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  2. Just kill them? Arkhan only has 11 wounds...
  3. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    They really make great minis - I'm currently using a Aelf on Manticore as a Chaos Sorc on Manticore (I really don't like the GW Manticore one bit). They have wonderful Blood Vestals that would make great alternate Witch Aelf models, complete with command!
  4. Fluff Problems

    Also yeah those maps of pieces of Ghyran and Aqshy just reinforce that the setting is too big given that Hammerhall is the size of a continent. It would take months to years to get anywhere with the Realms tech level.
  5. Fluff Problems

    Yeah see that is too big for me. Given the Tech Level of the setting the City is just too pointlessly big there is no way for people to move around it without it taking weeks at a time. If a person is inside the city chances are with that size that most of them will never even see outside of it. Unless thousands of years passed between the Realmgate wars and now. Hammerhal never could have gotten that big. People want official things. They don't just want to make up everything about a setting. You missed the point of what he was saying. The way your views are here might as well as not even be a setting, considering you want no information about about it, or for it to be at all fleshed out.
  6. Okay sure, you are commiting close to 1000pts to do one thing half of which is okay to loose first turn? Leaving 4-5 squishy characters which are 5wounds 5+ save? Thats a big investment to buff a unit of skeletons
  7. Another tome ruined by Named Chars

    I rather it be a choice than having the named character being always the optimized/"must-have" choice. On the other hand, being so inefficient that is army crippling is disappointing. Let's wait till people got some games in before judging.
  8. Wanna Start Tomb Kings but how?!

    Unfortunately, since they were among the only TK models not super nerfed by GH2017 their value skyrocketed.
  9. Wanna Start Tomb Kings but how?!

    I’m literally just sat trying to find reasonably priced Ushabti models. Hard as sin.
  10. Fluff Problems

    No. A setting needs orientation. Orientation in any system needs at least located anchoring points. Whether it is spatial orientation, just distribution of goods, mathematics, or about anything, the human mind can only share with others if you have anchoring points. Say an official map of the continent in which Nagashizzar is located is developed, or both sides of Hammerhal, everything detailing a good deal of setting-relevant interest point: what do people who want their own maps lose?
  11. Fluff Problems

    Agreed, we don't need detailed maps as we can make our own
  12. The Rumour Thread

    Good catch! I hope that's the case, as more LOS blocking terrain is welcome
  13. Fluff Problems

    Well yeah I can easily make a map of my kingdom and I can slap it almost anywhere without any problems even if we have maps of the realm there is room everywhere.
  14. Age of Sigmar in VA?

    Hey @Matt H and @BadDice0809! We are a bunch who play in association with the Warhammer Store and Battlegrounds (south of Richmond). We hang out at Battlegrounds every Thursday night from between 7-8 until when the close or we get tired. You should both come and hang out at meet us. I'm Oscar. You can find me on Instagram or Twitter: @Oscarlars. Shoot me a DM here on on there and we can get a friendly game in too. Hope to see you both. Unfortunately our community is slow growing, and their designated day isn't much to go by. Please come on Thursday night to game, hobby, and hang!
  15. Fluff Problems

    True, so people who want detailed maps can make their own. Problem solved.
  16. Fluff Problems

    See I don't really have that problem because they are rather clear how huge the realms actually are. Considering hammerhal is the size of a continent there are plenty of places to place "your dudes" anywhere. Let's not forget there are pocket realms, planets etc.
  17. Vanguard Palladors - need advice

    A unit of six will kill it's points back most every game. They are a good tarpit with defender buff up and they are fairly reliable at dishing out mortal wounds. I like that block supported by 6 long strikes with aquilor.
  18. Fluff Problems

    I don't think we need detailed maps. Much better to have high fantasy style maps that people can use as they need. Detailed maps, are harder to use for your own.
  19. Fluff Problems

    So what's the difference? You got the locations of major lands, realmgates, battles and cities along with the context of how vast the realm is. What are you looking for?
  20. Fluff Problems

    I meant more like the Old World map from Fantasy Roleplay, it even has Bugman's Brewery on it!
  21. A few controversal cards from the new expansions

    I think 20 cards is more than a convention: most of the time you mulligan because there is too many upgrades in you first hand, drawing another hand full of upgrades would be very unlucky, and as you can only draw 15 cards during end phases... that makes 20 cards. Duel of Wits (and another Khorne card) let you drawn more cards but it takes the place of other ploys leading your deck to have less "true" ploys than upgrades. Only turtle Stormcasts can build their deck with the idea of using one (or more) activation per round to drawn cards. There is a lot of good cards but I think the point about deck building is not to take all the best cards but to respect some kind of logic regarding the band you play and the objective cards you want to score.
  22. Today
  23. Fluff Problems

    Like this one? We saw maps of Asqhy and Shyish in the traveler's guide to the mortal realm it will take time before they fill it out. The point of the setting is that it's high fantasy and one realm is vastly bigger than the warhammer world. Hammerhal in the size of a continent, the pictures on the side also display some of the locations on the map. Ashqy Shyish
  24. Vanguard Palladors - need advice

    They're very fast and can soak some damage, but aren't great offensively. Full disclosure I've never tried running more than 3, but I've heard others have had success with a larger (6+) unit. On paper, they look to be a significant investment with a shaky payoff - I'd likely opt for Dracoths every time.
  25. WANTED: OP Lists

  26. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    I'd just take 3 hags. Prayers are crazy good.
  27. Hi all

    Hi. My name is Juan, im from Albacete Spain. Actually plays tons of games. Mainly AoS 40k and Infinity.
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