tongue before swallowing, looking for answers on that bitter sweat drink. He raised his hand, placing it ponderously over his bald head, then proceeded to slowly move it from forehead to nape and back again, reciting in whispers each mystic word tattooed on it. With the tip of his fingers he could feel the bumps of an unrefined twin-tailed comet tattoo that went from his right temple to the back of his ear. He missed his Mortis helm more than ever. A spark of an image came to his mind. A strange symmetric mark carved in a dark purple skin chest. But it was not a scar like any other, it was evil in its form and concept, a distinct shape that he knew so well. Khorne. The image became clearer and he could now fell a pungent stench that made his arm hair raise. He could see a wide muscled torso, then long arms with protuberant bones and hands that carry long and dangerous claws that could tear a man apart. Cleophus' hand swept the newly formed sweat from his head making it drip on the floor. The sound of each drop was unusually loud. Like steps, heavy steps. Every second that passed made them louder. And faster. Khorne. This imaginary beast started to advance in such pace, impossible to any creature that size. And it was coming right at him. He froze, unable to move... "SIGMAAAAAAR!!!!” As the enemy advanced into the Stormcast positions, all Liberators locked shields. There were still no Judicators, as their paint hasn't dried yet, but even so Lord-Castellant Titus knew there was no point in moving forward. The land was barren and covered by gray sand, a vast desert with no vegetation in sight. They could only see a small tower placed right on the center of the battlefield. He prepared a defensive formation with fifteen Liberators divided into three units. Bound to his master, Nestor was by Lord Titus' side, checking for any sign of threat around them, physical or ethereal. The Stormcast Eternal officer knew there was not enough men. He needed more points to achieve the unachievable. Like a comet coming down from the heavens, help came from another Realm. Crossing through a mystical gate that linked both tables, a Lord-Celestant from the Hallowed Knights arrived swiftly riding his Dracoth to join the Astral Templars. "Lord Titus, I see you have quite an assignment here today", said the newly arrived champion. "Yes, indeed", replied the Astral Templar grateful to have a skilled ally on his side. “Lead us to victory, Lord-Celestant!" The Castellant learned the ways of proper manners when a fellow Stormcast outside the barbarian Astral Templars was present and knew all about hierarchy, even though his wild nature was bound to his soul like the trophy bones were chained to his belt. Furthermore, this would be his first game ever. “I'm sure you are capable of this task, Lord-Castellant", shouted the Hallowed Knight patting his dracoth's head. "But I'll assist you with anything you need. For now, let me cover the left flank for you!" He rode his dracoth and found a place amongst the Liberators near a big fissure on the ground, with a slab of rusty metal over it like a bridge. A dark crimson liquid flowed at the bottom, it resembled blood but more viscous like thick oil, with bubbles popping every now and then liberating the most nauseating odor. Meanwhile, Cleophus rose from the ground and found himself between two units of Liberators. He felt the weight of his helm and touched it with his fingers. He noticed he was wearing his old gauntlets. "How am I in full armour?”, he wondered. His gauntlets had the bones of an Necromancer attached to them, an old friend turned into foe during the time of malign prophecies. He looked around and wondered if this was a dream. Or perhaps a memory. Was he in Azyr or on a battlefield in a unknown Realm? "I can smell the stench of the enemy", he thought. “But memories do not smell. And if I'm here, how can I remember the room…" His thought was interrupted as the first clash came at the left flank, a unit of Bloodreavers came charging, eager to eat the flesh of those who stood in their way. The mounted Hallowed Knight motivated the Astral Templar infantry to hold the line as the enraged enemy threw their bodies recklessly against their shields. A mad laughter came from behind the throng and a warrior climbed on their backs and threw himself over the Stormcast line. Right before reaching the ground, the Bloodreaver was caught mid air by the jaws of the Dracoth and was savagely mauled to his death, torn apart limb by limb. The Lord-Celestant proceeded to attack, finding his way through the Liberators until reaching the enemy line. He took the life of each adversary on his path and raising his hammer he shouted "For Sigmar”, raising the morale as the Liberators around him cheered enthusiastically while holding the assault. At the right flank the enemy general advanced, followed by two strong units of Blood Warriors. Lord Titus knew this could be their weak point. 'Fall back 5 inches! Make an elbow with the other unit!". The Liberators knew what to do and followed his instructions precisely. He knew that if he kept his distance he could first finish the left threat and move all formation to the right before the Lord of Khorne and his men arrived. "All I needed was one unit of well trained archers" and wished The Hand had more time to spend on the Painting Hall. Every plan looks good on paper and the Liberators performed the formation retreat perfectly. But at the center, horror came as a Khorgorath was unleashed upon them, managing to find a breach between both shield walls. The creature came charging, unstoppable as a Thundertusk stampede. The center unit had just been held in place by part of the Bloodreavers horde, unable to close the gap. But before this beast could bring carnage into the Stormcast lines, Lord-Relictor Cleophus decided it was enough. Blocking the passage of the Khorgorath all by himself, Lord Cleophus held his reliquary staff as the creature charged at him. A crushing blow left the priest with only a wound left, but even so close to death he fought back and stood his ground. "You will not… take my head… foul beast…". Cleophus closed his eyes, the next Hero Phase couldn't come any faster. The enemy general reached the right flank quickly. The thirst for blood made the Khorne Hand speed him up, inconsequently charging into the Stormcast shield wall. But this haste move was not secured by his bodyguards, since both units failed miserably their charge rolls. The mighty Lord of Khorne was held in his place by Liberators, and as much damage he could make, he would suffer twice his share. "Lay low the tyraaaaaant!", shouted the Liberator-Prime to his men as they brought down their warhammers over the Champion of Chaos, making his bones break with a deafening sound. Lord Cleophus saw an opportunity that he could not miss. Knowing this sacrifice could take him out of the table he held his relic staff tightly and abjuring his healing prayer, the priest brought down a powerful Lightning Storm, taking the life out of Khorne's commander. "Sigmar…" Still holding his staff, the Lord-Relictor got on one knee feeling every muscle and bone ache. Sensing movement next to him, he remembered the Khorgorath. Dice were rolled… There was no strength in his arms to defend himself. All he could do was pray. In an instant all would be over. “Was this the way I...?” A powerful BOOM was heard. He was still alive! The Khorgorath fell after a massive blow of a bright silver Grandhammer. Liberator-Prime Alexus Maximus hit the beast right on the jaw, smashing it into pieces. The strike pushed the creature away from the priest and its gigantic body almost fell on top of other Liberators, who cheered their champion as they formed another shield wall closer to the right flank. Alexus reached for the priest's arm and helped him to get up. Cleophus noticed the Liberator-Prime was still carrying Azyrian prayer beads around his forearm. It was a gift he gave Alexus as he was promoted to Prime. Though his entire body ached, he smiled. He heard a scream coming from behind the shield wall, an enraged Blood Stoker was charging furiously towards the Alexus' unit after his beast was defeated. Vengeance foamed out of his mouth. With a single command, Alexus' Liberators responded by locking shields and preparing their warhammers. Meanwhile, the right flank was ready to engage one of the Blood Warriors units, but the other was out of reach, still advancing in the priest position. He raised himself and proceeded to chant a new prayer. The fight continued in the left flank. The Hallowed Knight and his beast were wrecking the enemy lines along with the Liberators. Many enemy units fled during battleshock, but the fight was far from over. It was time to consider moving the formation to help the other flank, but they were still far from reaching the center, let alone Lord Cleophus. Watchful as ever, Lord Titus pointed his Warding Lantern at his friend, who now faced a whole unit of Blood Warriors. Alone. The brutes engulfed him. Lord Cleophus was exhausted after the Lightning Prayer and still had only a wound left. But again, for the sake of victory and to protect his men, he decided to bring another Lightning Storm into Khorne's men. As they burned from inside, they made their last attack on him, a despicable skill only permitted by a mischievous Khorne warscroll. But the God-King protects those who serve him well and Cleophus miraculously managed to defend himself again and again. As the final blow hits the priest, a lucky save roll result of six healed one of his wound. “Bless you, Titus”, he murmured. But he knew in his heart it was still not enough. As the fight went on, Lord Titus shouted orders still pointing the lantern's celestial light to the Lord-Relictor. The enemy was enraged and insistently kept beating the priest. There was a tough decision to be made now. The Astral Templar was surrounded by Blood Warriors and if the Liberators came to help, the Khorne men would definitely unleash their final blows on him. But there was no other way and the Relictor knew it. “So be it”. As predicted, each felled enemy directed the final attacks at Lord Cleophus. The priest defended blow after blow and by Sigmar All-Mighty he rolled four sixes on the dice! None around the battlefield could believe this miracle! Blessed are the dice thrown by the hand of Sigmar, blessed is the one who fights unrestrained for His will! But to every miracle that blooms, a treacherous tragedy looms. Healed again, the Astral Templar priest kept his ground ferociously. His Relic Hammer circled around him, blazing lightnings from heavens and taking the lives of all who dared face him. But as much as he fought back, there were too many foes to defeat. A strike on his arm made his weapon fell. Another one on his back made his legs tremble and many of the sacred scrolls hanging from his armor were cut in half - ”Cleophus!” He kept swinging his reliquary, hitting the enemies and trying to keep them away from him. “Cleophus, get out of there!” Another blow on his shoulder and he could not hold his staff anymore. There were too many battle axes coming down on him like a furious storm, his sigmarite armor barely holding out the attacks. “Cleophus, get up!” All he could see were legs coming back and forth, unable to recognize friend or foe. This war dance made the dust rise from the ground making him cough. Another strike hit him hard on the neck, his Mortis Helm was thrown many feets away. A dark sweet liquid was expelled from his throat as he coughed, collapsing into the ground in midst of an explosion of light. _ “Cleophus”… He heard his name once again, closer and soft. _ “Cleophus, rise up.” The priest was in the room again. He got up and sat on the bed, wet from his own vomit. “Crazy fool, what did you give me to drink?”, he said cleaning his mouth with his forearm, still dizzy from whatever happened to him. The Castellant reached for the wineskin on the ground and drank some of it. “Good, isn't it?” The priest stared at him. “Your new body is not used to this strong wine... yet. And I needed you... unguarded." _ “What is this foul smell?” asked Cleophus. _ "It's a piece of the Khorgorath's tooth. I took it after the battle.” _ "So it really happened. I really died…" _ "Yes. And brought back. As Sigmar whilst it. I thought this souvenir would speed up your memory." replied the Castellant - "Memories do not smell… but a smell can bring back memories.", thought the priest. _ "You can add it to your trophies", said the Castellant. _ "Give it to Alexus", Cleophus replied. "He deserves it more than I do”. The Castellant put the tooth back on the satchel and took another sip of the brandy wine. "They are calling you… The Stalwart". Cleophus didn't know what to say. Part of him was relieved to be alive again, but the fact that he was reforged still affected him in a way he couldn't explain. He remembered stories about the Excelsis knights during the Solstice, he saw the change in the eyes and hearts of many warriors reforged. Again, he felt uneasy. "You are still Cleophus, my friend". The Castellant voice comforted him. Lord Titus was holding the Mortis Helm facing the priest, who reluctantly reached for it. Holding it with both hands, he got up and crossed the room until he reached the window. He looked at the golden city and wondered how many more times he would be back in that room before his emotions got lost forever after many reforgings. He faced his helm again and slowly put it on. He felt whole. After a brief moment Titus put a hand on his shoulder. "We are all waiting for you, brother. It is time to head back to the mountains”. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello. My name is Kako and if you reached this far, somehow my text was interesting enough. So… thank you! This is my first post at the Ghurian Chronicles, a tale-report of my Astral Templars. But wtf is a tale-report? Well, remember that miraculous save roll that kept your hero alive after your opponent's attack? Or that time you were losing but managed to turn the game to a win on the last tournament at your local store? And then you tried to tell your friends on your AoS whatsapp group and it looked… meh? So, I decided to turn my (sometimes) boring battle-reports into short stories!!! I think it would be a cool thing to make them more epic, specially if you read them with Jonathan Keeble's voice! LAY LOW THE TYRANTS!!! This short story is very special because, as it is mentioned, it was really the first time I played a game of Age of Sigmar! A actually played once before, a quick skirmish, but this was the first time I've actually played against an opponent with my army. Well... part of it. I was lacking my Judicators because I hadn't finish their bases… I know… I'm a slow painter. A veeeeery slow painter. To complete the 1K points I needed for the games my friend Paulo, who was playing in the other table with his Hallowed Knights, lent me his Lord-Celestant on Dracoth... Hey, relax. Everything was under control. He had a Stardrake on his table... Even though I was completely lost with the rules, this was one of my favorite games ever, mainly because of Lord Cleophus' “return to life” bit, due to the Castellant's Warding Lantern ability (Bless you, Titus!). This was really something unbelievable and the reason that inspired me to write this story. When I wrote its first draft and posted it on my instagram (@astraltemplars), at the end I said that Lord Cleophus needed a surname that fitted his actions during the game and one of my followers suggested some, including the epithet “the Stalwart”. I loved it so much and decided to make it canon in this final version of the story - thanks @winningbacon!!! Lord-Relictor Cleophus and the Yan Campanella's Korgorath I really hope that you enjoyed and I'm looking forward to your feedback! If you feel that something was off, know that English is not my first language so… be gentle! Many more tale-reports and short stories will come and I already have another one almost done, a tale about a Judicator-Prime facing… nah… better not to give any spoiler! See you next time! K
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    So time is getting closer to pre-orders! I was planning to go in on the new Nighthaunt for my Tale of four warlords but my Tzeentch have pulled me back in, the Tzaangor guys are just so much fun to paint that I'm going to rock with them. We're kicking off at 500 points with 1 battleline & 1 leader. I'm going for a Tzaangor Shaman, 10 Tzanngors on foot & 3 Tzaangor Enlighted on Discs for a nice round 500 to kick off with. I'm going to start painting my Tzanngor Shaman soon, updates to follow
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    So i finished him! I started him halfway through working on my Glottkin, which I worked on entirely by hand, no airbrush. I think with massive models like this, the airbrush saves so much time and more importantly, gives a lot more consitency to the shading than doing it by hand! It's been a struggle with the Glottkin to get the same shading over the whole model, whereas with the GUO, it was done in 15 mins with an airbrush!
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    Last weekend I took the rats to the North Island Convention (NICon) tournament in Napier, New Zealand. The event was a competitive matched play tournament utilizing scenarios made out of the Games Workshop Open War cards, so they were not like anything most competitive players were used to and made for interesting list building. I myself took the usual list of Verminlord Corruptor, 2 Plague Furnaces, 3 Plague Priests, 2 units of 40 allied clanrats and filled the rest of my list with as many Plague Monks as I could (8 groups of 10, 1 group of 20). I finished on 3 Major Victories, 2 Major Defeats. My victories were against Mixed Destruction, Blades of Khorne and Seraphon (remove the lizards). My defeats were against the Sylvaneth and Clan Skryre. I finished 5th out of 12 people, keeping up with my goal to always be in at least the top 5 no matter how many players, but regrettably fell short of my goal to stand on a podium once again. Lessons Learned While we are reaching the end of AoS in it's current iteration as we know it, and therefore any tactics I explain may be short lived, there were definitely a few takeaways from this tournament. Clanrats remain without a doubt a vital ally choice to any Skaven clan, being able to squat on objectives or conga line around the table to prevent the opponent teleporting or using alternative deployment abilities is phenomenal, and at 200pts for 40 of the wretches why wouldn't you? Minimum size unit spam with Plague Monks is the superior way to utilize them, they are fine without having buffs stacked on them and they can easily mobilize around the board. Also abusing the plague scroll by having one each in 10 units mean potentially pinging every enemy model within 13 inches with 10 mortal wounds is pure cheese. Speed is not this force's forte, and any scenario that sees you having to walk across a table for several turns probably isnt going to favor you. Consider deploying as close to the enemy as possible and running your units wherever possible if they won't arrive ag comfortable charging distance.
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    Today we're going to talk about the strategies available to the enterprising Clan Pestilens player and the tricks and tools of the disease trade. Some of these aren't exactly unique to Pestilens, but all of them are useful to them. The Prayers of a Righteous Rat Did you know you can cast the damage prayer on the Plague Priest scroll without an actual target? It targets an area, not a unit. Interesting info, but not really useful right? Wrong. Spam this turn 1 with no valid target and go for a great plague, and select the Neverplague. The only excuse to not be spamming plague breath on empty spaces is of there's actual targets available or you already have the Neverplague. Weather the Storm So the enemy is unpacking his Beastclaw/Khorne/Daughters of Khaine. Our rats don't have a chance against such famous combat geared armies right? Wrong, they're as good as dead already. When the enemy is running an all charging minimum shooting list there is but one answer. Lines of single file plague monks across the edge of the deployment. Ideally 2 or 3 groups of 10, 6" gaps between them to stop the enemy squeezing past. Behind this line, 6" back (for safety) is a gigantic blob of plague monks. The first line will gey hit like an avalanche and they will almost certainly die. The enemy is now within range of a fully buffed, fully packed Plague Monk swarm. Chuck on some prayers of Wither on the enemy, move forward into range and charge (taking the Congregation of Filth will prevent double 1 rolls). Doesn't matter what they're running, they're dead. Conga Line of Death Never move your rats around in squares, this isn't fantasy battle. Squeeze as much use out of the rat squads as possible, form a long line and hold an objective while also screening for a priest and keeping an enemy tied up in a dud fight. Form circles around objectives, wrap monks around furnaces to prevent units with 1" range weapons bringing the furnace to battle. It's not dirty, it's alternative tactics. Discretion is the Better Part of Murder Retreat, it's the golden move no one ever uses to their advantage. Charge an enemy, then retreat around the side of them the next turn. Your enemy is likely to know he can't actually beat plague monks in a fight and won't charge them, so if you're already holding an objective don't charge off it. There isn't always a nees to fight. Know when to fight, and when to wait. Below are some pictures of silly rat movements that would win me the game. Doesn't matter if it looks stupid, as long as you win.
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