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    Reinforcements have arrived for the Kharadrong Raiders! Previously, the younger element of the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge were represented in the predominately Kharadron core of the army. With this new flight, more of the whole spectrum of the lodge is represented. Let's take a look! The traditionalists of the lodge, still adamantly aligned with Runefather Zharrik, are represented in the Fyreslayer Vulkite Berzerker and Auric Runesmiter units. Take note of the protective ur-gold runes flaring up and covering their upper torso in a magma-like crust to protect them from the blows of their enemies! This patterning is all freehand work. The Auric Runesmiter can be seen holding his Forge Key aloft as the molten crust parts before him and he emerges from the magma tunnels. This Runesmiter is converted from from WHQ Doomseeker and is appropriately equipped with both his Forge Key as well as his smoldering Latch-Axe. The younger generation, those aligned with Runeson Thrundrik and who more fully adopted the way of the sky fleets, are reinforced with the arrival of Thrundrik's very own Flagship, the Gorog Varrbarag ("Party Boat!"). You can see one of the crew as imbibed a tad too much and lays flaked out on the deck. And still, there are still other remnants of the broken lodge that have returned after their long exile. Some, like the Runelord Agrhun, have continued to practice a variant forms of rune magic although it has been decades since many shaped Ur-gold as the lodge's Runemasters once did. Others, jaded by age and broken dreams, have forsaken the traditions of runic empowerment and taken up the finest arms and armor in all the Mortal Realms. These grumbling Longbeards take every opportunity to remind the Shattered Lodge of what was lost. While still others, particularly the youngest and progressive of Thrundrik's followers who have spent a significant amount of time amongst the cities of the Firestorm Plateau, have worked to bridge the gap between technology and the magic of the Mortal Realms. The young upstart Hazgal, foremost student of this emerging discipline, has learned to harness the very energies of Hysh through rune craft. The culmination of his experimentation is found in an endrin-powered Luminark, a prototype war machine that Hazgal has managed to build and hopes to reproduce to reinforce Barak-Zharr and the remnants of the Grimharaz lodge. Such experimentation is looked askance by the traditionalists and only heightens the tensions present amongst the reunited lodge. Only time will tell if the remnant will survive.
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    Hi all, I just finished up making a Warscyer Citadel out of recycled junk and bitz because my toddler insists she can't eat large plastic terrain kits! Here is a before and after, any questions please ask away. I have also written a blog post detailing the project if you are interested :-) Mark https://ghyran.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/building-wylderlands-2-scratch-built.html
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    I've just finished (if an army can every be finished!) a very heavily themed Mortal Khorne Army. The premise being that they were Worshipper's of Ulric during the time of Myth, but after being abandonned by Sigmar in the age of Chaos were tricked/coherced into following Khorne, believing him the be an aspect of of Ulric, the Blood Wolf. They are savage barbarians that dwell in the Urlicsberg mountains in Ghur and worship the Wolf God. The link to the full army plog is in my signature if anyone fancies checking it out, feedback is always appreciated.
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    @Sharkbelly thanks! I'm still working on the new narrative to continue this army. I think incorporating he malign portents seems like a good idea. So when I had a week off work I created this: a winged vampire build mostly with dark eldar parts. I had a lot of fun building him and waiting the bronze armor (a nice break from gold and silver) and especially the wings. such a large area of flesh was very interesting and I think the veins worked out pretty good. What do you think?
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    First : I AM FRENCH AND I KNOW MY ENGLISH IS BAD, SORRY FOR GRAMMAR AND LANGUAGE MISTAKE The stormcast eternals are right now one of the most popular army in the game, with a very good representation in tournament. However, i think we are in a situation of « the tree hide the forest », and the battletome is not in a really good nor fun state. Notice that i KNOW that many armies (ironjaw, kharadron, flesh eater court) are in a worst state, but hey, i’m here too talk about Stormcast. Only stormcast, no allies, grand alliance or anything else. I don't want to see players of other armies coming to say " yeah, but nurgle/khorne/tzeentch/freeguild/moonaclan don't have X and need Y..." The stormcast problems are not invalidated by the fact that other armies have problem, in the same way that other armies problem are not invalidated by the fact that stormcast have some It's not a crying post "boohoo, stormcast are too weak, please GW, buff them trough the roof " but a post about how could we change the battletome to make it more interesting an not gravitating around 5% of its option Note too that ton of tournament and game happen everywhere, and i suppose that somewhere in the world, someone kick ass with hammer prosecutor. Most of my points are « general », but i think, valid. They are of course, at the end, my opinion, not « the only truth » that i force everyone to accept, but i think many people will agree with me. The point is : how can we make the stormcast more balanced and interesting to play ? I thought about that and wanted to share my ideas about them. And i would love to hear your advices Prepare yourself, it will be long What carried the stormcast in a very good tournament position lately was very obviously one extremely powerful, if not flat-out broken : the vanguard wing. Now that it is corrected, the stormcast don’t have many option to stay viable in a tournament. Except the madman who won a tournament recently with a no-bataillion-14-drop-list, most of the well placed stormcast list are very similar and there is some option more powerful than the rest: - They are a vanguard wing, a hammerstrike force, a skyborne slayers, or an aetherstrike force. Two were nerfed (but are still powerful and used), and one is a very extreme list that can be hard-countered. - Most (if not all) of the armies use Staunch Defender, which is MUCH MORE powerful than the other command trait - Vanguard units are pretty much non existent, except in the aetherstrike force - Most of the list are hero-heavy, with the lord relictor and lord castellant being everywhere - At the item level, most, if not all players take mirroshield, lantern of the tempest and sigmarite armor. Sometime a luckstone on a venator. So we have an army who turn around the same warscroll bataillion, command trait, units and item. The internal balance is quite poor The good : things that are fine: - The army is still the most versatile in the game, with ton of available playstale and orientation - The heroes are all useful, powerful and unique. The biggest strenght of the army - Very good mortal wound output. Stormcast can face pretty much everything and even in a hard match-up, can try to take a draw or minor victory - Prayers are extremely good - Staunch Defenders The bad : things that need to be corrected in the stormcast army : - Vanguard units are too expensive for what they bring to the table, without exception - Prosecutor suffer the same problem. - Most of the units are actually quite average. Liberators, paladins, judicator, are outclassed by several entries (chaos warrior, bloodwarrior, blightking, arkanaut company, skyfires, etc) and none stand as a « holy hell, this ****** is good » choice - The army lack the complex and multiple layer of synergy most of the armies now have, with very direct and simple as well as limited buff (a +1 to hit in melee, reroll 1 to hit at range, etc). Very obvious in comparison to khorne/nurgle/tzeentch/death/fyreslayers who have ton of buff who cover everything. - The bulk of the army is quite slow, and entirely revolve around expensive bataillion and the relictor to move around - Without Staunch Defenders, the army is fragile. Stormcast unit have a BAD wound/save/cost ratio. - Allegiance ability (scions of the storm) is mediocre, and used only in very specific case, because not reliable. In comparison of destiny dices, the 4/5 death abilities, fyreslayers, nurgle and all those global buff, it look lackluster Another stormcast weakness is magic. No invulnerable save (except on one command trait and one item), and one anti-mage who need to be 160 pts to be efficient. The army need LOT of investment to have a passable magic defense, that will have no effect against a magic-focused list like Tzeentch or Sacrament. Some people would argue it’s normal, and actually better that the stormcast have a particular weakness. At a time where nurgle unit can run and charge with a + 5 global move and where tzeentch have one the best melee unit in the game, i think the time of « fluff and specific weakness » is over. What should be done : - Rebalance the units - Stop the over reliance on a few powerful if not broken bataillion - Making the army more resilient globally. Without staunch defenders and lot of castellant, the stormcast don’t « feel » as sturdy they should be. When you think about stormcast, you imagine giant armored men facing ton of opponent and winning against all odds. Not 220 pts retributor with the same resilience as skullreapers or brutes who are 40 pts cheaper. - BUT the army should be less invincible against armies who don’t have ton of high rend or mortal wound output. - The army should be more resilient against mortal wounds. How i think it should be done : Point cost : - Lowering the cost of ALL vanguard units of 20 pts (40 for the aquilor), no exception - Lowering the cost of hammer prosecutor to 70 pts, and javelin prosecutor to 80 - Making the lone gryph hound a different unit than gryph-hound units. Lowering the gryph hound unit cost at 60 pts for 5, without the warning cry and castellant/veritant bonus (making them similar to chaos wounds or dire wolves in their role) - Lowering aetherwing cost to 50 pts - Lowering concussors to 240 pts - Lowering drakesworn templar to 460 (in the same cost range than a vampire lord on zombie dragon, whith more resilience and utility, but less killing power) - Lowering the celestant on stardrake to 500 - Lowering the lord celestant on dracoth to 200 (too expensive when you think that for 40 pts more, you can have a freaking freeguild general on griffon, or for 80 pts less, a mighty lord of khorne on juggernaut) - Lowering the cost of the knight questor to 80 - Increasing the cost of the lord relictor to 120. Right now, he is waaaay too good and one of the best model in the game. - Increasing the cost of the lord castellant to 120 pts Army mechanics Scion of the storm : making the deep strike guaranteed and when the stormcast player want.I t’s the only way to make it reliable. For preventing MAXIMUM CHEESE with full deepstrike, limiting the number of units who can come from the sky to 3 per turn (stormcast usually come by waves in the fluff) A new ability : Inspiring heroes : Every STORMCAST MODEL around 6 " of a STORMCAST HERO gain a 6+ invulnerable save against mortal wound (and only mortal wound). Every STORMCAST UNIT around 6 " gain +1 to bravery as well. Why : Stormcast have one of the few army to not have invulnerable save, and suxx bravery wise (liberators are worse than arboys, bloodwarriors or comparable unit. Even stormcast paladin have only 1 bravery more than brutes, famous for their low bravery). They need a specific hero to not run everywhere, and are VERY fragile against bravery focused attack. I think this new allegiance ability, would encourage stormcast player to play their army around their numerous, charismatic and powerful heroes, marching united, few against many, and not disperse themselves too much. It is close to their fluff. The biggest change : - DELETE STAUNCH DEFENDER - MAKING STAUNCH DEFENDER A BASELINE ABILITY TO LIBERATORS AND PALADINS, AND INCREASING THEIR COST TO 120/220 Why ? because right now, liberators and paladin unit feel « right » only when there is a +1 save (staunch defender) around. They really need this 3+ save to stand out against other units. But staunch defender is too strong, giving a 2+ to all stormcast heroes and a 3+ to their ranged unit, as well as making dracoth and stardrake ridiculously resilient and not fun to play against. With this change the « frontline » unit of the stormcast become what they should be : resilient guys able to hold their own against a numerical superior ennemy, and excellent in defense. In compensation, the stormcast will have more fragile ranged unit. And it stop the army to be « everything or nothing » : invincible when there is staunch defender, frail without it. People will still have trouble against frontline units, but not the whole army. No or low rend army will struggle to kill the liberators/paladin (as it should be), but not the ranged units. For the command trait, i fond them disapointting and without relief. They should show the personnality of the general, and have some synergy with allegiance ability (cf kharadrons who have command ability about their ships and code, tzeentch with many destiny dice shenaningan, or nurgle with some influence over the wheel). Something more sexy than +1 att or other should be the norm. Profile change - Making Neaeve Blacktalon a vanguard unit - Giving the TOTEM keyword to the relictor - Allowing the palladors/aquilor to charge after the use of winds aetheric, but now ending their movement 5 " away of ennemy models. Now, they will really able to harass the ennemy like they should, without being able to slip everywhere as before. Giving them a ability that doesn’t synergize with them is stupid : " hey let's give to this 200 pts melee unit an ability to go everywhere without being able to charge, and only to fire 9 pitiful dmg 1 ranged attacks ! " - Removing the group mechanic of the desolators (more desolators = more attacks) and giving them one similar to the decimators (anti massive unit ability) - While he is « fine », the celestant prime is not really fun. It’s a beautiful and symbolic model that need to stay away of the board during a good chunk of the game, and will likely be removed by the ennemy juste after his arrival. I propose to double his wound cost as well as +1 att on his base profile, but increasing his cost to 600. My goal ? Making him a « legendary/mythic » hero like morathi/archaon/nagash/alarielle, a expensive badass that will wreck ****** (but unlike all of those previously mentionned, don’t bring anything to help his army except his killing power) - Making the lord castellant ward unstackable, and making his ability to ALWAYS heal on a 6, no matter the rend or the stack of armor buff. So the heal won’t disapear if the ennemy have rend, but won’t reach ridiculous levels if you stacked armor buff on him. I would remove his offensive ward ability and give him a new that give a 5+ invulnerable save on the unit against mortal wound. So players will have to choose between « more resilient against basic attacks » and « more resilient against mortal wound ». With his new cost of 120, i twill be a powerful model, but taking lot of him will be quickly expensive. Bataillon Ok, there is waaaaaay too many bataillion to make a rundown of each of them. However, i would change the aetherstrike force so a unit could use marked to death only one time per turn, making it more tactical to play than simply protecting 12 vanguard raptor who wreck everything, and more interesting to face for the opponent Last but not least : removing the stormhost warscroll bataillion, way too expensive and unplayable at 2000, and replace them by a system similar to the Kharadron Overlords spatioport : you choose your stormhost, gain acess to few items, command ability/ ability, with certain condition. I love the skyport system and would love to see it expanded to other armies So... what do you think about it ?
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    Morning all. I have for you a review of the new Daughers of Khaine battletome and the Melusai kit. Ill be opening them up over the next hour and posting pics. Enjoy!
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    Took a few pictures of my fire elves for those interested. Think I fell in the trap of just having elves painted red for a few units, but I like the effect of the braziers on the banners standing above the rest of the army. The doom fire warlocks are painted to try and make them look charred- I was working on the theory that being a fire mage in Aqshy isn’t the safest of occupations, with a high risk of spontaneous combustion. If that happens, you might as well hop on a firey steed and charge in hurling fireballs at the enemy to go out in a literal blaze of glory. As my painting improves, I might add another unit to try and do the effect better.
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    Hey guys! As i finished my own gravesite markers i thought i'd share them in a thread which should be dedicated to inspire those death players still looking for ideas. The parts i used are bitz from the skeleton warriors sprue (skulls, weapons etc.), the owl from some Sylvaneth sprue which i can't exactly recall, the torch/fire bowl thingy from the Citadel Wood, Renedra gravestones (and grave edge) and one of those pretty coffins from Tabletop-Art. Everything bashed together on 50mm bases. Hope you like it So, now let us see your pretty grave(sights)
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    Hi everyone. In April I will have been running the The Grand Alliance Community forums for 2 years and in this time we have gone from a small group of users to an ever expanding membership that is currently flying towards 10000 total members. As I type this we have 80 members logged in and browsing and another 100+ guests. Age of Sigmar communities from all over the worlds are using the site and contacting me with exciting news from their local areas all the time (AoS Maters evening in the Philippines is the latest!!!) Because we are all nerds and love stats, here are a few highlights and some stats from google. The Leaderboard - http://www.tga.community/topmembers/ Biggest Thread - http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/217-the-rumour-thread/ 364 pages, 740000 page views and 9800 replies! So the crux of all this is that its getting expensive to run. 2 years ago I started the website on a £30 monthly cloud hosting plan that included the cost of the software. I did all the work myself and hired in some help here and there where i needed to. During this time we have had some problems crop up here and there. Image hosting became an issue. The sheer number of photos that people were sharing exceeded the bandwidth that the cloud hosting offered so I had to set up Amazon hosting for the images, long term members might remember the loss of images but this has been resolved for quite some time now. The next major obstacle was email. I set up a gmail account to handle all email that the forums send. This includes notifications and registrations. after a while i started getting emails from people who were unable to register. I traced this down to the fact that free accounts only allow so much email per day before placing a block so a proper transactional email service was brought in. Mail chimp and Mandrill. This is now costing as much as the actual forum software to maintain. Where we are at now is monthly running costs of over $200, rising up every few months as the number of active uses on the site increase. Costs at the moments are (all in USD): Forum software and hosting. Currently $130 USD Email service $63 for the plan and first 25000 emails. Further top ups of $18 per 25000 emails. most months this is 1 top up, but last months it was 2. Amazon AWS S3 Hosting this varies on the amount of up and downloads but is usually $15-20 Total is somewhere between $225- $250 per month and varies a little month to month with the trend being a 25% increase each 1/4. If the rate stays the same as it has for the last 2 years in 12 months time it will be entirely unmanageable without help. What I am looking for is suggestion and ideas from the community of covering these costs. There are a few obvious options 1. Advertising. I could easily load up the site with adverts and end up looking like Bell of Lost souls. There is a reason the site has had not ads from the start, and probably that same reason why its become so popular, no-one really wants this, it does however pay the bills. This would like like selling banner adverts to anyone interested, and also promoting affiliate links. This would also be quite labour intensive of chasing advertisers and making sales. 2. Members section. I could open a premium membership level. It would have a monthly subscription. £2 per month. 100 members would see all the bills paid. thats 0.01% of registers users signing up. What you would get is the features that the forum has available already but i don’t have the time/skills to put in place. I can spend time/money to get it set-up and it would be paid for by the first month or 2 of subscriptions, after that the bills will be covered each month. More likes, better reputation system. better titles/profile system. Members only ‘off topic’ chat area. Groups and clubs system. Most of the things that regularly get requested. Importantly this would be ‘bonus’ stuff. Not things that are essential to enjoying the community. 3. Patreon system. 4. A kickstarter 5. a mixture of all of the above. 6. any other suggestions? So I am totally open to suggestions and ideas and would prefer the community to decide the best way to approach this.
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    Sweet Lard!!! Cool your jets, buddy! That's a lot of strong language and extreme negativity based on exactly 0 hours of play-time. You seem to be confusing Matched Play with Narrative gaming. You also seem to misunderstand the role that named characters play in the game. Named characters represent individuals from the lore with very specific weapons and personalities. This is why they can't be customized. They are characters from the background, from the Narrative. There's your hint. Their main purpose is to allow for story telling using famous individuals from the lore. The exist primarily for Narrative gaming. They do not exist to boost list strength and dominate 'metas' and do all that mathy, min-maxing type stuff that Matched Play folks like so much. If you love Morathi, or Alariele, or Nagash so much that you insist on them being your general in order to match your head-canon, then more power to you! Do it! Even if your list is less 'optimized', go for it! I've played Tyranids in 40k since 3rd edition and have loved and used Old One Eye since I first started. Even when his rules were a literal flaming tire fire (5th ed.), I still used him and had fun. He actively harmed my lists and I lost games because of him but I still brought him and had fun! In short, chill. GW has no obligation to write rules to match the head-fluff of its players. The battle tome isn't ruined. The game isn't ruined. Everything is fine. Nothing is ruined.
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    Unexpected business trip this week so I won't get to finish before the end of the month sadly, but here's a progress pic. Cauldron of blood is going in the circular area below the dais.
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    WIP of my frigate and gyrocopter in a little family pic. Still quite a lot of little details on the frigate and Base and small details on the gyro.
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    A bit more progress. Got 10 Sisters assembed and also made the Death Hag’s fully pimped out Cauldron! I used some Drukhari Raider platform parts to make a larger stage at therop of the Cauldron, altered the position of the staircase (it’s higher up and back), cut down some fairings and the braziers and repositioned the cauldron itself and added another! Super Death Hag deserves a super ride! Just waiting on the undercoat to dry now and I can start painting.
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    I find that I have a lot of sympathy for Morathi. She's my favourite protagonist now and I'm definitely on her side. Basically, she has suffered beyond the imagining of it, and everyone is a ****** to her. She spent thousands of years being tortured in the belly of Slaanesh, managed to escape through nothing but her own sheer will, lost her memory, wandered lonely and desperate for ages, and then when she finally met the new gods who she used to know, including her own son... they snub her and reject her. You might argue that she isn't good and noble enough for their company, but keep in mind that this is a pantheon that cheerfully accepts Nagash, Gork, and Mork, even when they keep getting betrayed by them. Then of course they need Morathi's help, and she gives it, in fact it's indispensable. And what does she get in return? More rejection and humiliation. Then they need her help again, and so on. It's true that she uses lies, murder, and manipulation to achieve her ends, but what other choice have they left her? Accept inferiority? Be a good servant? None of them would accept that, so why should she? The Lords of Order drip with hypocrisy. They love having the Daughters of Khaine around when it comes to fighting Chaos, but then they get the conniptions at the sight of their blood rites. This from elite immortals who are happy to slaughter entire populations in the name of fighting corruption. It's hard not to think that they don't mind the killing, they just don't like them being unladylike about it! Even the narration of her own book goes out of its way to be unfair to Morathi. For example, 'Bitter were Morathi's tears, for vanity had ever been her greatest failing.' Vanity, really? We're not talking a few crow's feet around the eyes here. Am I supposed to believe that the good and noble Sigmar wouldn't mind at all if he found himself with the body of a duck? 'For Justice and Honour, <quack>!' But if it's Morathi, then it's vanity... well, okay. It may be that she needs to come to terms with her new form, which I think is quite pretty in its own way, but come on, give her a break! The truth of it is that Morathi is cast as a 'bad girl', and bad girls aren't supposed to get a break. Well I'm going to be very motivated playing my DoK now (when they're done!), and I sincerely hope that Morathi gets the power that she craves and gives them all the finger, including Slaanesh, Nagash, and the Lords of Order, those prissy, smug, self-righteous jerks!
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    Time to start a thread of all my AOS efforts. I have been focusing mostly on Dwarves, Greenskins and Ogors, with random others mixed in for style. I'll try and add little excerpts from the games i play as well as some WIP of my new projects. Now most of my stuff is most of time at about 85% of being fully done. I always forget little details and notice them later on. My Kharadron army is the closest I've ever been in so many years of hobby of having a finished coherent army. Which is quite a good feeling i must say. The rest isn't as unified. Still a lot of stuff to show, my inspiration was military looks from the early 20th century. Do tell me if the photos of the units are too small, I'll upload larger ones. Comments appreciated!
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    Thanks guys! I've managed to get the Rat Ogre done over the weekend too, and there's a group shot too. I also got hold of the Shadespire Skaven, which I'll get to assembling and basing very shortly. The Rat Ogre took a bit longer than I expected, mostly because of the large skin areas demanding more careful highlighting, and because I started out with all the armour plates being bronze. He was actually done, but after putting him together with the others, it was very clear that he needed much more red to look like he's part of the warband, so I had to redo the armour plates in red. More OSL - it's still very challenging getting it to blend properly, and there's definitely room for improvement, but I'm kinda starting to enjoy doing it. And it certainly helps giving the miniatures some "pop" on the table.
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    Finished the Knight of Shrouds. Pretty happy with how this chap has worked out. I have only had a day or so to get him done, as crippling migraine has taken me out of the picture for a few days! I haven't done much special with him, but I have tried to make his hour glass look empty and frozen. Symbolic to his lot in (after)life.
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    So for the last couple of months I have played around with trying to organize a community collaboration. I've talked to a few content creators and I have a really good feeling that this may be something that a lot of people want. So here is what I propose to you, I want to see fan content for Age of Sigmar, so that we may strap these all together into a monthly online magazine. This way, we'll have a great way of showcasing community battleplans, rules, art, stories, and more! Those who make content can feel like they're reaching a decent audience, and those who have trouble making sense of all the outlets for content can finally see the best of the best in one spot. No member of the community should feel left out of this. If you have ideas for content, MAKE. IT. SO. Don't worry about making it pretty. I can help fill in the aspects you feel you are lacking in! If you don't make content, you can always help edit, refine, and promote the magazine, as it will be available for all to see, made by fans, for fans. Here is a list of content you can submit. If you have more ideas not listed, make it known! Battleplans Warscrolls Allegiances Rulesets Fan art Fan lore Community Questions Unfortunately, I'm not perfect. I hope to keep this running if it picks up, and will do my best to create a fantastic package for you all. My aim, is to empower other creators like me, who may not know how to best to take their creations to the next level. I hope to bring a dialogue between creators to help make their content better than before, as well as encourage collaborations! If you would like to work on an administrative level and help organize both the creators, and submitted content, please let me know! To submit content, please post on this thread, or PM me! Feel free to ask others for advice, and maybe we'll find a cool way to efficiently submit content. If you also have promotion ideas, I'd love to hear it. Perhaps for our first issue, some suggestions for structure and what you guys would like to see? Other than that, i hope you guys look forward to this, as I am looking forward to seeing everyone else's work! I know I'm hard at work on my own stuff! And remember, the main concept is:
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    I loved the Old World, I played five editions of WFB and it is still one of my favourite RPG settings. Honestly though I think people are looking at it through rose tinted glasses, and forgetting that it was developed over decades. I remember when the Old World was in its early bare bones days and it paled in comparison to what we've got with AOS. People criticise AOS for still using models from Fantasy, but the early editions were populated with generic fantasy and historical minis designed for a wide range of game systems. It wasn't until the Realms of Chaos books in third ed that any faction got a distinct look. Many (wood elves, lizardmen, tomb kings to name a few) didn't settle on a visual hook until 6th ed, more than 25 years into Warhammer's existence. From a narrative gamer's perspective, the mortal realms give me an option I never had in the Old World, namely to create meaningful campaigns and background for my gaming group and armies that didn't override the setting as a whole. It also gives me plausible reasons why my armies would be fighting. Whilst a large campaign featuring Ogres, Tomb Kings, Chaos and Wood Elves was hard to explain in Fantasy, these games fit much better into the Mortal Realms. As others have pointed out, the five minutes to midnight aspect in such a small setting meant that narrative progression was almost impossible, either on a personal level or for the designers. There was also very limited potential for "your dudes" given how finite and fleshed out the Old World was. All of this is slightly academic though, as the main issue with the game was that WFB was just much less accessible than 40K. With massed ranks of infantry, the costs were just prohibitively high compared to 40k. The game didn't scale especially well, making quick pick up games and vast multiplayer games awkward. Once GW changed the pricing model to make a 10 strong infantry box cost the same as a 40K squad, when you needed four boxes to make a single unit in WFB, and made core units take up 25% of your points, there was a huge financial barrier. Last but definitely not least, there was no beginner friendly good guy army to paint like Space Marines. Stormcast and Marines are very forgiving to both a new painter and gamer. Empire, High Elves or Bretonians? Not so much. Are there still issues with the mortal realms? Hell yes! But most of them are down to the fact the system is still very young. I want more relatable ordinary humans in the setting, but outside books like city of secrets all I have is the old Empire range. I'm sure eventually GW will do a full free peoples supplement and it'll be great. The invincible Hallmark/Mary Sue Stormcast have become shellshocked survivors, forced by their god to endure death and torturous reforging again and again to defend the realms, losing more of their sense of self and humanity each time. Likewise the realms have started to take on genuinely interesting characteristics and we've seen awesome new factions emerge which IMO match anything that existed in the Old World. Once all the older ranges have been phased out I think we'll be better placed to judge the realms from an aesthetic perspective, but to me it's promising. Tl;dr - I loved WFB and the Old World but both had their issues. So does AOS, but we need to remember it's very young still. Most of the early issues to my mind have been addressed.
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    Hey guys, new user here. This is my converted Stormcast Warband with my take on the Bloodied Dawn chamber.
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    This Chaos Daniel sounds like quite the adversary!
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    Hi all! Recently started playing and painting a stormcast vanguard chamber force. I really enjoy the look and feel of the newer models! So far I have the following1k force built: Lord-Aquilor Knight-Venator 2x5 Hunters 3x Palladors 3x Lonstrike Raptors In terms of painting, I'm currently working on gryph chargers and absolutely loving them - making it up a bit as I go along but they are really stretching me and making me try new things. Here's how the one with the most work done to it looks: Looking forward to getting this one finished - the other 2 and Aquilor shouldn't be too far behind 😁
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    Hi all, I've made a video review of the new Blasted Hallowheart and Azyrite Ruins available from GW. If you're contemplating picking it up, but aren't sure, you can check out both sides of it set up in the video below. I also discuss the dimensions issue, but I can confirm it is 66"x44.5", so you lose 3" off either side of your deployment zone, and 1.75" off the back of it. I personally really like it, £42 for an extra two game boards was great. If you're like me and have a small house with a table that won't fit a 6x4 floppy mat and need something more sturdy, this works a treat. Fire away with thoughts and opinions!
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    60 Melusai nearing completion. Some dry brushing if ushabti bone and grass flock and the girls are done. Medusa’s will begin on Saturday.
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    Actually, no, please. No old ways and certainly no old 300+ books, of which more than 100 were just rules.
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    I was reading some of the Malign Portents short stories this morning. Beyond the Walls is broken up into dated entries which intrigued me for some reason. I felt like getting into the weeds and seeing what I could infer from this; so I made a calendar based off the entry dates (attached). What I gleaned from this story is: 1. The story takes place in the City of Heldelium. Not sure what realm but, given the naming convention, it could possibly be Azyr. 2. We know there are two months: Azy'rs Gleaming and Golden Harvests, in that order. Given the name of the first month, I feel the Realm of Azyr is a safe assumption. The second month implies it could be during the time of year that crops are harvested which is October-November. So this could mean the story takes place in the fall. 3. Five days are mentioned by name in the story: Moonsday, Starsday, Cometsday, Voidsday, and Sigmarsday. 4. There are three entries of Starsday in the story: 10th, 24th and 31st. The 10th and 24th are 14 days apart and the 31st is 7 days. So it looks like their calendar follows a 7 day week. 5. If we assume the 31st is the last day in Azyr's Gleaming, the next entry in the story, Voidsday (2nd), would be 14 days from the previously mentioned Voidsday. This shows that Azyr's Gleaming has 31 days and confirms the 7 day week. 6. With this in mind, we can extrapolate more days and populate the calendar. Starsday (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st) Voidsday (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, and 2nd) Cometsday (6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th) Moonsday (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th) 7. From this, we see that Voidsday, Cometsday, and Moonsday are always in that order. My assumptions all line up with the story except for the last two entries. It says both Voidsday and Cometsday are on the 2nd. Maybe it was a typo and Cometsday was supposed to be the 3rd; or maybe it happened at midnight. Not sure. For me, this excercise has painted a more vivid picture of what the town is going through. I now imagine an chilly autumn scene with gray, dreary clouds. The author trying to defend the city while refugees come in to be safe from the undead. Townsfolk locking themselves inside their homes. The city is running low on food because the farms that should be sending crops (because it's harvest time) are being raided. Anvils of Heldenhammer dragging people out of the pubs because they are spreading stories of what they've seen or heard is happening outside the city. The overall fear of the townsfolk growing as the story progresses. I hope someone else finds this useful. To me, this adds more depth to the lore which is what I think people are wanting. I think it would be interesting to see more of these little details build upon each other as the AoS lore progresses. Azyr Calendar.xlsx UPDATE: I forgot to mention Sigmarsday. It's on the 28th which is also Moonsday. My thinking is that it might be a special day that they observe; or possibly what they call the last Moonsday of the month?
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    @Trokair the magmadroth was a bit of a nightmare model for me. Problem is I just don’t love the sculpt of it. I base painted it about 18 months ago and then just left it because. Once I went back to it, the painting didn’t take too long, it was just a case of picking out the edges of the scales with two highlights and I got to a point that I was happy enough with the completed model. Managed to paint up the four harbingers . Referenced the warhammertv guide but slightly altered some of the schemes to match my current armies.
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    I added some more Nurgle to my collection. I had an idea and ordered some bits. Inspired by the awesome game 'The last of us' I created a Nurgly version of the clikcer and bloater. In the game humans get infected by a kind of fungus (cordyceps) that turns them into zombie-like creatures that make clicking sound as a sonar (may sound silly, is terrifying). I thouhgt fungus taking over a body fits Nurgle perfectly so I had a lot of fun with a plaguebearer, blight king and lots of green stuff. Painting these guys is very different to painting elves. the plaguebearer is really quick to paint. I love doing large flesh areas and the bloater was the first time I tried NMM copper. groupshot of my nurgly warband (including an infected dryad and AoS-ified 40k lord of blights
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    I'm doing a Destruction army themed around The Realm of Shadow. There's a thread about it over in the Destruction sub-forum.
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    I put together a fire elf army- basically a mixed order/ pure elf army using any units with a fire based attack, or decal on the models (phoenix guard, phoenixes, sisters of the watch etc) along with bleakswords for battleline all painted in fire colours, with the odd simple conversion here and there, and using the elven runes for conquest, and Khaine’s rune on the banners. Lore wise they’re from a city state in Aqshy that held out in isolation during the age of chaos, mostly by slipping under the radar hidden in a mountain range. They worship Khaine, and their priests believe he can be resurrected through conquest of the realms, with each enemy force crushed and each settlement brought under their “protection” bringing the dead god a little closer to the mortal realms. The DOK lore has shaken that up a little bit, as you might expect, but I think the fire elves probably can figure out that Morathi isn’t really helping their cause... if I can figure out how to convert Phoenix wings on the new flying elves, then maybe any daughters that learn the truth might find new allies in aqshy. Pictured is the most converted model (not saying much really) including a Teeny tiny hunting Phoenix!
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    My pledge this month: - Finish the display board and bases for Adepticon Skaven Kharadron army, like I meant to last month Progress so far: Distracted by Spiteclaw's Swarm
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    Afternoon gang! Just thought I'd chuck up my latest project, while it isn't technically AoS, it is most certainly the warhams. A group of local boys and myself have opted to get back into the ranked, square based, 6 dice gloriousness ( ) that was 8th. I'm in all honesty using it as an excuse to paint up another army, and skaven got me by the short and curlies prior to...the bad times... So any way, Clan Rictus it is (where young Tretch Craventail comes from). I'll be basing the army mainly around the Death Vermin aka The Black Death, which are the elite of the elite within Rictus' huge swathes of black furs. So they will be represented in the rules by Queek and his bodyguard unit. Also most of the other units in the army will be based on Stormvermin models (there will be no clan rats as of yet), so for instance the Jezzails will be singleman Stormvermin snipers etc, stuff like that. Anyway, enough talk, I'll pop up a few pics! So my first unit I did to try and get the feel for skaven, were some slaves (can't have skaven without slaves). As you can see, there is some Night Goblins in there, so apprently one of Clan Rictus' main exports is enslaved Goblins...thus above This picture is showing the side of the unit and I'm pretty happy with how it encapsulates the sort of swarming look that skaven should have (I hate seeing the slaves all perfectly ranked up like Empire Halberdiers). Points of note in the unit are the little group of Goblins (one even in trouble with one of his erstwhile comrades), a large nasty Wolf-Rat and a Slave driver encouraging the unit forward. Just a close up of the slave driver, just shows how I've done the basing. Opted for a jungle theme as we are currently running some events based around the Lustrian isthmus. Now onto slightly more shoot-bang things: So here we have Skreeskabak Rapidsnout, Clan Skryre permanent hireling to the Black Death. He is the cheeky little nut case that gets to run around with the Brass Orb. Not a very exciting conversion here, but apt..for a dude who ends up being a redirector after he gets mulched. Above we have his partner in crime (still a bit of a WiP) Friikflem the Ordnancer, Clan Skryre permanent hireling to the Black Death, who has survived over 7 Doom Rocket firings, making him one of the most veteran doom-rocketeers within the underempire. Pretty much poorly stole Rob Hawkins great idea for a doom rocket, but it doesn't look anywhere near as nice :P. Above is a very brief mockup of a jezzailateer (again spotted a great image on the internet using a skitarri rifle and storm vermin). He'll be mounted on the normal 25-50, with a decent sized pavise (which will in turn have all leaves and what not attached to it). Not sure if I'll have a chained slave/goblin to the pavise or not yet. So thats it for now, will turf up some fluff and some more character pics soonly. Cheers
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    I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel! Or perhaps it's just somebody bringing me more work... I've had a very productive week (helped with a bonus days holiday yesterday), the Necromancer has been finished, the spirit hosts have all been glazed up, I've put a red layer onto all the cloth on my skeletons, magnetised everything, painted up over 60 round shields and started work on Neferata. That's in addition to playing a couple of games on Sunday! Phew. Next month's contract is likely going to be edge highlighting on all of the rank and file units Plus a handful of tiny little details that I know I've missed.
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    Self made objective markers are certainly the coolest. If you have an army project in mind feel free to give a vibe, I'm certain I can point you towards some ideas and/or third party options to help you make something neat. Some cool Chaos examples: Some Order:
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    I said this in other places, but I would hope they would put the Hints & Tips, and the Description what a warscroll (perhaps for Warscroll Battalions, too) The point is. Both are important for beginners even if they don't buy a Battletome at first. I mean, these are the rules how models with the same weapon twice works, or how to handle random values. Besides, there were some updates made for Hints & Tips and the Warscroll Description, you only got, when you have a newer battletome (last thing was that your Warscroll Battalion can have the allegiance of the units inside instead of the battalion. That description was first used in Blades of Khorne and never was part of the errata so older Battletomes would have the rule, too). Also the FAQ should be a little more included into the book. Yeah we have 4 pages of rules. But we needed about 9 pages Errata + FAQ for those 4 pages. Something like the Movement Table in the FAQ section should be part of the rulepages. Did you guys play, that models like archaon never could hit anything with his sword, the Heads and claws because the weapons are out of range when measureing from them? Or do you measure from any point of the model for attacking? Or that a model holding a spear in from of him will need most of his movement just for turning I have some pictures about this: Movement: the top model has used 3" of its movement just for turning because the speartip has moved 3" during that Archaon Archaons sword has a weapon range of 1" but after he is about 8" over the ground and in the middle of a at least 130mm Roundbase (if I remember correctly), he will never hit anything when measureing from his weapon. Claws have 1" Weaponrange but are about 2-3" away from nearly every model. Heads have 3" weapon range but are between 4-5" away from any enemy. Things like that are the point why most players use base to base measuring because the pose of the model shouldn't have influence on the rules (after a model is moving in the background all the time, not holding the same pose for the entire battle).
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    This narrative will follow the global Malign Portents campaign as it unfolds. Here, the consequences of the Malign Portents choices will directly impact the unfolding narrative - deciding the fate of several Skaven characters throughout the campaign. At least that's the idea. "A sudden but inevitable Betrayal!" Prelude: Doom! Death! Destruction! Corpse-things wake! Corpse-things wake! Creek Doomclaw threw himself back with a screech. His mouth agape with horror as he lost his footing and tumbled backwards down the little metal staircase leading up to the warp-scryer. His rune-engraved warpsaw hand reaching out instinctively for something to grab, but finding no hold but a passing warlock-engineer, making a bloody mess of the brand new saurian carpet adorning the floor, as the warpsaw spun wildly out of control. Doomclaw's mind was still swirling when he landed on the carpet with a soft thud. Pieces of flesh, fur and bone rained down in his wake, caking his already stained robes in gore. What little remained of the unlucky engineer was stuck in his warpsaw, which growled alarmingly, as it tried to tear through the carcass thoroughly lodged in its internal mechanism. This momentary setback was below Creek's concern, who glared up at the Warp-scryer with fearful, beady eyes. The device, which was a series of tubes drilled into a fist-sized lump of shardglass, adorned a thin, crudely cut, oval piece of pure warpstone half the height of a skaven. It was glowing ominously, and color danced across its surface, as if alive. The musk of fear must have been strong on him, as several warlock-engineers immediately bolted for the door with panicked squeeks, no doubt suspecting that one of Doomclaw's contraptions had malfunctioned, and was about to explode. Again. Creek Doomclaw did not have time to punish them for their presumptions, but he did it anyway. With a snarl, he flicked his wrist, and brought forth a burst of warplightning. Reducing the fleeing Warlock-engineers, and the surrounding machinery, to charred ruin. "Imputent fools!" Creek croaked. That equipment had cost him many warp-tokens! He would kill those cretins for violating his-.. Right. He rolled onto his feet, and made a quick glance around his lab. Surely, there were someone to blame. Someone to punish. The remaining warlock-engineers were hard at work. Flicking a great number of switches hurriedly, pulling levers at unplugged machinery, and closely examining empty vials. His workers truly were the cream of the crop. A group of skavenslaves were cowering in a corner, their overseer a pile of ash in the doorway. He scratched absently at his mechanical warpsaw hand, trying to alleviate a phantom itch that layered warplock steel would never allow him to feel. He had the distinct feeling that he was supposed to be doing something, but he couldn't quite remember what. "Spinepaw!" He cried out. There was no response. He tapped his foot impatiently. Where had that untrustworthy coward run off to now!? Creek wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that he was the one that had sabotaged the machinery in the doorway. It was just the kind of thing Spinepaw would have done. "Spinepaw!? Come out here, right now!" - One of the warlock-engineers mumbled something. Doomclaw pounced on him like a shark, grabbed him by the throat and forced him up against a wall. "You mumble-speak without being asked-allowed!?" The warlock-engineer wheezed, his eyes darting wildly about the room. The other engineers doubled their work effort. Their work were simply too important to do anything about the situation unfolding before them. "M-Mercy!" The warlock-engineer squeeked. "Most brilliant of Arch-Warlocks-..!" His hoarse breathing intensified as the applied pressure to his throat deprived him of oxygen. "I only felt.. duty-obliged to tell-inform of Spinepaw's demise!" Creek gripped the Warlock-Engineer harder. "Demise? How!? When!? Tell-Share!" The Warlock's eyes slowly rolled back into his head. With immense effort, he lifted his arm and tapped the bloody carcass stuck to Creek's warpsaw repeatedly. Creek looked at the corpse, dumbfounded. The pulped piece of meat did have a certain resemblance to Spinepaw. He released the quivering pile of Skaven, who sucked in air greedily. Creek lifted the bloody warpsaw-carcass, and compared it to the engineer. With a satisfied nod, he tore a piece of mangled cloth from the bloodied meat, and dropped it onto the barely concious ratman. "You have gift-received promotion! You are assistant now!" The Warlock-engineer was so happy, he cried for an hour. Which was coincidentally about the same time it took for Creek Doomclaw to remember what he had been so agitated about. Upon recalling his scientific discovery with the warp-scryer, he immediately pulled the (un)willing appointed assistant with him out what remained of the door, and hurried down one of the thirteen shafts they would have to traverse to reach the nearest warren. He had a message to deliver. A malign portent.
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    Oh and I got some paint onto my Knight of Shrouds. Not done yet, but playable.
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    This answer probably won't be particularly helpful, but from what I understand the top tournament players for the most part are only interested in armies that have a significant advantage that can be exploited. That's how they get to be the top tournament players. Yes, they need to be excellent players too - people who know the game and their army inside out and practice relentlessly - but most players at a tournament will have these things covered, so for the edge they need to be the best of the best they have to take a list with an imbalance of advantages that can be exploited. You ask, 'why not Kharadron Overlords?' but you could ask the same question of most of the 60 factions currently in the game. Only a handful of these are ever seen on the top tables. In many cases that's because these factions aren't very good, but many of them are well designed, balanced factions with a very good chance of winning any game they're used in. But a 'very good chance' isn't enough to win tournaments. We could have 59 brilliantly designed and perfectly balanced factions, but if you have 1 that has an unbalanced advantage that can be exploited, this is the faction that top tournament players will be drawn to, and this is the faction that you'll see dominating the top of the results tables. So to me, it seems pointless to try to understand why Kharadron Overlords aren't winning tournaments by studying Kharadron Overlords, because the reasons don't lie within that faction itself. The reasons lie within the mechanics and advantages of Tzeentch, Nurgle, et al. All other factions are pushed out by the factions that - whether through bad design or power creep - can be exploited by an elite minority of very talented players. Not just Kharadron Overlords. To put it glibly - Kharadron Overlords don't win tournaments because they're a well written, well designed, well balanced faction. Tournaments will always be won by factions that are unbalanced in that faction's favour, because that's what top tournament players need from their armies. That's exactly what the 'meta' is - people moving from one overpowered faction to another as new factions are released and older factions get FAQ'd. Asking why any particular faction gets left behind is an exercise in futility. There's nothing you can do to change it. You might as well try to change the weather.
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    Just waiting to do some basing. Really took my time on this one. Mind the crappy quality pics, my phone isn't the greatest.
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    Vacume discussions/comparisons I think the creator of this topic is currently upset that his X army doesn't steamroll his opponents Death armies anymore. I say this because the follow up to this topic seems to have lead to these types of topics: Everybody is entitled to their opinion but when game changes occur and you want to have a healthy debate about it the way to go is not to cross compair units and exclude Allegiance abilities, Artefacts, available buffs and Allies. This is done so many times on the TGA forums that it's not even capable of objectively relevating the truths behind strenghts/weaknesses from Allegiance A or B. - When I dive into some topics in Death they want to have (awnsers to) Skyfires. - When I dive into some topics in Order they want to have 6++/5++ saves. - When I dive into some topics in Destruction I generally see a lot of joyfull posts despite their Grand Allegiance now likely being the worst. - When I dive into some topics in Chaos I don't see Tzeentch being the most popular anymore. We know that Allegiance and army is really good, not all play that... Legions of Nagash and history of GA Death What is an objective conclusion (and I've stated this the moment the Let's chat Legions of Nagash topic opened) is that Death was abcent the last 6 months for any tournament that included GH2017 as the 'book for Death'. It was due to Keyword restrictions vs available units. This biggest weakness is removed in Legions of Nagash and what was added on top is the option to essentially speed up Summonable units. Likely in a way to counter the over dominating Shooting phase aspects. Now LoN is healthy the term healthy should be seen as an army that can compete, does not have a build in handicap versus particular phases and thus is an interesting army to consider at a competitive level also. *Since Age of Sigmar's inception, the Stormcast have been a Tier 1 army. That's at least 24 months by Death's maximum 12 month relevancy (GH2016+GH2017 and Legions of Nagash). My conclusion as such is that OP has found that Stormcast do have specific weaknesses that can be countered and wants them removed. But when we look at competitive results Stormcast have shown the last two years there is absolutely no indication that they should have 9 units decreased in cost and 2 with a minimum 20 point increase whilst obtaining a 6++ for everybody. Aim to improve (your) game not just (your) Faction As a fan of this game Im always open to a chat about what can/should be done to improve the game. But these topics are way too focused on one Allegiance that we arn't talking about game improvement anymore. Vacume discussions about units and costs attached lead to nowhere because the game isn't played that way. My honest opinion is that within the game I'd say Destruction needs a massive boost in the right direction as soon as possible, followed by the several Aelven factions, but I believe those are on the agenda. Best of luck to all. Have patience and improve your game The aim of balanced design is indeed to have several factions be a factor in how you play your game and design your army. This does not mean Faction X now needs a boost because Faction Y just recieved it.
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    @RuneBrush absolutely love the purple on the cloak. I always find purple so difficult and am never happy with it but this looks awesome. @AGPO an amazing amount of models completed this month and looking good too. @Sleboda the base really fits well with the overlords, looking forward to the arkanauts. @Artobans Ghost I love the empire models and these are a great mix. @DynamicCalories having a bit of an issue with my plaguebearers, wanted a quick just wash over scheme which I did over Sandro dust but wish I had just dry brushed ushabti to give a bit more colour variation but think that plaguebearers work really well as a mix so will just slightly change for next lot (if I ever get round to them). i managed to squeeze alarielle in. Been built for about a year with some base painting done on the beetle and felt I had to paint her before getting morathi (which proved great motivation).
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    Full colour instructions with Warscrolls for both options. The sprues are packed!
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    Have started on my unit of blood warriors. Still (perhaps foolishly) sticking with black armour red helm theme. Haven’t based this guy yet or added blood for the blood god but this is my progress for February.
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    I just made a new table in January: It's not perhaps very practical in normal AoS games, but playing on it feels quite nice
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    some update of my latest conversions
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    Forgot to post updates! So here we have some kitbashed judicators and my first finished pallador!
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    I'll start with some conversions for my death army. firstly, I wanted to create an undead wikings theme. I used vanguard pelt cloaks for my grave guard, and my undead riders are converted from chaos knights, as are my vampire Lord and Wight king on nightmare steed. I used a Revell ghost ship to convert my mortis engine to a flying nightmare for any air combat. and sce armour parts are perfect to create animated armours possessed by spirit hosts. and the changeling is an awesome model for use as a necromancer