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Gamer Notes - An AoS notebook.

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Hi everyone. 

I want to share something with you all that I have been working on for quite some time and only recently managed the time to get finished.

For as long as I can remember I have been taking notes from my games of Warhammer and after a while I settled into a routine of always returning to the same format.  

I had the idea that this would make an excellent notebook, and similar to the idea that started Scenery Dice, I found that I couldn't buy just one, it would cost far too much. So instead I went and looked at a way that I could get an amount printed that would make them affordable to order and give other people the chance to get one too.  

So as a thank you to all the awesome TGA.Community members I am releasing them on here first and giving you the opportunity to grab one of these before they fly out of stock.

The books are a small format, A6 notebook that easily fits in your gaming kit. The pages are pre-filled with spaces to write your games notes and keep track of wounds, turn, points and lots more.  

Each book has 36 pages, 1 game per page.  

This is a Limited edition run of only 250 books.  I only have 150 of these to sell, and if you are coming to Blood and Glory they will be given out to the players at the event too.  




AoS Gamer Notes


A note book for your games of Age of Sigmar

If you are like me and find it difficult to keep track of all the things going on in your AoS games then this notebook will make it easy to manage your wounds, abilities, turns and points, leaving you more time to become a tactical genius! 

TGA.Community members are getting early access to these books before they get offered elsewhere.  

They are limited edition, only 250 have been printed and 100 of them will be given away to the players at Blood and Glory this year.  

If you want to get your hand on one you need to be quick as only 150 are going on sale.  

Get the book

Prefilled Pages

An A6 notebook with 36 pages laid out ready to take your gaming notes.  Space for your abilities, games turns and points scored.


Record all your games

Fill in the pages as your play your games, keeping track of all the important things that are happening so you can get the win. 

Get the book
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For those of us in the US who lag behind the rest of the world on all things related to measurements, can you please give dimensions for A6 paper?

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It's 5.83x4.13 inch or just a quarter of the usual 11.69x8.27 piece of paper (which is called A4)

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5 hours ago, Adeeb said:

When can we expect these to ship out?

Order today and I’ll post tomorrow. 

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Hi Ben

i have just paid for2 notebooks using PayPal.


Transaction No 

Can you confirm you have this payment please?

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I love the idea and am going to loot it.  
I have this leather bound book I bought at a renaissance fair several years ago that I have never used. I really like the idea, at one point I was thinking of using a dry erase board for my games. 
I have a feeling these will sell out.

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Hi Ben,

Ordered 2 of these on the 15th, an you confirm receipt. 






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