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    (Warning - Positive discussion on the abundance of Stormcasts in the AoS setting incoming. A topic that some may find boring or overdone.) As a recent AoS convert (but long time SG player), I've never really put my thoughts out on Stormcasts, but no surprise they are basically the same as why I would totally accept the saturation of Space Marines in the 40K setting. The benefit of having Stormcasts pushed year in and year out is two fold: 1) Every setting needs one, over exposed faction to drive the narrative and provide cohesion and drama. Stormcasts aren't my faction of choice, but they provide an "umpf" that none of the other factions do. When I play my Tzeentch against, say Skaven or Lizardmen, they are fun battles...no doubt, and I jump at the opportunity for varied match-ups, but there's just that little extra level of excitement when the Stormcasts take the field. I'll use a sports analogy if I may. Often times fans lament that the Yankees or Lakers or Cowboys (US sports examples) get all the national media. However, what a narrow focus on fewer, celebrated teams does it it helps focus the national narrative and in turn make your small-market team a bit more exciting. Watching the San Antonio Spurs (my team) play the Milwaukee Bucks isn't that exciting, but when the Lakers come to down...that I have a little more interest in. Not every team can compete for a championship, but they will have a powerhouse or two on their yearly schedule and these games do bring an extra level of excitement to what would be a simple regular season game to a team with no hope of gold. Your team may not make the play-offs but a win against the Golden State Warriors is great for a small market fan-base and allows your team to be celebrated for a bit. These games against powerhouses provide extra drama. These super teams actually do help small market teams get by in the regular season...with much needed excitement, but also increased ticket sales which the smaller teams can use. Stormcasts sort of act in a similar manner. When my Khorne battle FEC, it's a fun side show, but when they battle Stormcasts it feels like a more important battle in the overall narrative tapestry that is the Age of Sigmar. 2) Ease of Paint. In order for a faction to be saturated it needs to be affordable and easy to get into. Between cost and hobby time, it seems painting is the larger hurtle. Stormcasts overcome that. WFB didn't have that. No more dandies with feathers and full, open faces to paint. Stormcasts, like the obvious Space Marines, allow new players to get an army to the table quickly. That positive momentum can help a new player realize that painted armies are doable, and they'll likely expand to a second army in the future. If their first army is a chore, the odds decrease of expanding from there. So healthy sales of Stormcasts probably also lead to the long-term health of the line overall. Of course, I've quoted no numbers here, but this is a gut feeling. Anecdotal, but I see it in my son. He enjoys painting Stormcasts and with that glow eyes other armies. Will they all be as easy to paint? No, but that initial positive experience is important. Also, to the new player, seeing Stormcasts featured routinely, I imagine they get the sense that this faction is important. Their chosen army will be supported and relevenat to the game. It _feels_ like a smart investment so easier to take the plunge. So, For these two reasons alone, I'm good with some Stormcast releases every year. Experienced and mature gamers will find their way. For all the bellyaching there is about such and such not getting updated, there's still plenty for us to buy, paint, and play (even if we need to look outside of GWs line from time to time - or *gasp* make up some rules). But for AoS to continue to be successful (like 40K has been) we need these poster boys. Tabletop wargaming is a pretty niche hobby. I like GW's flavor the most. If it means more Stormcasts allow for AoS to continue...bring on the golden boys.
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    This quote from ADB's AMA is very encouraging. I was a crazy-late adopter to Age of Sigmar. The Old World resentment hit me reeeeeaaaally hard, but I got a seriously lucky break, when WHTV asked me about helping them with some script work for their trailers. I had to sign a bunch of extra NDAs, and the end result that I’ve started seeing some insanely awesome stuff coming down the pipe for AoS in the future. And that finally turned me around all the way on the new setting.
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    An Age of Sigmar spin on the classic D&D meme about playing a character class! I think they're funny, I included a template to make your own. found on 4chan, but I made the BCR one
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    HEllo my friends! Here comes “The Skave”! My cloud ratz Frigate finally finished!!! I ditched the idea of the wooden hull below, it will be too difficult to fit on the dark eldar lower hull, so decided to put the crew in various positions alongside the ship... it was divided in 7 subassemblies, the hull, the balloon, the warpstone engine, the skaven engineers that work on it, the captain, the banner and the base... the ballon, base and banner will be kept separate for easier storage... now on his black primer glory! I love when I prime my conversions, it ties all elements together! hope you liked! As always, ideas, feedback and critics are more than welcome! cheers AJ
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    I thought it would be nice to have a thread so people could post their painting progress and share ideas for colour schemes/conversions etc. For me, I’m 2 warbands down and 2 (so far) to go. Stormcast: Sepulchral Guard: Gonna do Orcs (Orruks?) next. Any recommendations for colour schemes would be very much appreciated.
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    First batch of hex scenery done
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    From dakka going to highlight the aos stuff. https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/3510/574053.page#9706459 Dan Abnett -The Magos is set 5-10 years prior to Pariah and will explore why Eisenhorn has ended up the way he has. It is NOT an optional novel, there will be an event in it that is pivotal to the Bequin trilogy. A big part of The Magos will be turning Cherubael into an actual character rather than the malevolent deus ex machina that he was in the original trilogy. -The Magos actually was an accidental creation. Dan originally was asked to write a new short story about Eisenhorn and a new short about Ravenor for an anthology collection. He started work on the Eisenhorn one and found that he'd written a novella, so the Ravenor story was cut, and he kept writing without looking at the word count. By the end he'd written 97,000 words! So it is actually possible to accidentally write a book. -One story confirmed to be in the anthology is the Strange Demise of Titus Endor, Dan also said he'd love to write more stories about the retinues of both Inquisitors like Harlon Nayl, etc. His favourite however is Kara Swole. -Thinks Mark Strong would be a good Eisenhorn, definitely has the presence. -Dan is working on Penitent as his first priority. The third Bequin novel also has a title, Pandemonium. -Penitent will explore the new members of both Inquisitors retinues like Deathrow, but also ones we haven't seen yet. Both are working with people they'd rather not. -By the end Dan wants us, maybe, to feel sorry for Cherubael who he described as "irrevocably bound to Eisenhorn in more ways than one". -Dan did not rule out a Sabbat Crusade type anthology for Eisenhorn, Ravenor and Bequin in the future, i.e an anthology where the other authors contribute all the stories. Andy Clark -Is currently working on a Neave Blacktalon novel that will be the first female led Age of Sigmar novel. He told me that Neave, and the Vanguards as a whole, while not being completely anomalous are not the best representation of their Stormhosts, in the same way that a Space Marine Scout isn't necessarily a typical example of his Chapter. -Confirmed that Alicia Kar Manticos would return in Knightsblade and says he wants to introduce more female characters into 40k, plans to include them in as many novels as he can. -Said he would like to do more with Kassar and the Unsung from Shroud of Night. Chris Dows -Is currently working on an audio sequel to The Red Path about the Angels Eradicant to show what happened to them as the Salandraxis Slaughter went on, and how it ended for them. -Specifically wrote Lozepath to be as nasty as possible, wanted readers to hate him and make him out as worse than Kharn, who while on the side of evil has a martial code of honour that Lozepath does not. -Said he would love to do more Kharn in the future. -Apparently has a few more audios in the pipeline. CL Werner -Would like to get back to the Skaven in AoS and see them fleshed out more in the new setting beyond Clan Pestilens. -Says that the Kharadron Overlords are primarily financially driven, and enough so that they would work with Chaos if the profit potential was good enough. But also they are much more forward thinking than traditional Dwarves, for example if it had been Kharadron at the end of his novel Thanquol's Doom they would not have locked away the newly invented machine-gun turrets, but instead mass produced them. An inventor ****** up doesn't mean his inventions are worthless. -Agreed that the original Dwarves were doomed from the start because they refused to innovate. Their Ancestors were great because they themselves had no Ancestors to venerate, so they had to innovate. The succeeding generations forgot that. -Is currently working on an Order of Azyr novel, the new Witch Hunters. Said they are very different from Thulmann. Phil Kelly -Working on the sequel to Farsight that will cover Arthas Moloch and the Tau meeting Chaos for the first time. -Says he sees the Ethereals as ultimately having good intentions, but aren't necessarily nice guys about it. Agreed that despite that, Aun'va is a ******, albeit one whose on the side of good, just authoritarian. Aun'shi is a nice guy though. The Ethereals ultimately don't think the Tau could handle the truth of the universe, but agreed that Farsight and Shadowsun at least would have been able to had the Ethereals trusted them with that knowledge, it might even have meant Farsight wouldn't have left. -Confirmed Farsight doesn't know exactly what the Dawn Blade does to him, he has suspicions as does Shadowsun, but if he learned exactly how it keeps him alive he would kill himself. But he would do it ritually with the blade which would then keep him alive, so supreme irony. Also since he's killed Daemons with the blade, he's functionally immortal. Age can never kill him. -Talked a bit about Kais, the third part of the triad of Tau heroes. He will be the antagonist of his upcoming Space Marine Conquests novel War of Secrets, and told me that when he and Shadowsun were cryogenically frozen his pod malfunctioned and he was awake in stasis for three-hundred years, and did nothing but run battle simulations and calculations in his head. As a result is he "scary" and very capable. Monat means Army of One and Kelly described him as an extremely dangerous warrior. I compared Farsight and Shadowsun to commanders and Kais to a commando and he agreed that the analogy worked. Also wanted to infer that Kais is indeed O'Kais from Dawn of War; Dark Crusade, but not outright state it. Gav Thorpe -Currently working on the sequel to Ghost Warrior, titled Wild Rider. The novel will feature Saim-Hann and the Ynnari teaming up to fight Necrons. -Talked a bit about Saim-Hann, it was one of the last Craftworlds that Asurmen and the PLs visited, so it had already built a culture for itself, i.e the clans and riders, etc. They also don't trust seers as a rule and their own often have to go behind everyones backs to get stuff done. -Aradryan will be returning as a member of the Ynnari and will serve as the "noob" POV. -Also working on Imperator, the sequel to Warlord: Fury of the God-Machine. -Says that a Necron series is definitely possible given both the increased freedom the authors have now and the fact that the Necrons actually have a personality now as opposed to their previous lore. -Lesser Xenos like Hrud and Rak'gol would need fan support, but he sees no reason why they couldn't appear as supporting villains in novels with more recognisable big bads (like the Lotaxl working for Chaos in Gaunt's Ghosts), and that could be the gateway to getting them top billing in future novels. -Also says that he doesn't know if he will be writing the next Phoenix Lords novel, or that it is definitely about Maugan Ra. The series may jump around a bit. Robbie MacNiven -Working on Outer Dark, sequel to Red Tithe. Where the sequel featured a Red Tithe, a Carcharodons recruiting drive, the sequel will feature a Great Tithe, a good example of one being when the Carcharodons stripped the Mantis Warrior worlds of every resource they could. Tyberos will also appear and fight a bit, Hunger and Slake confirmed to be appearing! -We will also learn a bit about the Carcharodons connections with the Mechanicus. -Says there IS an actual answer on who the Carcharodons came from, unlike the Missing Primarchs, and that some have guessed it correctly, but wouldn't confirm. Also wasn't sure if it would ever be confirmed. (Also Aaron DB said he and Alan Bligh actually wrote that part so he knows the answer.) -Would like to pitch an AoS series based around Archaon and the Varanguard, explore the Varanspire and what goes on there. He and I agreed that Archaon is one of the few, if not the only one, who would remember Warhammer, it's not a myth to him but rather his childhood and early years. -The fourth Space Marine Conquests book is one of Robbie's and is titled Blood of Iax, it will be about two Ultramarines who are blood brothers and feature lots of Primaris (as will the entire series). David Annandale -Has just finished the first draft of Vulkan: Lord of Drakes, and says part of it is about the Nocturnean and Terran Salamanders meeting for the first time. -Has also finished a short novel about Neferata in AoS. Says that while it is shorter than the average novel, think around City of Secrets sized, if it sells well there is a plan for a full trilogy that would be closer to the average BL page count. -I asked him if he thinks Josh's theory that the Mortarchs are just pieces of Nagash given form and will based on the Death God's memories is true, said that it wouldn't inform the book since he never wrote Warhammer fantasy in the first place and just wants to focus on AoS. -Will be starting the third Crowe novel soon. Castellan will be out early 2018 and will be about Crowe and the GKs adapting to the new galactic situation. With Daemon invasions happening everywhere the secret about Chaos is out and the GK's modus operandi is going to have to change. He also said that he was writing this book as the Dark Millennium was being written and only learned about it halfway through, fortunately the novel needed a big background event to drive it and thus Annandale didn't have to rewrite any of the book. -Canoness Setheno will return in Castellan. Chris Wraight -Currently working on a 40k Death Guard series, the first novel is called The Lords of Silence. He couldn't tell me anything about it though except it might, emphasis on might, be out in 2018. -Talked a lot about Terra and said that despite it's decrepit state, if many of the characters in the books learned what it was really like they wouldn't care in the long run because Terra's symbolism is more important than its actual reality. Aaron Dembski-Bowden -Hard at work on The Emperor's Spears, which he went into very nice detail on. They are an Ultramarines successor that he compared to the British Celts after the romanisation of them failed. They don't give a damn about the Ultramarines or Guilliman (they don't believe he's back and apparently their reaction to learning that it's true is to ask if he's coming to help them, otherwise they don't care). They've been in Imperium Nihilus for one-hundred years without reinforcements, their Primaris Marines all died trying to cross the Great Rift and the Custodes escort was only able to give them the formula to create more, which didn't go smoothly at first. -They aren't great fans of the Imperium at the minute, and they don't like the Mentor Legion having the colours of their dead brother-chapter the Star Scorpions. They frequently worked with the fallen Scorpions and the rebuilding Celestial Lions, and have a custom that if a brother serves a long period of time with one of those Chapters he adds their iconography onto part of his armour. -The Lions are still rebuilding but the Rift has made it much harder. They however aren't pissed at the Imperium like the Spears are because of the reinforcement issues. -Has no plans for Age of Sigmar and though he loves the Stormcast figures, admitted he doesn't know much about their background. John French -The next HH novel is one of John's and is titled Slaves to Darkness (he was very happy with getting such an iconic title) and will be a primarily Traitors novel. It will be set just after Horus has taken Beta-Garmon and will revolve around him marshalling his forces and bringing the wayward Primarchs back into the fold and readying his forces for Terra. The other Traitor Primarchs are all off doing their own thing and Horus needs to put a stop to it as things are beginning to unravel. -Also working on the second Covenant novel, Horusian Wars: Incarnation, and says part of the novel will be about other Radicals opposing the Horusians. Also said that the trilogy, despite having his name, is not really about Covenant but rather the people who follow him. -Also says that Horusianism has been eradicated in the past but as an idea it is impossible to actually destroy. A 40k Horusian could be unrecognisable to a 30k Horusian though as the idea will have changed down the millennia. Agreed that Abaddon could be a good example of the Horusian ideal achieved, but in-universe not all would agree. Also some of them may have known about Bile and his Clone Horus. -Posited the idea that Covenant's Thorianism is not actually different from Horusianism, both revolve around a powerful being with command of the Warp. Said that if the Emperor were resurrected as Covenant wants, what is brought back may be vastly different to what they expect given that the Emperor wasn't a nice guy when he was alive, and after 10,000 years of pain and misery, what remains of him may not be to anyone's liking. James Swallow -Working on more Rogue Trader audios and agreed with me that they deserve more stories written about them, they are such a big part of the wider 40k universe (the first to get an RPG) and yet they've only ever had three novels written about them. -Would like to return to Rafen as he feels the Blood Angel's story isn't done yet. Also said he would have done more with the Flesh Tearers but then Andy Smillie started doing stories with them and he wanted to give Andy freer reign to write what he wanted without also writing about them. So Sergeant Noxx returning is unlikely. Guy Haley -Next project is Wolfsbane, a HH novel that will be about Leman Russ returning to Fenris (against the advice of Dorn and the other loyalists at Terra) to plot an attack against Horus. Will explain why the Wolves were not at Terra. -Guy read the prologue in a seminar though I was not there for that and it was about the Emperor and Horus finding Russ together. He was the second Primarch found and the prologue sets up Horus having to deal with the fact that he isn't an only child. Wolfsbane is not far off and will be released in 2018. -Said that Dante would be pissed at what the Blood Drinkers are doing to stave off the Flaw, but that it would be tough to determine whether the Drinkers (Who only kill one guy per campaign or so) or the Angels Vermillion (who harvest Imperial citizens and kill thousands every half century) he would think is worse. But if Dante knew the whole truth behind the Blood Drinkers he would definitely wipe them out. David Guymer -Is currently working on a Stormcast series about Hamilcar Bear-Eater, the Lord-Castellant from his Hunt for Mannfred audios who has now become a Knight-Questor. He is apparently an incredible figure worthy of song and legend, or as Guymer described him "The Ciaphas Cain of AoS". He is popular among the editors as well, and there will be t-shirts available in the future. -Is also working on a four-part audio drama that will feature the return of Gotrek Gurnisson but in Age of Sigmar. Felix was confirmed to not be returning (given that he was mortal by this point he's probably long dead regardless of his actual fate). Gotrek will apparently have a special voice actor that the editors are very excited about getting, they hinted it was someone involved with The Archers, but they were mum about who. Josh Reynolds --Josh's Blackshields audio drama is the first part of a series and the sequel is titled Blackshields: Red Fief, and will be about Endryd Haar meeting an old friend from the World Eaters. -His previously LE novel Nagash: The Undying King that was only available at Warhammer World or events will be coming to paperback next year. -Also working on a new AoS series called Silver Shards (I think), but no information on what it's about. Others -All of the authors and editors agree that the Battle of Terra will be a colossal event and will require multiple books, a trilogy at the absolute least but it's much more likely to be more than that, to tell. Anthologies are also a possibility. -Sandy Mitchell is returning to Black Library and is already working on the 10th Ciaphas Cain novel, Choose Your Enemies. No further information on it. I also asked Kyme if Sandy's return meant that the third Dark Heresy novel may one day be written, he didn't rule it out but said that only time would tell. -Mike Lee is also returning with a new series about the Crimson Fists, the first book is titled Legacy of Dorn, set after Rynn's World. It is set before the Dark Millennium so it will not feature Primaris, but will feature the characters from his Traitor's Gorge novella. -The sequel to Darius Hinks' Mephiston: Blood of Sanguinius is coming and is titled Mephiston: Revenant Crusade. -Sons of the Hydra by Rob Sanders is a standalone novel about the Alphas, not the start of a series. This comes from Nick Kyme. -There is a new AoS trilogy being worked on featuring the lead characters from City of Secrets. I think that it is being penned by Nick Horth but I didn't get confirmation on that. -Andy Smillie is working on more Flesh Tearers stuff and there is an audio titled Hunger already confirmed. It will feature Gabriel Seth and other characters from his previous works. -George Mann is working on more Raven Guard stuff as well, an audio called Soulbound was confirmed. -Ian St. Martin is also working on an audio-drama titled Taker of Heads that will be about the Mortifactors Chapter from Warriors of Ultramar. Kyme was quite excited about this one.
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    Got it primed and ready for painting! The sand on the board didnt really come out as I had wished for, dunno if I did too much or too little of it. But it looks a lot better primed then previously and im hoping a good enough paintjob will make it all blend together nicely!
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    Ok, got some work done on my Khorgoraths on my breaks today. Added some highlights to all bone areas, bronze with wash, and put down the foundation grey on what is supposed to get the off-white. Hoping to get these done this week.
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    So I think we can safely say we'll be getting new Stormcast vs Khorne starter set on January 3rd.
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    " Fire and wind come from the sky, from the gods of the sky. But Crom is your god, Crom and he lives in the earth. Once, giants lived in the Earth, Conan. And in the darkness of chaos, they fooled Crom, and they took from him the enigma of steel. Crom was angered. And the Earth shook. Fire and wind struck down these giants, and they threw their bodies into the waters, but in their rage, the gods forgot the secret of steel and left it on the battlefield. We who found it are just men. Not gods. Not giants. Just men. The secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery. You must learn its riddle, Conan. You must learn its discipline. For no one - no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts. [Points to sword]This you can trust." And sooooooo another blog It's been a long time since I want to convert my own free people and now I 've got the right inspiration! I want a classic of fantasy the good barbarian! Here are the first 3 member ( I'm thinking when I ve finished the bases conversion for every model to add fur boots to all of them) Comments and critics welcomed.
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    Hi guys - I'm considering starting up AoS skirmish (I've already got a 1500ish pts Rotbringers army), and I just got an itch to paint up a spirit host last night - I had some lying in my bits box from a shelved project, and I replaced the arms with Dryad hands to make them more creepy, glued a bunch together, and went to town with Nihilakh Oxide, Coelia Greenshade and white and black. I kinda like the result, especially them having more contrast than you usually see. Now, what next? I have some ideas for a Crypt Horror werewolf, and perhaps some of the new shadespire skeletons for my warband.
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    The pricing can feel all over the shot, but it's often worth stepping back from comparing model x to model y and think about what goes into making models. Initial concept brief - creative discussion around direction of range/game etc Concept art Design work up of art into a doable piece Designers actually start to create a render of a model Model render is subject to review for consistency with army aesthetic, Render gets transferred to engineer types to work out how you actually turn this into something you can cast up Mould for the model is designed Assembly instructions are written based upon the mould pieces Mould is created (still a fairly expensive process) Multiple cheap bits of plastic are pressed in the mould to make sprues Sprues are then boxed up with instructions, base etc and stored in a warehouse Warehouse ships boxes through distribution channels Models sit on shelves of GW stores throughout the world & to independent stockists. So which part of those costs are significantly different for a single stormcast character from 5 broadly similar liberators? That I can identify it's the tiny volume of pretty cheap plastic that goes into the actual production and pretty much everything else will be broadly the same. So why don't all kits cost virtually the same? The obvious answer is supply & demand. How many liberator kits will be sold, well they're a battleline unit, they can be run in units of size 5-30 and they're in a large number of the batallions, so it's not unreasonable to expect each army to contain 3-4 boxes worth of these guys (reality is that because they're in so many starter sets I'd not expect them to actually sell that well as an individual box but that's a separate point). Now look at the stormcast character, how often do people run multiples of the same character - sometimes but generally not across the board (obvious exceptions like Aetherkhemist aside). So for GW to make the profit they require on every unit (or lets relate it to the key cost component here - every mould) I need to try and work out how many of that unit I'm likely to sell and how much profit per sprue I need in order to generate it. Price per box = [total Profit+ total Cost]/expected number of boxes sold So for my liberators that is broadly the same profit and cost divided by potentially 3x the number of sales to generate the return I require compared to my character model. ie the character model costs considerably more despite being a far smaller model/volume of plastic you're buying. Now what you could argue is that after they have paid back those initial design & mould costs they could reduce their price per box down to the marginal cost plus profit rate for the remaining units. That's broadly true but then psychological pricing kicks in. If you know that if you waited 1-2 years until GW made enough money to repay their investment costs and then dropped their prices to the pennies of material & profit then you'd probably stop buying at £30/box and hope to wait it out till £5/box but if everyone does that then the model doesn't work as they don't repay the upfront design & mould costs, so what happens is you never drop your prices and people just buy when it suits them. I'm also ignoring additional whole of life costs, moulds don't last forever, so when it wears out GW have to decide do they make a new one, or discontinue a product. If you've not been around for long you might have missed what happens when they discontinue anything, people get mad. That isn't great for their business either so they try not to do that. There are a bunch of other factors and indirect costs which I've completely ignored in pulling this together but hopefully you can see how actually the size of a model is actually pretty irrelevant for the pricing process.
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    Re: Humans... I take no issue with people having different opinions or preferences to me. However, I do take issue with certain contributors who seem to always aggressively project these preferences/opinions ahead of all others. Or, to put it another way, "I don't want it, so GW must not do it". Naming no names, but you know who you are. People are wired differently. When reading about history, I am more interested in how the common man was living than the kings and emporers. However, others will be more interested in the "elites". There is right or wrong thing to be interested in, but merely different people in different positions on the spectrum. GW will no doubt discover where the "centre of mass" lies on the epic-traditional fantasy spectrum and pitch their products across this range of preferences for maximum returns. This may indeed end up with the aforementioned epic prioritization, but the number of counter-arguments over this topic recently shows there is at least some demand for the "nuts-and-bolts" as well. As I said before, these two things don't have to be mutually exclusive - especially with GW's vast resources.
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    *taps mic - is this thing on?* I wanted a Cairn Wraith as a leader for my warband, but having used the (admittedly brilliant) original model for 2 or 3 conversions already, I wanted to try out something different. One of the Skeletons from the Shadespire pack already has a scythe and some kind of hood, so I had a plan... I used the "dress" from the Tomb Banshee as the bottom of the miniature, cut the skeleton in half and pinned them together. A bit of dremel work, some tattered cloak bits from the new Death Guard and some green stuff, and I have what I think is a nice take on a cool character.
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    Book shows "Horus Heresy" above its title.. in other words: WH30K. So how is this book related to AoS?
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    Finished my final warband. I have so many models in my backlog that I would like to finally getting round to painting so my try something big before the end of the month- alarielle, glottkin, mannfred. All of them. The glottkin scares me a bit though.
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    Here are mine! Sorry for the low quality pics of 2 of them. I'll take better ones soon. Each of these have been semi speedpainted with a few hours work per warband (including drying steps). About 1 hour per warband for the big parts, and the rest detailing here and there. My Warcraft tribute to the Iron Horde (tried my best with the glow effects, but I don't have an airbrush, so this is the best I could do): Reavers: Sepulchral guard: and my Steelheart's Champions:
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    A nice meal with candle and moonlight with an Orruk.
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    As this is a "Rumour Thread" I think a bit of insider info wouldn't go a miss. I know a salesperson who visited the Games Workshop mould shop within the last few months. I know, within a level on certainty, that GW are investing in adding about 50% of the amount of mould machines they're using towards the end of this year / start of next year, which required expanding their entire workshop. These things take time, but it's coming close to completion. If I were a smart man, looking at the timing and supposed "new releases" I keep hearing in here, it's worth a fair guess that they're getting ready to churn out heavy amounts of models, both old and new. Games Workshop have increased in value significantly the last few years due to their new approach on marketing, new 40k edition and AoS - moreso than they anticipated. They've been playing catchup ever since, but it looks like they're close to being able to keep up. There's a lot of lines that need moulding, and more machines will help significantly, I imagine. Take all of this with a grain of salt, but it says a lot about the stock issues and delay on new AoS release.
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    I haven't picked up the Sepulchral Guard yet, but here's everything I've done so far:
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    Need to get a group shot but I'm on my way to my first games of shadespire (and tournament - 2 birds with one stone!)
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    Personally I disagree with that - the Bonesplitters (and FEC before them) felt like they really had their place in the new setting. The writing was excellent and gave them a completely new lease of life. It helps that the models were mostly quite recent - if they were dated, it would be a different matter. But Bonesplitters felt (and do feel) like a full, proper AOS faction in my opinion. FEC came out pre GH, so even with GH17 it doesn't quite have all the bells and whistles, but you could say the same about a "new" AOS army like Ironjawz too. And again, in terms of the lore they are spot on. Don't get me wrong, I'd love an entirely new army or 6. But a rehash of existing models (as long as they are relatively recent), with some well written lore and maybe even a new model or two (like Tzeentch), would be quite welcome. Give me anything but a more months of drought with nothing but another frikkin Stormcast hero!
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    It's fair to say that we've all faced the issue once... or many times throughout our hobby career. I don't have a silver bullet for you, however; I'll share what strategies I've used; In no particular order; Take a rest. Your hobby is meant to be enjoyed and the last thing you want to do is lose your passion. Put your painting away and take a break with something different from Games Workshop (Black Library novel, play games with unpainted models) or something different like a computer game Break down your painting into bite-sized goals: If you have a hard timeline like a tournament, it can be stressful and overwhelming to paint a large force in a short period of time. Instead of looking at a Completed vs. Uncompleted force/unit... break it down into chunks. Set a goal that tonight you will paint all of the blue, or that you'll have the base coating done... goals that are achievable in a short time frame. Paint EVERY day. Even if it's 30 minutes a night, the small window of painting will mean that you'll have completed 3.5hrs of painting a week, and you'll be 100% focused during that time. Batch Paint. When completing large units of infantry I find it easier to work on one colour at a time. It not only standardise my colour schemes but it helps make me more efficient. Incentives. I have an army which has a lot of infantry. As much as I would like to paint all of my characters, I'll set myself an incentive that when I complete X unit, I'll relax and enjoy Y hero or monster. Multi-task. While you paint you can listen to music, your favourite AoS podcast, or even a Black Library audio book. Stop Chasing Perfection. While I mostly enjoy painting I realise that I don't have the time to commit to painting at a Golden Demon level. I probably could if I REALLLLLY wanted too... but the pay off isn't there for me. I'm happy with an above average table top standard. I'm happy to put the brush down on these models and move to the next models otherwise I'll just get stuck with hobby backlog. That's a few things that quickly come to mind.
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    So I'm going to say: Give us more core content. A lot of the people defending 2017 will say there was plenty of content. We had Tzeentch, Stormcast, Khorne Redux, Kharadron Overlords, Skirmish, Path to Glory, GHB2017, Blightwar, Firestorm, Shadespire, what are you complaining about? Well, the fact is that most of those releases came without new models and didn't impact the core game mode. Skirmish, Path to Glory, Firestorm, all good fun but they're not for everyone. Nor did they progress the narrative or give us new model releases. So what would I like to see. More battletomes for sure, with accompanying model releases. I would like to see some of the existing minor factions fleshed out in major ways as well as new factions like the long rumoured 'shadow aelves'. I'd love to see splash releases for some of the more fleshed out armies (those with allegiance abilities), a new unit or hero here or there goes a long way to making factions more interesting or having a potential different playstyle. All it took for Vanguard Wing Stormcast was 4 new sets, and many factions would kill to get even half that kind of love. New terrain would be amazing. The current stuff is amazing (What would even be more amazing would be bringing back some kits like Dreadstone Blight and Witchfate Tor), but it's been available for almost 2 years now and we need some extra spice on our boards. The mortal realms are vast, so surely there's more to it than some Realmgates and Archways. The narrative must go on. We've had a year now of 'stabilization' after the Realmgate Wars ended. We know Death is on the rise, and hopefully bringing us some juicy morsels for the dead to chomp on. I want to learn about new characters, especially those of factions that haven't been major players so far. Overall though, I would just like balance throughout the year. We had a super strong first 4 months of the year, but we haven't had much in terms of models or narrative since. It has made the second half the year feel a bit stagnant in terms of the settings, and I would prefer to have interesting things to learn of the mortal realms throughout the entire year.
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    I pledge to paint NOTHING for 3 weeks. I've finally finished my 1000 points and wanna just play the game for a while.
  27. 10 points
    My AoS community has stayed strong even after the release of 8th ed. We have a slightly larger 40k community than AoS but many players have armies for both. It helps that my FLGS has a monthly event for AoS and another for 40k, so both player groups have something to look forward to each month. My friends and I are running a Firestorm campaign with semi-weekly meetings along with some pick-up games, but most of the 40k games are pick-up Matched Play games. I think Firestorm, some Open War cards, and regular gaming nights go a long way to promoting a healthy gaming group for AoS. Also try to gently nudge people away from exclusively Matched Play gaming and towards some Narrative or Open Play. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with Matched Play per se, however, I feel that players who emphasize competitive play to the exclusion of all other game types may (unintentionally) handicap themselves, their enjoyment, and their community. If you and your play group only care about Matched Play, you will natural weed out 90% of the armies and play styles as uncompetitive. Not because those 90% are necessarily "bad" or nonfunctional in the game but because they are not what the almighty INTERNET has declared to be "The Best". After that, a fear of losing all the time or lack of 'balance' (whatever that means) or playing less competitive armies will drive many players away. The saddest thing in this hobby is watching a gaming group implode or wither and die because their group's game nights did not match the overwhelming (and unrealistic) expectations that are bandied around the Internet. The hobby should be about what you and your friends enjoy and want to try, not what the rectangle you are reading this on says you should be doing. Narrative and, especially Open Play, do not suffer from this problem as much because there are few restrictions on what the players are allowed to do to have fun. "I think right now AOS is pretty much summarized as Stormcast vs Daemons vs Sylvaneth in terms of viability. That just won't cut it I think." This simply is not true. AoS consists of "All the Armies vs. All the Armies" right now. The only reason it may seem like "Stormcast vs Daemons vs Sylvaneth" is if you and your gaming group refuse to play any other armies or any other game type. In short, don't handicap how you play. Try new armies and new game types, and encourage your group to do the same! PS: Yes, I understand the irony of telling people to ignore what the Internet says to do while writing a post on the Internet suggesting how you and your friends should play. I feel like I can get away with it since my opinion seems to be in the minority. '!!smoke bomb!!'
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    Hope the picture loads! Went with a "Spirits vibe". Still WIP, bases arent done.
  29. 10 points
    Work continues on Gristlebeard, leader of my ogor mercenaries
  30. 10 points
    I don't even have the main game yet (should be getting it for Christmas), but I wanted to make a start on what are my favourite models for Shadespire so far: Ironskull's Boyz. Really looking forward to getting a game in with them.
  31. 10 points
    Ok, got a pretty good chunk done on two of the three Khorgoraths. Which means they are getting close to the standard of the first one. All that bone was taking forever...
  32. 10 points
    Oooooh I have 24 total of these to do!
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    Here’s my finished Frigate. Finally got the basing sorted and I’m pretty happy with the result.
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    Seeing as we're nearing the holiday season...what _one_ Age of Sigmar announcement from GW would make your 2018? For me...I have enough models to paint, but I would _love_ something like that Moon Base Klaisus for AoS. Double-sided, modular tiles that don't cost an arm and a leg. Gives us the flexibility to play skirmish on a coffee table with two squares in a rectangle or put more together for full-scale battle with armies. Customize the size of our play area without mats flopping and hanging off table sides, or having to order mats of 2 to 3 different sizes. Plus, packing it up in a nice stackable box over tubes rolling around would be ace. The extra little bits of terrain is a nice touch! However...all my terrain is painted in hues of purple and blue for Chamon. I'm not sure how much Chamon will be featured in the 'Malignant Portents' thingamajig in 2018, so I fear any tiles GW puts out for AoS may not be in colors to match my terrain. But I can wish for it....'tis the season!
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    Greetings This is going to be a blog for my Destruction army. My main focus is to become the worlds greatest player using Ogors, thus forcing Games Workshop to take note and release a Battletome for Ogors restoring them to their rightful place as lords of everything. Failing that, I guess it will just be a record of me painting and converting some cool minis, a battle report or two and maybe some lore. The list I am looking to go with to start with is: Allegiance: Destruction Leaders Tyrant (160) - Great Gutgouger Butcher (140) Butcher (140) Units 60 x Grots (270) 6 x Leadbelchers (280) 6 x Leadbelchers (280) 3 x Ironguts (200) 3 x Gorgers (180) Behemoths Aleguzzler Gargant (170) - Allies Aleguzzler Gargant (170) - Allies Total: 1990 / 2000 Allies: 340 / 400 The aim being to use the Tyrants command ability: "Bully of the First Degree: If a Tyrant uses this ability, pick one Gutbusters unit from your army within 6". That unit suffers D3 mortal wounds but does not then have to take battleshock tests for the rest of the battle whilst this Tyrant is alive and on the battlefield." I will be using this on the grots to give me 60 - D3 models, immune to battleshock. Also applying mystic shield with a butcher to make them harder to shift. For your viewing pleasure I have added some pictures of my current progress, 60 grots and a conversion for my Tyrant
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    Thanks a lot, guys! @Mengel Miniatures: I have to admit that some of your tutorials are part of the reason why I got inspired to start a Death Warband - so your praise is much appreciated. I've definitely not been idle since my last post, in fact I've been incredibly inspired by this new project, and I've been converting and building like crazy - only problem is, that I'm so inspired by this thing, that I'm actually working on 6(!) different warbands at the moment - Undead, Skaven, Greenskinz, Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Sylvaneth - and I've bought some miniatures for a Kharadron warband as well - that I haven't actually really finished anything. Story of my hobby-life. Oh well, always follow inspiration. I got hold of a lot of cool bitz from my buddy Allan, and amongst these was a vampire queen torso - it looked so cool that I had to do something with it, so I made a new leader for my undead: Her background story and a more finish conversion will follow soon. I also made a somewhat chunkier than usual Grave Guard for my warband, the second in command of my Vampiress: He's based on a blood warrior, with all the detail scraped off and his armour dremeled to hell and back. Also, I've got a bit of progress on my Greenskinz warband. The idea is that the little Shaman, Giflip the Magnificent (he has titled himself, btw) has somehow found a special brew of madcap mushrooms, that gives him the ability to control the minds of other greenskins - which he puts to good use, by assembling a little army of VERY nasty looking big guys. Giflip himself: His bodyguard, Gulg the Stone Troll (needs a lot of stones sculpted, obviously, and some more work on the armour) And some 'Ardboys thrown in for good measure - I've also got two Orruk Brutes on the way: Hopefully more updates later this week!
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    Juggernauts for my skull crushers. Close to done now. Then onto the riders.
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    Just because I used word "basic humans" doesn't mean I want some old empire style faction. I want faction of non-super humans. How about a faction of humans that wield full plate armors and look like some knights from Dark Souls video game series (and walk on foot, no bretonnia horseback knights). They could also wield some flintlock pistols beside their swords and maybe have some other mechanical toys created by engineers (similar to Steamtank). Or maybe that cathay army we never got, ninjas, samurais, cool serpent dragons etc. Or army similar to Imperial guard that has numerous minor factions inside it (catachan, cadia, krieg etc.) based on different mortal realms (obviously would require tons of work but still). If you think humans are boring, you clearly haven't seen enough cool human factions in various fantasy settings.
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    Here are my Undead and Stormcast, with a preview of the Khorne fellows.
  43. 9 points
    Hello everybody! I have FINISHED my pledge... 2 units of 10 chaos chosen. Hope you like them. No specific stretch goals yet...
  44. 9 points
    This community member says he likes the new Stormcast model and thanks very much GW!
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    You know what I'd really love - an Atlas of the Realms background book. Something with heaps of John Blanche art. Not saying I want exhaustive maps either. To be honest, maybe we need a few more years of development before we are ready for such a book. When the time is right though, this would be awesome.
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    Give me aelves or give me death. That is all.
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    I wonder if anyone else thinks this is a good idea. I just checked the Stonehorn warscroll on GW website this morning. To my (mild) surprise the site still lists the old warscroll (before the nerfs). All the changes are still only on the FAQ. This strikes me as counter efficient and confusing especially for new players. It really puzzles me why GW is not adopting a simple document control system based on revisions. Instead of using the FAQs for updates they could simply update the actual warscroll and put a revision number on each new version. Then they could keep a public register where they would mention which is the latest (and valid) version for each warscroll. This sort of document control system is really easy to manage and allows to have all the useful information were it should be (i.e. on actual warscroll) instead of an obscure FAQ document.
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    Finally finished my commitment from last month but at least I'm a bit early this month! Gorechosen are now complete along with a bonus blood reaver (one down 19 to go). Really pleased with how they've turned out, took another members advice on the slaughter priest tusks and darkened them up. Also pleased with the flame effect on the anvil, first time trying it and was able to use a pot of sunburst yellow that must be at least 15 years old! Decided to base with astrogranite debris and some dead static grass to give a ravaged land feel.
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    As someone who works in IT biased project management I can assure you this is a relatively easy task that is commonly done by most businesses. It can be easily seen that GW lack business management techniques in some areas (notably AoS) which I constantly find surprising. Someone at GW needs to employ a PRINCE2 and ITIL specialist.
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    I'm almost done. Just the general to finish (saving the shittiest model til last).