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Events UK: The Sheffield Slaughter- Age of Sigmar

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Adymc    8

Event Title: The Sheffield Slaughter- Age of Sigmar
Event Author: Adymc
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 01/27/2018 09:00 AM to 01/28/2018 05:00 PM

Hi all,  I am pleased to announce that The Sheffield Slaughter, the UK's oldest Warhammer tournament is set for the weekend of 27th/28th January 2018 at the usual venue the Davy Sporting Club in Sheffield. The event will be run by Ady McWalter and Pete Scholey and will be a 2000 point Match Play event straight out of the Generals Handbook 2017 (cos its ace). A Slaughter pack is nearing completion and we will post a link to it very soon.  We have enough room for 80 players and will make every effort to increase that number to 100. If you fancy playing at the event send your entrance fee of £35 via paypal to peterscholey@btopenworld.com        Look forward to seeing you there    Ady Mc


You can find the events pack here http://adyswargamesden.com/sheffield-slaughter-events-pack-2018/





The Sheffield Slaughter- Age of Sigmar



Edited by Adymc
added events pack

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Adasi    35

very much looking forward to this. Will be my jump back in point having took a year out! Bought a whole new army for this!

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Titcher    46

Hi, what time are you expecting to start and finish each day? I live 40 minster away and just trying to work out if I would need a hotel or can drive home afterwards. 

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Pete Scholey    28
Entrants list as of 21 november
1. Tim fisher. 
2.Declan waters 
3. Paul Haley 
4 steve wren
5. Adam Sinclair 
6. Andy Dunn 
7. Stuart callandar
8. Matthew tullock
9. Thomas kemp 
10. Colin Mather 
11 Ben Cronin 
12. Jane slater 
13. Jonathan statham
14. Ben Johnson 
15 Sam Watson 
16. Mark Wildman
17 rob symes
18. Wayne kemp. 
19. Bryan Carmichael 
20. joe logan
21. jonatan edlund
22. adi mac (spare player)
23. craig carlton
24. Jon green
25. Rob crouchley
26. Andrew Hughes 
27. Matt spooner
28. paul marshallsay
29. Bethany Taylor.  
30  Tom Roberts
31  Tom Blaxall
32  Thomas McManaman
33. Christian Martinsson
34.  Nathan Prescott
35   tim unwin
36,  matthew bennett
37 Chris Green
38  jon Barwise
39  kieth ball 
40.  Charles fryer
41. Tim cragg
42  Lee Bromley
43  will barton
44 michael thomas
45 matt robertson
46  nick peart
47  adam hall
48  ben price
49 ben smith
50 jack spencer
51 lewis sloan
52 simon eccles 
53  ceri robson
54 jamie robson
55 joe purcell  
56 marc brookes
57 daniel scott
58  rory carter
59 chris scothorne
Edited by Pete Scholey

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