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    Hello everyone. I don't like to have to make posts like this and its been a while since the last one, but unfortunately I keep seeing the same sort of things posted over and over, usually by a small group of people. This forum (TGA) was set-up by myself nearly 18 months ago to be a fun place to hang out and chat about Age of Sigmar. It is a safe haven for like minded gamers from all around the world to avoid the hate and bile that was present on almost every other Warhammer forum/website/blog online. I wanted to find all the people who were enthusiastic about AoS and bring them to a single place to create a worldwide community that shared a love for all things related to the mortal realms. Unfortunately it seem that along with the success of a thriving and fun community comes people who just want to moan and complain about the very thing that they spend so much time involved with. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I welcome and enjoy lively debate but flat out moaning and complaining will not be tolerated here any more. I invite anyone who feels the need to spend time complaining to head over to another forum to do so. I recommend 4Chan as the bets place as it seems built for it but there are many others. http://www.warseer.com/forums/ http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/ https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/forums/list.page;jsessionid=F75F6F37FA8705FD51B6E3965F4A96CA https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_Fantasy_Battle i'm sure there are lots more too but it is no longer welcome on TGA. This forum has a pretty robust reporting and reputation system. If you see a post where some is just complaining for the sake of it them please report it. I want to make this a fun forum to be part of and the community helping with that will make it easier. Thanks, Ben.
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    It is deliberately vague. Hard and fast rules will be pushed to the limit and a 'debate' ensues when I try to enforce them. Vague rules means I can bend them to suit what I feel is best for this community and the moderators word is the only hard limit If a person can't self moderate their posts and honestly doesn't know that they are coming across as a troll I hope the community will report them and out moderator team can have a word.
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    Don't complain. None is going to listen to 'death is rubbish' or 'oh no, another realise that's no death' but a well structured post on why you think death would benifit from upgrades, followed by ideas for said upgrades and maybe even some fan made suggestions would be sure to reach GW eyes. I know for a fact that this is true.
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    I've prepared a couple of summaries of all the official information on General's Handbook 2017, so you can find all you need to know in one place. The first page contains all the links to the Warhammer Community articles, the Warhammer TV Facebook videos and the Twitch streams. https://aosshorts.com/generals-handbook-2017/ The second is a summary of all the new information from the first Twitch game: Soulblight vs Blades of Khorne. I know many people don't have Twitch or the time to watch it all, so hopefully this bullet point summary (without clickbait or adverts) will help. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-learnt-twitch-game-1/ The Order day summary is here. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-warhammer-live-twitch-order-day/ The Chaos day summary is here - this covers the interviews but not the game itself. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-chaos-day-warhammer-live/ The summary of the Jervis Johnson interview on Destruction day is here. It is really interesting in that it goes into the background of the development of General's Handbook 2017. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-destruction/ Let me know if I have missed anything or any potential impacts on the tournament game. And for anyone concerned about such things, I have no advertising on my site and am just trying to collate a useful resource for the community.
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    But but but... the Stormcast and the scourge privateers have nothing to do with the World that was... The empire of Karl Franz and the druchii of Naggaroth don't mean anything in Age of Sigmar now.
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    If they do show stormcasts at gencon I will swim all the way through the ocean, find a man responsible and put a stardrake in his ass.
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    Incredible that a few folks responding to this thread have completely illustrated Ben's point for him... Also sad that people need instructions and guidelines on how to not moan/troll! Anyway. Cheers for the post Ben, there's far more of us still loving both AoS and TGA than there is in the opposite camp. Keep doing what you're doing!
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    We already know that the Scourge Privateers (Corsairs) are a faction present in the cities of the mortal realm. In "City of Secrets" they are shown as a mafia like organization. Not as highly respected as the Stormcast Eternals but still a vital part of the society in the mortal realms. Just as a example, the Anvilgard Box can represent the garrison of a lonely naval base deep inside a swamp in ghyran. (Thinking a twisted and darker version of the swamps in louisana.) A region where nurgles corruption still lingers just beneath the surface. The privateers are trained sailors but even they are struggling navigating the dark waters. Where they are regularly fighting of ambushes from twisted monstrosities. So they request the help of the Judicators. These stormcasts are skilled in finding even the smallest trace of chaos corruption. So together they patrol the waters of the swamp. Slowly fighting back against the things hiding there. So when they hear unnatural screams and ominous chanting from deep within the swamp, they don't wait for the forces of chaos to hit them first. They assemble a group of the most hardened veterans to search for the origin of this darkness.
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    I think it's always fair to bring up problems/concerns about AoS but airing your grievances once is good, not in every post. TGA has always been a refreshing safe haven from the much more toxic places.
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    Uhh.. we don't know what's coming yet. It's likely going to be a Battletome, not sure of mortals though. This is presumably the new campaign.
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    ++ MOD TALK ++ We're obviously all excited about the new releases. But if you're just going to say something negative, back it up with some solid arguments or don't say anything at all. We're here because we LIKE the game. Let's keep this place either positive or filled with constructive criticism.
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    I've specifically stayed away lately because of the mood around here lately. Looking forward to a change of pace.
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    Maybe I'm wrong, it seems obvious that pages of back-and-forth, go nowhere "debate" is what this Ben fellow is referring to? I mean, I've lost count on how many pages, in how many topics I've read "unit of 40 skeletons with three attacks each" as a point of contention.
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    Very happy you posted this Ben. I've been on the verge of dropping out the last few months due to this. Every conversation turning into the same discussions, this unit is overpowered, gw messed this up, next change will ruin it. Which is a shame because the forum keeps me up to date and inspired in this hobby. When I got back into the hobby this forum really helped me get back into it. Yes it's a bit vague but something like a feeling or a community culture is not quantifiable.
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    Mask and some moss and lichen on. Thanks @HobbyHammer and @Chris Tomlin the Morkanaught face was a good steer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Could you try that again but this time make slaanesh happen
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    Interesting because I feel that mixed armies are more thematic than mono-allegiance ones.
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    This is exaggerating/changing what we are saying. Not at all what we mean. We're talking about lists like Thundertusks, SCE deepstrikes, Kunnin, Skyfire, etc being able to do three things. These are all pretty dominant lists, though yeah there are obviously others. But these are the most common cheese lists. Here's the three things they do. 1 - they can almost always finish deploying first, allowing them to choose the 2nd turn. Some of them can sit far enough back or off the table entirely to deny the opponent an entire turn. That means cheese goes first and gets 5 turns, possible with a double, while victim goes 2nd without a chance at double and only gets 4 turns basically. 2 - they can move into range in one turn to do most or all of their damage 3 - they do a LOT of damage that is one-way. Not melee damage where you at least activate back, just tons of one-way damage that in many cases you can't prevent (two Thundertusks doing 14 mortal wounds in my last tournament for example). They've built a list designed to have the first chance at a double turn, and designed to abuse how much damage they can do without the opponent interacting at all. taking 28 mortal wounds, plus more from the charge and combat on the 2nd turn, is unrecoverable. Even if you can come back, you are so far behind that it's not a balanced game anymore. Even if you get a double turn, you have so much less power on the table that it rarely makes a difference. Against casual lists it can absolutely swing, but these lists are DESIGNED to take such advantage of the turn that you don't have enough strength after the double to come back. Sure there are OP units and shooting mechanics that should possibly be improved. But saying the double turn isn't the problem is ignoring the fact that these lists are built around the double turn and without it, they would not be able to instant win literally 50% of their games. There are so few lists that can take 2 turns in a row from these lists and mount a comeback, and even then it takes him having bad luck and you having great luck for the rest of the game. The game isn't fun when you have 1/3 your army gone before you get to use any of it and have very little chance of winning. The double isn't helping you come back, it just ensured he could use OP units and shooting mechanics to do way more damage than he should have. And finally, even if you nerf certain units or change shooting, the problem is there will always be something that is OP, and the double turn is what lets people exploit it like crazy. Only two fixes I see are remove the double turn, or remove the ability to guarantee who goes second.
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    The halo in that artwork looks familiar too? Probably the least exciting potential rumour engine from that video.
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    I'll just leave this here... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/17/nurgle-rises-in-the-mortal-realms-aug-16gw-homepage-post-1/
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    Gushers for demon hearts with blood in them. Gummi zombie and skeleton heads, chocolate in eyeballs wrappers. Also jerky that I labeled as stunies, oomies, shiny uns, pointy ears
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    Yeah, so I've been busy painting, but pretty bad at getting posts up. So far I've made really strong progress on this army. I have my unit of Tzaangors painted up: Well, half painted anyway since this will likely be a unit of at least 20. You can see I used the black skin scheme from the T-rev's in my Sylvaneth Army. Here's a close-up wip shot of the shield guy in the back: This is a tabletop army, so I'm not doing anything super fancy. Just trying to paint as cleanly as possible. The main difference between this and what I normally do is the inclusion of fluorescent colors as major part of the color scheme. You can see the Tzaangors all have florescent orange tips to their tendrils and feathers. It's also scattered throughout the army in various ways. I'm also arraigning them into sort of a visual hierarchy. The Tzaangor Shamans (which there will be two) get white skin with fluorescent feathers. The enlightened, skyfires and tzaangors all get black skin with various fluorescents depending on their unit. Orange for tzaangors, Green for Skyfires, Probably blue or purple for Enlightened (haven't decided). The Shamans will likely be deployed next to their corresponding units. For example the shaman above will likely be palling around with the skyfires since his feather plume will match theirs. I'm also just putting the finishing touches on my conversion. I have little more detail work yet to do, but the idea is firmly there: So that brings us pretty up to speed. I'm not sure what to tackle next so We'll have to see how much bandwidth I have over the next few days/weeks. Stay tuned! Happy painting -F
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    as ben said, unstructured moaning isn't productive, and tbh utterly pointless. if you have grief with something, create a replacement to the current process in your own thread don't take over something with complaints if people want to contribute they will. "death is bad blah blah blah " unproductive and pointless. "death isn't too strong I've found due to ,this, this this and that, in order to improve things it would be nice if gw did this this this and this ( obviously it cant be broken strong ) create profiles using templates, write rules etc -- this will be likely noted, proof? chaos monsters, i started a thread about the vortexbeast. >> here ,<< mentioning the lack of capability with general chaos and some of the other monsters also, saying that the slaughterbrute was obviously khorne and the vortex beast tzeentch, and would likely see increased play by simply adding these marks, this wouldn't be game breaking, suggested some rules etc. this wasn't whiny in nature, complain ridden etc. just you know, saying "hey, this isn't the best, could you have a look?? this is what im suggesting..." lo and behold they added rules. well a mark. at least, thats what I've taken from it
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    Can I ask anybody who does report something, that you actually add a reason why you are reporting it please!!! Also can I add if you need to ask what is acceptable, you've probably already answered your own question. Debate is fine but please use constructive criticism and common sense.
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    Patience, my friend, patience... Nurgle is definitely getting a Battletome - this preview combined with the fact that they don't have any section in the GH17 confirms it. And, in typical GW fashion, when they release a teaser, they don't show all the good stuff... this Horticulus might actually be the daemon on a slug shown in the preview, or could be an additional character... But if GW is making this a focal point of their AoS marketing / story, you can be pretty sure that they will be including new models to make sure that they can maximize their sales - I would expect a similar approach to their Tzeentch launch
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    Hi @Petloski, good news! Do you have a ticket already? I will answer your question within the next couple of days. Just need to check something first. Ok so in lieu of a proper pack just yet (guys, I am so so busy at the moment...no excuse I know! ) I thought I'd at least share the basic scoring system. To be honest, other than timings there's not really much more to share other than the below. We'll just be rocking up and playing 5 games of Warhammer straight up from the new General's Handbook (which you can preorder and pick up at Firestorm btw - they've requested I advise of that!). Whilst my preference is usually for soft score heavy events, I have made the decision that this event will be basing purely off gaming because of the new Handbook. I want to keep it as simple and inclusive as possible, with people being able to try out new armies and cool allies etc. I was slightly loathe to remove a cohesive requirement (or at least a bonus for doing so), however this is a one off, once again because of the new Handbook, and I would certainly return to soft scores in the future. Luckily we have Facehammer coming up a few weeks after which scratches that itch this year; Lists on the day - 2,000 points as per General's Handbook 2017 restrictions and points (Forgeworld tbc) All models must be fully painted* and based otherwise they will be removed and you will incur a 10 point penalty. There is no requirement for armies to be cohesive. This is to encourage people to try out the new allies rules! 50 Tournament points available; Major Victory = 10, Minor Victory = 8, Draw = 5, Minor Defeat = 2, Major Defeat = 0 First tie break is Sports votes (be nice whilst winning!), the second is kill points scored. Armies will be displayed on Saturday lunch so that I can shortlist Best Army nominations for a public/judge vote on Sunday. If your army includes reserve points, you can display additional models from your summoning pool, however the overall army you display cannot exceed 2,000 points. Each player will vote for Best Sports at the end of the event, in the case of a tie, the highest placed player will win the award (win whilst being nice!). The Trophies available are; 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place: as above these are scored purely on the 50 gaming TPs available, with sports first tiebreak (kill points 2nd). 1st, 2nd, 3rd Best Army: these will be player judged from a nominated shortlist on the Sunday. Judges Choice Best Painted Army: this will be my favourite army at the event, entirely possible it will be one of the above 3 though. Best Sports: as above this will be based off player sports votes with the highest placed player winning in the event of a tie. The Jen Lyons award of _______: this will be awarded to the player who finishes last. Your name will be carried forward to my next event. Jen still needs to think of a name for this years award. Best In Alliance (Destruction, Chaos, Death & Order): these will be decided purely on Kill Points so can be won by anyone (except maybe @#SteveJames). In the unlikely event of a tie, highest placing will win. Also the Friday night Skirmish will have trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Warband and Best Sports And I think that's the important info for the moment. I really hope everyone embraces the ethos of the event which is simply to have some fun with the new General's Handbook and see what is good! Oh...terrain is not required. Firestorm are able to furnish each table with 8-9 pieces. As I said, my events usually are much more soft score focussed and if that is what you were expecting I am still issuing refunds at this late stage as I want to make sure everyone is happy. I genuinely believe all of this is more of a positive than a negative and I'm super excited to see what lists you guys bring on the day. Don't forget to get your grudges in and further details will follow, including full timetable and also information on the Friday Skirmish, as prepared by @bottle Please get all your questions in and I will reply as soon as possible. I will try and appoint some suitable player judges on the weekend who are able to assist me with some of the queries that may arise as a result of the new Handbook. Hopefully that covers off some questions for now and lets you guys know what we are doing!! Don't forget that this Saturday is the final date for entrants and refunds as I need to let Firestorm know numbers. Oh one final thing is that I am looking for a spare player in case of odd numbers. If anyone wants to take up this mantle you will have free food on both days and obviously the event will be free if you are required to play! You will need to bring your own painted army etc like any other entrant. Get in touch if interested. Thanks for now, Chris *I will not use the term "3 colour minimum" as it is open for abuse. If you are unsure whether your models are painted(?!), please get in contact with me.
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    The two models at the top that marked with a 'x' are from the Battle for Skull Pass Box (the starterbox Set of 7. Edition Warhammer Fantasy) The left model ist a Dwarf Thane (today called Warden King) while the right model should be the standard bearer of Dwarf Warriors. The Model down there is some sort of Kitbash Model. The Rangefinder is part of the Cannon Box. As for the model itself. I think it could be a combination of Dwarf Warrior and Artillery Crew.
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    I really wonder about Mordheim. Does it actually make sense to bring Mordheim back as a game setting? Necromunda as a setting still exists within 40k, so it doesn't have the same issue since they never blew up the 40k universe. But for Mordheim, fewer and fewer people are going to be knowing about that the setting is the old world, the empire is in strife with 3 emperors vying for power, the tragic fall of the city of Mordheim, and the nefarious Dark Master leading sinister cultists in the ruins. It's also, less relevant due to the fact it's not a part of the ongoing setting (historical or otherwise). Bloodbowl essentially gets away with it from being in an alternate universe anyway, but Mordheim feels a bit too similar as a setting to Shadespire, and bringing it back would likely be banking on peoples nostalgia quite a bit. Then there's the fact that they'd be creating an 'Old World' product range, yet, we know that AoS really isn't all that different to the Old World in many respects (So now you have the issue, do they make rules for figures they create in Mordheim for AoS?). So yeah, I really wonder if 'Mordheim' is coming, or a more advanced Skirmish ruleset for Age of Sigmar. My preference, as much as I love the Mordheim setting, would likely be the latter. Whether or not it just expands the existing Skirmish rules (and hence uses Warscrolls), or is more like Shadespire, where the entire game system is different, but they release Warscrolls for the models to use in AoS, it'd probably align greater with what GW wants to do and create a synergistic product rather than a product that's based in a setting GW want people to forget.
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    Portal 3: Seraphon or'more seriously: a Total war: Age of sigmar. With an innovative campaign map
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    Soulblight ability is deathless minions on 6 inch range and ability to choose one of the 4 bloodlines. One bloodline gives you hit rerolls of 1 (all bloodlines are army wide), another gives +2 speed and fly, one gives deathless for all without hero presence and last gives +1 cast rolls to you and -1 bravery to nearby opponents. I really hope nighthaunt also gets mini deathless minions in addition to that deep strike.
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    Hopefully new Stormcast!
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    GW introduces points as an annual update (stating upon release of the first GHB that it would be an annual publication). People get excited. Certain builds show themselves as very strong over the course of the year. People get angry and demand points updates. GW updates points midyear for certain armies (Khorne, Stormcast) with publication of new battletomes. People get angry and/or excited, depending upon the unit. Basically, we as gamers are very spoiled. GW, on the other hand, is damned if they do and damned if they don't. Their plan seems to be to update points as they find it necessary. My personal plan is to accept the points updates when they come -- since it is after all just one of three ways to play the game.
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    I am still the guy updating it. Unfortunately I don't have any exact dates at the moment, but when we do it will be announced on the Warhammer Community site.
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    Y'know at first I was all "wtf is this @Aryann guy talking about, he's such a whinge" but now I get what he means. It's not that these aren't cool boxes that you can maybe get some nice discounts on. It's the theme. I for one can imagine a theme you'd apply that'd make each work in its own right using a few conversions and some fine, fine colour schemes but the box uses the models they have already so I can feel that mismatch idea. Further, new models with the new aesthetic will always be cooler than reboxings (no matter how cool the blend). At the same time, there's no reason to imagine a cool reboxing precludes the release of an even cooler new, aesthetically different faction. So there's that!
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    Also I fully support this for all of the reasons you mention Ben. There are so many forums out there to join the voice of the moan and complain choir for Age of Sigmar. The whole idea if it rubbing people the wrong way that someone would like to have a ******-fest free place to discuss their favorite hobby is a little confusing. I feel like this behavior is a hold out of the anti-GW crowd from fantasy. Those people that still haunt forums because they are still upset about the loss of Fantasy, but begrudging trudge along because they still have their models and can't really let go of WHF. I know this seems inflammatory, but honestly if all you want to do is moan and complain about AOS this really isn't the place for you.
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    This sounds awesome. A great Day for AoS altogether.
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    None of these races know anything about the old world though. These boxes make sense in the lord of the Mortal Realms.
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    so this is the mechanics we will be using for the event! Playtested it back in April and it is so good! Looking forward to adapting it slightly for Rise of Empires! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/17/the-season-of-war-continues-in-firestorm-aug17gw-homepage-post-2/
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    I think these particular boxes are very much in keeping as a representation of defenders of Sigmar's cities (they're old school faction plus stormcast rather than the other way round). I can see what you're saying, but would guess that as they're being brought in for what appears to be a narrative expansion it's not necessarily going to be the "norm" - though time will answer that one.
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    I'm going to be so poor Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    this release means a few things. look at what tzeentch got. new changling ==> new epidemus new lord of change ==> new great unclean one blue horrors an brimstone ==> new beasts or nurgle? sounds like a new hero, tzaangors ==> pestigors ( hopefully) skyfires/enlightened ==> new cav? book, dice, cards. lore of magic which gives extra spells. now the task is to find out what additional thing nurgle stuff gets
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    perhaps i should demand things more often...
  44. 2 points
    The model probably didn't have a chalice, so hence, no chalice. AoS is very WYSIWYG, if you want your freebies like Chalices and shields and what not, you've gotta model them as such.
  45. 2 points
    I see 8 quarrellers as well. Assuming a couple more are hiding there somewhere.
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    @chord @Mikester1487 lol well, if you play SCE I understand wanting new stuff. But they already have 45 different products online where other armies have like 15-20 tops. SCE should just be stopped until everything else is brought up to speed.
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    Doesn't make it less true... 😁
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    Thanks @Tommy! The Nurgle lord got me a nice amount of likes and new folowers on instagram. It seems to me there are a lot more people dedicated to 40k than AoS on Instagram. Posting an AoS-ified 40K mini seems to help to get some interest... Right now I have a few weeks off from work, so I can spend a lot more time painting than I usually can. I Finally finished my unit of Handmaidens of the everqueen. I got them from 'marktplaats' (literally: marketplace, a dutch site like ebay) for a decent price. They are 5th or even 4th ed. models and I've always wanted to get my hands on them. The spears were pretty tricky to paint in NMM as they have a different shape than most blades I've painted. But I think I worked out pretty well. I wanted to use a more muted palette and I think it worked out pretty well. I also wasn't sure if I should put them on squares (all my old elf models are on squares) or round bases, but in the end I decided I simply like rounds better esthetically.
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    I find this all a little mystifying. Age of sigmar is a huge game with hundreds of units, items and abilities. To effectively playtest this in the studio even with a hundred players playing round the clock would be impossible, so if they save the Stormcast points update for the ghb and the points turn out to be broken, then they have a whole year before the next fix. It is much better to put the points in the book, let the whole community play with it and make adjustments based on that for the ghb. I suspect the reason for the long gap between Kharadron and this book is to give time for the community to have some time with every currently available army and try to come up with as balanced a list of points as possible. It will be interesting to see if there are any tweaks to Kharadron points. I am sure there are some the community would like to see. The aim for both AOS and 40k is to have games decided by good generalship on the table not just by choosing the most overpowered units and abilities. In an ideal world list building should be about tailoring a list to make the most fun for you to play with your playstyle and the most fun for your opponent to play against. If it takes five years of ghbs and constant point adjustments to get there, then that is a price I am willing to pay.
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    Just take the look and feel of Age of Sigmar and then make a Middle Earth Shadows of Mordor game. This would be amazing.