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    Hello Grand Alliance this is my first post here. I am very new to the hobby as I only I started recently after coming home from university and finding I needed something new to occupy my time. So I started a Stormcast army in August with the start collecting box and my collection has been steadily growing since. I have only played a few matched games but I am eager to play more as I learn what each model and unit is capable of doing. With that in mind I thought I'd check out GW's coverage of the "Blood & Glory" event. I was hoping I would be able to see some armies I had yet to encounter and see how some veterans of the scene conduct their matches. When I got into online gaming I would watch pro tournaments to get an understand of how to play the game and thought I would see if that approach could also translate to Warhammer. Overall I have been enjoying the event and the crew has been doing a fantastic job. However I feel there are a lot of improvements that could be made to the format so I just wanted to go over some thoughts I had on the experience. I am sure most of these ideas are already being discussed and implemented by the team at WHTV but in case they are not I wanted to mention some here. So just to get it out of the way I am going to talk about the audio quality. I am not going to harp on this because I think everyone is well aware that it was not great by any stretch of the word. I don't know if there was problems with the headset or the equipment or the venue, but whatever the problem was I hope they look into it for their next event. It wasn't a deal breaker by any means but it is hard to recommend the stream to people when the audio is a bit lacking. That aside the biggest problem I found with the event was the angle of the camera. I can see the thinking behind having a birds eye view as the main angle as it gives a full view of the battlefield, with spaces, terrain and models all being accounted for. However the problem with this view is that it is not very dynamic. Citadel miniatures are fantastic, but do not lend a very strong profile from a directly above angle. I know I am new so maybe others did not have this problem but I found it hard to differentiate between the armies and the units with the camera being that zoomed out. If you watch any battle reports from other independent players or companies like Mini-Wargaming on Youtube they rarely use this angle because it does little to show off the models or the game. The games themselves were much more palatable when they switched the cameras to show a view from the side of the table since it was possible to see which model was which and get invested in what was going on. The birds eye view defiantly has a place in watching Warhammer, just not as the main angle for 90% of the game. It would be much better to switch to it at the end of a turn to show how the battle has changed the landscape. It would give that angle much more weight as we could see how the game is progressing since the last time we saw it from that angle. This is all my own opinion but going forward I would hope that GW would consider using a Tele like angle of the board as if we watching a sports match like football, instead of seeing it from the top like a chess game (despite the obvious parallels). Now I am fairly sure what I am going to suggest next has already been mentioned on the stream as something they are looking to implement, but I wanted to mention it all the same. So I would love to see some overlays to let the viewers know in greater detail what is happening on the table. The obvious one is match points gained next to the names of the players like a football score. However there are many more I would like so see so here are a few examples. Points Remaining: This is a number that would represent each player's army. Each unit in an army has a points cost so when a unit is wiped out or a hero dies remove the points they are worth from their total points remaining. So if a 2000 points game has a Stormcast player and at the start of the game he has a unit of Liberators wiped out, his score would go down to 1900. This would be great for new players who are not sure what is going on and why the commentators are getting more interested in the death of one guy on a dragon compared to the death of say 20 zombies. This would also allow views just tuning in (can you use that phrase in regards to web stream?) to quickly see the state of each army. Unit Overlays: When two units are in combat with each other I would like to see an overlay which had the unit's name, wounds, bravery, move and their weapon's to hit/wound values. This would probably be the hardest to implement but would be amazing for clarity all the same. End of turn overlay: At the end of each turn have an overlay detail what happened in that turn. Include for each player; units lost, match points gained, wounds taken, turns remaining, whether their general is still alive or not and what battalions (if any) they still have in play. The commentators have been doing a great job of explaining what each unit can do and how it will effect the game but having some visual overlays would work wonders for giving new players a greater clarity of the events taking place on the table. Next I wanted to talk more about introducing players and their armies. Despite their vastly different styles the most common comparison I can make to watching Warhammer game, is not traditional a sports or chess match, but an Esport game. Watching a game of Warhammer seems to remind me much more of a watching a game of Starcraft 2 or League of Legends. So I think GW should implement the same thing those companies do with regards to their players. Below is an graphic for a Pro LoL player after winning the MVP vote after a match. Before a game I would love to see something similar. Have the players name, tournament history (if there is any, if there isn't then that already just adds to the match's narrative, like a veteran vs a newbie etc), what Grand Alliance their army belongs to, what allegiance within that alliance the majority of their models's points cost belong to or what allegiance their general belongs to and what allegiance abilities they are running. That was a mouthful so let me give some examples: [Grand Alliance Order: Sylvaneth, Sylvaneth Allegiance] for a pure Sylvaneth army and [Grand Alliance Death: Deathlords, Death Allegiance] for someone running a Nagash list with skeletons or zombies for battle-line and for a mixed Chaos army have something like [Grand Alliance Chaos: Mixed Allegiance, Chaos Allegiance]. Also include who that army's general is and their armies name if they have one: In Esports players use a made up in game name for their professional persona (in the image above you can see below the player's picture is the team he plays for (CJ Blaze) and his real name (Lee Ho Jong), but within the scene he is know by his player name (Flame) rather then his real name). I don't think translates as well to Warhammer as tournament players don't appear to have the same cult of personality that esports players obtain. On the other hand, that does not mean that people should not extend the same practice to their armies. It would have to be a conscious decision that the players would have to agree on but I think it could add a new dynamic to the viewing experience as people would have a name to root for like a sports team. I mean GW already does this. In BloodBowl there are team names and in the fluff there are different names for armies within factions like the Stormcast Eternal's stormhosts, so I don't think it would be too much of a stretch. This is turning into something of an essay so I will ask for one final thing. This will idea probably be better served in the Narrative Play games WHTV have said they are producing for the weakly show rather then matched tournament play. When a player(s) have to roll a dice and the out come will have a major effect on the game (like turn order, a roll that could kill a hero/general/behemoth, a roll to continue the game etc), have those rolls made on a separate board with a dedicated camera. The drama and suspense that comes from watching a game of Warhammer mostly contained in the dice rolls, so they should be highlighted as much as possible. A roll that would have a significant outcome of the game should get a lot of attention in the same way goals are highlighted in a football game. To GW's credit they did have replays present in this event, I would just like to see more of a fanfare made about it. Other then that I have liked what GW has been doing so far. The commentary was very well done by team there, Duncan showing up is always a treat, and the commitment to community engagement should not be understated. The reason I got into this hobby in the first place is because of how much more accessible GW has been making this hobby lately. I hope GW keeps producing content like this as it can be very helpful in getting newbies like me into rolling dice at a much quicker rate with a greater understand of the games mechanics and nuances. However I believe there is much that could be done to improve the entertainment value of the experience which I hope GW will expand on going forwards. In this event you could see slight mistakes here and there which I can attribute to the team at GW being new at this type of video production. All the same I think these are more growing pains than anything else and I have full confidence in WHTV going forward and I look forward to WH Live. Thanks for reading
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    In case you missed the announcement late in the Blood & Glory live stream; https://www.twitch.tv/warhammer/v/103679419 (Starting at 6:50) Wednesday; Warhammer TV will be producing more quality content for the Warhammer community Live show that starts on December 14th "Full Day" of live streaming via Twitch that will be split into two section Section #1: Narrative campaign that will build on each week, will have the ability to vote on what realms they focus on / characters / etc, music, warscrolls Section #2: Competitive game based on the Generals Handbook (ranging), guest appearances, strategies on how to build a list Potentially announcing new releases via live stream Thursday; Meet the people behind the scenes of the hobby, including Painters (Duncan, 'eavy Metal team, professional painters) Game Artists Rule Writers Modellers Friday; The same format will be replicated for Warhammer 40,000 on Friday's This. Is. Awesome! Great work Games Workshop on streaming up to 20hrs a week of community focused content...
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    Hey guys. https://trackofwords.wordpress.com/2016/11/25/black-library-live-coming-soon-age-of-sigmar/#_=_ Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden by Josh Reynolds This will feature the Hallowed Knights Stormcast chamber heading to the realm of Nurgle, kicking ass and taking names. It was pitched as being the beginning of a new wave of Age of Sigmar books. Josh: “Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden takes place after the Season of War campaign and the All-Gates game book. It follows Gardus and the Steel Souls warrior chamber as they invade the realm of Nurgle in order to rescue Lord-Castellant Grymn from the Plague God and his followers. Tornus the Redeemed (formerly Torglug the Despised) is a major character, as is Gutrot Spume. And while it follows the Steel Souls, it’s very much a Hallowed Knights book – it’ll explore some of the Stormhost’s culture, their way of honouring the dead, of keeping their memories of mortal life intact, etc. It’s also a book about redemption and faith, and how those things aren’t necessarily seen in the same way by all of the Hallowed Knights. The Stormhost is made up of the Faithful – but that can mean a lot of different things. Also – female Stormcasts. Far as I know, this’ll be the first book to mention them.” Oh yes and this as well if people want to know what stormcast do off duty I suggest if you have lore questions check out josh's ask fm and of course someone seems excited for female stormcast finally appearing on askfm. How complicated is the concept of Gender and identity when you have been reforged by a god into an eternal warrior angel of storms? Surprisingly uncomplicated. But you'll have to wait to find out just how uncomplicated. How many female stormcast eternals are in your new book? Wait and find out. What do you think stormcast eternals do when they're off duty? Actually, that's talked about a bit in Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden. Different stormcasts do different things, from quiet contemplation to games of chance and skill. It depends on what they did in life, and the traditions of their stormhost. The Hallowed Knights, for instance, spend a lot of time trying to record the memories of their mortal life, so that who they were and where they came from won't be forgotten after their inevitable reforging. Some stormhosts probably build (or rebuild) the places they liberate. The Astral Templars hunt monsters for fun, or go bother their descendants. And some stormcast - those who've been reforged too many times - don't do anything. They just wait for the next battle.
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    There's some great feedback here. But I'm just going to inject an important point; this was an off-venue event for the Warhammer TV team. Unlike a WHW event, they couldn't set up and test in the days before, would run into all sorts of local issues (lighting, bandwidth, noise etc) and have to deal with the schedule of the event organizer. Unlike batreps, you can't really stop everything up to get some nice camera angles either, since you're running on a fairly tight clock. The Warhammer TV team has a lot to learn, but we shouldn't forget that this is literally the second live stream gaming event. I expect their coverage to just get better and better.
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    Hi, first, sorry for my bad english, i speak french but nobody can respond to my question on several french blog... So, im new in age of sigmar and im playing with a sylvaneth's army (1500 pt) Actually i try to play with 3 warscroll batalion: Outcast + Household + Gnarlroot so here is my army list: 30 dryad 15 spite revenants 5 Tree revenants 1 Tree lord ancien 1 Branchwych 3 Kurnoth with bow My question is how to use the spite revenant? Do you use them like real fighters? or support (behind a ligne of dryads) for their bravery malus and their outcast ability. Another question: what's the best way to place my unities during the placement phase? Wich unity is better to combine with another one? I did 7-8 games and won only 2.... so in result i think my bigest problem is to not know how to use my several figures (like support, tank, fighters) I hope you'll understand me Thanks a lot for your reply
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    This may or may not help you. I haven't been able to play as many games as I'd like, so I've been supplementing it with YouTube videos. I've watched the Warlords tournament 2-3 times, the recent Blood & Glory and a bunch of other independent video streams. It's been interesting to learn how other people play with my army (As a Free People player @Paul Conti's videos have been the most insightful) as well as a bunch of others that have taught me how my opponents might play. I've noticed that my army list and playing style has significantly increased, and has improved my transition from WHFB to AoS.
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    It did come off a little bit like that, though Rob seems like a stand up guy so I bet he didn't mean it to. They have been commenting on top games so far so it might have been a little bit new for them to be commenting on play that could have been better all around. Given the amount of talking they do all day when they cover these things it must be hard to keep that filter on the whole time as well. It's going to be tricky because although these are commentaries on tournaments quite reminiscent of those in eSports, unlike in eSports these players are not some team with management and coaches and etc that are in it for years so criticisms need to be placed a little differently. As an audience, the AoS fan base is maturing in this sense too. People have been able to treat GW as this ****** of a company for so long, now there are very public figures at the centre of these criticisms. Everyone agrees that the rate of improvement seems awesome so far. I hope if the guys read these threads they don't feel bad about things, the work they (you) are doing is awesome.
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    haha... sorry. I was looking at the wrong numbers. Tomb guard are wrong as well.. when you realise you haven't had enough coffee on a Monday morning!! Epic Fail!!!!
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    So fyreslayers had a great showing at blood and glory. I watched the twitch stream on and off during the weekend and Carl Smith I think his name was came on 6th place with pure fyreslayers. That is really great when you see the competition, kuning ruk, clan skryre, thundertusk spam, flying stormfiends with warpfire projectors, Setra and all his snakes etc. you name it. It looked like this was his list: Auric Runefather (100) (Tunneling)Auric Runeson on Magmadroth (280)Battlesmith (100)Grimwrath Berzerker (100)Auric Runesmiter (100)Auric Runesmiter (100)Vulkite Berzerkers x 30 (480) (Tunneling)Vulkite Berzerkers x 20 (320)Hearthguard Berzerkers x 20 (400) Really interesting, I think there is a lot to discuss here. Runeson not Runesmiter on magmadroth, no Aurics, tunneling the Runefather (to get reckless close to the tunneling vulkites I think), one unit of 20 HB not two with 10 HB, a grimwrath etc.. A lot of interesting choices and it worked!
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    The following suggestions are based around the core idea of fun (i.e. what I don't find fun in AoS): Reconsider battleline and how it is implemented by default. Why is being forced to take units I don't want to fun? Why is it fun to lose out on a bonus for XX number of models due to trying to hit a predefined limit of units? Spells/abilities per faction. They'll come, but please hurry it up. Rule of one on spells is reactionary to an open play issue. Massively impacts some factions (Tzeentch) whilst others get around it with loopholes (keyword changes ((Stormcast)). If you're then writing rules to get around your own rules - i.e. Tzeentch suddenly cast changes rather than spells - it doesn't fix the problem (the original rule). And at least change to successful attempts. Avoid at all costs using different keywords to get around your own rules. 40k has rules stacked on rules just so one army seems a bit cooler at the expense of rule bloat and the other player being annoyed (i.e. it's not fun). Vary the missions. Hold the objective is over used. Keep it simple as they have done so far! Allow all chaos monsters to have marks of chaos to get around allegiance issues (like the Vortex Beast, for example). Rather than increase any point costs, instead look at the units no one uses and ask why. Are those too expensive? Do they need an ability/combo tweak? Don't immediately punish the good units. Improve the bad ones. On top of that, it'd be neat if GW conducted usability testing at events. That can give you real insight as to what the pain points actually are. Asking directly what to improve, from a product perspective, isn't always wise.
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    Hi! After many, many stalled projects, I've started a Sylvaneth army...with a difference. I've always loved the Wood Elf aesthetic and the new Sylvaneth Range launched back in the summer really reinvigorated my passion for this theme! Back when the compendium scrolls were launched along with the initial AoS rule set I always had an idea for the type of force I wanted to field (heavy combat element with fire support) and although I spent time working on a few conversions it was only when the new range launched that I dusted off the project and added some of the new kits. You may have seen some of my WIP on Twitter (@robellis21) including my Sylvaneth themed Celestant Prime, Loremaster and Waywatchers. Anyone who knows me will know that I really struggle to start let alone finish any of my projects but I'm really passionate about this one and everyone's kind words have only spurred me on! With this in mind I thought I'd start a thread here on the amazing TGA community in the hopes that it would provide even more motivation. Without further ado, here's what's going on... Sylvaneth themed Loremaster
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    Lol, not sleeping is massive help, once couple of weeks or so, really get a boost in production. quality sometimes lacks though
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    I agree completely. Rob does a fantastic job, and I doubt he meant to come off badly. I know I make comments I don't like in retrospect during just a 10-minute chat, so no doubt things slip out in these long livestreams.
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    Agree with pretty much all of that. I don't think I'd like to see it go 'full esports' (I.e we can stop at the point they have players doing a little walk up to the camera and looking nonchalant a la match of the day) but I agree that they need more investment in their video production. I think they do need to make a decision if they want to do this well and if so spend a bit of money on it. In fairness they did have more table angle shots and it has definitely improved since warlords so hopefully it will carry on this trajectory. Another thing is I think this is all more easily done when they control the venue (I.e at Warhammer World) when covering independent events you are at the vagaries of the venue including their internet speed and I wonder whether players would be prepared to pay more for better venues just to have better coverage on twitch?
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    Hi Folks just been listening to the awesome Bad Dice podcast and heard about this (equally awesome!) group. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum but it seemed the best place to my addled mind: In a nut shell I've been forced into "early retirement" after being diagnosed with a chronic illness and this has prompted me to start a new business venture. I already dabbled in commission painting and have been fortunate enough to paint for some of the top miniature companies and studios in my time - painting has always been my passion and even more so I enjoy teaching other people to paint. This prompted the launch of www.thepaintingcoach.com - the first and only online miniature painting Coaching / tuition service. I literally offer a one-on-one service with tailored lessons designed to improve people'a miniature painting. I've already seen some massive improvements from my guys and girls so I know it works. The service is for people at all levels; we have beginners all the way up to competition level painters - all of which are part of a group filled with hobby talk, pictures and tips (on top of the one-on-one lessons and coaching). The service is very reasonably priced at £12 a month and is paid on a month-by-month basis so you're not tied into anything. We also offer gift subscriptions if you're looking for a cool Christmas gift that keeps on giving. We have around 40 lessons available currently including everything from how to paint black, colour theory, object source lighting and advanced faces. I also write more lessons weekly to demand so there's always more to learn. Unlike a YouTube video or random tutorial the lessons are an interactive process with feedback and critique - this means you'll actually master the techniques rather than just attempting them. Check us out at the above website or https://m.facebook.com/thepaintingcoach/
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    Quite inspiring =- a really cool theme love it! Well done Mr Tomlin!
  17. 1 point
    Such a cool army dude! Even nicer seeing it in the flesh at RAW. Even made me want to play Assassin's Creed
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  19. 1 point
    So as usual life and work has gotten in the way but I have finally finished these guys.
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    In matched play, a summoning spell is always successfully cast on a 6, given the relative strength of a summoned unit is accounted for by its points cost.
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    You can't rely on a +1 save, you can rely on 10 models on the board. If you drop the dp and the rotbringer sorcerer as I said, you can replace them for the maggoth Lords, bloab is strong.
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    I'd love to see some kind of artificial, mechanical faction. Perhaps they're possessed machines or wayward Dwarf creations that learned to self-replicate and hid away. They'd aesthetically be mostly scrap and random parts mashed together, with higher ranks being better designed. As far as tactics, they could probably regen quite well and have a lot of deep strike to represent them "assembling." For a monster you could just make something like the Shacktron, I guess.
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    Pretty cool list with a good synergy! How's that possible? They deal mortal wounds on 6+, Lord of war gives them +1, so they should deal mortal wounds on 5+. Did he use a damned terrain? Maybe he misread "Pavise" as giving +1 to hit, when it actually makes them rerolls hit rolls of 1.
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    Guys this is really a non-issue! AoS has many different ways to play. Tournament organisers/game clubs/friend groups are all free to pick and chose which house rules they want to adopt for their games and there is no reason why everyone should adopt the same standards. If someone wants to run a tournament with no specific basing requirements, then they are free to do so (and vice versa). People can chose to attend the events / clubs / groups that reflect how they want to play. Alternatively they can set up their own events / clubs / groups. But you can't force others to play in a way that they do not want to. People need to relax a bit about how others choose to play the game and focus on building a positive community of how they want to play. Focusing on the positive.
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    Ahahahahaha!! You are amazing. I can't believe you got me to "like" a spambot post and engage in a response...however I simply could not resist after such a wonderful response. My Monday morning has been made!
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