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Chris Tomlin

AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

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I am thinking of getting into deepkin and I have a huge love affair with horde armies (fyreslayers, FEC, Mortal Khorne) so I am really drawn to an Namarti based army. I am interested to see if anyone has played a list similar to the below (theory hammer I can do in my own mind :) ).


Tidecaster General Lord of storm and Sea

2* Soulscryer

3* Soulrender Last Lament & Lens of Refraction

30 Thrall

30 Thrall

10 Thrall

10 Thrall

10 Reaver

10 Reaver

Namarti Corps

I think Deepkin has some advantages over other horde armies. The soulscryer and flood tide give a lot more maneuver to the army. Then the support heroes between forgotten nightmares and the lens should be a lot harder to snipe. Also with 6 Isharaan heroes the ritual is more likely to go off and being able to remove flying from an opposing army is a huge threat along with reversed tides for a deadly second turn.


Again would love to hear if someone has actually played this sort of list as kinda annoying when you buy, build and paint large model count armies to find they suck. Also please note I am not anti the other units I think a lot of them are very good and may well make for a better army I just love horde and regenerating horde at that.

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Thralls in large quantities are very difficult to deal with, but their movement is a bit meh, so you have to sort of plan out where you are going and what you're going to do ahead of time. I've been playing against a single block of 30 for a while, and I have to devote about half my army to dealing with them in order to keep them from over-running me. I can't imagine having to deal with 80 of them. It would largely depend on your deployment I think.

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Hi all, looking to finish off my 2k Deepkin army. Before I splash (...! 😀) the cash any thoughts on these options?

My goals for this force are variety, fun to play with and against, low model count (painted asap), middling power level (neither fully optimised nor weaksauce).

Already have (1320 pts):
Akhelian King (general)
10 Thralls
6 Morsarr Guard

Option 1 - balanced? (+620 pts):
10 Reavers
6 Ishlaen Guard
Akhelian Corps

Option 2 - harder hitting? (+680 pts):
Eidolon of the Storm
6 Ishlaen Guard

Option 3 - fewer eels? (+640/680 pts):
Eidolon of the Sea/Storm
3 Ishlaen Guard
Akhelian Corps

Option 1 is my original plan but when I saw I could drop a Soulscryer, 10 Reavers and the Akhelian Corps for a Storm Eidolon that seemed like a good trade. And then dropping a further 3 Ishlaen to bring the Akhelian Corps back in, have the option of Storm->Sea Eidolon and make it less eel-heavy is tempting, but perhaps comes in at too low a model count?

Set me straight fish-friends! 🐟👍

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On 7/13/2018 at 10:52 PM, Pompe said:

Would you mind doing a quick write-up of your experience?  Would love to hear your thoughts! Sorry if I missed it in the thread earlier. 

You can listen to our podcast at:

for a full rundown of my games. 

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A couple things this weekend.

1.  Friday, I picked up the reinforcements for my original purchase.  7 boxes of eels and Malign Sorcery.

2.  Played my first game with


Soulrender - Death weapon with bravery check on hits of 6 for D3 MWs.

AoSea - Ethereal Amulet

1x20 thralls

2x10 thralls

2x10 reavers

1x3 Ishlaen Guard



Namarti Corp

A terrible loss.  Barely even considered a game.  Vs new stormcast and they came down from the heavens, surrounded me on 3 sides and just murdered my guys.

Fairly confident that reavers are trash unless you run them into melee.  Using them at long range is garbage.  I'd rather take a more durable unit for less points for objects or Khineri for objectives.  Thralls never got a chance to shine.  There weren't enough of them left after my opponents first strike and swinging into SCE 2-3+ save rerolling 1's isn't going to be good.  The AoSea was disappointing.  I failed every dice roll which is whatever but the last turn, I shot and charged and kill a dude.  Fairly meh for 440 pts.  I'd probably run tidecasters or spellweavers like mentioned earlier in the thread.

3.  Built my friends new Nighthaunt army.  2 Soul wars boxes worth, a 10 man of something and the new push fit banshees.  Really easy and fast kits to put together.  Something like 80 models in 4.5 hrs with mold line cleaning and a little gap filling for 2-3 models that just would not push together.  I almost bought them last weekend but after looking at there rulebook, glad I didn't.  It's a great army, very durable, lots of MWs but it's just another melee army and I have enough already. 

4.  Probably going to stick with my plan and buy a DoK army in a month or 2.  I love elves.  Malekith was the greatest thing ever.  I want all the new  elves.  They also look much better from a competitive viewpoint compared to Deepkin.



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8 hours ago, Skyel said:

You can listen to our podcast at:

for a full rundown of my games. 

That didnt really tell us much about how the list is played.  Pretty much just how the games went in VERY broad strokes.

From what I gather, Reavers sit home on objectives and you take a unit of Ishlaen and Morrsarr with the scryer.  Not really sure how you use AoSea or why you would take reavers instead of Thralls though, which I think was what most people are curious about.


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