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USA: Tzaangor, X2 Steelhearts for trade/sell.

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Hello. I've got close to a 1000 points worth of tzaangors that I'd like to trade or sell.
After getting started I just kinda felt that this wasn't the project for me after all.
USA based. KC, mo.


Added x2  Steelhearts Champions (Just Steelheart, keeping the other two) You know you want one for that massive 30 block of Liberators as a custom Prime! ;)
$10 Each

Pic added below.

Also have a metric fark ton of ARCADIA QUEST stuff!!!  (DM with questions)


Here's the list
X10 Tzaangors mostly built. Started painting. Custom unit champ from enlightened, so actually 11 with one unbuilt. X4 sword shield, x2 duel wield, banner and musician, both with added great weapons, two great weapons.

X10 Tzaangors mostly built. Started a custom unit champ from enlightened, so again, actually 11 with same loadoat as above

X6 Tzaangor Enlightened or Skyfires. (Unbuilt)  Some painted discs. Most kit still on sprues.

X1 Tzaangor Shaman. Started painting disc. Started building.

X2 extra discs that came from the single enlighteneds ordered for unit champs conversions.

All bits and pieces of all kits are here from whats left of built so far.

This is a close 1000 points. Again, I just found that the project wasn't for me after all.

UPDATE: MAY 12TH, price drop of $15

$110 New Total!!!!!

Basing my price off of eBay, I'm going with a total value of $125 and would very much prefer to sell/trade as one package.

X10 Tzaangors $25
X10 Tzaangors $25
X3 Enlightened $30
X3 Enlightened $30
X1 Shaman $15

I think that's fair.

Things I'm willing to trade for:
Preferably new on sprue. I'm a converter. Heh.

Lord of Blight
Pusgoyle Blightlords
Gutrot Spume
Great Unclean One
Feculant Gnarlmaw


Anything except Ardboyz



Nagash (new on sprue) large model and want to sub assemble paint.


Knight of shrouds

Sepulchral Guard


Age of Sigmar Terrain


Don't be afraid to throw up any offers. I'm in no rush.






Edited by Vasshpit

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I am interested in this lot.  I also live in the KC area and could meet you next weekend.

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@Soup_Ten Oh nice! I'll get pics up early tomorrow. Ment to do that today but got distracted. 

Trade or sale?

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I'm in KCMO but no rwliable transportation atm... Should be cheap shipping, though! I am interested in your spare discs in particular but would like more if you want to trade for my Stormcast units.

I have 5 spare Hunters, a Drakesworn Templar (half primed and assembled), a Lord-Celestant on Dracoth with the sprue to change it over to a Fulminator/etc and a second inbuilt Dracothian Guard.

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@Poison Jr. Hello. Thanks for the interest but i think i'll hold off on your offer and see what else may come along. 

Question though, when you say Drakeswarm Templar are you referring to the whole kit, dragon and all? 

Mind throwing up a pic? Id like to see it.





Still for sale/trade!!!

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Selfish bump! :) Updates and adjustments as well. Lets find these bird goats a forever home! (Que Sarah Mclachlan)

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