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    I have been lucky enough to get my hands on the next expansion set for AoS which will be called Boxhammer!! A spokesman told me it was specifically designed for players who come home after a few beers with their mates and go online to stock up their paints or treat themselves to a new character model. He said "we realise these players often forget what paints they needed and end up blowing a couple of hundred pounds on starting a new army instead. Then they get disheartened when they realise it will be months before they finish their current project and get round to painting them. We really wanted to give something back to those people." "We also hope this new ruleset will appeal to all those people who left the hobby because they insist its better to move your models around in big rectangular blocks."
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    I've been thinking a lot recently about where the mortal realms are going from a design perspective and thought I'd slap some of those thoughts onto the internet to see if people disagree with me as vehemently as I'd expect. There's a lot of ground to cover here, I'm not talking specifically about fluff, or model design but more broadly in terms of the overall feel of Age of Sigmar as a distinct portion of the warhammer oeuvre so apologies if it goes all over the place and I turn off any one potentially still reading after I used the word 'oeuvre'. For the sake of this discussion I'm working on the assumption that GW obliterated the world that was and reforged it into the world that is in an attempt to both create a more distinct IP and build a higher fantasy, more bombastic world that is more appealing to a generation raised on MtG and WoW. I think a lot of people get the wrong idea about the IP side of things, seeing orcs change to orruks and assuming it's just about stopping other miniature companies making models with the same names, when to my mind it's more about creating a wholly distinct IP, and while 'Orruks' is a small brick in that wall it's a component none the less. Ignore for a moment that GW have never seemed keen on the relinquishing of control inherent in allowing the warhammer worlds to be filmed so that I can make a point here; No one ever needed to make a warhammer film because they can make a film about orcs and elves and dwarves and city guards and magic and it can stand on its own, or it can be the Hobbit or world of Warcraft or whatever else. Making Age Of Sigmar more unique makes it more marketable, perhaps not right now while it lacks the attachment and history of classic warhammer, but perhaps in the future when all the kinks have been ironed out. So, what has this got to do with anything and what am I actually driving at? When the end times concluded and AoS made its shakey entrance down Jervis Johnson's metaphorical birth canal a lot of people were incredibly angry about the destruction of the old world, and understandably so. GW sought to temper that by giving them an outlet to continue using their toys post-WHFB, while also giving themselves a bit of a break by virtue of not having to deal with the Hobson's choice of either having a wargame out with very few playable factions, or having to very quickly design and release a number of completely new factions and hope they met with approval. This lead to a bit of an awkward phase, the repercussions of which are still being felt, whereby gamers felt their favourite denizens of the old world were owed representation in the new one. At its inception AoS's fluff was obviously thin on the ground, and as a new universe was being built from the scorched earth up was predictably spartan. (Worth mentioning that I'm not actually a big fan of the gw books but struggle through them as I like the fluff as a whole and want to get a handle on what's going on). There were a lot of people that begrudgingly came over to age of Sigmar but complained about the still formative fluff bizarrely not having the richness, depth and familiarity of a 25+ year old universe based on their own world and other well worn tropes. So the fluff came, and it couldn't just be stormcast and khorne to eternity so old friends from the warhammer world were shoe-horned in and the scope started to broaden. From my perspective there is a very clear aesthetic divide between models designed for Age of Sigmar and those for the warhammer world. I'd suggest also that maybe a lot, if not all of the end times stuff was designed with the former in mind and released prior to the onset of AoS to ease people in to the change, although that's pure speculation. So here's where we're at presently. I really enjoy the freshness and scope of Age of Sigmar. I love the way that GW have taken elements of the warhammer races and exploded them into factions in their own right. I read that - for example - the megaboss was designed as a proof of concept for how orcs could be reworked for Age of Sigmar and I think what they've done with the ironjawz and sylvaneth and fyreslayers and so on is exceptional and feels very exciting, especially in respect of what could be to come. I'll just break off here to interject that we are now in the domain of the 'new GW', who listen to their fans and in some ways this worries me a little. I'm of the belief that Age Of Sigmar needs to play to its strengths to succeed in its world building. It needs to take advantage of the infinite nature and possibilities of the realms framework, the epic scale and the transmutable, chaotic foundation. My favourite, and the most evocative things are things like the Skaven infested city on the back of (and inside) an enormous worm, Argentine the zodiac serpent, the kharadron skyports and associated shark like creatures, these things are about as high as fantasy can get and just not feasible in a lot of more grounded worlds. The problem with GW listening is there's a growing clamour for more from the fluff, and while I'll eagerly concede that it needs expansion and greater depth, the received wisdom seems to be that the way to do this is by giving us the humans and cities and subterfuge of the old world. We've had city of secrets and firestorm recently, both of which have a feel.of the old world to them. City of Secrets was a good read, but to me it felt like an old world novel with a few bits tacked on to transport it to the mortal realms. Before that we had shadows over hammerhal, which again felt much less AoSy than Silver Tower and consequently was less interesting to me. It feels like this warhammerification of the mortal realms is the cheap way to build attachment and intrigue, when what would provide a stronger setting would be to build on what makes Sigmar... Sigmar. I think they would be better served seeing something like starwars as a guiding light than what they've done before. I'm not a writer, and as you can see I've already expended far too much energy thinking about this but there must be a better way to make the realms richer than falling back on what has gone before. Personally, and I know this is going to be hugely unpopular, I would like to see AoS stand on its own two feet, I was glad to see the compendium stuff being slowly detached and would ultimately be pleased to see anything pre-end times phased out in favour of a completely new and purpose built universe where everything felt like it belonged. The way things are going I'm more concerned that it is backsliding into a halfway house between the potential of the mortal realms and the (perhaps false) security of the warhammer world and I don't think this will give us a game with a cohesive feeling background. I've tried to make it as clear as possible in writing that all of the above is just my opinion and I'm expecting others to differ greatly but I just thought it may be of interest to get a different perspective than the norm. Next year I think will be massive for AoS and I'm very keen to see where it goes, and interested to hear what other people think about its potential and direction.
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    First of all, a GW year is Spring - Spring, so this whole 2017 discussion is arbitrary. Last GW year was Tzeentch and we saw a lot of new stuff like Silver Tower, Khorne update + unification, Stormcast update + vanguard army + unification, and of course the big Tzeentch drop which was far more than an update + unification; an entire new army of stuff to go with it. All this not to mention an entire reboot of AoS, starting the new Allegiance direction for the game, and releasing the GH which skyrocketed the hobby into a new renaissance, and then ending with a jaw dropping Kharadron Overloard release. This year (The Year of Nurgle) started off with big things for 40k, and they got two new armies. With a massive reboot of the game that gets at least 60% of their business, its understandable that AoS would take a sideline. Despite that this is not AoS related, the Sigmar-ification of 40k has created mass appeal to many die hard fantasy-only players, so this is a good thing for most of us. While 40k is still going strong, releasing their new armies and new books, they still started major drops for AoS. They are experimenting and trying new things on their long journey to make AoS more balanced and constantly interesting. First off the GH:2017 is a big deal, reflecting that fact they will be updating the meta every year and constantly updating points and sometimes even scrolls. They also made a big step toward getting a lot more people on board with the new Allegiance direction, and expanding all 3 ways of play with more variety and options. This was quickly followed by Blightwar which was a combination of: starter set for new players, two new models and allegiance for Nurgle. On the topic of starter set, this is one of the most important aspects of the game; getting new players or existing players to start new armies/games. The last year has been a revolution in how to get started, starting with small model packs and the new Skirmish game, moving into mid-range army starter sets, now with colored plastics and using the box for terrain. Then this ties in with Path to Glory and getting into campaigns, boosted by the new Firestorm. Then there are large starter sets, always with incredible value, providing a ton of beautiful models so you can dive right in. Last we have a revolution of 'Getting Started' boxes, where GW is providing discounts for the first time. There have been so many amazing new discounted box sets, I can't even count them. All of this benefits the entire AoS community in many important ways. Now we are getting Shadespire, which is a combination of several things. First off, it might just be a fun board game. Basic board games appeal to a wider variety of audiences and might serve as another gateway into AoS, or a way to play your miniatures with people who might not be interested in playing a full tabletop game. Secondly, its providing us with something like 100 new models over the next few months which will have full integration into AoS in some way. They are also pushing the competitive aspect of it, which means it might be a way for some of us to scratch a more competitive itch, or remove some of those kinds of people from the AoS pool. Technically this year is not even half over. Maybe not before Jan, but we are likely to see a lot more before spring. Deathrattle and Nurgle battletomes are all but guaranteed, which would put us in the 2 new-model armies a year par that seems to be the case for both AoS and 40k. We could even see some big surprises such as an elf reboot or an entirely new Death army. More Shadespire is sure to come as well, releasing new models for armies like Skaven & fyreslayers. maybe it will have a small impact; maybe a large impact. For example, the release of the 5 Wulfen models had a big effect on Space Wolves in 40k. There is only anything to get down about if you hyper focus what you want on one specific thing. For example, if you have restricted yourself to only playing High Elves in 2k point matched play AoS; and refuse to do anything else - then you are focusing on one tiny part of the hobby (though you have fresh new battleplans, and a huge array of new Order models to ally with). You are one paint stroke in a massive painting that GW is trying to make here. You just have to accept that it may be 5 or even 10 years before GW comes back around to you - or maybe not at all. Some players like Tomb Kings have to pick a new thing or they will simply fade away. But, if you just love AoS, beautiful models, good games, etc. - and are willing to experiment with new armies, new ways of play, and even some new games - GW is raining content down on you on a regular basis to where its literally impossible to keep up with. We all have our favorite thing, and it sucks if that thing is getting nothing for a long time (everyone knows how I feel about Death) but its absolutely insane to call the last few years anything other than an unbelievable godsend for Warhammer fans and the entire world of tabletop gaming. If you cannot see this, you really have to get out of your shell and start taking a wider look at what is going on around you and what this hobby has to offer. There is an amazing variety of things to do and people who are interested in trying it with you, and its only getting better with literally every week that passes.
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    There was a lot of talk on twitter about this yesterday and I wanted to post in something more than 140 characters as I feel strongly about this. The argument is that in the Stormcast book and the new Firestorm book there are passages of text, which could be interpreted as rules, which say that if you want to play a certain City or Battalion then the army needs to be painted in a certain way. This debate was already had around the time of the SCE book and I had a healthy debate with Ben Curry on one of his daily episodes about it. One of the main arguments I've heard in favour of it is linked to 40k and that you wouldn't bring for instance a Space Wolf army and say it was Blood Angels. I just want to extrapolate slightly on this example and show why I think it isn't valid in AoS. In AoS the models are exactly the same for every 'Chambers' (Tempest Lords, Harbringers, etc) there is just a different 'recommended' colour scheme. Now I agree that if you have an army that is painted in the Tempest Lords scheme and you bring them along and say they are Harbringers then it could confuse people and not be that appropriate (although I still actually wouldn't mind at a tournament, but I get the argument!). If however you painted an army in your own colour scheme and background, then I see no reason what so ever why you shouldn't be able to use them as any of the chambers. If you compare this to 40k, if I have a unit of 10 basic marines and a rhino and I paint them in a unique colour scheme of say brown/blue (no idea why that combo came to mind!). You then buy something unique to a chapter like a unit of Dark Angel Deathwing Knights and you paint them in the same colour scheme. I don't know anyone who would have a problem with you using those 10 marines and rhino as Dark Angels. If you then bought a unit of Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard and painted them in the same colour scheme and brought the same 10 marines and rhino and used them with your sanginary guard, I don't see anyone who would have a problem as you using the marines as blood angels. That is where I think the big differnce is - GW is trying to get us to have unique 'chapters' in AoS but all of the models are the same. If they bring out a new say dracoth unit that can only be used in Tempest Lords then for sure you can't proxy them as something else to use in a Harbringer chamber. If however you are just using the same bog standard models painted in your own scheme/background/theme - why shouldn't you be able to use them as a chamber of your choosing? I've also heard the argument that if some new person turns up to a GW event with their painted Tempest Lords chamber in the GW colours and play against you who are using your own colour scheme tempest lords it might be confusing for them. But I don't really buy that argument and think it's much worse if someone spend months painting up their own custom chamber with background and then wants to theme it around the rules for one of the official chambers. Just my opinions. Jack
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    Morning all, You'll have to wait a little longer for my Facehammer reports, but in the meantime I can share some (rubbish) photos of the new models I painted for the event. I've been bemoaning my photo quality for 29 pages now and really should do something about it haha! It has been really good to finally paint some new additions for the army and I am really happy with them all. First up are the 6 Gitmob Grot crewmen, which are converted from a mixture of various 40k Grots, Blood Bowl Goblins, Gutbuster Grots and maybe bits from a few other kits. I'm thoroughly pleased with the character these models have as individuals and feel that despite being Grots they do fit my overall army aesthetic. Next are the two Brute Crossbowmen, doing duty here as Gitmob Spear Chukkas. The first one is a model you have seen before, however he has been rebased to a 50mm base and has had a pavise added. The second is a completely new paint job. I really really love these models and am glad I can use them to represent something in game now. Finally, 3 additional Brutes. I ended up literally staying up night on the Thursday before Facehammer to get all this stuff painted and managed 0 sleep. I didn't really catch up Friday (4 1/2 hours) which has had further reaching consequences as I'm still utterly shattered. The reason I'm telling you this is that I did not end up using these 3 Brutes!! I had originally planned to take 3x5 with Choppas, so was going to add a Boss and a Gore-choppa to these boys and crack on. I ended up changing my list though so these missed out. In hindsight I think I should have used these 3 in my army as they are some of the coolest ones I have painted with loads of character. However, instead I put them into the unit category of the painting contest where I was deservedly beaten by @Painted by G and his Brutes. Anyway enjoy, once again sorry for the shoddy pics! There will be more additions over this month...though hopefully I can rid myself of these stupid final night pushes (I actually forgot to paint between the cracks of the Agrellan Earth as a result, which you may notice. Still need to sort that)! Chris
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    Hi guys, I did indeed finish 7th at the GT Final over the weekend. This was my list: Drazhoath The Ashen (320) Bull Centaur Taur'ruk (160) - General - Trait: Cunning Deceiver -Artefact: Chaos Talisman Daemonsmith (100) Pyre Rune Staff Infernal Guard Battle Standard Bearer (100) 6 x Bull Centaur Renders (360) Scalding Hand Weapon & Spiteshield 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100) 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100) 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100) Iron Daemon War Engine (180) Magma Cannon (140) Skullcracker War Engine (200) Magma Cannon (140) Total: 2000 / 2000 I've been working on this sort of list for a while. even before the warscroll updates I had settled into the pattern of Draz, 6 Bulls, 2 Magmas as being in every list. This gives a good mix of combat, shooting and speed. I played this list with a 3rd Magma and no Tauruk but the extra mortal wounds is far surpassed by run and charge command ability. The Skullcracker I thought on paper looked good, and had the potential to do some real work. In my head the dice say 14ish attacks, 7 hits, 4/5 wounds, maybe 2/3 D3 damage after saves. No-one with any tactical ability will get their fragile characters charged by a huge base, and that sort of damage is not going to make a dent into big units, or will be over kill to smash small chaff. I didn't see place for it but wanted to play it. I also thought it would run out of steam quickly and once its taken enough wounds to get only 2d6 attacks it is essentially out of the game. I was totally wrong on this. Like, Astronomically wrong. anyway, i'll have a rundown of the units and why I chose them, how they fit together and later I can talk about how the games went. Disclaimer - If you want to play Allies or Mixed chaos there is often a 'better' or 'more efficient' unit to take. I only play Legion. Draz. Big daddy D. Supreme Prophet of Hashut. Lord of the Black Fortress. . The Bullfather. The guy is the best thing in the army hands down. He is probably over costed, under performing and too much of a target but without him we are footslogging and slow. Drazhoath can move 30" when you win the double turn. He can tank vs mortal wounds. he can flee 7+d6" even with 1 wound left. he casts spells, shoots, fights. Most importantly he is flexible and hard to predict where he will be each turn. Dirty Uncle Taur'uk. This has always been my favourite character and now he has a list around him where he is far down on the target priority list he excels. Run and Charge command ability on all teh bulls is excellent, so is +1 to charge. The latter ability is a gem as it removed the possibility of failing a change when rolling double 1's. Daemonsmith standard. +6" and one use mortals. Staff over Axe just for the potential 3 damage. Infernal Battle Standard. I was most disappointed with this chap. I think I might have been too cautious with him so i won't change the list just yet but it seems that he only is really useful if you play super defensive, but most games that's not the case. the objectives are always over the table. I think if i thrown him forwards early I might get more gains, but he is very slow and it feels like the points are better spent on other things. 3x 10 Fireglaives Pretty standard battleline. Shooting off a few extra wounds here and there, they are a constant bother to people and the champions bomb ability is excellent. 2x 10 and 1x Ironsworn horde seems a great battleline option but i struggle to fit it in a list. I had the chance a few times to shoot all 3 units and lob a couple of bombs at one target. Near the BSB. With Magma support. Thats game over man. 6 Bull Centaurs w/Spiteshields This unit really is something else. 360 points for 6 large bases, 30 wounds, good armour save and consistency damage output. They are not spectacularly smashy like 30 Bloodletters (that are 90 points cheaper) or other really super hard hitting combat units, but they are a massive hike over what we previously had and are very grindy and strong. Downside is the ability to bring it all to bear. I might try 2 units of 3. It will double the chances of making a charge when running side by side (2 run rolls, 2 charge attempts) and will be easier to fit them in range of the Taur'uks abilities, It will also mean I can got in 2 directions rather than over committing 6 bulls to get a job done. My gut says 1 unit of 6 is best though. The Great Weapon option is an essential upgrade here. I don't have the models but will be converting them. In 6 games I bounced a handful of wounds, none of them being an important extra wounds caused, on the other hand, I did a massive amount of damage and that would have been hiked by a GW. My only concern is that there are no models for the great weapons and what will that mean to the rules in the future?? 2x Magma Cannons Standard. Impacted my opponents play and game plan far more than the damage they inflicted. Worth it every time to do a few wounds a turn all game. This is the main advantage of scary combat units pushed in people face. The cannons crop down in teh target list and can shoot all game. Iron Daemon This was great in every game. Its always great. I did my time with the old rules and I think I have a real good handle on how to play and position the model in the game. Now i'm rewarded with more damage and more defence. 10" move is nice, 3+ save too. Best thing about it is the cannon. not foe the damage caused, but for the shock and awe factor. Shoot someone with 4D6 dice and rend 2 and they remember. Which once again messes with their target priority. Skullcracker War Engine. As I said above, This was excellent in all my games. My main fear was how easy it is to kill. Or not even kill, just keep a lid on. The list as a whole presented so many targets that the Skullcracker was often left to do real damage. Consistent damage output that has the ability to have a massive spike (rolling 20 attacks and getting 15 hits, while near the BSB) made this a real show stopper and my opponents didn't discover this until too late, Magma cannons dead, Drazhoath down and the Iron Deamon beaten up the Skullcracker did some great work. That will do for now. My next post will be about how I played the list and how and why I was very aggressive and up the table with a supposed gun line army.
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    Just be careful about investing too heavily in square boxes, guys. Rumour has it GW is moving to round boxes!
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    So In my shop we are doing a tale of X gamers. We will be sharing our proggression together via our FB social group but I thought I'd share some of my progress as we go on. I have been drawn to Bonesplitterz for a while but a bit put off by potential model count. But having just finished the drama of painting Nagash an Infantry horde is quite welcome and if all goes well I may plan to add a stone Golem in at the end to take my list up to 2k at the end of the year. I really like the look of Arzog the pale orc from the Hobbit. So the paint scheme should be straight forward by glazing a thin layer of rakarth flash and then washing, rubbing at the extremities to 'cheat' a gradient highlight effect. I know this will work in theory but I'm worried that there won't be enough contrast against the light bone colour too. The stone parts (weapons etc), i'm not worried about because they will be painted black to make them look obsidian. I love the contrast of red blood against light white, this always looks quite striking and so wanted to lean heavily towards red in regards to their tattoos. Fluff wise I can justify this by doing the Drakkfoot clan; "The Drakkfoot Warclan hunt their prey among the sprawling Gorelkes of the Ashlands of Aqshy. The lakes are a relic of the Dark Gods dominion over the land, and each crimson pool bubbles and boils with slain souls. The Drakkfoot Orruks use the glowing red blood of the Gorelakes to paint beast tattoos on their bodies, its strange magic mixing with their ambient Waagh! power. We officially start on Monday so cant throw myself into it yet but here is my first test model which i'm fairly happy with. I want to change the basing slightly so it looks like actual blood inbetween the cracks of the Martian Ironearth. So that needs some work.
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    So they just released a free city generator on the community page. I always love tools like this to drive inspiration and its always fun to see what people can come up with from a few randomized tables so come post what you've generated. I'll start with my first, the town of Mistforge Mystforge, The Leviathan's Rest The town of Mystforge is built in the bones of a massive leviathan that was brought down by the combined efforts of twelve companies of scourge corsairs. They maintain the seaport and live in an uneasy alliance the town's human residents and the detachment of Stormcast Eternals who control the arcane forge for which the town was named, an ancient relic found within the leviathan's gut that crystalises the mists of ulgu allowing them to be forged into blades of pure shadow. City generator is found here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/26/make-your-own-free-city-the-easy-way-sep26gw-homepage-post-4/
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    Greeting, one and all! Now that I've made some actual painting progress on my Ironjawz army, I figured it would be a good time to start up a thread to showcase my models as I get them painted up. It's a slow process for me due to the little free time I do have to do hobbying stuff anymore, but after a mostly free past two weeks, I have been able to make substantial progress on my models, and get some Ironjawz painted up to completion. So as I start to finish models, I'll be posting up pictures here of them to provide some inspiration to others for their own models. I may also use this thread as an outlet for me personal fluff that I write up regarding my Ironjawz. I don't have any yet, but when inspiration strikes me, it strikes hard, and you all seem a willing audience And to start this thread off, here's pictures of my Maw-krusha! I picked the color scheme and based it of off the Osage Copperhead species of snake, one of the few venomous snakes species native to my home state of Missouri, USA. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. And don't mind the camera flash; turns out that my camera's flash is better for lighting than the lamp in my room (the lighting is really good during the day, so I'll aim for day light next time). Next, I need to figure out the basing...
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    Finished my first bull. I think im going to paint up an Irongut second. Thanks for looking.
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    the mortis engine offers huge potential for an flying undead ship wreck in an undead pirate fleet here is my converted one (build before firestorm for my undead wiking themed army)
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    Afternoon guys, Following on from the kind of topics @Soup Dragon has made for BLACKOUT and Stirling recently, I thought I'd get some discussion going following the Facehammer GT this weekend. This event was 92 players, 5 games of GH2017. By this time most people would have played the new battleplans I guess (unfortunately I'd only played 3 going in) and everything seemed a little more settled than BLACKOUT. Out of 92 players, we had an pretty pitiful 11 Destruction players. Let's take a look at placings and allegiances; 3 - Nicky Myland - Bonesplitterz @? 4 - Chris Tomlin - Ironjawz 30 - Ian Spink - Bonesplitterz @Kanamorf 36 - Kieran Harper - Ironjawz @Sangfroid 39 - Kane Holloway - Ironjawz @? 44 - Mike Thomas - Destruction @? 48 - Paul Haley - Ironjawz @Paul Haley 49 - Ian Gilmore - Ironjawz @Ian Gilmore 57 - William Morriss - Ironjawz @William Morriss 78 - Tom Wall - Ironjawz @Tom 83 - Paul Whitehead - Beastclaw Raiders @Soup Dragon (full disclosure; this event also had small soft scores for paint and sports) So actually it seems like Ironjawz are reasonably well represented and this is probably as many as we've seen at larger tournaments. It's the other allegiances and the generic grand alliance that actually appear to be poorly represented. Whilst Bonesplitterz are widely regarded as being nerfed (a fair obseveration IMO), it does appear that they can still very much compete at the highest level. That said both Nicky and Ian are very good players who have been using the army for some time now. Still, I would've expected more than 2 Bonesplitterz players to be in attendance. Beastclaw Raiders seem to be in the floor at the moment but I will leave it in the capable hands of Paul to discuss that further. This is a real shame, especially when I look to Paul as one of the top Destruction players in the country over the past couple of years and can see his frustration to the point he may switch armies Ironjawz on the other hand seem to be doing ok. Bit of a mixed bag on the results front, but I had a good conversation with Kieran and Ian Spink at the event, discussing how we think for most tournament players that 3 wins (and feeling competitive in your losses) is a perfectly acceptable place to be. Obviously there will be players who are gunning for that top spot, but I think we (as Ironjawz players) can feel we are in most of our games and will have a chance. I suspect there probably is a ceiling for us as you would need a really favourable draw and some luck to be able to hit 5 wins. Incidentally neither myself or Kieran went with the Ironfist and I have to say, I for one did not miss it. Just some initial thoughts for now to get the discussion going guys. Finally, well done to Nicky for placing highest and to Kieran for taking home the Best Destruction trophy for the highest number of Kill Points. Chris
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    It seems for Tempest's Eye, the color scheme is a darker blue, maybe some white or black accents alongside silver and gold. For the larger discussion, this is my simple response: I disagree with any move to punish creativity with rules penalties & create an unequal competitive environment by leveraging paint schemes.
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    I've had lengthy back on fourth discussions over this "hot topic" on army colour schemes and free rules. There are some simple fixes to this in my opinion. a) Nothing for free, if its a bunch of special rules, make them pay for it like formations b) Don't allow these rules in competitive play and just keep them for open/narrative c) If its going to be a thing, be clear on what colours are required, where on the model they should be present as a guideline and actually enforce it at events The game is not 40k, Space Marine chapters can't be used as examples because as Jack has said above there just aren't the model ranges to support the idea. If each chamber for Stormcast had its own battletome, upgrade packs, characters, units etc then I could get on board with that. But if someone paints an army their own unique colour scheme they should be free to do so, while also being able to use any free special rules.
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    Glad to see you starting BOK, they are a great fun army to play and can still be competitive. I went for a non traditional scheme to my army, going down a beastial marauder/barbarian theme. Mighty Lord of Khorne Juggerlord Slaughterpriest Bloodwarriors Skullreapers Wrathmongers
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    Hi everyone! It's been a while. I hope your all feeling good! I've recently jumped back on the AoS train, after taking a fairly long hobby break and I've decided to start that Sylvaneth army I've been promising myself since release! Heres what I've been working on so far (pic overload!): My plan is to have at least one of everything in the battletome, before moving onto battalions. So I should be painting trees for a while! Thanks for looking!
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    Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster. Just finished my first batch of Ironjawz and took them for a test run against my friends Sylvaneth list and thought I would provide some feedback. This is a long post so I apologise and I hope there is value in parts of the analysis and feedback. We agreed 100% painted units only and since I hadn’t finished my gore gruntas yet we agreed to 2,040 points to substitute those guys for ard boyz. We ended up playing the mission with the falling objectives in random locations. My list: Megaboss Ballsmasha on Maw Krusha (Ironclad , Metal-ripper) Troll Hag 2 x war chanter (one with boss sticka) 2 x 10 brutes with choppas 10 Ard Boyz Ironfist His list: Treelord ancient with the skills that make it 2+ rerollable save and ignores rend if not -2 or greater Branchwraith (cant recall item) 3 x 3 Kurnoth Hunters with bows 2 x 3 Kurnoth Hunters with swords 2 x 5 revenants (the teleporty kind) 20 Dryads Some battalion, which did something nasty I hadn’t played Sylvaneth before (have not played many games of AOS so not surprising) so it was a tough matchup, Sylvaneth had lots of speed with teleporting, really high armour and rerolls, regen, and a bundle of mortal wounds from these forests all the time – and new forests appeared constantly. He deployed spread out to cover the table for where the objectives would land, I knew I would lose if I couldn’t keep my army close for abilities and ran on one flank to put some of his shooting out of range and gamble on where the objectives would fall. I thought it was going to be a tabling in his favor, but thanks to a bit of luck with the objectives falling center and my flank rather than in the open flank I was able to pull out a big major victory, but one where the points didn’t reflect how the close the battle was. Rather than go through a battle report I will give feedback on items frequently discussed in the forums based on this experience. Megaboss and artifact This guy is a tank and fast. In combat from turn 1 and fighting 2 units of Kurnoth hunters and the treelord ancient solo, finally dying in turn 4 killing both units of Kurnoth hunters in the process even though they resurrected 3 hunters. The obvious lesson was to stay the hell away from the woods, between their mortal wounds constantly and the stomp of the Kurnoth hunters, 11 of the 14 wounds suffered were mortal wounds. So onto artifact. Super tough choice between metal-ripper, armour of gork and dabbing. If I had the dabbing I would have survived another turn in theory… however what is often forgotten is that you will take additional wounds in combat from the stuff you are not killing – particularly from things like the hunters which can all inflict a mortal wound. Without the metal-ripper I would not have killed both of those units, and I believe still would have died as the damage is just too low. I did notice however a bunch of saves of 5+6 from my Maw Krusha. Probably 10 over the 4 turns which with the mystic shield and armour of Gork would have been another 10 wounds dealt on the enemy. Potentially worth someone doing the math on what has higher damage potential to the enemy, the metal-ripper, or reflecting wounds with the Armour of Gork… I suspect the latter and will try it. Troll Hag I chose her because she did everything I wanted in 1 model, spell casting, high rend shooting and another tank to take heat off the brutes. She was a superstar, what a great addition to an IJ list. With vomit and combat killed 2 units of Kurnoth Hunters, 5 revenants, a branch wraith, did the mystic shield duty and regened back to full strength by game end as well as protecting an objective. That shooting is super solid and reliable. For people looking at 2 bolt throwers and a shaman, for the same points consider the hag which is, much shorter ranged but more powerful and reliable in shooting, better in magic with spell spite and a great debuff spell (also doesn’t kill your own dudes), much more durable, and very effective in combat with the right opponents. She is a jack of all trades. When my boss was dead, the troll hags curse is an awesome ability on the bow Kurnoth hunters, -1 hit and -1 armour is terrible for them, and her additional -1 to hit the hag in combat and regen makes it almost impossible for your opponent to land blows and leave wounds that stick. The debuff was so useful I am considering a second caster so she can use it more freely, if I have access to it, maybe I don’t need the metal-ripper as I can chip away at armour with that. Units of 10 brutes This was not the matchup for them, but they did their duty in taking hits, capturing objectives and killing some enemies. Their rend -1 struggled against 3+ rerollable armour save kurnoth hunters sitting in terrain. Really it was the boss with his brute smasha that cleared them out. I am going to abandon the 10s for 5s, there were times I wanted to split these guys up to tackle smaller units at the same time as capturing objectives and just couldn’t. These really should be MSU now I feel since it nets you an extra boss which is cool. This was against an elite army however so who knows, those 10 slamming into a horde is beautiful, but I think the flexibility of the 5 man units is where it is at. I didn’t fail any battleshock tests (thanks to my boss-sticka) but it was super hairy and 1 bad dice roll would mean a unit made redundant. Bravery is a massive issue. 10 ard boyz This guys have got the shaft in most lists I have seen outside of the 30 man blocks. This might be a mistake as I feel the 10 man blocks have value. My unit was used to move around to wait for the objectives to drop and then jump on it. They did this well sitting in terrain to hold the objective and then completely occupy 3 kurnoth hunters with swords and 20 dryads for the rest of the game with minimal casualties, 20 wounds a 3+ save in cover is great for that. The one overlooked us of the ardboyz over brutes is their speed. With the banner for +2 to charge this gives +3 charge bonus with IJ allegiance, allowing my guys to make huge charges in clearing little units in the backfield or revenants trying to hunt warchanters or sneak onto objectives, suprising my opponent with their speed when combined with the Ironfist (he thought I would have to draw away brutes as the ard boyz were so far). Gore Gruntas can also do this however with their speed at lower cost, but I do worry that the lack of models is going to surrender objectives, particularly since they don’t have the punch to clear enemy models. So many times I won an objective by having just a few more guys than my opponent, and gore gruntas would just be sat on by a unit that they couldn’t clear quickly who would outnumber them to claim an objective. Warchanter These guys are amazing, you should have 2, if you don’t even have 1 you are making a big mistake. Used on brutes or on the cabbage is so good. Also don’t forget that they are not made of glass, my opponent went hunting for them thinking they would be like wizards and was surprised to find 6 wounds, a 4+ save and a guy who can inflict 1-2 wound himself in combat, if you need to he can be chucked into the frey to divert enemy attacks on brute units to reduce battleshock too. Ironfist It seems the trend of tournament lists is to drop the ironfist now. I am torn on that. The extra movement made it actually possible to catch the Sylvaneth and reposition in a way that would not have been possible without it. I think it is valuable for the movement but if you are running brutes you really need it for the boss sticka. Stuck on a warchanter and giving +1 to bravery of my guys and -1 to his when in range probably cost a unit of kurnoth hunters and saved 3-4 brutes over the game. When evaluating the benefits of the battalion you need to evaluate the artifact as well. The boss sticka massively improves on one of Ironjawz biggest weaknesses. If I had dropped the ironfist, I would have gained another gore grunta unit, but at the expense of losing an equivalent points of Brutes to battleshock, and that isn’t even considering the extra movement. Mighty destroyers Lots of hate on mighty destroyers vs the old +D6 to movement, but actually it is quite good in ways people don’t realize. Chris mentioned the fact you can activate it twice on one unit like a catapult 12” forward which is really cool. The fact that it is unreliable but a flat 6” move is good tactically as with the old destruction ability opponents would factor for positioning based on dice averages for a D6 roll and stay out of range, and when you moved often it was the guys you wanted to get stuck in slumped 1” and others who needed to stay back launched 6”. This new ability allows you to pick the one unit you really want getting stuck in and throw them forward, 6” or even 12” with luck, making it impossible for your opponent to be certain they are safe from a charge. My opponent ignored it as an unlikely possibility of happening, allowing me to get stuck into far away foes, if an opponent does factor it in, they have to leave a massive bubble of potential which limits their movement. This is actually a very good ability if used in a smart way and in some ways an improvement over the old rule even though everyone thinks it is a hard nerf. Anyway, that is all from me, I hope someone got some value out of that and it inspires some thoughts.
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    Hot off the Press - https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/06/firestorm-matched-play-rules-update/ Hopefully this should end this debate!!!
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    You know, I had a thought today about this whole "playing with painted models" thing. There are some people I know who like to play tabletop games. These old friends of mine from college like RPGs, board games, card games, and wargames. They like the idea of getting a Space Marine army, or a Serahpon army, or a Cygnar army, or whatever. But they struggle to get the models painted up to a decent tabletop "standard". For some reason, they just can't get it. Why you may ask? Because they literally cannot, or at the very least it is difficult for them. In a couple cases, I know fellow wargamers that suffer from medical conditions that cause their hands to shake enough that there will always be blemishes on their models or they can't assemble them well, or their vision is so poor that they cannot discern fine details and features on the models, or other conditions that make the hobbying aspect difficult in some way. And often times, they struggle to splurge on this hobby and don't have much in their budget for wargaming. But sometimes they can pull through and surprise themselves. They managed to keep their hand steady long enough to color the lenses on the helmets or touch up the teeth on their dragons. Or they were able to save up and have a commission service paint their models for them. Or they got lucky on finding a used, pre-painted army in decent quality. And then there comes along a new set of rules that sets a dangerous precedent that models should be painted in "official" schemes? Unless they happened to have that color scheme picked out, then they are going to be in a bad spot, don't you think? Not letting people play with rules because their models are not painted a certain way is an elitist attitude to take, and will only be damaging to the hobby. As soon as someone says "no, you have to play this way," we start moving towards excluding others, which is not a good idea to have at any point. There is no "one right way to play" the game, heck, Age of Sigmar has 3 ways to play in many flavors of each. It would be far better to just have tournaments restrict the optional rules than to enforce a painting standard on the players. Because once that standard is in place, how can you objectively judge something on subjective traits? Eventually, it will be a question of making sure the models are painted "good enough" on top of being the "correct" color scheme. The hobby is already exclusive to many on virtue of the costs involved and the social stigma that some fear for enjoying "nerdy" hobbies. We don't need to further divide who can or can't enjoy pushing little toy soldiers around and rolling dice.
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    Playing with only box-coats I see. Man I wish players took painting more seriously, at least edge highlight to really bring out those square corners. As it is those sides look flat. smh
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    Time to be a negative ******... Shooting into/out of combat: In AoS armies engage each other so quickly that if you implement this then you will effectively kill off most ranged units. Only those that can be bunkered, have decent combat stats, or have the movement to stay out of combat will be viable. Think about it. Standard shooting attack is about 20", a few go further but most dont. That means youll get at best 2 rounds of shooting before you get engaged, and most ranged units are garbage in melee. So you'll be choosing between units that MIGHT get to perform 2 times out of the 10 turns of the game (5 turns per player), or you can choose a unit that will be performing 6-8 rounds out of 10. And thats not even counting turn 1 charge shenanigans. Shooting is NOT OVERPOWERED, it just doesnt suck completely like it did in 8th. No move + charge: will literally make it impossible for slow armies to engage fast ones. Ironjawz or stormcast for example against sylvaneth, DoT or skinks. Its too easy to stay 13+" away. Miscasts/perils: why? In 8th it was a risk/reward structure for using extra dice to cast bigger spells. What is the purpose here? All it does is punish you for bringing wizards. Its not like 8th where a single good magic phase could win the game on its own.
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    Hi guys, a while ago I decided to make up a tactica and due to the recent GH2017 release I think it's the right time to think about this. Especially since I'm still very happy to see more Khorne players joining the game as they really offer a great devilish, gladiator or barbarian design many Fantasy genre fans seem to like. Since the start of the write up I decided to cut down the tactica in multiple posts and will try to give a weekly update until we've got pretty much everything covered. Which in turn will likely mean another update once GH2018 hits the shelves. First and foremost the Khorne unit choices will be covered here. Meaning Sorcerers and Allies will not discussed initially but might be added later down the road for players who really want to have these pieces covered. The topic itself will consist out of 8 steps to succes: 1. Changes 2. Allegiance 3. Battalions 4. Getting the most out of your Units 5. Getting the most out of your Battle Rounds 6. Army List preparation 7. Game preparation 8. Following the competative metagame As several reviews can also be found on the internet in regards to Blades of Khorne the topic will be much more focused in terms of how to use these units well instead of compairing them to each other within the book. If you are looking for a review I did one myself before (note under GH2016) and a mate of mine, Josh, also made one himself which covers a lot of units into detail. The reason as to why I will not redo the review here is because in many cases the lists in Age of Sigmar isn't the prime key to constant succes, playing (a list) the right way is. Changes (as per GH2017 and Errata) Another Generals Handbook means another update! But this time just a smaller coverage overall as it will limit itself to the direct changes and the consequences in a more specific way. I feel a lot of stuff is written on the great synergy and “competitive choices” in general while applied unit use or “tactica” is usually much less covered. So this too will be a mix of covering changes but also giving some tips to remain successful with your Khorne army. It's important to start out with the changes though as it means that just having the Blades of Khorne book does mean your working with outdated information. To me knowing what choices you have to work with is the first step to succes. Changes to Khorne Rules First things first, this post covers the larger rules changes to Blades of Khorne from the general Rules Errata and Chaos Errata: http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/6134-lets-chat-khorne/?do=findComment&comment=132256 In (very) short it boiled down to three very relevant things: 1. Blood Tithe points can only be used at the start of the Hero phase 2. Rage of Khorne’s additional attack now isn’t stackable 3. Most pile-in effects have now been clarified to be available when an enemy model is within 3” of the model Artefacts and other abilities have been effected however I’d recommend checking the full post for those details as they differ per entry. One very noteworthy Artefact is The Crimson Crown which thanks to the errata now works at 6 or more, meaning hit effects do apply for it and this makes Bloodletters in particular extremely nasty. It’s worth to mention that Blood Tithe points in general have become less of a supporting factor as before and due to the increase of larger unit sizes the amount of opposing units will usually also be slightly less as before as there is a reward to running for example 30 in one unit as opposed to 3 times 10. Nonetheless the Blood Tithe system is still rewarding and as before focussing on effect 1, 2 and 3 is often more ideal than focussing on the rest. Changes to Khorne Battalions These changes for me personally boiled down to still very much considering the use of Murderhost, Brass Stampede and Gore Pilgrims from the book and Bloodmarked Warband from Everchosen. Other Battalions to me have become less interesting even while some of them (specifically for Khorne Daemons) have not been increased with an additional 100 points. The reason as to why multiple Battalions have become less interesting is because they directly compete with (support) unit costs now. For example quite some Battalions now range from 140 points to 180, this means that in many cases you could have ran an additional unit of Skullcrushers or Wrathmongers instead, which does mean you obtain survivability and access to more Blood Tithe points. Then the Battalions costed 200 points or more to me are just not in contention with the use of say another two Slaughterpriests, two Khorgoraths or even a full Bloodreaver or Marauder unit. Changes to Khorne Units As we are an army very much focused on infantry in general the biggest positive changes we received actually came in the form of running our units at the sizes we’d ideally run them at anyway. The following specific units where effected in a positive way: Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (-30) Bloodthirster of Unfettered Rage (-40) Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (-20) Skullcannons (-20) 30 Bloodletters (-30) Skarr Bloodwrath (-40) 3 Mighty Skullcrushers (-20) 30 Blood Warriors (-80) 40 Bloodreavers (-40) Khorgoraths (-20) Slaughterbrute of Khorne (-20) Chaos Lord on Manticore (-50) Chaos Warshrine (-20) Chaos Knights (-40) Chaos Chosen (-20) 30 Chaos Warriors (-60) Chaos Marauder Horsemen (-10 and -60 for 30) 40 Chaos Marauders (-40) Chaos Spawn (-10) 3 Varanguard (-60) This is a large list which in general is great for us as it allows us to really create new armies, the side effect of this off course is that in order to have a competitive army it’s likely your army will have to change as well. The best parts of this is that Bloodthirster Generals (or with an Artefact) have all become legit good choices. We don’t have a lot of Flying units so this change is very welcome. In addition we see Skarr as a legit choice and running Skullcrushers, Bloodletters, Bloodreavers or Khorgoraths has never been as great. The other changes are nice as well but Blood Warriors as a block of 520 points in one place are still difficult to defend from a tactical level at 2000 points. Over 2000 though a lot of the minor positive changes also contribute to a more well balanced army. The changes in general have been very positive to Blades of Khorne but also Slaves to Darkness. In that same vein the change to Chaos Knights has made them a legit fast choice for us. Marauders are still a very durable horde unit and Marauder Horsemen continue to provide a ranged support with Khorne mark. In addition a Chaos Lord on Manticore can also be a very cool visual centerpiece. Then some units are also increased in cost which are: Valkia the Bloody (+20) Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer (+20) 5 Skullreapers (+40) I personally think that despite these changes all these units can still be defended as a good choice, however I do feel (largely due to the GH2016 mindset most of us are still in) that in order to take these you will have to take some of the discounted pieces first. I personally don’t expect to run Valkia or the Aspiring Deathbringer but Skullreapers still can have a function if you can find the points for them and feel like running them. The stiffest competition for them now for me are Khorgoraths (as a support Hero replacement) and Wrathmongers or Mighty Skullcrushers (as a smaller shock unit). Khorne GH2017 Costs Knowing your own army is the first step to succes, this is the changes or basically knowing your own basics. If your a veteran to the game these costs become seconadry to talking about units, judging their output versus other pieces in the game but general understanding why X makes a lot of appearances and Y doesn't. Daemons (Keyword Daemon; Khorne) Bloodbound (Keyword Bloodbound; Mortal; Khorne) Slaves to Darkness (Keyword Slaves to Darkness; Mortal; Khorne) Everchosen (Keyword Everchosen; Mortal; Khorne) Forgeworld (Keywords mixed) FAQ Links Lastly change is constant so here are some of the linkts from the Age of Sigmar Downloads page. Age of Sigmar Rules (August 2017) Chaos Rules (August 2017) Forgeworld Matched Play Points (September 2017) [Under construction]
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    You're writing this is as if it was fact, when it's just guesswork and opinion. Opinion that comes from experiences with a community that seems extremely skewed based off of what you often describe. Now you like everyone else is entitled to voice their own opinions of course, but let's label it clearly as such when speaking in such broad statements. Personally I don't think GW should make efforts to draw in old WHFB players more than they already have. Especially if its players who cannot see the complexity that AoS can bring to the table, because they're blinding by the 4 pages and want a lot of extra rules for the base mechanics of the game. That the complexity sits in the combination of all the warscrolls is much better than a weighty tome for the base game, if you ask me. That's not to say that the base rules of AoS cannot be improved upon, it almost always can, but it should be minor changes that keeps the foundation short and sweet, with a wealth of extra rules from all the books they already put out, that you can sprinkle on top to make the game you want to play.
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    Hi, I have been collecting a mixed order army themed to Realm of Life since the last spring. It all started with a Kurnoth hunter box bought in a whim from the local GW store and has evolved from there quite naturally in to eclectic mix of units. One thing that I really like in AoS is the freedom in the army building, from which this army is a good example. The core of the force are the people of the Greenwater, a small city on the Realm of Life. Living there is harsh, the harvests are great, but keeping the settlements clear from the rapidly growing plants keeps the people busy and the growth is not limited to the ground, but everything gets its blessing. Even the people have branches growing out of them. Othwerwise the people are organized in traditional feudal fashion with the knights having their castles and the peasants working on fields. When the times are dire, as they often are, the people from Greenwater trust in their allies: the Duardin from the Mountains of Mist, the Aelves and Eagles from the spires of the same mountains and the Foresfolk called upon by the Druids. On to the troops. First the knights: The Fair Duke of the Greenwater (bit shaky photo): The Briar knight: and the Grail knights: Then the townfolk. The city guard: The hunters, accompanied by the Tracker, mysterious Aelven ranger: And a mystical mummer, claimed to be an assassin, but those are only rumours: Then to the noble Duardin from the mountains: The hammerers of the King's guard, guarding the old Runelord: And the iron breakers: And finally The Druid of the forest: The forestfolk: And the Aelven prince from the spires, with his eagle companion: So here are everything that I got ready, but I have plans on expanding the aelven part, where everyone will be mounted on flying steeds. I have some warhawks riders and I'm planning to et a dragon and maybe a Phoenix. Also the duardin part will be expanded (as I'm building it also for using in LotR) as will be the Sylvaneth part. Also, the new GHB screams for painting 10 more halberdiers as they cost only 40 points more. Also I would like to do some skinks in robes. Anyhow, I wanted to share this army to give an inspiration what the mixed army can be.
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    Hi guys, Finally it's time for me to post my Facehammer GT reports. Apologies for the delay in doing so and once again for them being a bit brief and lacking on detail, I've had a fair bit of holiday at work of late so I've just been slowly catching up on things. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to really respond to a lot of the chat around list choices for the event beforehand as it was all a bit of a whirlwind. As I revealed in my recent post with the photos of the new stuff I painted, I ended up all night and then didn't even use a few of the models!! Madness. Not like they'll go to waste though, they are some of my favourite Brutes and are super cool! You've probably all seen it, but here is the list I went with in the end; Megaboss on Maw-krusha - General, Ironclad, Sweet Dabs Weirdnob Shaman Warchanter Warchanter 10 Brutes 5 Brutes 5 Brutes 3 Gore-gruntas 3 Gore-gruntas Spear Chukka Spear Chukka Think it ended up at 1,980 points iirc. I will say straight off (and have already said so elsewhere) that this is the strongest Ironjawz list I have ever used, even better than my Masters list, which I previously felt was the pinnacle. The last minute change to drop 5 more Brutes for a pair of Warchanters was a must IMO and I really felt their worth over the cost of the weekend. I'm not sure we can leave home without one. Really smooths out that reliability on the damage curve I feel. I'm genuinely not sure if I prompted @Sangfroid to make this change, or if he prompted me, or if we came about it independently (it's pretty obvious looking at it now!), but however we got there I know we were both very pleased with the decision. As for the Daubing of Mork Sweet Dabs, I was basically heckled by @Sangfroid and @Pano on the Friday night whilst drunk as they told me it was rubbish. So in my defiant stupor I scrawled it down on my army list. Truth be told I probably would've ran with it anyway. I'm not trying to tell anyone it is the best option, I would just like to help convince people that it at least is an option. It's semi-reliably an extra couple of wounds on your tank, which really does help. Also the amount of times over the event I popped a tasty dab to keep him under a damage threshold...those Mighty Fists hitting more reliably is vital to the models damage output. So yeh, it was good. I wish I kept track of how many times I dabbed. I think I will run another event with it before perhaps trying one of the others. The Spear Chukkas where absolutely brilliant, they really were. Anyone saying they are not worth the points is simply shooting the wrong things. Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the way I see it. They really offer something different to the list allowing you to apply pressure at range. They went some way to making it feel like a more balanced all round army, which is something we've not had before. Anyway, let's crack on with some brief results to see how I did; Game 109 - Facehammer GT - Round One vs Matthew Arnold @Arnie (Flesh-eater Courts) Me and Arnie had agreed a grudge as we'd never played or even spent that much time together, despite being at a number of events with the same people. This was Knife to the Heart (which instantly told me they weren't going to run Scorched Earth and would dodge the call on whether to house rule it! Clever TOs!). Arnie's list was a King on Terrorgheist, a Haunter Courtier, a Necromancer and maybe a couple of other characters, 40 Ghouls, 3 Crypt Horrors and a big 9 pack of Horrors as well. Juicy. Now I feel kind sorry for Arnie this game as early doors I sat off very defensively and was able to take down to Terrorgheist with Spear Chukkas backed up by the Cabbage's scream (Arnie failed about a million saves, giving that the Terrorgheist had 3 different ones). He then went all out for the Major win, push his 9 Crypt Horrors around to my flank. It became apparent that there was no way I was going to be able to deal with these *and* take his objective. So Arnie's aggressive play was good in that it made the likely results either a Major to him, or a Minor to me. Fortunately for me, it was the latter as the Cabbage went to town on the Horrors with a bit of Brute back-up. Even with him raising 5 back, I was able to wipe them all back with very little damage received in return. Ironclad or not (they don't have rend), those Horrors just couldn’t get through my 2+ save. @Paul Buckler can attest to my ability in making those saves as well. Nice casual game to start and a pleasure to hang out with Arnie and have some drinks to get myself back in the game (was feeling a bit worse for war after a trip to Satan's Hollow in Manchester on the Friday night). I think the Ironjawz vs Flesh-eaters matchup is an interesting one, it's likely neither side worries about it too much as there's not much in either army to stop you play your own game plan, which is nice. That said, I do think it's a good match up for us for precisely this reason. We saw James do so fantastically well at the GT Final this weekend with victories over 3 FEC players, which reinforces my point. Result - Minor Victory Game 110 - Facehammer GT - Round Two vs Will Philpott @Superpotts (Disciples of Tzeentch) Next up I was against Will, who used to live in Weymouth. He moved to Reading a while back, so it was really nice to catch up with him here. Last time we played was round my house where my Ironjawz were just too much for his compendium High Elf build (this was the game where Krunk killed 4 heroes!). We were playing Duality of Death and his army was a bit stronger this time around! He had Kairos, the Changeling, Gaunt Summoner and a Fatesworn Warband with some more characters (Lord on Daemonic Mount, Thaumaturge, Sorcerer Lord), 2 units of Chaos Warriors, Knights, Marauders, a Chariot and some Marauder Horsemen. Pretty cool army! This game had one of the most epic beginnings ever, with him out dropping me he took the first turn and promptly had the Changeling steal Foot of Gork from my Weirdnob Shaman, cast it with Destiny Dice and promptly stomped my Cabbage for 12 mortal wounds (2 of which I dabbed away). Wow! Literally the best Foot of Gork at my table ever haha! He later realised he could've used Kairos to make the failed 4+ to carry on a success, for another D6 mortal wounds. We rolled it out for lolz, he would've done 1 mortal wounds (which I dabbed!) and then he failed the next 4+, so it's almost like Kairos knew it wasn't worth wasting that precious dice alteration rule on!! But yeh, what a strong start from Will. The Maw-krusha is absolutely crucial to my army in this battleplan and here he was crippled before we'd even started. He then compounded this by charging the Changeling into one of my Spear Chukkas and again using destiny dice to ensure he killed all the crew. Another great play from Will as even the one I had left did great work this game, popping wounds off characters all over the place, having a second (which in turn would cause both to reroll) would've been devastating. So yeh, this left me pretty rocked. He'd also walked up and claimed one of the objectives with his Chaos Lord. Now I was very much on the back foot here and knew I couldn't hang about. Fortunately, Will had needed to move a number of his units up to swarm the objective the Chaos Lord had claimed, this meant I'd be getting some combat. On the downside, that pesky Changeling had one last trick up his sleeve (before 5 Brutes destroyed him) as he reduced the movement of my unit of 10 Brutes. The Maw-krusha thankfully triggered Mighty Destroyers and had to use this on himself if he was going to reach the right hand objective and claim this due to his reduced move rate. Everything else marched up, the Chukka hit the Chaos lord for a few wounds and the Cabbage was able to scream off a couple of Chaos Warriors. My subsequent charge and combat phase was meant as I was able to use Smashing & Bashing to kill the Changeling, the Chaos Lord on mount, the Chariot, the Chaos Warriors and badly damage the Knights. Very impressive and this was the counter turn I needed. Will felt he'd made a mistake afterwards by not using Kairos to make the Brutes fail their charge into his Chaos Lord and Knights as I was able to squeeze the Brute Boss within 1" of his Lord thanks to the dips in bases, like @Paul Buckler's Nomad Prince all over again (cover those gaps kids! I am constantly using multiple combat gauges to measure these kinds of spaces, both offensive and defensively) and with the Gore Choppa behind him they were able to do the required work. He also could've used the dice to make one of the final saves on his Chariot to stop the Cabbage getting to trigger next on his Chaos Warriors...but yeh, not a huge one. It was fun actually watching Will consider all the possible uses of this dice alteration as its potential applications are so widespread. Anyhow, I'm going on a bit here (it was genuinely one of my fav games ever), but the game was super close throughout. The Cabbage managed to stick around until T3, so scored me 3 points, which I was super happy with given the first turn. I didn't win a single priority, if I had I think I would've gone out of sight, as it was I was having to throw a Warchanter or my Shaman onto an objective after killing his heroes and basically exchanging points back and forth. Will did later use Kairos to make my 10 Brutes fail a charge (which would've seen them kill the Thaumaturge and Kairos, so was a great call). Right at the death of the game it was 5-5, I was able to charge my final Warchanter (who had been hidden behind a building) into Kairos, the Brutes were already fighting him and he was greatly wounded so they easily finished him off and then I showed Will a rule he didn't know...that you can pile in on the turn you have charged, even if there are now no enemies within 3". So, the Warchanter piled in to within range of the objective and as the battleplan states, a pile in move allows you to claim the objective...so I took it 6-5! What a game...even though this report is slightly longer it's still a bit all over the place and doesn't do the game justice, a proper turn by turn would've been better. Really was awesome and I easily could've lost it and would've loved it just as much. Had I not been able to take the Major, I would've still won it on a Minor, but I was pleased that after taking some time to consider my options I solved the puzzle and saw the route to (major) victory. Result - Major Victory Game 111 - Facehammer GT - Round Three vs Stewart Callander @Ralphy99 (Seraphon) This was my first time playing Stewart, so I was looking forward to the game as we always see each other about at Tournaments and he’s a big Final Fantasy TCG fan as well (we will get that game next time!!). He's previously been a prominent Destruction player, but I let him off abandoning us as he’s swapped over to Dinosaurs, which I'm cool with! We were playing Total Conquest and his army consisted of a Slann, Astrolith Bearer, Engine of the Gods, 2 Bastilodons, 40 Skinks, 40 Skinks, 20 Skinks and a Salamander. He had the Thunderquake Starhost as well (think I've got the name right). This was my first time playing this battleplan and it's 100% something I need to practice as my deployment was utterly awful. Didn't get my head around it at all, definitely should've marked off my deployment zone properly. I actually thought this was a pretty decent match up, providing the Bastilodons didn't go mental...as it was, Stewart took the 1st turn and promptly rolled a natural triple 6 for the Engine of the Gods!! Game over. If you don't know what this does, it gives him an extra turn! So if we discount the two rounds of shooting I had to take before putting any buffs up (horrible, but bearable tbh), let’s just talk about how this complete breaks the matched play battleplans. I appreciate this warscroll was written before any of the battleplans were written, but they really don't interact well with objective scoring. Stewart scored 3 objectives on his first first turn, on his second first turn he got a further 4 meaning I was 0-7 down before starting! The way this battleplan works with scoring 2 points when you flip each one back meant I couldn't win as although I was able to pull it back to 9-11 at one point, he was able to just take them back and constantly remain ahead if that makes sense. I suppose the fact I suffered some pretty catastrophic casualties before my second turn didn't help with my ability to defend the objectives. I still killed an awful lot of his army as the Spear Chukkas were insanely good this game and the few Brutes I had left did good work. The Cabbage was eating Skinks all day but in this battleplan it just wasn't enough. We made a game of it but I truly believe it was game over when he rolled that extra turn. It didn't help that I lost all 4 priorities...rolling a 1 for all 4 of them!! Urgh. Not my game! Still, it was really nice to hang out with Stewart and I have zero ill feeling towards him, it was a fun time at the table and I still enjoyed the game as it was an interesting challenge trying to find a way I could overturn the odds. I was more annoyed afterwards when I was thinking about that warscrolls interaction with matched play, I think if you didn't score in the extra turn it would be fine. Still really hard, but fine. Stewart has never got it before so fair play to him, makes for a good story if nothing else. Shout out to @Lhw, who had this happen to him 3 times in one game!!! WHAT!?! Result - Major Defeat So that's day one in the bag! Strangely the results pattern was identical to last year’s FHGT, which saw me finish 9th, so I was more than happy with it overall. The list was working nicely and Engine of the Gods aside, I may well have lost that game anyway due to the Seraphon teleports (he had two I should note) and my terrible deployment!! Saturday night was good fun and I managed to get to bed at a semi sensible hour (at this point I was on 0hrs sleep Thursday night and 4hrs sleep Friday night!). *I've decided to cut it there for now and at least get something up, I will have the final two reports up by the end of the week* Cheers for reading! Chris
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    From my point of view as a player, and one lucky enough to be sat around the top tables all weekend, there seemed a good mix of lists. LOTS of armies build around finding Damned terrain. far more telling than minor list tweeks! I faced the KO list in 8th place in the last game. I got my deployment all wrong and was playing from turn 1 to keep it to a minor loss, which I managed. It was Ironclad, 21 Wardens/riggers, 30 grunts all with Hooks and 3 Khemists. No aethermatic endringworks. just fleet master and hero phase move. I also played again Dan's (3rd place) murder host. Its tough but not unbeatable. On the tables around me in round 5/6 there were lots of lists that would have been interesting to face and looked like fun games were going on. Not as many horror shows of lists when compared to SCGT tables only 6 months ago. GHB2 is looking great so far.
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    Battalions A lot of them have become a whole lot more costly as before. In certain cases I think you should still experiment with whatever combination you like. However there are still four Battalions which I believe are competitively speaking the top of our choices. Certain Battalions like Bloodforged or even Council of Blood might be added later on but for those types of Battalions I simply lack the numbers in Blood Warriors or Bloodthirsters to fully comment on them. The four I do think have the competative power to still be a true consideration are Murderhost, Gore Pilgrims, Brass Stampede and Bloodmarked Warband. (120) Murderhost - Itself is simple and rewards a high number of Bloodletters. What is so nice about it now is that you have several Objective reasons to run this Battalion and the discount on multiple Bloodletter blocks adds up. Some might find the cost high but as you essentially receive 30 point discounts per Bloodletter unit it’s easy to push down it’s effective cost to 30 points (or less if you consider other discounts). On a personal level I would not invest quickly into running the max units, though it’s certainly possible, for the simple reason that the additional movement bonus only applies for the units near the Bloodletter Hero. If it applied to Bloodthirsters I’d be more inclined in doing it as they can cover a much larger area. The commonly used key success tactic used with this Battalion is to aim for a key first turn charge. A minimum of three 30 Bloodletter units is what I’d recommend and usually with a Bloodstoker and Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster you should be able to “charge” a unit from 24” away. (2d6”=7” from Murderhost, + 5&D6+1”= 9” run + 2D6+1”= 8” charge from a Lord of the Blood Hunt + 3” from a single Bloodstoker). The multitude of Bloodletters comes in as you repeat the process. In many cases the Bloodletters will not be completely boosted with attacks from the Bloodsecrator but it remains extremely rewarding in taking Objectives and catching opponents who made mistakes during deployment. Example army lists: (180) Gore Pilgrims - Is another great Battalion that allows us to really keep the Bloodsecrator on a save distance while adding essential ranged offense to our toolbox. I personally am a huge fan of Bronzed Flesh for the Slaughterpriests as it allows us to really outnumber quite a lot of opponents and only make our Slaughterpriests ‘easy targets’. On a personal level I would always run this with 3 Slaughterpriest and wouldn’t bother too much with other expensive Heroes. Boosting a Bloodthirster is very cool but the sheer power of the buffs is better spend on 30 wounds instead of 14. The commonly used key success tactics for this force vary but a lot of it’s potency comes from having a massive Rage of Khorne range and very decent Magical defences. Blood Boil and Blood Bind are great prayers and very successful with this Battalion. Other cool combinations include handing out multiple Bronzed Flesh bonuses on a single unit in the late game or guaranteeing hits. The multitude of Slaughterpriests is extremely effective when opponents run low on ranged attacks, which are the only true boon for Slaughterpriests. Example army lists: (180) Brass Stampede - Much like Murderhost specifically rewards the player in thaking the max units and basically reward the player in having tons of the same models. I like the idea of Brass Stampede for a player who either has Murderhost, Bloodmakered Warband or Gore Pilgrims finished as at that point in the hobby it's very likely you've got all the infantry you'll ever need. The key to succesful running this army is to get the most out of MSU Skullcrusher tactics, where a lot of their power is unleashed when you run the maximum ammount of units. In other cases the output of Skullcrushers still remains dicey compaired to that of many of our infantry choices. The giant benifit is a really fast and crushing force. What in practice makes it still not too easy to play is that the large bases of multiple Skullcrushers can become an issue for functionality if boards are filled with terrain. Other than that it is an effective way of playing the game when you do thake 'all the Skullcrushers' especially in a Magic heavy metagame. Example army lists: (100) Bloodmarked Warband – From the Everchosen book a very interesting Battalion remains for us that almost always guarantee a 1-drop army. While it can be a bit difficult to fill in the exact unit numbers the Battalion itself allows for a massive mix of Mortal Khorne units. This means we have the option to select all units from Bloodbound and Slaves to Darkness. Brand of the Bloodgod isn't easy to use for every unit but it's not difficult to see how both Bloodreavers and Chaos Marauders easily lead to 40 man units who will indeed benifit a lot from this small bonus. Even if this was all the benifit gained there are many more reasons to consider this Battalion as both Blood Rage and Raised to Greatness are fantastic rules. When Raised to Greatness is used well you can also do obscene things in terms of generating Blood Tithe points or turn Wrathmongers into their own unit adding some crazy potential in terms of buffing your own units but also in giving up very little in order to have a Monster deal with it or basically force it away. Example army lists: Khorne GH2017 Battalion Costs While this part of the tactica is still very small I hope more players will be able to test their own and archieve succes with it. This is the current list of Battalions always available to Khorne armies. [Under construction, spelling and order will change]
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    Its been a while since i posted any updates for this as i had a break from this model (To many greens and browns was starting to go cross eyed!! ) But ive been working on it little by little. Still has a long way to go. lots of minor details and touch ups as well as some features on the base. But here it is so far: Also here is my first rendition of the rider. Might change the weapon for a revenent weapon not sure yet.: So yeah. Still alot left to go before any of its finished but im happy with how its shaped up so far compared to how i imagined it. what do people think?
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    New Player: "There we go, my first army glued together and primed." Friend: "Nice dude, but I have to warn you - do not paint them yet, you don't know what obscure chapter colors you'll need to have to cross qualify for special abilities from multiple books when you start caring about matched play lists after a month of getting used to the game. Just trying to save you the headache I went through repainting my first guys from the creative ones I made up myself to the standard city ones everyone is required to paint if they want the good abilities."
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    Well that's hust typical of GW and their corporate greed, they've gone and squatted all the other boxes they've released. There's only one thing for it Raaaagh that'll show them.
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    I rolled Shade Spire - I think that one has been done already
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    I'm on fire this month, i'll have to slow down sometime. Arkhan complete and decent photos in my new light-box.
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    I agree. I'm a long time GW gamer going back to the late 80s who was at first skeptical of blowing up the Old World. I came in to AoS through Silver Tower. The gonzo and perverse denziens, garish colors, and over the top heroes drew me to the new setting. It's colorful and exciting. It sparked my creativity in ways the Old World hadn't in years. I passed on Hammerhal as it seemed too similar to what I had gamed many, many times before....forces of chaos festering underneath some human civilization. My son is all in on AoS. In an era where modern fantasy is about epic heroes and our theaters are packed with superheroes...AoS feels relevant and seems it would attract new, younger gamers far more than the Old World would. I mean what would be more exciting to a young person...gallant stormcasts riding lightning or some dudes with feathers in leather caps and frilly pants trying to pull themselves out of the mud? I do hope that future AoS releases lean more into the unique and outlandish like the Kharadron and Silvaneth and less going back to Holy Roman city states... those were fun times (and great games!), but let's move on a bit...
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    GH2017: the honeymoon is over...and now, so is the thread. This has run its course guys. Hopefully for those of you who needed to do so, you've now expunged all your ill feeling towards the game you're spending your day posting about!
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    Photo's of finished pledge ( with wip of Arkhan ) :
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    Afternoon Ardboys! Right then, let's finish these off. Apologies in advance to @Paul Buckler and @ChippyRick if any details are slightly off as it's a little while since the games now (can't believe I haven't played again since! Rubbish!)... Game 112 - Facehammer GT - Round Four vs Paul Buckler @Paul Buckler (Wanderers) When this draw was put up I was really happy. Despite my only practice game for the event being vs Paul, with the same armies in the same Battleplan, I knew it would be a great game and I wouldn't have to dread getting up on the Sunday morning! As it was, I think the Dogfather was actually more drunk than me on the Saturday night!! We were playing Battle for the Pass and Paul's army was identical to the one I played before with the Nomad Prince, 3 Waywatchers, Mage, 20 Eternal Guard, 10 Eternal Guard, 20 Glade Guard, 20 Sisters of the Watch, 5 Wild Riders and 5 Sisters of the Thorn...that sounds about right, oh he had the battalion as well. Last time we played this, Paul made a mistake when teleporting his army down one flank in that he left a space between his Eternal Guard bases that allowed the Cabbage to nudge a couple of MM forward and be within 1" of his Prince, taking him off and ending the game. This game started pretty much the same deployment wise (bit of a headache trying to mitigate the jump on a Sunday morning!) as did the first turn. When he jumped this time though he had a much tighter wall in front of the Prince, two models deep. I was once again able to get some good early positional play on the middle objectives and even made a run for his (was able to double trigger Mighty Destroyers on my 10 Brutes - bit of a pro tip if you didn't already know you can do that), however they failed a 6" charge onto his home objective. The Cabbage once again went into Paul's massive blob of Aelves that had jumped to the flank. With the scream and Destructive Bulk I was able to peel off the out layer of defence, which meant that when I piled in I was once again within an inch of that poor Nomad Prince - Take him off!! This is huge as it really limits Paul's movement, especially once they have already jump to one side of the table. Paul was pretty unlucky here as I think this only came about because I killed 9-10 Aelves with the scream and bulk combined. Still, the Cabbage then proceeded to sit there for way longer than he should've passing around 50 2+ saves we calculated. The 10 Brutes eventually got stuck into the 20 Eternal Guard on his home objective and I was actually pretty impressed with their resilience. Fortunately the Spear Chukkas had also been able to focus their attention on them, so I was able to battleshock them off. Long story short, I was way up on Paul at this point, with very little opportunity for him to get back into the game. I got a bit cocky/sloppy later on and almost allowed him to get 4vps with his Wild Riders (just lazy play on my part not checking a gap I left), as it was though, Wild Riders are rubbish so it wasn't a problem! After the last game with Paul I didn't feel that I learned all that much about the match up, however I do now feel it's a pretty good one. Sure, I had some luck but I think the Cabbage is just a problem for the Wanderers. The fact that I pretty much just used him, 10 Brutes and the Spear Chukkas (whilst Gruntas held objectives) vs Paul's entire army says it all really. Oh, I should note that after losing all my priorities (literally) in games 2 & 3, I won all of them in this game! Result - Major Victory Game 113 - Facehammer GT - Round Five vs Ricky Mee @ChippyRick (Stormcast Eternals) Another game, another local friend! I'm totally ok with playing mates at Tournaments though, given my complete lack of games outside of events at the moment. I was also especially pleased to be playing Ricky in the last round, knowing that a win for one of us would result in a good placing so it's a bit of a win win. I also really find that playing Ricky brings out the best in my play, I think that's due to a combination of his incredibly tight play and wanting to get one over on a friend (especially one that's a better player than you!). We've had some great tournament games over the years and I was in no doubt this would be another one. This was my first time playing Starstrike and I felt this could be where I potentially could miss my Ironfist and old Rampaging Destroyers as I felt they really gave me the edge in Gifts from the Heavens. Ricky had a Skyborn Slayers army featuring the Celestant Prime for some added punch. I was really really pleased with my deployment and subsequent play in this game. I set up a very defensive formation, screening off my 10 Brutes, Cabbage, other characters and Spear Chukkas with the Gore-gruntas and 5 man Brute units. At any one time there was about 10 combat gauges on the table with me checking gaps, pile in ranges and that sort of thing. Ricky won the first priority roll, but then I won the following 3 (giving me 7/8 on day two). Him winning the first one didn't matter as I knew he wouldn't drop until T3. However, me having all the other ones was key and meant that I could pass the turn to him, giving me a potential double when he did drop. The objectives fell well enough (so I can't really comment on the lack of the extra moves, if you get unlucky with where they fall it could be an issue I guess), I was never really going to be challenging for his as I just moved my army forward to claim two of the objectives and eventually push my line further onto (and past) them so that he'd find it harder to claim them (couldn't just drop in and claim if that makes sense). As it was, his drop went pretty awfully, with his Prime killing 1 (maybe 2 Brutes) from my unit of 10 with his 8 attacks and getting deleted in return!! I was also able to spread my Spear Chukkas prior to his drop (as they had nothing to shoot) to try and mitigate the Primes sceptre, I could then move them closer to gain the rerolls after this hit. His Decimators also failed their 5" charge which was pretty massive and allowed me to move forward another couple of inches in my next turn, blocking off all avenues and essentially winning the game. But yeh, even if Ricky had got his charge in, I don't think it would've been a forgone conclusion or anything, my boyz would've just had to do some fighting, which they do quite like! As it was, I was able to smash up the Protectors with 5 Brutes and the 8-9 following up. So yeah, the failed charge gifted me the win without doubt, but it was kind of a ****** way to beat your mate in a game of relative importance. As I say, I'm pretty confident in hindsight that I could've withstood the charge and brought the Cabbage into play (could've pinned his line on the ends to mitigate Starsoul Maces as well). We'll never know though I guess. It is really interesting to play the total drop army that stays off the board for a few turns, pretty weird/scary!! Oddly, I did play Skyborn Slayers round 5 at FHGT last year, however my opponent dropped T1 in that game. But yeah, was a good, tense, tactical game...exactly what I've come to expect and love from my games with Rick. Result - Major Victory This string of results, along with a painting nomination and 3 sports votes saw me get into 4th place out of 91 entrants, unsurprisingly I was pretty stoked with that. Interestingly if I'd somehow picked up a 4th sports vote (tall ask!) it would've seen me take Best Opponent (which I won at this event in 2016) and the additional points boost from this accolade would've seen me pushed up to 2nd place haha!! Completely hypothetical of course, but I like looking at stuff like that. What's also interesting is that my results (Mi, Ma, L, Ma, Ma) were exactly the same as my FHGT results from 2016 (where I came 9th - this was actually the position I was originally shown in this year before the sports update. Spooky!) The absolute strangest thing for me though has to be no Sylvaneth?! Literally a first. Haha But yeh, that was the Facehammer GT 2017. Once again it's without a doubt my favourite event of the year. The boys ( @Terry Pike, @Lez, @Russ Veal and Byron) do a fantastic job and I can't wait for next year. Congratulations to all the winners, especially @Sangfroid for taking home Best Destruction (awarded for highest Kill Points). As I've mentioned elsewhere, this is genuinely feels like the strongest Ironjawz list I've ever used and I can't wait to get in some more games with it. I appreciate I haven't gone into specifics on things, so please feel free to ask any questions about elements of the list etc. The next update will be a hobby one. Work on my RAW Leviathan / Idol of Gork, the machine known as Vegnagun, is well underway with 16 hours sunk into the model so far. 8 of those have been spent with a pot of Runefang Steel, painting chips and scratches all over the thing. I predicted 8-10 hours for this stage, which seems about right at present. Hopefully he looks good when done. I am considering going back round my army and adding a small amount of weathering to the weapons (literally just a brown recess wash) as my next project, but we'll see. I definitely want to spend some time with Shadespire and Phoenix Temple over the next couple of months. I have an Ironjawz list I really like for the time being so it would be great to just get some games in! Thanks so much for reading. Much love, Chris
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    Someone on the total war AOS lore thread just posted this. This has also been posted on twitter. https://www.trackofwords.com/2017/10/15/upcoming-black-library-titles-as-of-october-2017/ Now there is a new AOS novel coming June 2018. I need this book like right now. Still I dig the proto art it was used in the first campaign book. Now we got a bigger image? I really like it. It's also pretty clear this novel is likely linked to the malign portents event. Soul Wars by Josh Reynolds June 2018 – hardback. Cover not final. Nagash revives an ancient grudge with the God-King Sigmar as a ferocious new war between the living and the dead shakes the Mortal Realms. The Mortal Realms tremble with unending war. In Shyish, the Realm of Death, an ancient evil stirs, sensing opportunity. Nagash, the Undying King and God of Death, sets his gaze upon the citadels of the living and the servants of Sigmar, the God-King of Azyr. Allies once, joined together against the machinations of the Ruinous Powers, the two gods now find themselves enemies. Nagash, burning with the need to avenge an ancient slight, calls forth his soulless legions to sweep across the realm he claims as his own and reassert death’s dominion over all things, as the War of Heaven and Death begins anew.
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    Flavour of the month is Nurgle, so here's some plaguebearers I painted on commission. I was keen to avoid the usual green palette, I liked the weird guy in Pan's Labrynth and so went for a pale skin tone - it also shows up the blood and other stuff.
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    It's obvious some people have missed the memo about the core aspect of miniatures collecting and gaming, it is thus: 'When you run out of miniatures to paint, you die.' Selling models is thus like deliberately shortening your life span. Besides, if a zombie apocalypse occurs, if you held onto everything, you'll find a wealth of buckshot and lead to melt down into ammo to go and kick some undead backsides hard just sitting there. Gotta think of the big picture see. That said, 2nd edition 40k metal hormagaunts and the 5th edition WHFB goblin spearmen make the most amazingly effective caltrops.
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    I pledge this month to... paint some stuff. Plan to work on Skaven army. Today, painted these Warhammer Quest familiars, so far using nothing but washes.
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    Typical GW design. No room for thinking outside the box
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    So been playing Age of Sigmar for a year now, and GHB2017 has made my Darkling Covens army feel like an actual army. I mentioned this on the Darkling Coven thread, but most people don't read that so: GHB2017 has fixed almost all of the problems with the army. We now have command abilities, have access to traits and artifacts that actually help the casters who are our hero units, can mitigate battleshock, and our battle trait lets our little battlelines keep their 20+ model unit bonuses even if they get pinged with magic or ranged attacks. I feel like I can take on some of the 'better' armies and have a decent chance of winning. Not super-competitive tournament winning lists, but most people here don't do that sort of thing. So, IMO GHB2017 has been the best thing ever for Age of Sigmar. It's not just me either - the local Ironjaws player is having a lot of fun, and the guy with Seraphon is gleefully teleporting his carnosaur across the battlefield. This honeymoon is not ending anytime soon.
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    Not introduce too many new rules. The whole point of AOS is it's easy to learn and play. 4 pages ect ect. Not layer apon layer apon layer of rules. Then it eventually becomes what WFB and 7th 40k became. Also slow some armies down. I'm becoming annoyed at how many armies have some gimmick that enables 1st turn charges and the like. It takes away any kind of manoeuvring or tactical choice.
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    Combine the name generator with this city/town generator and you're set: https://watabou.itch.io/medieval-fantasy-city-generator
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    Greed? They are finally fleshing out the place of humans, elves, and dwarves in the mortal realms and matching their ascendant cities with cool new rules (which I do not think are particularly strong, btw) and you call that greed? People don't even have to buy the book to use the allegiance abilities (they have been posted all around the net by reviewers). Why do you need to "lug" the firestorm expansion around to use its allegiance abilities? Why don't you just type it up with you army list? They are literally shorter than the post you just typed. I came to this forum today because I am really excited about Firestorm and all I am seeing is silly complaints. Come on guys. These aren't real problems! Are you seriously suggesting that GW is making you buy a new tablet?!?
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