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    I’m John Roy, I’m a standup comic (Conan, Tonight Show, @midnight, Harmontown) and me and comedian Andrew Dewitt (Kimmel, Showtime, TV Land) have a new podcast where we talk about our favorite hobby, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Check out Legends of The Painty Men here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/legends-of-the-painty-men/id1401094339
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    I have drawn what I think a cogfort may look like. From inside another cogfort. I tried to convey a steelworks gothic feel with a spritz of Renaissance. Sorry for the image being sideways.
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    Didn't realize these were up yet, apologies! Hard to keep track of what is out and what isn't... :) This update does have all the FW points updates (though I can see there are some I missed), but I'll be adding the FW allegiance abilities in the next update with Nighthaunt and Stormcast. If you see something that's missing or incorrect, let me know via a DM here. Thanks and happy list building!
  4. 22 points
    Hey guys! Im so excited to show you all my finished 1000pts of Stormcast! Thank you so much everyone for your comments and likes. It’s helped a lot when my energy level was low after already painted for 8 hours to put my commissions aside and pick up a stormcast and keep going!
  5. 20 points
    Whaaat? Y’all are crazy. All of the new models are just amazing. Not sure if I am missing something but compared to almost every other game or company even those heads of the new mounts are amazing sculpts. I cant wait to paint them
  6. 20 points
    Hello all, Been following this forum for a while and as AoS2 is almost upon us I thought I would share my bloodtoof army! The current list has 20 points to spare for the Soulsnare Shackles or Malevolent Maelstrom, which one would you guys think will benefit the army better, seeing its all footslog brutes. let me know! Mark
  7. 18 points
    Hi Guys! It feels like ages but I have finally completed my first squad of longbeards! It contains a full set of custom shields, my first ever attempt at freehand and what I think will be the base design for my army moving forward. I have tried to improve my camera set up, but its still on a three year old beat up camera phone so not perfect. Hope you like them! Few things I found really difficult making these: The longbeard/hammerers feet are annoyingly unflat. I did the bases separately, and gluing them on was a pain. Unlike the kit shields, mine have a completely flat back, which again presents some problems when fitting them on. White paint is the worst. Painting tiny bits of faces poking through helmets is horrible! I had a joy painting the drummer's head (super proud of it) and was really enthusiastic about the rest, but helmet with a little bit of flesh is so hard! Looking forward to ironbreakers having just helmet + beard on show. Next up will be a gyrocopter. Apart from sticking my spare shield on the top of it, it won't really have much in the way of conversions. Still need to figure out how I am going to design the airborne guys. Doing my first copter will help though.
  8. 17 points
    If I was a brand new player for AoS and I bought the Soul Wars boxed set, I'd be ecstatic. Two really nice armies, a giant book with all the story fluff in it, and an introduction to the three ways to play. I can immediately play through battleplans of each different type and get a feel for the game. I can get a couple of extra easy build kits to expand my army. I can go to the local GW and get some casual games in using my newly painted Nighthaunt or Stormcast, and get some experience, maybe I'll get to have a go with some Endless Spells. After a few times going I may pick up the Battletome, and start pricing up my army points-wise, and then buy a box of models I like to add on. I'll get some more 1,000pt games in, and start really enjoying things, having a go with the Open War generator in the rulebook. Once I start getting better, I'd probably have a look on a forum and see what is best for my army competitively, as I may fancy going for a tournament. I'll pick up a General's Handbook and play through the latest battleplans with my friends, get more of a feel for it, and increase my fledgling force to 1,500pts and move to a 6x4 board. I'll look up what is best for my army, and eventually pick up the Malign Sorcery box so I don't have to share with a mate anymore. After a few months, maybe even a year, I'll have a 2,000pt army and I'll be pretty good at the game. Then I may enter my first 2,000pt tournament and see how I get on, but I'll mainly be going for a laugh and to play some games. I may really like the competitive side of it, and decide I want to go to more. I'll tweak and balance my army, and like most players by this point, I'll probably want a second one! I'll continue playing casual games though with my pals. This has all been a very long-winded way of saying that you do not need all of this stuff instantly to play a game with someone as a newplayer. You can do the whole thing with Soul Wars or less. The cost of entry to the game remains a handful of models, some downloaded warscrolls and the core rules. Everything else can be added on gradually. There are very few hobbies in life where you buy the bare minimum and suddenly compete at a high level. You can't buy half a set of golf clubs and then complain to Callaway that you've not won the local club tournament, going competitive requires extra investment.
  9. 16 points
    Not to get bogged down in specific examples, but for made up armies in a made up world based on real armies (or even a romanticized version of such) from the real world, there is always a choice of what elements to include and what elements to ignore/change. Something like old school Empire is inspired by historical European armies, but is not (and never was) an attempt to duplicate those armies. To make a trivial example - I doubt that XVIth century Landsknechts had functioning Battlemages. If Battlemages maintain your immersion but female troopers break it, that says more about you than it does about Warhammer. (No specific person is being referred to here as "you".)
  10. 15 points
    OVERVIEW OF THE SEVEN FREE CITIES Wondering which Free City allegiance is for you? Already have a mixed Order army you want to get the most mileage out of? Decided your army's allegiance abilities are rubbish and want try something new? Just curious about the cities individual makeup and character? I've put together a quick primer of the allegiance abilities and factions available to each Free City, plus a few ideas to get the ball rolling on how to get the most out of them. Each Free City has a bonus battle trait on top of the existing vanilla Order allegiance abilities that are qualified for by choosing only units from only the factions available to your Free City and staying away from named characters (Gavriel Sureheart, we hardly knew you alas). HAMMERHAL The most cosmopolitan of the Free Cities. Also probably the most bland. Avalible factions: Everyone but Seraphon (I'm not sure they like living in houses) Second only to Azyrheim in scale and scope, Hammerhal is available to everyone who isn't a lizard or special character. Being as impossibly diverse and tricky to balance as you'd expect, Hammerhal forces gain a fairly unremarkable battle trait, giving them a bonus to bravery that increases based on how outnumbered the are, eventually making them immune to battleshock. Nothing to write home about, but also nothing worth turning your nose up at when it's effectively free if you're running a mixed Order army without named characters that's recently lost its battleline Skinks anyway. TEMPEST'S EYE Gotta go fast! Available factions: Stormcast Eternals, Free Peoples, Kharadron Overlords, Swifthawk Agents, Eldritch Council, Dispossessed, Ironweld Arsenal (the last two added in errata) Easily the most awesome Free City going (absolutely nothing to do with being made up of the factions that already comprised my mixed Order force when Firestorm was released 😉), and home to the coolest Stormhost on the market, the mighty Tempest Lords (go read The Realmgate Wars: Godbeasts if you haven't already), Tempest's Eye boasts a diverse range of cool looking factions able to cover pretty much every available playstyle. Tempest Eye's battle trait grants a bonus to movement (higher if you're a flyer) and save rolls in the first battleround. It's got the potential to combine beautifully with the Chonomatic Cogs (in fast forward) mode and/or the extra 4" move given by the Thermalrider Cloak realm artefact (characterful given that Tempest's Eye resides in Aqshy). The initial extra move is also a massive boost to normally slow moving Dispossessed armies, and well worth a look at as an alternative allegiance for them. I'd controversially argue that Tempest's Eye was also a better allegiance for Ironweld Arsenal artillery with the first turn movement bonus buying critical extra threat range to keep soft crews out of harm's way with. If you'd like to take a more detailed look at making the most of Tempest's Eye's battle trait and the factions available to it, check out the first Realmsphere Guide, covering exactly that HERE. ANVILGARD Nice special rule, shame about the aelves. Available factions: Stormcast Eternals, Free Peoples, Dispossessed, Devoted of Sigmar, Darkling Covens, Scourge Privateers, Order Serpentis Anvilgard is where most of the old Dark Elf units who didn't make the cut for the Daughters of Khaine book hang out, and if you're a Druchii player of yore well worth looking at. "Implacable March", it's battle trait is rather jazzy and unique, and involves a chance to automatically kill any enemy models you've pinned in in a way they can't retreat. There's an entire thread discussing how to get the most out of the intricacies of Anvilgard and Implacable March in the last edition, and @Kaleun, @Jamie the Jasperand @syph0nare much better qualified to talk about it than I am. THE LIVING CITY I hope you ordered gunfire with your trees! Available factions: Stormcast Eternals, Free Peoples, Sylvaneth, Wanderers, Dispossessed Saved by the US and Canada in the Season of War 2016 summer campaign, the living city is home to the two factions formerly known as Wood Elves, with a surprising side order of duardin. It's battletrait allows units to deploy in reserve and set up during any of your movement phases, either from a table edge or out of a Sylvaneth Wildwood. This has seen a massive boost in usefulness in AoS 2.0, with Wildwoods no longer costing points in non-Sylvaneth armies, allowing you to pick up a Treelord Ancient or three and summon them to your heart's content. If you're a dwarfy sort who's not too keen on war machines and does't miiiind trees, the Living City is also surprisingly accommodating of Dispossessed, with it's nifty deployment options compensating for a lot of their usual shortcomings when it comes to getting near objectives or in to first turn shooting range, especially if you're comfortable with the idea of Treelord Ancients summoning a Wildwood you can drop a unit of 30 Irondrakes (or a Celestar Ballista or two) out of! GREYWATER FASTNESS No, I don't know why the Wood Elves are there. Available factions: Stormcast Eternals, Free Peoples, Ironweld Arsenal, Collegiate Arcane, Wanderers, Dispossessed (added in errata) Saved by the UK in the Season of War 2016 summer campaign! Given the peculiarity of my appetites, you think I'd be more into Greywater Fastness with it's status as a production line for the Ironweld Arsenal and battle trait offering war machines a small chance to fire in the hero phase, but I decided to fall in love with Tempest's Eye instead (and probably paint my models too bright for anything with "grey" in it's name). If you would like to collect a Greywater Fastness force, and want to maximise on its battle trait it's worth doubling it up with the Ironweld Arsenal's Artillery Detachment battalion, effectively doubling each war machine's chance to get bonus shots in. HALLOWHEART Infused with magical power, the citizens of Hallowheart are especially good at... unbinding other people's magical power. 🤨 Available factions: Stormcast Eternals, Fyreslayers, Free Peoples, Collegiate Arcane, Dispossessed, Eldritch Council, Order Draconis, Phoenix Temple Hallowheart's battle trait gives a bonus to unbind spells and a bonus unbind. While this has undoubtedly improved with the advent of AoS 2.0 and the influx of wizards casting endless spells it's still a bit underwhelming compared to most of the other Free Cities'. Could potentially be combined with an Archmage and/or Luminark of Hyish's existing bonuses to unbind if you play in or are expecting to play in a magic-heavy meta. Also offering a home to most of the old High Elf factions in the same way Anvilgard does Dark Elf ones, Hallowheart is probably worth setting up shop in for lack of better options if you already play an Order Draconis or Eldritch Council army. THE PHOENICIUM Good luck spelling THAT! Available factions: Stormcast Eternals, Free Peoples, Dispossessed, Phoenix Temple Saved by the Europe and the rest of the world in the Season of War 2016 summer campaign, the Phoenicium has an awfully weird little battle trait, offering units a very minor boost to combat prowess and bravery if a friendly unit is killed in the combat phase. Maaaaybe worth using if you're the proud owner of a Phoenix Temple army, but the Anvilgard and even Hammerhal battle traits are probably much better. One to play if you're into the background (and the Phoenicium has some really cool background).
  11. 14 points
    The icy touch of death is ever increasing in size! Now with more wars and more souls... Can't wait for that black coach to be released and the dreadblade harrows... I so love those new horses.
  12. 14 points
    I know, I come up as salty to most people around here. And with the new edition incoming, there seems to be rift between those that are happy and those that are not. So in spirit of lighting the mood. I think we should talk about awesome stuff the community does. I wish for us to share those stories, and remember why we are doing the whole hobby stuff. And I will say this is inspired by something that happened to me today. Today I was sitting at our store, doing my best impression of a gargoyle sitting in the sun. When the store owners wife came to me and handed me a box. Inside there were a ton of models, more or less 3 halfs of the old SCE starter sets. She gave me them to me, and said that everyone knew I wasn't having much fun the few months, but coming every day to the store, and that they are planing to make the new store army out of the new starters and that they don't need the models anymore. I managed to get out a thank you, and then sat with the opened box for like an hour or so, stuned.
  13. 14 points
    Started too late working on my grave guards but there are the wip of the first five!
  14. 13 points
    “A man can hold many names, and each will be a part of himself that he acts upon. What, then, of the names held by our gods? What weight and duty most those names bring? And how many names have been forgotten over the long Ages of the Realms? What of those duties and roles?” Follies; Everard Hemp of Hammerhal. ~ “Golden Antlered Harne, the hunt made flesh.” “Blessed Loclaranam, marked and noted child of Ghyran. Favoured of the Court and the voice of reason to our Kings madness.” “Man-Stag of the Wyld, primal and urgent. The surge of blood and heat in the rush of life.” “Our Herald, our strength. Our hope.” ~
  15. 13 points
    +++ Mod Hat On +++ Whilst there has been some interesting discussion in this thread, I think we are now starting to go round in circles and off topic. Because of this, I'm now going to lock this thread as I don't think there is much more to add as it continues going off course. Just want to say thanks for every body being fairly well behaved
  16. 13 points
    What is this with this whole SJW, feminist, leftist talk that I read here? @SuperHappyTime I don't think anybody wants to abolish male figures at all. We are just talking about more diversity, which could be added to the figures. I don't think this is hurting anyone. I don't think anyone wants the old models to be removed. Nobody wants to replace every male model with a female model. We are just talking about how the hobby could be more enjoyable for a group, which didn't have access to it before. Nobody wants to force anything on people playing the hobby. I see many assumptions and prejudices about people in some comments just because they mentioned that you could maybe include more female models or more representation, so that maybe little girls also have figures to identify with. We are not talking about the abolishment of the whole hobby. I wouldn't have thought that such a small thing like the underrepresentation of female players or female models could be such a huge thing for some people. I don't think that you do a favor to those people by calling them SJWs, feminists or leftists and stigmatizing them. In my opinion these wishes to include more diversity into a hobby cannot be considered a political agenda. I have never thought including new people or making a hobby more accesible to a certain group could be considered such a big thing for some people. I am all in for a sensible discussion, but please be careful with words like SJW, feminist or leftist, because more than often these words are very undifferantiated and consist of many assumptions and stereotypes about a certain group of people, which in the end often don't turn out to be true. I don't think using such words contributes anything to the discussion. In my opinion they are more than often "battle terms" which are used to discredit the perspective of the other side. I never understood why some people treat discussions like battles where one side looses and the other side wins. If you debate and discuss in a sensible and open-minded way there will be only winners in the end. I never understood these 'discussion duels'. Discussions shouldn't be a battle, but instead an exchange of thoughts and a learning experience.
  17. 12 points
    Working on some judicators and finished my Lord Castellant. I’m so pumped to see the book on Saturday so I can make plans for the next 800 points ^^ thanks for looking!
  18. 12 points
    Painted today guy today, not fully finished. Want to add some light on the lantern and some freehand on the cape (nothing insane, probably just some Sigmar inspired arabesque style abstract doodles) Thanks for looking!
  19. 12 points
    Thanks for the comments! I see that you guys liked the ghost sea horses a lot. At first I thought that the cheap plastic tails would look plainly weird and out of place, but once painted the minis they blended really nicely with the horses. Phew! @Black Waltz the banshee model is just one of the Coven Throne vampires with a daemonette head. Yes, the kit comes with three banshees, but I'm planning to add those to the bloodseeker palanquin and my future mortis engine. Talking about the palanquin, it's finished! I still had no background for the vampire lady, but I can tell you that she logs where the best blood samples are in a vast map that's always with her. (As I lack of such painting skill, the map as painted by lanadanollora in instagram, maybe you've seen his nurgle circus army in warhammer community)
  20. 12 points
    And while it looks like I took the picture on a potato (army shots are not my thing) here is the first 500pts. Joining the army soon (next 500pts) will be Eli Pinkerton, a beasts wizard caught in death between man and beast, ten man additions to Ole Pinkerton's swordsmen and the as yet unnamed crossbows. Also a mighty warrior who has tamed a noble griffon and rides it to war.
  21. 11 points
    Personally, I have the same problem you do, with regards to keeping track of what does which. I played smaller games to start with, because it means less to keep track of - a leader, 3 or 4 units (maybe a 1000 points, if you're using points?), and a simple scenario. Once I'd played a few, and gotten used to certain mechanics (destiny dice - you have no idea how many times I forgot about those...), I started playing larger games. So that's what I'd suggest. Start small, get used to the synergies between a few units, and then expand as and when you feel comfortable. Maybe add 1 or 2 new units, and see how they work, or a new hero. Most folks I've played with don't mind smaller games, because they tend to be fairly quick, even with someone like me, who forgets how charging works on a regular basis.
  22. 11 points
    He'll need a considerable bonus to hit...
  23. 11 points
    Squiggobba WIP and colossal.
  24. 11 points
    Wooooo first comment! Kharadron Overlords are still awesome. the end. fin. done.
  25. 11 points
    Hey guys, long time no speak, I have been super busy with uni and college so have been keepingoff the forums. Just thought I would share this months model with you. Really enjoyed painting and converting this guy. Calling him done as every time I try to add something I just add a mistake
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