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  2. Season of war: Firestorm

    This is a campaign in certain Realm and with certain Factions. I think the mistake GW made is writing that you can use the abilities in Matched Play, as now everyone sees Firestorm as an addon for Matched Play... and this is mainly Narrative.
  3. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Any tips against the dirty dirty Tzeentch builds? just played one of the most UN-fun games of Sigmar to date... just watched him remove whole units a turn and couldn't make a dent in his army DAMN DESTINY DICE!
  4. Either you haven't rolled enough dice or the dice have a bias. There is literally no reason for a fair D6 not to average out at 3.5.
  5. The Rumour Thread

    I don't see the ironweld arsenal in the pdf.
  6. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Ahhh ok. In my head "Rend" means "-1 to save" so "-1 Rend" means decrease rend by 1 while "+1 Rend" means increase the rend by 1. Hence my conclusion, I see what you mean tho.
  7. Mixed destruction 2000pts

    Hi all so I have acquired a stone horn and some grots and incorporated them with my Ogors let me know what you think looking for opinions and ideas to improve ino the battle brew doesn't affect the mount but hitting and wounding on 2,s is to good for the frostlord at least Allegiance: Destruction Leaders Frostlord on Stonehorn (460) - Artefact: Battle Brew Butcher (140) Butcher (140) - General - Trait: Ravager Gitmob Grot Shaman (80) - Mount: Giant Wolf Battleline 6 x Ogors (240) - Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists 6 x Ogors (240) - Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists 9 x Leadbelchers (420) - Gutbusters Battleline 60 x Gitmob Grots (270) - Bows & Slashas Reinforcement Points (0) Total: 1990 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Copy
  8. Fyreslayers in Destruction?

    You've touched on an interesting point there, which is that there may also be a general assumption that all members of a given race should sit entirely within a single Grand Alliance. The only race I can think of that straddles multiple Alliances at the moment is humans (Order, Chaos). But if the GW designers can break people out of that rigid mindset it could be a lot more fun. Not only could we get some version of things like chaos dwarfs in Chaos and mercenary ogors in Order, but we could see some really unusual stuff like grot necromancers in Death and barbarian human beastmasters in Destruction.
  9. This is how my khorne have progressed in last 10 months. Blood reaver is an early model through the khorgorath to taking on conversions and big multi piece models like the chariot.
  10. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Well I think this is enough for impulse buys aswell. The thing with X Wing remains that its license based anyway and has a larger fanbase due to it being Star Wars content. Shadespire to me is still akin to Ffg games but the advantage is that its owned by GW and thus the minis arnt limited to one game. This is why Ill pick it up. You can trade or use multiple Warbands but unlike AoS this game is for 2 to 4 players and still much easier to get into as AoS. All in all I think the game is ideal for players who like cardgames aswell as this is a mixed media game.
  11. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Have you considered Arkhan as an Ally ? Very good unbind bonus against magic (aka Tzeentch rising), almost garanty to cast spells and a second big boy threat along with the GKoT.
  12. GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    I would say that you should heal units immediately, as they do their ritual dance in "the start of their hero face" and therefore you cannot wait. Fingers crossed! I'm sure that they plan to bring back some of the models that have been unavailable little by little. We just have to be patient...
  13. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    He may mean Meatrippa which adds -1 rend to a weapon? As for the list, I like it but may consider swaping in 10 more brutes for the 2x10 Ardboyz to really make se of the trait with two solid brute blocks
  14. I know it's not quite the end of the month yet, but I won't have any more time for painting before the deadline. The good news is I have met all my commitments and the stretch goals! I hope everyone else has got on well, and I looked forward to seeing the final progress pictures. Pictures below. I've actually done a little more on the MLoK and Blood Crushers since those pictures were taken, but it's only extra basing steps.
  15. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    mmmh but at the same time is the less efficient list in terms of point usage
  16. Today
  17. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    I actually think they likely missed an opportunity here with this pricepoint. One of the biggest things that X-wing has that Warhammer struggles with is impulse buy-ability. Just going out and picking up a new X-wing ship is something you can do 'cause you're bored on a tuesday. Warhammer doesn't really have that and this could have been the perfect opportunity. 15-20USD for 3-5 models is something I would probably buy just because I was the only one at the hobby store and didn't feel like going home yet. These, however, are shaping up to be 25-30$ which is just a hair too expensive to purchase without thinking and having the starter set at 70 makes the game seem like too much of a commitment to me, especially when it'll be basically impossible to offload the Khorne half that is totally useless to me. Close but no cigar gw.
  18. High elves list

    So what would be a good starting list? after i get the spire of dawn pack?
  19. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    nice to see a positive result. How'd it feel playing without a caster?
  20. Skaven List

    hey nice skaven warlord! the sword is kinda ordinary though but still great! if i were to do a conversion i would have used the champions blade from the knights set!
  21. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    I fear it will be something like(too much) vanguard units, some GG and dryads (which are solid when STARTING either army... but I have 50-60 of both and that is enough for me). If the ability is anything like the anvilguard one it might help. But I think the abilities might just be for the campaign (since the ork thing mentions stratagems just being for the campaign).
  22. Well, i have to admit that i would never play against and army trained for gorila warfare no matter how well painted their fur is(sorry i could not help myself). Now more seriously, i have no problem with that as i have no problems with people playing however they want with their models. Neither i have a problem with people who would find it a deal-breaker.
  23. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I think the non gnarlroot list is best, I doubt you can get enough benefit from gnarlroot for its points on 2K points but I'm pretty sure you can't suffer the loss of 250 points in models in 1500 points.
  24. Let's chat : Nurgle

    I really enjoy Morbidex, how many Nurglings would you run with him, for him to viable in friendly matches.
  25. @Arkiham Sure, I agree with you, but that only applies to narrative games. The point I'm trying to make is that the vast majority of games aren't narrative, and that players can't be expected to have a narrative mindset when playing non-narrative games. If I play in a narrative campaign, I'm going to think of a cool army concept (for example the infiltrator concept you brought up), and build a fun list around that. If the best way to represent the feel I want for that army is to use the rules for a specific Stormhost, then I'm going to use that even if I painted my miniatures differently. I'm working with concepts and how to best represent them on the battlefield, if the Hammers of Sigmar battalion is the best way to represent my camouflage infiltrator Stormcast then that is the battalion I will use. In non-narrative games, anything goes. If it's rules legal, then it's fine, within certain limits as written by @Turragor.
  26. Scratch Built Idol

    The Doomdiver tossing claw WIP and attached to the main model
  27. Wounds On Maw-krusha's Strength from Victory

    Yes, all the attacks is happening at the same initiative - It makes no difference if youre rolling all attacks in one massive bulk of dice and picks the succesful woundrolls out, make your opponent save and slays your opponents hero with a massive amount of wounds here and there from an array if weapons. On the other hand, if you only manage to make wound roll of choppas, say 1, and three mighty fists, he saves the choppa on the armor roll. Then the only wounding rolls can be mighty fist, which then doesnt work out for Strength from Victory. But i'd say that as long as the hero dies, and there is at least one wound caused by oneof the weapons carryed by MB, it is as likely the "killing" wound as it is not. Thus, one can make a debate that will never end, or do as suggested, make each wound roll one at a time and make it take 5 times as long. If I am understanding you correctly this is the point you're making and it is undoubtebly the correct one.
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