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Let's 'ere it for da boyz!

WTS Ironjawz Army

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I have gotten pretty heavily into 40k and don’t have the bandwidth for 3 AOS armies anymore.  Plus some extra funds would be nice to get my next 40k project rolling.

To that end, I’m selling off my Ironjawz army lot.  I am looking to move it in a single go to save on shipping, so if you’re looking to start your first army or branch out into a new one, this is a great way to do it.

I have:

- 1 Megaboss on Mawcrusha (well-painted, not based)

-1 Megaboss (well-painted and based)

- 2 Weirdknobs (1 well-painted, 1 built and converted)

-1 Warchanter (well-painted)

- 10 Ardboyz (painted)

- 10 Brutes (painted, some based)

- 10 Brutes (NOS) [SOLD]

- 3 Gore Gruntas (painted)

- 3 Gore Gruntas (NOS) [SOLD]

Im looking to get $225 shipped for what’s left, but I’m open to offers or trades if you’ve got any 40k knights or AdMech.

Thanks for looking.

Edited by Let's 'ere it for da boyz!

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I did read ya said you'd prefer 1 lump sale but if ya change your mind, I'm interested in brutes and gruntas.

If your curious, how much?

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My apologies.  i'm  interested in the 10 brutes NOS and the 3 Gore Gruntas NOS.

If you're asking $125 for all that I'd gladly give $100 for all the NOS ones. 

Edited by Vasshpit

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