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    2nd warning. I just deleted a load of posts and warned some users. I think a few of you need to have a think about why you play Warhammer.
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    Hi everyone. This is just a friendly reminder to everyone to try and keep a lid on things a little. Its was said best earlier in this thread. TGA used to better than this friendly discussion is fine but let's keep it that way. If you feel the need to rant and rage please take it elsewhere
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    The first model in my AoS28 warband - a Wild Rider from the Black Sloth Hell: a drowned forest centered around a Realmgate to Shyish, the Realm of Death. The Aelves that live there think they are caught in a purgatory from Aelven folklore - a place where speed and grace and vitality are drained away. But the truth is more sinister than that. With the gates of Azyr opening, emissaries have been arriving at the outskirts of the Aelven realm looking for allies. It is not yet clear what side, if any, the Aelves will take. There is also now an AoS28 Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AoS28/
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    that's very cool stuff. I will start something with my necromancer's blood magic coven. I hope you will like it
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    Tell truth really disappointed in this group now. I thought AoS community was friendly then this and all about love of the game. Instead we get told we'er a bunch of beginners and we make crappy lists. Don't care how you spin it thats just rude.
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    Hi everyone, As @scrubyandwells mentioned, I've spent quite a few hours jamming all of the data that I could find from the lists of this event into a google docs spreadsheet. I hope some of you find it useful! You fan view the spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wKH4-s7Z2t-dHU_gfQHPGbEvT20_h4pdc9NenaLNX-I/edit?usp=sharing Some info that you might want to help interpret the sheet: There are four pages, one for each Grand Alliance. Within each alliance I broke it down into categories based on theme. I was not completely strict about allegiance here -- for example if you took an all Khorne army plus Sayl, you still get to go in the Khorne category. Armies that were clearly mixed were put in the mixed category for that GA. In the Death GA, I differentiated between mixed lists that included Tomb Kings units and those that did not. A couple of lists used a bunch of TK stuff while one used only a single Necrotect, but I still put that latter list in the Mixed Death w/ TK category. I listed all traits and artefacts mentioned on the army lists. They are listed both as their own entry in the roster and also I've added notes to indicate what traits/artefacts are held by characters (note is listed on the character's entry). I've also used notes to indicate unit equipment loadouts when they were explicitly listed. Battalions got their own entry. In some cases I clarified that an entry is a battalion, trait or artefact if I was concerned there might be a unit with a same or similar name and cause confusion. Unit entries are given the form XxY where X is the number of units of a given size and Y is the number of default choices in the unit size. So "1x1" means a single unit of the minimum size, "2x2" is two units of double minimum size each, and so on. For example, if someone took a unit of 40 skeletons, two units of 20 skeletons and a unit of 10 skeletons it would be listed as: 1x4, 2x2, 1x1. Five players' (Ryan Taylor, Chris Morris, Pamela Castello, Josue Castillo, and Phillip Stinnett) lists were cut off and so part of the list is missing. I marked these with INCOMPLETE or INC next to the player name. There was one player (John Fueuerhelm) that had an incomplete list but the points costs, keywords and battlefield roles were visible so I was able to make some very strong guesses as to what was taken. I went ahead and entered my guesses but put in the possible ambiguities as notes. I also indicated that this list was speculative (SPEC). Six further players (Norman Castillo, Rob Pro, Tony Pacheco, Benjamin Harrison, Mark Cathro, and Martin Orlando) had no lists available through the app If you have any questions about interpreting the data, corrections, or if you'd like to send me some of the information that I'm missing please send me a PM! That way I will get an email notification and can be sure to respond quickly. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDITORIAL SECTION My initial impression in entering these lists is that the metagame for this tournament very much feels like a typical "Friday Night Magic" level of competition to me. There are clearly some players who have brought relatively tuned, established, competitive lists. Some of these lists are optimized (or close to it) while others are not. There are also a lot of players whose lists either reflect homebrew strategies that are clearly designed to be competitive, lists that are clearly focused on theme over competitiveness, and a lot of lists that are "strictly suboptimal" (IE: no artefacts or command traits were listed, free unit upgrades were explicitly not taken). I'm guessing there was also a wide range of skill and experience present, with some competitors being very experienced and others being quite new to the game. Personally, I think that's great. FNM is the pinnacle of fun for a lot of Magic players, particularly at stores that attract a large crowd. It's still competitive enough for people to feel tested but not so cutthroat that you can't bring what you want and still hope to have mostly enjoyable games. I also think we shouldn't necessarily infer what people's motivations are for bringing the lists that they brought. Some players seemed to be focusing on theme, other players may have intentionally been toning it down in terms of "hardness" and still others may have brought lists that were constructed more based on what models they had. Simply stating that players made "bad" choices is unfair as we don't know exactly why the players made the choices that they did. I strongly believe that the results of this tournament shouldn't be taken to indicate what is or isn't overpowered. No single tournament can indicate that, even large ones. The metagame being relatively soft is also a big caveat that reduces the usefulness of the results in terms of balance discussion. I do think we can learn some things about the game from this tournament (hence why I took the time to compile the lists), but we should not over-generalize. Also, please remember that the standings may reflect soft scores as well, so raw placing doesn't necessarily indicate how an army played on the tabletop.
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    From recording im pretty sure he just straight up said this army is super bent and I'm going to win the Masters with it. He took it and is now the UK Master, made the claim and saw it through lol
  8. 3 points
    This thread was really exciting at first, but after reading all the comments I now have an urge to jab my own eyes out and pretend the last 10 minutes didn't happen. Lets just be excited now and disappointed later, instead of getting all disappointed up front.
  9. 3 points
    5 blood knights is 260 points with 15 wounds, can regenate 3 wounds per turn and wracks face in combat. 3 necropolis knights is too 15 wounds, can generate 5 wounds per turn, wrack face in combat and have way more syngery as they are skeletons. 240 points is fair imo.
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    Holy Sigmar! This is incredible! I'll get some of my WIPs posted up in this thread tonight. Can't wait to join in on the action! This is one of the most exciting things to happen in AoS so far!
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    The uniqueness of Death's playstyle or its significance in terms of game balance is lacking. I don't get the heavy feeling of summoning/regeneration/replenishment. Whole units get wiped out and there's no way to just cast a spell that says "resurrect a unit spell cost 6+, if you rolled 10+, res twice that many models, doesn't cost summoning points." FEC is very unappealing to me. Somewhat interesting backstory (IMO) but their playstyle seems to simply be re-skinned orcs/ogres/flankers (ghouls/horrors/cavalry) with an emphasis on model regeneration & healing over raw power. The strategy of "hey get into melee range and roll dice" doesn't exactly describe a lot of options or diversity of gameplay for an ENTIRE faction. Sylvaneth, Tzeentch, Stormcast have way more replayability and diversity among army building & gameplay options. (Maybe Bonesplitterz and Beastclaw are not super diverse, but destruction as a faction seems pretty point-and-click). I think Death would be fine with one new grand alliance book. They can split it into Vampire/Deathrattle/FEC if they want, or stay as 2, but I certainly hope they don't truly consider making a bunch of crappy tiny little factions like (Deathlords, Soulblight, Nighthaunt, Death Walker)...Well not unless they plan on releasing about double the current # of death models. If GW is truly listening: Give one overall Death book. Reduce the number of factions. Define its uniqueness. Identify its strengths and weaknesses. Consider diversity (ranged options, make FEC work with the rest of alliance). Substitute a rules method and design philosophy to make summoning less bad. Advance story..? Provide some story reasons for alternate paint schemes/themes (red/green spirits...purple zombies...blue skeletons etc...)
  12. 3 points
    A. There are a lot of factions that have not gotten anything Death is not a faction, it is an entire grand alliance. If you are sitting around moaning that there is no Battletome: Skyre or Battletome: Free Peoples, well, you are going to have to wait a good long while for that, maybe years (if it happens at all). But I - and most of us here - are not desperate for a single tome. We want deathrattle, we want nighthaunt, we want soulblight, we want deathmages or deadwalkers or a resurgance of Tomb Kings or anything new. Literally throw us one hero in a board game or a clampack. Take mercy and release one little tiny hero, and it will sell out within 20 seconds of it going on sale. At this point how about just a whisper of a rumor of one new death model. B. The fluff leads the models and there has been no death Absolutely false, in every scenario the models lead the fluff. Regardless Nagash has been a big part of the fluff and there has been fluff about an army of skeletal warriors guarding the entrance to Nagash's realm. There has been fluff about a sea of bone resurrected by the necromantic powers of Mannfred to create all manner of skeletal monstrosities. There has been cities of surviving humans in the realm of Shyish, some thralls in service to vampires, others battle-hardened warriors. C. Death is not popular, so they don't want to release models. I just got back from LVO and Death is somewhere between 1/4-1/3 of all players. There was about 4x as many death as any Destruction. D. Death got a lot of love in the End Times so they don't need new stuff Again, death is an entire grand alliance not a faction. That was November 2014 which was quite a while to be ignoring an entire GRAND ALLIANCE. I already have Nagash and multiples of everything else.... E. They are ignoring death because they cannot come up with any unique IPs. Dead Orruks. Dead Duradin. Dead Ogors. Literally everything dies (except stormcast). When something dies, it can be turned undead by Nagash. Skeletal Dracoths, Zombie Maw-Krushas. Take literally and idea and make it a skeleton or a zombie and its now a death model. I cannot think of an easier army to create unique IPs for. Death is the second most important magical army after Tzeentch. The lack of a spell lore is hurting really really bad. Nagash is capped at 4 spells, making his cost at least 250 pts overpriced in matched play. Flesh eaters is a very powerful army when you take the GK on foot from the Death Alliance book as your general, but there is not even a clampack for a ghoul king! There is not a single powerful batallion in the entire grand allaince either. The GA: Death book came with ONE battalion!!! They could seriously release a 4 page errata for FEC to get them up to speed and make them a good army. Unfortunately they wont and, because they got a book too early, it pretty much hurts them more than helps them. Now it could be a decade before FEC get up to speed. And FEC absolutely gutted death, death has nothing left at all to work with. So you got a broken faction and a handful of gutted factions as an entire grand alliance and they are not bothering to fix it. At this point its nothing but wasted potential due to blatant negligence. They need to get their act together and at the very absolute LEAST release a couple of clampacks and a serious rules errata to FEC to give them allegiance stuff and a spell lore so that death has at least one decent faction to work with. Based on the popularity I've seen, they will make bank on any tiny release. They did manage to do one thing - go out of their way to FAQ one of our only artifacts so that its summoning and therefore borderline unusable and also cause a lot of annoyance in tournaments that require to roll for artifacts. Thanks guys, keep up the great work. Absolutely everyone who cares - and there are a lot of us - are in a state of disbelief at how hard Death is getting the short stick in AoS.
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    Hello TGA Community. . I want to introduce you all to a new project here at The Grand Alliance community. This idea was brought to me by @Bruticus and after some discussion we felt that The Grand Alliance community would be an excellent home for this project. Inq28 meets Age of Sigmar Inq28 explores the lesser known aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and has been a huge success, inspiring Blanchitsu articles, numerous blogs and countless incredible miniatures. Inq28 has become a term that describes not just a particular game but a whole approach to the hobby: an approach that puts creativity and imagination first. AoS28 is an attempt to bring that same approach to the Nine Realms. The Age of Sigmar has the potential for all sorts of stories, and just because we mainly see the epic, cinematic god-battles in the Games Workshop books doesn’t mean there aren’t other stories just out of frame, or just off the beaten path. That’s not to say your warband can’t include a few heroes, just that not every hero has to have a duel with Archaon. What makes a model AoS28? Conversions - The Age of Sigmar range contains loads of great miniatures but you’ll probably want to convert them in order to personalise them. This could be a kitbash or a complete resculpt. The important thing is to make the model yours. Character is essential - you don’t have to write a full background story, but you’ll have to think about your character’s personality, they aren’t just pieces on a gaming board: what are their motivations? How have they survived the Chaos apocalypse? What do they think about the return of Sigmar? What secrets do they have? Extra grimdark - Age of Sigmar has a distinctive, vibrant style, but there is a lot of darkness that is waiting to be explored. You think 40k has a monopoly on grimdark? The Nine Realms were conquered by Chaos, we are only just beginning to learn about the horrors that were unleashed. What rules can I use? We’ll be supporting the Hinterlands rules for AoS28, however your warband could be designed with games of Silver Tower, Mordheim, Realm of Chaos, Frostgrave or countless others in mind - or not for gaming with at all. The focus should be to make models you think are cool, rather than being constrained by points costs or restrictions. How do I join in? You’ll need to make a warband - probably between 2 and 8 models - led by a hero. The warband can be based on the theme below, or can be anything else you want to make. Start a blog on www.tga.community and add the tag ‘aos28’. Use the hashtag #aos28 on instagram and twitter. Or if you have a blog already, let people know where to find it by posting your updates in the AoS28 thread on tga.community or by emailing aos28@exprofundis.com If you don’t want to make a miniature or two, you could join in by writing stories or making art. What comes next? Over the next few months we’ll be showcasing all the best AoS28 models and warbands from any participating blog, as well as our own warbands. We’ll track what everyone is doing with Work in Progress photos and then final photographs in a few months. There is no real deadline, because AoS28 is an ongoing thing. But we will roll out a new theme every few months, along with a wrap up of everything so far. In addition there will be a new edition of Hinterlands dealing with AoS28 specifically, posts about background stories and ideas and possibly even gaming events at Warhammer World. I need some ideas Without many background or art books to draw inspiration from it might seem more difficult to come up with Age of Sigmar concepts than it is with Warhammer 40k. Age of Sigmar is often regarded as high fantasy, and you may feel that things need to fit this style in order to be suitable, but really you have a free reign to do whatever you can imagine: with infinite realms there are very few limits to what is acceptable. Like Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar has room for all sorts of stories of all sorts of genres. You are free to make whatever you want to make, but if you are stuck there is a theme you could try: AoS28: Witch Hunters The gates of Azyrheim are open and the Stormcast are unleashed on the Nine Realms. Cities and fortresses, thought lost forever are rediscovered. Lines of communication are rebuilt. And along with the Stormcast there are also other emissaries of Sigmar’s new world order. These Witch Hunters are tasked with rooting out corruption within the so-called Free Cities and the lost tribes, where mortals claim they have managed to resist the apocalypse. They seek the truth of these claims, and hunt the deceivers, betrayers and abominations. Some travel in disguise and infiltrate the Free Cities, rooting out the corruption where it may otherwise go unnoticed. Some arrive at the city gates at the head of a punitive force, demanding tribute in Sigmar’s name. There are stories of tribes that claim to have escaped the taint of Chaos being put to the sword during these witch hunts. And there are stories of Sigmar’s agents themselves falling foul of the taint of Chaos and instead spreading the very corruption they profess to seek out. The Shadowblades of the Seven Severed Fingers Cabal use assassins that travel through the Chaos wastes unnoticed, cloaked in the hides of daemons. They fight the horror of Chaos with horror of their own, and are able to strike fear into the blackest of hearts. The Bitterlight Guild of Azyrheim use blinding, excoriating magic to interrogate those they suspect of corruption, stripping away lies and flesh until only truth remains. Their agents are said to be pure and incorruptable by some, and perverse sadists by others. The childlike Oracle of Shyish can taste the taint of Chaos in the blood of men and women. Under the watchful eye of her immobile, silent Stormcast guardian, thousands of pilgrims bring her offerings in a hope to prove their purity. The Knight-Venator Calliostro, tasked with finding tribes that had resisted the hordes of the Blood God, instead came across a Slaughterpriest who claimed to have been cured of the madness of Khorne when he pierced his own skull. The pair formed an unlikely alliance, but so far have been unable to replicate the accidental trepanation, despite the accuracy of the Venator’s arrows and an unending tide of test subjects. The aquatic Duaradin fortress of Deepthunder has held out against the apocalypse since time immemorial. Under near constant attack, the citizens seal themselves in their hold and flood the city using ingenious mechanical walls and pumps, drowning any invaders. But emmissaries sent to the fortress noticed with some alarm that the barnacles that can be found all across Deepthunder can also be found on the skin of the sallow-eyed, secretive Duaradin that live there. Eager to establish new alliances in the wake of Sigmar’s return, the crippled Vampire diplomat Malapraktor set out in his iron carriage, a ruinous steam-powered contraption. The vampire’s diligence in finding those whose blood is tainted by Chaos is perhaps unsurpassed by any other, but his manner of creating converts to his cause is more forceful than most. The Shaii’ik tribe lived unseen by the scrying eyes of Tzeentch, worshipping a frail, masterless daemon. The entity granted them all invisibility from Chaos so long as they protected it in kind. When ambassadors from Azyrheim encountered the tribe the sight of the withered daemon sickened them, and they burned it. After some deliberation, they burned the tribe too. How to use this thread? This thread is going to become the home for the AoS28 project. Feel free to make use of the various TGA sections such as Painting and Modelling forums to show others what you are painting, or your own thread in the Narrative forums to talk about your warbands back story. You can also start your own blog and post photos in the gallery section but be sure to post links and updates in here to keep a central archive. You can easily find and share this thread and with the url - TGA.community/AoS28
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    Make no mistake... GW already operates off that model. Just a longer gap between resets. I could demonstrate the same with some models, too - but I'm far too lazy to dig some obsolete ones out of my bins.
  15. 2 points
    Last night I managed to finish up my Banshee and my Mourngul. With these two done my 1,000 point army is done! This was my original goal, but I will probably continue to expand these guys out to 2,000 points. I think I will go on to a different small army for the moment though. I will have better pictures of everything by next week most likely. Thanks!
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    These conspiracy theories fall flat the moment you take a look at GWs history of inconsistent points costing. There is no rhyme or reason to it. If they pointed units for economic reasons, Kairic Acolytes (a brand new kit) wouldn't suck for their points. Fyreslayers wouldn't have been overcosted to begin with. Half the new units they release for 40k suck and aren't worth including in your army unless you're a casual player. And now you are flailing at windmills based on what? A one-page beta preview. That is based on community feedback. And is getting playtested at one of the biggest tournaments in the world. But no, FIGHT THE POWER! Or calm down and wait until you actually get to see these changes in context.
  17. 2 points
    In six hours I am sure no one has managed to play enough games in a competitive setting to know whether or not these changes are at the correct level or not. I'd also point out that even GW has stated they are experimental and being tested at the SCGT (quite sensibly given the number of people attending). So yet again lots of running around and waving of hands in the air over Speculation.
  18. 2 points
    LOL do you really think all 200 players going to the SCGT really think they're in it to win it? Maaaaybe 50 of them are really thinking it, maybe another 50 are thinking "if I just get the right matchups...", the other 100 are thinking "let's have a wicked time hanging out and smashing our little men together". The chumps at the bottom having a good time are funding the champs at the top (having a different sort of good time, neither better nor worse), and giving them their bragging rights - the winner gets to claim winning a larger event than he would if the chumps stayed home.
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    My eyes just rolled out of my head. Because this is a sample? There's a 100+ page book being put together for updates. You're doing it now. You would do it then. You'll do it forever. You'll argue both sides of the coin, because it is the only rationalization that you can conjure. Any point decrease is to promote sales. Any point increase is to promote sales of something else. It is pointless circular logic and makes any attempt at balancing a system hilariously fruitless. This logic is unequivocally a cancer on the community.
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    Ok so Elephant in the room I'm a really slow painter. Got these two done. Working on the musician right now. Sorry I couldn't take a picture of the back of the guy with shield glue is still drying on the base.
  21. 2 points
    No, the shadow of GW is/was a thing, and a very real possibility, even with all the nice things they've done lately. It doesn't erase 15 years of being evil because they have like 2 years of not. However, back on topic. I wonder if they are adjusting ALL the points, or only some things. I mean, could we see reductions/increases across the board?
  22. 2 points
    Yeh Austin is a great guy, I'm a big fan of his. Was a shame not to catch up with him on my recent visit to the US. Paint nomination, Best Sports and 2nd overall. Hobby hero!!
  23. 2 points
    Where are people seeing TK are no longer Compendium? They have just grouped together some rules on a page titled experimental and bunched them together under 2 alliances making it an easier read and less titles. Until the GHB2 is released we won't know whether Compendium is gone, renamed, etc
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    I'm really looking forwards to getting stuck into a project in AoS28. I plan to run the Blood and Glory skirmish event under these rules too. My Stormcast are a good fit and I have a converted Knight-Questor ready to paint as my Warband leader.
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    I've been working on this guy for a while. I had an hour in him this afternoon to finish the weapon options and pose. He still needs a bit of free stuff and maybe a few more trinkets stuck in but he's done enough to show off.
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