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General’s Handbook 2017 – Key points from the Age of Sigmar FAQs!

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Antipodean7    187

Games Workshop has released new and updated Age of Sigmar FAQs to accompany the release of General’s Handbook 2017.  This show will focus on those Age of Sigmar FAQs and what you need to know for matched play.

The Age of Sigmar FAQs not only clear up interpretation disputes, or provide extra clarity, but in some cases they completely rewrite or errata existing rules.  Therefore, it is important to read them.  As a result, I’m also not limiting this show to the changes introduced alongside the General’s Handbook 2017.  I’ll also try to cover the key points in the FAQs which may not be known to newer matched play players.

The key points that I’ll cover are:

  • how Games Workshop has addressed stacking abilities;
  • the changes to reinforcement points;
  • a brief comment on deployment, movement and measurements; and
  • the most significant army specific changes which will impact tournament play.

I’m also going to use separate shows to cover:

  • the order of activation between rerolls, modifiers, and multipliers; and
  • allegiances, factions, and allies – especially amongst the Chaos factions;

because both these topics seem to have caused much consternation online recently.

Now, before we get into the heart of the show, I’d like to draw your attention to a few handy resources available on the resources section of AoS Shorts.

  • I’ve compiled a text-searchable and indexed PDF that contains all the FAQs and Forgeworld and Compendium warscrolls – the site also has a single PDF of all the old FAQs if you need them for some reason.;
  • I have also created an allies matrix for each Grand Alliance, so you can easily see who allied with whom; and
  • finally, I started a thread on TGA to compile new questions that people have regarding the new rules.  So check it out and add your own question if something is not clear.

Check out the rest of the show here: https://aosshorts.com/age-of-sigmar-faqs/

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