Events UK: *SOLD OUT* Realm Hoppers AoS Event - 18th Feb 2017 (Margate)

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Great news cheers for the update.

I'll just come down first thing with everything, would rather have it in the hotel overnight just incase something happened.

Are you needing a hand setting up tables on the Friday at all? Hoping to get down mid-afternoon.

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well...... I'm a bit late to the posts, but i think I've caught up now!


now i just need to speed paint my minis!


hello all- looking forward to meeting you all next month !!!

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1 month to go people! Getting excited. The Road to Hoppers has begun. And now I need something else from you in the next 2 weeks. So I know a lot of you have been busy painting and hopefully you have all got a good way into this. 

I wanted to explain how the painting and Coolest army nominations will work. To be in with a chance to win the Coolest army award you will need to complete 3 Steps: This is what we want to see. 

1. You must send a photo of your Path to Glory warband within the next 2 weeks, please email this to sean.houghton11@gmail.com
2. You must have a print out of a short introduction story to accompany your army on the day.
3. You must be at the venue at 9am on the day to set out your army for display to be picked for a nomination. There will be 5 armies picked who we consider to be the coolest, these will be re set out at lunch and the winner will be picked by your lovely selfs.

So get painting and concentrate firstly on getting your Path to Glory warband painted to get that photo sent in to me! 

Good Luck guys!

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