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    No one is getting perverse joy over WHFB content being eradicated because WHFB content hasn't been eradicated since 2015. WHFB, the tabletop miniatures game, ended in 2015. It is neither updated nor revised and never will be. The lore still exists in many forms and is frequently licensed for video games and RPG's. This would never be remarked upon if it weren't dredged back up every time GW spells "Aelves" without an "A". Warhammer: Legends exists to pay homage to 30 years of world building and many people's love of the Warhammer world. It gives players the means to play narrative and open AoS in the Warhammer world with official rules. Nothing more, nothing less. At this point, WHFB players have had 3 years to find some part of AoS that speaks to them. They have had 3 years to find an army that they enjoy playing with, enjoy the lore behind, enjoy the look of, or enjoy painting. If they haven't found anything about AoS to enjoy then maybe its not the game for them and that's ok! That's fine! I don't like playing Dungeons & Dragons (or Pathfinder) after having played both for over a year. But if the only thing someone loves about AoS is that they can find someone to play with, then they should be honest about that. But if that's the case then perhaps its time to find a game they actually enjoy instead of wishing that this game would be something it isn't. Let's be clear. GW have provided updates to rules and/or points for models they do not sell and make no money from, 3 times now. The only benefit they receive from doing this is community goodwill and the chance to keep fans who may make future purchases. They are not spitting in anyone's face. They may have made decisions that you disagree with but nothing they have ever done (including ending WHFB) is a personal insult aimed at any player or group. They are a business. They don't care if you disagree with their business decisions but that disregard is not a personal insult. Please understand that notions of persecution directed at this community are misguided and bitterness over the end of WHFB achieves nothing at this point. Claiming that anyone on TGA is taking joy in the suffering of WHFB fans does nothing but make this community seem hostile and unpleasant. These are exactly kind of accusations that drove AoS players out of forums in 2015 and onto Facebook and that eventually led to the creation of this forum. For a while TGA was the only place to publicly discuss AoS without fear of being attacked and blamed for the end of WHFB. Please remember that before making these kind of claims. If you feel you are being verbally attacked for enjoying WHFB, report it to the mods immediately. But if you are only making hyperbolic claims for the effect of it, that is just harmful to this community.
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    This button is canon now, sorry.
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    I think this is the smartest thing GW has ever done. While I enjoy the BL novels and scene-setting in hardbound books, each seems like a one-course meal because of the restricted theme. The MP short stories are another thing entirely - an endless buffet of unique appetizers. Here they've found the perfect fusion of limited attention spans, Internet episodic publishing, narrative evolution, characterization of nameless plastic persons (some, anyway), and creative inspiration. I'm getting bites of every faction, the whiff of wonderful treats to come, and a compulsion to come back and consume every new tasty morsel they serve up. They should never stop doing this because they've discovered a unique and powerful tool of franchise building.
  4. 19 points
    a bit late to the party but my oberyn is done Hope you like him as much as i do Cheers Anamnesis
  5. 18 points
    Hey look everybody....everything I said is coming true! To all the doubters who said ‘NO, There wont be AoS 2’.... you can pm me your apologies to save face if you’d like ....
  6. 17 points
    Just want to say that there is a certain toxicity by certain people on here regarding rumours and those who share the rumours. I myself have experienced it and it can feel like an interrogation/ witch hunt. The last few attacks at skreech the last couple pages were uncalled for. He heard a rumour and shared it. Can people not just take it for what it is please. I myself have given up on sharing what I’ve heard as I am sure others have and will who have experienced similar vitriol. Just a thought.
  7. 14 points
    So all these complaints about points being removed, but whats to stop people from just using the pre-cleansing points from GH 1&2 for most of the units in casual games. Person 1: "I want to play my old TK army, do you mind if I use the GH1 point profiles so I can run some of the old named heroes?" Person 2: "Sure, but I'd rather you use the GH2017 profiles at least for necropolis knights and the necrosphinx because they were pretty undercosted" Person 1: "I wasn't going to run them anyway. So, how many points do you want to do, 1000 or 2000??"
  8. 14 points
    Oh and heard nothing on a second Deepkin wave, I'd expect someone has seen something similar and put 2 and 2 and got 5. The only thing I've heard is new Ironjaws, and potentially new Sylvaneth, just to flesh out factions. But definitely Ironjaws
  9. 14 points
    Afternoon all, Sorry for the delayed replies, unfortunately I have not been on TGA as much as I'd like. Yeh agree tbh mate, there doesn't seem to be much lore wise. As it is, I kinda tend to make up my own in my head. I do actually have a whole story in mind for my army which I plan to bring together as part of an army display at some point. It's suitably emo as to be expected! I can't disagree that the army would make more sense thematically with a General mounted on a Phoenix and then a couple of unridden ones joining along, but the scrolls being the way they are (as you say, a very rare example) there is just no justification for leaving the Anointeds at home! I look forward to seeing the progression of your army as well, it's very cool! Hey Jamie - painting 70 Phoenix Guard is quite the feat! I think I am likely to tap out at 50 tbh! My games have gone really well so far, but the lists I'm facing in the campaign aren't anything like regular builds, so I'm not getting over excited. I do think allies are really important for the army, but it's really hard to know what to add. It's quite limiting without being generic order. Right, onto the update... So the end of April means the end of the fourth month of our escalation Firestorm campaign, From Ember to Inferno. Armies are now up to 1,300 points and mine currently looks like this; Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix - General, Reckless, Phoenix Stone Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix Anointed Loremaster 20 Phoenix Guard 10 Phoenix Guard 10 Phoenix Guard I'm looking forward to this month's game(s) as the army now finally feels like an army. The previous rounds have gone really well for me as I'm undefeated and have amassed a great deal of glory (the win condition), as well as assembling the Sceptre. The way the campaign works there are a bunch of other bonuses my characters have, but I haven't noted them on my army list for now. I will take photos of the relevant cards and include them next time as whilst not painting and modelling related; it's kinda fun! In terms of painting and modelling, here is what I have added for the fourth month - 20 Phoenix Guard and the first allied unit, a Loremaster (can finally start using Attuned to Magic reliably - all my opponents have been quite clever in mostly denying it thus far). I have to admit, this month was a bit of a chore (might have something to do with God of War!) but I put in some epic hours over the weekend to finish up on time which I'm pretty proud of. Batch painting 21 models is a bit of a ball ache, but for me was the best way of getting through them and also ensures the same quality across the army etc. Consistency and attention to detail is something really important to me and something I often find lacking across the board in other armies I look at, even those deemed to be high standard (usual examples include rank and file done to varying or lesser standards than characters etc.). But yeh, I'm happy with my work this month. I may do some additional work on the Loremaster's fireball, but I think I like it as it is. The fire has become a nice spot colour across the army I feel and I may decide to add some braziers to the Phoenix bases etc, don't want to overuse it though. I was particularly happy with the assembly of the Phoenix Guard as I was able to introduce some new poses to these pretty static models by simply turning their heads etc. Works well I think. Anyway, enough talk, here's some photos. I've also included a really horrible photo of the Anointed on foot (honestly not that bad irl!) as I have rebased him on a 25mm which looks much better. Finally, there is also an army shot included. Apologies for the yellowness of these photos. Looking forward to my month 5 additions; 4 models and only one of them is an Aelf! Enjoy, Chris
  10. 13 points
    Why people, IMO, seem to love the new 40k over AOS (no double turn, chargers strike first, strength vs toughness comparison, no wound wrapping, etc) - it gives players more control over the game's math by making statistics more impervious to player choices, tactical decisions, randomness, and other variables during game-play than the AOS system. As a game, in terms of design, 40k actually suffers in a number of areas. AP's are far too high compared to rends so it still has to rely on a sub rule (invulnerable saves) even though the game doesn't really need them. The damage system doesn't need to be as excessive. Wounds not wrapping to the unit doesn't add depth, just complicates an otherwise streamlined rule design in AOS. And chargers striking first is 100% less tactical, flexible, and sophisticated in terms of design compared to the I go u go system in AOS. It is a throwback to GW's antiquated systems that AOS was designed to abandon in the first place. When I play 40k I feel like I am playing the beta test for the AOS ruleset, not the other way around. A rulebook's page count =/= sophistication. Chess can fit on one page. It is still, to this day, considered the most sophisticated and complex rule set on the planet. The only parts of AOS that needs to be reworked is measuring from the base and shooting. In terms of shooting, instead of starting with the core rules,they should start by giving every faction in the game access to some form of shooting attacks. That would go a long way to fixing this problem. As for the double turn, all it really needs is the LOTR - in case of a tie, whoever didn't have it last turn gets it this turn - mechanic. The complaint that the game is determined by a roll of a die, is what GW games are all about. If its not a priority roll, its another single die roll that determines who wins the game. The complaint here, again, is about statistical math. Players do not have access to a statistic that influences the dice roll so this dice roll is bad because they can't "math to win it." Everything else, like command points, expanded hero phase, expanded magic rules, would only improve an otherwise fantastic set of rules. I hope GW spent their time working on those aspects and largely left the core rules alone.
  11. 13 points
    So the Nighthaunt is pretty obvious, I can even see that as the June release. There's a new box coming, maybe they'll be involved. Moonclan is from a GW employee who is pretty reliable. I said that I wanted a new destruction tome in time for BOBO, he laughed, then I said 'or at least this year' and he said, 'well that's a different story then, I won't laugh at that' Slaneesh is from the same dude that gave me the Nurgle details. 3 more armies due this year, and we know 2 (nighthaunt and Slaneesh) so I really hope my friend is right for Moonclan. Would expect some more Ironjaws as well to flesh out the range, and to kick-start some destruction love. And the new 40k Ork kits are awesome 😉
  12. 13 points
    I guess you are right. But GW just released for the third time a full rules update for an outdated army (Dark elves) for an unsupported game (WFB), for free, and people would call it low effort and low time ? That's not fair. GW could just have told us to use our old Dark Elves models as one of the many AOS factions using those models in the current timeline, aka Scourge Privateer and such, who have updated rules (including points) and a very good place in the fluff (notably in the novels and in the Free cities). Instead GW try to be nice to the old guard, and people get angry ? I find this situation a bit unfair... It seems like people don't want to adapt to the new setting. You don't even have to buy a new army (even if GW would like you to), or to really use the new fluff (like Scourge privateer), you just have to use the current rules for those Aelves factions from the current timeline but based on the old DE range. We are in the Age of Sigmar, not on the World-that-was : GW is IMO quite nice to support the WFB people who don't want to play with WFB rules and with AOS fluff (even without point ; the alternative would be to have nothing).
  13. 13 points
    Building almost completed on the first Mighty Slatr for my Suneater tribes, a hulking scaled beast mounting the incendiary catapults of the tribes, launching barrels of oil and tar set ablaze down the field to burn their enemies alive!
  14. 12 points
    Wow. Really don't think my comment needed quite such a response, calm down. My point is simply thus - the 40K system of arranging sections of your army into certain formations works, sure. But it has a knock on effect of making the player taking purely an army of units they find cool be at a disadvantage. I know this from personal experience. This doesn't even mean my opponent is taking a net list of hyper competitive units. He simply has a lot of troops. But 8 points vs 3 is a massive difference. I am only saying I hope AOS doesn't use too much of that system. I do not want players to feel they have to take an unnecessary amount of units they don't like to compete. The tone of your response is unwarranted, and if you have issues with me you would like to discuss, PM so that the discussion is not derailed.
  15. 12 points
    I love AoS because it's simple rules. Launch 40k 8th was great for the same reasons, It's now becoming bloated like some great unclean one, with the huge number of strategems they've got. I really, really hope AoS 2 is as simple as AoS 1.
  16. 12 points
    It’s a Greenskin or Greenskin related and anyone who says different is a Stunty lover.
  17. 12 points
    Am I the only one that thinks this has went from 'Lets chat: Idoneth deepkin' to 'What's the fastest way to lose your friends?' with all this talk about alpha strikes and attempts at making game-breaking army lists? I just want to have a fun time talking about how cool the fish aelves are and see people take what they want to, rather than take stuff because that's what the meta is. Stuff like that really puts me off competitive play
  18. 11 points
    And there's no need to throw yourself into a thread like a stinkbomb either, but here we are.
  19. 11 points
    ...and in the darkness bind them.
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    ++ Mod Hat On ++ Very very simple - I know you are upset but this doesn't mean you can react to other members in such an manner. Please don't do this again. For Everybody else Again, I know for some people this is a touchy subject and in someways reopening some wounds but very very simple - Be nice to each other. It's fine not to like this change from GW but if you are going to react, please do it constructively.
  21. 11 points
    I really don't understand this strange perverse joy a great deal of AoS players take in WHFB-content being eradicated bordering on the fetishistic. So long as things are being 'ported over' to Legends then I don't mind it so much. They're pretty much just reorganising it rather than deleting it. Honestly, I think they should just reorganise the WHFB factions and bring the dozens of sub-faction together again as they did with Legions of Nagash. It would have worked fine in something like 8th Edition 40k with Detachments, but when AoS has such a hard allied limit (which I actually prefer over Detachments for the record) there's no real benefit to say... Dark Elves being split between four different sub-factions unless they're heavily expanded like Daughters of Khaine. At least that way they can scrap Compendium's because they're redundant due to being modernised rather than because Games Workshop decided, "time to give WHFB collections one final spit in the face."
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    Sigmar stubs his toe. "OPEN ANOTHER CHAMBER!!"
  24. 10 points
    Stormcasts have sculpted abs on their armor. If ever there was an army where boobplate would be appropriate, it's stormcasts.
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    So may great warbands. I'm kind of embarrassed to post my but here is my Stormcaste.
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