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Da Crimson Crushas - Maw-krusha painted up!

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Greeting, one and all!

Now that I've made some actual painting progress on my Ironjawz army, I figured it would be a good time to start up a thread to showcase my models as I get them painted up.  It's a slow process for me due to the little free time I do have to do hobbying stuff anymore, but after a mostly free past two weeks, I have been able to make substantial progress on my models, and get some Ironjawz painted up to completion.  So as I start to finish models, I'll be posting up pictures here of them to provide some inspiration to others for their own models.

I may also use this thread as an outlet for me personal fluff that I write up regarding my Ironjawz.  I don't have any yet, but when inspiration strikes me, it strikes hard, and you all seem a willing audience ;)

And to start this thread off, here's pictures of my Maw-krusha!  I picked the color scheme and based it of off the Osage Copperhead species of snake, one of the few venomous snakes species native to my home state of Missouri, USA.  Enjoy!  Let me know what you think.  And don't mind the camera flash; turns out that my camera's flash is better for lighting than the lamp in my room (the lighting is really good during the day, so I'll aim for day light next time).  Next, I need to figure out the basing...


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6 hours ago, Chris Tomlin said:

@BunkhouseBuster - Looks great man! I was speaking to @ChippyRick about the possibility of a Maw-krusha looking good painted in a more natural brownish colour scheme. Really nice example right here! Good work.

Thanks!  I'm pleased with how it turned out.  While I didn't follow the patterns exactly, I did pick the colors based on the snake species's colors and applied them as I though would look cool.  I was torn as to what color I wanted to use, bouncing between yellow, red, green, or purple.  And then as I'm discussing it with my wargaming buddy over Messenger, I make the comment "how about based on a real reptile, and start browsing the Internet for pictures of copperhead snakes.  Literally as I am about to share with my buddy what I found, he sent some the exact same copperhead pictures that I had found.  Talk about a hilarious and mind-blowing experience!  And I thought it was funny when my wife finishes my sentences! xD

I'll have to get the colors used written up.  I'll do that when I get it based.  Hopefully that will be tonight or this weekend!

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