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    First warrior of the Alluminarchate finished! Only white and gold on this model... Wanted to try a very limited palette as I envisioned them as pure warriors of light. I had fun with the subtle references on these warriors: there is a bit of crusader knights, Ottoman Dervishes, beduin nomads and a slightly unsettling hint to the KKK... These are after all fanatics of purity and I wanted to make clear that the fact that they fight for the Law does not mean that they are the good guys... The chequered motif is a reference to early warhammer iconography and a good metaphor of the eternal struggle between Law and Chaos. The other warrior and the Alluminarch to follow up soon hopefully! Hagen
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    A few shots of my Aelves now the warband is finished. The Black Sloth Hell: a drowned, rotting forest in Ghyran. The forest is poisoned from within by a mad god of death and the Aelves that live there are trapped in its recurring nightmare. There are some more photos and some thoughts about putting together an AoS28 warband here: http://www.exprofundis.com/aelves-black-sloth-hell/
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    @elfhead Brilliant conversions and ideas! That sniper has a really nice feel to it, and I am also oddly attracted by the idea of an elf with a rifle... Is there something wrong with us? I have been working on the Alluminarch, leader of the warband and I can finally show some WIP pictures (my computer broke up and my phone just isn't up to the task of uploading on TGA)... They are not great pics but I am really happy with where this is going, coming out exactly as planned! I will probably enter this model in the Witch Hunter competition once it's finished (you might have noticed that it lacks a base ) Question: I am thinking about changing the colour of the gems from blue to turquoise but not 100% sure... What do you guys think? Hagen
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    I have absolutely fallen in love with this project! There are so many awesome models for this project so far and I can't believe how much fantastic talent there is here! This is just the beginning of my contribution, but the general idea is what I'm calling the Daughters of Khorne (hopefully around 6-8 models). I'm working on literature in addition to the models, and the only character I have really fleshed out thus far is the leader. She's the eldest of the warband and is in essence the spiritual leader/matriarch. She's blind and is tasked with carrying a massive bell, which she wields as a weapon. She keeps the rhythm of battle. She is still very much in the WIP stage at the moment, both the model and her story, but the model should be finished this weekend! Here's a link to my instagram if anyone is interested in following my work more closely, and I am also launching a blog/website very soon to host HD pictures of my work and post updates on my projects. A snippet of writing for her... "Pungent and foul was the aroma, though it bothered her not. The stench of corpses freshly slain and the steam that rose from the earth as the warm blood cooled in the chill of the early morning air was no foreign invader to her senses. She relished the bitter taste the thick smells left on her tongue as she stalked among the ruined bodies of her fallen enemies. A familiar scene to those who served the god of bloodshed and war as she did..."
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    Last night I showed off the Battletome on Warhammer Weekly with @Vincent Venturella and @Thomas Lyons! You can find the episode Here. So today I'm showing off the cover for everyone who missed it! This amazing artwork was done by Kenneth Erickson (@Kenquistador) who you can follow on Twitter and Instagram under the same handle. The full Battletome will be available to download for free next Wednesday, the 22nd.
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    Version 2.1.0


    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FAN PROJECT AND 100% UNOFFICIAL. Hinterlands: Skirmish Campaigns in the Mortal Realms by Sam James Version 2 - 28th January 2017 This PDF document is an unofficial supplement to Age of Sigmar by Sam James. It covers Skirmish Campaign play with two distinct modes; the Hinterlands Campaign (similar to Mordheim or Frostgrave) and the Realm Master Campaign (similar to WHFRP or D&D). In keeping with the design tone of Age of Sigmar, the rules are short and elegant. The core rules fit onto 4 pages, with an additional 3 for Battleplans and an additional 2 for the Realm Master Campaign. Please share this with your friends and gaming group as much as you want. The rules are here for you to enjoy! (I do always like credit so please share away, but do not take my work and present it as your own ) Thanks for all your support in making this the #1 downloaded file on TGA! See below for all the new features that have been added into version 2! - bottle (Sam James). UPDATE: 09/02/2017 FAQ & ERRATA The eagle-eyed among you have found a few grey areas in the rules. Rather than constantly update the file (forcing people to re-download on a regular basis), I have instead decided to keep a living FAQ for the version. This will grow as you give more feedback, and when version 3 eventually comes out all these questions will be clarified and updated. Here is the current FAQ: UPDATE: 05/03/2017 VERSION 2.1 I am thrilled and honoured with the community response to Hinterlands and would like to thank all the players who have downloaded the rules and tried them out on the battlefield! This started out as a personal project and a challenge to myself to make something that looked like the "real-deal", the Games Workshop logo on the front cover is a relic of that humble beginning as I really never expected the rules to receive this much attention. I have decided to remove the logo to make sure everyone knows this is 100% unofficial and to make sure that no ill-intent is perceived by any party. As I had to update the version to do that, I took the opportunity to incorporate all the FAQ clarifications into the rules . The rules do not play any differently to version 2.0, but I would recommend downloading the latest version so you do not have to consult the FAQ. I do not plan regular updates like this, instead you can look forward to a big update (version 3) coming later in the year! Happy gaming in the meantime! - bottle (Sam James)
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    The release of the free downloadable PDF of the Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletome is almost here! What are you most looking forward too? Will you be waging war amongst the dunes of the Endless Deserts? (PS. this is probably one of my favorite miniature photography images from the book. Who can guess the inspiration for it?)
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    40K is getting AoS'd. The nerd rage will be seismic. It's a good time to be alive. I might even play 40K again...
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    Dainna the huntress, Chosen of the city of Themyskyr. More of a breakdown of how i built her and her fluff over at mystarikum.blogspot.co.uk I'm really happy with how she came out and I'm tempted to actually run her as an empire general and have her lead her own warband separate from the dawn knight.
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    Rape. Every time I see someone use that term in toy soldiers/video games/out of context, it makes my blood boil. There's nothing funny/cute/clever about it. I really, really hate it. Might be the patriarch in me, being a dad of little girls has increased my hate of using the term so loosely. Hate it.
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    i dunno, using a phrase at the right moment can really make the sentence pop. otherwise they arent really viable when used incorrectly
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    My prediction? 33% of the customers will hate everything GW announces and declare that the hobby has been ruined forever and raped their childhood! 33% of the customers will asore everything GW announces are declare that the hobby has enter a new and unending Golden Age! 34% of the customers will shrug, buy whatever new stuff appeals to them, and pray desperately that the other 66% would just shut up for a few minutes.
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    You should see how much I'm getting paid in aethergold! I have a pool full of it, and I'm jumping in it RIGHT NOW Scrooge McDuck style! I've never been paid so well, I just strut around with my purple tuxedo on wearing a top hat and monocle and my personal GW Red Shirt carrying my banner that says "Haters gonna Hate" in glowing neon letters. Gettin' paid like Flava Flav, YEAH BOY!!!
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    Zoomed into see the awesomeness of a Metal Top Hat !!! Then noticed ... is that two guns in his whiskers?? Guess if there were flamethrowers they'd be his 'side-burns'
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    where in the hell are my duardin
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    GW partnered with warscroll builder. Coming to community site for free In May.
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    90% of my heroes and commanders are Third Party Models because they just look cooler or to give me variation. The 100% of my zombies and the 80% of my skeletons are all full mantic, for economical and quality reasons. Never had a guy that don't know that a unit of mantic zombies was in fact a unit of zombies. Nobody remember how in the Total War:Warhammer video talking about the Vampire Counts they show a painted army of warhammer with mantic models in it(Zombies, ghouls and skeletons) ? It was hilarous. They deleted the video after people noticed If you are in a GW, thats ok, only GW models. But in a club or in other store where you buy time to time? Use what you want. (Obviously as you say, with a adherence to similaritys. A Doombull model and a Minotaur Hero Model from other company have little diferences. Usin a full proxy army can be a little tricky (Like a full werewolf army using lizardmen rules) but as long as things are clear I see no problem) This "GW only" policy its OK if pushed by GW, because thats how they do their living. When players push it in non-GW enviroments its more like fanatism to me. And as customers we don't want to be fanatics. Just my two cents.
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    Sorry of this thread is unwanted but despite the souring around me I just won my first event ever in 20-some years and did so with old pts Fyreslayers, so I'm stoked! 1500 pts Grimwrath Berzerker (general, phoenix gem, legendary fighter) 2 x smiters 1 battlesmith 5 auric hearthguard 10 hearthguard berzerkers w/flaming poleaxe 2 x 25 vulkites w/double weapons. game 1 vs Tzeentch arcanites - take & hold: Grimwrath got 6 MW killed turn 1, declared banner guarding on objective with both hearthguard for buffs to guard but though they missed the game the enemy never made it near my objective. Skyfires rock. I want more for beyond use in my 40K thousand sons...when Slaanesh comes out add to that since I need a non-Order army. (damn Kharadon Overlords means that shift won't come for a while ) game 2 vs. Ironjaws - blood & glory: tunneled for early objectives. Made correct choice not to get behind the megaboss and brute units. Only game Grimwrath got to fight. RR wounds from smiter mitigated my oft-whiffing with Grmwrath (and any Magambomb choice...at all ) so that was cool. game 3 vs. Stormcasts - Border War: 90 min rounds weren't nearly long enough but some good choices in starting the objective clock early, avoiding fulminators until I had the combo set up, and lots and lots of hair saves helped for a turn 3 overwhelming lead. Feel free to ignore this, I'm just excited at winning an event, and with old pointed Fyreslayers at that! Even though some grumbling is disappointing I'm trying not to let it sour my achievement.
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    People need to stop complaining about a battletome for an army coming out ahead of their army! They can't release all armies at once. This is a just a book to bring Khorne in line with the other battletomes with abilities and things. Ita being released the same month as an entire new faction its not like its pushing another release further down the line. Going by this I'm sure the likes of ironjaws etc. That have an old battletome will also get a new one soon (with more complaints from the community) and armies without a battletome will eventually get one as well as new models.
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    Hi all. Last couple of months I have been collecting and building a smallish wood elf army. These guys have been really fun to paint and play with so far. I just wanted to share what i have done so far and track my progress.
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    Hello all! New to AoS but not new to wargaming. I thought I'd chronicle my 1st 1000pts and update my progress every week hopefully. 1st up is my Vampire lord with wings conversion!
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    Have there been some rules revealed that I've missed then? Seen a few comments like this now! Gotta love nerds on the internet! Complaining stuff is OP before there's even an inclination of what the rules actually are! Haha
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    Hi guys, I'm coming to you with a very silly theory about Stormcast background that's been hanging off the back of my brain since the earliest days of AoS, and like all good conspiracy theories has only been reaffirmed with every new piece of loosely aligned new information I've been able to cherry-pick from subsequent background releases. I have no doubt that what I'm about to type probably isn't what GW have planned, and is simply the human mind's ability to find patterns in what for all intents and purposes are coincidental similarities and oddities, so all said and done, if you want a good laugh and have time to waste please read on! From the moment pictures of them first appeared (rumours of them first appeared really), anyone with any interest in wargaming and possessing the capacity for speech began excitedly pointing out the similarities between Stormcast and Space Marines, and this comparison and the End Times, GW's recent send off to the old WFB setting/set up for AoS were both fresh in my mind when I read first Age of Sigmar: Mighty Battles in an Age of Unending War and then The Quest for Ghal Maraz, the first book of the Realmgate Wars campaign when they were first released. The three Stormhosts focused on in these books were the Hammers of Sigmar, Hallowed Knights, and Celestial Vindicators, and after familiarising myself with their background and characters in AoS: Mighty Battles, I couldn't help but list the similarities between these Stormhosts and three Empire special characters (Valten, Luthor Huss and Boris Todbringer respectively) slain during the End Times. At this point the Celestant Prime hadn't turned up and speculation about who he could be hadn't begun (his appearance and The Balance of Power turned the dials on my theory up to 11, more on that later), so I was mainly collecting superficial similarities between the Stormhosts and Empire characters and asking if Sigmar had kept ahold of the souls of these Empire heroes after they had been killed to use as some kind of template for the members of his Stormhosts, similar to the Primarchs and Space Marine Legions in 40k. All three Empire heroes were slain after Teclis parted the Winds of Magic from the Great Vortex and Ulthuan fell, causing Sigmar to be released with the wind of Azyr; could Sigmar's return have meant that their souls and the souls of other defenders of the Empire after the vortex collapsed had been permanently bonded with the wind of Azyr (later becoming or joining with the realm of Azyr), instead of heading Morr's underworld (probably subsumed by Nagash at this point). Sigmar could have equally bargained or stolen these souls from Nagash, but Nagash tends to kick up a fuss about that kind of thing so it's unlikely to not have been mentioned already. Before moving on to the massive missing puzzle piece of the Celestant Prime's appearance I'll list all the tenuous similarities I've tallied up between the three original Stormhosts and their Empire special character counterparts from AoS: Mighty Battles and all subsequent publications onwards: Hammers of Sigmar - Valten The Hammers of Sigmar wear gold armour. Valten wore gold armour and has beautiful flowing golden blonde hair. There, got that out of the way. The Hammers of Sigmar really don't like giving up or admitting failure. Valten never got very much characterisation, but had an entire special rule about not giving up and getting back up after he'd been smacked down. The Hammers of Sigmar also seem to be the Stormhost best designed and positioned to act as a shining beacon, inspiring the people of the Mortal Realms in times of great Chaos and strife, which is certainly what Valten did for the Empire. The Hammers are without a doubt the 'poster boy' (read: Ultramarine) Stormhost both in the AoS setting and GW's marketing of the game. In Valten's revised background for the End Times it was made abundantly clear with the real Sigmar wandering around that he wasn't supposed to Sigmar's ambiguous reincarnation the same way he was when he was first introduced during the Storm of Chaos, but simply a very Sigmar-like guy with a lot of divine favour going for him, making him even more of a poster boy for the big guy if anything. Valten was a blacksmith in the village of Lachenbad before it was sacked by the forces of Chaos. Vandus Hammerhand was a blacksmith in a similar village in the Realm of Fire before it was sacked by the forces of Chaos. Sigmar seems to allocate individuals to Stormhosts based on type, so this one makes you think. (This was the first similarity I noticed between the Stormhosts and Empire heroes, and almost two years later is responsible for the rambling nonsense you're currently wasting your time with.) Valten was awarded Ghal Maraz by Karl Franz, before Sigmar's release from the Great Vortex. On being resurrected in Karl Franz's body and meeting Valten, Sigmar was cool with Valten keeping ahold of Ghal Maraz and sent him to relive Middenheim with it (probably against his better judgement knowing how well that turned out). When the Celestial Vindicators discovered the location of Ghal Maraz in the Realm of Metal, Sigmar was adamant that the Hammers of Sigmar would lead the expedition to reclaim it, and it was Vandus Hammerhand who would eventually reclaim it and present it to Sigmar. In End Times: Thanquoul Archaon had a mad-on for Valten, and after almost being beaten by him wasn't happy when he was had his kill stolen by a Vermin Lord with a penchant for decapitation. Thousands of years later in Balance of Power Archaon makes a bee-line for Vandus Hammerhand after realising he's wielded Ghal Maraz, and makes a special show out of demoralising and slaughtering the Hammers of Sigmar. Hallowed Knights - Luthor Huss The Hallowed Knights wear shiny silver armour. Luthor Huss wore silver armour and so did his horse. The Hallowed Knights are recruited from devout followers of Sigmar who died in battle with a prayer on their lips. Warrior priest, go figure. Gardus Steel-Soul was a healer in his mortal life, and the Hallowed Knights are best known for freeing the Realm of Life from the clutches of Nurgle. While I can't recall an instance in the background or any novels where Luthor Huss heals anything he could in game and it nicely fits the warrior priest/fantasy cleric archetype. Sigmarite warrior priests have always been noted for their ability to shrug off evil magic and for their strength of will, and Luthor Huss was notable for his feats of will even by the standards of his own order (the guy permakilled Drachenfels with his mind!). In the new Stormcast Battletome the Hallowed Knights battalion gives them a rule allowing them to shrug of spells on a 5+. Celestial Vindicators - Boris Todbringer The Celestial Vindicators are recruited from those who lost their tribes and families to Chaos in their mortal lives, and are left with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance, often against their better judgement. Boris Todbringer's son was slain by the beastlord Khazrak One-Eye, who he dedicated his life to rooting out and pursuing, often against his better judgement. By the time Valten reached Middenheim during the End Times, Todbringer was entirely consumed by his need for vengeance, to the point of handing the keys to the city to Valten and riding off into the Drakwald and to his death. Thostos Bladestorm was particularly resentful of the Hammers of Sigmar being put incharge of the Quest to Reclaim Ghal Maraz after he had discovered it's resting place, and the Celestial Vindicators in general and the more reserved Stormhosts seem to do an equally good job of winding each other up with their differences in temperament and tactical doctrine. This neatly mirrors Middenland's slightly resentful bridesmaid/bride dynamic with Reikland and the rest of the Empire. As of the new Stormcast Battletome the Celestial Vindicators are very into their swords. Despite Ulricans typically eschewing swords for axes and hammers, Boris Todbringer was a consummate swordsmen and rode into battle wielding the Middenland Runefang, his badge of office. Before the Celestant Prime was released most of what I'd come up with seemed too broad to add up, with the three established Stormhosts basically broken down into poster boys, religious types and Space Wolves and me grasping at straws to match them up with old Warhammer characters in a desperate bid to reassure myself that the setting I loved so much was still a force that mattered in its (at the time) very underdeveloped replacement. It also struggled to hold up when the question of Karl Franz was raised; if Sigmar had used the greatest heroes of the Empire during the End Times as templates for his Space Marine chapters, then why not use the greatest of them all? Arguably Karl Franz's soul could still have been bonded with Sigmar's or Sigmar still in his body, but it did seem like a glaring hole in what I'd come up with. Enter the Celestant Prime. While a small group of very strange contrarian individuals like to grasp at straws and argue that he's supposed to be Settra or Louen Leoncoeur (very strange individuals grasping at straws by the standards of someone currently writing an essay speculating that Stormcast have primarchs ), it's widely accepted that if the Celestant Prime is an old Warhammer character then he's probably Karl Franz. Karl Franz turning up as probably the Celestant Prime actually put me off theorising that old Empire characters had been used as Stormhost Primarchs, as if Karl Franz was being used as the Celestant Prime it was probably unlikely his friends were being used for different things. It wasn't until The Balance of Power, the second Realmgate Wars book came out and the Tempest Lords came out that my theory went into overdrive: Tempest Lords - Karl Franz The Tempest Lords aren't part of the First Striking, and didn't appear in the background until the Celestant Prime had been woken up with Ghal Maraz, and their upgrade pack didn't come out until after the release of the first Stormcast Battletome, much later than the Knights Excelsior and Celestial Warbringers upgrade packs were released. If Karl Franz is the Celestant Prime, had Sigmar been unable to reforge their souls before he had the Celestant Prime up and running? The Tempest Lords are reforged from dynasties of warrior aristocrats, great leaders and mighty fighters all, who died defending their kingdoms and empires from the machinations of Chaos. Doesn't sound at all familiar. The Tempest Lords' custom chapter symbol is a hand holding a big golden hammer. Karl Franz is known for holding a big golden hammer. The new Tempest Lords Harbringer Chamber battalion's rules paint them as aerial combat specialists, something Karl Franz never had a special rule signifying in game, but was often noted as being in the background. The Tempest Lords are excellent public speakers, "Their stirring rhetoric has a galvanising effect on those around them; even the downtrodden and oppressed rise up, inspired to follow". Karl Franz was the greatest statesman and leader in the Old World, something that probably required a decent amount of stirring rhetoric. I recently had a bit of time to sit down with the new Stormcast book for long enough to read the parts of it that weren't battalions and allegiance abilities, and the box about the Price of Immortality on page 4 is very interesting in how it describes Stormcast being repeatedly reforged to begin displaying stronger and stronger cases of the psyches associated with their Stormhosts, similar to Space Marine geneseed. If the Stormhosts' psyches have to come from somewhere, and aren't purely determined by the grouping of recruits with similar personalities into different chapters, then coming from the souls of slain Sigmarite champions of the World that Was is as good a reason as any. None of the other established Stormhosts seem to place as concretely or clearly with Empire heroes as the four I've listed above, but I'll add what I've got for them, even though it's got much more conjecture than the previous stuff. Knights Excelsior - ??? The Knights Excelsior are uncompromising, regimented, excellent tacticians, suspicious of those around them and are very scorched earth in their approach to dealing with Chaos corruption. Kurt Helborg would be the obvious candidate, but he was slain by Otto Glott before Karl Franz died and was possessed by Sigmar's spirit traveling on the wind of Azyr, so if Sigmar/Azyr was only able to start collecting the souls of fallen heroes after the climax of End Times: Khaine, it's unclear if the Great Vortex had collapsed or not by then. (If anyone can tell me how long it takes and unleashed vortex of arcane celestial energy, manifested as a giant golden comet to cross half a planet please get intouch) Ludwig Schwarzhelm fits the above attributes almost as well as Helborg and didn't die until much later, so he's an option too. The sun custom chapter symbol nicely matches Averland and/or Myrmidia, or even Solland on white armour. Anvils of the Heldenhammer - ??? Forged under a mysterious gloom, made up of heroes of a forgotten age and with an unknown link to Nagash, the easy pairing for these guys would be an undead character, however as Sigmar's pretty much anathemic to the undead and hopefully not stupid enough to model a legion of 10,000 warriors on one, I'd like to offer up another option. When Nagash was resurrected at the beginning of the End Times, it was in the body of Volkmar the Grim, who had been lured to Sylvania and captured for this specific purpose by Mannfred von Carstein during the events of Sigmar's Blood. Nagash remained in Volkmar's (very stretched out) body until the very end of the End Times when he turned to dust after Teclis's ritual went to hell. Supposing Volkmar's soul had clung to his body, futilely fighting against the will of the great necromancer for the duration of the End Times, only to be set free and cast into Sigmar's realm at the final stroke? Astral Templars - ??? The Astral Templars are an interesting one in that they're less developed than the other Stormhosts listed here, and have two very viable candidates for 'Primarch', both less developed than the other Empire heroes listed. None the less, they're very distinct, with a reputation for being recruited from barbaric tribes and wearing a lot of fur, with a reputation as monster hunters. The first candidate is Gregor Martak, the Amber Wizard who took over as Supreme Patriarch after Balthasar Gelt went through his goth phase in the End Times. Already a bearded guy who wore a lot of fur and preferred caves to houses with a strong link to monsters and beasts, Martak absorbed the power of Ulric in End Times: Thanquol, and wielded it in battle before being skinned alive by Archaon. The second is Markus Wulfheart. I think Markus Wulfheart has had all of half a page describing his special character entry in the 8th Edition Empire army book and a stanza where he turns up and shoots Taurox the Brass Bull a few times during the End Times written about him and that's literally it. I don't think even Markus Wulfheart cares about Markus Wulfheart very much, or thinks he's a particularly interesting character, but he is a fur wearing, outdoorsy monster hunter who was definitely alive after Ulthuan collapsed, so here he is. Anyway, there you have it. Thanks for taking the time to read this nonsense, I look forward to it being torn apart! tl;dr I still can't process the loss of my favourite WFB characters and am desperately trying to shoehorn them into the new setting. Also Stormcast = Spacemarines because GW can't into originality.
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    WOOOOWWW!! My home pc broke up during the week end so I did not check this space for a couple of days and some amazing work has been done in my absence! Dr green your Flesheaters look fantastic, I only glimpsed the Battletome myself unfortunately but for what I read and have been told your take on them is really in line with the spirit of the army! Your conversions are simple and very evvective and for some reason that I cannot understand I much prefer the look of the plastic bretonnian helms on your minis than on the actual knights. You need a cavalry piece now! A ghoul-knight, how cool would that be? Old Wooden, your Vampire is one of the most impressive conversions I have seen on TGA, simple, original, smooth and refreshing! I might join Elfhead and steal this in the future! Curnow, I really like all your minis, but the Slaanesh champion is a masterpiece! Where do the bits come from if I may ask? I have not been idle myself and during the week end I finally finished the conversion on my Alluminarch, Leader of my small band of followers of the Law Gods. His name is Malakia, 12th Abbot of Anaryn, a great scholar and accomplished warrior who won his rank through relentless discipline, iron will and adamantine faith in the Lord Alluminas. He is the protector of the vale and all feudal lords living at the edge of his dominion ultimately swore oaths to him and to the Law as they all understood that the knowledge held by the Alluminarchate is more powerful than any mortal (or indeed magical) weapon in their arsenal. The mini itself it's full of symbolisms that remind of the old lore of WFRP: the symbol of Alluminas, a circle surrounded by eight rays, has been slightly reinterpreted and now looks like the Thousand's Sons pre-heresy heraldry, which I always really liked as it conceives both arcane power and the struggle to order and enlightenment, which are the main themes of the Alluminarchate anyway. On his head rests a tiara adorned with the mark of his patron, the object being both a powerful symbol and a war instrument. On his back three keys represent the mythical keys to the tomb of Arianka, which the order desperately looks for across the Realms. Finally in his hand he holds the Sceptre of the Cleansing Fire of Zuvassin, an incredibly old and powerful relic of the World that Was imbued with the last gift of an extinct Chaos God. It is said that Zuvassin the Undoer cast this fire onto the earth as a powerful weapon against the power of his brother gods. Every creature corrupted or warped by Chaos touched by the flames instantly catches fire and burns with holy intensity until all mutations and marks of the chaos gods are completely dissolved, revealing the original aspect of the redeemed creature before the Ruinos Powers bestowed their gifts upon it. It is very rare that a chaos follower survives this ordeal, but wether it does or does not his body and soul will be completely purified from the taint of Chaos. It is rumoured that the Cleansing Fire is the reason behind Sigmar's interest in the Alluminarchate and that the God King's intention is to use the sacred flames to aid the process of reforge of his warrior chambers and make sure that no hint of chaos can corrupt his holy work. I am really happy with the conversion, as it is really close to the original concept I sketched a few weeks ago, and conceives quite well the hybrid of cleric, wizard and warrior that I wanted to represent with these models. Let me know your thoughts! Hagen
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    New start collecting boxes spotted.
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    A few friends and myself have decided to play the amazing Hinterlands skirmish warband rule set in the upcoming future (aiming to start in May). With this I've decided to do a little blog to document the ventures and tell the story of my warbands rise to glory, hopefully! In this blog I'll be posting pictures of the warband as they grow in size, the expansion of scenery I want to do for the tabletop and the background for my warband and their Lord Kharouth. First up is the warband I'll be starting out with. Lord Kharouth on Daemonic Mount 2 x Chaos Warriors with great blades 2 x Pink Horrors 2 x Blue Horrors Marauder with shield And the first picture of a work in progress Lord on Daemonic Mount. This is my first attempt at sculpting chain mail, I probably should of practiced but was very eager to get the project started. Let me know what you think, and I'll be back soon with some more pictures and some background. Adam @elfordminis
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    Those dwarfs are totally fantasy. Its other kind of fantasy. Its not the medieval-renaicess (I don't know how to write in english) type of fantasy of Warhammer Fantasy, just as Warhammer Fantasy wasn't the bronce-age fantasy of the world of Conan. Final Fantasy with his flying ships and magic empowered technology its a prime example of the type of Fantasy this dwarfs represent. But its not Sci-fi. If this dwarfs break your inmersion in the fantasy of Age of Sigmar its because you are not playing Age of Sigmar, you are still in the Old World. Not a bad thing you know, I play every week to Warhammer Fantasy. But we should critizise things for the thing they want to be, not how we think they should be. And in the "spam" of Dez... after years of rants and rants in Warhammer Forums, its refreshing to see someone really pasionate with Age of Sigmar as people was in the past with warhammer. Let people be happy. We need more happy people.
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    Stuck this up in the Facebook group yesterday but forgot to post it here. A vampire lord general for a Death warband, his fluff Is about a glade lord turned by soul Blight and driven mad by isolation. Going to do some beasts to go with him at some point.
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    Is this some kind of cryptic clue from GW??
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    Now now, the natural male body is serviced well by the Nurgle miniature range.
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    I have a savings jar set up in the kitchen for just this reason!
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    It's a durable combination of Dracoth and Khorgorath leather..which could explain why they are missing.
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    “Pirates? What d’ye be askin’ about pirates for, lad? If them navy lads hear ye saying such things they’ll be haulin’ you off to meet the rope, don’t ye know? “Hm? Not frightened? Fine. I can tell ye about pirates. Sail the seas of Ghur as long as I have and ye’ll learn plenty of things them high and mighty Azyrites don’t tell you. Lean in close, boy. I don’t want to be overheard by one o’ them damned Witch Hunters. “Ain’t just Chaos that infests the Seafangs. Don’t know how them pirates did it, but they survived the long dark before his great golden gloriousness deigned to show hisself. No, no, you’re gettin’ the wrong idea, boy. They ain’t fallen to Chaos. Just the opposite. Them scoundrels’ll fight anyone who crosses their bows; merchants, daemons, Stormcast, it don’t matter to them. They live how they want – no law, no rule, no gods, none of it. Nothin’ matters to ‘em, save what they can take with a pistol and keep with a cutlass. “Oh, plenty have tried to stop ‘em. But them pirate lads is like quicksilver in your hands, see? Anyone gets close they cut and run, off to another hideaway. Must be hundreds of islands in the Seafangs, and not even the dark gods could hold ‘em all. Thing is, Sigmar likes his ships big with lots of cannon, but them pirates is smart – they use fast little things, ships ye’ll never catch, ships that’ll be on yer before ye can blink. Why in blazes do ye think Sigmar’s Navy has so many ships patrollin’ the trade routes? “Careful, lad. I see that glint in yer eye. Might sound better than living ‘ere under the eyes of the Witch Hunters, but it’s a hard life, and make no mistake… them pirates is cruel. Vicious. Sail out into the realm o’ beasts and ye’d do well to always keep one eye on the horizon…” - overheard in a tavern by the Excelsis docks I posted this over in the AoS28 thread, but for the sake of keeping things all in one place I figured I'd give my pirates a thread of their own I actually first built a Mordheim pirate warband about six years ago - built and painted in about a week, they had no mould lines removed, thick, flat paintjobs and were pretty much just stock Empire Militia. So naturally I wanted to go back and redo them in a way that not only looked better but also actually looked like pirates! My greenstuff skills aren't amazing but I'm happy with how they're shaping up. Here's the ship's second mate on the left and a slightly overweight crewman on the right: More ambitious than the rest of the crew was the Captain - I had an image of a "gentleman pirate" in my head that required a fair bit of green stuff work to achieve. Lots of pics of this guy since the angles of the model make him fairly difficult to photograph: That's about all for now. There are another four crewmen in the early stages of painting but beyond that I'm going to need to buy some flagellants for more suitably ragged bodies and some pistoliers for more, well, pistols
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    My Beasclaw Raiders are coming up soon in my painting queue (just behind two Infinity models and my dwarf BB team), which means it's time to finish off my conversion work. The last couple days gave me a bit of time to finish work on my Torr Huskard (Thundertusk), as well as my Frostlord (on mount with swappable head). I was excited when the Vulcharc came out for the Kairic Acolytes so that I could get a different posed bird in the army, and it fits perfectly with the feel I wanted for my Huskard, plus I have a second one to put in the army somewhere (and may want to get a couple more eventually).
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    Below is a WIP progress photo Of my Glade Lord turned Vampire conversion and a photo of his WIP base.
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    I'd say ring GW customer service and let them know you were given a different mini than what you ordered. They're pretty cool people and should send out a replacement for him, and you'll get a "free" Saurus on Cold One. They generally don't ask you to return things if you've been sent the wrong order due to the logistics involved. So, my thoughts are this: Ring GW customer service, let them know and they should fix it, free of charge. Then if you have no interest in the Saurus on Cold One, pay it forward and gift him to a seraphon player/use him to get someone into AoS!
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    First model finished! The Kyng of Spades!
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    Oh hell no! I run from this bs from 40k, AoS is supose to bring the best of creativity! A comunity rule that handipac those that paints their army an specific colour, rather than going bare plastic and being polyvalent is a rule that go against aos Core values! Competiviness to this extreme is what kill the tournament scene in fantasy to more fluffy players!
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    paint it red. red makes you go faster
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    Morning moody Monday morning Maw-krushas! So this past weekend was the Sheffield Slaughter, a 72 player 5 game event. I almost dropped out due to a severe lack of funds and not really feeling it in the week leading up to it, but in the end went along to hang out with mates and push my Ironjawz around. I'm glad I did go and thanks to the generosity of my friends was able to have a few beers (thanks all!). Ended up playing 5 great games vs @Ben Johnson, @Liam Cook, Rob Noyce (@?), @Russ Veal & Tom Fretwell (@?), which I will cover here in more detail. The scoring system was a bit unique so I'll have to explain that too, but for now I'm pleased to say I managed 12th place (of 72), which I'm pretty pleased with truth be told. Had a good bit of luck in some places (conversely some bad luck elsewhere), but hey, you need that for a good finish. Unfortunately missed out on painting by two votes to @Bananaman Tim Fisher. I'm more than ok with this however as Tim is genuinely a long time (easily 10+ years) inspiration to me and my painting/modelling, great to see him scoop his first AoS painting trophy. Many more to come I'm sure. Anyway, ask and you shall receive @N_Watson, @Soulsmith, @Solaris and @Durant..here are some poor pics I took of the two models quickly before I left on Friday. Some are a little blurry and the zoom deteriorates the quality. But yeh, I'm happy with them, still a bit more I'd like to do on the Shaman, but he's good enough for the time being. Enjoy, Chris
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    Don't you dare mess with us now GW.
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    I find that any Warscroll under my command instantly becomes the worst.😍
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    It's another stormcast chamber /soaks skin in the nutritious salty tears of those who already had enough with the last stormcast release
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    Ah the old judge it before it's even out routine. Never change Warhammer community. Never change.
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    Ok, so it's not exactly AoS, but dammit, she's found the hobby and this is the first scratch built diorama she made. I'm proud of her.
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    Here is a size comparison for the 3 ships:
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    One of us! One of us! One of us!
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