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    It's fair to say that we've all faced the issue once... or many times throughout our hobby career. I don't have a silver bullet for you, however; I'll share what strategies I've used; In no particular order; Take a rest. Your hobby is meant to be enjoyed and the last thing you want to do is lose your passion. Put your painting away and take a break with something different from Games Workshop (Black Library novel, play games with unpainted models) or something different like a computer game Break down your painting into bite-sized goals: If you have a hard timeline like a tournament, it can be stressful and overwhelming to paint a large force in a short period of time. Instead of looking at a Completed vs. Uncompleted force/unit... break it down into chunks. Set a goal that tonight you will paint all of the blue, or that you'll have the base coating done... goals that are achievable in a short time frame. Paint EVERY day. Even if it's 30 minutes a night, the small window of painting will mean that you'll have completed 3.5hrs of painting a week, and you'll be 100% focused during that time. Batch Paint. When completing large units of infantry I find it easier to work on one colour at a time. It not only standardise my colour schemes but it helps make me more efficient. Incentives. I have an army which has a lot of infantry. As much as I would like to paint all of my characters, I'll set myself an incentive that when I complete X unit, I'll relax and enjoy Y hero or monster. Multi-task. While you paint you can listen to music, your favourite AoS podcast, or even a Black Library audio book. Stop Chasing Perfection. While I mostly enjoy painting I realise that I don't have the time to commit to painting at a Golden Demon level. I probably could if I REALLLLLY wanted too... but the pay off isn't there for me. I'm happy with an above average table top standard. I'm happy to put the brush down on these models and move to the next models otherwise I'll just get stuck with hobby backlog. That's a few things that quickly come to mind.
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    So we are going to get something new for AoS in December. And it's... uh... another stormcast eternal... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/11/23/revealed-new-warhammer-holiday-season
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    Here's the thing about gaming, gamers and when I see people get physically/emotionally upset about it. Granted, I very nearly passed away in April has affected my general view of life and most probably as a direct result gaming. Here's the way I see it. Games results, just don't matter in the grand scheme of life. They just don't, unless you're playing for life changing events, (You win a house, you win a million) the results of games just don't matter in the big picture. I've played Guildball for a couple of years now. I'm now ranked <40 in the World and you know what, it makes NO difference. I don't get any life points when I die because I've won a few games. I don't lose any life points if I lose game. All that ultimately matters in games is the time you spend inside the game so bloody enjoy it. Laugh at your bad dice, have a giggle when your 1" out of a charge or your slann blows up in a dazzling firework show. Why? Because when you walk away from that game the only thing that will be different is the time on the clock when you started.
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    OK,im running a Firestorm campaign at my local game shop,we are in our 5th week now.I purchased a copy of the game and have left it at the shop for players to check out when we arent doing matches,,mainly though I keep the map updated on a private FB page setup for the AoS group,players take pictures of their current set of cards they will draw from and also I post a current map picture showing everyones holdings then list the players armies and their current Glory totals,we are playing till the end of the year for this map and the winner with the most Glory will win it all,,though the alternate victory is also possible and I should add that a couple of the players are close to that right now so some of us are forming alliances to curtail their march to victory,heh. Anyhow I currenty have 10 players in this campaign with only one map!,,its not completely full yet either.What we do for the cards sets is,as I mentioned above,,players just keep track of whats in their deck by taking a photo of it after each build phase following fights,,I also keep notes on paper as much as possible.This first campaign is more of an experiment to see if it can work with exceeding the 4 player total on the map,as of now I would say I think its going to work out fine.Not sure if I would want any more joining up though,heh.Also battles have been lopsided points wise(we are using matched play rules for the most part) and there have been several battles fought already with the underdog winning.A couple of things I do though is allow the players with the least amount of glory to make their challenges first,then I give them a +1 to the roll-off dr when determining what territory to fight in and what scenario to choose,,this has helped to keep things somewhat balanced.One of the issues that has come up is the size of the secret objective deck,,ive been allowing players to draw and take a pick or record that card ,then replace the card,,this is not working too well though as players have already gained Glory off the same card 2 and 3 times already,,we need to work on that aspect I think,heh. Each week it seems I get another player to join in and what we do is allow them first choice on who to challenge,,then,if they choose to fight in a zone that their opponent controls I allow them an additional d3 muster points as a sort of "invasion bonus".I also have players missing some weeks and coming back the next,,really it has worked out very well and all are still interested in games each week. Overall I would say that Firestorm is a huge bonus for AoS game nights at clubs and gameshops,,it is probably the best league/map campaign idea for any game ive ever seen and ive been at gaming for 40+ years.I can see our group always having a firestorm map going for casual narrative games,,its so easy to get a game set up using it and keeps the battles fresh each time with the territorial time of war rules and the build cards.Its a VERY refreshing change from the usual "lets test our tournament decks and play one of the 6 competative scenarios"over and over again.Though feel free to take your competative build and try out new stuff,,works for me! The main item I have on the wishlist for this game is an App for Firestorm,,perhaps something that would allow recording of players holdings on the map as well as current card deck..something we can log into to draw our cards and such.Well,this and of course maybe bigger maps and or scaling for more players,heh.I know,,this would be very expensive to do and all that,,maybe I should check out fantasy grounds or D20 and see if I can make some sort of mod for it there.
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    This community member says he likes the new Stormcast model and thanks very much GW!
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    Hey @Arkiham, I've been going through a similar thing quite a lot this year actually. Even just recently I dropped out of the last 4 events of 2017 and took a break from my podcast. To be honest that is a different sort of situation and has actually had a positive effect on allowing me to do some of my own hobby without any pressure or deadlines etc. Sometimes it's just about taking a step back an re-evaluating what you want from the hobby and if it's giving you what you need. You have to be selfish now and again. It's totally ok if you decide you don't want to paint anything for a month etc. Here's a thread a posted earlier this year. Had some great responses that might be helpful to you as well. Definitely worth checking out; I hope you find what you need and can regain some love for the hobby. Chris
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    Great post! Thanks for that! Not many people ahared their Firestorm campaigns so far. I am also starting to run a multiplayer Firestorm Campaign but with added some house rules (Siege battles when invading occupied territories, and Triupmh and Treachery for last month of the campaign). I was also missing the multideck and interactive campaign so I decided to digitalize everything! It took me a while to scan the map, redraw the borders in photoshop etc. Now it is super easy to update with each player taking different colors of the territories when they take over one (50% oppacity). It really looks cool. And will be available online for all players. All "envelopes" are with private access as files in google docs. This way everyone can keep track of the game while planning at home and just use the physical map and deck when they arrive to the battle. And the admins can verify all digital envelopes anytime. But to prepare it it took more than a month... We are starting next week so I'll probably update our progres here,
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    I would like to see the the following (in descending order of likelihood, IMO) 1. A Grand Alliance Death Battletome that introduces a new subfaction (perhaps a more substantial Deathlords or Deathrattle) along with updates and warscroll battalions for the entire Grand Alliance (somewhat like the Khorne and Tzeentch battletomes). A spell lore or two that can go with any Death faction or subfaction would go a long way. 2. Some kind of Aelf release a large battletome that reinvigorates all three subfactions would be ideal but honestly I'd settle for anything. It would be nice if it synergized with the old models at least. 3. Some sort of Destruction release. Grot Sky Pirates would be perfect. Again, ideally this would place nicely with other Destruction stuff rather than being totally self contained. 4. Following these three releases, a marked shift towards a story and setting based release schedule instead of a faction based one. In this scenario releases would focus on a particular location, plotline or event and include new model/rules content releases for multiple different factions at the same time. IMO the worst thing about being a fan of GW games is the feast or famine release schedule. You get one giant hit of new stuff all at once with a ton of new rules and kits and then often go for 2+ years or more (or much worse if you play a neglected faction) without anything. This sort of shift in release strategy would mean that players would get new goodies much more often (maybe one to three times a year) but in smaller quantities (one or two new kits at a time at most). I think that this approach would be better for players and FAR better for GW because it would increase player retention and also make it easier for more people to buy into new content. It's hard to justify picking up a whole new army all at once even if it is only once every couple of years. A couple of new kits a few times a year is much easier. In fact, I bet many players could EASILY be convinced to drop $100 four times a year when it would be difficult to convince them to drop $300 once a year.
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    Ardboyz So the reason that this unit is so much more complicated than the others is because of a uniqueness they have over basically every other unit in the game. For most units you have a unit wide weapons choice and then a limited number of special weapons choices, see the Brutes above. However for Ardboyz you have 3 generic weapon setups which you chose on a Model basis not a Unit basis. Essentially you can mix and match your units weapons to the exact number that you want. So first thing to do is consider each weapon choice individually then consider them as a whole unit. Two Orruk Forged Choppa or Smashas - So I'm doing this one first because it works as a baseline. 3 attacks at 4+/3+/-/1 is Alot of attacks with actually decent stats. The idea here is to just throw out so many attacks that some will go through, 5 models in contact with a unit will put out 15 attacks, from 5 models. Why blocks of 5, well there's a few reasons I'll cover below in the unit section. Overall this weapon setup excells at killing chaff with mediocre/no armour save. Orruk Forged Big Choppa - This weapon trades off the extra attack for an extra -1 rend. The break point for 5 models is a base armour save of 3+, what do I mean by this? At a 3+ armour save the -1 rend averages ever so slightly better than the extra attack. At a 2+ the rend is significantly better and at 4+ it's worse. The place the rend really shines is save rerolls (dirty fyreslayers!). Approximately for every level of reroll (1s/1 or 2s/ all failed) the break point goes up a base save. So if your opponent is rerolling all failed saves then the -1 rend is only slightly worse when your opponent has a base save of 6+. This is really important in the current meta. Orruk Forged Shields - You may be wondering why I'm not including the attack stats here, it's because this option is strictly worse than both others for damage output. You take this for 6++ save. This works out that for every 6 wounds you take on a model with a shield, or 3 models total, you will save one. So on a basic level your unit gains a wound for every 3 models with a shield. The important thing here is the way it scales with itself, for example if you have 6 models with shields they have 14 wounds instead of 12. However at 18 models you have 36 wounds, so you get 6 extra "free" but then for every 6 you get another wounds which means that at 18 models with shields you now have 7 free wounds not 6. When you then roll in a 4+ base armour save, or 3+ with mystic shield and a unit of 30 Ardboys with shields becomes a HUGE tarpit. Note - An important thing to note on the 6++ is that due to the wording of it at the moment there is a very good chance that you get the save against mortal wounds as well. We are currently waiting for an FAQ on this but I have yet to play a game or tournament where I was NOT allowed to save against mortal wounds. So all this is great. Take the unit with Big Choppas if you want to kill stuff with saves, the shields if you want to tarpit or the Twin Choppas to deal with swarms. We finished? HELL NO WE'RE NOT FINISHED! Mixed Weapon Units! As I said above you get to pick the weapons per model not per unit. What does this mean? It means that your unit of 30 ardboys can have 10 Twin choppas, 10 Big Choppas and 10 Orruk Forged Shields. Then, depending on who you're facing, you can rearrange the deployment of your unit to change what weapons you're using. The easiest way to explain this is using the weapon setup I took on my Ardboys to the recent Blood and Glory tournament (where I was smashed into tiny bits!), 30 x Orruk Ardboys (450)- 17x Pair of Choppas or Smashas- 13x Choppa or Smasha & Shields Now if you've ever seen a unit of 30 Ardboys you'll know they take up a ton of space. The way that I used them was to have 10 models on the "Front" row which all had Pairs of Choppas, the outside edges of the second and third row also had Pairs of Choppas, then the big block in the middle of the unit was where I kept my Orruk Forged Shields. This meant that, when the unit engaged an enemy unit, every model in base contact with the enemy, all the ones who can attack, are all wielding Pairs of Choppas giving me all the advantages that come with having them. For my attacks it was if the entire unit had Pairs of Choppas. However when I assigned wounds I assigned them to the ones with Orruk Forged shields, meaning that I still got my 6++ save against them. So until the unit had 13 models killed it was fighting as if it had both sets of weapons. When you then add in the 3+ save they had with mystic shield and I cannot properly express how hard they tarpitted. The best way for me to say it is this, they survived 2 complete ROUNDS of 2 magmadroths combined with a charge from 30 Vulkite berserkers with slingshields and then 2 full rounds of combat against that unit aswell. Add in 3 full volleys of throwing axes, the magmadroths ranged attacks and his entire round with an extra 2 rend (stupid 6+ rune) and you can suddenly see just how tanky they were. At smaller units of 10 this bonus is kind of irrelevant, generally you can get the whole unit to attack and the small amount of extra wounds you generate from the 6++ saves isn't that influential. At 20 it starts making a difference and at 30 it's enormous. This then leads onto talking about the various setups for the units depending on what you want them to do. Units of 10 Generally you take these two defensively sit on objectives and tarpit your opponent if he flanks. As a general rule you want them to be mostly Orruk Forged Shields In My Opinion I stress this because it is only an opinion. This will reduce their ability to kill whatever comes after them but their main role is to stall rather than to maul (HO HO HO!). As a result I'd personally suggest something like this. 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180)- 7x Choppa or Smasha & Shields- 3x Big Choppas This is abusing the concept I talked about earlier on a much smaller scale. As anything tunnelling or wrapping you is normally going to be more elite I'd prefer the Big Choppas over the Pairs but there is a whole extra set of considerations for that which I'll deal with at the bottom. Units of 20 This is where you're going to really start to feel the power of mixed weapon units. If you want them to be aggressive take 10 Pairs and 10 Big Choppas, then just deploy the unit so that whichever weapon you're not using is at the back and remove them first. If you want them to be more of a tarpit then you can take 10-15 shields instead with the boss and a few extra boys running your preferred weapon option. The last option is to take a mix of all 3. I'm against this, again see below. Personally I think you will benefit more from having more shields than the weapon diversity. The difference between the Pairs and Big Choppas isn't large enough to really warrant losing the saves. This is again because of the way the shields work exponentially with each other. Units of 30 So with the massive unit buff for matched play I'm going to go out there and say if you're running 20 you should be running 30. The extra 90 points for 10 more Ardboys is amazingly good value. Again you're going to have much the same debate you would at 20 models, however there's another aspect you need to consider. Frontage How much spaces on the battlefield do you want your Ardboys to take up. For example you could deploy them with a front row of 16, at an inch apart. Add on the 1.25" inches per model and your unit is now 3 foot wide. You can legitimately deploy them in such a way as to block off your side of the board. If you're doing this you may want every model with shields. On the other hand you can pack them tightly together with a frontage of 7/8, this won't take up the width of the board but it does stop your opponent from bringing any major force to bare on the unit. In this case you can bring less shields, they just won't take the amount of attacks, and pack in more offensive weapons into the small frontage. This brings a lot of tanky force into one small area. Meta Gaming All the Dice So this is something which comes from my tournament experience. Overwhelmingly I found that I didn't make it to round 4 in any of my games purely because we ran out of time. This then leads to the consideration of how fast you can roll your units dice. Taking the Big Choppas means you and your opponent will just be rolling less dice, this speeds the process up and lets you get through your attacks faster. It means you have less dice to look through, you have to find less dice. You're rolling 30 dice per 15 models in combat rather than per 10. This is actually a really important thing to consider. Re-roll Armour saves At the moment fyreslayers are in style in a big way. A huge part of that is the massive amount of saves they roll. a 4+ rerollable followed by 6++ makes them super hard to strip off the board. Against them you want Big Choppas, Rerolling 5+ is WAY worse than rerolling 4+. Again you also have to look at what I just said about getting through turns quickly. If your opponent is making 5 saves instead of 9 saves it will just go faster, especially when he needs to roll them 3 times (Dafuq!!) Attack Profile Similarity This is the other side of the Big Choppa Debate. Since both your Pairs of Choppas and Single Choppa with Orruk Forged Shield are both rolling 4+/3+/-/1 you can roll them all together rather than having to split them. Whether this is faster or slower is really down to how many dice you have and how easily you can count it, I found apparently I suck at this. The Boss The extension of the above is that your boss has +1 to hit. This means his profile is almost always different from the normal Orruks. As such you have to roll his hits attacks separately whatever. However, you can roll his hits separately then throw them in with the other wound rolls for the same weapon type. It also means that whatever options you're running your boss should have an offensive weapon. He's going to be almost the last to die anyway and you might as well milk that +1 to hit. Throwing the Meta Together Personally I would recommend taking 10-20 Orruk Forged Shields and 10-20 Big Choppas. I found that I spent so much time rolling my least important attacks just because of how many of them there were. As such just making less rolls with an extra rend appeals to me in terms of raw speed. I'd also recommend ensuring you can tell the difference between your various weapon options. Having to go through "Do I still have a shield hiding here" wasted a bunch of time. As such in future I'm going to try and put some sort of distinguishing mark on the models shoulders so I can spot them quickly and easily. Probably Red for Big Choppas, Blue for Shields and Teal for Pairs. Even More Considerations Banners and Drummers The rules state that they have whatever weapon option the unit has. In this case it means you get to pick which weapons you want them to use. Since there is literally no disadvantage to having more of these guys I would recommend taking them as your offensive weapon options since you want to remove them last. Keep your shields on your generic orruks again to make counting attacks easier. There are some cool modelling opportunities for these guys which can make them all appear different. Picture in the spoiler as an example. Keep the damn banners in their unit base, the guy on the left looks cool but my god he gets stuck on everything. Unit Tail What, Orruks don't have tails. No but the unit can. This again is something which is reserved for much bigger units. I picked this up from getting CRUSHED by a very good fyreslayers player who apparently knows @Sangfroid I think he placed 4th. Essentially you leave a string of models out the back of your unit which both blocks off areas and puts them in range of abilities. Most notably, if you have a lot of Ironjawz Heroes, you can use Mighty Destroyers to move the unit 6" forwards. You then leave a tail out the back so that the unit is still in range of your other heroes, that way if Mighty Destroyers goes off again you can still use it on them. This works fantastically well for a tar pit unit. Get 12" of hero phase movement, 4+d6 from your Ironfist normal movement, then 2d6+3 charge range across the board to pin your opponents. This leads us to the other side of this point. It works in REVERSE! You only need 1 model within 3" of a model from a unit to lock both in combat. This means if you have one model at the end of a tail within range of a single model from a different unit that's 3" away you can combat lock a unit of 30 with only 1 of them able to retaliate against you. Use this to tarpit multiple enemy units and make his whole battleline a nightmare to move or attack with. This is so potent because of the potential 15" charge range that ardboys have. Removing models and coherency The only thing that coherency does is say you can't move out of it and if you do move you must end in it. This is important because you can form the above combat pin on multiple units then, by strategically removing models, open up lines in your ardboy unit. They now can't pile in but you don't really care. Doing this properly means you can push a huge tarpit of ardboys forward, pin your opponent in combat while reducing his retaliation attempts. Then when he kills stuff you open holes in your line for your brutes/GG's to strategically charge into. This lets you pick what combats you take and where. The big weakness is flying units but most of those are what your brutes want to eat anyway. Conclusion I realise that this is a mammoth of a post but then I did say it would be. Personally I love Ardboys, I suspect that came through, and think there is so much you can do with them. What weapon choices you take and in what quantities will really come down to who you're facing, what you want to do with the unit and what your local meta game looks like. If it's 100% Sigmarines then I suggest big choppas all the way. If it's all bonesplitterz you need the Pairs of Choppas. Whatever happens though Ardboys are possibly the most flexible unit in the game. Try them out, try the different combinations and have a laugh. Pair them up with a weirdnob, add on a balewind vortext and throw out that foot of gork everyturn!
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    More death and more destruction models so those 2 Grand alliances start feeling a bit more like something integral to the AoS universe, rather than a sideshow.
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    I thought it would be nice to have a thread so people could post their painting progress and share ideas for colour schemes/conversions etc. For me, I’m 2 warbands down and 2 (so far) to go. Stormcast: Sepulchral Guard: Gonna do Orcs (Orruks?) next. Any recommendations for colour schemes would be very much appreciated.
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    man i am so down lately about painting models.. i just sit an stare at them willing them to be finished...considering selling them just so i dont have to look at unpainted models... the lack of " stuff" for aos, and by that i mean purely aos not shadespire, not silver tower etc has had a surprising affect upon driving me forward to finish my collection. i dont think its burn out, but lack of ignition... Are many other people having this problem? had this problem? how'd you get over it ?
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    In my opiniion best unit for Destruction is.... Moonclan Grots with Fanatics inside. 1. It is hard to kill a unit of 40+ grots with sields. 2. Nets have a lot of atacks and with swords hiting on 4+ you get realy nice dmg thanks to bonus from numbers. 3. Fanatics inside can be used ofensively (unit of 6-9) to deal INSANE damage. 4. Fanatics inside can be used defensively (small unit of 3) They are an all-starr unit realy. Also great for table control and blocking access to your characters from thos annoying teleporting stormcasts and lizards. Ad for heroes Forge World Troggoth Hag is just awesome. Very hard to kill, great dmg (including distance) and a spell that gives enemy -1 to hit and -1 to save. That combined with her stench (-1 to hit) and moonclan grot nets it makes your army really hard to be hit. With that theme river trolls (fellwater troggoths) are not that bad, becouse their -1 to hit stench has a nice synergy and they can fight from 2 row from behind the grots (and voimit!) Arachnarok Spider is another stand-alone good unit if you give him battle brew or trait that gives bonus to hit if he's wounded. He can also cast 2 spells per turn with one boosting his awesome poison.
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    @Killax keeping faith man ! Here is the last version of my deck : Objectives Hold Objective 1 Hold Objective 2 Hold Objective 3 Hold Objective 4 Hold Objective 5 Tactical Supremacy 1-2 Tactical Supremacy 3-4 Superior Tactician Supremacy Stymied Determined Defenser Ploymaster Ploys Ceaseless Attacks Restless Dead Terrifying Screams The Necromancer Commands Confusion Distraction Duel of Wits Illusory Fighter Shardfall Sidestep Upgrades Frightening Speed Grim Cleave Lethal Lunge Undying Great Strength Shadeglass Darts Shardcaller Soultrap The Dazzling Key The Shadowed Key I've only played 2 games with that refined version and I feel I'm on the good path. Maybe some tweaking can be made on Upgrades, I don't know. Anyway let's discuss it ^^
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    I can see where you're coming from, but GW was very upfront about this year being 40k focused (we did get more AoS last year in comparison to 40k) with it being an anniversary year and a massive rules update. They have also said that we've got a load of stuff coming next year. The Easy Build kits are also intended for new or younger players as a cost-effective way of getting into the hobby - we have Start Collecting and Warband boxes that fill a similar role (but generally with more model options). If you put them to one side there are only three model releases for 40k and the promised 2 Codexes The thing is that we're all largely in the same boat as each other, so we all feel your frustration - but I'm fairly sure it will improve
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    cheers all! going to give the painting station a good clean, do a stock check an maybe pack some stuff away into storage. see how things go maybe wait until after xmas to get it out again.
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    December’s new release announcement is just another kick in the teeth to AOS players. We get one new model, that we already have a model for, for the largest army already. meanwhile 40k sees 11 new models and 2 more books. Just say it GW. AOS is an afterthought. If next year actually has any releases for AOS( main game, not one of the 12 alternatives) how much of you player base are you going to lose in the meantime. I think I’m about to just put it down. Sick of the disappointment.
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    Greetings, Well I was able to make it home for a few days and have been able to get some photos of my other Chaos Forces. So today may I present my nurgle daemon prince. This model has extensive conversions, and I really like him. First up the arms and head (and Vomit) from the Fellwater Troggoths Kit. I repositioned the wings, and then added the heads from the plague drone kit, and a few other trophies. The base is also built with greenstuff and, gloop pile from the plagueclaw catapult. Now the head may be a touch large, but to me this gives him a 'bat like' feeling...
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    Another Idea that could help (if you have the right group) is perhaps make some painting sessions together. Wouldn't work in my case because the rest of my group is more interested in gaming than painting, but perhaps you guys can motivate each other. Or making something like 4 Generals (could be similar to AlphaKennyThings idea). Should be a little nicer than painting a tournament army because your goal is 1 or 2 Units per month instead of a 2000 Point army for a fix date. So you can see progress between you. I made those "tournament army painting" about 7 years ago. It's quite effektiv to paint an army quick, but at the cost of the painting standard.
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    This was settled about 2 weeks after the book came out. Let's not waste time on this loop again.
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    I'd love to see fleshed out Wanderers. Just one more strong unit and one hero or monster, or at the very least updated warscrolls to make them on par with other armies.
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    - Nurgle: tome, synergy and battallions that make Rotbringers and Daemons work without the need for a ton of non themed Slaves to Darkness. Your know like Khorne and Tzeentch work. - more Terrain. - more WHQ full expansions or tools to make custom adventures.
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    Home from work for a few days, and wife's taken the kid to up to see family early for thanksgiving so I get to spend evening painting these guys Lets see how much I can get done!
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    Eh... aside from the thumb I'm counting 4 fingers myself.
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    Regardless of what actually gets released, wouldn't it be cool to even see the concepts and ideas and art for shortlisted new factions? Just what GW consider etc.
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    I want some clarity with regards to future direction of some of the smaller factions. e.g. Why are Warherds and Brayherds separate? Are there plans for one or the other that neccitated the split, or was it kinda arbitrary? Ditto the various elf factions, etc. Finally, with GW's vast resources, I want to see both the old and new explored, without yielding to the most vocal "ultra progressives" and "ultra conservatives" who feel that their own preference for future design direction should be the only option. There is room for both the traditional and the fantastical in this new world.
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    I'll second that, would be great to see adversaries other than chaos for WQ. I'd love to see more battletomes for existing factions maybe with some new models to flesh them out. most of all I want to see deathrattle reborn as an AoS answer to tomb kings, not so much the ancient Egypt theme but skeletal lords ruling over skeletal hordes with chariots, ranged units and a skeletal giant.
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    Thanks guys for your appreciation! @Rungi im so sorry i reply only after all this time and more sorry i don't remember the step for that ice i dont know if i write down somewhere, tomorrow i will search! @FRopersame as before, sorry for the super later answer! For the snow i use prochima snow effect, but it's from an italian company, don't know if it can be found overseas (in europe yes i suppose) Some update after looong time (i wrote im slow as hell and change project too often ) It's not a real update but finally i took some photo of the new version of my megaboss done months ago! Unfortunately im not get back in this orruks army at the moment (other things captured my hobby attention) but i feel good to show this! And the new shadespire orruks band is totally awesome, i surely buy it as soon as it will be on sale... so i hope that i will post them soon! But here the new version of Morghot the Snow Beast: more feral, savage and a lot more customized than before! Hope you like it, let me know your feeling both positive and/or negative.
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    Little update, ive made the bases for the last 3 done! Not much i know, but here the group pics: Ive also try to make an alternative one, still wip and hardly this will have a continuous but here it is i wanted to try a black metal and ice effect, i will edit the post as soon as i finish him:
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    Heyo! I'll be using this thread to document my progress as I convert, kitbash, and paint my way through however many hordes of Skaven the Great Horned Rat ask of me. First up is the chainsaw-slingin' yet-to-be-named and properly painted, Arch-Warlock. He's rocking parts from genestealer cults, skitaari, and Ironjawz. I am very unsure on what his color scheme should be, so any suggestions on where to go from here is very welcome
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    I havent done a lot of conversions and very few requiring the Dremel but the grindbit (basically a sphere with teeth or in other cases oval shape covered with sandpaper) will allow you to gently grind away only what you need to/want to. Its tedious, noisy and messy but whats not to love about that edit: Since your doing shoulderpads I dont think you can mess up beyond repair. Since the area will be covered by a new shoulderpad, worst case scenario you just put some greenstuff to even it out then the shoulderpad on top!
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    I've had similar over the (too many) years I've been in the hobby in one form or another. I think as @MrCharisma says, the suggestion I would give is to give yourself a bit of a break. If you've got unpainted plastic out on display, move it out of sight (nothing as demoralising as seeing a pile of grey). Not sure if I'm on my own, but I find the process of packing things away during a quiet period is really cathartic. Once you've had a week or two with a clear desk, you might fancy doing something. I was in a similar place the other day but for completely different reasons. I'd finally finished my Armies on Parade board (four Imperial Knights, three of which were Forge World, the culmination of two years worth of painting) so had packed the debris of that project away. Knowing that I still had a bit of keen I tried to decide on what to paint next and failed miserably, I've so many boxes of models and ideas I wasted the whole evening daydreaming and was at risk of repeating that. My solution was to grab a half painted model to keep me going, but this and a couple of posts on Twitter also got me to create a list of all of the hobby projects I fancy doing over the next year or so and importantly any that are half done. Even though you don't realise it, half done projects really eat away at the enthusiasm, so prioritising those means that I feel slightly justified when picking up something brand new. Of course the other benefit of a list is it means you can review the mountain of accumulated stuff with a view of "I'm not planning on doing this in the next year - am I ever going to do this?". I'm starting to get rid of a number of bits and bobs now with the aim that I can free up some space for the things that I know I want to do. My list isn't prioritised in any way so I can simply hop in and grab something that takes my fancy at the point in time when I've crossed something off - and we all love crossing things off a list!
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    conversions. I have a few from all the riggers I bought (they don't fit perfecty), I've used old dwarf telescope thingies and steam drills and I am using mildly converted quarrellers to make up the rest. Albeit, when I run a mass of companies, my dudes are mostly old dwarves with a few overlord conversions here and there. Hard to afford 7 boxes of arkanauts on top of the 6 boxes of skyriggers.
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    For an urbaz list, first, you want an admiral always. That 12 inch no battleshock bubble is 100 percent required in my opinion. You arkanauts are going to get charged and are going to getkilled en masse. And mostly, it never matters, only 30 percent of your unit is important. As long as the skyhooks keep firing, your unit is effective. Next, you want cheap screens. ESPECIALLY against the ironjawz. Make them waste at least a turn killing something cheap (being a old fantasy player, I use dwarf warriors). This also helps zone out deepstriking, although skryre has the wierd "We pop up 3 inches away, lulul" thing going for them. Then, I'd reccomend beefing your companies up. I run 2 units of 30 and one of 10. Heck, I'll post my urbaz list Admiral Khemist Khemist 3X 10 dwarf warriors 2x 30 arkanauts 10 arkanauts 12 riggers Against ironjawz this is pretty straightforward. Screen in front, companies with characters embedded, riggers in the back. You take his first charge on your screens and they all die, and then you shoot the enemy to death. The riggers go where you need them, either to target an important enemy, or to hit objectives in the backline and mop up support. You won't kill them all, but you should be able to grind them out with your battleshock immune companies, shooting the whole time. Ironjawz aren't great snipers. Raiders you just have to kill the snowball chucker asap. Against Skryre, it's trickier. He will choose the engagement, cause that's skryre, and he can snipe your chars. Now with enough mass you can zone his drop in units out from your characters and the riggers (and the rest are less important), but it's hard to block a WLC, those are a target I'd probly grapnel to, kill, and then maybe grapnel back. And then it's just hoping you have the skyhooks left. If you do, you've a fairly solid chance.
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    Nurgle Daemons are my primary army, with some Slaves for when I want to break out the Herald of Decay. I've always had a love of Nurgle, particularly in how he expresses genuine affection in the most backwards way imaginable. Plus there are Nurglings, which as we all know are the real superstars of the Warhammer universe. I'm working on various Skaven armies too, because Skaven are one of my favorite fantasy races. Primarily focused on Pestilens, but Skryre and Moulder as well. I have a small Moonclan force too, but the sheer volume of unpainted spearmen I have to work through is depressing. I have a Start Collecting Seraphon box that I'd like to build upon later. Eventually, I'd really like a standard Greenskinz army, if I can ever lay my hands on a a wyvern. Similarly, I would love a Brayherd army, but some of my favorite Beastman models are getting hard to find.
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    Thanks I have finally gotten around to doing the second mortarch for my army. Neferata! Some final highlights stilll need doing, but I'll be putting up better pictures of her soon:
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    You know what I'd really love - an Atlas of the Realms background book. Something with heaps of John Blanche art. Not saying I want exhaustive maps either. To be honest, maybe we need a few more years of development before we are ready for such a book. When the time is right though, this would be awesome.
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    AoS ForgeWorld Models! I feel like the poor cousin when I look at the continual releases of amazing ForgeWorld models for 30k, 40k, Blood Bowl and The Hobbit. I'd love to see more monsters on the table and variety to the existing range. Unique models for some of the Great Cities, which could diversify the Free People / Stormcast Eternals / etc... bring back a Tomb King themed Death Rattle, conversion kits to help define KO skyports other than with a colour scheme, etc.
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    Heres some more Allies. A few irondrakes...
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    I have a notorious lack of focus when doing a project, so it has been months painting other stuff than my kharadron. Somewhere along the way I decided to do some United Duardin army. So here is some dispossessed....
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    WIP skull reapers, detailed fellers but growing on me.
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    The last sentence in Sayl’s spell addresses the issue for Traitors Mist: “Units moved in this manner cannot move in the following movement phase.” So, the “Traitors Mist” spell is classed as a move per the last sentence in the spell. i.e. Traitors Mist is a move spell.
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    I know I am a bit late for posting this but basicly what I was working on or getting started yesterday: metal and the shield.
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    Quite a few of us from down in Dorset have signed up for this one recently. I know @Cowboy Boots Matt@Drakira@#SteveJames are going. Think there are about 8-10 in total.
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    I do not agree with you. You compare units with different battlefield roles to each other. The Freeguild General on Griffon is a very mobile Monster (15 "), dealing a lot of damage( in fact it is the only Freeguild unit who can deal D6 damage). So he is a damage-dealer, an area denier, he can support one unit and can grab and hold Objectives on his own. In comparison to that, Greatswords are slow Infantry dealing a lot of damage but still being too slow to be aggressive. 41 attacks will very rarely occur, because of causalties or just because there is not enough space or movement to get everyone in. For me a nice unit, but in competitive mission play a no-no. Hurricanum is definately one of the best Order units. However, its main role is to support and some area denial due to its mortal wounds. It has difficulties in conquering objectives and puts no pressure on the enemy. The same goes for the Luminark. A Steamtank is- compared to a Griffon rather slow, has a strong, but quite unreliable shooting attack and mostly serves as a tarpit, because its damage output is not that big. So the Griffon Lord serves several purposes the other units can not fulfil as good as he does: He is fast, heavy-hitting and can put up pressure on the enemy. Taking Karl Franz as a Griffon Hero is a good idea. However, I do not think that he is worth the extra 160 points. Jep, his Command ability is good. Nevertheless, it wil only shine in big units, which we normally do not have. Immunity to battleshock is also a large plus, although Free People have few problems with battleshock, especially with a War Banner on the battlefield. Karl Franz is a slightly besser fighter and has a slightly better protection, but is all that worth 20 Guards or almost 5 Grail Knights or a Cannon or a Bretonian Lord +20 more points? I prefer taking two Freeguild Generals on Grifon instead ;P Getting everything to 2+/2+ is also not that easy. There are several buffs to hit like large numbers for Guards or Hurricanum or the Command ability of both Freeguild Generals or the Bataillon. However, you will mostly only have 1-2 of them ready on 1-3 units. Hold the line only works if a unit is standing still, which you do not want from close combat units most of the time. And what buffs improve the to wound roll? Only Hold the line and the Beast Mage`s spell. Considering I have a cavalry-based army with some support, a Freeguild General on a Griffon is a good addition giving me some much needed punch on the frontline.
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    "The Carnivalia of the Crooked" Once the chief jester in Neferata's court, Rasputin, also known as "The Crooked One" has fallen from his patron's good graces. Cast out into the wilds of Shysh, and disfigured by the cruel knives of the Silver Queen, he wanders the blood red sands of the red wastes, scavenging for scraps and subjugating those unlucky few to wander near this tortured soul. His mind broken, he hides his face behind his porcelain mask, the only relic of his former life. Those he bends to his will are forced to hide their faces from the world, their mirrored masks reflecting their masters mask and madness back at him, constantly reminding him of that which was cruelly taken from him. He has vowed vengeance upon his cruel mistress, and seeks the "Puppeteer's Strings" an ancient artifact powered by the unclaimed souls wandering the red wastes. With those unlucky wretches subjugated to his will in tow, Rasputin and his morbid "Carnivalia" travel the wastes in search of the legendary artifact and more "performers" for the troop. The show must go on, and Rasputin will ensure that his return to the royal court will be a night to remember...