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    Hello everyone. I don't like to have to make posts like this and its been a while since the last one, but unfortunately I keep seeing the same sort of things posted over and over, usually by a small group of people. This forum (TGA) was set-up by myself nearly 18 months ago to be a fun place to hang out and chat about Age of Sigmar. It is a safe haven for like minded gamers from all around the world to avoid the hate and bile that was present on almost every other Warhammer forum/website/blog online. I wanted to find all the people who were enthusiastic about AoS and bring them to a single place to create a worldwide community that shared a love for all things related to the mortal realms. Unfortunately it seem that along with the success of a thriving and fun community comes people who just want to moan and complain about the very thing that they spend so much time involved with. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I welcome and enjoy lively debate but flat out moaning and complaining will not be tolerated here any more. I invite anyone who feels the need to spend time complaining to head over to another forum to do so. I recommend 4Chan as the bets place as it seems built for it but there are many others. http://www.warseer.com/forums/ http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/ https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/forums/list.page;jsessionid=F75F6F37FA8705FD51B6E3965F4A96CA https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_Fantasy_Battle i'm sure there are lots more too but it is no longer welcome on TGA. This forum has a pretty robust reporting and reputation system. If you see a post where some is just complaining for the sake of it them please report it. I want to make this a fun forum to be part of and the community helping with that will make it easier. Thanks, Ben.
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    Morning all, A very rare Saturday post from me (though I'm writing this in the week). This is because I have been waiting for the General's Handbook 2017 to go on preorder today before I can talk to you lovely people about it. Now I'm sure there will be plenty of leaks out by the time I release this as is always the way, but still I hope this will still be of interest. As some of you will know, I am in the privileged position to receive review copies of GW new releases to talk about on my podcasts (AoS - The Black Sun / 40K - The Triumvirate). So my usual approach for this kind of thing would be to record a solo show this weekend for release in my usual slot on Monday. This time round I've decided to do things a little differently as there will undoubtedly be a plethora of GH2017 reviews out for you over the next week; podcasts, blogs, YouTube, you name it. My plan here instead is to write this article for you, the people of the TGA Destruction sub forum. Whilst in places TGA gets a bit of bad press nowadays, I think we as a sub forum have kept an incredible level of positivity and created a fun, friendly place to post and discuss our love for AoS, which is great. It truly makes my weekdays more bearable and I get a lot of joy from posting, reading, replying and just generally interacting with all you guys. So this here is my initial overview of Ironjawz in the General's Handbook 2017! As for the podcast, obviously this new publication will remain the main focus for some time now and my intention is to do a series of Allegiance specific shows as opposed to trying to cover the book in full. Once @Sangfroid has had a chance to read the book I will be getting him on to discuss Ironjawz in more detail, by which time I'll have played some games and may have expanded upon or changed my opinions on the below. There will also be a Nighthaunt show with @Mengel Miniatures , a Slaanesh show with Bryan Carmichael etc etc. I'm not entirely sure this is the best way to go about it and perhaps doesn't make best use of the early access, but I wanted to try something different, so we'll see how it goes. I probably should've stuck this episode on my website to generate traffic or whatever, but yeh as I said, I thought it'd be cool to share this with you guys right here! I guess other than reading, replying, sharing etc the only other thing I'd ask in return is that you check out my sponsor, Element Games and click through this link to get your purchases (ie a GH2017 preorder!!) - http://elementgames.co.uk/warhammer?d=10210 Well I think that's enough preamble that no one cares about, right? You're just gonna scroll down and get to the goodies....tbh this is exactly what I did when I got my Handbook, flicked straight to the Ironjawz, so I can't blame you (though I urge you to stop on page 1 for just a moment when you have the book yourself! /vanity ~ love you GW!!). Soooo.... The goal here is pretty much to go over everything Ironjawz in this new book. In time I may open up discussion on the other Destruction elements, but I need to stick to my roots and talk about what I love for this post. Obviously I won't be quoting whole sections of the book, listing points values or anything like that. However this review should be able to give everyone a great idea of what we have to look forward to...and boy do we have a lot to look forward to. Ok let's dive in; Matched Played Rules Whilst there is some new stuff in here around The Rules of One etc, coming at this from an Ironjawz point of view I just wanted to touch on the fact that I can see nothing stopping non-Hero Generals or the stacking of effects. I've double checked this a couple of times as I had expected to see both included. I suspect these will still be popular Tournament house rules, but that aside you can still have a Brute Boss as your General and stack your Warchanter buffs. Now I'll say upfront, you may not need the Boss General anymore and we'll get onto why in a bit, but if you know my previous feelings on such things you'll understand there must be something good coming! Also like some of the more recent Battletomes, you can't take a Command Trait unless your General is a Hero, which I think is an elegant work around. Obviously this is just a first look and it's gonna be fun trying to new stuff, but it'll be interesting to see if we settle back into the Brute Boss General. Off the bat though it has to a thumbs up that it's still an option and better still that there's other stuff that may at least make you consider other things. Pitched Battle Profiles - Points So here's where it gets exciting, right? There have indeed been some reductions for a number of Ironjawz units you will be pleased to hear; * Both Gordrakk & the regular Megaboss on Maw-krusha have received substantial points drops roughly around what I expected and advised. I think the Maw-krusha would've needed to drop a little more for a Double Dragon list to become an archetype, however as it is it could certainly be a fun consideration. * Ardboys have remained the same whilst in a unit of 10, but they do now have an option to be fielded at a discounted rate as a Massive Regiment. The discount here is actually pretty sizeable so is good value, the flip side being it'll cost you not far shy of a quarter of your army! Definitely a nice option that I want to see on the table. I'll be thoroughly disappointed if @Sangfroid isn't rocking one at BLACKOUT! No 5 man unit option and these remain Ironjawz Battleline only. * Gore-gruntas got the reduction everyone was expecting. You can extrapolate this cost from the Skirmish book. Whilst I've long said this unit is a Warscroll issue, not a points issue, this reduction is a nice fix. I can see myself continuing to field these regularly and will now fancy them both as quick, cheap objective grabbers in 3's as well as big pork tarpits in 6's. And that's it for the units. Absolutely nothing to complain about there. Completely happy with these as sensible reductions. If you run a list now with a Maw-krusha and 2 units of Gore-gruntas (like I did at EGGS), with these reductions you could pick up a 3rd unit of piggies gratis!! #cashback Now that's not entirely true unfortunately, as the eagle eyed reader will notice I haven't covered Battalions yet. There is seemingly a trend throughout this edition of the General's Handbook to increase the cost of Battalions, though I'll admit I haven't spent too much time comparing others (it's all about the Ironjawz man!!) the Ironjawz ones are no different; they have all been increased by the same amount. This figure is almost surprisingly large, however as mentioned it does appear to be a game wide trend, presumably with overall internal balance in mind. So what does this mean? Well, the Ironfist is now more of a must than ever (we'll get onto this - a couple of reasons why!) so I think we'll just take the hit and suck it up as its that good. Unfortunately this increase does eat up most of the free points we've gained back above. This would mean my EGGS army would remain exactly the same, although in tomorrow's money I could upgrade the 2nd unit of pigs to Brutes/Ardboys. Obviously this is using just one list as an example...if you previously ran a Godrakk Gorefist list, even with the Gorefist rise you'd still have plenty of spare change. I guess I would've like to have seen some of the other Battalions go cheaper than the Ironfist (even with them all going up) as it means we'd see them more. It's hard to talk too much about how my old lists translate as I actually think it'll be a case of building from the group up now. We have the fantastic Allies rules (more in a min) and also the two super cool mega Battalions that I haven't mentioned yet. I'll talk about what these include later, but yes, we get a one drop army!!! How exciting is this? All in, it's gonna cost us 280-300 in tax to gain this ability (so potentially smaller armies) but the benefits are huge. We'll get onto that. I'll also give some example army lists I've been considering in a second post. Allies Well surely this is one of the most exciting things in the book for us?! I'm sure many of you are like me in that you have countless projects laying around, previously hampered by Battleline restrictions, so this is a fantastic move by GW - from a hobby point of view as well as gaming. So as Ironjawz, we can ally with; Aleguzzler Gargants, Bonesplitterz, Gitmob Grots, Greenskinz, Moonclan Grots, Troggoths How cool is that? So I won't go into all the options, but I thought it might be fun to pick a few; Aleguzzler Gargants; enough said surely! We all talked about armoured Gargants when the Thunderfist box came out at Christmas last year. Now we can field two in a 2,000pt army. It's gotta be done! Bonesplitterz; well I always wanted to finish my Ardboy Yoofs (Savage Orruks) to use as generic Battleline. Whilst I'd love to do so as it was a cool concept, I'm so pleased I don't have to now in order to unlock some of this other cool stuff. Note the Savage Orruk units are now capped at 30. Big Stabbas are 100% on my list though. I converted one and was really happy with it, definitely more to come. You can ally a Teef Rukk which is pretty cool! Gitmob Grots; Spear Chukkas! What more to say. Great addition to an Ironjawz army for sure. Obviously you could pick up some cheaper bodies here as well as the Battleplans are still mostly model number focussed. Massive Regiment of Grots clocking in under 300 has potential. Greenskinz; well there are some juicy options here! The newly rereleased Rogue Idol clocks in at 400 points with the Greenskinz keyword. That, is exciting. It has a buff that boosts Ironjawz bravery, their Achilles heel (until it dies!), and would be a fantastic centrepiece. Can see this being popular. The Wyvern and Warboss with Banner are also strong choices (though less so if not your General) Moonclan Grots; Doesn't necessarily appeal to me in an Ironjawz army, but the power of Grots & their Fanatics is undeniable. Note that Fanatics now come in a minimum unit size of 3! Troggoths; always wanted to paint the Fellwater Troggoth models! Could squeeze 6 into your ally allowance with a bit of change. Note that no Beastclaw monsters will be seen in Ironjawz armies. For me, the ally rules are one of the biggest hits of this book. They've done a fantastic job with them I think. It's a great idea and opens so many doors in terms of modelling and gaming. Can't wait to see what combos people come up with! Allegiance Abilities: Destruction Now before we get on to the really juicy party that is the Ironjawz abilities, I would be remiss to ignore the generic Destruction stuff and talk about where that is in GH2017. This will be a very quick rundown, just to tell you why (at an initial glance) we, as Ironjawz players, do not need to concern ourselves with pages 156-157 of this book...we're onto bigger and better things! Battle Trait - Rampaging Destroyers; I think will all saw a change coming here and I have to say that what GW have done is a pretty sleek simplification of what was a heavy dice rolling exercise. That's all well and good, but unfortunately the new rule is much less reliable as you only roll for Heroes and need to get a 6 (+2 for the General) to trigger an effect. If you do happen to roll that hallowed 6 (TBS dice are recommended) the abilities are nice for a selected unit; a 6" move, a pile in or a charge depending on the units proximity to the enemy. I always said that how good the Ironjawz abilities would be would also depend on the Destruction ones in turn; so with this change I think it's fair to say we'd be open to checking out something new. Next let's check out the Command Traits. Remember your General has to be a Hero to access one of these; Nothing Left Standing; same as before, however it now doesn't remove special scenery rules. Might is Right; same as before, doesn't apply to mounts now. Wild Fury; this has been simplified. It's now a flat +1 to hit if you've suffered any wounds. Again this would not apply to mounts. Bellowing Tyrant; total change up here, this now grants +1 to run and charge rolls and you can use the General's Bravery for the selected unit. 6" range. Big and Brutish; unchanged. Ravager; now adds +1 to the Rampaging Destroyers roll. This means your General triggers it on a unit on a 4+. Funnily enough, even though there are lots of changes there I still think the two most used now (Bellowing Tyrant & Ravager) will remain top of the pile. I think Ravager would be my pick. Ok one last thing before we hit the Ironjawz abilities - the Artefacts of Destruction; Hammerblade; same as Meteoric Hammerblade Battered Talisman; the flavour text here seems to denote that this was once the Talisman of Protection, however it's now a dirt-encrusted remnant of its former glory. As such, it's now a 5+. Rockeye; a renamed Gem of Seeing. WFB Ogre Kingdoms players will enjoy the reference. Bellowing Blade; a renamed Blade of Vituperation. Call it what you want, you won't see it! Collar of Domination; unchanged. Battle Brew; ahhh the big one! Remember when this artefact was fine...like before Frostlords were a thing. They ruined the bro juice for everyone. As suspected, this took a hit. One use only and inflicts D6 mortal wounds at the end of the turn. So like the Command Traits, the same two artefacts are likely to be the ones you see, even with a slight hit. Talisman and Battle Brew in this case. Rockeye now has a place though to be honest and could well overtake Battle Brew. Has a nice inbuilt anti-Frostlord effect with the range as well. There we have it, the state of Destruction...kinda the same, but reigned in a little and fairly so I think. Whilst nothing there previously was a problem with Ironjawz, there was so much out there that made it an issue. So with that in mind I think these are pretty much necessary changes. It will also make any Ironjawz player reading this entirely ready to embrace what's next I suspect. Had we still had everything as good as before we might be slightly less willing....but yeh, let's do this!!! Allegiance Abilities: Ironjawz Here we are, the business end of this ramble! Let's not delay any longer and kick off with the Battle Traits; Mighty Destroyers; this is the new Rampaging Destroyers, for free! So we just get the generic Destruction ability (with more to come!). Whilst this ability is by no means reliable it's a very tasty freebie. The +2 for the General here only triggers if your General is a Megaboss. Smashing and Bashing; you've seen this on the Community page. A very nice ability that can create some fantastic chain reactions. Note that it just says the combat phase so this also works in your opponents turn; wow!! Ordering combats will be more important than ever. I love a bit of finesse with my Ironjawz and which this seems so brutal, it will require planning to execute to its greatest potential. Eager for Battle; +1 to charge!! No stipulation other than being an Ironjawz unit. What more do I need to say here?! Brilliant. So there we are, three innate abilities that all work really well together. I think we can be pretty happy with that. You see why I believe the Ironfist to still be ultra important even given its price hike. Great stuff here though. Let's move on to the Command Traits; Hulking Muscle-Bound Brute; re-roll 1's to wound for your General. Meh, not bad, but keep reading. Live to Fight; General can re-roll hits if he charged. Probably better than above, but we haven't hit 11 just yet! Brutish Cunning; this is utterly gaming winning. On a 5+ you can have one Ironjawz unit close to your General charge at the start of your enemies charge phase before they do any. Fantastic. Just a shame it's always a fixed dice roll with no manipulation. Still, we'll get some stories here. Imaging triggering a Maw-krusha Destructive Bulk chain in your enemies charge phase!! Stories inbound! Bestial Charisma; other than being a phrase often used to describe me, I think this is my fav Command Trait. D3 Inspiring Presences. Yes please. Prophet of the Waaagh!; you can reroll Waaagh! or Mighty Waaagh! dice, or gain the Command Ability if you don't have it. Some people may enjoy this, does nothing for me though considering I don't use those command abilities anyway. Ironclad; Rend -1 when attaching the General. Not bad at all on a Maw-krusha IMO. Wish it was an artefact. Some brilliant stuff there. Brutish Cunning and Bestial Charisma being absolute stand outs for me. Let's see if the Artefacts off anything of interest.... Armour of Gork; bounces a mortal wound to the opponent in combat on a save of 6+. Destroyer; increases the damage of one weapon by 1. Doesn't work on mounts. Really nice on a Megaboss' choppa. Daubing of Mork; ignores wounds and mortal wounds on a 6+. Probably nicer on a Maw-krusha as with more wounds there's more chance of hitting this a couple of times. The Golden Toof; Ironjawz units close by can auto pass battleshock of the bearer killed a model in the last combat phase. Situationally brilliant. As someone terrified of battleshock this has appeal, but spoiler, read on! Metalrippa's Klaw; +1 Rend on one weapon. Doesn't work on mounts remember. The Boss Skewer; very much a case of saving he best for last here IMO. This adds +1 to your bravery in the battleshock phase and -1 to the opponent. Reasonable range on this one. 100% the first thing I'd be taking from this list. One thing I don't think I mentioned is that you can only take each Artefact once. So there we are, some very exciting stuff in here I think you'll agree. I'm worry I've gone on a bit long here so think I'll call it there. There's plenty for you all to get your Teef into. I'll come back with a second post on Sunday or Monday and cover off the two new battalions (which are both brilliant btw!!) and show some of my first army lists. Sorry I haven't been able to cover it all off in one go, this was pretty time intensive haha!! Phew, there we go. Hope that reads ok and is of interest to you guys. I appreciate I've not given too many of my own opinions on things so far, but it's early days and super exciting times!! Plenty of conversation to be had. Let's call it there. Let me know what you think, is this a good format for review as a supplement to the podcast? Interested in all kinds of feedback. First time I've done this and worried it's a bit vague. Anyway, thanks for reading, Chris x
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    If they do show stormcasts at gencon I will swim all the way through the ocean, find a man responsible and put a stardrake in his ass.
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    Don't complain. None is going to listen to 'death is rubbish' or 'oh no, another realise that's no death' but a well structured post on why you think death would benifit from upgrades, followed by ideas for said upgrades and maybe even some fan made suggestions would be sure to reach GW eyes. I know for a fact that this is true.
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    It is deliberately vague. Hard and fast rules will be pushed to the limit and a 'debate' ensues when I try to enforce them. Vague rules means I can bend them to suit what I feel is best for this community and the moderators word is the only hard limit If a person can't self moderate their posts and honestly doesn't know that they are coming across as a troll I hope the community will report them and out moderator team can have a word.
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    Hi all! A while back, I started a plog chronicling my return to AOS with an ogor project. Eventually, as seems to happen in this hobby, it morphed in to something different entirely... you know how it goes...'I could have a unit of moonclan grots to go with my ogors...and maybe a shaman...but now I need squigs...and and moonclan themed warmachines!' Etc. Anyway, I thought I'd make a clean break from my original thread and focus purely on my moonclan endeavers here. Though I expect the forces of destruction to take to battle together occassionally, I am only going to be addinv to the moonclan side of things (and the giant - love that model too much). So here is my painted army so far: Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Incredible that a few folks responding to this thread have completely illustrated Ben's point for him... Also sad that people need instructions and guidelines on how to not moan/troll! Anyway. Cheers for the post Ben, there's far more of us still loving both AoS and TGA than there is in the opposite camp. Keep doing what you're doing!
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    Pro internet tip: If a website looks like this, you are in the wrong place and potentially being covered in malware!
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    Sorry, I know I should mind my own business but I think you’re being a bit uncharitable in your interpretation. The original post seemed to me to have a jokey good-natured tone to it. He then elaborated on his actual concerns, and I don’t think it’s fair to claim that he’s being disingenuous or that he’s lying about his motivation. This forum is a pretty chill place so lets keep it positive.
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    Gaming is covered by 2 rulesets: the actual rules and a social contract. We all have printed copies of the rules. The social contract is going to be unwritten and it's up to a group to self govern it. The guy who summons 6 Morghast in a Narrative setting just to win a game? He knows exactly how he's violating the social contract. And often, he'll hide behind a defense of "the rules let me do it." And he's right, at least about that part. But he has also forgotten that he is part of a society consisting of however many people are in the campaign. And it's up to a society to set a limit as to what is and isn't acceptable. And it sounds as if the society here failed to have that conversation. To give an extreme example - I don't knkw where you are from, but I am an American (admittedly, a statement that becomes harder to admit on the international scale with each passing day, but I digress). As an American, I know that I have the freedom to speak my mind without fear of persecution from the government (or least, I'm supposed to). That means I can wall up to someone I disagree with on the street and call them a piece of ******, right? Surely, it's within my rights, which means there no consequences, right? Wrong. Just because I technically CAN do it doesn't mean society will let me. If I do it at work to a client, I'll likely be dismissed. And rightfully so. My employer has the right to choose who they associate with. Likewise, if I do it to a friend, I'm probably not getting invited to the next get together. Or a girlfriend or wife? That's couch city for the night, bro. Just because I CAN do something doesn't mean I should. Back to Path to Glory. Anyone who deliberately sabotages another player's fun by abusing a rule for an advantage because "it's legal " clearly has no regard for the social contract and has failed the group. Hiding poor behavior behind a cloak of "the rules is a surefire sign that someone is too immature to be a part of a group. And anyone who watched it happen and ignored it is just as guilty. A social contract doesn't hold up if someone is not willing to enforce it.
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    I think those that need rules could take some pretty clear guidelines from Gaz's responses. As a former mod from a WFB forum that confronted a similar issue I'd also suggest the following: Do: Develop your points. Rather than just saying "Overlords suck" expand on what doesn't work and why using examples and comparisons Experiment with solutions by houseruling when you play with friends, then feed this back on the forum. Give others (including GW) the benefit of the doubt and just agree to differ if a thread is getting too heated. Don't: State your opinion as fact. Derail threads on other topics with discussions of your pet peeve. Be unnecessarily confrontational when expressing your opinion. Get repetitive. Post predominantly or exclusively negative posts and comments. To use an analogy, I'm also really interested in politics, where discussions can get pretty damn contentious. If I want to discuss and debate politics I've got plenty of places on the internet and politically minded friends to do just that with. I like to think I'm a grown up who can have these conversations without getting confrontational and I've got friends across the political spectrum to prove it can be done. However, when I'm out with non-politico friends at the pub or with family I don't bring every discussion round to Brexit or Trump because a) these topics are divisive as hell; b) many people are sick of hearing about it and c) it's too heavy for when people are trying to kick back and relax. Treat TGA as a pub with a mixed group of friends who don't all share your strongly held beliefs and you won't go far wrong.
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    The martyr complex of all this 'my last post' stuff.... come on. Who would live in constant fear, seriously? Unless your main aim is to come on here to provoke and complain (in which I'd highly recommend using the BoLS comments section instead). The entire point of this thread was a simple, firm request for people to think before they post and try their best to be positive. It's not complex, it's not intimidation, it's common sense. It's honestly a shame that people are feeling the need to 'throw in the towel' as it were, but it's not as if we're being asked to tow the company line or anything. People are simply being asked to avoid posting the same, monotonous, morose, one-line sentences to every thread in the forum because they can't conjure up any other constructive, interesting conversation.
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    I haven't decided on a name for this Stormhost yet, but I'm pretty sure this will be the scheme I will be going for with my Stormcast once I wrap up my Nighthaunts. I wanted something quick but good looking so I can finally get all of those Stormcast I have purchased done and on the table. I took inspiration from Darren Latham and Paul Norton's Space Marines which involve doing metallics with no highlights. They use the other colors to draw the eye and highlight those as normal. I just sprayed mine Leadbelcher and used a 50/50 wash of regular and gloss Nuln Oil. I did highlight the gold once because it just didn't look right. I liked Darren's Silver Skulls so used the black shoulder pads from that. I'm also trying to tie these into my Kharadron which use similar colors. The handle on the knife is purple and will be used as the weapon haft color on all of the models as well as for the plumes and possibly the capes. This was also my first time using the Shattered Dominion bases to add a bit of variety to my desert basing. I think this guy took about 2.5 hours, but I kept changing stuff too as I was deciding on the scheme. Should be much faster once I have it down and am batch painting units. May be a bit before my next update since I want to finish my Nighthaunts before getting distracted by anything else.
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    Hey guys, Just a quick post. Hopefully I'll be back properly soon. Had an enjoyable weekend at EGGS this past weekend. In the lead up to the event I finally finished off my second Gore-grunta unit. Some typically awful photos that don't depict them accurately, but I'm really really happy how these came out;
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    Afternoon Ardboys! It's Friday so I'm in a particularly good mood. I have written a very special post for tomorrow, something I could've put elsewhere but thought I'd give something back to the forum and people that entertain me so much during the week. I apologise for the clickbait nature of this topic, however I've noticed that people don't frequent this forum as much on the weekend. So yeh, didn't want any of you Ironjawz fans to miss out is all. Watch this space
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    Having spent some time over the last year or so working on WHQ: Silver Tower figures, I decided to dip my toe into AoS. Without decent terrain tabletop wargames just don't interest me much, so I decided to work on that before I got stuck into an army. So I planned an approach for making a ruined city table. The project had to have a beginning, a middle and an end. I didnt want to scratch build terrain really, I wanted practical yet nice to look at gaming pieces that look decent in photos. I didn't want a bespoke and therefore restrictive sculptural table: its for gaming not display. I wanted the terrain to look obviously fantasy, not just historical with bells and whistles. Bells and whistles that generate lightning and power chords are acceptable however. A list of appropriate kits was made. Over time they were purchased, two months ago they were assembled and they were painted over the last month or so. The first step was to prep and paint some fairly vanilla pieces, to pad out the table. Landmarks could come later. My first stop was the Citadel Ruins of Osgilliath terrain, which is pleasingly generic. I also picked up the Citadel Goblin Town set to use as gangways to connect the various buildings on more than one level, simply because I though that would be fun. I also picked up a set of Renedra fences to use as ladders. I assembled the lot and painted it with simple drybrushing and zenith spraying techniques. Next I added a Numinous Occulum, which after the Baleful Realmgate kit is my favourite piece of AoS terrain released to date. The blog post with more info on the Osgilliath ruins can be seen HERE. For those interested in more info about the Occulum, that blog post is HERE. I have a lot more terrain for this project finished, but I'm mainly waiting to take a few half decent photos of it. More Exactamundo next week. Thanks for looking!
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    Maybe Sayl can be allied with even more stuff!
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    40k is getting the same attention AoS got in its first year. It is also the top earner for GW usually so it's understandable that it would have more of a focus. AoS is not necessary an inferior product and the work they do on it is very top quality compared to how things used to be, I only see the company moving forward in a positive way. Be patient, there is plenty out there to discover that has already been released. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's sadly deeply ironic that we now have a thread where people are moaning in great detail about being asked not to moan. Combine this with the comments debating what constitutes positivity and you have a frankly ludicrous thread. Almost everyone is agreement that TGA has suffered recently from negativity. What doesn't seem apparent is that all that negativity has most likely come from the people on this thread (not singling anyone out, it's simply probably judging by the length of the thread). If members wish to leave as they're being asked to be positive, I can only assume that to be a good thing. If you don't want to be positive, TGA clearly isn't the place for you. This isn't the dawning of a new draconian regime. It's not Warseer. I hated Warseer in the end, I certainly wouldn't want to help mod a place like that. You're just being asked to, please, be nice. Please be positive. If that's an issue, please don't post about why it is. Take some time, think about it, and then come back to TGA when you've something cool /interesting to discuss about AoS. And, if you do decide to martyr yourself, please do so in a civilised manner.
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    Well said @Ben, As the person who has probably spent more time on these forums than anyone else since inception (ok, I guess I'll have to concede to @Nico there!), I have to say I have certainly noticed a shift over time. It's been somewhat of a snowball effect and it's important that a line is drawn in the sand so we can move on in a positive fashion. Perhaps there is some manner of complacency here. This forum is not an entitlement and lets remember why we are here; to talk about the game we all love! Comments like this are hard to read. Hard because it is such a shame that quality, AoS positive, posters are being kept away and hard because it is true. I've certainly found myself spending less time here of late. Not only are some of the topics out there painful to read, but I've felt the standard of responses to my own posts diminish. Maybe there's an element of burnout or fatigue? This happens to individuals within the hobby (myself included of late) so why not a community? With that in mind, we have the GH2017 coming round the corner. It's a really interesting book with soooo much for us to discuss. We can use the release of this as a real springboard to return to greatness and start having some awesome conversations again. Friendly debate should be welcomed and encouraged. I am of the, perhaps naïve, opinion that this book comes out at a good time to help pull things around. As I glimmer of hope, I will say that my little safe haven of the Destruction sub-forum has remained mostly positive during this time. We have a solid group of established posters there who all love the game and seem to steer newcomers in that direction with our outlook (at least I like to think that!). Anyway, thanks to those of you who do to continue to post, read, reply and interact in friendly and positive way. On a good day here, this forum does genuinely add to my day. Let's have lots more good days eh? Chris
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    Well, I'm not educated in law so I am the wrong person to ask. My critique is of the handling of the story in the video itself. Rob clearly has no background in this and his take is anything but fair and balanced. There are many points throughout the video where he makes huge leaps that just aren't justifiable. The whole things smacks of a click bate video, thus my comment.
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    The quote that really resonates with me and I always remember every time this kind've thing comes up is "If everyone's super... then nobodies super". If everyone ride around on Dracoths and Juggernaughts and Demigryphs and Gruntas, well... then they're not really that special are they, they're kinda ordinary and regular. But if you've got your regular Humans, riding horses, fighting alongside myths like Stormcast Eternals and Monsters like Griffons and Star Drakes, well, then it puts into perspective about how important and different those things are. It's why I'm a huge advocate for making sure the legacy races don't just get washed away over time, because the more 'normal' and grounded fantasy races such as the Free Peoples, Dispossessed, Wanderers, Grots and Greenskinz put into perspective how different the Devoted of Sigmar, Fyreslayers, Sylvaneth, Moonclan, Ironjawz/Bonesplitterz are. There's definitely room for more traditional fantasy as well as high fantasy in the realms of Age of Sigmar.
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    Personally get a bit bored by this discussion but you are right, in for a penny in for a pound. So this is my thought on the subject. If you are complaining... at all you are in a bad spot. It means the hobby as a whole, models rules people etc, don't fulfil your expectations. And that apparently hurts your enjoyment of it. But that's the only thing that counts. If some element ruins your enjoyment then fix it. Don't like the summoning rules change them, don't like spam lists don't play them, don't like the competitive atmosphere that a certain tournament has.... guess what? don't play it. And now before someone goes all keyboard warrior on my ass Yes all these things should be possible to handle and if you find something that can't be fixed... then quit that part of the hobby. If you can't find the people with the same attitude in your area then quit if it ruins your enjoyment. Your life, not to mention your wallet , has limits. So do the things you like and if you can't turn the hobby into something you enjoy... And so onto the argument I was responding to. I read a couple of comments earlier in this thread and realised I didn't like the discussion. Couple of pages of comments later I gave it another go. People seemed to be arguing that the upcoming changes would hurt the game. (why the same people that have come to love the change from WHFB to AoS would be so scared of change remains a mystery to me. Especially regarding a rulebook that's not even out yet). All the arguments come down to one of two things in my perspective 1. The changes will encourage people to enjoy the game in a way I don't like and they might force it on me. Well nobody can force you to do anything. Don't use the rules if they so clearly hurt your enjoyment. 2. The game will become unbalanced. And this seems to be a common argument in a lot of pointless discussions about Aos. 'This is underpriced, that is overpriced, this doesn't compare or that's not fair'. Really? Are their really people who truly believe it can be done to balance 60! factions? Or even 4 alliances? Of course not, not without losing unique playstyles. They might come close but balance is a ludicrous expectation to set. So yes, if you want balance then play chess. That all being said if you just vent online a bit and it helps you deal with the parts you like less and it helps you recharge for the parts you do enjoy. Than thats fine in my opinion but just realise if too many people complain on this forum it hurts the positive vibe. Just like I did here and now I'll be off to the positive threads that get me excited about the hobby. * please note, the above is just my opinion. Anyone spouting their opinion as truth, their way to play as the only way, or suggest the best way to enjoy the hobby... ignore them because they are wrong. Because your personal situation and personality influence the way you enjoy the hobby.
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    I don't see the double turn as a bad thing at all. It's a brilliant mechanic of the game that brings an added tactical challenge. I've been on the receiving end of double Stonelord double turns and that's not pretty. But if I'm going to play a game in its most competitive form I MUST accept that sometimes this is gonna happen. Just as much as I must accept that sometimes in the most crucial melee ever my buffed combat monster rolls 1s to hit with rerolls producing 1s again. Double turn is a brilliant part of the game which absolutely must be considered as part of your own tactical approach to the game and your own list design. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey Bros! Just wanted to put together a little area to share what I'm working on, get advice & hopefully get some sweet ideas ^^ I'm 28, live in Queensland Australia, been involved in the hobby since mid to late 90's (involved on and off) Basically collected 40k for ages but found a good solid group in 6th-7th Edition Fantasy and just started up again. I have a Freeguild army which is becoming boring due to me playing them as a gunline & looking to start a Rotbringers army enjoy some photos Marauders marked by Nurgle (using pox walkers for something different) Some off my Freeguild WIP
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    Maybe I'm wrong, it seems obvious that pages of back-and-forth, go nowhere "debate" is what this Ben fellow is referring to? I mean, I've lost count on how many pages, in how many topics I've read "unit of 40 skeletons with three attacks each" as a point of contention.
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    Yeah, so I've been busy painting, but pretty bad at getting posts up. So far I've made really strong progress on this army. I have my unit of Tzaangors painted up: Well, half painted anyway since this will likely be a unit of at least 20. You can see I used the black skin scheme from the T-rev's in my Sylvaneth Army. Here's a close-up wip shot of the shield guy in the back: This is a tabletop army, so I'm not doing anything super fancy. Just trying to paint as cleanly as possible. The main difference between this and what I normally do is the inclusion of fluorescent colors as major part of the color scheme. You can see the Tzaangors all have florescent orange tips to their tendrils and feathers. It's also scattered throughout the army in various ways. I'm also arraigning them into sort of a visual hierarchy. The Tzaangor Shamans (which there will be two) get white skin with fluorescent feathers. The enlightened, skyfires and tzaangors all get black skin with various fluorescents depending on their unit. Orange for tzaangors, Green for Skyfires, Probably blue or purple for Enlightened (haven't decided). The Shamans will likely be deployed next to their corresponding units. For example the shaman above will likely be palling around with the skyfires since his feather plume will match theirs. I'm also just putting the finishing touches on my conversion. I have little more detail work yet to do, but the idea is firmly there: So that brings us pretty up to speed. I'm not sure what to tackle next so We'll have to see how much bandwidth I have over the next few days/weeks. Stay tuned! Happy painting -F
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    Hi all, I quite like the Stormcast models, and I tried painting them for real when AoS came out. It took me too long to get through the starter box highlighting every edge of the armour and whatnot, so I said ****** it and switched to an extremely fast paint scheme. At the end of the day, it has to be enjoyable for me. I oscillate a lot on if I even like what I did, but from certain angles/lighting I think it looks cool. I tend to have one project going on that I work hard on, and then one speed-paint project. Feels good to bang out a whole army pretty quickly. My justification for the scheme is they are a dark legion of barely human, emotionless super warriors trudging through a storm/hail/harsh rain and getting very bloody during it. This was made up from the models I had, not any particular list, but the army is as follows: Celestant Prime Lord Celestant on Dracoth Lord Relictor Knight Venator 10x Libs with hammer and shield 10x Libs with hammer and shield 10x Libs with hammer and shield 10x Libs with paired blades 10x Protectors 5x Retributors 2x Dracothian Knights Thanks for looking!
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    Hello everybody, I have started a new Death army and planning to build it with an eastern theme. Originally I planned to make a samurai deathrattle army, but with the fact that most skeletons wear a shield of some sort it was becoming far too historically inaccurate to make it work. Instead I have now decided to simply make a blend of most asian historical warrior classes, mainly aiming at Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Mongolian and a bit of Indian styles mashed together into something that looks nice on the table and is still legal to play. Unfortunately I do not own a dry brush, so a lot of OSL effects take time to build up Some of my work in progress: Necromancer: Counts-as wight king or tomb king (depending on list): Counts-as Tomb Herald: #1 #2 Counts as Dire wolves: Skeleton warriors (shields not attached yet):
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    I've specifically stayed away lately because of the mood around here lately. Looking forward to a change of pace.
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    Very happy you posted this Ben. I've been on the verge of dropping out the last few months due to this. Every conversation turning into the same discussions, this unit is overpowered, gw messed this up, next change will ruin it. Which is a shame because the forum keeps me up to date and inspired in this hobby. When I got back into the hobby this forum really helped me get back into it. Yes it's a bit vague but something like a feeling or a community culture is not quantifiable.
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    I think Ben you need to be very specific in your rules, because "complaining" can be a very wide brush that someone can accuse another of. Is the official TGA rule "If you criticize or complain about Age of Sigmar, it is not welcome and you should not do it here?" I mean - its your forum you can make whatever rule you want. I just want to be sure that I understand what your rule is, since right now I think it can be very vague and often debate can lead to angry feelings and negative feelings that lead to negative repercussion. Humans tend to not like other humans that don't share their viewpoints. Warseer was a perfect example of that with their liberal use of the banning option.
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    I've prepared a couple of summaries of all the official information on General's Handbook 2017, so you can find all you need to know in one place. The first page contains all the links to the Warhammer Community articles, the Warhammer TV Facebook videos and the Twitch streams. https://aosshorts.com/generals-handbook-2017/ The second is a summary of all the new information from the first Twitch game: Soulblight vs Blades of Khorne. I know many people don't have Twitch or the time to watch it all, so hopefully this bullet point summary (without clickbait or adverts) will help. https://aosshorts.com/ghb2017-learnt-twitch-game-1/ Let me know if I have missed anything or any potential impacts on the tournament game. Can't wait to see more of Soulblight, so glad Bloodlines are back.
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    Afternoon all, So I've done my usual thing of delaying battle reports on here and then releasing a podcasting talking about them!! You can find that episode here, please check it out for some extra detail and thoughts on all the games; I will quick give a rundown of the games for the record here as well. I guess in some ways it wouldn't really be overly necessary to go into all that much detail with the GH2017 round the corner...not that I'm trying to justify it or anything! But in all seriousness, I would much rather that I had the time this week to be writing nice full reports as opposed to working!! Anyway, list and what not are above, so I can crack straight in; Game 94 - Element Games Grand Slam - Round One vs Dan Mitchell @Dangermouse425 (Moonclan) This was a prearranged grudged. Dan is a really nice guy who I'd never had the opportunity to play in a matched play singles game. Usually well known for taking some pretty interesting builds featuring uncommon factions, I was a little disappointed to see that Dan had turned to the ways of the netlisting bandwagoner as he rocked up with a filthy Moonclan list, no doubt trying to replicate the success of the GT Heat 3 winner! His list was a Warboss, 2 Shaman, 3 units of Grots w/ Fanatics, Squigs, Herders, 2 Manglers and 2 Colossal. The Battleplan was new Escalation, which meant his 4 Behemoths and the Cabbage would be taking up the rear-guard. In theory this is a good battleplan for me with all my units being Battleline, however needed the buffs from the leaders, especially the Inspiring Presence meant I had to hang fire a little bit. We both considered that given average play and dice on both sides, Dan's list would likely come out on top unless I could get the drop on the big squigs before they hit me. This is tricky as the Fanatics are a real problem and I have no cheap way to draw them out. As it was, Mystical terrain helped me a little early doors as Dan failed a couple of key rolls. Whilst the big Squigs rolled well for their first random moves, the dice pretty much abandoned them for the rest of the game as they moved slowly and hit poorly. Oops! As per standard for me in this Battleplan, I like to split my army and go after the two side objectives, as it was this worked out pretty well. I did manage to get a long charge with a unit of Gore-gruntas in the Moonclan Warboss early on (was only aiming for an easy charge on a Shaman so this was a bonus). Whilst they struggle to put out reliable damage, the squishy 4 wound Grot General was easily crushed under hoof and gored to death, removing that powerful double damage command ability (I was very fearful of a buffed Behemoth going into any of my units). Due to the aforementioned combination of poor random move rolls and Mystical terrain I was able to pick off his Behemoths one at a time, with 10 Brutes reliably being able to delete them. The Cabbage had got stuck into the centre of his army and did a good distractionary job whilst I racked up the points on the sides. He eventually died to a single attack from the remainder Squig Herder, embarrassingly poked in his nether regions!! Cue high five!! But yeh, long story short, all the 50/50 decisions & dice in the game just tipped in my favour. No crazy big spikes at any one point, just consistently slightly my way. This resulted in me getting up heavily on the objectives & also being able to take off Dan's army for a massive win. It was a good natured, relaxed game that was played by us both to a decent level I feel. I can't claim any great tactical acumen on my part, it was a reasonably well matched game I felt. As I say just had a bit more luck than Dan on the day. Result - Major Victory Game 95 - Element Games Grand Slam - Round Two vs Darran Palmer @Darran (Destruction) Darran's list was very strong with a Frostlord on Stonehorn, Huskard on Thundertusk, Savage Orruk Big Boss, Moonclan Shaman, Kunnin' Rukk, 60 Grots, 20 Grots etc. etc. This was Border War, probably my favourite battleplan. I talk about this game a lot on the podcast because of the unique nature of it (this isn't something I've ever done before in AoS). Essentially though, I conceded at the start of Turn 2 as the game was unfortunately a non-event. I can convey my feelings and reasons for this much better by talking, I just tried to type something but it didn't come across well. I was not upset, annoyed or anything like that. It was just one of those things. After a good win round one I was up on table 1, so you've got to expect to play good players with good lists. My only negative feeling towards this is that I couldn't give Darran a good game and show him that I'm the player I believe I am. Certainly no hard feelings towards Darran or his list and I wouldn't want my words construed that way. Result - Major Loss Game 96 - Element Games Grand Slam - Round Three vs David Allen (Sylvaneth) As any long term reader of this thread will know, I have played Sylvaneth more than any other army and whilst there have been a couple of bad results along the way (especially in Places of Power, which this was!), my overall record is pretty strong. This was Dave's first tournament and he was packing the Drycha variant of the Coldplay netlist (you know the one!). I suspect that I probably knew his army better than him and was able to teach him a trick or two along the way (including people circumventing the deadly check for charging Wyldwoods but stopping 1/2 inch away outside and then piling into the wood). This one just went really well for me tbh. I played to the Battleplan and ensured I started scoring early doors whilst Dave's lack of experience had him hold back on the characters. I racked up a 10-0 without many threats to my leaders as I used all my other units really offensive to hold him off. I managed to take down the Branchwych and Drycha meaning he wouldn't be able to catch me on the objective. We both acknowledged that and Dave suggested he'd play it differently in future, which was nice to hear. At that point we were able to have a bit of a mash up and his 6 Scythe Hunters single handily accounted for about 1500pts of my army!! Crazy! Last turn I got a Foot of Gork off on his full health Treelord Ancient, I managed to hit the 4+ 3 times for a total of 4D6 mortal wounds!! Impressive...alas, the Treelord remained on a wound at the end of it as my rolls on the D6 were pretty terrible. So close to an awesome story. Really fun game though and a great end to the day. I caught up with Dave on the Sunday and it seemed like he was really enjoying his weekend. Result - Major Victory Game 97 - Element Games Grand Slam - Round Four vs Chris Welfare (Stormcast Eternals) Having played mixed Destruction and Sylvaneth, I knew a match vs Stormcast was on the cards to complete my standard Tournament trifecta! I was actually incredibly pleased with this draw as Chris was visiting his homeland from Australia where he now resides. Chris was one of the friendliest people I'd met in a long time and made the effort to introduce himself to everyone on the Friday which was cool. I always think it's nice to be drawn against someone visiting from overseas as you never know when you'll get the chance again, if ever. Not only this, but Chris had a super cool Stormcast list featuring the Tempest Lords Vanguard Wing battalions, which allows Prosecutors to roll their 3D6 charge and not have to complete a successful charge, giving them some insane flexible movement. His list was Castellant, 2 Heraldors, Azyros, Prime, 2 Fulminators, 2x 5 Judicators and then all the Prosecutors. We were playing Gift from the Heavens and start off a little cautiously. Chris had deployed very deep as he feared me getting into him fast, making a mess and forcing the early Prime drop. His Scions units seems to all drop at about the right time in a good succession of waves. Once my comet dropped I charged the Cabbage into the 2 Fulminators, expecting to kill one early doors and either grind them out or force the retreat. Obviously with the Heraldors this is less of an issue to him and as it was the Destructive Bulk did just 2 wounds and I got no further wounds through. Ouch!! I also had 5 Brutes do just 3 wounds to 3 Prosecutors over 2 rounds of combat (including one with a Warchanter buff) which was frankly ridiculous. Turn 2 I was able to stop Chris scoring his objective as it dropped near my Gore-gruntas. I was thinking that this would probably be the game to be honest, but my confidence was ill placed. From the point there was a sort of snowball effect as the game got away from me. It should be said upfront the Chris played very well, in an almost clinical fashion and really made the most of the small measures of bad luck I had. He was able to pile 2 units of Prosecutors and the Azyros on my objective turn 4, as my Brutes had done such a poor job earlier I was left with a lot of bodies to clear, resulting in having to split attacks...which never works out! He whittled the Cabbage down so that when the Prime dropped turn 3 he only needed to squeeze through 3 unsaved wounds to take it off, which he did (I'm pretty sure I convinced him to do this by mistake haha!!). We ended up with Krunk trying and failing to kill the Prime before getting taken down as well. So yeh, come the end of the game I was totally out of it and I think may have even been tabled. It was a strange sort of game as even though it went so badly, if we went again now I would still be confident. It's a very interesting matchup and was a lot of fun. I was pleased for Chris to get the win as his play warranted it and he went on to take 3rd place!! (This is the one game that really suffers from the lack of a full report as soooo much happened) Result - Major Loss Game 98 - Element Games Grand Slam - Round Five vs @Tom Hewitt (Stormcast Eternals) If I was pleased with my round four draw, I was ecstatic about my fifth! Tom is a friend of mine and was our driver for the weekend. Despite knowing and hanging out with Tom for probably a couple of years now, we'd never actually played (save for an awful doubles game at RAW16!). I'm someone that usually bemoans having to play Warhammer on the Sunday of an event, but my draws here had been top notch. Tom had kept me entertained all weekend with loads off FFTCG and his alter ego #TournamentTom #LADS so playing him was a great end to the weekend Tom also had Stormcast, but his list was totally different to the one Chris was using. He had a Drakesworn Templar, Castellant, Gryph Hound, Celestant on Dracoth, Heraldor, 2x 5 Liberators, 2x 3 Prosecutors, 2x 2 Fulminators and 5 Judicators; think that's it? We were ending on Blood & Glory. On the Podcast version of this report I talk in more detail about my issues with this particular Battleplan and the potential for it to end after one player has only has two turns. You may notice there is next to no mention of Krunk in the reports here. This is due to him having an incredibly quiet weekend! To try and round it out in style I chose to charge him solo into the 10 Liberators that had appeared behind my lines due to some sloppy first turn movement (I kept messing up my positioning with the Cabbage and had to use Destruction moves to get Inspiring Presence), he killed just a single Liberator before being taken down. Embarrassing. Lay Low the Tyrants indeed!! Before that, I had lost my Shaman to 3 super strength javelins from a unit of Prosecutors, strong start for Tom. I had decided to stay away from the Stardrake as it does bad things to Brutes and the Cabbage can't inflict enough damage on it, so the Cabbage went marauding on the other side of the table. He went to try his luck at 2 Fulminators (to make amends for last game) but instead rolled well for his charge so opted for the Heraldor instead. Destructive Bulk finally came good as he squashed the horn wielder flat! He then charged again, into the Fulminators, squashed one with the Bulk and took down the other straight away. Next turn he fly back down the table and repeated his previous feat by finishing a Fulminator unit (6 mortal wounds on Destructive Bulk) and then charging into the Celestant on Dracoth and killing him!! Not a bad return for 2 combat phases!! On the other side it was all a bit standoffish. I had a chance to auto win the game by winning T3 priority, but shunned it. I wasn't keen on the abruptness of it when having a great game with a mate. Various other things went down and it looked like I'd win a Minor for having 3 objectives, however right at the end I was able to use the unit of 10 Brutes to charge into the Castellant and claim the 4th objective and win Major. This feat did require me getting 18 on 4D6 (Rampaging Destroyers, Ironfist + Charge), so was an entertaining way to end. Was nice to see Tom's level of play really coming along as well. Much like my game vs Dan I'd have to admit I had the rub of the green here. Still, Tom seemed to enjoy seeing the Cabbage at its best! Result - Major Victory So overall I ended up coming 13th out of 36 players. Not too shabby with that list in that field if I do say so myself! More importantly though I was able to pick up Best Painted Army in a field that was as strong as the lists, so that was really nice. I think this can be attributed in part down to the additional work on the Shaman, Krunk's new arm and of course the second unit of Gore-gruntas. It's really important for me to continue adding to and improving the army to give people who have seen it loads a reason to keep looking (and hopefully voting). After a super successful 2016, I don't think I've had a painting win this year (although I've not played many events) so this felt great. Thanks to anyone who voted. The trophy was really nice and I got some awesome prize support, including £50 store credit which I promptly blew on a Balewind Vortex and a bunch more FFTCG packs. All in all I really enjoyed the weekend, the podcast goes into the event in general a lot more whereas I'm only really talking about me here. Phew! That's still ended up a really long post haha Anyway, thanks for reading! Chris
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    To birth a horned rat is believed to be a great blessing, and in turn sold to the Seer Clan for substantial wealth. To birth a Skaven white in color but lacking the blessing of the horned rat is instead seen as being half-blessed, and such a thing is of no value to the Seer Clan. Warlords, often being greatly superstitious, view this as a bad omen, but at the same time, fearful of what might happen if they were to put the thing to a blade. As a result, such Albino ratlings are cast aside. Left to wander as a newborn stray, these beasts turn feral in nature, left with nothing but their base instincts for survival. There is a certain sect of these albino Skaven, known as the Alabaster Cult. They pay agents of Eshin to seek out and capture the discarded ratlings. These creatures are brought before the Cult offered a choice - protection in the loving arms of their pale brothers - or to be fed to the stormvermin in ritualistic sacrifice. The Alabaster Clut believes the lack of color to be a great blessing from the horned rat. Though different than the gift of the arcane which sprouts horns, the Achromic Blessing is said to come with great aptitude and will. Whether this is truth - or merely a vain superstition of the cult - cannot be known. Whatever the case, having spent their early lives fending for themselves gives them a fiercely independent and brutal nature, as well as a deep hatred for the dark-fur brothers who cast them aside. The white ratmen take great pride in their appearance, and tend to groom more often than average Skaven (more than not at all) and on rare occasions - they may even bathe. They take great care to clean and sharpen their blades, even makeshift as they tend to be, and look to scavenge bright and elaborate textiles from those free folk they slay or enslave. While the attacks of most Skaven tend to be random (as much as anyone can tell) the Alabaster Cult is quite different. It is said that they seek out targets of wealth and position, often raiding the manors and castles of nobles, leaving the poor and common folk completely undisturbed. This has led to a superstition among free folk that these white Skaven are the persecutors of the greedy and the vain. In all actuality the cult is only acting on behalf of their own vile greed and vanity. Chosen for their unique birth defect, and not for their strength or size creates a very varied warband. Those who may wield a great halberd are trained as Stormvermin, while the majority are trained with hand weapons and banded into clans. Vein as they are, they prefer to spend whatever wealth they have on Skyre contraptions or great machines to carry them into battle. Some contracts have been made with Clan Moulder, though the conditions of the contracts are unusual, and most believe its not worth the trouble. The Cult has a healthy relationship with Eshin, and is often working to maintain their relationship. While they do not have any hatred for the Pestilin Clans, their dirty garb and rotting, dark fur are a stark contrast to the white rats, and - if allied - tend to keep to separate parts of the battlefield or else risk contamination. The warlord clans however, are a different story. The clan seeks to prove their superiority over the clans that left them for dead. To defeat them in open combat - and devour their corpse - is believed to grant greater power. This can lead to increased status, being promoted to Clawleader or Fangleader. Any Cultist who lands the killing blow to a Warlord is himself instantly promoted to Cult Warlord. As such, hordes of ratmen often throw themselves right into Warlord Clan leaders. Unfortunately for this reason, the promotion is never long lived. Needlessly said, the Warlord Clans like to keep their distance from their fanatical white-furred brothers. This only fuels the hatred, which continues the cycle of hatred, leading to the clans casting aside the Albino ratlings at birth, in ever more dangerous and dire circumstances, hoping these creatures do not survive long.
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    My favourite rule of one is number 4. When you roll for priority and both roll the same number the game ends... because the roll CANNOT be re-rolled... lol So rush forwards, get ahead on the scenario, hope for a draw roll, game ends, profit!
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    Although I agree the rules to summoning contain loopholes you can see from space... simply blaming the rules frees everybody from playing responsibilities. If you summon 6 mournghast and genuinely think that's okay to do in a narrative set-up? I hope I never play such a person. It's a hobby for gods sake meant to be fun. If you feel, especially at club level, that it's more important to win than to have fun... then that morality is to blame. Not the rules At least that's my view
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    ++ MOD TALK ++ We're obviously all excited about the new releases. But if you're just going to say something negative, back it up with some solid arguments or don't say anything at all. We're here because we LIKE the game. Let's keep this place either positive or filled with constructive criticism.
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    We already know that the Scourge Privateers (Corsairs) are a faction present in the cities of the mortal realm. In "City of Secrets" they are shown as a mafia like organization. Not as highly respected as the Stormcast Eternals but still a vital part of the society in the mortal realms. Just as a example, the Anvilgard Box can represent the garrison of a lonely naval base deep inside a swamp in ghyran. (Thinking a twisted and darker version of the swamps in louisana.) A region where nurgles corruption still lingers just beneath the surface. The privateers are trained sailors but even they are struggling navigating the dark waters. Where they are regularly fighting of ambushes from twisted monstrosities. So they request the help of the Judicators. These stormcasts are skilled in finding even the smallest trace of chaos corruption. So together they patrol the waters of the swamp. Slowly fighting back against the things hiding there. So when they hear unnatural screams and ominous chanting from deep within the swamp, they don't wait for the forces of chaos to hit them first. They assemble a group of the most hardened veterans to search for the origin of this darkness.
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    But but but... the Stormcast and the scourge privateers have nothing to do with the World that was... The empire of Karl Franz and the druchii of Naggaroth don't mean anything in Age of Sigmar now.
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    GW just announced two new seminars during the nova open at the end of the month. The first will be focused on Shadespire. It is likely that they will announce the 4th faction then. The second is about the general's handbook AND BEYOND!! Hopefully we will finally get a preview of the new Aelves. Exciting times!
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    Beat them with tactics and strategy ( and luck). Not "gotcha"s. I explain everything to the best of my ability. First I say "do you know what it does?" If yes, we move on. If no, I will go into detail.
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    It's getting harder and harder to pick a favourite because the sheer number and quality of models in GW's range and back-catalogue is so high now. If pushed, I would have to go with nostalgia and say Nazgob, currently listed as a Greenskinz Shaman. It's a much simpler and more understated model than many of those listed so far, but there's a reason he's stayed in production for 20 years. He's the quintessential Orc shaman model.
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    I am currently working my way through 20 archers and a second shaman. I have the skin and eyes done, now just to start on everything else [emoji16] i also had a bit of fun starting a little fanatic conversion. This loony had his hood over his eyes, so one of the other gits thought it would be funny to couple a squig to his chain [emoji16] Once those bits are done, I'm going tk be converting up some spear chukkas (spore chukkas) and painting up more squigs (of the cave and hopper variety) Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Just a thought but maybe the reason the game hasn't caught on in your area Auticus is that for a proponent of the system you spend virtually all your time trying to change it into something else and slagging it online? Not trying to be rude, I just legitimately don't see what the constant negativity could possibly be doing for your local scene, or your own enjoyment. Other than kill it. I am an organizer in my own little corner of the realms and I know I would have a damn hard time getting people to play if I tried to get them to play Age of Mikosan instead of AoS... I haven't seen anything yet worthy of all this hand wringing and hyperventilating. Stay calm, paint minis, and have fun because that's what toy soldiers is all about
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    I put together some Black Knights/Skeleton Horsemen (I figured I could use them as either), combining as brainstormed. I gave them the buckler shields as a Jingasa helmet as I said in a previous post. This could be used as a "counts-as" shield. I may print out some history facts about round shields being worn as helmets in Japan and used as a shield when necessary. I'll need to add some green stuff, clean up the models and add some details, but this is the progress so far: I will paint the balls on the "shields" green to represent jade stones. Also added a few coats of paint to the Mortarch: Thank you very much!
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    While I don't agree with that characterization, let's go with it for a moment. The game GW first put out two years ago was fantastic. Sooo liberating, so fun. The GHB and evolution of Battletomes tells me rhat GW really never did plan for AoS to be this ... thing ... that the community pressured them into making. GW -finally- had made a set of rules that placed the models, the hobby, and the story far, far ahead of any motion of waac thinkning. There was a Golden Era for a year. Then they caved. Bit by bit they sank back into the mire in which waacers dwell and from which they draw sustenance, and all the old problems have been rising as the game, and the jovial spirit it once had, has been sinking. It is not surprising at all to me that a game never made for points, tournaments, and the waac mindset has issues when translated intro that cesspool. I actually feel bad for the designers within GW who got a chance to show us all how glorious this hobby could be and who now must buthcher their own babies to satisfy the cravings of a world full of bloodthirsty waac fanatics.
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    I suspect you will be right, but I would prefer the reverse. All order factions can have SCE allies (they arrived to help) but SCE armies don't necessarily have access to all allies (how are their allies following them on the stormbolts.. except for seraphon).
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    I have to admit I'm surprised to see all the negativity here. We've already seen the new points for the Deathlords faction, so it's safe to assume there will be other point adjustments throughout the other factions. Rather than pointing to the new tiered point system for hordes and calling it broken, why don't we wait until we see the bigger picture? Anything that encourages numerous ways to play and empowers players to make novel decisions from a list building perspective is a good thing in my book.
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