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    It's not a simile, you're right, it's a metaphor. Love is outright called a battlefield in the song but there's no ambiguity there. If I hear about a large armoured figure with a hammer, surrounded by lightning described as a statue... I'd really struggle to call that fanciful or intentionally ambiguous, it's being referred to as a statue because that's stronger, more vivid and compact than saying it's 'like a statue' . I'll happily retract if it does turn out to be a lightning-shrouded hammer wielding necromantic statue-construct of Nagash but that's not what I see this story as hinting at. The key unusual element to my mind is that here we have a stormcast in an explicitly adversarial role. Not as a liberator or a shining saviour or as a diplomat to the other free peoples but as a scary faceless threat. The retired veteran isn't a chaos cultist or even a Nagash-worshipper. He's prays to Alarielle and if he's corrupted in some manner, it's not at all emphasised or made clear to us. He seems innocent or, at worst, in the wrong place at the wrong time. And he's getting purged. The eerie shock of this, I think, comes from seeing a stormcast about to strike down this guy. It's grim and dark. If folks have been reading the AoS novels - City of Secrets specifically - they'll know that the Knights Excelsior do this sort of thing but to be honest a lot of folks haven't been reading the AoS fiction and are still surprised by the details that come out. The response to the travellers's guide to the mortal realms video shows exactly that and I'd see this story as something similar. This, front and centre on the website, is the most prominent showing of the SC's dark/grim side so far and fits with the whole 'age of hope is over' aspect that's being pushed in the rest of the Malign Portents material.
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    Which is a crying shame considering that kit is every single thing thing that was wrong with Kirby GW . 60$ for 10 25mm models you need at least 60 of to be useful? Check. Dual kit to both trick people into thinking the price is more reasonable than it is while also forcing you to buy even MORE? Check. No options outside of musician/banner/Champion? Check. ONLY 5 DIFFERENT SCULPTS IN A 60 BOX OF 25 MM INFANTRY? Check. The only way it could be more Kirby is if it claimed it was a model model and not rules model and bragged about never doing any market research.
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    Since everyone is posting their Rotbringer Sorcerers, I might do so as well
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    One of the hints at a seminar i went to (and something they have said numerous times elsewhere)was... who are the 'good guys' depends on your perspective
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    Here's my rotbringers/chaos sorcerer!
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    Here's the first test model I did for my Blight kings. I plan on doing 5 Blight Kings in this manner and the other 5 I will do in another color scheme.
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    I hate the nurgling lure so I used the scrambling grot from from shock Attack gun big Mek (40k) kit as mulches snack with a helpful nurgling bringing over some dessert (from festus kit). My wife (non gamer) commented how horticulous looks like a douchebag. A narrative quickly took shape in my head... Mulch is that guy in the office eating as sloppily and noisily as possible. Horticulous is not amused. He would rather be seeding gardens and slaughtering Nurgle's enemies. He can't believe he got paired with mulch as a work partner, but slowly warms up to him and condescendingly looks at him like a lovable yet hard working oaf. He also is NOT going to drag those tines/harrow the fields himself!
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    I do not really see it. Make a big deal of a long running Campaign about Death and Shysh, then at what is likely to be the height of that Campaign release the Aelves of Hysh and Uglu? That would be so jarring, I can almost see GW do it. I think it is good to keep in mind that none of the correct predictions where awefully hard to guess. We had plenty of hints for all three by early November. Guess the most likely stuff for the next months, then predict something entirely out of the left field for the longer term is an established pattern of false rumors.
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    Right then, time to take a look at these warscrolls! A number of these are already available on the GW website and the app, so you can check them in full. Just to note that I will also just be referring to the scrolls in the Battletome, obviously there are a bunch of others that you can freely take within a Nurgle army from the Pestilens book and also any generic mortal Chaos/Slaves to Darkness available. Part IV - Nurgle Daemon Warscrolls Rotigus - This is the one battletome where I think it would be fair to say we didn't need any new named characters, however we did get one and man am I pleased we did! Rotigus is the new named Great Unclean One (inline with Skarbrand and Kairos) and as a new kit, I'll just quickly note on what a fantastic model he is. Aesthetically it's probably my favourite build from that kit and looks disgustingly great. In game he's statted and pointed as per the regular Great Unclean One and obviously will not able to take a command trait or artefact. Like his unnamed counterpart, he can brush off wounds or mortal wounds on a 5+ (on a 6+ in combat you will bounce mortal wounds back) and heals D3 wounds each hero phase. He has two other rules that allow him to dish out mortal wounds at short range as we've discussed throughout this thread, that kind of sums up Nurgle pretty nicely. Lots of little ways to put out D3 mortal wounds all over the place. He can cast two spells, which can further this cause and also has a pretty tasty one of his own. Deluge of Nurgle is similar to the Stardrake's Rain of Stars, both in name and rules. I think this spell is really really strong and will allow you to really weaken a large number of units each hero phase. Rotigus' scroll is available online so I don't need to go into full detail on the spell, but if you haven't already read it, be sure to check it out. It's particularly handy you can attempt the Deluge and still put out a Mystic Shield or something if required. I should note that he's actually pretty decent in combat, take a look at that slightly inexplicable 3" range on his Gnarlrod! Whilst Rotigus has suffered less than 3 wounds this offers some solid, reliable damage. I think he's a really solid choice and suspect we will see lists with a couple of regular Great Unclean Ones in, so perhaps Rotigus will take up the secondary slot on occasion. I hope so! Also as he doesn't have a command ability, you're not wasting anything by having him fulfil this role. Great Unclean One - Like the Lord of Change in the Disciples of Tzeentch book, the Great Unclean One has received an improved profile to go along with his fantastic new, massive, model! I'm a fan of this and it seems much more in keeping with what we'd expect from a greater daemon nowadays (I remember when the old ones would be the biggest model on the table, crazy!). Obviously to go along with this, he's gone up in points a bit. About the same as most battalions went up in the GH2017 if you want a little reference. I have to say that this guy is great, a really strong piece that will form the lynchpin of most Nurgle armies I reckon. We've already talked about the traits and artefacts, and there are certainly a few solid options. As well as these, you also have a couple of options with the weapons he can take in each hand. I won't go through them all here as you can read his scroll online, suffice to say I think there are a couple of strong build options. I think the Doomsday Bell is an absolute must for any Nurgle army, like it's a 1+ option in this book for me. Granting +3" move to any unit within 7" of the Great Unclean One in the hero phase is massive, especially when stacked with the Unnatural Vitality buff from the cycle which grants a further +2". Don't forget all the ways to manipulate the cycle we talked about. It's entirely viable to ensure your key units are moving at pretty crazy speeds to take up important early board positioning (also helps with contagion points). I have to say I'm not sure how I feel about these speed buffs as they don't particularly fit with my own perception of Nurgle, but that aside you gotta admit it's great ruleswise! His other options are also decent, with the ability to take damage to increase casting/unbinding attempts. Remember that like Rotigus, he heals D3 wounds a turn, so you can definitely use this ability to good effect. Other than that, you can make a solid combat build. Don't forget that Nail!!! His new command ability is so much better than the old one, granting +1 attack to a Nurgle Daemon unit's combat attacks with 21". Tasty. So yeh, very strong option. I'd be surprised to not see at least one copy in every list, with two still being a solid option (until you actually start writing lists and running out of points!!). Poxbringer, Herald of Nurgle - This is the OG Nurgle Herald and he's changed up a bit here. He has the Disgustingly Resilient 5+ "ward" save that you'll expect from the Nurgle Daemons, he can pass out a tiny amount of healing in your hero phase. Most interestingly, he is now a Wizard and has a spell that can pump out another D3 mortal wounds (in case you need it). I kinda feel for this guy, you will need some heroes around other than the Great Unclean Ones to help trigger the Loci on your units, but I'm not entirely sure he'll see much play. Went up a small amount. Epidemius, Tallyman of Nurgle - This guy has remained pretty much the same. He took a tiny points increase and had a small change to his tally wording, so that you only count up enemy models slain caused by friendly Nurgle units. Finally, when the tally gets to 21+, you now generate an extra contagion point each hero phase. He's still good, you'll still see him on the table. Spoilpox Scrivener, Herald of Nurgle - The first of the two new Nurgle Heralds. Statted the same as the Poxbringer and pointed at his old cost, this guy is a useful buff piece if you're running Plaguebearers. He gives reroll 1's to charge and hits to Plaguebearer units within 7". Has mediocre combat and short ranged attacks. Definitely useful. Sloppity Bilepiper, Herald of Nurgle - This dude is statted and pointed as per the Scrivener and has a couple of different buffs. You can reroll failed charge rolls and hit rolls of 1 for Nurglings and Great Unclean Ones (Keyword) within 7". He also adds 1 to your bravery and subtracts 1 from opponents within 7". Horticulous Slimux - This guy is pretty new so we all know about him. He did get a slight change to his scroll to allow him to plant a Feculant Gnarlmaw within 3" of him once per game. Don't forget the battalion that allows him to do this every phase. Everyone likes the model, rightly so, and I barely feel we've had time to see people experiment with him yet, so I can see him making his way into plenty of Nurgle armies initially. Long term I'm not sure he's good enough to be honest, buffing Beasts isn't all that. Plaguebearers - Other than the loss of the ability to be summoned (same with all Nurgle Daemons) and a slight points increase, these are still the Nurgle Daemon Battleline we know and love. Likely to be the core of many a Nurgle army. Super solid and new for 2018, super speedy!! Plague Drones - These guys have actually gotten slightly cheaper, though there is a change to their Locus rule meaning that they no longer get mortal wounds. Instead they add 1 to their attacks characteristics when within 7" of a Nurgle hero. That's pretty powerful and potentially better. Beasts of Nurgle - The new Beast kit is absolutely fantastic I think, perhaps my favourite of the release tbh. Unfortunately I'm not sure we are going to see it on the table all that much. They would perhaps have a place as a cheap blocking unit, however they have received a points increase. Now to be fair the increase is justified as they gained a wound and the disgustingly resilient rule, both of which means these cheeky chaps will stick around much longer. The Slime Trail and Locus rules also got better / simplified. The Slime Trail does mortal wounds on 4+ when the Beast retreats, which combos nicely with the unchanged Attention Seekers rule. So as you'll see he is being sold as a mid range tarpit and feasibly could operate in that role. The Locus now adds +1 damage when within 7" of a Nurgle Daemon Hero, so he does have the ability to put out some pain as well. Nurglings - The Porgs of the Mortal Realms have gone up a bit in cost, but gained an ability to dish out an extra mortal wound at the end of any combat phase they inflicted a wound on a 2+. You can also "deepstrike" them now, which is really nice. Bear in mind you'll still be able to get the +2 move from the cycle even if they drop on other side of the board. Pretty useful IMO. I'm going to leave it there as that took longer than expected! I'll come back with the Rotbringers scrolls as a Part V. Will be up tomorrow, apologies for the delay. Feel free to ask any questions if I've been too vague, just no exact points. Chris
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    I have based a couple of Looted Great Cannon (that I use as Rock Lobbers in my Age of Sigmar Pirate Orruks army). Their gun carriages are made from Orruk Chariots. They have been in my army for years but I have only just got round to making bases for them. They always looked a bit lost without bases so I'm much happier with them now! The timbers on their bases are chopped up Goblin Town floors (originally from the "Escape from Goblin Town" starter set for The Hobbit) with some added skulls from the awesome "Citadel Skulls" box. These two are added to the smaller one I based in 2016 (!). The gun carriage for this one was made form cut up Screaming Bell timbers (left over from another project). With gun-crews: The Rotmoons The Chimeras The Cleavermaws
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    This is definitely an article that will appeal to many. On November 27, 2017, on the Advanced Tau Tactica forum, user Haechi posted the information he had about the releases in early 2018, but for a while it was not possible to verify if it was a reliable source. According to Haechi's information, at the beginning of January we would have seen the Chaos Demons for Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar, while at the end of the same month we would have seen the Custodes. This is exactly what we have seen and we will see during this month. This information arrived well in advance and was even accurate in placing Demons and Custodes in both parts of January. It therefore makes sense to illustrate what other outputs are planned by Haechi, along with some new information posted after receiving confirmation on Demons and Custodes. First half of February : Adeptus Custodes. Second half of February : Thousand Sons. First half of March : T'au Empire. Second half of March : Necron. Between April and May : Drukhari, Arlecchini and two new elven armies for Age of Sigmar. This could also confirm what I theorized in the recent vocal message on the Astropath Telegram Channel , namely that the Battletome: Legions of Nagash will not be accompanied by new models, but will serve to put Death in step with the rules of the other Great Covenants while the new models will come later. Presumably end of May or June.All of this still falls into the rumors, but the source proved to be extremely accurate with regards to January's releases, so we could trust it.
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    So in order to avoid me spamming the malign portents tale of ?? With all my project photos I have instead decided to make a topic to share my painstaking tribal themed daughters of khaine conversions with you all! These are trying to be designed with both being a fun army project and also a first forray into AoS28 with some of them, trying to capture character and a bit of a dark edge in the girls (painting is gonna make all the difference I think) Anyway without further ado here are the girls so far!!
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    With the new Nurgle releases I've been inspired to dust off some mothballed Nurgle units I've had lying around for some time and with that I figured a painting blog would be fun. Here are the models I currently have which I will be painting up in the coming months. Glottkin 10 Plaguebearers Herald of Nurgle 3 Nurglings 3 Plague drones Gutrot Spume Lord Of Plagues 10 Blight Kings For once in my life I will do my best to avoid going out and buying a bunch of new models and then succumb to some sort of painting depression brought on by having a seemingly insurmountable heap of models to paint (fingers crossed) So I intend to paint everything I have above before getting a new and juicy Great Unclean One for instance. I'm a very casual gamer but I do enjoy a game or two with friends so I thought I'd start painting things in an order that would allow me to start fielding the army as soon as possible. So I'm thinking I will try out a 1000 pts army containing Glottkin, Gutrot, 10 Blight kings and 10 Plaguebearers. I suspect this is probably a pretty bad list so if you have suggestions on other list made with the above units I'd love to hear about it. Now enough talk and let's start of with the first pics of the blog: I started off with Nurglings because I wanted to get a feel for the painting scheme I will be using for the green flesh on my Plaguebeares and my Glottkin: For the skin I started off with Ogryn Camo which I followed up with a recess shade of Biel-Tan Green. Then after a glaze of Waywatcher Green I layered Ogryn Camo back on (here it helps to thin your paint with Lahmian medium to make it easier to get a smooth result) then I added Flayed One Flesh to the Ogryn Camo mix to smooth highlights on open areas of the skin like the top of the head, shoulders etc. Finally I did a finer edge highlight of Flayed One Flesh. Next up will be five of the Blight Kings so stay tuned for that =)
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    the tactic is fine and whatever but for those 200 points i can take 3 drones that with locus do 8 attacks each and can be buffed pretty strongly. the amount of brute strenght they put is way more useful for me, since we always had problem breaking through lines. a unit of 6 drones with guo command and locus will do 66 attacks. add blades of putrefaction for more fun.
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    The Mortal Realms are big places. It's possible he's never seen one up close. The Realmgate Wars were over a hundred years ago now... Also, he was suffering the effects of a big bang at the moment he saw him. Also: The Stormcast were made to LOOK like the statues of heroes that litter the Mortal Realms, so the people they come to save think they are the good guys (it's all marketing )
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    Statue is clearly not to be taken literally, any more than in the many cases when space marines in 40k are called statues. It's a metaphor, perhaps the most obvious one for describing a towering, unemotional human-shaped warrior. He's not making a mistake. You could meet stormcast every day and still use a statue metaphor to describe them when they loom over you.
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    These are some early and late WIP shots. They are based on the HE caledor dragon riders, but use bits from the zombie kits, zombie dragon bits, FEC crypt horrors and lots of modeling chain and toothpicks. Oh and the vampire heads come from puppetswar.eu
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    Here’s my Rotbringers Sorcerer conversion using the free Slaughter Priest from White Dwarf and some other Nurgly bits and pieces! His name is Spiak Longrot - His impressive stature literally increases with every foul spell he casts.
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    Apologies and thanks to Flamingwalnut for the idea, I'll be using this to keep track of my warband narrative as well! Pics of the warband to come!
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    Hey, So here’s some really rubbish dark pics of my Sepulchral Guard. Once again I quickly followed the WHTV guide and they came out really well. They are not at all flat as they look here. Again very happy with how these have come out for the time invested. Im pleased that I managed to catch up and get everything painted ahead of the Skaven release. Puts me in good stead going forward. I’ll be running some Shadespire demos at Boss Miniatures in Weymouth on 27/01 and will have all 4 Warbands in the cabinet. Enjoy, Chris
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    Evening all, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Years? I have spent the last week or so mostly laid up in bed following my operation. Fortunately I received a copy of the newest Chaos Battletome: Maggotkin of Nurgle, which has provided some great reading and made the week more bearable! As I am currently not podcasting and am unable to do any voice based stuff at present, I thought it might be fun to just put up some of my initial thoughts on here. I appreciate this may be a duplication of information for some people, but hopefully it'll be of interest to some of you. It's worth noting that @Mengel Miniatures will have a review up tomorrow/next week, @Russ Veal & the Facehammer crew also have a podcast ready to go. Finally you can check out some great videos @Terry Pike has done on magnetising the Great Unclean One on Twitter (@TerryPike84). So I'm not going to go into too much detail or anything and won't cover the lore side of things (I'm sure @Spirit of Grungni will have us covered there in due course!). Part I - Allegiance Abilities Battle Traits Cycle of Corruption - We have already seen this from the Blight War book, so no need to go into any further detail at this stage. However, it is worth noting that there are ways within the book to adjust the Cycle mid-game, which is pretty powerful if you find yourself needing the extra move or wanting to pick of a final few wounds from a support character etc. It will be interesting to see two Nurgle armies face off against each other as they use the same cycle, which is pretty cool. The Garden of Nurgle - Similar to Sylvaneth, after terrain is set up but before you choose territory, you can set up a Feculent Gnarlmaw. As we go through this I will talk more about the Gnarlmaws and their interaction with the army overall. I have to say it is cool seeing GW bring more things like this into the game. Summon Daemons of Nurgle - This is one of the most interesting parts of the book IMO. All the Daemon scrolls in the book have lost their ability to be summoned as a spell (which has farther reaction implications to Chaos as a Grand Alliance, that's another subject for another time though) and instead you now build up Contagion Points as the game progresses. These are gained for controlling certain areas of the board and having Feculent Gnarlmaws in place, which is really thematic. At the start of your Hero phase you can expend these Contagion Points to summon furth a variety of Nurgle Daemon units (or more Feculent Gnarlmaws). They are placed within 12" of a Hero or Feculent Gnarlmaw and 9" away from enemy units. I suspect you may see players using the initial points to get an extra Gnarlmaw or two on the table. From my initial (and indeed subsequent) reading of this, I see no reason why you would not have to pay reinforcement points to summon Daemons in this fashion. However, with the removal of the summoning spells I do wondering if this is something factored into the army cost and perhaps we will see this ruled as "free" summoning. Seeing which way this falls will really effect the overall power of the army. I do really like this mechanic, seems much more refined than spells. Command Traits These are split down into three categories; Rotbringer, Nurgle Daemon and Nurgle Mortal and all have some interesting options. It's worth noting at this stage that there are a lot of named characters in this book, way more than any others so far. This means that there will likely be plenty of times that you don't have a command trait. Very quickly; Rotbringer 1. Grandfather's Blessing - Once per battle move the Cycle of Contagion. 2. Living Plague - Units within 1" can suffer a mortal wound in your hero phase, and you gain a Contagion point. 3. Hulking Physique - Bonus to wound. 4. Bloated with Corruption - Splash damage back in the combat phase. 5. Avalanche of Rotten Flesh - Boost to run and charge rolls for your general. 6. Resilient - Bonus save vs wounds or mortal wounds. Some nice choices there and I do think there may be times you will see pure Rotbringer armies with a generic hero as the General. With this being the case you could tailor your selection here around that. I do think being about to move the Cycle onto the extra move for another turn just seems solid though. Nurgle Daemons 1. As above. 2. As above. 3. As above. 4. Tainted Corruptor - In your hero phase you can taint terrain near your general to have some of the features of a Feculent Gnarlmaw (not the best ones haha!) 5. Nurgling Infestation - Once per game can inflict D3 mortal wounds in the combat phase. 6. Pestilent Breath - 6" ranged weapon that is good vs hordes. Inflicts mortal wounds. Again, I think I like the ability to move the Cycle. It actually offers quite a lot of utility/versatility against some of the other options here, but as we'll get on to there are other ways to achieve this. Nurgling Infestation is good if you can get your General within 3" of a wounded key piece and finish it off automatically, much like the Kharadron Overlords "no trading with some people" (I think it's called). Pestilent Breath has the potential to do a lot of damage, but is probably too situational. I think there is every chance you'll have a Great Unclean One as your General, so this is a list of options you'll probably be looking at a lot. Nurgle Mortal 1. As above. 2. As above 3. As above. 4. Hideous Visage - Bravery debuff for enemy. 5. Overpowering Stench - Opponent has to reroll hits of 6 vs your General. 6. Virulent Contagion - Improve Rend by one. Off the top of my head, I cannot see many lists appearing with a Mortal General. Perhaps a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount and that being the case, maybe you'd try to build some sort of bravery bomb. But yeh, this is the least exciting for me...though perhaps I'm just being short sighted as the Mortal scrolls aren't in the book!! Artefacts of Power As above, these are split down into the same 3 categories. You'll need to take consideration here, as obviously even if you named character as your General you'll still get to pick one of these for one of your other characters. Rotbringer - Artefacts of Contagion 1. The Splithorn Helm - Bonus save vs wounds or mortal wounds. 2. Muttergrub - Wizards can attempt to case an extra spell. Non-wizards get a spell. 3. Rustfang - In combat phase pick an enemy unit within 3", reduce their armour save by one for rest of the game. 4. Flesh Pealer - Can cause mortal wounds within 6". 5. The Bileheart - Splash damage back in the combat phase. 6. The Fecund Flask - Once per game 2+ heal all wounds, 1 you die! A couple of these seem to duplicate up one the command traits. Bloated with Corruption and The Bileheart could be entertaining, though it's kind of a shame you can't do it with a Great Unclean One. Rustfang has the potential to be absolutely massive I reckon. Muttergrub is less glamorous, but just solid. Nurgle Daemons - Daemonic Boons 1. Noxious Nexus - Cause mortal wounds based on the turn number. 2. Nurgle's Nail - If you cause wounds with this weapon, you can roll 2D6 and on a 7 auto kill the model. 3. The Bountiful Swarm - In hero phase can essentially do a Stardrake Cavernous Maw attack. If the model had 4+ wounds you can add a Beast of Nurgle to your army. 4. The Witherstave - Enemies within 12" have to re-roll sixes to hit. 5. Tome of a Thousand Poxes - +1 to cast for a wizard, non wizards get a spell. 6. The Endless Gift - In the battleshock phase the model can heal wounds taken that turn. Whilst there are some good options here, if you're taking anything other than the Nail you're doing it wrong!! Autokilling models with a splinter of one of Nurgle's toenails, need I say anymore?! Nurgle Mortals - Plagueridden Gifts 1. The Virulent Blade - +1 damage if you roll 5+ to wound. 2. The Foetid Shroud - Opponents re-roll hits of 6+ in the combat phase. 3. Sublucus' Stenchplate - Enemy units within 3" at the end of their movement phase suffer D3 mortal wounds. 4. The Eye of Nurgle - Once per battle, the nearest model to the bearer dies on a 2D6 roll of 7! 5. The Carrion Dirge - Good bravery debuff to enemies with 12". 6. The Shield of Growths - Reroll saves if the roll is equal to or less than the number of wounds suffered. Much like the Nail, the Eye is super fun. I do think the Dirge has the option to be really strong though. Part II - The Lores of Nurgle As to be expected with any new Battletome, we have some cool new spells here. Firstly, all wizards know the Foul Regenesis spell, which allows you to move the Cycle of Contagion. This is the spell granted by the Muttergrub, so there is plenty of opportunity for this. I feel that this ability is really strong within the army and the easy access to it here is what makes Grandfather's Blessing not an auto pick imo. There is a separate lore for the 3 branches of Nurgle, which are as follows; Rotbringer - Lore of Malignance 1. Blades of Putrefaction - Buff. Rolls to hit of 6+ inflict a mortal wound as well as other damage. 2. Rancid Visitations - Unit takes a mortal wound for each model within 3" of the caster. 3. Gift of Contagion - D3 debuff. -1 to hit in combat / -1 to wound in combat / -1 to save Some great stuff there. Visitations is situational but potentially huge. Gift is great, albeit random. the top option is great if cast against a unit Blightkings are fighting. Blades is an awesome spell for the army, again working well with Blightkings (this won't be the last you hear about that unit!!). Nurgle Daemons - Lore of Virulence 1. Favoured Poxes - Debuff. -1 to hit, wound and save until caster moves, attempts a spell or dies. 2. Glorious Afflictions - Debuff. 1/2 move, run, charge. Also cannot fly. Good range. 3. Sumptuous Pestilence - Bubble damage. Short range. Favoured Poxes definitely will have some solid applications, though the downside is potentially an issue. Glorious Afflictions is the pick here. There are so many ways to push your own movement options, so if you can do that whilst holding your opponent back I think you can create some really dominance. Nurgle Mortals - Lore of Foulness 1. Magnificent Buboes - Arcane Bolt with a slightly better range, also debuffs target until your next hero phase. 2. Plague Squall - Mini Rain of Stars. 3. Cloying Quagmire - If you can roll over the enemies save they take D6 mortal wounds. All of these are really good just for adding additional ranged mortal wounds. Great reason to include the already powerful Chaos Sorcerer Lord in your lists IMO. Part III - Warscroll Battalions Just a quick run down of what they are and what you need for them, with some additional comments; The Munificent Wanderers - This is one of those bigger Battalions which includes multiple smaller ones. In this case, you'll need two Tallybands and a Great Unclean One and can also add additional units. The benefit is a boost to the Rampant Disease stage of the Cycle of Corruption. Due to cost and requirements, unlikely to see play. Tallyband of Nurgle - Standard Daemon Battalion, can be made up of a variety of units. Minimum would be 1 Herald and 4 units of Plaguebearers/Drones. Each unit heals a wound in your hero phase, Plaguebearers grow D3 models. Also if you have 7 Plaguebearer/Drone units in the Battalion you gain a contagion point. Definitely possible to make a one drop army from this Battalion, which means it likely to get used. Thricefold Befoulment - 3 Great Unclean Ones baby!! Who needs to know any more! @The Lost Lighthouse (Gary) has already called shotgun on this though, sorry! . The big boys gain various buffs when they are close to one another, boosting hit & wound rolls, as well as improving the Plague Wind spell. Very cool/fun, will see play for these reasons alone. If I don't see @Ben Johnson running this at some point as well I'll be disappointed. Nurgle's Menagerie - This is Horticulous' Battalion. He's joined by 3 units of Beasts (could be individuals) and up to 3 other units (Drones, Beasts, Nurglings). So this can be a cheap enough Battalion to field and the benefits are pretty good as you can use Horticulous' Cultivating ability in every hero phase, not just once a game. Can also place the Gnarlmaws within 3" of any unit from the Battalion. There's also a secondary benefit which has a bravery debuff, however the condition for that is hard to meet. People like Horticulous and the benefit here is reasonable, so I think this will see some experimentation, but ultimately will not see much play. The Blessed Sons - This another of those Battalions that includes other ones. You need a Plague Cyst with maxed out characters and at least 4 units of Blightkings. You can add other units to it to keep it one drop, which is nice. You are immune to battleshock whilst your units are over 7 models, however due to the costs I would expect smaller units of Blightkings. You also get to reroll saves of 1. I'm not sure the cost outweighs the benefits here. Obviously if you're playing a 4,000 point game or something, this is bangin'. Plague Cyst - This is the Lord of Plague & Friends Battalion. You get to reroll all hits and also can put out extra mortal wounds on a 6+. Rerolls on Blightkings is super juicy, any chance for another crack at those exploding sixes has to be worth consideration. Ultimately though, I think there are better options. This leads me on nicely to... Blight Cyst - This is the Lord of Blights & Friends Battalion and this is my favourite Battalion! Very cool as you get to hand out the Lord of Blights shooting attack to all Blightking units within 3". Also, in the combat phase, enemies don't get any benefits for cover, which is potentially huge and is the equivalent of rend for the Blightkings, something they would hugely benefit from. Oh, btw, Blightkings also get Rend -1 in this Battalion!!! Fantastic Battalion and a great excuse to add that amazing new Lord of Blights to your army. Affliction Cyst - This is the Lord of Afflictions & Friends Battalion! So rather than Blightkings, you're packing your army full of their mounted counterparts, the Pusgoyle Blightlords. Note these can also be Batteline if the Lord of Afflictions is your general. The Battalion allows your units to deploy hovering in the sky and drop down with 9" of enemies. Also makes the Lord's command ability affect all Blightlord units instead of one. This is probably one of the coolest Battalions and whilst not the strongest will 100% see play on this factor alone, and rightly so. Some nice options there. The Tallyband and Blight Cyst are the ones you're probably going to have to look out for. Kind of a shame to not see any including Mortal Nurgle units and also that they ones present are strictly limited to Nurgle Daemons or Rotbringer units (even the two bigger ones) and there is no intermixing of the subfactions. Anyway, I'm going to leave it there for now. Hopefully that will be interesting to some of you guys, please feel free to ask me any questions, though I will not be giving out points or anything like that. Screenshots and such are not allowed on these forums and will be removed. I will return with Part IV tomorrow, which will be a brief overview of the warscrolls within the book. You can get a jump here by checking them out on the GW website if you haven't already. I'll also share some of the army lists that I have been writing. Thanks for anyone reading and to GW for providing the book, Chris *Edit 09/01 - Part IV - Nurgle Daemon Warscrolls, can be found at the top of page 3* *Edit 10/01 - Part V - Rotbringers Warscrolls, can be found in the middle of page 3. Direct link below*
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    The real question is if you guys have a Nurgle DJ name allready because that wheel will be spun
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    im pretty sure the beasts slime trail does mortal wounds when the beast retreats,not his opponent. they can also run or retreat and charge, so they can retreat, do mortal wounds then charge back in
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    Ooops, sorry guys. My mistake, that is correct. 21+ you generate a Contagion Point each hero phase. I’ll update my post later. Cheers for altering me.
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    Adm'rul Kurgan Grimjaw and the Ironfang Pirate Fleet don't all come from one Realm so they don't like to be tied down to any location and always have one eye on the horizon in search of the next drink/loot/fight. The fleet is often scattered around the oceans and seas of the Mortal Realms. They have used Blackrock, in Ghur, as a base of operations and meeting point for many years (and if you believe the old Adm'rul, he says he was Pirate Prince for a while). Before that they also used an uncharted island chain known as Hell's Teef, somewhere in the Sea of Serpents. Adm'rul Kurgan is a veteran of a hundred campaigns in every corner of the Realms: from the steaming jungles of Ghyran to the ruined cities of the Hysh; he has burned ports along the Rotwater Blight, raided the islands of Okkam’s Reach in Ulgu, besieged fortresses in the Endless Desert, endured the perpetual snowstorms and barren wastes of the Silverglades in Chamon, battled on the rivers in the heart of the Jade Kingdoms, looted the Baneskull Islands of Shyish and engaged all manner of foes on land and sea. All the while stealing anything that wasn't nailed down, and having a go with a claw-hammer at anything that was. He and Da Ironfangs are always ready to run away from whatever the world throws at them! Adm'rul Kurgan Grimjaw, Orruk Ironjawz Megaboss The Cleavermaws, Orruk Buccaneers of Ghur, led by Kap'n Mogrum Da Butcha, with his first mate Mr Sludga and Navigator-Shaman Lost Uzzog. The Rotmoons, Swashbuckling Orruk Privateers of Chamon, Led by Kapitan Alunzo da Leeva, with Explorer-Shaman El Doctoro. The Chimeras, Orruk Corsairs of Hysh, led by Kap'n Sinbag, with first mate Big Uluc and Mystic-Shaman Weird Khaaan. The Four Pounders, Ogor Leadbelchers Da Wreckers, Fellwater Troggoths led by Trollumbus. Grapeshot, the Rumguzzler Gargant.
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    Something like this could work: Allegiance: OrderLord-Celestant On Dracoth (220)- General- Tempestos Hammer & Thundershield- Trait: Staunch Defender - Artefact: Mirrorshield - Dracoth Trait: Keen-clawedKnight-Heraldor (120)Lord-Relictor (80)- Prayer: Lightning Chariot5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammers5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammers2 x Concussors (280)5 x Paladin Retributors (220)5 x Paladin Protectors (200)3 x Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers (100)1 x Gryph-Hound (40)Hammerstrike Force (220)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 106 i have to say that i dont like concussors, fulminators would be much better. If you can change them to fulminators make - gryph hound + 2nd Relictor. Also a castellant would be great. (Try to get one for the future)But from that what you own, this list is the best you can get i think.
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    Hey guys, I will be giving a brief rundown of all the scrolls this evening, so will cover all this and more. Thanks for all the responses and interactions so far. Please this has been of interest to you guys. Check back later for a proper update. Chris
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    Chain lightning... purging chaos... Can we stop saying "Deathcast" please? They ain't happening!
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    I like this story.
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    New story day on Malign Portents https://malignportents.com/story/story-two/ Interesting reveal at the end (please dont post spoilers )
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    its not like gw has never released a battletome and next thing they do, they release new units that could be on that tome. Poor sces suffer from that all the time.
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    I salute any TO who has the energy and dedication to pull an event off. They're unsung heroes.
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    I'll hold my hands up - I've never run a tournament (at least beyond organising a few mates round the local club), but quite a few skills are common to managing or organising in general. The art of delegation : It's really easy to get into the mindset of "this is my <item>, I can do everything", that's fine when you're doing something small, but there will come a point where you need to accept that you need help. Finding somebody to help is the first thing, but you then need to accept that certain things have to be passed over and that they might not turn out how you expected them - that's fine!. Keep it Simple (Stupid) - aka KISS : The most important thing is to constantly review what you've done and are doing to ensure it contains the least amount of bloat and faff. For AoS a prime example would be creating battleplans that are thematically magnificent, but come with two A4 pages worth of special rules. It will make people disinterested Lists : As @Major rightly says, everybody has their own way of organising themselves. I love a good list and diary! One tool that I've found invaluable in the past is Asana, it's basically a simple list project management tool (both web application and mobile phone app). You can list everything you need to do, give it labels and priorities and also allows you to delegate to other people.
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    I would say you pay 480, because you pay for the models, you just don’t happen to field them.
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    More rats! A warlord who is not quite right in the head, and a warlock engineer who might enjoy hitting things with his hammer more than doing any actual engineering
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    Just found this thread and all the great shots in here, really excellent work. Thought i'd share my own too.
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    I've wanted to know the same! A link, a snippit, a vague summary that's a few steps better than he's a plaguebearer that's playing a fleshybagpipe.
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    Not each. "Any". As per the faq, abilities that use the word "any" are synonymous with "one or more" in AoS rules. and so Bless Weapons reads "for [one or more] hit rolls of 6 or more made for that unit you can immediatly roll another attack." So you can only trigger one extra attack for that unit per combat. It doesn't care how many 6s you get, it's a yes or no question that produces one extra attack if the answer is 'yes' for a unit of any size. If you put Bless Weapons on a unit twice, it would have two checks (resolve one ability and then resolve the other ability as normal) to see if any 6s were rolled and could give you 2 extra attacks total (and no more) if you got at least one 6+. Quite a nerf from before the faq, which used to read giving you an extra attack for each 6+, even with only one prayer affecting a unit!
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    @Jagged Red Lines: thanks a lot! @Rhivan: Thanks, glad you like it, will be repeating the process on two more, maybe I'll even do a quick tutorial on how to convert them like this. @Ahriman: Slaanesh Cult had so much potential, a shame it hasn't been mentioned in AoS, though I guess with Slaanesh gone he must be a pretty hard god to praise, to the point that even his daemons seem to be going rogue... Hope to make them fit the realms with my approach, and thanks for the compliments! @S133arcanite: Thanks, will try to write some fluff pieces as I do with my 40k armies, though it will probably be harder as I don't know that much about AoS background, and it seems that there isn't that much fluff made about Slaanesh, Daughters of Khaine or even Druchii, but I'll do my best as I think an interesting background makes and interesting army, and ends up influencing my conversions. So, because I'm in my last IB year and today was my first school day after Christmas (so there was a lot of works to hand in, trying to finish and excuse myself for not finally finishing as I spent the whole vacation hobbling...), I haven't been able to work much this past two days, but made some progress on a Sisters of Slaughter unit: Still the clawed feet and greenstuffing the joints is needed, didn't convert the heads or weapons as I think they already fit perfectly my army theme, will paint the skull masks half white half black to go with the Malal vibe. Also started converting a Keeper of Secrets, though he's still in VERY early WIP stages: He is based on a Hive Tyrant that I got as a trophy from a painting competition (that's why he's primed in gold ) covered with two statues of Khaine pieces from the Cauldron of Blood, and now he's starting to get a thick layer of greenstuff. I've just posed him to get feedback on the pose and the idea, and I'm very open to suggestions. The head is basically just a filler, as I plan to change it drastically, and he still needs loads of greenstuff work everywhere, specially on the legs and the back. Also I will fill him with spikes later on as I'm getting so many out of the statues! The idea behind him is that when Khaine failed to the Host when the druchii got dispersed through the realms with Malekith gone, a Keeper of Secrets took the opportunity to win the old Cult of Slaanesh back, and possessed one of the Khaine statues of a Cauldron of Blood, showing the dominance of the new god over the old one, so he'll look half-statue half-daemon, which will hopefully end up in a cool looking model (which again, still needs a lot of work from what you see on the photos).
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    Eh, you're playing open or narrative for when this matters, you can just say whoever had more ham sandwhiches on tuesdays in 1996 gets to decide. Or less facetiously just dice it off.
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    No idea what I pledged but I painted LOADS over the xmas break, going from 1000pts to 1800pts of my army completed, and built a transport box I'm very pleased with which includes magnets n sheet(s). Those 'Very Useful Boxes' are the best, then combined with Element Games magnets and magnet paper you got yourself a multi-story spider car park.
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    Work in progress. I finished the basecoat on the entire sepulchral guard and got started on the cape of the warden. The cape is tons of fun to paint! Excuse the crappy iPad camera...
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    Works continues to get 10 blood knights ready for the upcoming battle tome! I'll be using the von Carstein upgrade pack again on their shields.
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    Absolutely love it! The face in the back of the head is genious incarnate. I can say I am very excited by creative nurgle players. I know at least one guy from the Blightbringer box makes a great Daemon Herald too. Gotta love that.
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    The Ogresuns explore the dark forests of the Harrowmark! With AoS Skirmish about to drop I have been working on some more scenery for Wortbad, mainly so I can set games in different locations in The Harrowmark: By adding two more Citadel Woods to my collection I can have battles in the Voodoo Forests that surround the haunted village as well as in the streets and graveyards of Wortbad itself. Just for fun, I have also used the Prisma app to give some photos of the Ogresuns a bit of an oil-painting feel:
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    The latest batch of pirate orruks from the Ironfang Fleet to get re-based for Age of Sigmar are the Ogresuns! I have a great deal of affection for this crew - I've enjoyed more swashbuckling adventures with them than any other warband over the years. Kaptain Salty Ogbad Dredger Zug Navigator-Shaman Wyrdtoof The infamous Fishgutz Barnacle Nog Kommodore Defgit (retired) The deposed Kaptain Bilgewater Bilgewater's crony, Leftenunt-Shaman Jonah Wail
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    I have based the looted cannon: Added a few more re-base Orruk pirates to the Rotmoons: And painted a second Rumguzzler Gargant: Beermoth