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Spirit of Grungni

Episode 158 - I'm A Terrible Opponent

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Ep 158 iTunes.jpg

Episode 158 - I'm A Terrible Opponent

Sponsored by Unique Gifts & Games, Mierce Miniatures, 6 Squared Studios, and Battlefoam

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So I have a great time on this episode! It's a split episode where, after we cover the usual segments, I get to talk to Rob Symes of the GW community team about Warhammer TV coming up on Twitch.tv and all the cool things they will be broadcasting on it. (Even if you've heard Rob on other casts, listen in. We cover some new ground AND Rob pulls in some other members of the community team...and I freak out.) After that my friend Domus is back on the show as we talk about gamer etiquette and how we can all be better gamers.

I hope you guys have fun listening to this one because I think you can tell that I absolutely loves recording it.




Show Index

0:00:00-0:06:50 – Show Intro and Welcome

0:06:50-0:07:45 – Commercial Break One

0:07:45-0:39:00 – The Toolbox and GH News

0:39:00-0:41:00 – Commercial Break Two

0:41:00-1:32:35 – Rob Symes talks Warhammer-Community and Warhammer TV plus a surprise guest

1:32:35-1:33:35 – Commercial Break Three

1:33:35-2:01:00 – Gamer etiquette and why I’m a terrible gamer part 1

2:01:00-2:02:10 – Commercial Break Four

2:02:10-2:32:30 – Gamer etiquette and why I’m a terrible gamer part 2

2:32:30-2:39:45 – Some final random AoS talk

2:39:45-2:45:00 – Show wrap-up, show close, and end of show announcement


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If you'd like to say hi (and maybe get on the show) leave us a voice mail at 1 (757) GH SHOW 6

That's 1 757 447 4696 in the US and 00 1 757 447 4696 for MOST international callers.

You can also reach us by email!

For general show stuff: garagehammer@live.com

for David: david@garagehammer.net

for Greg Dann: greg@garagehammer.net

You can also follow us on Twitter!

David is @garagehammer

Greg is @ChildOfFang

Garagegear available at garagehammer.net/store

Thanks for listening!

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Tronhammer NZ    109

Loved this show. Such an adorable "geek-out" moment with an unexpected special guest...

I think have habitually done all those the things you have during games, Dave - from resting crabby face to lamenting my game loss in turn two, and then going on to win.

Being able to reflect on how we come across to others, and a willingness to make improvements is such a valuable skill to learn. It's one of the best things the hobby can teach us.

By the same token, I think it's important to be forgiving of opponents who get into the heat of the moment - competitive gaming does that. To be able to take that step back, not take it personally, appreciate that others have different styles of gaming is another skill that will serve us well as gamers.

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Yep, learn from your mistakes and try to be a better opponent. We all have times where we've had stress going on in our lives and then nothing you seem to do on the table top works and you aren't the most fun opponent to play against I think. Just try to recognize it and be better next time. I try to complement my opponent on how he's doing to mask my complaining on how horrible my dice are :)

I'm really looking forward to Warhammer TV tomorrow! It was great to hear the conversation Rob and Duncan! I'm looking forward to hopefully getting to share a pint with some of the GW guys at Adepticon this year.

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