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New player looking for advice! (Stormcast with allies)

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Kimbo    6

Hi wargamers!


Just Became a member on this forum :) I come from 40k and just started my very first AoS army....Stormcast eternals. I have some questions i would love to get some help with if you have time!

- I really want to add 2x Cannons to my stormcast army from the Ironweld Arsenal and with a cogsmith for the buff for rerolls to hit. is this good? or do you       recomend any other war machines and such thats better?

- any experienced SE player that can give me some tip on "must have" units and good combos within the army? Im all for good "competitive combos" even if they use units from other parts of the Order faction, i kinda like mixing units if its good. but also the good combos within the Stormcast faction themselves.

Im really thankful for all help :) excited to start my new army!








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Bowlzee    410

Welcome to the TGA community! Be sure to share you photos in the gallery

Check out the Order section of the forums to find some great articles about Stormcast and Freeguild etc

To find players and clubs in your area, check out the following post, here

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