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    that's very cool stuff. I will start something with my necromancer's blood magic coven. I hope you will like it
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    Thurmaturge regrets bringing bread to the park.
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    Hi everyone. This is just a friendly reminder to everyone to try and keep a lid on things a little. Its was said best earlier in this thread. TGA used to better than this friendly discussion is fine but let's keep it that way. If you feel the need to rant and rage please take it elsewhere
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    Hello everyone, I'm Jake (sometimes Bruticus) and I have been painting Age of Sigmar for a while now, but somehow I've never started a blog here. I've been working on a Chaos Warband that are pledged to Malal, the forgotten Chaos god that likes to pick fights with the others. This warband is full of conversions and is inspired by the illustrations of Adrian Smith, Mike Mignola and the anime Berserk - among other things.
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    Hello TGA Community. . I want to introduce you all to a new project here at The Grand Alliance community. This idea was brought to me by @Bruticus and after some discussion we felt that The Grand Alliance community would be an excellent home for this project. Inq28 meets Age of Sigmar Inq28 explores the lesser known aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and has been a huge success, inspiring Blanchitsu articles, numerous blogs and countless incredible miniatures. Inq28 has become a term that describes not just a particular game but a whole approach to the hobby: an approach that puts creativity and imagination first. AoS28 is an attempt to bring that same approach to the Nine Realms. The Age of Sigmar has the potential for all sorts of stories, and just because we mainly see the epic, cinematic god-battles in the Games Workshop books doesn’t mean there aren’t other stories just out of frame, or just off the beaten path. That’s not to say your warband can’t include a few heroes, just that not every hero has to have a duel with Archaon. What makes a model AoS28? Conversions - The Age of Sigmar range contains loads of great miniatures but you’ll probably want to convert them in order to personalise them. This could be a kitbash or a complete resculpt. The important thing is to make the model yours. Character is essential - you don’t have to write a full background story, but you’ll have to think about your character’s personality, they aren’t just pieces on a gaming board: what are their motivations? How have they survived the Chaos apocalypse? What do they think about the return of Sigmar? What secrets do they have? Extra grimdark - Age of Sigmar has a distinctive, vibrant style, but there is a lot of darkness that is waiting to be explored. You think 40k has a monopoly on grimdark? The Nine Realms were conquered by Chaos, we are only just beginning to learn about the horrors that were unleashed. What rules can I use? We’ll be supporting the Hinterlands rules for AoS28, however your warband could be designed with games of Silver Tower, Mordheim, Realm of Chaos, Frostgrave or countless others in mind - or not for gaming with at all. The focus should be to make models you think are cool, rather than being constrained by points costs or restrictions. How do I join in? You’ll need to make a warband - probably between 2 and 8 models - led by a hero. The warband can be based on the theme below, or can be anything else you want to make. Start a blog on www.tga.community and add the tag ‘aos28’. Use the hashtag #aos28 on instagram and twitter. Or if you have a blog already, let people know where to find it by posting your updates in the AoS28 thread on tga.community or by emailing aos28@exprofundis.com If you don’t want to make a miniature or two, you could join in by writing stories or making art. What comes next? Over the next few months we’ll be showcasing all the best AoS28 models and warbands from any participating blog, as well as our own warbands. We’ll track what everyone is doing with Work in Progress photos and then final photographs in a few months. There is no real deadline, because AoS28 is an ongoing thing. But we will roll out a new theme every few months, along with a wrap up of everything so far. In addition there will be a new edition of Hinterlands dealing with AoS28 specifically, posts about background stories and ideas and possibly even gaming events at Warhammer World. I need some ideas Without many background or art books to draw inspiration from it might seem more difficult to come up with Age of Sigmar concepts than it is with Warhammer 40k. Age of Sigmar is often regarded as high fantasy, and you may feel that things need to fit this style in order to be suitable, but really you have a free reign to do whatever you can imagine: with infinite realms there are very few limits to what is acceptable. Like Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar has room for all sorts of stories of all sorts of genres. You are free to make whatever you want to make, but if you are stuck there is a theme you could try: AoS28: Witch Hunters The gates of Azyrheim are open and the Stormcast are unleashed on the Nine Realms. Cities and fortresses, thought lost forever are rediscovered. Lines of communication are rebuilt. And along with the Stormcast there are also other emissaries of Sigmar’s new world order. These Witch Hunters are tasked with rooting out corruption within the so-called Free Cities and the lost tribes, where mortals claim they have managed to resist the apocalypse. They seek the truth of these claims, and hunt the deceivers, betrayers and abominations. Some travel in disguise and infiltrate the Free Cities, rooting out the corruption where it may otherwise go unnoticed. Some arrive at the city gates at the head of a punitive force, demanding tribute in Sigmar’s name. There are stories of tribes that claim to have escaped the taint of Chaos being put to the sword during these witch hunts. And there are stories of Sigmar’s agents themselves falling foul of the taint of Chaos and instead spreading the very corruption they profess to seek out. The Shadowblades of the Seven Severed Fingers Cabal use assassins that travel through the Chaos wastes unnoticed, cloaked in the hides of daemons. They fight the horror of Chaos with horror of their own, and are able to strike fear into the blackest of hearts. The Bitterlight Guild of Azyrheim use blinding, excoriating magic to interrogate those they suspect of corruption, stripping away lies and flesh until only truth remains. Their agents are said to be pure and incorruptable by some, and perverse sadists by others. The childlike Oracle of Shyish can taste the taint of Chaos in the blood of men and women. Under the watchful eye of her immobile, silent Stormcast guardian, thousands of pilgrims bring her offerings in a hope to prove their purity. The Knight-Venator Calliostro, tasked with finding tribes that had resisted the hordes of the Blood God, instead came across a Slaughterpriest who claimed to have been cured of the madness of Khorne when he pierced his own skull. The pair formed an unlikely alliance, but so far have been unable to replicate the accidental trepanation, despite the accuracy of the Venator’s arrows and an unending tide of test subjects. The aquatic Duaradin fortress of Deepthunder has held out against the apocalypse since time immemorial. Under near constant attack, the citizens seal themselves in their hold and flood the city using ingenious mechanical walls and pumps, drowning any invaders. But emmissaries sent to the fortress noticed with some alarm that the barnacles that can be found all across Deepthunder can also be found on the skin of the sallow-eyed, secretive Duaradin that live there. Eager to establish new alliances in the wake of Sigmar’s return, the crippled Vampire diplomat Malapraktor set out in his iron carriage, a ruinous steam-powered contraption. The vampire’s diligence in finding those whose blood is tainted by Chaos is perhaps unsurpassed by any other, but his manner of creating converts to his cause is more forceful than most. The Shaii’ik tribe lived unseen by the scrying eyes of Tzeentch, worshipping a frail, masterless daemon. The entity granted them all invisibility from Chaos so long as they protected it in kind. When ambassadors from Azyrheim encountered the tribe the sight of the withered daemon sickened them, and they burned it. After some deliberation, they burned the tribe too. How to use this thread? This thread is going to become the home for the AoS28 project. Feel free to make use of the various TGA sections such as Painting and Modelling forums to show others what you are painting, or your own thread in the Narrative forums to talk about your warbands back story. You can also start your own blog and post photos in the gallery section but be sure to post links and updates in here to keep a central archive. You can easily find and share this thread and with the url - TGA.community/AoS28
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    Hello guys, I am ready to join the fray! As many of you I am so hyped for this! I am currently working on a couple of projects which I think will fit nicely in here and I am glad that this great project will be hosted on TGA, a great and positive community! So, let me present you the first of my war bands for AoS28: The Luminarchate of Anaryn The idea behind this project came from my many years of Warhammer Fantasy Role-play... I was around back in the days of the 1st edition of the game and I remember bits of fluff that have long been forgotten and arguably have no space in the new AoS setting... Or do they? I was recently re-reading the Realm of Chaos books (the original ones form the late 80s) and I found very interesting that the description given of the Chaos dimension (the Warp, the Immaterium or whatever name you want to give it) has survived in more or less the same philosophical spirit... A place where literally everything is possible, where new gods are born every day and old and forgotten deities are slowly fading into oblivion. There is no really such thing as "canon" fluff when we are talking about this Realm and it's always been far from straightforward and full of interesting paradoxes. One of these were the forgotten Law Gods, the triumvirate of deities that were described as the philosophical opposite of the Chaos Gods: these were Alluminas, god of light and eternity, Solkan, god of punishment and vengeance, and Arianka, goddess of rectitude and temperance. So I wondered, what if among the endless dimensions of the Mortal Realms some humans were still worshipping these ancient gods? As the RoC books suggest, as long as a warp entity have worshippers it exists as a tangible materialisation of their communal devotion, desires and fears. So the Law Gods could still exist, provided that somebody was still praising them. So that was what I imagined... a community of faithfuls who somehow managed to keep their devotion to the Law Gods intact and survived the Age of Chaos to be rediscovered by Sigmar in the initial stages of its Vengeful war. Let's jump to this project then, which revolves around the idea of the small kingdom of Anaryn in the Realm of Hysh (Light) protected by an order of warrior-monks called the Luminarchate whose hq is an abbey/library which survived miraculously the Age of Chaos. Much like our own benedictine monks during the Dark Ages, I imagined the Luminarchate to trace its origins back to a religious order who spent centuries collecting and protecting all the knowledge they could find, copying it in manuscripts and enchanted tomes which they kept locked in a giant Fortress-Library. It was thorough their endless quest that they found out about the Law Gods and started to worship Alluminas for protection, trusting the Unmoving God with the preservation of their holy work. When Sigmar's Storm broke and the Age of Chaos came to an end the ancient Realmgate deep in the heart of the Abbey cracked open and a small company of marble clad giants emerged from the swirling void beyond. Similar in appearance to the image of their gods the Luminarchate named them Astrafteros, the Gleaming Ones and started worshipping them as emanations of Solkan, the Vengeful Punisher. These divine warriors spoke to the people of the Luminarchate telling them that the time had come to leave the boundaries of their hiding place and finally spread the True Word of the Law to the rest of the land and to liberate them from the curse of change. Armed with all the knowledge of times long gone the Luminarchate warriors are powerful indeed and their zeal is unshakeable like the will of their god. The paladin warriors of the Luminarchate are fanatics who believe that change in every form is abominable and try hard to reach enlightenment through martial discipline, rigorous asceticism and constant prayer. If you are familiar with the Name of the Rose (either the book or the movie), they would get along really nicely with Jorge of Burgos... Basically their paradoxical philosophy is that all knowledge exists as an emanation of the gods (both chaos and law gods) with the difference that change and progress are tools of chaos, akin to black magic, while the wisdom of their lawful patrons is eternal, unmovable and unchangeable. It must only be preserved, not enriched, as doing so is to invite the Dark Powers into ones heart. Their adepts and acolytes are constantly copying ancient manuscripts recovered by their brethren and even the minimal deviancy from the original text or addition is severely punished by there superior. The Luminarchate is constantly trying to recover these fragments of ancient knowledge to preserve them for future generations, but every time a tome or a scroll is found and taken back to the vaults of the Abbey, the higher ranks of the order gather to study their contents to establish whether the knowledge within it is pure and untainted, and therefore worth surviving and being preserved, or tainted by Chaos and destroyed on the spot. They might dress in gleaming white and gold but they are as grimdark as 40k most puritan inquisitor. Strangely they do not seem to see any difference between their patron and the astral god worshipped by the Astrafteros, who in turn never spoke against their creed or their rites. Are Sigmar and Alluminas one and the same or are the new comers exploiting the religious fervor of the Luminarchate to fulfill their own goals? I will leave you with some shots of my first Astraftero (almost no conversion at all I am afraid) and the first attempt of converting a warrior of the Luminarchate... More to follow, hopefully very soon! Hagen
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    Tell truth really disappointed in this group now. I thought AoS community was friendly then this and all about love of the game. Instead we get told we'er a bunch of beginners and we make crappy lists. Don't care how you spin it thats just rude.
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    Bit of a copy / paste from Facebook for you on the time comments: "The process is on going. Certainly not just one day. This one day (weekend) was a great get together to look at a lot of things (that I can't go into). Can't tell you how many hours we've all spent since the game has been launched playing, testing and conversing about matched play. Don't be mis led thinking this is just a one day deal." As a playtest group we are in constant contact with GW on lots of different issues, not to mention you have some hardcore AOS guys working on the game inside GW themselves. D
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    I'm really disappointed reading this thread. GW have made some amazing changes in the last few years, really amazing changes. The fact that they're going to constantly update the game to maintain some form of balance has to be the greatest of them all! Of all threads, this thread should be a celebration of how cool AoS is, and yet, it undoubtedly makes for worst reading on all of TGA. This here Warhammer is a dice game. Just a silly dice game. We are all just big kids. That being so doesn't mean we should be scratching and pulling hair. Granted, we all need a moan now and then, but moan to your friends, in the comfort of your own Whatsapp groups. Don't post rants for the world to read. They're only going to get people down and cause friction. TGA has maintained its positivity this long. May this thread serve as a warning to us all. If we go the way of Warseer etc, there may be no coming back...dun...dun...durrrr...
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    2nd warning. I just deleted a load of posts and warned some users. I think a few of you need to have a think about why you play Warhammer.
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    Guy with a squat avatar here. People with poster boy armies on their second new book in as few years aren't allowed to use that word. We own that word, it's our word. In b4 I have squat friends so it's ok if I use that word. It's not ok.
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    Version 2.0.0


    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FAN PROJECT AND 100% UNOFFICIAL. Hinterlands: Skirmish Campaigns in the Mortal Realms by Sam James Version 2 - 28th January 2017 This PDF document is an unofficial supplement to Age of Sigmar by Sam James. It covers Skirmish Campaign play with two distinct modes; the Hinterlands Campaign (similar to Mordheim or Frostgrave) and the Realm Master Campaign (similar to WHFRP or D&D). In keeping with the design tone of Age of Sigmar, the rules are short and elegant. The core rules fit onto 4 pages, with an additional 3 for Battleplans and an additional 2 for the Realm Master Campaign. Please share this with your friends and gaming group as much as you want. The rules are here for you to enjoy! (I do always like credit so please share away, but do not take my work and present it as your own ) Thanks for all your support in making this the #1 downloaded file on TGA! See below for all the new features that have been added into version 2! - bottle (Sam James). UPDATE: 09/02/2017 FAQ & ERRATA The eagle-eyed among you have found a few grey areas in the rules. Rather than constantly update the file (forcing people to re-download on a regular basis), I have instead decided to keep a living FAQ for the version. This will grow as you give more feedback, and when version 3 eventually comes out all these questions will be clarified and updated. Here is the current FAQ:
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    I have to say, these seem to be the type of lists you want to see, not the typical "filth" you see dominating the European/UK meta. None of them seem egregious, but all seem powerful. They seem like the type of strong lists you bring to game night, not cutthroat WAAC style lists. And honestly, I think that's a good thing. We need more lists like this.
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    A few shots of my Aelves now the warband is finished. The Black Sloth Hell: a drowned, rotting forest in Ghyran. The forest is poisoned from within by a mad god of death and the Aelves that live there are trapped in its recurring nightmare. There are some more photos and some thoughts about putting together an AoS28 warband here: http://www.exprofundis.com/aelves-black-sloth-hell/
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    The first model in my AoS28 warband - a Wild Rider from the Black Sloth Hell: a drowned forest centered around a Realmgate to Shyish, the Realm of Death. The Aelves that live there think they are caught in a purgatory from Aelven folklore - a place where speed and grace and vitality are drained away. But the truth is more sinister than that. With the gates of Azyr opening, emissaries have been arriving at the outskirts of the Aelven realm looking for allies. It is not yet clear what side, if any, the Aelves will take. There is also now an AoS28 Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AoS28/
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    This is great news! Proper listening to feedback and now we have a sneak peak to give even more feedback on their proposed changes. Fantastic! I literally don't understand where so much negativity is coming from for these EXPERIMENTAL points changes that are CLEARLY WARRANTED and will make the game that little bit fairer. I weep for TGA, it used to be so positive here...
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    I hate to say this, but, I fundamentally disagree with EVERYTHING you've posted. (Not including models and their release dates) I love the 4 Grand Alliances Just because Sylvaneth & Stormcast are in the same alliance means they're always super best friends bro fist party time?? What nonsense. The releases have been majorly Stormcast... Well d'uh it's called Age of Sigmar and they're a completely NEW army so will need more than 2 new boxes of shineys... Chaos has finally been getting some attention and is fascinating in its depth of lists available (for Narritive and Matched Play) Destruction is awesome Death despite having no new models and a battletome before allegiance traits et al are still amazing fluff wise for narrative play oh and did you see how death army's were at the masters?? I'm sorry if that came across as a little (or a lot harsh) but I really love AoS and it's direction. (Also had a very long 8/9 days and almost zero sleep - yay 3 lil children [emoji23]) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I heard the "Vitriol Sea" is actually just another name for the Internet. Edit: and it's the saltiest sea in all the 9 realms.
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    Hello! New member here. Long time player of warhammer fantasy now AoS. After some time playing other miniature games while the End Times dust settled I finally committed myself to begin a new army in AoS (I know, I dragged my feet a little bit). My hobby group is fast approaching our next grow league and since I am a fairly slow painter I wanted to get a head start! Here are my first 5 liberators. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! I always try to push myself with every new army I paint and do feel this is my best work to date, so be gentle. I would also like to shout out this forum, while this is my first post I have been lurking on here for quite some time. Great community, huge inspiration (some of the painters and sculptors on here are incredible!) just a wonderful place to get in touch with the hobby. Thanks for looking. -Eric
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    I just finished up my Nurgle Chaos Furies kit bashes and I'm super happy with how they came out. I'd love some feedback if people have suggestions. I'd also be interested to see what other folks have done with their Furies if they've likewise built some. Enjoy!
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    Right. Progress! Deadline is 18th Feb for this lot so have had to drop off twenty Plague Monks in favour of a Plague Claw. Still need to finish Furnace, including it's base, and eighteen or so Monks.
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    Decided against the shield for now but it can still be added in later. Deep in the forest, next to a stagnant pool in a rotten copse, dead flesh and wood cling to each other in perverse imitation of life. Some say that they dance according to the whim of whatever killed the trees and poisoned the water.
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    This thread was really exciting at first, but after reading all the comments I now have an urge to jab my own eyes out and pretend the last 10 minutes didn't happen. Lets just be excited now and disappointed later, instead of getting all disappointed up front.
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    I did say I wasn't having a go at TO's! And I can't show you where the TO touched me because the relevant areas have now been ruled to be 'legacy appendages' and have thus been removed from the doll.
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    Show me on the doll where the TO touched you Jamie!
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    Tips and advice for new or returning hobbyists Hello there, Are you new to the hobby? Or perhaps you have been away for a large amount of time, distracted by getting ale and women/men-folk. Well don't you worry, I've got you covered. This thread is dedicated to helping you learn anything and everything you will need to know, as an Age of Sigmar Hobbyist. I will break down the thread into sections regarding different aspects of the hobby, including tips and advice that may benefit you or streamline a certain process. I am by no means a professional when it comes to any aspect of the hobby and this will not always be my opinions. Think of this thread more as an amalgamation of everyone's experience here at TGA, to ensure that you get the most out of our shared hobby. If you are reading this and believe that you can add something to the advice here then please check the bottom of the post for how to help. All contributions are warmly received So grab a drink, cast aside your weapon and kick that grot out of your favourite chair, and we will begin. Contents: 1 - Hobby advice and equipment 1.0 - What will you need? 1.1 - Tools breakdown 1.2 - Basic paint equipment 1.3 - Paints in detail 1.4 - A buyers guide 1.5 - Putting it all together 1.6 - Conversions 2 - Explaining the Game 2.0 - What is the difference between the game modes? Hobby advice and equipment What will I need? (1.0) So you have caught the bug! perhaps you have seen a particular figure you would like to paint or maybe you have heady dreams of standing over a plethora of opponents at a tournament and proclaiming yourself king. Either way we all start at the bottom and we all begin with a few basic tools. To build models you will need: Something to cut your models out of the sprue (The plastic frames that they come on) A glue to stick them together ( plastic glue for plastic, super glue for resin or metal) These are the bare bones of tools but will do the job. Games workshop do a few fantastic kits for people new to the hobby and for £20 you can get this starter kit from their website which comes with 13 paints, a brush, glue and a set of clippers. This isn't the only kit available out there but it is a darn good choice considering the quality of items associated with games workshop. Tools Breakdown (1.1) This section will look in more detail at some of the tools available to you out there. A lot of these may not be necessary to start with however they may improve the quality of your builds or seed up the process. Sprue clippers: These at first glance may seem like a luxury when you could simply pull the figures from the sprue or hack them free with a blade. They are however a very useful item. I spent a lot of my early years teasing models off their frames with my fingers (Ooh er!) and broke many of the fragile parts in the process. Sprue cutters make the job simple and easy and will speed up your building time no end. If you decide to build a horde army these things will be like gold dust to you. These days you can pick a pair up for pocket change, however it is worth investing in a good quality pair. The better the blade the cleaner the cut and the less effort you need to apply. Hobby knife: When you have clipped your models free from the frame you will likely notice that there is some excess plastic left over from the moulding process. I spent a lot of my early days ignoring it largely and my models looked awful because of it. As soon as you apply a lick of paint over the line they pop up and ruin your hard work. It is best to remove these with a sharp knife by gently running the blade across them to carve them away. These are SO cheap online now that there really is no excuse to not have one and they come in handy for so many different things. Always remember to cut away from yourself however as they are literally razor sharp. My thumbs have resemble corn beef if I am not careful when using one of these. Games Workshop have recently released their own tool specifically adapted to trimming mould lines and though I have not tried one yet, I have only heard great things and they look a far bit safer than a hobby knife. Hobby Drill: These are useful if you are working with heavy metal figures as they may require extra support to help the parts stick. To do this you can drill into the parts and join them with a thin bit of wire that will serve as a strong bond when you glue them together. Rubber self healing mat: These are very important if you are building on surfaces that you want to protect. I usually paint on mine also and it usually prevents Mrs Moho from hitting me when I spill paint or cut too deep into a lovely work top. Fine grit sandpaper: A useful tool for tidying up any lumps and bumps your models may have from the moulding process or in a conversion. I have had mixed sucess using emery boards for a firmer surface. Glues: Poly cement is the most common glue you will use for plastic. It is a permanent glue that works by melting the surfaces together to become one. I prefer to use Revel Contacta glue as it has a very fine needle applicator which is very useful in small models where you don't want to spill glue everywhere. Super glue is useful for resin or metal models usually as they require a stronger glue. It works by drying hard and creating a bond between the two surfaces. It is however very brittle and can be used for sticking things down temporarily. Always remember to pop the lid of your glue back on when you are not using it as this stuff dries fast. PVA Glue is also used for gluing flock to bases and other terrain. Its that white paste glue that you had in school. Hot glue guns are a bit more of an industrial tool and work very well sticking heavy things down. They lend themselves well to large scenery. Basic paint equipment (1.2) To get started painting you will need a primer to undercoat your models (A spray paint that helps paint stick to your model), paint and brushes. I have a variety of brushes however I tend to always come back to using the same few so do not be deceived into thinking you need a different brush for each job to start with. I started with the army painter brush kit which comes in around £8 and will serve you very well until you decide to expand your tools. As for paints I recommend starting with games workshops own paints as they do a few starter kits and you will find it easier to follow the paint schemes on the boxes if you use the same paints. Paint in detail (1.3) This section will go into a little bit more detail about specific paint brands and brushes and may serve you some use should you wish to delve a little deeper and refine your tools Paints: Citadel do a great range of paints that I tend to stick to, mostly as a lot of the painting tutorials use them and they are easy to get hold of. They are however quite expensive and have annoying bottles that don't always work terribly efficiently. There are many great brands out there that can be used instead; Scale 75, Vallejo and Army painter to name but a few. As art is such a subjective thing you will often encounter differing opinions on which paints you should use and I will not try to convince anyone here. What I will say however is do not be afraid to go outside of the GW range and try other paints. Often they are cheaper and may come in drop bottles which will make your paint last longer. Paint brushes: There are a vast amount of opinions out there on brushes however the majority tend to agree that sable hair brushes are the best. Indeed, in my experience they last longer and tend to hold their shape better. They are however made from the fur of animals and the practice of obtaining said hairs is not particularly nice. Synthetic brushes are also available from many retailers, they do the job fine however they do have a tendency to start to curl far sooner than a sable brush. The most favoured brand in my experience seems to be the Windsor and Newton series 7 kolinsky sable brushes ( these have an amazing reputation for being some of the best brushes out there). I have found the Citadel brushes to be a tad hit and miss for me and the quality has fluctuated with some being brilliant and others I have had being awful. Army painter do a good range of cheap brushes (a few cheap sets too) that work relatively well and if you are new I would recommend trying one of their multi packs until you learn a bit more about taking care of your brushes. There is no point spending £50 on some decent brushes only to destroy them within a week is there? Masters paint brush cleaner and preserver: On the topic of looking after your brushes this is a fantastic pomade that helps keep your brushes shape and extend their lifetime. I am not here to sell any particular brand and I don't get any handouts for advertising one (Though if anyone wants to send me a bunch of nurgle models I wont object ) however I have not yet found any product that does this job as well. Stripping models of paint: If you have some old models that you wish to repaint or you have bought some off ebay that have arrived looking like they were dipped in a paint pot it is possible to remove the old paint. What you use however varies on what the figure is made from. For most figures you can use a degreasing liquid such as Dettol or simple green all-purpose cleaner. You simply fill a jar with the liquid and place your miniatures in there. You may need to use an old tooth brush to tease off any really stubborn parts. For metal figures you can use nail polish remover and an old toothbrush however on plastic this will melt your model! Its not an easy process but with a bit of elbow grease you will eventually have a shiny model again ready to receive a new paint job. A buyers guide (1.4) Buying miniatures: When I first got into the hobby the only place I would buy figures would be my local GW store or occasionally a hobby or toy shop. Nowadays with the internet we are spoilt for choice and it pays to shop around. Many companies such as Element games, Firestorm games, Triple Helix and Wayland Games offer around a 20% reduction in price from GW's own website and often reward programs for continued business with them. I personally choose to use Element games as the service has always been top rate, however they are not the cheapest. Triple Helix often tend to have the best prices I have seen. Certain figures however you will not be able to buy from these shops as they are direct buy only from Games Workshop. Ebay is hugely popular for the buying and selling of miniatures these days however it pays to be careful when buying. Often figures are sold on here for more than the GW prices and figures that are harder to get hold of can often be sold for crazy prices. It is however a great place for finding less popular or discontinued miniatures. Here at TGA we also have a Sale and Trading area which can be great to find deals, earn some extra money or trade with fellow members. Always remember when dealing with people on the forums to be clear and honest about what you have or would like, provide good quality pictures so as everyone knows what they are getting and to be polite. When using paypal always pay for goods and services rather than sending money to friends and family. You may have to pay a small charge for transferring funds, but if osmething goes wrong TGA are not responsible and paypal is the only way to recover your funds. The trading forum can be found here: http://www.tga.community/forums/forum/83-for-sale-and-trades/ Putting it all together (1.5) OK, so you have your tools and you have your figures. What next? Building your figures: So first you will want to work out what you are going to build. There are usually two schools of thought for this depending on what you intend to do with your figures. The first is that you build them however you like depending on what you find looks the coolest. The second is that you intend to play the game and wish to build a unit to play with. If you are going with the latter you will need to work out what you would like them to do, based on the rules. For instance if I am building a unit of chaos warriors they have a lot of choices on weapons. I may choose to build them with swords and shields to make them defensive or with great weapons. Check the warscrolls for your model (Usually in the box with them!) and make sure you know what you want before you glue things together. Clip the parts out of the sprues and take care to remove any excess plastic with your hobby knife. This can be a long boring job but it will be worth it later when you come to paint them. The boxes of figures will usually have instructions with them on how to put together a figure and usually several options depending on the rules. Before gluing check that the part will fit and look ok. Its better to check twice and glue once. It is also worth baring in mind that it may be worth gluing parts in sub assemblies to make painting easier. For instance if your figure has a shield, consider whether it would be easier to paint the figure with the shield detached and glue it on after. The same goes for gluing a figure to a base. Is it worth gluing it straight on to its base or would it be easier for you to use blue-tack to temporarily fix it down and then glue it down once you have decorated your base? Once your figure is built and you are ready to begin painting you will need to apply an undercoat. The point of a primer is to allow the paint to stick to the model and sometimes to supply a base colour. Different colour primers work better for different colours. If you wish to paint a model very light colours a black primer is not usually a wise choice, as it will take you more coats of your lighter layer to cover it. I have heard of people using a coloured primer to speed up their painting process ( Using Mournfang Brown for instance for a model with a lot of leather). Bare this in mind when choosing your primer as it may be helpful. When you use your primer make sure to shake the can well and use it in a well ventilated area, as it is a toxic paint. Try to avoid spraying in overly humid or cold conditions as it can affect your paint quality. Spray your model with the can around 30cm away and try to use small bursts, as if you apply too much paint you may find that you lose the models detail. As a fairly famous fella always says, its better to use thin layers to build up a colour than just one thick one. Painting: I wont go in to too much detail here, as there are tutorials around that explain things far better than I could. When painting the key is patience. Take your time and be methodical in your approach. Never paint form the pot straight to your model, always apply the paint to a pallet and add a little bit of water. This will help your paint flow smoothly and let you apply it in thin coats. Try not to get any paint in the ferrule of your brush ( the metal band that holds your bristles) as this will be hard to clean and usually damages your brush. Games Workshop have a youtube channel called Warhammer TV where Duncan Rhodes and friends often run tutorials of how to paint certain models and tips for certain styles. Youtube in general has a whole host of tutorials from some fantastic individuals and is a great resource for learning. Similarly people on the forums here are always keen to share advice and tips within the Painting and modelling section ( Found here: http://www.tga.community/forums/forum/27-painting-and-modelling/). A polite question here and there on a model you like will often result in someone explaining how they achieved that result and that is entirely what this hobby is about, sharing and community. Basing: So you have a nice model painted and you want to get it all pimped out and on the table. But wait, its sitting on a boring black disc! Basing really allows your models to have an overlying theme and can make your paint job pop or even tell a story. There are several ways to achieve this. The traditional way is to glue flock and grit to the base and then paint it, giving a very natural texture. You can add static grass, extra bits from a model kit or even bits of sponge to simulate moss. There is really no limit to your options. If you would prefer something a little more extravagant there are several companies that sell resin bases. These are great if you would like a tiled floor for instance or perhaps a lava flow underneath your figure. Recently Games Workshop have joined in with the basing market and have released a set called Shattered Dominion bases which can add a great amount of character to any base and can be bought fairly cheaply. They have also recently begun creating a series of texture paints. These are paints that contain grit or sand, thus creating a texture when applied. Striland Mud for instance is a brown paint containing grit that looks like wet mud when dried. The possibilities really are endless. Once your figure is based you can paint the rim of the base to tidy it up or even add the figures name around the rim. Conversions (1.6) So you have made and painted a few models and are feeling a little more adventurous. How about building your own figure. Conversions relates to taking a model and changing it to make something truly unique. This can be simple as KitBashing ( Adding parts to a figure from a different model kit ) to sculpting ( using a putty like epoxy called Kneadite to sculpt entirely new properties to your figure). Kitbashing does not really require much of an explanation but it is worth keeping an eye on the scale of the parts you use to make sure they suit each other. You may sometimes need to cut or manipulate parts to make them fit well. Sculpting is daunting to most beginners however it is one of my favourite parts of the hobby and one I recommend everyone to try. Often it involves the use of 'Green stuff' As it is affectionately known but there are alternatives such as milliputt and others, often which offer different properties. Green Stuff is a 2 part epoxy meaning it is composed of two materials that when combined harden. Standard greenstuff comes as a large strip comprised of a blue side and a yellow side and when they are combined it becomes a sticky green substance similar to blue tack. When using green stuff a lot comes down to personal preference. You will need some sort of lubricant to keep it malleable. Often people recommend vaseline however I choose to use water as I find vaseline overkill and it requires cleaning afterwards. If you dont use a lubricant like these you may find your green stuff sticks to everything it touches and is too hard to sculpt with. When it comes to tools you can literally use anything to get your requires scupt, however there are some very useful tools. I use a set of Royal Sovereign Colour Shapers, which are effectively paintbrushes with silicone tips rather than brush bristles. They allow you to create very organic shapes and blend the GS into your model very finely. Another good choice is dental tools, as strange as that sounds. They often have a variety of tips that can help you manipulate and tease your medium in an assortment of ways. When you come to use GS you should first of all cut away the strip in the centre of your blue and yellow sides, as this part has often already cured and can affect your consistency. Once you have the amount you would like mix together your yellow and blue strips until you have an even green blob. Once you have become proficient with using this material you can achieve different results by using more or less of one colour to change its properties. The blue strip is the hardening agent of the epoxy, and by adding more of this into your mix you will achieve a harder setting medium that cures in less time and is better suited to big thick areas. By using more yellow within your mix you will get a lighter green medium that is stickier, takes longer to cure and is better suited for fine detail work. In most cases a 50/50 mix will suit most work until you wish to delve deeper. Once set green stuff is naturally a bit rubbery. It has a certain amount of movement within it and if you require something harder then I suggest you look at Milliput, which is a similar material but more suited to large coverage. Explaining the game (2) Ok so you have your figures assembled and painted and now you want to get to the bit where you lay waste to an opponent. You have a few options here as to how you do that but they all work around these basic rules:https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Rulesheets/warhammer-aos-rules-en.pdf What is the difference between the game modes (2.0) Open Play: This is the game mode where anything goes. You and your opponent have no constraints and can field as much or as little as you both decide is fair. These games tend to be more light hearted and allow you to play however you really like based around the simple 4 page rule sheet and is a great starting point for any new player Narrative Game: Narrative games are designed to allow you to tell a story through your game. These include playing scenarios, player made campaigns or events where your army can rise to glory. You do not always need to use points for your and it can widely depend on who is running the game for you. There are some official narrative scenarios that Games Workshop have included in the Generals Handbook ( a book GW have released that has point profiles for all the units and explains how to play the different ways to play. It also includes battleplans and scenarios that enhance gameplay). These can consist of things such as a set amount of of stormcast must hold off against a horde of skeletons or there may be an objective that one player needs to complete. @HobbyHammer is also running an online narrative campaign that is well worth checking out if narrative is what rocks your boat. Matched Play: This was a type of game mode added that was intended to add balance to the game and allow for people to field "Equal" armies against each other. It is the basis for a lot of the tournaments and events. In matched play each unit and model is assigned a value and you must create an army up to a certain value, the most common of which seems to be 2000 points. The points for each unit can be found within the Generals Handbook, However, @scrollbuilderdude has created a fantastic site for the community to view each point cost and to create lists. It can be found here: http://www.scrollbuilder.com/ Matched play often entails certain restrictions which are put in place in order to create a level playing field between players. *** Under Construction *** Sections to be added: Contents Airbrushing Community Advice Hobby Tips and Tricks Rules How to build a list Your first match Tournaments Contributors The thread also needs to be formatted and I will add pictures and links to tutorials and websites. This thread is still under construction and I will add more as and when I can. If you believe that you can add more detail to this thread, add something I have missed, correct something I have gotten wrong or have a tip or trick you would like added you can post in the comments, Pm me on here or send me a message on twitter ( Moho_Joe ) Thanks, Mohojoe
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    Guys, I don't see why you are all getting upset. You want to play with points for competitive/tournaments/pick up games? To me this is easy as it seems everything you will need will be in the core battletomb and maybe Generals Handbook. Want to play pure Stormcast? Use the Stormcast book. Want some other stuff, use the General's Handbook. If you don't care about points and want to do narrative or Age of Sigmar out of the box? You won't care about this issue Seriously, GW do something cool and give you what you have been asking for and it's not what you wanted and it's like they have stolen your sandwich. I think this is really cool and I have no issue following what is going on. I love what they are doing and I can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeves considering we are only in February now! Anyway, this thread is something about rumours or something.......
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    Got some nicer pictures of my Nighthaunts army up. You can check them all out here: http://www.mengelminiatures.com/2017/02/showcase-vanguard-nighthaunts-army.html
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    I think @Honcho has it backwards. The question isn't if "damage specifies mortal wounds", but if "mortal wounds are a type of damage." If you look at the section for allocating damage, the four page rules use the phase "inflict damage" and "inflict wounds" interchangeably. In other words if you are "inflicting wounds" you are also "inflicting damage". The rules make no distinction between doing those two things. Destiny dice can be used to fix a "to wound" roll, but that's actually a roll that happens before a wound is inflicted. A "Damage roll" is a specific roll to see how many "wounds" to remove from an opponents warscroll. So what do the rules say about "mortal wounds"? The key part of this is the phrase "...allocate the wounds to the models from the target unit as described above". In other words "use the rules for allocating damage". The section it refers to uses the terms damage and wounds interchangeably, so it stands to reason that a mortal wound roll is a damage roll that cannot be saved by armor. When you are making a roll "to wound" you are not making a roll is see how much damage a unit takes. You are rolling to see if a unit is damaged at all. When you are rolling for mortal wounds, you are rolling to see how many wounds the attack inflicts, which incidentally is what you are rolling for when a basic attack has variable damage. Note also that nowhere in the game is there an "regular" attack that bypasses armor. All attacks that bypass armor inflict "mortal wounds" even if its from a "regular weapon". Here's a practical example of what I'm talking about. Tzaangor skyfires have a ranged attack that does D3 damage on a 4+/3+. but they also have this special rule: The damage inflicted is D3 either way, all from the same weapon. The only difference is armor saves can be taken by one but not the other. Again, regardless of what it's called, it's a roll to see how much damage the target takes because mortal wounds are a type of damage. Mortal wound rolls and damage rolls are the same thing. The 4 page rules use terms interchangeably. The rules for using destiny dice I see no reason why DD can't be used for mortal wound rolls when the rules refer to mortal wounds as "inflicting damage".
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    Square bases do offer an advantage for maximising combats and space if you are measuring base to base. A simple fix if you do want to also play on rounds without re-basing your armies is just use either plastic or wood round bases of the correct size and either magnetise or blu-tac your models onto them. You should have no problems playing on squares unless you go to an event or tournament which requires round bases.
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    Usually I don't post WIPs so early, but with all the excitement of this thread I just couldn't wait to get stuck in! As a disclaimer, and maybe as a bit of motivation for those already intimidated by the impressive modelling chops on display in this thread, I will say now, I am terrible at converting! I have no greenstuff sculpting skills, I am not very good at chopping up models too, so I will be relying solely on kitbashing! I am sure lots of you are in the same boat as me. But hopefully this will be a great chance to push myself! So with that in mind here is an early WIP of my Warband: I'm basing my warband on Greywater Fastness from the Season of War. If you don't recall the conclusion for that city, they were basically overrun when they let off all their warmachines at once (including giant "macro" Hurricanums) that obliterated the entire countryside for miles in all direction. That countryside was already drained swampland, so being subject to a post-apocalyptic explosion no doubt left it dank, gnarly, polluted and an altogether grim place to live... With that in mind I thought the inhabitants should wear longcoats and hoods to keep off the acid rain as well as lanterns to see through the smog. As the place is quite technologically advanced I gave them all rifles and other gadgets like ad-hoc grenades and mechanical looking back packs. I plan to add in a Stormcast model to lead the group and invoke the classic INQ28 Space Marine appeal. The Chamber will be one of my own creation and the story around them is that the entire chamber is cursed. They were outside the city gates when the bombs went off and were obliterated along with the enemy, killed to the last man. Upon being reforged, every one of them returned not much more than a silent automaton - the most you'll get out of one is a whispered rasp to pass judgement on the agents of Chaos which they now hunt down. More to come soon, and I will start a plog somewhere on here to cover the progress! (PS I am looking for the lanterns off the Steamtank kit, if you have one going spare let me know! )
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    Calling all NEOs (Narrative Event Organizers) or those who want to become a NEO! We want to try something that, to our knowledge, has never been done before. On June 10, 2017, NEOs from around the globe will be hosting their own local one-day events where local players will gather at local venues to play games of Age of Sigmar that will affect a global narrative. The Event Pack will be created through a collaboration of NEOs you may know (RAW, RealmHoppers, Holy Wars & Holy Havoc, NOVA, Mengel Miniatures, Mortal Realms Podcast, Rolling Bad Podcast, & Tales of Sigmar Podcast). Inside the pack will be the following: Insanely creative and simple narrative that will give players a feeling of impact on the global narrative Simple Battleplans, Times of War, and Pairing tables that will fit the narrative and be easy to organize NEO Support information on how to organize an event, make arrangements with a venue, and run the event the day of. If you think you might want to become a NEO for this global narrative 1day event, please raise your hand below to start the conversation. More will be revealed soon! Join the NEO movement!
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    an thi skye is fallyng/the kynge shi has lost her crowne/ thi centre is nott holdyng/thi worlde yt turnt upsyde downe - verse from a song sung by the Stakehutt tribe on the borders of the Bog of Despair
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    It comes with a Summoning Pool <boom>
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    No idea if anybody has seen this yet, but here is an interesting article on the Warhammer Community site.... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/02/07/the-generals-handbook-ii-wip-points-sneak-peek/ What I love about this is how GW are listening to players but not doing kneejerk reactions to things. Now if we can all start asking about Duardin
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    I often feel like I am spamming this thread given that I am abusing my free time (read: dissertation work time) rather heavily a the moment, so apologies! However, I finished my Chaos Lord last night, intending to (hopefully) use him for a Paths to Glory campaign! Some mild conversion work, and an attempt to do some shading with multiple applications of thinned down washes, that I think worked ok? Also some gratuitous blood because... c'mon! Blood!
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    Ironjawz iz best. See? Dat's 'ow it's done @Ollie Grimwood. Dat's why we don't leave da importunt stuff ta kickin' grots. Back to da Drops wiv ya and bring a mop! Deze no good Tzeentch luvvaz (wot iz a Tzeentch anyway? Sounds like a cross between a sneeze, a ****** and a foot fungus, NOT PROPPA) don't know anyfing about a proppa scrap. Dey can't even wiggle fingaz as a proppa Wurgogg Prophet, Wardokk or Weirdnob. Deyz tryin' ta be all fancy, swooshin' around and when da real gitz'r givin' a proppa scrum and poppin' headz not sittin' around chanting koombaya and puttin' feathers in each others hair. Worst of all? Da boss iz literally a BIG CHICKEN! If da warpaint ain't given ya a proppa picture yet, bein' led around by A BIG CHICKEN should be an easy sign of wot's proppa and wot's a BIG CHICKEN. BIG CHICKEN iz for fryin', not bossin' proppa gitz about. Da worst part, is most of dem iz BIG CHICKENS or wanna be BIG CHICKENS. BIG CHICKENS. "Oh we'z so cool and new world, we got dem Destiny Dice so we can do wot we wanna so we can choose the face of our dice" Let's see wot kinda face yer changin' when it's fulla choppaz! Dem gitz say dey can scrap, NO. NO NO. NO. NO NO NO. I never seen a BIG CHICKEN that a Brute can't handle. "Oh we haz da mortal woundz" Boyz bring ALL da wounds wiv CHOPPAZ !!! You wanna shoot? How doez a Kunnin Ruk full of Arrer Boyz sound? Sounds like yer fightin' in da shade to me! And nobody NOBODY is faster den Da Boyz. So you gitz in yer pretty blue dresses can get all proppa and fancy wif yer tea parties and happy face dice while da boyz are in your face, choppaz swingin', arrerz flyin', Grot Doom Divers Divin', Boarboyz chargin', Brutes Smashin', Weirdnobz Jujuin' and bosses hollerin'. Green iz best.
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    Hello I'm Brian the Ironjaws player that finished second in battle points. I ended up 3rd overall with the addition of soft scores, I got 3 Best Game votes, but not a best painted nod. I wanted to defend my inclusion of 2 Weirdnobs, for I think they are under utilized. You really cant discount the +1 or +2 to casting and unbinding. It allows you to keep a handle on the enemies magic as well as dish out a solid amount of mortal wounds. This GT was one of the funniest I've ever been to and I've been going to them for over 14 years. I look forward to continuing to show the world that Ironjawz are a top tier army.
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    I was able to go 6-0 and received multiple favorite opponent votes allowing me to take 1st overall. It adds the concept of softscore to the game. Which made it an amazing experience overall.
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    This week I have been suffering with a cold so not much has been achieved but this is where I am up to so far.
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    Hello everyone. So I think this is going to be pretty cool. I've been involved with Inq28 for a long time, and my favourite part of White Dwarf every month is the Blanchitsu section. But I'm also hugely interested in the Age of Sigmar and I think there is a lot of potential in the setting for introducing some of what makes Inq28 so much fun: the conversions, the stories, the shades of grey and the grimdark. I know some of you are doing this sort of thing already, but for those of you looking for an excuse to get started with warbands and alternative takes on the Nine Realms then hopefully this is the place for you.
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    Pretty much what you said, having been involved in the hobby for over 20 years this new direction is great. I'm loving the freedom of AoS, as a narrative/open/fluff player this gives so many options for cool stories. Currently my stormcast are being lead through the realm of shadow by a mysterious group of dark elves, plus some dark and dangerous slyvaneth, at some point they will be joined by a vampire and his undead thralls in their mission to hunt down and destroy and growing darkness. At the same time my Chaos Dwarfs are slowly and surely enslaving the beastmen of the forests surrounding their fortress, hiring roving bands of chaos marauders, and making deals for slaves and cannon fodder with the untrustworthy skaven as they expand their realm. I've never had this freedom to do what i like before and I'm loving it...long may it continue!
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    My 1000pts Ironjawz Force is decent enough to play with now. Broke them in last weekend. Still need a lot of highlights on yellow and black, as well as extra little details such as warpaint flames and squares and cones on the armor as well as some work on severed heads, etc. But all in all. Its a good start I think.
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    NOTE: This first post is continually updated. Last update 12/02/2017 DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FAN MADE PROJECT AND IS 100% UNOFFICIAL. IT IS NOT ENDORSED BY GAMES WORKSHOP IN ANY WAY. Hello everyone, welcome to my project called, Hinterlands. Hinterlands is a Skirmish Campaign system for Age of Sigmar. It is similar in scope to Mordheim or Frostgrave, but tries to stay as true as possible to everything we love about Age of Sigmar. Version 1 was released in October 2016, and since then I have been very honoured with the positive response. It has become the #1 downloaded file on TGA with over 1,500 downloads and more excitingly, games of Hinterlands have been happening all over the globe! The rules are free to download, and what you'll find are: Clear concise rules (the core rules are no more than 4 pages) for playing skirmish style campaigns and RPG style campaigns. Professional presentation (I have tried to make this look like the real deal!) Full modularity of the rules (so you can tweak/add/remove whatever you fancy without causing headaches for yourself with a long list of knock-on effects) You can download the latest version from the following link: Hinterlands: Skirmish Campaigns in the Mortal Realms - by Sam James <- Download Link Here are some screenshots of what to expect: Hinterlands Version 2.0 NEWS: January 2017 sees the first update to Hinterlands! FAQ & ERRATA The eagle-eyed among you have found a few grey areas in the rules. Rather than constantly update the file (forcing people to re-download on a regular basis), I have instead decided to keep a living FAQ for the version. This will grow as you give more feedback, and when version 3 eventually comes out all these questions will be clarified and updated. Here is the current FAQ: Your questions and feedback is super useful, so please keep it coming! Future Updates and Involving the Wider Community With version 2.0 I think the rules are now a solid foundation. Gaming groups can tinker with any part of the rules and adapt/add/delete as they see fit. This makes customising Hinterlands super easy. So why should I have all the fun? I want to open up Hinterlands now to the wider community, so if you have a neat idea for some add-ons or would like to take these rules and make something even better out of them, DO IT! But even better, why not share it with the wider community too? If you are happy to do so I would love to start updating this first post with extras other forum members have made. So let's see what you can do - bottle (Sam James) As Hinterlands grows I want to share and spotlight the extra additions gaming groups are coming up with. I would be more than happy to share something you've made for Hinterlands here in this post, so send me a PM if you've got something neat! The following section will showcase extra content made by players which you can incorporate into your games of Hinterlands. Feel free to talk and discuss any of these extras here in this thread too. AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar (Hinterlands Expansion) The first community add-on for Hinterlands I want to include is Ex Profundis' fantastic AoS28. Now, AoS28 is something much bigger than Hinterlands, you can use any ruleset with it (from Hinterlands, to Frostgrave to Mordheim), but I am honoured that @Bruticus wants to support the Hinterlands rules with the project too. With that in mind we worked on a quick expansion to the standard Hinterlands rules, to allow more room for creative freedom to let you explore those dark corners of the mortal realms without limit or constraint. Essential Links for AoS28 Ex Profundis - The home of AoS28 on the web! AoS28 Facebook Group - Already 500+ members, including Mr John Blanche himself. TGA AoS28 Thread - Crammed full of WIPs and inspiration #AoS28 - The official twitter hashtag Hinterlands Expansion - If you are playing games of AoS28 with the Hinterlands Rules, please feel free to use the additional rules below: Shardsfall - Mordheim Flavour for Hinterlands Download link: Shardsfall The next bit of extra content I want to share with you is, Shardsfall by @Grand Exemplar. Most of you who played Mordheim a lot will know Hinterlands is only loosely based on it (and is probably much closer to Necromunda). This set of extra rules here injects many classic Mordheim rules back into your AoS Hinterlands games, from selling shards of Wyrdstone after each battle to having psychology of old, like Frenzy and Hatred. I will say the presentation isn't very dressed up, but there are 28 pages crammed with rules so if you read through the Hinterlands rules and find a few of your favourite Mordheim rules are not there, you might want to have a look at this for inspiration.
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    Some great armies coming along here. After painting up up the new lord of change, I decided to pick up my small tzeentch daemons force that I had abandoned sometime last year and bought a couple of blue horror boxes.The pink horrors were pretty much done and I had base painted the flamers and chariot. Really enjoyed painting these, decided to go for a quick method, could always clean them up a bit at a later date. Put a few more photos in my plog.
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    Well I did it. I've finally finished Magnus. Turned into a bit of a slog in the end. Those damned wings took about 3 hours per side and nearly broke me. Here he is in all of his glory. Magnus / Lord of Change for AoS. Dwarf team next, then back to Tzaangors!
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    "The Carnivalia of the Crooked" Once the chief jester in Neferata's court, Rasputin, also known as "The Crooked One" has fallen from his patron's good graces. Cast out into the wilds of Shysh, and disfigured by the cruel knives of the Silver Queen, he wanders the blood red sands of the red wastes, scavenging for scraps and subjugating those unlucky few to wander near this tortured soul. His mind broken, he hides his face behind his porcelain mask, the only relic of his former life. Those he bends to his will are forced to hide their faces from the world, their mirrored masks reflecting their masters mask and madness back at him, constantly reminding him of that which was cruelly taken from him. He has vowed vengeance upon his cruel mistress, and seeks the "Puppeteer's Strings" an ancient artifact powered by the unclaimed souls wandering the red wastes. With those unlucky wretches subjugated to his will in tow, Rasputin and his morbid "Carnivalia" travel the wastes in search of the legendary artifact and more "performers" for the troop. The show must go on, and Rasputin will ensure that his return to the royal court will be a night to remember...
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    I'm really looking forwards to getting stuck into a project in AoS28. I plan to run the Blood and Glory skirmish event under these rules too. My Stormcast are a good fit and I have a converted Knight-Questor ready to paint as my Warband leader.
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    2 more days guys I hope you're all excited!