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Circus of Paint

Custom Exotic Adversaries & Nemesis Encounters (Looking for Feedback)

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Finally got time to test some of your and others untested adversaries.

I decided that the best way to get a test was to have them replace certain boss events that happens during the Hammerhal adventures (trying not to spoil anything here) to get the most authentic situation.

My group plays on the basic difficulty and the group consists of: Knight Questor, a Necromancer, a Skaven Warlord and a Grey Seer with me as the GM. So they are not amongst the most powerfull heroes in the game but they do manage to get the job done. And as always WHQ leans toward being too easy to begin with.

Here is what happend:


- Lord of Plague: We did not use your version of the LoP but a similar one found earlier on BBG.

The Lord was accompanied by 2 Blightkings and a few turns later 4 Plaguebearers joined the fray. It was a struggle but everyone survived. This guy seem balanced and tough but if he is alone he will die before he getting a turn.


- Nurgle Sorcerer: never got to act as he was hacked down before the adversary phase. However The eager heroes ignored the two blightking guards at the dead sorcerers side to hit him fast and hard. A fatal mistake that saw the necromancer being grivously wounded soon after. 

My thoughts about the sorcerer: 

- The sorcerer needs a strong retinue say 3 blightkings and the sorcerer as a single exotic adversary group. 

- As its AOS version he should also benifit from an ability that allows him to heal above his vigour value. I could see this guy hiding behind a wall of blightkings shooting his stream of corruption at the heroes while they struggle to hack their way into him. The longer they took the higher a vigour value he would have once they got close.

- Plaguedrones: These was made but untested In an earlier thread by Rodiger. However we decided to modify them a bit, so they looked like this:

Plague Drones (exotic adversary group consist of 1D3 Plague drones) (heroes get 1D3 for killing a Plague drone)

Move: 5

Vigour: 8 

Agility: 2+

Attacks: deaths head, Range: Missile Dice: 2, Hit: 4+, Dam: 1.

Attacks: Plaguesword, Range: Combat Dice: 2, Hit: 4+, Dam: 1.

Attacks: Prehensile Probocis , Range: combat Dice: 3, Hit: 3+, Dam: 1.

Attacks: Venemous Sting, Range: Combat Dice: 2, Hit: 4+, Dam: 2.

Locus of Contagion: Any to Hit roll of 6 cause double damage.

Fly: Plague Drones can move over heroes.

Distgustingly Resilent: attack rolls can only cause 1 damage (see Plaguebearers).


1: Move and attack nearest hero with plaguesword.

2: Move and attack the least wounded hero with plaguesword and venemous sting.

3: Move and attack most wounded hero with deaths head then move and attack with Prehensile Proboscis.

4: Move and attack nearest hero the plaguesword and prehensile probocis.

5: Move and attack most wounded hero with deaths head then move and attack with venemous sting.

6: Move and attack most wounded hero with prehensile probocis and venemous sting.


This is what happend when my group fought the drones:

I honestly expected a massacre when 3 drones showed up and on top of that I assumed movement would be complicated and clunky but it was not.

Sure these guys can pack a punch and will seriuosly hurt any group who acts without thinking, but it was great fun and we believe them to be fair game. Any Descent player will know that when moving large based monsters around you only count a single square and whereever the monster end up has to have room for the full base (2x2 squares). So the drones can get through doors and move around but if the heroes carefully split up in a room they often get to control the area so they rarely have to fight more than a single drone a time. The tank (Knight Questor) held it back while the remaining group blasted and fired at it with everything they got and eventually they got to take the flies down without anyone getting grieviously wounded but it took some serious team work. 


Thats it for now. Hope my testing can be useful. Will return when we get to test more stuff.




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It's been a while, but since the release of Shadespire and the Chaos Adversary cards, I'm revisiting what I wrote earlier on in the year. I'll compare and contrast between what GW are releasing rules-wise to what I've done and generally streamlining things.

Speaking of Shadespire, I've knocked up a quick draft of how I would implement Garrek's Reavers into WHQ as an unique Adversary group. Since we already have Bloodreavers as an "official" Adversary type, it was easy enough to amend those base stats to make something a bit more interesting for Garrek's warband. I'm hoping it strikes a balance between being streamlined but also capturing some of the character from their Shadespire cards.


Do let me know what you think! As I said, it's a quick draft so tweaks like amendments to how I've worded the rules or the individual stat modifiers would be helpful.

I know for sure I'll do the same for Spiteclaw's Swarm in the future, but gotta wait until that Shadespire warband is released first...

Edited by Circus of Paint
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For those interested, the first part in a series of comparing / contrasting my Adversary house-rules to the recent ones GW have released in the Chaos Adversary Cards pack.

If you're interesting in design ideas, me rambling or getting an idea of the design direction GW has taken with these new cards - give my post a look;


I'm also going to be reviewing and updating my older Adversary house-rules in the future too - cutting out the now-duplicate entires and maybe chucking in a few optional Adversary tweaks for GM-run games.

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Has anybody thought about the idea of using a previously explored dungeon somewhat like in Space Hulk? Your enemies have a full force underground, but move and reveal them like the blips in SH? It would add variety when entering rooms and always springing bad guy mousetraps.

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Oooh it's been a while!

With the release of this month's White Dwarf, I figured I would give writing some more Adversary rules a go again.

With this month's coverage of several Nighthaunt units as Adversaries, I have written a couple more in the same simpler style for consistencies sake for Grimghast Reapers and Glaivewraith Stalkers. 

I am still keen to work on some other units as well, but would love some feedback on these first!

Grimghast Reapers (v1).jpeg

Glaivewraith Stalkers (v1).jpeg

Edited by Circus of Paint
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