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Da Blaktoofs! Ironjawz 2k list.

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Primique    1


Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) - Daubing of Mork

Megaboss (140) - General - Bestial Charisma - The Boss Skewer

Warchanter (80)



30 Ardboys (450)

10 Brutes (360)

5 Brutes (180)

3 Gore-Gruntas (140)



Ironfist (160)


So what do you guys think? How should I kit out my ardboys and brutes?

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Looks pretty good! I would get a mage in there though for mystic shield. It's insanely helpful. Also magic heavy armies put out crazy damage. You're gonna want to be able to dispel. Maybe drop the pigs for a wizard?

Brute equipment is no contest. 2 choppas + gore choppa for the 5 man and jagged gore hackas for the 10 man so the back line can attack. I'm still unclear on if you're allowed to have more than 1 type of equipment in 1 unit. If that's the case give the jagged hackas to the back line and the 2 choppas to the front line, and obviously 1 gore choppa/5 models.

For the blorc boyz, I'm a fan of the great weapon. You lose an attack but you get the -1 rend which I personally think is more important.

Try out some games and see what works. Good luck!

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PlasticCraic    217

Yeah the maths will tell you that the two weapons options are very similar in terms of output against most saves.  When you call the Waaaagh! there is clear daylight in favour of the 2-handed weapons (because each 1x attack you are getting is more valuable).

So for me, the debate is actually 2-handed weapons or shields.  i.e. do you want to be quite tanky and put out a bit more damage, or a bit more tanky and put out less damage?

Are you thinking like Gork, or Mork?  Personally I think their main use is objective holders, so the shields are slightly ahead for me.

Just to throw one more spanner in the works - if the talk of horde meta comes to fruition, the extra volume of low-value attacks will be better at clearing out low-armour-save trash.  So maybe if you are going to face a lot of that, the two-handed weapons are back in play.

So those are the things to consider when thinking about what will work best for you.  In my case, I usually run 1x 10 two-handed weapons, and 1x 10 shields.

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Primique    1

So before I strip my last brute for repainting I thought I'd share a picture of new and old. These were a couple of the first ever models I bought and paintes. Can you tell which is which? 😉


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