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  2. Warherd Question

    You can't use a chaos sorcerer lord as an ally per GHB17. Though some Ungors might be a good idea just to block charge lanes. You also could use some reinforcement points to summon cheap bodies like Blue Horrors.
  3. Slaves to darkness tzeentch

    Lord on Manticore has a nice command ability for your warriors. Though I don't know wether this will work in conjunction with the warshrine, maybe the effects are too similar. I'd devide one of the warrior units in 2x 5 just for backfield objective secure. In general, if you don't have access to strong buffs, multiple small units is better, ie lots of 5 men units. That being said I'd drop one unit of chosen and devide the other one. Yes, chosen iffer some brutal offense, but their best rule is the buff they offer to other units. To get it, 5 men units should be sufficient. Now you will have some spare points, I'd recommend the Tzeentch battalion out of the Everchosen book. You'll need a mortal hero as well as 9 mortal units of Tzeentch, then you'll get -1 rend on all melee weapons. You can get those 9 units just by splitting some of your warrior units.
  4. Warriors of Chaos? Not sure what my army is.

    To clarify: 1. Slaanesh is my favourite as well so I'm biased, amazing models and rewards great tactical play and punishes just pushing your models forward. 2. The alliance rules is basically this: You make a list, when you have your list ready you look at the keywords. If all units have the SLAVES TO DARKNESS, SLAANESH, NURGLE, CHAOS or whatever keyword you can choose your army to be one of those allegiances. Now depending on your allegiance you get acces to special rules & artefacts. To find these you need either The General's Handbook (which I advice anyway). or the faction book (Tzeentch&Khorne). Since GHB2017 there is also a thing called Allies. It's a little more complicated that this but: if your army has 80%> points with the same keyword you can still choose that allegiance but you the rest of you army can only be chosen from a limited amount of factions. (for example, a SLAVES TO DARKNESS list can't ally with THUNDERSCORN) 3. There is no restriction on paint list. If you paint your army bright pink you can still field it as a Khorne list. But that's up to you. My Slaanesh list features a lot of white & red with small touches of pink but I could easily field it as Tzeentch warriors etc. 4. Hellstriders are very cool, Boobsnake lord is my favourite model ever, and while you should definitely get them! Play a few games first. With what you have play a couple of 1K games. They are very fun even if 2K is the tournament standard. 1,5K is the sweetspot for our gaming group. Based on that you have more personal input to go for extra knights with a Slaanesh Lord for double pile in charging Knights (which can be amazing!) Or maybe you want 30 Bloodletters for the exploding attacks (mortal wounds on to hit of 6 or more),, add plus 1 to hit when they are with 20 or more, add a deamon prince with the mark of khorne to re-roll 1's.
  5. AoS Wish For 2018

    I am finally close to get my Ironjaws army at 2000 painted points so looking forward to start building a second army. I would wish for something more challenging, more tactical and less meelee oriented. Cthulhu aelves or goblin sky pirates sound awesome for 2018
  6. Slaves to darkness tzeentch

    I am not a tzeentch player so can't give too much advise; however I have been up against them a couple of times. I would consider adding in some pink horrors, a nice big unit. Gives you board control, a big horde and a range attack. I do like the lord on manticore too, both flavours will offer you something plus it's another behemoth to scare your opponent. I can't work out points but if this is 2k then keep the lord of change, he is a bigger investment at lower points.
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  8. Da Ghostwulfz

    @PlasticCraic short answer for troggoth Hag is no, as she temporarily looks a bit naff, all it is currently is coloured shades over a white under coat just to get her tabletop ready. Long answer is that I also don’t have her to take a photo because the co-owner (yeah me and a friend got her together as there was a cheap one on eBay we both found and messaged each other about) currently has her to use with his sons ironjawz for a while. I won’t be doing anymore tournies till heat one and on Friday I received through my letterbox another 2 spear chukkas. I’m going to cycle through a few lists with these x3 and x2 with and without a warboss on boar with Waaagh banner to experiment with a few ideas plus I still want to try the brutefist out with 30 Brutes now I finnaly have 30 painted . That’s not to say that the hag is out, I’ve played 17 games with her in the list and she has only died 4 times and I’m 11 - 6 on those games. She is a very good ally and I feel a competitive option for IJ and I can see her making a return in the future for sure.
  9. AoS Wish For 2018

    A death-themed expansion for Warhammer Quest.
  10. Lista zgłoszonych: 1. Malin (tylko 2 pierwsze bitwy prawdopodobnie) 2. Tomo 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  11. Turniej 1000p. Age of Sigmar "Have no fear winter is here", zapraszamy na dzień z pacynkami na mroźną i wietrzną północ Zasady: Składamy rozpiski na 1000p z następującymi ograniczeniami: 1-4 Leaders, 2+ Battleline, 0-2 Arttillery, 0-2 Behemoths, GHB 2017 strona 75 Armie składamy w obrębie jednego sojuszu, czyli wszystkie oddziały/modele muszą mieć ten sam keyword: Order, Chaos, Destruction lub Death Grafik: 9:00-9:30 zapisy 9:30-11:30 1 bitwa 11:30-13:30 2 bitwa 13:30-15:30 3 bitwa Scenariusze rozlosujemy w dniu turnieju. Punktacja: 10-0 major 7,5-2,5 minor 5-5 remis Bye 7,5 i 700 małych punktów Poza dużymi punktami z bitew, zbieramy też małe, czyli wszystkie które natłukliśmy na przeciwniku Ocena malowania: 50% armii pomalowane 2p 100% amii pomalowane 4p brak proxów 1p Ocena przygotowania: Rozpiska 1p Miarka 1p Kości 1p Zasady do armii (scrolle, allegiance abilities, artifacts etc.) 2p Czyli z szeroko rozumianej hobbystyki i bycia przygotowanym do zabawy max 10p. Wpisowe 15zł, wejściówki w 10% zostają w sklepie, reszta na nagrody w postaci talonów do wykorzystania w SHADZE. W razie jakichkolwiek pytań pisać i pytać. Do zobaczenia na miejscu! SIŁA! Malin
  12. Starting Fyreslayers `1k

    Hello everyone, Been looking to add an Order army to the arsenal and after some deliberations decided on Fyerslayers, to be played at first casually with some friends. At the moment I have two start collecting sets and ten extra Vulkite Berserkers, was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to build that into a decent if not overtly powerful army. Many of the friends have only recently started playing, and don't want to discourage them by try harding to hard in their first few battles. Entirely open to buying new models, but was wondering how best to take advantage of what I already have to minimize the need. The 30 Vulkite Berserkers, I was considering either breaking into a twenty and ten unit, fielding as a single thirty or three separate ten model units. For leaders, I have assembled the Magmadroths but not any of the potential riders themselves. I would like to use on on a Magmadroth, if only due to personal bias on liking the general look of it. I've been told the Runeson is probably the best for that role, and will probably also take a runsmiter on foot. Is the runefather worth taking onto the list? Should I look into any of the other heroes or just into battle line and infantry now? Appreciate any and all advice!
  13. Question: Quicksilver Potion and Quiksilver Draught

    ...or maybe it’s last. Maybe one artifact distrupts the order of combat, and then the second one interrupts the interrupt. Ummmmmmm! Post this in the rule question section and get other thoughts. I’m starting to think it would be the person who declared to used the artifact last.
  14. Question: Quicksilver Potion and Quiksilver Draught

    Assuming that is the exact language used, it sounds identical to the Quicksilver Potion. If that is true, I think it comes down to who declares to use the artifact first.
  15. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    Thanks, got the agrellan on after that photo and they are drying over night, quick wash then dry brush tonight and it will be finito 👍 Will be glad, great models but taken me all month Next challenge is to pick the next project - skull crushers w kit bashed lord or kit bashed wrath mongers from the left over parts...
  16. If you plan to run a pure Free People army, this choice will become very clear. A lot of your choices sit outside of the Free People and into the other former Empire factions (Ironweld, Collegiate, Devoted, Compendium). My personal recommendation is to stop playing 40k. Assuming that you don’t follow my recommendation, I would de-prioritise the Witch Hunter, Warpriest and Cannon. If you plan to run a Mixed Order... then it will come down to your list design.
  17. Magical Artefacts Quicksilver Draught: Once per battle, this hero may pile in and make attacks in the combat phase before any other units, even if it's your opponent's turn
  18. Tokens / A way a of remembering abilities?

    For generic abilities, I use Bad Dice AoS dice. For Allegiance specific, I write the name of the ability with a gold sharpie on a old square base that are no longer used
  19. Question: Quicksilver Potion and Quiksilver Draught

    What does the Quicksilver Draught do?
  20. Warriors of Chaos? Not sure what my army is.

    If you are liking the sound of Slaanesh then your next purchase should be the Generals Handbook 2017 (GHB17). Apart from having all the matched play points it also has new Allegiance abilities for Slaanesh. There are 3 different options which will likely influence your list design and what models you go for next so reading through that ought to be your next step. You have the option of fielding a mixed Chaos army (Chaos allegiance- not the strongest abilities going around), a Slaanesh army (using the new Slaanesh rules mentioned above) or a Slaves to Darkness (StD) army (who also have new allegiance abilities in GHB17). 20% of your army can be allies so, depending on your points limit, the lord on boob snake and Hellstriders could ally with a StD army. All of your StD units can take the mark of Slaanesh allowing you to field a wholly Slaanesh Allegiance Army so you wouldn't normally have a Slaanesh army with StD as allies (however you may want other allies for your Slaanesh army from elsewhere in the chaos range). Hope thats all making sense! If you do go Slaanesh then definitely look into a daemon prince and/or Keeper of Secrets. Very handy additions!
  21. AoS Wish For 2018

    They both kinda go hand in hand, so both But I have toned down the latter part of my post (So the negativity is only to lead into the positive things I'd like to see).
  22. AoS Wish For 2018

    I agree completely! I admit when I saw this 40k release I was pretty jealous; something like it for AoS would be exactly what I want. When you look at how GW sorts models on the webstore there are ostensibly a huge number of factions in the world of AoS (which is really cool), and as you say many of them could really start to feel more complete with just a small release of even a single hero or unit.
  23. AoS Wish For 2018

    @someone2040, you're spoiling my eggnog. This is a nice thread listing the one thing we'd like to see from GW in 2018, not another naughty thread running down the second half of 2017. (Zzz zzz) Should we put you down for more models then or setting development?
  24. AoS Wish For 2018

    I'm not the only one who's noticed the AoS quiet recently right? I really hope this is indicative of a surprise announcement before year's end. As to what a potential announcement would be: Battletome lineup for 2018. They'e laid out the next three codexes for 40K, so they should preview what our 2018 is like. Ideally I would say Nurgle, Deathrattle or Nighthaunt(going off of Herald), and then battletome for Dark and Light Aelves leading into a Slaanesh battletome and Slaanesh vs Malerion arc.
  25. AoS Wish For 2018

    So I'm going to say: Give us more core content. A lot of the people defending 2017 will say there was plenty of content. We had Tzeentch, Stormcast, Khorne Redux, Kharadron Overlords, Skirmish, Path to Glory, GHB2017, Blightwar, Firestorm, Shadespire, what are you complaining about? Well, the fact is that most of those releases came without new models and didn't impact the core game mode. Skirmish, Path to Glory, Firestorm, all good fun but they're not for everyone. Nor did they progress the narrative or give us new model releases. So what would I like to see. More battletomes for sure, with accompanying model releases. I would like to see some of the existing minor factions fleshed out in major ways as well as new factions like the long rumoured 'shadow aelves'. I'd love to see splash releases for some of the more fleshed out armies (those with allegiance abilities), a new unit or hero here or there goes a long way to making factions more interesting or having a potential different playstyle. All it took for Vanguard Wing Stormcast was 4 new sets, and many factions would kill to get even half that kind of love. New terrain would be amazing. The current stuff is amazing (What would even be more amazing would be bringing back some kits like Dreadstone Blight and Witchfate Tor), but it's been available for almost 2 years now and we need some extra spice on our boards. The mortal realms are vast, so surely there's more to it than some Realmgates and Archways. The narrative must go on. We've had a year now of 'stabilization' after the Realmgate Wars ended. We know Death is on the rise, and hopefully bringing us some juicy morsels for the dead to chomp on. I want to learn about new characters, especially those of factions that haven't been major players so far. Overall though, I would just like balance throughout the year. We had a super strong first 4 months of the year, but we haven't had much in terms of models or narrative since. It has made the second half the year feel a bit stagnant in terms of the settings, and I would prefer to have interesting things to learn of the mortal realms throughout the entire year.
  26. Warherd Question

    Appreciate the insight. I was originally going to paint them myself, but my son thought he may actually finish an army. With only about 20 models he might. I really like the Khorne theme and saw an awesome Doombull conversion using a Korgorath. However, he will probably go a different route.
  27. Warriors of Chaos? Not sure what my army is.

    Thanks for al the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. I like the idea for Slaanesh and "Boobsnake" Dude. I've never gotten much of a chance to paint up Slaanesh yet so that's two points for him/her. I'll look into adding some Hellstriders and the box with the knights and chariots. So with alliances I can have the core of my army as Slaves with Slaanesh dudes mixed in? Basically adding a unit or two of Hellstriders and Boobsnake whilst marking my core army Slaanesh? And if so should I get out my pink and purple paints? Like I said next to none of these guys are completely painted yet and repainting them wouldn't be an issue. Honestly I never even looked at Slaanesh because in the last edition I played He/She was rather weak when compared to the other three, just didn't have good rules to fit in really anywhere.
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