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2k List Ulgu Order Draconis

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18 hours ago, Beliman said:

But what happen if I pick Daughters of Khaine Allegiance, and pick GA:Order Allegiance abilitites? Can I still take spell-lores? I would say yes, because they marked with bold the keyword, so it's the allegiance, and not the abilitites. But I'm not sure if I'm right.


56 minutes ago, divineauthority said:

I'd agree with you here after the enlightenment on allegiance vs allegiance abilities. In the Idoneth book at least, the Lore of the Deeps is separate from the allegiance abilities section and therefore I think you're right that as long as you are playing an Idoneth allegience, you can take the spells. Even if you use Order allegiance abilities.

Yeah you can use the GA:Order abilities, but in the case of both DoK and ID, I don't know why you would as the battletome abilities I'd argue are better for their armies because they give the synergy that makes them so good in the first place. For example, would 'Legendary Fighter' be better for an Akhelian King or a Bloodwrack Medusa than the options given in their respective tomes?

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So with Reckless no longer being an Order command trait and with Endless spells and spells in general being more prevalent in 2.0, AND since the 3rd non-battalion Dragon Lord gets left in the dust a bit, I'm wondering if an Archmage on Dragon and Dragon noble might better serve the list? 

I understand it decreases your hitting power but if you do go Hallowheart the Archmage gets to deny 2 spells on +2 and can kill another spell with his own while still having some relative speed and hitting power of a dragon. Then the Dragon Noble gives you a solid support hero/wizard hunter and gives you reroll charges with his totem.

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