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    Currently the Wyldmare conversions, Glade Shards, The reavers and the Chargers have been converted. Once I've gotten a few painted I'll put up some shots of them but for now they look like below:
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    Bit o' Background: Some call them Wanderers, Nomads, Forest Aelves, it is said within the borders of Ghyran their name has been struck from every record in that woodland realm. Those that call them wanderers know little of the reason why, of the darkness that took root in the very souls of these forgotten Aelves in times long since past, over the disease of the Wyld that now lurks in every drop of blood coursing through their every changing forms. It is said that these Nomads travel ever onward not because they wish to, but because they must, every footprint seeds the nightmarish plants of the Wyld land, a curse that travels with them wherever they go. Born once long ago to the Goddess Alarielle when all of her Aelven kin sought to take their share from the gullet of Slaanesh, they her loyal huntsmen within Ghyran. Born children of Kurnoth and Alarielle both these Woodland Aelves found the forests of Ghyran their sanctuary, stalking beasts that upset the natural order of their home and enforcing the will of their Goddess upon all who strayed within her sacred borders. Their lives were full, peaceful and safe in the knowledge that their Goddesses powers within the walls of the forest were absolute, it was this knowledge that led them to rebuke Sigmars offer of sanctuary when the tides of Chaos first began to encroach upon the realms. It is said that these Wanderkin stood as Alarielles sentinels on the very edge of her forest kingdom, keeping watchful gaze across the horizons for any sign of the tide of chaos. Few know what shook the faith of these Aelven hunters, perhaps the sanctuary they had become accustomed to had softened them, perhaps they knew not the true savageries of war, whatever their reason when their faith was tested it was found wanting. In the dead of night these Nomads abandoned their posts at the edge of the forest, fleeing with all speed from the tide of darkness that had drowned the horizon and blotted out the stars themselves. The wrath of their Goddess would send tremors throughout every root within the Realm, every tree shook with her rage, her children had forsaken her. These accursed Wanderers fled, the tide of chaos ever at their heel as the forests they once knew as sanctuary became drowned in an onslaught of flame and axe. Finding all gates to Azyr sealed to them they took the only route that had been left open, travelling through the Primal Gates of Ghur they fled beyond the very edges of the mapped world, into the swirling madness of the Maelstrome at realms edge. Here, amidts the shifting Wyld winds that ravage the very distant corners of Ghur they found sanctuary… for a time.
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    By current fluff (from my recollection) the faction dubbed the Wanderers are those that actually entered Azyrheim in the age of chaos, since the opening of the gates they have since well... wandered. The Nomads are those who believed in Alarielle enough that they chose not to flee at first, but when their faith came to be tested they were found wanting and disappeared too late to escape the Azyrheim (gates sealed). The two factions (Nomads vs Wanderers) are two halves of the same coin, each abandoned alarielle at different stages and each are likely burdened with that guilt, for that reason they are natural allies and would likely work together more often than apart. Though such alliances will likely be short lived and somewhat cold, the Nomads curse of the wyld runs rampant through their kind and Wanderers would likely fear contamination from too long spent in proximity, whats more Nomads would likely only tolerate the burden of their cousins pity for so long before their paths diverged. To summarise: Same Origin, Different factions, Would Ally, but awkward family reunion.
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    Test scheme for the first of my Gladeshards, the aim here is to get a scheme my partner can easily replicate without feeling overly pressured due to less experience in basing. Whilst it isnt to my usual level of heavy detailing I've limited it to basic techniques executed to provide a nice colour contrast, something that will provide good looking table top standard army.
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    Hi, For the Tribesmen I used the bodies of Kairic Acolytes The Heads of Marauder Horsemen Spears and Shields of Eternal Guard (more than one Box is needed because not all spears are usable).
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    Good luck, look forward to hearing about the event! LOC and friends look good, if tiny :D
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    Nice! You should get some games in and post it!
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    Just started, have the Halflings from Ganesha games and som from westfalia. Think i have for 500 points and nothing painted.
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    Oh yeah! What models are you using? Post pics!!
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    Thanks, i have just started to build a halfling army.
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    Hey! Do you mean for the whole Halfling army? I just use Free Peoples Allegiance warscrolls, and make sure do model halflings appropriately.
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    Hi, do you have a list of which warscrolls you are using?
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    Exalted Volsungr will never be the first, his resurgence might spark other Ogors to think they can one day become like him but the First Prophet is unique, whilst every Volsungr since has gained a glimmer of the power of the Suneater what they manifest is largely a watered down version. Every generation of Volsungr will likely get weaker than those before, one variant of the fluff I am working on is that each Volsungr sires a large number of children but only one survives to maturity. The strongest of the litter kills and consumes the rest in order to purify the blood that gives them their powers, even this savagery can only delay the dilution of their abilities, they may even reach a day where Volsungr can no longer ascend to the Exalted forms. It is this very fear that can lead to some... cannibalistic tendancies within the tribes, eat the heart to gain the power, a weak volsungr may covet the heart of a stronger one, or simply try to kill and consume their young in order to replenish their power. Best way to think of it is that the Exalted are champions of legend but the First is a demi-god in this regard, the exact circumstances of his inception are impossible to replicate these days unless Vulcatrix is reborn at some stage. He drank deep from the blood of a Godbeast, and bears the Spark of the Suneater, to hold the power of those two iconic embodiments of destruction made him what he is today. That said I like to think if you chip away some of the rocks on the Exalted their forms look similar, but they will always be second where he is first amongst his kind.
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    Cheers, I wanted the first prophet to be suitably hefty in terms of the Lore around him, I can envision art of his cell being a rocky chasm, vast torrents of steam pouring upwards as three waterfalls descend on him, all illuminated by the undying glow of his gods power eminating from within him. Aelves literally used a Realm to keep him locked in place, resculpting a whole valley just to tether him down. Unfortunately the Age of Chaos meant they never made the god killing weapon to finish him off, his resurgence will be destruction on a whole new level and brings the faction full circle to wage war on Order as they were first concieved. In terms of wounds and save he's the least resilient of Monster heroes but his damage output is lethal, which fits to my mind what an Avatar of destruction is all about, essentially a Beserker who fights without regard for personal safety.
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    Wow, what a great story! You really build this prophet up as something terrifying and ancient! His profil supports this. The whip is terrifying with its D6 damage on a close combat weapon.
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    Nomads will be getting their Spell lore done soon (they have no priests so that saves me a degree of writing there) as they stand they need a heavy hitter in terms of melee so the current plan is to look into smaller elemental birds (2 to a unit rather than the monsterous phoenix models) something to do with the wind (Cyclone, hurricane etc) with an area of effect shooting attack if they dont move and a strong charge mechanic.
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    So, that nobody is wondering. I corrected the way the pictures were implemented here. There was an error by drag & drop the picture in, the Picture got clinched horrizonaly if the window was smaller instead of resizing it to the smaller size. I didn't realized it at first because most of the time there wouldn't be a resolution that small (only in case of Smartphones) It's actually a nice thing for a fantasy world, that flora and fauna don't have to use realistic colors. 🙂
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    So the way I understand it, only the daemons are seeing a large scale points change. The Arcanites/mortals are seeing changes of about + or -20 depending on unit.
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    RELICS OF THE HUNT 1 – Preyton Horn Carven from the cruel Preytons that lure travellers to their doom this horn still contains some trace of the magic that kept its original host alive. If your hero is a WIZARD you may add 1 to all casting and unbinding rolls for this model 2 – Pelt of the Moorbeast It is said that a blackened beast made of shadow and claw lurks in the moor of Ulgu, savaging those who dare encroach on its territory without mercy. To wear the pelt of the Moorbeast is to become one with the shadow itself. Shooting attacks that target this model subtract 1 to all hit rolls, if this model is wholly in terrain they instead subtract 2 from all hit rolls. 3 – Toxins of the Steel Heart There are plants at worlds edge that fill the user with vigor and strength all the whilst draining them of their lifeforce. Desperate Aeloran heroes can in their final moments drink the Steel Heart toxin as their life begins to fail, lashing out one last time as though unwounded. If this model loses their last would whilst in combat you may immediately attack with one of their weapons (But not their mount) before you remove the model as slain. 4 – Wyldshard Flute The coursing, unstoppable infestation of Wyldshard brambles has beset the Aelorans for generations, some heroes carry with them flutes hewn from the brambles themselves that when blown can lure the infestation in their direction. If in your hero phase you elect to use the Wyldshard flute you may move all Wyldshard Brambles on the battlefield 6 inches directly toward this model instead of their normal move. 5 – Last Blossom of Ghyran When the Nomads fled Ghyran so many centuries ago they took with them seeds that they might grow a forest anew in their new homes. However the lands at worlds edge as savage and such simple plants were pretty to the Wyld carnivorous fauna that dominated the region. Still some blossoms grew, their life giving energies still radiating. Once per battle in your hero phase this hero may drain the life from their Blossom, restore D6 wound lost earlier in the battle to this model. 6 – Bramblehewn Shield There are those nobles who carry mighty shields carved from the brambles that lesserkin fear, these great bulwarks rebuff those who would charge them impaling them on the arcane shifting thorns. When enemy units charge this model roll a D6 for every model that ends its charge within 1 inch. On a roll of 5 or more the unit suffers a mortal wound as their momentum carries them onto the shield.
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    Do you mean the infantry? Sorry half the archers in the army are atleast part wildrider models The infantry are pure aelf at this stage, one of the bloodlines thats has been preserved either through varied blends or just strength of soul to resist the deterioration, they seem to have gained the benefits of the blend through the enhanced muscle strength and antelope leaping but have atleast visually resisted a change in their physical forms. Wolves are the third tier of the list to be looked for me, the centaurs are up first, then the avian aelves after which I'll go into the wolfkin just because my partner wants fast and archers as the key theme to begin.
  23. 1 point
    The Centaurid Huntresses have become Centaurid Hunters (the bits in the conversion unfortunately were incompatible so the revised conversion is definitively male)
  24. 1 point
    Excellent work, keep these sweeties coming!
  25. 1 point
    @Mayple The answer to the Mawkrusha vs Onion is intermingling your layers to form a net. Destructive Bulk has you pick a unit to deal Mortal Wounds to, so if you've threaded your units together it won't have a choice but to hit multiple models from different units with it's base but can only allocate Mortal Wounds to one unit, hence you've locked it up. I use this with my Arkanaut Company, so they can in turn shoot things off the board that get caught in my net (I call it a net, but I like Onion too) This is also a great answer to denying your opponent the double turn of getting through your net and hitting the unit you don't want in combat.
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