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Episode #29 is up - Keeping your AoS mojo going in the Age of 40k releases

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Episode 29 - Keeping the AoS mojo in the Age of 40k! 

Bill, James and Elric pontificate on how to keep the AoS scene strong in your group as the miniatures world turns it’s head toward the 40k world.  How do you keep your players interested, and gaming!  We also here about Jame’s adventures in Colorado at the GT they had there.  Sprinkle in some hobby and some laugh and we have a podcast!!!   

  I apologize about some of the microphone bumping noise in the show, we had our set up a little out of whack and it causes some thumps. 

Show notes

AoS Shorts Podcast - https://aosshorts.podbean.com/  or on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/aos-shorts-get-better-fast/id1257266510?mt=2 

Upcoming Events

Slobberknocker GT - http://www.slobberknockergt.com/ 

RBR - http://www.rollingbad.com/RBR.html 



Realm of the New Dawn - 0:01:06 
Realm of Creation - 0:18:22 
Realm of Battle - 0:21:24 
Realm of Lore - 0:33:06 
Realm of Mistakes - 1:26:10 


Find our podcast at;



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Antipodean7    187

Cheers guys for the shout out.  I like to think of it is as the Cliff Notes version of Facehammer etc ;)

Since you recorded, I've launched the website for AoS Shorts with:

  • full blog posts trancscribing the episodes and expanding further;
  • useful resources and references; and 
  • handy links. 

I'm aiming to release shows weekly and will expand into short instructional videos - some things are just too hard to demonstrate on a podcast :) there will also be prettier and more comprehensive tip sheets and reference guides for use at the table  

So whether you are a new tournament gamer, or a mid-table gamer hoping to improe your game, I hope there is something that you will find useful  

if you are interested, you can check it out at aosshorts.com and find me at @antipodean7 on Twitter. 

All feedback, comments and engagement welcome :)

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