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Stormhost Warrior Chambers – AoS Daily 32

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The Stormhost Warrior Chambers opens up an interesting debate on WISIWIG in gaming. Should you paint your Stormcast in the correct way to get access to a Warrior Chambers rules? I talk to Jack about both viewpoints on this. We

The post Stormhost Warrior Chambers – AoS Daily 32 appeared first on The Bad Dice Podcast.

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This is interesting stuff.

I personally would feel better matching their colours to their rules but I must note, nowhere is it stated that all chambers in a host have matching heraldry.

So your gold and blue stormcast might be from a tempest lord chamber that have different coloured armour for fluff reasons.

Like special companies in Space Marines.

Still I think bonus points (like for painted armies or whatnot) is probably the safest solution.

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Also (finished listening) -

Javelin prosecutors have heralds of righteousness too (3d6). I was thinking about the battalion over here:


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Extending the Space Marine comparison- what about "successor chapters" (chambers?).

Howling Griffons are a successor to the Ultramarines, don't use any of the same colors - yet no tournament would bat an eye at Howling Griffons using Ultramarine rules.

So why can custom schemes be considered successors and still get full points?

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