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Gaz Taylor

The Future of the "Let's Chat" Topics - YOU Decide

The Future of the "Let's Chat" Topics  

340 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want us to Lock the "Let's Chat" topics as the information in them is old or do you want us to keep them open as the information is useful and you like the discussion?

    • Lock!
    • Keep!

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an id (personally ) go a step further tbh an lock all threads in each grand alliance as 90%+ of those threads are going to contain old an confusing information not relevant to aos 2.


even the rumour thread is a bit... not rumours anymore. they are so few and far between now and people who announce them ive noticed then to get some hate from people thinking its just wishlisting.

(further more alot of the  stuff which we do find that is confirmed rumours ( pics an such ) isn't allowed on here anymore anyway due to close ties with gw.  )

having a rumour thread with 100,000 views, 500 pages and 13 thousand ! replies when the aim of the content isn't allowed seems a bit silly more so when most of whats posted on there isnt rumours, its actual games-workshop releases/announcements now a days, its more of a general discussion thread 90% of the time now. 

turn the current alliances all into sub forums and start afresh for the new edition, which is what we should push forward with to make it the best edition it can be.

the general discussion thread also seems bloated with a very very high % of dead topics

Edited by Arkiham
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I voted for lock, but would like to also suggest that the old locked threads be renamed and pinned as they still contain a lot of useful analysis. It'd be a shame to see them float away into oblivion.

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I like the idea of yearly  'let's chats' the armies seem to change enough each year that I think a fresh start is good.

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On 6/4/2018 at 9:51 AM, syph0n said:

I voted Lock. 

Reason being, for me, that the longer threads get unwieldy. Besides which, a link to the past threads in the 1st post never goes amiss and I personally find it easier to track a thread of go over information from P1, than P71 and try and find what's changed, stuff as it develops. 

Besides, Locked doesn't mean deleted. They're still there for people to reference should they need to. 

Pretty much my reasoning too - I find it so hard to keep track of the threads now, having to back track too much.

It's still there to view if I want lists etc.!

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how about making a subsection in the forum here which is called "faction focus" and than you have a individual sections for each game version (AoS old, AoS 2.0, Shadespire, etc) each containing the "let's chat" topics for the different factions? then you don't have to search every time throught the forums to find them, and you can look in the specific game version that you are interested in?

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On 6/4/2018 at 5:10 AM, RuneBrush said:

Just to confirm - locking them will mean creating new ones!  We're not meanies you know ;)

debatable ;)

Keep! A lot of the information in there is valid even if points costs or wording is slightly off. Most of the times the topic of conversation is broad strategy or ways to combo unit A with unit B. No reason to lock a thread thats 90% relevant. 

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I'd say lock, but maybe also suggest a format change for the new threads.

Some of the Let's Chat [X]! threads got pretty unwieldy, and didn't always make it clear when rules changes and shifting meta made old advice redundant. To make the new threads a bit more beginner friendly I'd like to see a summary  in the first post which is edited to keep up to date. Just basics like what page to jump to if you only want to read from when the latest battletome or GHB came out, along with links to especially helpful comments. Something like:



Welcome to Let's Chat [X]!

Thread Timeline:

  • p12 - Battletome: [X] released
  • p27 - GHB'19 released (updated points, introduced new battleplans and rules including a nerf for [Y]
  • p39 - [Supplement Z] released

Useful Posts:

  • Member A does the maths on the best unit sizes and equipment to give our battleline unit (p4)
  • Member B talks synergy for units [X] and [Y] with [Z] command abilities (p29)
  • Member C gives a really thorough summary of the big changes to [X] from the new GHB (p41)



Edited by AGPO
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i voted lock.

in my opinion there should be only one thread for each faction with news, reveals and posted pictures or even leaked warscrolls. 

If you want a quick overview you will find it all in one topic with just a couple of posts. You don't have to search all the 87 pages for informations.

Additional there should be one Let's Roumor [Faction] and another Thread, something like Listbuilding and general discuss [Faction]

so in the end you got a couple of threads for the same fraction with diffrent topic you could choose.

One more wish: split the 4 Alliance Forums in the different "factions". Death for Example in Nighthaunt, FEC and Legion's of Nagash

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I'll cast my hat ( abit late ) into the lock pile as well. The Sigma 1.0 rules set is unlikely to retain strength as a legacy edition so there's unlikely to be any need to keep the old threads potentially active. Locking them stops them getting bumped back up which might cause confusion, especially to those newer to the hobby who are still finding their feet with the information. 



That said I wonder if it might be worth taking things a step further. One big problem with super-long threads is that no one reads it all. A handful of members (esp those most active with the faction and forum) will hang around and keep up; but many will drop in and out. This results in a lot of repeat questions appearing in the thread and it can get all kinds of messy. It can also hamper discussions as if a single raised topic doesn't get attention fast its quickly lost in the sea of other posts. And because not everyone is going to go back multiple pages when reading the thread; they remain lost. 

I wonder if it might be worth creating an army sub-section within each of the current subsections for Order, Chaos etc... That way each army group gets its own section and users can raise threads within them relating to that specific army. That lets users more easily ask new questions and even makes it easier to log and catalogue good threads/answers in a sticky at the top for easier reference. It lets each separate discussion have its own room to mature and expand upon its point without the worry that it will get overlooked by a brand new topic appearing. 

Furthermore its much easier for newer people to find their footing. Sure they will still ask the same getting started questions that new people ask; the mega-threads don't stop that happening either. But it at least means that the resources are more easily displayed to them; that its easier to say "Hey you're interested in that, go look at this thread we've got 5 pages of discussion on it" in stead of "here's a link back to post 105 if you read the page or two after and filter out half the posts you can follow the discussion we had on that topic." 




I'm not opposed to mega faction threads and as they are part of what happens here within the community then they might still arise even if each army got its own subsection; though the'd be far more general chatter than focused discussion - and general chatter is important as it can often be the lifeblood that keeps areas of a site ticking over inbetween big meaty threads.

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