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Mr. White


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Mr. White    404

So, I've been suing Testor's Dulcote for years with no problem. A few days ago I did a batch of minis and they seem....dull. The colors no longer seem as crisp or the metals as shiny. Now, my minis are starting to see increased use with kids as mine age up, so I did do 2-3 passes, where in the past I would just do one. Perhaps that's the issue. Too much dulcote?

What sealants to Grand Alliance members use?

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RuneBrush    1,779

Could be a change in atmospheric conditions, so more humid, cold etc.  Matt varnish is very susceptible to it and can cause a change in finish.

Last year I abandoned using spray cans for the final matt coat and now use Daler Rowney Soluble Matt Varnish through my airbrush.  You thin it 4 parts varnish to 1 part white spirit and I've never had an issue (providing you stir the stuff first).  For gaming pieces I tend to apply this over a gloss varnish which in fairness I do use from a spray can (Liquitex Gloss).

What I do find though is sometimes the matt finish can dull down certain colours - metallics are a prime example.  I either leave the edge highlighting on metals until after the matt varnish or I brush on some Air Caste Thinner to provide a quick gloss finish - if you want satin mix Air Caste Thinner with Lahmian Medium and apply that.  For things like my Imperial Knight chassis, I use a satin varnish instead of matt (well 50/50 matt and gloss of the soluble varnishes) which doesn't change the tone at all.

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