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Chris Tomlin

Dorset AoS Masters - 25/11/17

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Chris Tomlin    2,805

Afternoon all,

This will be the topic for all the updates on the inaugural Dorset AoS Masters. This one day knockout event will see the best AoS players from across the county do battle to find out who will be the 2017 Master, a title to be held throughout the 2018 Tournament season.

I have used the Bad Dice Rankings (thanks for hosting these @Ben) to determine the players who received invites. The eight highest ranked players from the county (not including myself) for the season starting 09/12/16 have been given invites.

The players eligible for this have been made up of the players who are known to me from the local area (Weymouth, Dorchester, Poole, Bournemouth etc). If you feel you should be able to compete in future years, please get in touch with me.

In future years, this event will be populated by the following individuals;

  • The previous year's Master.
  • The 6 highest placed players in the rankings for that season.
  • The winner of that season's Dorset Doggers Invitational ran by @Paul Buckler

If the Master or Invitational winners are one of the 6 highest rank players, or an invite is declined, the 7th highest ranked player will be invited and so on.  This basically follows the format for the main UK Masters.

This years event will take place on Saturday 25th November at Dogger HQ, with a timetable tbc. The prizes available are;

The Master - 1st place trophy as well as the travelling shield that will be engraved post event and handed back each year.
2nd and 3rd place trophies
Best Army and Best Opponent trophies (both player voted)

The format will be straight knockout, with the players seeded as per below. Winners will follow the brackets (see the next post) to decide The Master. Losers will still be drawn vs one another to establish final standings and to ensure that everyone gets 3 games in.

Each player will be given 3 votes to pick their favourite 3 GH2017 battleplans. The most popular 3 will be used and will be randomly assigned to games 1, 2 and 3 beforehand to ensure impartialness.

The 20/11/17 episode of The Black Sun Weekly will feature a run down of all the lists and my predictions.

I am pleased to say that all 8 players receiving invites have accepted and will be in attendance. The players, in rankings order are;

  1. Ricky Mee  (11) - Unknown (@ChippyRick) - Also won this season's Dorset Doggers Invitational
  2. Laurie Huggett-Wilde (13)  - Sylvaneth (@Lhw)
  3. Tom Hutchings (21) - Unknown (@Tom Hutchings)
  4. Matt Lyons (24) - Stormcast Eternals (@Cowboy Boots Matt)
  5. Mike Wilson (27) - Disciples of Tzeentch
  6. Andy Talbot (31) - Stormcast Eternals (@Andy Talbot)
  7. Paul Buckler (33) - Kharadron Overlords (@Paul Buckler)
  8. Aaron Bailey (39) - Disciples of Tzeentch (@Forestreveries)

Parentheses denotes placing within the UK rankings. As you will not see this is not just a gathering of mates. All individuals here have done incredibly well competing across the Tournament season and are reasonably evenly matched which should make for a really interesting day's gaming.

I think that's all for now, I hope some of you are as excited by this as I am!

Many thanks,

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