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Malign Portents and The Bad Moon

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Xpress    1

Was just curious after watching Warhammer Weekly last night talking about what to expect from Malign Portents and particularly from the various factions and when they came to Destruction they said something I found to be very interesting. They briefly mentioned how Moon Clan and The Bad Moon could tie into all this as The Bad Moon being a possible portent and since Moonclan are basically always hoped up on mushrooms that they in particular might see things that other races don't.   

So what are your opinions on if and how they might be tied into all this

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The most intersting for me was that the "fluff guy" (I don't remember his name, sorry) talking about Malign Portents was couple of times saying "(...) goblins... Errr.. Grots(...)" :) so seems like even for the fluff guys at GW the whole IP bs is nonsense. lil' green brothers deserve a propa name!

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Sheriff    516

There's new moonclan models coming out soon, I'd bet my house on it. The painting guides are the giveaway sign, that and portents focus on the 'clan. 

Just hope it's not a new mangler as i built one today! 

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