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    Sup! I've decided to go with fancy AoS Skirmish points pages for all of you who want to play Skirmish using additional Warhammer AoS and Fantasy models. Hope this not breaks any rules. But if you don't like this content please let me know. THE PDF IS READY FIRST POST WILL ALWAYS CONTAIN THE NEWEST VERSION. Unofficial Points.pdf (3.50 MB) now with FW stuff THIS IS NOT OVER There is still some work to be done. 1. I need your help with first page, disclaimer, info on how to use it etc. (The one right now is kinda sketchy) 2. Report on bugs and mistakes, missed models etc. Suggest ideas. Please make this post Sticky.
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    I've decided that my skirmish games are set somewhere else entirely, the abandoned city of Minnowbrooke somewhere in the realm of beasts. Nobody knows quite why it was abandoned, or why, if you press your ears against the walls and listen carefully, the buildings seem to be making sounds quite like a gurgling stomach.
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    This post is in part prompted by this thread, but I wanted to broaden the discussion substantially beyond the topic of that thread and thought it might be better to start a new one. If you've read my previous thread on the topic of game balance and community, you probably already know that I've been a competitive gamer for quite a while. I've been a part of quite a lot of different gaming communities, watching them rise, fall, and rise again over time. One pattern that I see over and over again is a focus on what is wrong with a given game or hobby, how things are getting worse, etc. These often focus on a particular aspect of the game or changes to the game that a portion (and sometimes a substantial portion) of the playerbase dislikes, and they are often justified at least in part. That said, in my experience the only thing that can actually ruin a game (aside from the company that makes the game), is widespread negativity. I think one of the absolute best examples of this type of pattern can be seen in the online community of basically any Massively Multiplayer Online RPG ever made. I've played these types of games off and on for basically the entire span of their existence, and have noticed a clear pattern with essentially every game that has released since World of Warcraft. WoW is noteworthy because it massively broadened the playerbase for MMORPGs. Previously they were a fairly niche game, but WoW brought it into the mainstream. As WoW developed over the first few years of its existence, it became clear that many different types of gamer were attracted to the game. While most people break the playerbase down into subsets of "hardcore" and "casual", there are really many more subdivisions within those groups. I wont get into the details, as they aren't really important to this discussion. Over time, as developers make design and development decisions about their game, change mechanics, and release new content, portions of the community gradually complain more and more about changes and new content that does not cater to their specific playstyle. "Hardcore" raiders complain when the new patch focuses entirely on solo content for "casuals". "Casuals" complain when the new gearset is only realistically obtainable by elite players. Players get more and more dissatisfied, the community becomes increasingly toxic and the playerbase plummets. That's one of the two ways a game dies (the other being a massively stupid decision on the part of the developers like the NGE in the original Star Wars MMO). So what does this have to do with Age of Sigmar? Well, I think AoS is a pretty brilliant basic design in that the system is enormously flexible and the developers actively encourage increased flexibility through empowering players to make their own house rules and decide how they want to play the game. It's also a very niche hobby with a relatively small playerbase. AoS needs to grow to survive, and the community that we create will play a significant part in whether the game grows or not. In general I have been very impressed by the online AoS community, but I have noticed a troubling pattern across most if not all of the AoS community platforms that I follow. There seems to be quite a lot of fretting done by players who are bothered by other people playing the game different from their own preferred style. Although competitiveness is a major focus of many of these discussions, it also touches on things like play environments, painting standards, etc. I think that these discussions are extremely productive to have on the local level and extremely unproductive to have online. Questions about playstyle are primarily relevant within a player's own community (whether that community be the local club or something broader like the GT circuit). If you are a less competitive gamer who doesn't have a ton of time for painting and your local community is very competitive and has very high painting standards, then you have a problem and you either need to find a different community or address the problem within your existing context. On the other hand, if a gaming group in Azerbaijan is playing nothing but shootouts between unpainted Kurnoth Hunters and unpainted Skyfires, it really doesn't affect you (assuming you aren't in Azerbaijan...). Furthermore, online communities are almost certainly not representative of the hobby as a whole. Neither is any specific event or tournament. For example, if you only looked at the stuff people post in galleries on sites like this one and Dakka and/or on r/minipainting, you'd get an extremely skewed view of painting standards. Similarly, if you look online and note that a significant percentage of the discussion is geared towards win-at-all-costs tournament listbuilding, you might get a very skewed perception of how competitive the hobby is as a whole. If you have some bad experiences in your local community OR notice a lot of people online playing the game differently from you, and then you turn the online discussion to some version of "is AOS too competitive?/are painting standards too high?/are painting standards too low?/why does nobody play narrative?/etc" then you're compounding the problem a bit. I want to be absolutely clear that I don't intend to call out @BloodTithe specifically for his thread -- his approach to the question was very thoughtful and clearly well intentioned. There were a lot of good comments in the thread, too. That said, it DOES still add to the potential echo-chamber effect and will likely increase the overall impression that the game is getting exclusionary against non-competitive players. This is particularly problematic for a newer player. A new player may not have any idea what their local scene is like, but if they look for information online and start to run into a lot of people fretting about some aspect of the hobby, they are very likely to infer that this is a global problem and may be turned off. Every potential new hobbyist is extremely valuable to the community but also extremely fragile (particularly for a hobby that requires as much investment as miniature wargaming). I'm still quite convinced that AoS continues to suffer tremendously from all the bad press that came in the first few years. If you are having local struggles, then it would be MUCH more productive to frame the question locally. Instead of a broad discussion of the "state of the hobby," instead try focusing on talking to your local community directly. Make sure your local group knows how you feel, and look for local resources that might be helpful. If you are struggling with discussing your struggles with your local community, then ask online for help about how to approach the issue. There is a great deal of wisdom out there, but you are only going to find it if you ask the right question. A bit of a tangent I'm a mental health professional. When writing this post, it occurred to me that there is a strong parallel between Depression and the phenomenon that I am describing above. Psychologists talk about something called the "internal, global, stable attributional style" in reference to Depression. Basically, what this describes is certain patterns in depressive thinking. Internal attributions are those that tend to be about the self (as opposed to about others), for example "I failed because I'm stupid" (internal) vs. "I failed because the test was hard" (external). Global attributions are those that tend to be broad rather than specific, for example, "I didn't study enough because I'm a lazy person" (global) vs. "I didn't study enough because I was really distracted over the weekend" (situational). Stable attributions are those that are persistent across time rather than unstable and changing, for example "I'm always lazy" (stable) vs. "I was feeling lazy this weekend" (unstable). Why is this relevant? I think because we can identify a community wide phenomenon that functions a lot like Depression. In the MMO example, players would plod along happily exploring a new game and then gradually become more and more involved in the online community. Repeated internal, global, stable attributions about the game (eg: "this game has no endgame" or "this game is too casual/hardcore") eventually create a depressive environment, and the player starts to feel very negatively about the game regardless of whether they are engaging in the content that other players are complaining about or not. This negative/depressive atmosphere gradually erodes the playerbase while simultaneously reducing new player acquisition. The same problem can very well exist in AoS. It takes a lot of motivation to get going in this hobby. If you are sitting at home in front of a bunch of grey plastic and thinking about how competitiveness (or casualness) is ruining the game (regardless of the reality of your local play group) or how you'll never be as good at painting as those people posting on TGA, then you are going to have that much more trouble mustering the motivation to paint. If you get into a depressive state of mind about the game, then you are likely to quit. Worse yet, if you are very vocal about your attributions then you are likely to demoralize others as well, and turn people off from entering the hobby. While I think that more of the discussion now has centered around the idea of the game being too competitive, it wasn't long ago that the discussion was the exact opposite. There was a ton of complaining that the game wasn't competitive enough, what with no points and "silly" rules on some warscrolls etc. And yet there were some very robust community pointing systems and few games were really being decided by using Wulfrik's ability to call your opponent a filthy ****** gobbler. Communities existed on every point of the spectrum from ultra casual to ultra competitive, and yet LOADS of people quit or never started with the hobby because of the negativity in the community. We really should be careful not to allow this to happen again. Conclusions/summary/TL;DR The two things that are mostly likely to ruin our hobby are Games Workshop and negativity. We can't really control the former, but we can influence the latter. Discussing negative game experiences in internal, global, stable terms is not likely to be very productive and contributes substantially to the negativity. Instead, address problems at the local level or frame your questions online in a way that is more productive. For example, if you are concerned that your local community is too competitive/too casual, then talk to local players about it. If you need help doing this, then post online but frame your question in a productive way, ie: "how can I convince some of my local opponents to tone it down a bit and run some fluffier lists?" instead of "casual gaming in Age of Sigmar is dead."
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    Hi All, as my first full army Beastmen will always be a main focus for me and the army i always go back to, though i have just finished my Bloodbound army and have been playing with that. As part of my bloodbound project I made my own battletome to accompany it (my theme was far from the normal Khorne scheme). That got my thinking how much I would like a Beastmen battletome, so I pulled my finger out and made one! and i thought i'd share it for any other Beastmen players that would like a shiny book to accompany their hordes. This isn't a rewrite, as in i have not changed or added to the existing warscrolls at all (although i have included some of the warscrolls i often use in my Beastmen force i.e. Monsters of Chaos). The fluff is my own, adapted from some I had written years ago and some adapted from old GW stuff (i'll admit that its a bit rushed in places). The art is not my own, rather I have used various pieces from old GW Beastmen publications and the Cover art and concept art for inidivudal units are from TOTAL WAR: Warhammer. Anyway, i hope this is of some use to people. Below is a link to the PDF and photo version on dropbox and attached are some sample pictures. With my Wolves of Ghur (Blades of Khorne) battletome i used Photobox to have it printed in hard back and the same can be done with these pics. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f5cn2871gl3nk1q/AAD-yLvNcJKgrYxSbrICRL9Ea?dl=0
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    Hi, with some friends we are starting a sort of Path to Glory for AoS but lighter with one Hero and two units. We will make them elvolve during the game. I choose to play Death with only Nighthaunt minis for the moment because i wanted something fast to paint and i also like them a lot. My Hero Harry Spectter is a Necromancer. All the miniatures i have ever painted, but for the moment i will only play with two Spirit Hosts units and Harry. The Mournghul will come later because i know that he is strong. And because many people ask me each time here is a Step by Step for painting the ghost. The miniature was first basecoat with white spray. Step 1 : I do two wash of Fluo Yellow on the miniature simply adding water. Step 2 : I do the same than step 1 with the Fluo Green. Step 3 : Then i put some Nihilakh Oxyde on the lower parts and the hair. Step 4 : Same than step 3 with Seraphim Sepia. Step 5 : Again same than step 4 and 3 with Agrax Earthshade. Step 6 : With this step i use an airbrush to paint the white over the other colors. I mix White with Lahmian Medium and water and add very thin coat to put the highlight. Step 7 : At the final step i used the previous colors to do some glaze and to erase the blury beurk effect you have with the airbrush because the less you see it the best it is. Finally i repaint with the white too on the highlight parts. I also paint the base with brown and grey and add dry pigment on it and grass. I used a brown red on the base to react with the green of the miniature. Hope you enjoy it and that could help ! Sorry for the long post. Cheers.
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    Vampire. It's Adhema, the Blood Knight who previously appeared in Nagash: The Undying King. Though there may be an aelf or two in the second book, if one gets commissioned.
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    Hello everyone! I've been doing some sculpting on the side for fun/selling and wanted to show you my recent work. These are based on the bull centaurs from Forge world. I really like centauresque creatures and Nurgle so I had to mix them both. The one eyed guy is the current project (still very much wip). I'll try to update this plog as soon as some progress is made. Hope you like it and feel free to drop suggestions/critique if you've any!
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    Mark my words. Nurgly is coming fast.. 1. So far it would appear that some of those maggot things spotted in 40k art could be new beasts of Nurgle. 2. Pox walkers would provide the Nurgle version of Kairic Acolytes and Blood Reavers. 3. in The new Plague Garden by Josh Reynolds we are introduced to Nurgle Beastmen. Could that be GW telling us that Pestigors might be on their way as a Tzaangor alternative. 4. In the Blood Bowl Deathzone season 1 the Nurgle team is included so we know that they remain official and has been updated with new positions too. 5.. After releasing 40k it makes perfect sense to start on Nurgly as the alternative Tzaanuary in two short weeks. The SEVENTH month in the year 201SEVENteen. Ladies and gentlemen you may put on your tinfoil hats..
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    I realized I never posted my Kharadron Overlords here. They are from my own skyport, Barak-Mor, which is currently soaring above the sands of the Endless Deserts. Sorry for the huge picture dump, but that's everything I have painted so far, 500 points. I haven't decided if I am going to paint more of them, but if I do it'll be up to 1,000 points. I'm thinking my next additions would be another Arkanaut unit, a Khemist, 10 Thunders all with rifles, and 3 Endrinriggers all with their chainsaws.
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    Well... im looking at GMing a dungeon crawl using skirmish system and some Warhammer Quest with some of my Dwarven Forge Master Maze sets. Looking forward to it! - Cedric Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Finally painted my Kroxxigor. Roxxotl the half-sane:
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    I love skaven for having some of the coolest models and being the most range-focused chaos army (despite desperately needing some repacked kits and a comprehensive battletome). I kinda just wish that people weren't so obsessed with competitiveness. And this applies across the board, not just to skaven. Some people actively look to find exploitable loop holes and build broken lists just to win. It means people overlook some super cool models with really fun rules. I for example love lots of artillery and weapon teams (love those poisoned wind mortars) but I highly doubt my planned list would be even remotely competitive. Yet it would be fun to play against people with a similar non-competitive mindset. Stormfiends are a good example. I haven't glued mine together yet but I can clearly see that 3 warpfire projectors is clearly the best competitive option. But it just seems boring to me to use that cheesy spam option which will likely get nerfed soon anyway. Let alone the lack of modelling variety! You would also have 3 identically posed models. Nope. I'm going to have a mixture of one of those with a rattling canon (even though statistically they kind of suck) and melee option because it's more fun and looks vastly better. It's just a shame when AoS has some particularly beautiful models begging to be used. There are even whole factions that aren't very popular based purely on their lack of competitive power. It's almost worrying how cheap I just bought the blades of khorne battletome for on ebay and yet the models and fluff are amazing for them. I am also getting super into the fluff, books and lore. They all add a far more exciting potential of how the game could be played. I dunno i guess I'm just gonna build my list the way I wish I could field it. I will take "variety, fluff and fun" over "competitive and boring" any day. And then I can dream of my skaven laying siege to a heavily fortified castle 😆. Maybe doing heavy ranged damage to pave the way for a heavily armored khorne army to come knocking.
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    Yay! This is the first release, so there are still a few things to be worked out. I'm happy to hear all feedback, either here, DM'd or at warscrollbuilder@gmail.com. Thanks!
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    Not quite finished painting yet but this is mine. Crypt Haunter Courtier, Crypt Ghast Courtier, Crypt Ghast, Crypt Ghouls x4.
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    Fellow Megabosses! I really did not think this would happen. But it did. I won our local league. I just had my final game and I thought it might be good to share this in a single topic. Both semi-final and final were against Tzeentch, and I must say I expected to be kicked out each time. I was not. It was a 1k point touney, and I want to share my list, which is, of course, not a big secret. Also, I figured, it is most important to know what to do with the models you field. Allegiance: DestructionHeroesOrruk Megaboss (140)- Artefact: Battle BrewOrruk Warchanter (80)- Artefact: Talisman of ProtectionBattleline10 x Orruk Brutes (360)- General- 2x Gore Choppas- Ironjawz Battleline5 x Orruk Brutes (180)- Ironjawz Battleline10 x Orruk Ardboys (180)- 5x Choppa or Smasha & Shields- 5x Big Choppas- Ironjawz BattlelineBattalionsIronfist (60)Total: 1000/2000 General strategy: The big boss in the Brutes casts Inspiring PResence every HEro Phase on his unit so the enemy does not force BS tests on the unit. The Warchanter buffs either the Ardboyz or the Big Brute unit (situational). The Ardboyz bind a unit while the big truck unit takes out most dangerous foes. The Megaboss with Battle Brew stays close to the five Brutes. Together they take out heroes or whatever is needed. In the final game we played three places of Power. We ended with a TIE, but luckily I had annihilated his whole army except the heroes, so I won. There were two situations in which he got super lucky: 1. His Tzaangor shaman on disc faced three Brutes and he survived with one wound. He was able to put him on a place of power because of the damn wound. 2. One Unit of Tzaangors was crushed by my Brutes, but ONE Tzaangor did not run away! Because of this I was not able to charge his Ogroid Thaumaturge with the Brutes. Overall, I am a bit proud. Of course, local events are dependent on the local Meta and cannot be compared to international tourneys. Nonetheless, MEgabosses, we are da best. We can crush em all. Thank you for reading. Oh, some pictures.
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    [/img] Nagash level threadromancy but I've got round to sticking some paint on the model
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    We are starting at 35 Renown: Kaptain Ogbad & the Ogresuns Kaptain Salty Ogbad - Orruk Warboss - 28R 3 Orruks - 6R 1R "saved for later" At 50 Renown: Kaptain Salty Ogbad - Orruk Warboss - 28R 7 Orruks - 14R Mr Whalebelly - Ogor - 8R Kommodore Deffgit puffed on his pipe a few times and stared off into the distance; he leant back in his chair and took a long swig from his tankard of grog and sighed. Salty Ogbad shifted nervously while he waited for the Kommodore to remember he was there. The sun had only just risen and the sky-harbour was filled with golden light that made the dark rocks of the floating port town look almost pleasant. The Kommodore was sitting at a desk made of a wooden door on top of two large barrels, on a smaller barrel that served as a chair. In front of him were a great array of log books, charts, letters, a spyglass, a pair of heavy pistols, several empty bottles, and a discarded plate of food. “Salty! What d’ye want?” the old Orruk finally bellowed. “You sent for me Boss!” said Salty with the greatest of patience. “…something about a mission for the Adm’rul?” “Ah! That’s roight. I’ve got a mission for ye, from the Adm’rul. He’s getting fed up with them Kharadrons always knowing we’re a-comin’ what with their riggers scouting about their ships all the damn time. He wants a way to deal with the blasted things before they can report back, and maybe do a bit of scouting of our own: Spot juicy prizes far off and the like.” said Deffgit. “He wants ye to go find a Wyvern.” Salty was somewhat taken aback – this was not what he was expecting - and he struggled to hide his surprise. “So, take a few of the lads and that small black-painted skycutter and search the little floating islands around the south of Overmyre and that.” continued Deffgit. “Here’s a good spyglass and this here is a magic chart: it was made by a legendary Kap'n what called 'imself Maddz. It’ll help you locate all the hidden an' secret places. Mind you don’t rely on it too much though, it don’t seem to be working like it used to…” the Kommodore squinted at the ancient scroll for a while. Salty cleared his throat and the Kommodore came back to the present again. “Off ye go lad! Don’t keep the Adm’rul waitin’!” he shouted. Salty jumped and turned on his heel. He started shouting orders at the nearest Orruk Pirates to find stores for a long journey.
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    Here's my initial and final warband for the Shadespire campaign;
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    Every game-developer should have clear the level of complexity they want to their games. Being a more "simple" game isn't anything to be ashamed of. AoS is what it is, wishing it to become 40k is as bad as people wishing 40k 7th to become AoS. Every game should be is own thing. I remember how in the past, Fantasy was the "hardcore" game where Rogue Trader was the more casual one. Now things have switched, theres nothing bad about it.
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    Hey folks I've always held some interest in vampire counts in the old days, doing a few models back in the square base era... Unfortunately, I never really got around to properly finishing the undead army (the modelcount bothered me somewhat). These were some of the early models back then: Sadly, these models were just standing around unused after I realized that project would never happen. So I sold them off. With the arrival of the GHB, I did start out with my new Undead army, starting with a Vlagurescu's horde army, combined with a start collecting from both FEC and the deathrattle. Here are the results so far: And the deathrattle: And of course Arkhan, who I'm hoping will be the base for a summoning based deathlords only army... Just need to get my hands on morghasts soon... Hope you like them!
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    Lately I've seen an increasing quantity of negative posts/threads/attitudes, so I thought I'd see if I can shine a positive light on some of the things that GW has given us with this amazing game. Sure, it has its issues, but everything does! My favorite thing about AoS is that in 95% or more of my games, I've had a chance to win late in the game. One game I was nearly tabled early on (I had no idea what Clan Skryre could do prior to that game...) but due to the scoring of objectives (I think it was the Gifts from the Heavens battleplan) I could have actually pulled it out at the end, so the game went down to the wire. In my experience, a good balance has been achieved (both before and after the General's Handbook and points!). How about the rest of you? What has been your favorite aspect of Age of Sigmar?
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    Blurb: In the beginning, there was fire. And from that fire came eight weapons of terrible power, honed to a killing edge by the chosen weaponsmiths of Khorne. Now, as the Mortal Realms echo with the thunder of war, the great powers seek to acquire the eight wherever they might be found, no matter the cost. In a city of prophecy and secrets, Grungni, smith-god of the duardin, gathers together a group of mortal warriors from across the realms in order to locate the first of the eight weapons. But they are not alone in their quest; agents of the Ruinous Powers search for the weapon for themselves. Now the race is on, as man, duardin and daemon alike seek to claim the Spear of Shadows... Big grey dude is Grungni, though he doesn't exactly look like that in the book.
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    Gorka's renegade Shaman With cursed tome and reserves of courage
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    I originally posted this in the Chaos sub forum, but this should really be posted for everyone who may want it. I created a template that I've used for making Disciples of Tzeentch stat cards. Though you can make slight modifications and make these for any faction in AoS. I plan on getting my set printed up on large form playing cards through a company. If you have any questions please let me know. And if you make anything for an army, please share it and help the community out. Here is an example from my completed set. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0ehT5GfQE28d0VoNF9oZTMzOUU
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    Good Morning Everyone! Thought I would join the likes of @Chris Tomlin and @Paul Buckler in creating a running Blog showing the progression and battle reports of My newest filth... Brayherd! Ok... So I am completely not a competitive gamer but want to try my hands at taking the Brayherd and turning them into something I can compete with but still have fun! A little Background on Me Ok, so my name is Sean Houghton, my online wargaming identity is HobbyHammer, I run online Narrative Campaigns, Narrative Events and a club too. I also have my own blog over at http://www.hobbyhammer.com which has Painting Guides, Terrain Tutorials, Reviews, Showcases and all things mini related. Check it out if you wish. I started playing AoS with Beastmen, I had literally about 5000 points of these but due to life, had to sell them all . But now, i'm back! The time has come. The list I am building towards is this... Whats the Army goal? You will find me referring to the Beastlord as Mojgorox, this is my character I created back in 8th edition. His story goes that his mind during the End Times was split in 4, each quarter dedicated to each of the 4 Chaos Gods. He is constantly spoken to by the gods and this is driving him crazy! He refers to the Gods as his Fathers and constantly talks about himself as if he is a group of people. He is tormented and tortured by the Gods for their own amusement. But on the battlefield, he is able to harness all the powers of each individual to create a Monster, his followers look to him as the Chosen one, the overall Ruler of the Beasts and the Realms. But at the end of the day... he is just a Schizophrenic Goat who loves his Daddies. The Wildstalker formation in my opinion is amazing! To be able to ambush is what the Brayherds are all about. That along with their ridiculous movement and huge numbers should swamp the enemies before they even have a chance to know what has happened. That is my plan anyway. __________________________ I haven't played any games yet (Lots of models to paint), but will get a game in soon as all the models are now built. The next few weeks will be a bit of painting progress. But all my battles will be reported on, all painting progress and stories will be recorded! I hope. 20 Gor, painted and ready to be Round Based! As you can see, I have gone for an easy scheme of mainly base wash dry brush. I wanted them to all appear filthy and Bestial. The Loin clothes on the Army I have painted Green to tie this into my Nurgle Rotbringers, if I ever choose to mix in the Alliance. For Mojgorox himself, I couldn't just use any old Beastlord, this guy is special... This Image to the Left was and has been my inspiration for Mojgorox since 8th edition! The model on the right is 8th Ed Mojgorox, the Beastlord I used for Fantasy, but as you can see, it is now dated, AoS is bigger and badder, So Mojgorox has to be too... Then as if by perfect chance.. Paranoid Minis released this concept art! Mojgorox is getting an upgrade, I have ordered him (as well as the rest of the Wildborn Faction) and can't wait to paint him up! Mojgorox in the back! I hope you enjoy my ramblings coming up, let me know if there is anything you want me to talk about and I welcome any feedback on my ****** #speedpainted army!
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    I have enough scenery now for two locations in the Harrowmark (my own setting for our games set in Shyish) but only one 4x4 matt. Wortbad (a haunted village with a "Sylvania" feel; lots of graveyards and old-school buildings) Blackrocks (an overgrown ruined city, deep in a malignant forest)
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    This is the table that gets most Skirmish action at my place.
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    Very much so! In fact it's already well in the works and I have a number of pages fully completed. Hopefully it's going to be something really fun for fans of skirmish - as well as porting over some of the balance tweaks and campaign elements from Hinterlands it's going to have loads of new content especially for Skirmish, mainly: Rules for a variety of Multiplayer Campaigns, down time between campaigns (and rules to link multiple campaigns together), weather rules, potions, scrolls, artefacts, and expanded rules for your General to almost make it feel like an RPG.
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    Hi guys! Today I went to the local gaming club and had a play through half a Skirmish campaign. I have to say, it was a lot of fun! Whilst playing I took a few pictures of each game in order for me to write a bit of a battle report here on the forum for those who may want to see what it's all about. Forming the Warbands We decided on 30 Renown to start with, as 25 was a bit too minimalist and didn't really allow for anything decent. Rolling purely Ironjawz, I decided to take my Warchanter - affectionately named Gobrot - an Ardboy Boss named Wakka, and a Brute Boss called Choppa all clocking in at 27 Renown. I decided to choose Merciless Killer (+1 to wound rolls) as my Command Trait, and the +1 wound artefact. My opponent, Paul, ran with a Gaunt Summoner, a couple of Kairic Acolytes, and a Tzaangor, for bang on 30, giving me one underdog roll. He chose Tenacious Defender as a Command Trait, granting +1 save to those within 6", and I can't for the life of me remember his artefact. GAME 1: Clash at Dawn The aim was pretty simple here; force your opponent to rout by killing 50% or more of their warband. A quick random deployment roll was spectacularly uneventful, with our warbands ending up in opposite corners. Gobrot's warband head towards the village in search of spoils, in a true example of 'follow the leader'. Turn 1 Turn 1 began with me taking the initiative. I sent my warband straight for the enemy, and we both straight away forgot about the no-man's land in the middle. Thankfully there was a large house that pretty much provided it anyway, so it didn't affect how things played out. My rampaging destruction rolls gained me a few inches, and a run roll for Choppa saw him take cover behind a house quite far up. Paul's Gaunt Summoner and one of the Acolytes took cover behind a hedge, unable to cast anything offensive at the hidden Orcs. He cunningly stayed within 3" of an Arcane ruin, meaning his Mystic Shield easily went off on the Tzaangor nearby. The Tzaangor - either brave or foolhardy - ran into the Arcane ruin for the extra save. Turn 2 Paul won the roll off, and recast both Tenacious Defender and Mystic Shield on the Tzaangor, before sending an Acolyte's spell toward Wakka, who shrugged it off. The Gaunt Summoner's runestaff chipped a wound off Gobrot for good measure, before the Acolyte made a headlong charge into Choppa. All his attacks only served to anger the Brute, who swiftly stamped his brains out with 4 attacks at +1 to both hit and wound and a -1 rend. Gobrot's mob responded with a blindingly successful destruction move, regular move, and boxcars to charge for Choppa, who went straight in for the kill with the Gaunt Summoner by crashing through the hedge. Gobrot went headlong for the Tzaangor in the ruins, and the punch-up began. Warchanter Gobrot gets involved in a one-on-one with the Tzaangor in the ruins, whilst some terrible move and charge rolls for Wakka leave him stopping for a pint at the tavern. Choppa launched his flurry of attacks at the Gaunt Summoner, taking four wounds off in short order. The Tzaangor managed to knock some wounds off the Warchanter thanks to some god-awful save rolls, with which I was less than impressed. Choppa's showdown with the Gaunt Summoner. Not shown in the picture, however, is the fact that a moment later the Tzeentchian spellcaster stabbed Choppa in the throat with his dagger, the Orc subsequently failing his save, and then on top of that failing the forced bravery check from the unsaved wound and was vaporised. Even an underdog re-roll didn't help. Great. Turn 3 Paul, yet again, won the roll off and stole my much needed turn. My plans to kill the Gaunt Summoner in two combats, or at least draw in the squishy Acolyte, had failed, as had my attempt to one-shot the Tzaangor. The Gaunt Summoner wasted no time, and cast an Arcane Bolt that went off thanks to the Arcane ruins nearby. A 3 on the D3 roll caused Gobrot to explode, ending the game as my casualties caused me to rout. Bollocks. POST-GAME Earning a measly 6 Renown for the loss, I found myself with 9 to play with, thanks to my warband being 3 under par to start with. As such, Gobrot saw fit to call in some bigger guns, recruiting Warpigg the Gore-Grunta rider. Roling on the rewards table, he also bagged himself another artefact, allowing for a 5+ save against mortal wounds. It could prove useful. Left to right: Wakka, Warchanter Gobrot, Choppa and Warpigg.
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    Morning guys, Firstly thanks to everyone that watched. Was a super super close game. @Paul Buckler managed the Minor Victory in the end by being comfortably up on kill points, however I didn't feel there was any danger of him getting the Major over me. Conversely, I felt I was in a position to try and stop him scoring for one turn throughout for the Major and tbh had a won even just one of the four priorities (yup, lost them all...two of which Paul won on a 2...wtf?!) I think I probably could've taken it out. So I wasn't really concerned by kill points as I wasn't likely to catch him. I won't bemoan bad luck in general, as whilst it seemed swingy at points (4 sixes for D3 damage on Gruntas, Megabrutes failing 11/12 saves etc), I don't actually think it impacted on the game massively, aside from the priorities. There were a couple of things I could've done differently, but truth be told I'm not 100% sure they would've worked out and like I say, just one priority win and I have every chance to win and my decisions look solid ya know. Also, it should be said that we did play a practice game in the morning, same battleplan and I won by 40 kill points, so it seems the match up isn't as polarising (one way or another) as I feared. This battleplan helps as you have to wait until T2 to see where the objectives drop, so it means that T2 priority isn't the game. I knew after taking the morning game that I'd end up losing on the TV one haha!! Whilst obviously I'd love to have won, it's more important that it was a good, close game, that went the length. I would hope the game is worth a watch back and was pleased that we were able to give our thoughts before, during and after. Was really interesting. Hopefully it was good for people to see a different way of playing the Ironjawz over hyper aggression (which would have 100% seen me tabled by T3 latest), whilst it didn't pay off, it definitely could've and I'd play it basically the same next time. We also did some recording in the car on the way back which will form next week's TBS show, so check that out as well. I'll do further reports etc in here, including the Skirmish Shadespire Campaign we also played through yesterday (so technically 8 games of Warhammer in a day!!), but for now I'll have to crack on. 3 day week not conducive to much free time!! Haha that does not tell the full story my friend. As well as shrugging off numerous Kharadron small arms fire, he tanked the Cannon and Torpedos off the Ironclad for two turns in a row before finally losing his last wound to the Khemist (another 1 rolled for his save). Had he passed his 3+, I could've crushed the Khemist, gained a wound and attack, then circled round into the Thunderers to demolish them last turn. Wouldn't have changed anything, but would've been a cool moment to end on (especially after the poor Foot of Gork on the Ironclad...2MW!). Great game and day in general tbh. Me and Paul now need to play a decider with 1 minor win a piece.... Chris
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    Competitiveness above all else ruins any game, period. The important thing is that both players get the experience they want. If you're the sort of person that will buy an army, white-spray and 3-wash it in a week just to win a tournament, then that's great. Go nuts. Most people (I think) tend toward a bit of a balance - the army and models they like, but tuned and refined over a series of games into a reasonable tournament force. If your desire to win exceeds your desire to have a good game, then that's not a good place to be. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    Aaaaaand I'm done! This is my first fully painted army and I have developed a lot as a painter throughout the process. I was kind of scared painting the Mortis Engine (did it last) but taking it slow and try being neat seems to have worked out ok. Not happy with the Mourngul so I'm gonna repaint it. Too heavy on the wash ruined the etheral effect. 1 x Necromancer 1 x Wight King Baleful 30 x Skeletons 5 x Hexwraiths 6 x Spirit Hosts 1 x Mortis Engine 1 x Mourngul Actually adds up to 1460pts mostly because of the Mourngul. Sorry about the low quality. Will take some better photos soon and put the pics in a plog with my future projects. Next is 500pts of Kharadron and some scenery but first I have to play some more NieR: Automata.
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    Great thread and some really interesting work being shown here! I'm actually working towards a 2000 pts Nurgle Rotbringers/Daemon army. But for now I'm working on the following 1000 pts: Herald Of Nurgle (100)Harbinger of Decay (140)Blightkings (180) Blightkings (180) Plaguebearers (100)Plague Drones (220) Nurglings (80) Total: 1000/2000 Some pics:
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    Obviously, 8th edition 40k has taken a lot of AoS. But there is a lot of impressive things about the new 40k rules that AoS can learn from as well. Here is a list of things I find impressive that I think can be directly applied to future editions of AoS to improve the game Power Level - Better than "just put down whatever" Restricted Shooting - AoS needs some better shooting rules Better Casting (Psyker) Phase - I wouldn't want to mess with the casting phase too much, though I do miss the complexity of the 8th magic phase, I don't want to head down a path to purple sun. I really like Smite though, how it can only be cast at the nearest enemy, and is unrestricted by the rules of one. So often I'm stuck with a wizard that just has really nothing to do, because Mystic Shield & Arcane bolt were already attempted, and their spell is out of range, or not useful in the current situation. Daemons - Daemons, particularly Nurgle and Slaanesh have a lot more going for them in 40k than AoS. Heralds are psykers that grant +1 strength, boosting the power of melee-centric daemon troops, and Demon Princes are power houses that boost re-rolls to hit. Right now when you go through the Nurgle and Slannesh scrolls for AoS, they just don't have much to offer. Obviously this just goes to show how much armies with a lack of their own allegiance tome suffer under AoS, which is really a seperate problem that needs to be addressed. Daemons have no tome of any kind for 40k either, but there is a lot of cool synergy going on with them. Right now they just gave AoS daemons a band-aid by making things very cheap. Summoning - Summoning is flat-out better in 40k. Any char can do it at a risk, and you can summon units of any size. Most troops that you can summon in AoS get a bonus to having 20 or more models, and the chance to even summon 20 is not likely in most cases. As a death player, I rarely ever use summoning because, in most cases its only used to create a chaff wall. Also the whole "summoners know this spell, you can summon blah blah blah" is much better replaced on the scrolls as a simple keyword. SvT Wound Rolls - This would add depth to the scrolls that I think they could use. This would open up a lot of interesting possibilities. Monsters and armored things would be harder to wound, making them have more value. You could represent a models unusual toughness (stonehorn, necrosphinx) by giving them a really high toughness, instead of a bunch of nasty special rules. You could have effects and synergy in the form of strength and toughness effects. Spells, effects and synergy that lower or boost would give the game a lot more depth. Right now you mainly see +1/-1 to hit all over the place as the only modifiers in the game. Ranks 40k fixes the whole problem of weapon ranges by saying you can target a model who's base you are touching, or any model touching one of those models. This is essentially two ranks, and how AoS works out most of the time anyway. Longer weapons could be attributed to three ranks (b2b w/ a model who's b2b with a model who's b2b with the enemy). This immediately does away with all the confusion; measuring every weapon one at a time, trying to squeeze your models together, and the awkwardness of when someone starts stacking their bases up because "bases don't matter". Bases do matter, and its time for the rules to address this. Even for those using square bases, the concept is not hard to apply. These are just a few examples where I think AoS can learn from 40k. What do you think? Are there any aspects of the new 40k rules you would like to see applied to AoS in future updates, or should fantasy be kept as simple as possible with minimal changes, if any?
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    New user here, been painting 40k stuff for some year and a half now, and now getting into AoS, khorne bloodbound to be specific, fell in love with the design aesthetics of the army. I dont yet have any khorne miniatures, but this will soon be fixed. Ill kick this one off by posting 2 varanguard knights i have in progress, first one is finished except for the base. Second one is still very much a WIP, mostly been focusing on the steed and gold trimming of the armor.
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    Due to unpopular demand, here's a thread that displays my plastic-based massacres... Beginning with: Ironblaster! @Chris Tomlin asked about the grunta and how difficult it was to hack up- Not *too* bad is the answer. Obviously by the time you've cut the rider's legs off you end up with a bit of a hole. I glued two strips onto the inside of this hole for structure (using two off-cuts from a GW frame) I then built up this area using green stuff. I made something vaguely resembling fur (to match the grunts mane) - but eventually used an animal skin (from the Ironblaster kit) as a kind of cover over the area The grunta was quite wide so the tusks that make the frame of the Ironblaster cannon needed to be spread a little wider to accommodate it. If I had the patience or skill I might have left the grunta armour off and sculpted some more fur on. (But I don't so I didn't...) Any more qs give me a shout!
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    Well back from coalescence An what can I say what a great day. managed to get these done in time. Rubbish pics. But took them last night. Pretty happy with them. An managed to get a couple tokens done. destruction one coalescence at gw. I got 2 wins an a second on the last game. Last game was a TNT game. Then I was shocked to pick up best single miniature for my maw krusha. Was a honour against some great stuff. Thanks for all the support. Hmmm what next to add to my army?
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    Converted from the Eldar Visarch to fit in with his back story of a Glade Lord that gets turned by a vampire. More info in the signatures.
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    You could check out Fury of Gork or Skaven Pestilens, if you like. Fury of Gork deals with one of the Eight Lamentations - the sword of fire, Marrowcutter - being discovered and features several characters who appear in Spear of Shadows, while Skaven Pestilens takes place in one of the locations that the characters will be visiting - Shu'gohl, the Crawling City. You could also read the short story, "Road of Blades", which acts as a prologue of sorts.
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    Well Thank you for all those who attended Bristol Smash this year. I really enjoyed running it and look forward to seeing you next year. Congratulations to all the winners 1st - Sedge 2nd - Ben Harper 3rd - Matt Robertson Best Painted - Sam Pearson Coolest Army - Rory Searles Wooden Spoon - Kieran Searles Thankyou for the people who voted for me as best sports (Liam Cook) Here is the link to the full weekends results https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QwxQB0vgGLJ0FfTkZEoGVMDDLCQM0mYGc7C2BCE6tAI/edit?usp=sharing Sedges Army Tzaanyor Shaman - Aspect of Tzeentch, Treacherous Bond, Incorporeal Form. Tzaangor Shaman - Fold Reality Chaos Sorcerer - Glimpse Future The Changeling - Unchecked Mutation 8 Chaos Marauders 10 Pink Horrors - Bolt of Change 10 Pink Horrors - Treason of Tzeentch 9 Skyfires 6 Skyfires 3root Skyfires Ben Harper's Army Treelord Ancient - Oaken Armour, Gnarled Warrior Sprit of Durthu - Oaken Armour Branchwych - Acorn of ages 10 Dryads 5 Tree Revenants 5 Tree Revenants 6 Kurnoth Hunters - Scythes 3 Kurnoth Hunters - Bows 3 Kurnoth Hunters - Bows Gnarlroot House Hold Free Sprits Matt Robertson's Army Mighty Lord of Khorne - Mark of the Destroyer Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut -Violent Urgency, The Crimson Plate Exalted Deathbringer - Impaling Spear Bloodsecrator - The Crimson Plate Slaughter Priest - The Brazen Rune, Bronzed Flesh Slaughter Priest - Bronzed Flesh 10 Blood Warriors 10 Blood Warriors 5 Blood Warriors 10 Bloodreavers 10 Bloodreavers 5 Skullreapers 5 Skullreapers The Goretide Slaughterborn Gore Pilgrims Thank you once again for everyone who came and see you next year. If you have any feedback on how I can improve the event to make it more enjoyable please say. Many Thanks Mark
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    Those are some great models! I was sad to see this one go from the Forge World website, but I believe it is now pretty rare:
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    It's pretty quiet on here. I guess people are painting 40k or enjoying the sun. Just wanted to up date an add pics of 5 finished brutes. Now will I get the ardboyz done before coalescence next weekend. It's rude not to try!
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    Is this where I weigh in, as the guy who's put a fair amount of effort into bringing the End Times into Age of Sigmar? WHFB had issues. Big ones. Both creatively and mechanically. It's easy for us to forget, but the rules were literally bursting at the seams. Similiar to 40k ATM, half the army books would ignore the core rules, armies were left in the dust and a third to half of each army book was effectively "trash" units that few people cared for. Some things would have been simpler to fix than others, but it was clear that the desire to design armies that worked more like their fluff, and less like blocks of humans with +1 in one stat and -1 in another, was preeminant. The elves broke the system, Chaos played nothing like they were supposed to, and Dwarfs had effectively no changes since 6th edition. It was a mess. And it was all centered around a core rule system that is actually fairly solid, but very restrictive. Creatively, the game was dead. 6th edition was the last time any real changes happened. That introduced the Ogres and the Tomb Kings. And these were fringe factions, existing at the edges of the setting. The Empire, Bretonnia, the Dwarfs and the Elfs were the old core. And nothing could be done to change the status of these. No invasion could have effect. No story could have risk. Someone reading about the setting in 6th edition would see very few differences in 8th. 40k could get away with this to a much larger degree, because the setting is so much larger. You can have real campaigns with permanent effects in 40k, because there's always room for more. It did have issues with "can't change the status quo" as well, such with failbaddon's Black Crusades, but all these minor events, even from the novels, could have real meaning. So what makes the End Times so awesome? It both was, and wasn't. Nagash broke all the molds. It was a massive event, shaking the game up creatively and doing some wierd stuff mechanically. Khaine shook the game up mechanically, and Archaon broke it. We remember fondly Nagash and Glottkin, but the ET hype train slowed after Khaine. It was too much, both creatively and mechanically. Many didn't like the resolution to the Elven storyline. The End Times magic and Host of the Eternity King broke the game. Does anyone even remember Thanquol? And by Archaon, many were sceptics. I loved every bit of it. I loved the scenarios. It was a creative outburst unlike anything we'd seen in WHFB. Even Storm of Chaos was a tired affair in comparison. But half the reason it was so creative, I imagine, is because it was the end. Even if not everyone knew it. We see clear tendencies in Nagash, Glottkin and even Khaine that they're preparing for something after the End Times. So even though they weren't sure then how absolute the End would be, nothing was sacred. It was a fest of bringing in loose ends, finishing storylines, telling epic tales and sending off a fantasy setting unlike anything we've seen. I don't know of any fantasy setting which has so thouroughly explored its own doom. Most settings are either saved or die in a "poof". And that brings up why the End Times feels so much better than the Realmgate Wars. The ET was set in a world we knew, with characters we instictively cared for, with factions we knew and loved, and locations we'd all heard of. The Realmgate wars had to reestablish a setting, a stake, and a host of characters. All without leaning on the fantasy crutch of elves and dwarfs, or even humans. And make no mistake, elves and dwarfs are a crutch in fantasy, an excuse to include a different race without putting any sort of work into them (usually). Usually we don't mind, because everyone likes evles and dwarfs. But GW chose to not do that, and the dwarven faction they did introduce is fundamentally different from our idea of dwarfs, and so didn't ring true for many. I still think not bringing a real human faction into play yet is a mistake from GW. It's harder to connect with Stormcast, even if GW does a good job of humanising them. It's like a setting with space marines, but no imperial guard/civilians. It's a little soulless, because we need the "common" man to ground us and give us meaningful perspective in a setting filled with gods and demigods. So there's some thoughts on the End Times and the Realmgate Wars. It's long, but I have spent some time working with this stuff. If you'd like to play the ET scenarios, but use the Age of Sigmar rules, check out the battletome.
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    No new models, but I've been working on my Wolves of Ghur battletome and today the printed version finally arrived! I should clarify that the cover artwork is not my own. I have tried tracking down the artist to no avail (if you recognise it please let me know)
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    Excellent opinion BaldoBeardo. I just don't get it. I don't get this need to "break" lists. I spoke to someone the other day who boasted that he can break any list! I just like the idea of what you said: a balanced and fun list that is refined through experience. As for what you said about painting I couldn't agree more too. I just spent 5 hours painting a single figure 😅
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    Ugh for some reason the first image got resized to a size of a pea, and it wont allow me to edit the topic anymore, so ill post the images separately in this one then, fml.
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    Angels of the Crescent Moon an Aelf Warband Great angels of the realm of light, they seek out any who may seek to bring chaos to their realm. Under the light of the moon they strike, targeting leaders and monsters they are master assassins and huntsmen. Here is the start to my new warband. Blessed elves of the realm of light. I feel the angelic ascetic works well for the lore of light. I currently have 1 sister of the watch, 2 shadow warriors and 3 glade guard. I have yet to build my leader who will be a Waywatcher lord.
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