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Episode 4 - Four Kings and a Queen

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Scottyjock    59


Welcome to The Last Kings, The Scottish Warhammer and Wargaming podcast!

In this episode we tell you all about what we've been up to in the hobby over the last month - expect some 40K, Guildball, BFG and plenty AoS! Rich takes us through the results of the latest Araloth Painthammer Blog painting challenge, and we salivate a lot about the rumoured upcoming 30K HH releases. This month's AoS tournament fix comes from The Scottish Open, TO'd by our very own Andy, and attended by Mike & Scott. Finally, we have DWARF's very own Mr John Harper on to discuss his Open experiences, and to fill us in on his upcoming Charity multi-system tournament Winter War - which has raised £1000s for good causes over the years. Come, listen, enjoy and GEEEES YER MONEY!!


We are here to discuss all things wargaming with a focus on Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar and the Scottish gaming community. We will also discuss Hobby (painting/modelling), Warhammer 40K, Guild Ball, Darklands, Battlefleet Gothic, Infinity and anything else that takes our fancy!

So who are we...?  

Our fearless Host Dice fail extraordinaire Mike "Misfire" Callaghan

Our endeavouring Editor and hoarding specialist Scott Smith

The Filth Meister General Andy Currie

And the infamous, self promoting exclamation(!) monkey Rich "PaintHammer" Payne. 

twitter: @LastKingsCast

email: lastkingspodcast@gmail.com



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